Agents of Mystery (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[XIN] Your mission aboard the submarine
please verify the status of the vitals
-of all six crew members
-[gasps] Yay! A submarine!
and investigate
what happened aboard the sub.
Agents of Mystery!
-[all] Let's go!
-[Do-hoon] Whoa, there's water!
-[Hye-ri] This is insane.
-[Do-hoon] There's something here.
[all screaming]
[Eun-ji] Are these supposed to line up,
-[door buzzes]
-[Yong-jin] Come down, come down.
-[both scream]
-[Do-hoon] There's a dead body.
-[Yong-jin] Ugh, what is that? Jesus.
-[Hye-ri] The oxygen level dropped again.
-Turn it more.
-[all scream]
Maybe we have to reboot
the central computer?
-[Hye-ri] It might be in there.
-[Karina] There's a laptop here.
"Security clearance level R."
-[John] Wow. Wow, no way.
-Look at that!
[John] But this is S.
[Yong-jin] Either way,
we need to open this.
-[John] Oh, my God, what's that?
-[Hye-ri gasps]
-[Karina] What?
-[Hye-ri] Look, there's a body in there.
[Eun-ji] What's dripping?
-[Karina gasps]
-[Eun-ji] What's dripping?
[Do-hoon] This is gross.
Jeez, what happened to all of their heads?
I think it's a monster that eats them.
-[John] Could it be eating brains?
-Yes, either that or
[Hye-ri] That must be it.
[Yong-jin] It's Ji Young-koo.
-Wait. Hang on a second.
-[Eun-ji] What is it?
Look at that. There's a strange
-[Karina] Something's
-fluid dripping.
-[Do-hoon] It keeps dripping.
-[John] Is it saliva?
It's so gross.
Maybe Maybe it's a monster.
[suspenseful music playing]
Hold on, wait.
[Do-hoon] There's something here.
It's moving around up there.
It's moving through the vents.
Be quiet. We have to be quiet.
[tense music playing]
I think it must've been saliva.
-Yong-jin, are you okay?
-[Yong-jin] My shoulder's cramping.
Ji Young-koo.
-R. Right.
-Yeah. Level R.
-[Hye-ri] Oh, nice.
-[Yong-jin] He's level R.
-Hye-ri, here.
-[Hye-ri] We found it.
-[John] Let's focus on the computer.
Hye-ri, look. Here.
All right.
There was something
on the back of the card
that looked like Morse code.
[Yong-jin] You just gotta crack the code.
-[Eun-ji] Should we do that first?
-[Hye-ri] Hold on.
[intriguing music playing]
-We can do this.
-This would be considered
-a short line, right?
-Yeah. Yeah.
If we don't look at the whole barcode
but instead just a tiny sliver,
it kinda looks like
a message in Morse code.
There are little dots, short-length lines,
and then also long lines.
So, we matched the dots and dashes
to each letter of the alphabet
to work out the password.
[John] Right. The first one is long
-[Hye-ri] Right.
-dot, short.
Then dot
long. It's A. Right?
-Yeah? So, A.
[John] Next, it's dot
Oh, hey, something's written over there,
about the central computer.
"If the central computer system fails,
all AI and automated systems
will cease to function,
resolving the matter is top priority."
Here's the organizational chart.
[Do-hoon] It shows their clearance levels.
So Jang Man-gyeong's the most senior guy.
-We're in the conference room right now.
-[Karina] That's right.
And the bridge is next.
At our current oxygen level,
our heart rate and breathing
will increase,
followed by headache,
nausea, and vomiting.
And if it drops below six percent,
we'll die in six minutes.
-Guys, can I talk to you for a second?
-[Hye-ri] What is it?
[Eun-ji] I think this is a task for later.
-We need to solve the oxygen issue first.
-[Hye-ri] Okay.
But we're so close.
-The central computer is on the bridge.
-[John] True.
So shouldn't we try to get there first?
We needed to solve the oxygen issue.
I was anxious, I was scared
when I saw how low the oxygen was.
We needed to get to the bridge.
All I could think was,
"Shouldn't we raise
the oxygen level first?"
That's where my focus was, on the oxygen.
So basically,
we need to get to the central computer,
and the central computer is on the bridge.
So we need to go there.
We just need to get through that door.
-We need to do that first.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-Open up the panel.
-[Hye-ri] Let's do it.
-Did you get it?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
There. We finished the puzzle.
-[Hye-ri] Okay. We're pressing it.
-[Do-hoon] Should I?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[door buzzes]
-[Hye-ri] Oh. I'm scared.
Another body!
[Eun-ji] I hate this.
[Hye-ri sighs]
[Hye-ri] We went on the bridge
and found another body,
and as expected,
this one was also missing its head. Yeah.
Somehow, along the way,
I became the body ID specialist.
[Yong-jin] Oh, what's that? Over there.
-[Karina] Who is it?
-[Yong-jin] Memory sticks, look.
-[Karina] Oh, really?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, obviously, right?
[John] Let's grab these.
[Hye-ri] This is the central computer's
external server cabinet.
-[Do-hoon] Right.
-[Hye-ri] We need a key to open it.
Have we found any keys?
-[Do-hoon] No, we haven't.
-[Karina] Not yet.
It's Jo Jong-sun. The top guy.
-[Do-hoon] Jo Jong-sun?
-[Yong-jin] The most senior guy.
-No. Jang Man-gyeong is the top guy.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, he's the the captain.
Yeah. Anyway,
this person has level S clearance.
[Hye-ri] The central computer
is supposed to be here, right?
-So then this must be it.
-[John] Yeah, I think so.
-It says how to reboot it.
-The instructions are here.
"Rebooting the central computer system."
We need an authorization code.
We need the login info
-[Yong-jin] Same access level.
-for the laptop. Yeah, yeah.
[Yong-jin] Looks like we need Level R.
[Hye-ri] Yeah, we need to crack that code.
-I think Level S is for something else.
-[Hye-ri] Maybe.
It might be a good idea to look around
-[Yong-jin] Go for it.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, you guys do that.
-[Yong-jin] You and I can do that.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-Oh, we're the, uh the Wagon Bros, right?
-Yeah, Wagon Bros.
-The Wagon Bros.
November, 2023
Yong-jin, it's nuclear?
Yeah, it's a nuclear sub,
didn't you see the radiation sign there?
[Do-hoon] Huh.
Huh? Look.
[eerie music playing]
We gotta go up there, don't we?
The fact that the vents
are just hanging open
means there are passageways
of some sort up there, yeah.
We might need to use the vents
to get around at some point,
or something other than us
might already be up there.
Do we have to go up there?
-Or should we close it?
-I really hate this.
-We have to go up there? Seriously?
I think so.
[John] Right.
The first one was A.
The next one
-starts here with this dot.
-[Hye-ri] Right.
[John] Can you read them to me?
-How do you know all this?
Space, long.
Long. That's it, right?
-Since it's five each.
Now we have to find it here.
-Must be this. Q.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
[John] AQ.
-[Hye-ri] Next is long.
-[John] Long.
-[Hye-ri] Space. Dot.
-[John] Dot.
-[Hye-ri] Short.
-[John] Short.
-[Hye-ri] Dot, long.
-[John] Dot.
-Yeah, U.
-[Karina] U?
-Ah, I think it's probably "aqua."
-[Hye-ri] Next, long.
-[John] Long, dot.
-[Hye-ri] Dot.
-Short. Yep.
-[Hye-ri] Short.
[both] Space. Dot.
-[Hye-ri] Long.
-[Karina] "Aqua."
-[Hye-ri] Dot.
-[Hye-ri] Long.
-[Hye-ri] Space.
-[John] Space.
-[Hye-ri] Short.
-[John] Short.
-[Hye-ri] Dot, long.
-[John] Dot.
-[Karina] It's this one. Two.
-[John] Yup, two.
Next, long, long, dot, short, dot.
-Confusing. Right.
-[John] Here it is. M, right?
-[Hye-ri] Long Yeah?
-The "Two-M" must be
[John] Must be right, yeah.
-Let's move on for now.
-[Karina] All right.
[Hye-ri] Hold on. I'm confused.
-It starts with long. Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] Long
-[Hye-ri] Short.
-[Hye-ri] Space.
-[Hye-ri] Dot.
-[John] Dot.
-[Hye-ri] Long.
-[John] A.
-[John] Dot.
-[Hye-ri] Short.
-[Hye-ri] Long.
-Dot, space, long.
-[John] Dot, space, long.
[Karina] N.
-The two is right?
-That's it.
-[Hye-ri] That's the code.
-Let's try.
-[keyboard typing]
-[John] "AQUA2MAN."
[Hye-ri] Oh!
-Nice one.
-Well done.
Nice work.
Good job, everyone.
-There are videos.
-Look. "Research log."
[John] Ah, it's a deep-sea organism.
All right, "Research title, new species
of deep-sea organism UML-01."
The team members are Sim Hye-sung,
Ji Young-koo, and Ahn Joo-hyoung.
The research objective is to secure
-and examine UML-01."
-[Hye-ri gasps]
-"Collection and transportation."
-[Yong-jin] Mm-hmm.
"Near the Philippine Trench,
at a depth of 7,500 m,
an unknown organism
was collected successfully
and placed in a sterile bottle.
The specimen was then
transported to the laboratory incubator."
It's tiny, right?
-Yeah, the body's only 10 mm.
-[Karina] 10 mm.
Tentacles, 4 mm.
Weight, 125 mg.
[Hye-ri] The code name
"UML-01" was assigned to it.
Water fleas. It was fed water fleas.
-[Eun-ji] So weird.
-These things.
-[Hye-ri] Right.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-[Do-hoon] Those?
-[John] That's what it ate.
-They were its food.
-Yeah, right.
"Database search confirms
organism has not been reported
in literature.
Organism exhibits adaptability
to environmental changes,
unlike other deep-sea creatures.
More research is required,
but return to HQ has been delayed
due to hull failure occurring
during the docking process.
Research will continue in the lab
until repairs are completed.
Sharp decrease in reaction time
since installation of UV light."
[Do-hoon] It slows down with UV light?
We might need a light,
a flashlight or something, later.
We have to go up there with a flashlight.
-[Hye-ri] Wait. Look at this.
"Devours everything of manageable size.
In particular, exhibits the characteristic
of consuming the head of its prey first."
[Eun-ji] That's why all of the bodies
were missing their heads.
-[camera shutter clicks]
-How big did it get?
-I know, right?
-[Yong-jin] Right.
"Shows increased activity
at higher concentrations of CO2."
So we need to increase
the oxygen quickly in order to weaken it.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, that would weaken it.
-[John] The next day
"Increased growth rate."
It grew five times.
-[Hye-ri] It got really big.
-[Eun-ji] 49 mm.
"Consumes only the heads."
[John] The growth rate is incredible.
The next day
-[Eun-ji] December 6th.
[John] Ah, in the process of replacing
-the UV lamp
-[Do-hoon] Yeah?
Lamp malfunction.
Researcher Ahn Joo-hyoung
[John] "Organism entered
Ahn Joo-hyoung's body through his airway."
It says the researcher Ahn Joo-hyoung
has been in a coma
since the accident.
So the guy's alive,
but there's an organism inside of him?
-That's what happened?
-[Hye-ri] So he's the one.
Exactly, the signal.
Ahn Joo-hyoung could be
the, uh the last remaining signal.
And like Hye-ri said, he could have
somehow mutated after the accident.
-[Hye-ri] Maybe he changed.
-Oh, right, right.
"All research placed on indefinite hold."
-[Do-hoon] Hey, wait.
All these entries were made
by Ahn Joo-hyoung,
except the last one, by Ji Young-koo.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah. You're right.
-[Hye-ri] That's true, yeah.
-So Ji Young-koo wrote it instead.
-[Hye-ri] You're right.
Is this the last entry?
-Should we watch the video?
-From the start?
-[Eun-ji] Good idea. Me too.
-It's hot. I'm sweating.
[John] First up, December 2nd.
[Man-gyeong] The organism we found
seems special, doesn't it?
What do you all think?
[Young-koo] This organism is unregistered
in the database.
-It definitely seems like a new discovery.
-[Hye-ri] Scary.
[Man-gyeong] Okay, I love it!
[clapping on video]
-Is that it?
-We need to return to headquarters
as soon as possible
-to carry out further research.
-That's the organism.
What's the status of the submarine?
[Jong-sun] I think a problem occurred
during the docking procedure.
The repair process needs another week
before it's completed.
-[Man-gyeong] A week?
-[Jong-sun] Yes.
[Man-gyeong] In that case, we'll proceed
with whatever research we can do here.
What have we found out so far?
[Hye-sung] As you can see, Dr. Jang
I mean, uh, Mr. Chairman,
despite only being here a few hours,
it's been adapting quite well
to being inside the incubator.
-It seems to have a rather
-[Karina] It evolved.
strong capacity for survival.
It's on a different level than the other
deep-sea organisms I've seen so far.
[Man-gyeong] Mr. Sim, are you saying
this organism is capable of adapting
to environments other than the deep sea?
[Hye-sung] It's too early to say.
More research is necessary.
[Young-koo] Come on, Mr. Sim,
you can smile.
Isn't this our greatest discovery yet?
[Man-gyeong] Yeah, lighten up, Mr. Sim!
Good job, guys. You're the best!
[clapping on video]
Seems like that was an important day.
-[Eun-ji] Where is this from?
-[John] Three days later.
-[Young-koo] Mister Sim, we're recording.
-[Yong-jin] The 5th. It's grown.
[Hye-ri] Wow, it's so much bigger.
[Young-koo] How long
have we been on this submarine now?
[Hye-sung] Let me see.
Oh, we should remember
-what that pattern was just now.
-[Hye-sung] Wow, it's been 14 days.
-The unlock code, right?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-Should we rewind?
-[Young-koo] I know. I don't remember
-what the sun looks like.
-Good idea. Wait, I'll rewind.
-It's a five.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
Like this.
-How did you notice that?
-[Hye-sung] Wow, it's been 14 days.
-Good job.
Did he say 14 days?
-[Hye-ri] 14 seems long.
-[Yong-jin] Mm.
-[Do-hoon] His hand is injured.
-We saw earlier he was bitten.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
[Hye-sung] I've never seen
anything grow this fast before.
Have you measured it yet?
[Young-koo] It was 10 mm on the first day,
-and today, it's 49 mm.
-It grew.
[Yong-jin] It's gotten so big.
[uneasy music playing]
[Hye-sung] What did you feed it today?
Yesterday, we gave it algae shrimp,
and today, it's moved on to small fish,
but it only consumes
the heads of its prey.
It's a bit creepy actually.
-Why does it only eat the heads?
-[Hye-sung] Maybe tomorrow, we can try
feeding it frozen mice.
[Young-koo] Yes, sir.
-That was 05 just now, so
-[Hye-ri] December.
[Yong-jin] The 5th.
-[Eun-ji] Is this the 6th?
-[John and Karina] Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] The next day. Woah.
-[Karina] It grew so much.
-Whoa, it's moving.
-[Yong-jin] Look at that.
[Young-koo] We don't have much time.
[Joo-hyoung] Yes, sir.
Oh, Young-koo.
Could you come here
and hold this for a second?
Is this the day it entered his body?
[Joo-hyoung] Whoa, careful, careful.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Young-koo] Easy. Stay calm.
[agents gasp]
-[clattering on video]
-[Young-koo] Joo-hyoung, hey!
[theme music playing]
[clattering on video]
-[Young-koo] Hey, Joo-hyoung! Joo-hyoung.
-[Hae-joong] Hey, hey, hey!
-[Hye-ri] Oh, my God.
-[Hae-joong] What's wrong? Hey?
-[Young-koo] Hey, Joo-hyoung!
Joo-hyoung, are you all right?
[Hye-sung] Okay. Try to breathe!
What happened?
-[Young-koo] It jumped into his mouth!
-[Hye-sung] What?
The first aid kit, hurry.
-[Young-koo] Dammit.
-[Hye-sung] The first aid kit!
[Young-koo] Joo-hyoung,
look at me, come on!
[Hae-joong] Behold.
Call everyone to the lab!
-[Eun-ji] They should quarantine him.
-[alarm ringing on video]
[Hye-ri] Oh, my God.
-I think the
-[Eun-ji] So that's what happened.
the monster is dripping all that fluid
and has taken over the researcher's body.
I think it's growing inside of him
and using him as a host.
-[Eun-ji] What should we do next?
-[Hye-ri] What we need right now
is the reboot code.
-Could the code be in one of the logs?
-[Hye-ri] Could UML be the code?
-[Eun-ji] Maybe.
-[Hye-ri] Right?
-Or maybe UML-01?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-[Yong-jin] 01.
This must be the reboot code
for the central computer.
[Hye-ri sighs]
"Reboot requires authorization code."
-It's good that we found the code.
Okay, so now the authorization code
What were the instructions?
Where's the camera?
[Hye-ri] So this is the system
that we have to reboot.
Where would the power button be?
Usually, important things like that
are in the cockpit.
-[Do-hoon] Oh. Hold on.
-[John] This mission's tough, huh?
[Do-hoon] Wait. What's this?
I opened the cabinet on the floor,
and there were these empty slots
in there, all except one.
Then I suddenly remembered
all those loose memory sticks
that John had been carrying
around with us the whole time.
Oh. Hold on, guys.
[Do-hoon] John, I think we have to insert
those memory sticks here.
-[John] Oh, yeah?
-[Do-hoon] Uh-huh.
-[John] Are there slots?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
[Yong-jin] There's a ton.
I think we have to insert them all.
I think the dead guy
was trying to find these.
Are these the storage devices
we need to retrieve?
Oh, that's right.
-Maybe these are the drives.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
[XIN] In the central computer,
there are removable storage devices.
Retrieve these and return them here.
There are eight of them?
[Hye-ri] Weren't there eight though?
[Eun-ji] There's too many here.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-[John] Should be 12 slots.
-[Do-hoon] There are 12. Yeah.
-[John] 12 total.
[Hye-ri] And the sticks all fit?
In the slots?
-[John] Looks that way.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, 12.
[John] But maybe we should keep these.
Yeah, could be the storage devices.
-[John] Or should we insert them here?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah. I think they go in there.
That must be it.
They're RAM RAM sticks, aren't they?
You think so?
-[John] Yeah, definitely.
-[Eun-ji] Okay.
Without RAM sticks, the system won't boot.
[Do-hoon] I'll insert them all.
-[Yong-jin] That's how you do it.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, you have to press hard.
Is there a special way
to insert them, you think?
No, you just have to stick 'em in.
[Do-hoon] No, I don't think so.
Yeah, you're right, Yong-jin.
Right, they're all in now.
Is it on?
-[Yong-jin] Press the power button.
-[Hye-ri] Hey! Is it working?
-[Yong-jin] We got it. It's booting.
-[Karina] It's working, look.
-[Hye-ri] Guys, guys!
[Eun-ji] It's starting up.
[Behold] In order to start up
the central computer of the Midas,
a reboot code is required.
Please state the reboot code now.
What was it? UMS, and then?
-[Do-hoon] UML
-[John] UML-01.
-Rina, you go ahead.
-[Karina] UML?
-That way. UML
-[Hye-ri] Wasn't it 02?
-[John] No.
-[Do-hoon] No.
-[Yong-jin] 01.
-[John] I don't think that's the code.
The reboot code might be
-This one is the organism code name.
-[Eun-ji] Maybe it's not the reboot code?
I think the computer reboot code
is something else.
-Another puzzle?
-Ah! The badge, the badge!
This might have something to do with it.
-[Hye-ri] That's it. Yeah.
-This thing. Yeah, exactly.
-Yeah, yeah. Look, there are dots.
-[Hye-ri] That's it.
-Yeah, yeah, that's gotta be it.
-Yeah, here it is.
There were dots.
Where did I see dots before? Ah!
On the badge.
On the back of the badge,
there were letters and a pattern
that looked like tic-tac-toe.
The letters seemed to correspond
to the different patterns.
Look. We got it.
-All right, so N.
[Eun-ji chuckles]
-Yeah, that's right.
-[Yong-jin] Got it.
-What's that?
-It's an E. Nature.
[Hye-ri] Sorry.
One, two, three.
[all] Nature!
-Guess that's not it.
-[Yong-jin] It isn't?
-Are we supposed to type it in?
-Can I see?
I think we're supposed to say it.
-It's right. Nature.
-[Karina] Right.
[Yong-jin] Nature. Nature!
Should we try saying
the Korean word for "nature"?
-Oh. In Korean?
One, two, three.
[all] Jayeon!
I'm nervous 'cause we've been here
two hours already.
-[Hye-ri] It's been that long, really?
-Only four hours left.
-[Karina] We're running out of time.
-[timer beeping]
Can we do this?
-Eun-ji, it's fine. Trust me.
-Will we be okay?
-Where do we speak into?
-Maybe we're wrong.
[John] Is there a microphone?
-Should we spell it?
-[John] Spell the word?
[all] N-A-T-U-R-E.
-[John] Don't we need a microphone?
-It's spelled right. N-A-T-U-R-E.
But what are we supposed to speak into?
-Is there a microphone or a speaker?
-[Yong-jin] A.
-[Karina] Nature.
-[Yong-jin] T.
[Do-hoon] That's got to be the code.
-Ugh, Jesus!
-[agents chuckle]
E's correct.
-N-A-T-U-R-E, that's it.
-Yeah, that's right.
[John] What's the deal?
Yeah, it's right.
What's wrong then?
Listen up, I'm Jo Jong-sun.
[soft chuckle]
Or maybe there's a microphone,
you know? Or a walkie-talkie?
-Maybe we have to press something?
-[John] There has to be a microphone,
or maybe we have to press something.
I can't figure it out.
Nature, as in Mother Nature.
[agents chuckle]
We've tried everything.
-Maybe it's not "nature."
-It's definitely correct.
-Otherwise, it wouldn't fit so well.
-I know.
Yeah. It just fits so perfectly, so
-it has to be right.
[mysterious music playing]
What is it?
[John] There isn't any kind of hint,
is there?
No matter how many times we said it,
it just didn't work.
We had the right code,
"nature," but no go.
What if it's like,
"nature" plus yada, yada, yada?
-Like "Republic"?
[agents chuckle]
-[Yong-jin] Nature Republic.
-[Eun-ji] Maybe there are
-more words after it.
-[Yong-jin] Mm.
[Hye-ri] We just couldn't figure out
how we were supposed to say it.
It had to be correct though.
We were sure of it.
It's definitely right.
-[John] Nature just fits so perfectly.
-[Do-hoon] The answer was correct.
But is there a microphone or a speaker
or something we need to speak into?
Maybe. But our voices are different.
Jo Jong-sun and the others
also sound different.
Is "nature" in the videos we watched?
Like spoken?
Yeah. Because then there would be
a recording in their voices.
-[Yong-jin] Right.
-And we could play it back in here.
I'll go get the laptop for us.
-[Do-hoon] Sounds good.
-Rina's on it.
-We could've just missed it earlier.
-[Yong-jin] Right?
Could it be that it recognizes
the voices of the individual crewmembers?
Like, a voice recognition kind of system?
I don't get it.
[Eun-ji] You mean like a microphone?
-[Hye-ri] Or maybe a walkie-talkie.
-[Eun-ji] You think so?
-[Hye-ri] Or
-[Man-gyeong] What do you all think?
[Young-koo] This organism is unregistered
in the database.
[Eun-ji] Maybe it is voice recognition.
What's the status of the submarine?
[Jong-sun] I think a problem occurred
during the docking procedure.
[Man-gyeong] You're the best!
Hold on. "You're the best!"
-Okay, great. Nature!
-Hmm maybe not.
If the voice saying "nature"
to the computer
needs to be the voice
of one of the crew members,
then it doesn't really matter
how many times we say it.
So, then I wondered if maybe
someone in the video says "nature."
[John] But we searched
and didn't hear "nature" anywhere.
[Yong-jin] Okay then,
let's start searching.
-[Hye-ri] Absolutely. We can find it.
-[Yong-jin] Mm.
[Yong-jin] Woah, hey!
The valve. Could this be it?
-Hey. Air, water.
-[Karina] Oh, what's that?
[Do-hoon] Oh, right.
You're right, it's the valve.
The valve that keeps
the submarine balanced.
I think I saw it in the manual earlier.
-[Yong-jin] Looks like
-How did you find it?
It was easy. Look.
The panel just comes off.
We have to solve
this "nature" thing first.
[Yong-jin] Mm, yeah.
-What are we supposed to do with "nature"?
-[Yong-jin] Hey, look at this. Look.
-This one opens too.
-[Hye-ri] Really?
[Yong-jin] Hey, look, I found more.
Don't you think they look like these?
The ballast tank valves? You adjust these
in order to keep the submarine level.
-That's what I think. Yeah.
-So if it tilts or something,
-we'll know how to fix it.
-[Do-hoon] Exactly.
[Karina] Nature.
Hmm "Please state the reboot code."
She told us to state it and we did.
So what?
Rina, what's the name of this sub?
-[Karina] Midas.
-Hey, Midas!
Oh, what if we sat here?
Maybe we have to sit in this chair? Maybe?
-Three, two
[both] Nature.
You know the Morse code-like thing
on the back of the card?
Maybe we need to tap out
the code to communicate?
-[John] Huh?
-Tap it. Maybe there's a button?
We figured out that the code is "nature."
-So we tap it. That's it.
-But the screen says, "please state."
For the computer,
"stating" could mean tapping in Morse code
or something like that,
pressing a button, couldn't it?
-It's a possibility.
-But this is AI though.
And we say things like
"Hey, Siri" to our cell phones, right?
In the same way, could there be a name?
That you say before the code?
-[Eun-ji] You mean like
-Maybe the AI has a name?
-"Hi, Alexa," or whatever?
-[John] Yeah.
God, could it really be
in Morse code or something?
Oppa, "nature" in Morse code?
-[Yong-jin] Really?
-[Hye-ri] I think, maybe.
What do you think of that idea?
It's not terrible.
We know the code language,
-but there's no button to tap it out with.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] John, where are you? Rina?
-[Yong-jin] Ah! Wait. Maybe it's
Dit dit doo dit doo.
Doo dit dit dit doo.
Dit dit doo doo dit.
Doo dit dit dit doo.
Doo dit dit doo dit.
Doo dit doo dit dit.
-[Hye-ri] You nailed it.
-[Yong-jin] Mm-hmm.
[Young-koo] It was 10 mm on the first day,
and today, it's 49 mm.
[Eun-ji] Wait So you wanna splice
the audio together and play it back?
Oh, no, we're trying to see
if the AI name comes up.
[Eun-ji] Oh, that's such a good idea.
We couldn't find a microphone,
but AIs today all have names, like
"Hey, Siri," or, "Hey, Alexa," like that.
So we thought
the sub AI might have its own name.
Should we play the first video?
[Yong-jin in distance]
Beep beep beep beep beep
[Man-gyeong] The organism we found
seems special, doesn't it?
Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep ♪
[Do-hoon laughing]
[Young-koo] This organism is unregistered
in the database.
It definitely seems like a new discovery.
[Man-gyeong] Okay, I love it!
[clapping on video]
We need to return to headquarters
as soon as possible
to carry out further research.
John is thinking
that maybe we need a command,
something like, "Hi, Alexa,"
before we say the word "nature."
-You know, I think that sounds right.
-Yeah, I think so too.
[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Young-koo] Hey, Joo-hyoung! Joo-hyoung.
-[Hae-joong] Hey, hey, hey!
[Hye-sung] What happened?
-[Young-koo] It jumped into his mouth!
-[Hye-sung] What?
The first aid kit, hurry.
-[Young-koo] Dammit.
-[Hye-sung] The first aid kit!
[Young-koo] Joo-hyoung,
look at me, come on!
[Hye-sung] You're gonna be okay!
[Hae-joong] Behold.
-Call everyone to the lab!
-[John] Huh?
Just now, "something, something, beyond"?
-[Eun-ji] Huh?
[Eun-ji] "Bee-ole"?
Let's listen to it again.
[Hye-ri] Did you find something?
[Hye-sung] The first aid kit!
-Right here.
-Just hang on! You're gonna be okay!
[Hae-joong] Behold.
Call everyone to the lab!
-[Eun-ji and Hye-ri] "Behold."
[Karina] "Bee-ole"?
-"Behold"? Let's listen again.
-[Hye-ri] Okay.
-Could that have been directed at the AI?
-[Karina] Yeah, yeah.
[Eun-ji] Yeah, he asked it
to call people to the lab.
[Young-koo] Joo-hyoung,
look at me, come on!
[Hye-sung] Just hang on!
You're gonna be okay!
[Hae-joong] Behold.
Call everyone to the lab!
-[Karina] "Behold"?
-[Eun-ji] I think so.
-"Behold"? "Behold"?
[Eun-ji] "Behold," you know?
It's old-fashioned.
-That's the voice command.
-"Behold," let's try "Behold."
[Eun-ji] Like, "Behold, look at me!"
-[Eun-ji] Yong-jin.
-Let's try "Behold."
The command to activate it.
Listen, you can hear
the command for the AI.
[Young-koo] Joo-hyoung,
look at me, come on!
[Hye-sung] Just hang on!
You're gonna be okay!
[Hae-joong] Behold.
Call everyone to the lab!
-No way.
-[Hye-ri] It can't be.
-[Do-hoon] Could be.
-[Eun-ji] Just try it.
-[Hye-ri] Come on.
-[John] Yong-jin, try it.
I'll run in like I'm doing a scene.
-[Karina] Behold, nature.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, yeah.
[panicked panting]
-Did you say "nature" too?
-[Yong-jin] Huh?
Behold, nature!
[Behold] The code is incorrect.
-[John] Huh?
-Please state the correct code
-to reboot the system.
-[Karina] Gosh.
-[Eun-ji] But it's correct. We checked.
-[Hye-ri] "Behold"?
[thrilling music playing]
This is the first time it heard us, right?
-[girls] Yeah.
-That means "Behold" is correct.
[Karina] Right.
But he said "nature"
and she said that was incorrect.
-[Yong-jin] I'll try again.
Behold, nature.
[Behold] The code is incorrect.
Why don't we try spelling it out then?
Behold, N-A-T-U-R-E.
[Behold] The central computer
of the Midas submarine is starting up.
-Due to a forced shutdown
-[agents exclaim excitedly]
-I am currently carrying out
-Yo, Johnny!
-system checks and status updates.
-[Hye-ri] You killed it!
Please stand by.
These two were watching
those videos over and over.
-[Hye-ri] I know, right?
-No, no, it was all Rina.
She watched them over and over.
[Karina] "Did 'Behold' actually work?"
That's what we thought
when we said "Behold,"
but we actually got a response
from the AI.
We were totally shocked.
-[Behold] Emergency protocols deactivated.
-[thrilling music continues]
Look, everything lit up.
[Behold] First-floor doors,
and second-floor doors
-are now being unlocked.
-We gotta go to the second level.
And all emergency bulkheads
are being opened.
Don't open those.
Oxygen generator is operating normally.
My heart's beating like crazy.
[Behold] The nuclear reactor
and the water generator
are operating normally.
The navigation system, detection system,
and alarm system are operating normally.
[Eun-ji] Great.
You did a great job, you two.
-I know. Good work.
-[Hye-ri] They really did.
-It's true.
-Yeah, that's perseverance, baby.
-Behold, bring us some dinner.
The second-floor emergency bulkhead
cannot yet be automatically operated.
System checks must be completed.
Please use the manual operating mechanism.
-[Eun-ji] Manual?
-So we just turn it.
Propulsion and communication systems
are undergoing checks.
Please exercise caution
during system normalization.
This process can take some time
and errors may occur.
Oxygen inside the Midas
is at an optimal level.
-It increased.
-Ah, we're all good now.
-The reboot solved it. Okay.
The crew members who we found so far
Jo Jong-sun, Han Hae-joong,
and Ji Young-koo, these three,
-That's right.
-they're all dead.
-And if we find Jang Man-gyeong,
-he'll probably have the key for this.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, he'll have it.
-[Karina] We'll check his pockets.
-Yeah, we should look for him.
And the guy who became the host?
-What was his name?
-[Karina] Ahn Joo-hyoung.
-Ahn Joo-hyoung.
-[Hye-ri] So we have Ahn Joo-hyoung
-Who was the other one?
-Sim Hye-sung.
[Hye-ri] Sim Hye-sung is still missing
-We found his coat.
So now, we need to figure out
the status
of the other three crew members.
And we need the hard drives, right?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Karina] Exactly.
-[John] Yeah.
-In here.
But there's no guarantee that this box
contains the storage devices, right?
Although it does say, "Central computer
external server cabinet."
Isn't this it?
Behold, where are the storage devices?
[Behold] I'm sorry,
I don't understand your question.
-[Yong-jin] Oh.
-At least she answered.
[John] Behold,
is the central computer
external server cabinet the location
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, exactly.
-where the hard drives are?
-[Behold] Affirmative.
-[Yong-jin] Ah, I see.
So basically,
we have to find Jang Man-gyeong.
If we find him, we'll find the key.
I think this is the guy in charge.
-We should find Jang Man-gyeong.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
[Eun-ji] Behold,
-what's Jang Man-gyeong's location?
[Behold] I'm sorry, I cannot provide you
with that information.
Behold, can you tell us
the current location of UML-01?
-[Behold] I'm not sure about that.
May I possibly be of assistance
in some other way?
I have a question actually.
They said a UV lamp slowed it down,
-where can we get one?
-Ah, that's important.
Because if the creature shows up
-we can slow it down with the lamp.
Behold, where can we find a UV lamp?
[Behold] That is an interesting question.
However, I am afraid
I cannot provide an answer for you.
-Why not?
-Why not?
-[John] You're asking her why not?
[agents chuckle]
Behold, there is a ventilation fan
in the ceiling on the bridge.
What is it connected to?
[Behold] I'm sorry,
I cannot be expected to know everything.
-She's angry.
-Sassy. Very sassy.
-She doesn't seem very happy.
How many survivors are there
on board this submarine?
[Behold] I'm afraid
I do not understand your question.
How many creatures are on board?
What commands do you think
will work with it? Like
Like what can we get from it?
Can the AI offer us any protection?
Protection could be important
since we don't know what will happen.
I mean, there's a monster here.
Would the AI be able
to close all the doors?
-Ask Behold.
-[Yong-jin] Behold.
-[Behold] Yes?
-Close the door to the bridge please.
[Behold] I'm sorry,
I do not recognize that term.
-[Karina] But this is the bridge.
-[Eun-ji] Try using other terms.
The gate to the bridge?
Behold, close the gate to the bridge.
[John] Maybe emergency bulkhead?
[Behold] I'm sorry,
I do not recognize that term.
[Karina] Oh, the emergency bulkhead?
-[Behold] Yes?
Please close the emergency bulkhead
at the entrance of the bridge.
[door buzzes]
[agents exclaim]
-It worked.
-Hey, so that means
that if if we get chased,
we can close the doors.
But what if we don't know the right term?
-[Yong-jin] But we do.
-Emergency bulkhead, that's it.
-Should we memorize it?
-[Eun-ji] This is the bridge, right?
We should memorize the rooms too.
-[Eun-ji] Or is it the cockpit?
-Wait, could we actually do this
-in an emergency?
-[Hye-ri] Good point.
What if we're like, "Behold, uh
can you just close that thing?"
[John] Behold, open
the bridge emergency bulkhead.
[door buzzes]
[agents exclaiming]
-[Eun-ji] Where is he going?
-[Do-hoon] He's gonna test it out.
See if she can hear you from over there.
[John] Behold, can you hear me?
She can't hear him.
Behold, close
the bridge emergency bulkhead.
[door buzzes]
Okay, so this is how power feels.
It feels good, right?
[John] Behold!
[Yong-jin] Hey, try saying it from there.
[John] Behold.
Okay, it's not opening.
Behold, open
the bridge emergency bulkhead.
[door buzzes]
It has to be from on the bridge, right?
[Yong-jin] Yeah. She, uh
[John] I'll try it from here,
from over here.
Behold, can you hear me?
No, she can't hear you.
-[John] So only in there.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, yeah.
-[John] Well then.
-That's not very helpful.
No, it's not.
So we just have to be sure
to run this way.
If anything happens,
we have to get to the bridge.
-We're gonna need to talk to the AI.
So basically,
this is where we evacuate to, right?
Doesn't that open vent make you nervous?
What if something jumps outta there?
[Do-hoon] Look, this is what I think.
We're going up to the second floor anyway.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
-[Karina] Uh-huh.
Could this end up being our escape hatch?
[Eun-ji] Ah
-But remember
-But it also feels risky.
Remember the organism
was moving around through the vents.
[Yong-jin and Eun-ji] Mm-hmm.
There's something here.
It's moving around up there.
[John] Wouldn't it be better to close it?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, right.
-We should close it, it scares me.
-[Hye-ri] Can it be locked?
-Try it.
-Does it work? Does it lock?
-It locks, yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Turn it, turn it.
-[Yong-jin] It can be locked. Yeah.
-Close it for now.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, that's good.
[Karina] Should we go to level two?
-[Hye-ri] Oh. My heart's gonna explode.
-Are we all ready to go?
-[Hye-ri] Physically or mentally?
-We are, right?
[Eun-ji] I am.
-I don't think I am.
-[Karina] Me neither.
-[Yong-jin] Behold.
-[Behold] Yes?
-Play "Female President" by Girl's Day.
-[Behold] I'm sorry
-[Eun-ji] I love that song.
-but that is something I cannot do.
-Oh, no.
-Well, I tried, I tried.
-[comical music playing]
Oh, you seem fine.
You seem much better now.
-[Eun-ji] She's still got the hips.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah. Let's go, let's go.
[Hye-ri] Let's go, everyone.
Gosh, I'm really scared.
-Same here.
-[Hye-ri] I know, right?
It's so much fun to talk to the AI.
-Like, "Hello."
-[Karina] I know, right?
[Hye-ri] Who would've ever thought
it would be "Behold"?
-[Eun-ji] Hye-ri, you okay going first?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, I'll try to be brave.
Why is this so scary?
-[Eun-ji] Well, it is pretty high up.
-[Karina] Yeah, that's true.
-[Eun-ji] The rungs are far apart.
-[Karina] Yeah.
[Eun-ji grunts]
-[Hye-ri] Be careful.
-I will.
-Don't slip.
-[Karina] I won't.
[Hye-ri sighs]
I'm dizzy from climbing up here.
Okay, everyone,
we really need to be careful.
We gotta watch out for ourselves now,
it's getting dangerous.
The monster could be
right behind this door, so be ready.
[Hye-ri] It really could.
[Yong-jin] So, assuming
the monster could be in there
-Rina, you go.
-[Hye-ri] Obviously.
[agents chuckle]
-I should take one for the team.
-[Hye-ri] Okay.
-I'm so scared. Excuse me.
-[Do-hoon] Use the door as a shield.
-[Yong-jin] Like that. Exactly.
-[Eun-ji] Quiet.
-Hey, let me.
-[door creaks]
-[Yong-jin] It's the mess hall.
-[Do-hoon] The cafeteria.
Wait a sec
-[Yong-jin] Another crew member?
-[Hye-ri] Another one?
It's a mess in here.
[Yong-jin] Another body?
[Hye-ri gasps]
It's a mess in here.
[Yong-jin] Another body?
[suspenseful music playing]
Oh, man. That looks bad.
[Hye-ri] Oh, my God.
-[Yong-jin] Hey, look, a phone.
-[Do-hoon] I'll grab it.
-[Karina] Nice. Great find, team.
-[Yong-jin] Grab the phone.
Sim Hye-sung.
-What was that pattern?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, it's Sim Hye-sung.
Do you remember?
-The unlock pattern?
-The shape of a five?
-From the video?
-Yeah. A five shape.
Oh, we should remember
what that pattern was just now.
-The shape of a five.
[all exclaim]
-[Eun-ji] There we go.
-[Do-hoon] Okay, okay.
-[Yong-jin] Gallery.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Young-koo] today, it's 49 mm.
-[Yong-jin] Nice.
-Oh, wait, what's this? Look.
-[Yong-jin] Oh. Check that out.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, man.
-[Karina] Guys, I'm really creeped out.
-December 10th.
-[Eun-ji] So creepy.
Ji Young-koo, the lead engineer,
died because of UML-01.
And I don't know if
Chairman Jang Man-gyeong, or Jo Jong-sun,
or Han Hae-joong are alive.
Five days ago, UML-01
entered Ahn Joo-hyoung's body
through his mouth.
He couldn't communicate after that.
There are no traces of a human being left.
He's become a monster.
Whoever happens to see this video
has to know what happened on the Midas.
All this
-All this is due to the Chairman's greed.
-He means Jang Man-gyeong's greed.
-He must've been hiding there.
[rattling on video]
[monster screeching]
-[agents gasp]
-It's taken on a humanoid form.
[eerie suspenseful music playing]
Oh, please. No, please no.
So that's how big it is now. Right?
It's a real monster now.
[growls, screeching]
[eerie suspenseful music continues]
[Hye-sung screams on video]
It's unsettling. I have chills.
Look. I just found a recording device.
Chairman Jang is acting strangely.
I don't want to take part
in something so dangerous.
What is this Living Weapon Project?
Jang Man-gyeong was creating
a living weapon.
It took a human body as its host,
so now it's taken on a humanoid form.
[Eun-ji] "The chairman's greed
is what caused this."
[Yong-jin] Isn't it obvious
-that we're supposed to open that?
-Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Is that a shoelace?
So the monster could be
in the ventilation duct right now?
[Hye-ri] I almost jumped out of my skin.
[John] This one's locked.
-[John] Strange, right?
[John] He hid the key somewhere.
Where could it be?
-[Yong-jin] Whoa, whoa!
-[Karina] Oh, no! Behold!
-[Yong-jin] Come on, quick!
Come on, hurry!
[Behold] Warning, submarine tilt detected.
[all screaming]
-[monsters screeching]
-[music intensifies]
[closing theme music playing]
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