Agents of Mystery (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

-[keyboard clacking]
-[Eun-ji gasps]
-"Code name UML-01 was assigned."
-[monster groans]
-[Young-koo] Hey, Joo-hyoung. Hey!
[Hye-ri] We need to get
to the central computer.
[Do-hoon] I think we have to insert
those memory sticks here.
We got it. It's booting.
[John] "Please state the reboot code."
[Hae-joong] Behold!
Call everyone to the lab!
"Bee-ole?" "Behold"?
Behold, N-A-T-U-R-E.
-[Behold] The central computer
is starting up.
[Hye-ri] Should we head to level two?
Hey, look, the phone. Sim Hye-sung.
It's taken on a humanoid form.
It's a real monster now.
-[Hye-sung screams]
[theme music playing]
[theme music ends]
[deep sigh]
Hold on, hold on.
The creature was the size of an adult man,
but its face was actually very similar
to the organism that we had seen.
We found out that the organism
entered Ahn Joo-hyoung's body
through his airway.
So, somehow, that creature
and Ahn Joo-hyoung
merged into a single organism.
I think you're right.
It happened inside Ahn Joo-hyoung's body.
-[John] Exactly.
-[Eun-ji] He became the monster.
-Yeah, yeah. I think that's what happened.
-Hye-sung must've been hiding there.
Everyone was hiding,
wherever they were working,
-when it found them.
-[John] Yeah.
And what was that about the chairman?
All this is due to the Chairman's greed.
-All this is due to the Chairman's greed.
-[Do-hoon] What could that mean?
-Oh, uh, Jang Man-gyeong's greed?
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
The chairman
This really upsets me. I mean,
look at these crew photos over there.
-[Karina] I know, right?
-[Hye-ri] So sad.
-[Eun-ji] They looked like a real team.
-[Hye-ri] So sad.
[Eun-ji] They were here a while, right?
-That needs to come off. Do-hoon.
-It's time. You're up, Do-hoon.
-[Do-hoon] "Jang Man-gyeong."
-[Eun-ji] Gosh, this is so scary.
-I know, right?
I found a flashlight here.
Oh, good job. Might come in handy.
-[Do-hoon] Oh, look, a UV light.
-[Eun-ji] Is that the UV lamp?
-[Do-hoon] Look.
[Hye-ri] Yeah.
This is a UV light?
No, it's just a flashlight.
If you shine a UV light
on a white surface, you can see things.
-Oh, hidden stuff shows up.
-[Hye-ri] Exactly.
They also use them in clubs. They use it
to check the stamp on your hand.
[Hye-ri] But this is just
a regular flashlight.
-[Hye-ri] Remember how?
-[Do-hoon] Kinda.
Is there anything hidden
on the badge this time?
It's level R, it has the Morse code.
-Oh, right. The dots and dashes.
-Yeah, yeah, it's the same.
-[John] The same code?
-Identical. Exactly.
-[Hye-ri] Hey, guys. Over here.
I'm scared. What if we open
the door and something jumps out?
[Hye-ri] I don't know. Just run away.
[Do-hoon] Hang on.
Give me a sec.
[Karina] Really, Eun-ji?
Guys, are you ready?
-Wait a sec.
-[Do-hoon] Right now?
It seems like it's stalking us.
-[Karina] Yeah.
-It might jump out when we open the door.
Rina, you take the lead.
-Why is it always Rina?
She Well, she plays that role.
-That's true. She is the bravest here.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
Okay. Let's just do it.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
-I'm pressing it, okay?
-You're doing it now?
[door buzzes]
It's their quarters.
-[Karina] Creepy.
-[Yong-jin] Keep going.
[John] We opened the door
leading to their quarters,
and fortunately, there was no monster.
There were five rooms there.
So we spread out and started searching
the rooms for any clues we could find.
Okay, okay.
Hey, guys. They're open.
First, let's check each of the rooms.
-Yeah. Good idea.
-[John] And see what we find.
-Look, I just found a recording device.
-[Karina] Nice.
A helmet.
A selfie stick?
Another flashlight.
-Find anything, Rina?
-Just another flashlight.
Nothing here.
-There's nothing here either, right?
-[Eun-ji] Not that I could find.
-Find anything?
-[John] Nothing?
-Nope, nothing.
[Eun-ji] Should we listen
to that recorder you found?
-[John] Let's do that.
-[Karina] Where is it?
-[Eun-ji] Right there.
-[Do-hoon] Here.
[Hye-ri] Does it work?
-[John] I haven't tried yet.
-[Karina] Why are you wearing that?
You know, just in case.
Looking good. It really suits you.
-Oh, because the creature eats heads.
-We each have a flashlight.
[Hye-sung] Deep Sea
Creature Research Council,
Chairman Jang is acting strangely.
Since we first discovered UML-01,
he has been making questionable decisions.
For example, every night,
he sneaks downstairs
when no one else is there.
[Do-hoon] Sneaks downstairs?
[Hye-sung] He seems
to be spending all of his time in the lab.
Strange, right?
[Hye-sung] So now, I'm going
to record our conversations.
Shouldn't we be heading back ASAP,
given Joo-hyoung's condition?
[Jong-sun] The sub is ready.
Repairs are complete.
We can return any time.
[Man-gyeong] What about the hull failure?
Shouldn't we be conducting
additional tests?
[Jong-sun] Sir? Additional tests?
There should not be any issues
with returning in our current condition.
What if there are malfunctions
on the way back to HQ?
Returning now is out of the question.
Not until we have run more tests.
-[Jong-sun] Yes, sir.
-[Hye-sung] Chairman.
You are acting strangely.
Are you hiding something from us?
[Man-gyeong] What are you talking about?
What would I be hiding from you?
[Hye-sung] In the middle of the night,
you went downstairs. Why?
[Man-gyeong] I was
checking in on Joo-hyoung.
We need to produce
concrete results this time.
We need to prevent
our investors from pulling out.
In any case, we'll talk about returning
when the tests have been completed.
Now let's get back to work.
Has anyone seen my cigarettes anywhere?
Cigarettes? Wait, what?
There's no smoking on board.
[Hye-sung] Why are you
looking for cigarettes?
You don't even smoke.
Well? Is it about the contract?
The contract?
[Man-gyeong] What?
[Hye-sung] Did you think I wouldn't know?
-In the safe.
-Oh, whoa!
[Hye-sung] The Star & Stone contract?
I've seen it.
The Living Weapon Project.
What exactly is that?
-[Karina] Sounds creepy.
-A weapon that lives?
A biological weapon?
[Man-gyeong] You
went snooping in my quarters?
[Hye-sung] I came here
to research deep-sea organisms.
What is this Living Weapon Project?
Doctor Jang.
Have you forgotten your duty
as a scientist?
[Man-gyeong] Mister Sim,
let me explain, please.
[Jong-sun] I insist.
The sub must return to base.
[Man-gyeong] It's not
as easy as it sounds.
I did inform the investors
that we would return soon.
They won't allow it.
[Hye-sung] What do you mean?
The sub has been repaired.
[Man-gyeong] The central
computer system of the Midas
is connected to Star & Stone.
And the return journey
cannot be made without authorization.
[Jong-sun] We can disconnect the computer.
We can just operate
the submarine manually.
-They can what?
-Operate it manually.
By hand.
[Jong-sun] I'll go
to the bridge right now.
Prep the sub for departure.
[Hye-sung] Wait. Stop.
That thing is down there.
[Jong-sun] What difference does it make
whether I die here or downstairs?
I'll go shut down the central computer.
-This is tense.
-[Jong-sun] If I can override the system,
you'll know immediately.
[static scratches]
[Hye-sung] Deep Sea Creature
Research Council,
Chairman Jang is acting strangely.
-Did it start again?
-Yeah. It's looping.
-[Karina] Uh-huh.
-So it's basically like this.
The team was researching
-deep-sea creatures.
But Jang Man-gyeong was trying to create
a living weapon for Star & Stone.
-And the crew caught him.
-[Karina] That's right.
-The team found out about his plan.
-[Karina] Yeah.
-[Do-hoon] Mm-hm.
-Wait, I have a question.
The guy doesn't smoke
but he wanted his cigarettes.
Maybe he hid something in the pack?
He could have.
-Yeah, in the pack.
-Jang Man-gyeong doesn't smoke,
so why is he looking for his cigarettes?
-It doesn't make sense.
-[Yong-jin] You're right, Eun-ji.
Something must be in the pack.
Maybe a clue or a badge,
or, I don't know, something.
-[Do-hoon] You could be right.
-Yeah, inside the pack.
He could've hidden something
like this, maybe.
-Or the key to the cabinet.
-[Yong-jin] Right, right, a key. Could be.
Jang Man-gyeong was creating
a living weapon
-on board this sub.
And being paid by Star & Stone Industry.
[Do-hoon] There were two main takeaways.
One, clearly this submarine was being used
for other kinds of research,
not just for deep-sea creatures.
Two, Chairman Jang Man-gyeong's
strange behavior,
like looking for cigarettes
even though he wasn't a smoker.
And then, there's their conversation
about the hidden safe.
If he was looking for cigarettes,
we should probably find them.
Plus, there's that contract
-in the safe, right?
-Makes sense.
Do we know
where Jang Man-gyeong's room is?
-It's not with the others?
-[John] I don't think so.
-There are only five rooms there.
-[Eun-ji] It's not on the floor plan?
-[Yong-jin] No.
-Is another room labeled?
[Eun-ji] "Sleeping quarters,
mess hall, docking."
-We've been to these areas.
-[Yong-jin] The quarters.
-We've covered their quarters too.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah.
Looks like the next area
is the chairman's room.
-[Eun-ji] Right, right.
-That's probably
-where we'll find the safe.
-I thought the chairman's office
was a bathroom.
-Me too.
-That's funny.
You know what? I think
I might have seen a UV light earlier.
-[Eun-ji] Where?
-In the lab.
It says the organism entered his airway
when they were replacing
the UV light, right?
-[Karina] Yeah.
-[Do-hoon] There was something in there.
-Like a fluorescent tube.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, from before, yeah.
-Yeah, there was a fluorescent tube.
-You know, the incubator.
Should I try to bring it over?
To see if it works?
Yeah, checking there is a good idea.
-[Yong-jin] Should we open that door?
-No. First, I'll just go get the UV light.
-Yeah, let's go get it.
-Let's go together.
-I'll just bring it here. It's fine.
-I'll come with you. I can go.
-[John] All right, you two go.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, I'll go.
-Don't get tied up.
-Of course, we gotta go together.
-[Hye-ri] Guys.
-We'll be fine.
-Don't get caught.
-[Yong-jin] We won't. 'Cause we're
-Yeah. That's right.
-the Wagon Bros.
-[John] We'll wait here.
-[Hye-ri] Do you need the bag?
-We can leave it here.
-[John] Okay.
[Do-hoon] We're coming back.
-[Eun-ji] Where are we again?
-[Do-hoon] Wagon Bros for life.
Just us four again.
-I know.
-[John giggles]
[Eun-ji] We're in the food
storage room again.
-Just like last time.
-That's right.
There it is.
-This is it. It's the UV light, right?
But look, it's not connected
to a power source anymore,
-so it won't work.
-We should take it and see if
if there's any way to power it
and use it, right?
We don't know if this is the right light,
but we think
this was the replacement UV bulb.
-We need to power this somehow.
-[Eun-ji] Just plug it in.
We found it plugged in,
but there wasn't any power source.
-[Eun-ji] There was only one bulb?
It must be the UV light, right?
-Let's hold on to it.
-Good idea.
[Do-hoon] It could protect us.
Let's do this.
-Do we really need to open that door?
-Yeah, but how are we going to do that?
-[Hye-ri] Wow, this place.
-[Eun-ji] I know, right?
-[Hye-ri] It's scary.
-[Eun-ji] So eerie.
-[Hye-ri] I'm getting chills.
-[Karina] Something feels off.
-What's behind this door?
-[Hye-ri] The office.
-[Karina] The chairman's room.
-We'll see.
This is really scary.
-I'm genuinely terrified.
-[Yong-jin] I know.
-[Eun-ji] I just feel so anxious.
-I can't speak, I'm petrified.
Don't you think it might be better
if we waited over there?
[Yong-jin] Well, I say, whatever happens,
we're all in this together.
-Then let's go in together.
-Yeah, yeah, agreed.
-[Do-hoon] Strength in numbers, right?
-All at once?
No, no, we
We need to think about safety now.
-Yeah, true, mm-hm.
-We need to be careful.
So maybe
press and run?
-Someone opens it.
While the rest wait there.
What do you think?
-It's better this way.
-Then I'll press it and run away.
-Yup, yeah, yeah. Does that work?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-Everyone agree?
Let's wait over there, guys.
-[Hye-ri] Do-hoon.
-I'll take the bag, here.
No, I'm good, can you take this though?
-[Hye-ri] Wagon Bros?
-Of course.
Go on, go.
-[Eun-ji] Do-hoon.
-Yong-jin, be careful.
You and I go through everything together.
-Glad to know you, bro.
-Yeah? All right, all right, don't worry.
[John] I think this is where it's safest.
-[Karina] Gosh, we're so selfish.
-[John] We'll be over here.
If someone comes,
you guys run over too and lock the door.
-I'm ready.
-Do it.
-You ready?
[alarm wails]
It's just a door. Come on.
-[Hye-ri] We're such cowards.
-[Karina] That's embarrassing.
[ominous music playing]
[Yong-jin] Here's the bathroom.
Look. The shower.
[Hye-ri] There isn't a body, is there?
-See anyone?
-No, no, there's just blood.
[Karina] Jeez.
That's unsettling.
[John] What's that?
There was a pool of blood on the floor,
and in the ceiling directly above us
was an air vent.
[John] There was some sort
of string hanging from it.
I looked and it was a shoelace.
Is that a shoelace?
-I think so.
-You know, I just
-Looks like it.
-[Yong-jin] The ladder.
-I feel like
-There's blood.
there's someone up there.
You're not going to open it, are you?
-[Yong-jin] Huh?
-[Eun-ji] Seriously?
Isn't it obvious
that we're supposed to open that?
Wait, wait, wait.
I think the only thing up there is a shoe.
[John] Flashlight.
-Can someone have died up there?
-Hm, I think we have to open it.
I think so. Yeah.
-Guys, remember.
-What? What is it?
The monster was in the air ducts
on level one.
[Eun-ji] That's right.
The monster could be above us right now.
Why is it closed, though?
Should we really open it?
-[Hye-ri] Maybe someone closed it.
-Can you give the shoelace a tug?
[Eun-ji] Yong-jin.
-[Do-hoon] See if it moves.
-[Yong-jin] It's stuck.
[Eun-ji] Maybe there's a reason
this vent is closed.
-[Yong-jin exhales]
Bro, hang on.
If you pull from there,
it might fall on you.
-Let's try from this side.
-What if
-Yeah, good idea.
-[Karina] I'm scared.
-[Yong-jin] Come up. Come on.
Be careful, okay? Please. Just be careful.
Try pulling it from there.
[Eun-ji] Watch your head.
[all gasp in surprise]
[Hye-ri] I almost jumped out of my skin.
[sighs] Oh, my god.
[all sigh]
I was pulling, and all of a sudden,
something dropped down in front of me.
[Do-hoon] Turns out it was someone's legs.
At first, I freaked out. But then,
I realized it was just another body.
Ugh, my neck.
Did you see me just now?
With my lightning reflexes?
Whose body is it now, guys?
-Must be Jang Man-gyeong, right?
-[Eun-ji] Oh, right.
But, if it's the chairman, he wouldn't
wear work boots like those, would he?
Yeah, but it's a submarine.
-Everyone has to wear work boots, right?
-He's the only one left though.
-So it's got to be him.
-Ahn Joo-hyoung too, right?
[John] He turned into the monster.
-We've found four so far, right?
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-This is the fifth one.
-Yup, three downstairs and one up here.
-Looks like he was hiding.
-[Do-hoon] We gotta pull him down.
-Let's do it.
-Creepy, right?
-[Yong-jin] Let's go.
-He's gonna be too heavy.
Oh, god, no.
[Hye-ri] Should we really pull him down?
-[Eun-ji] Yong-jin, the flashlight.
-[Do-hoon] We need to search the body.
-[John] Careful.
-[Eun-ji] Give me the flashlight.
-[John] Easy does it.
-[Eun-ji] The light.
Got him.
Ah, the hand.
-[Do-hoon] Got it, got him.
-[Yong-jin] Take it, take it, take it.
Agh, the whole head is gone.
Is there an ID?
Who is it? Check the pockets.
[John] We checked,
but there was no ID badge on him.
We searched everywhere
but there was nothing.
[Eun-ji] So it's impossible to tell
whether this is Jang Man-gyeong or not.
We haven't found a body without ID before.
[Yong-jin] Let's take another look.
-Huh? You wanna go back up?
-Let's take another look in there.
[vent creaks]
-[Eun-ji] Watch your head.
-[John] There's nothing here.
The light.
[Karina] Be careful.
-It's like The way it looks up there
-[Eun-ji] What? What is it?
It's deep, then there's a corner
and it keeps going.
-How far?
-[Yong-jin] I don't know.
About halfway down the shaft,
-there are some clothes.
-[Eun-ji] Whoa.
No way, really?
Yeah. Come see for yourself.
[Yong-jin] Look.
You see?
You mean we have to climb inside there?
-[Yong-jin] See?
-[Do-hoon] Okay.
[Yong-jin] We have to go up there.
You see the blood too?
-We'll have to go up there, I guess.
-[John] Yeah.
-[Do-hoon] Really?
-Rock, paper, scissors.
-Let's see who's going.
-Oh, god!
-[all chuckling]
-[John] You wanna go?
-[Eun-ji] Let's just all go.
-Snooze, you lose.
-There's something at the halfway point.
-It's a one-person job.
I'll go, then.
-No. Don't.
-Don't do it.
-No. Come on.
-If you go, I go. I'm coming too.
-[Do-hoon] Really?
-You two are joined at the hip.
-[Eun-ji] Wagon Bros, right?
-[Do-hoon] We stick together.
-Uh-huh. Yeah?
-And once we've escaped,
-we wrap things up with a passionate kiss.
[Do-hoon] I'm down.
Spread the love.
I had a hunch this morning,
and brought a little something from home.
-[Eun-ji] What did you bring?
-I brought gloves.
[Hye-ri] Really?
-Good thinking.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
Hey, pass me a flashlight.
[Karina] Careful.
That's so hot. When he holds it
-between his teeth like that.
-[Hye-ri] I know, girl.
[Eun-ji] Wow.
-[Hye-ri] How'd he do that?
-We'll be back in a sec.
-[Yong-jin] Hey, uh
-[Do-hoon] Yong-jin!
[Yong-jin] What, what, what?
[Do-hoon] Back up, back up, back up!
-Coming back?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-Hey. Put the cover back.
-Close it, close it, close the vent.
-What happened?
When I shined the light ahead of me,
there was a blood trail
leading up to the clothes.
I could totally imagine that the monster
had dragged the body
through the vent or something,
like by his teeth, you know?
Maybe I let my imagination
run a bit wild. I'm an ENFJ.
So I totally lost my nerve.
I chickened out and came back down
as fast as I could.
The chairman's office is next door, right?
Let's go see if there's any kind of tool
in there, that we could reach with.
-Can we even get in there?
-[John] I'll check if it's open.
It's locked.
Of course.
-That would've been too easy.
-Wait? It's locked, it's locked.
-We can't get in.
-[Yong-jin] See?
-Oh, of course, it's locked.
-We gotta do this. It's now or never.
-I wish the UV light was working.
-[Eun-ji] I know. We need it.
Then I could shine the UV light,
grab the clothes,
-and come back.
Should we look
for a power source for this?
I think that'd be
the safe way to go about this.
[John] I'll check level one.
-Do-hoon, let's go look. Yeah.
-Should we?
I'll get ready just in case.
-[Yong-jin] You know, just in case, right?
-Okay, okay.
[Eun-ji] They might really end up
kissing today, huh? Serious bromance.
I'm pretty sure the key to this door
will be somewhere in the clothes up there.
Yeah, I agree.
-We can't put it off.
[Yong-jin sighs]
-When you think about it
The monster eats the heads first, right?
So we go in feet first, then?
Well, I guess. But wouldn't it help
to wear a helmet in the first place?
[Do-hoon] Oh, that makes sense.
It hasn't eaten any other body part.
Right, that's what I mean.
It won't be like, "Oh! There's no head.
Well, I'll just eat the legs, then."
[Yong-jin] Only the heads were eaten, hmm?
Because they weren't protected,
you know what I mean?
-Yeah. Bro.
-[Yong-jin] Right?
-So we just need protection.
-Yong-jin, seriously.
-You're a genius, bro. Genius.
-Thanks. We just need to wear these.
-[Hye-ri] No.
-None of this stuff seems to power on.
So it's all pretty useless.
Nope, nothing here.
I'm scared the monster's gonna
jump out of one of the vents.
-[Yong-jin] Hey, guys.
-[Eun-ji] Hey.
-Do-hoon and I had a little chat.
-[Eun-ji] Uh-huh.
[Yong-jin] Hear me out
and see if this makes sense.
-Based on the bodies we've found so far,
we know that the monster
only eats the heads, right?
-[Hye-ri] Uh-huh.
-[Eun-ji] Right.
So we thought that wearing helmets
like this one would keep us safe.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-Yeah. Wow.
-[Karina] So
-Should we join you?
-[Yong-jin] Yep. Let's go.
-[Eun-ji] All right.
-Careful on the way up.
-[Eun-ji] Okay.
-This is this is just a question, okay?
-[Eun-ji] Yeah?
You don't wanna go in the vent, do you?
It's just a question,
a genuine question, that's all.
I'm coming up.
-[Karina] Just wait for us.
-No, no, Do-hoon and I, we can do it.
-Let's look for more of these.
-Everyone, find a helmet.
-Are there more here?
-In there?
[Hye-ri] I think wearing
a helmet will be safer.
Where could all the helmets be?
I found one.
[John] Here.
-Oh, thank you.
-[Yong-jin] Got it. All good, got it.
-[Do-hoon] Here we go.
-[Yong-jin] I got it, got it.
-[Do-hoon] Okay, that should be good.
Did you get a helmet?
-Yeah, right here.
-You don't need to wear them.
It's just us going up.
[Hye-ri] You never know, though.
He might eat you guys,
and then want seconds.
[John] Yeah, strap it on.
-Please, Lord.
-[Yong-jin] I'll keep watch.
-Good luck.
-Let this be a good helmet.
-Do-hoon, be careful.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-Remember the wagon?
-[Karina] Oh, yeah.
[Yong-jin] Do you? You and I?
-You were my strength.
-I always have your back.
-Now and forever.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
Let's do this.
Bro, don't block my way out.
Oh, of course not, no.
[women giggling]
Obviously. Obviously not, of course.
My Wagon Bro.
What helped me overcome my fear
was the thought, "United we stand."
[Yong-jin] When he and I
are in something together, he trusts me.
And also, I trust him.
I'm not scared with him.
I really feel this bond,
of brotherhood, camaraderie.
-It's still locked. There. Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah, careful, Do-hoon. Careful.
Here we go.
The light.
I just gotta get the clothes. That's all.
[daunting music playing]
Be careful.
Careful, Do-hoon.
-I think the monster's up there.
-[Hye-ri] Is it far away?
Must be. I don't think it's close by.
[Eun-ji] Give him some light.
Give him some light.
He's going in deeper.
[Yong-jin] Slowly, slowly.
[Yong-jin] Pull it, pull it.
[tense music playing]
-No monster. Nothing there.
Good job.
-It's gone.
-Do-hoon, you're the man.
[Eun-ji] That must've been hard.
-That was creepy.
-I was really scared.
It was so dark in there.
-Could you see?
-Come down. Let's check the clothes.
-Oh, look.
-[Yong-jin] Find anything.
-Who is he?
-Any luck?
-[John] It's him.
-[Karina] Just as we thought.
-[Yong-jin] The chairman?
[John] Check all the pockets,
just in case.
-[Karina] They're empty.
-[John] Really?
[Karina] Yeah.
That was it?
Nothing else?
What are we gonna do?
His office is locked.
-[John] I feel like there should be more.
-[Karina] Yeah.
Maybe we left something
up there by mistake?
Hang on.
-Can you get that?
-[Eun-ji] The chairman's office is locked.
-But there's gotta be a way in.
-[Karina] There has to be a key.
Yeah, a key or a master key, or something.
See anything?
[Yong-jin] Nothing
that looks like a key, no.
There's nothing up here.
Can you search again?
[Hye-ri] Yeah, just a sec.
[Eun-ji] Man, where could the key be?
-[John] Oh!
-[Karina] Did you find it?
-[Yong-jin] Oh, look. There.
-[Karina] You found it!
[Eun-ji] We found the key.
Should we, uh, close it?
Try it.
[Yong-jin] It's the chairman's.
Look, his quarters.
[Eun-ji] It's his office.
-[Karina] Scary. It's creepy.
-[Hye-ri] Maybe
Put your helmet on just in case?
-So creepy.
-Yeah, so scary.
-Oh, man.
-Wait a sec. The safe.
-Oh, right. The cigarettes.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, yeah. Right.
[Man-gyeong] Has anyone
seen my cigarettes?
Cigarettes? Wait, what?
[Hye-sung] In the safe?
-Oh, wow.
-[Hye-sung] The Star & Stone contract?
I've seen it.
Nothing here.
Should we get up on the chair?
[Eun-ji] Check the cabinets too?
-[Karina] It's locked.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, really?
-[Yong-jin] Really?
-[Eun-ji] Are those locked too?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah. No luck here.
-[John] Yeah, they're locked.
Could this be something?
-[John] Look, it says "card".
-Okay, okay.
-What is it?
-Man Man-gyeong.
-[John] Should we try it?
I had a hunch, if we tapped the card,
something would probably open,
and maybe we would find the safe
inside there.
[John] It doesn't work?
Any ideas?
[Do-hoon] All the badges at once.
But no matter how many times we tried,
nothing happened.
-[Yong-jin] Behold.
-[Eun-ji chuckles]
[Karina] Why don't they work?
Which card do we have to swipe?
Wait. Don't we have
to find the cigarettes?
Yeah, he could've put the card
inside the pack of cigarettes.
That's the perfect place to hide a card.
-[Do-hoon] But where are the cigarettes?
-Yeah, could be in there.
[Eun-ji] Now we just have
to find the pack.
[Yong-jin] Let's go find them.
A pack of cigarettes has just
enough space for a single card.
-But Sim Hye-sung
-[Hye-ri] Hmm, yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah?
-He must've found the cigarettes.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah. Maybe.
-Maybe he hid them.
So when the chairman
asked where they were,
-Sim Hye-sung already knew.
-Yeah, he told the chairman.
[John] Yeah, Sim knew where the safe was.
Exactly. By that point,
-he already knew everything.
He had already opened the safe
with whatever he had found.
Hey, guys, just so you're all aware,
my watch says we only have two hours left.
[all gasp]
We don't have much time.
[Eun-ji] Cigarettes
[drawers sliding open]
This needs a key too.
[John] Was that always there?
-[John] I found something.
-[Eun-ji] Yeah?
Over here in this room.
-This is Sim Hye-sung's room.
-We know that.
-But look, there's a lock.
[John] See?
Strange, right?
None of the other cabinets
in here have locks.
When I went back and checked
Sim Hye-sung's quarters,
I noticed there was a suspicious cabinet.
So I looked for the key.
-Where could that key be?
-[Hye-ri] I wonder. Maybe
-[Eun-ji] Sim Hye-sung?
-[Hye-ri] Maybe in his pants?
Yeah, okay, let's have a look.
[groans in disgust]
What would I do if I were him?
This is really suspicious, right?
[Yong-jin] Oh, yeah. It needs a key.
[upbeat music playing]
-[Yong-jin] Hey, I found it.
-[Hye-ri] Where?
-[Eun-ji] Really?
-Wow, bingo!
[all exclaiming]
-Where was it, Yong-jin?
-It was here in the corner,
-covered in blood. Here.
-[Eun-ji] No way. Unbelievable.
-Let's go.
-[Karina] No way.
[Eun-ji] Thank goodness.
-Whoa, you're on fire today.
-Yeah, you're killing it.
-[Yong-jin] Let's go.
-[Do-hoon] Smoking hot.
When I picked up the key,
it was on a lanyard. Know what I mean?
This monster eats heads, right?
When it ate the head, the guy fell over
and the lanyard came off
and then slid into the corner.
-Really, really amazing.
-You know, this is just
-Wow. Seriously challenging.
-This is so challenging.
-[all exclaiming]
-[Karina] How are you so good?
Seriously, Yong-jin, you're on fire.
-[Eun-ji] What an achievement.
-[Hye-ri] Phenomenal.
[Eun-ji] So amazing, Oppa.
[Yong-jin] It's exciting.
[Eun-ji] Open it.
[Yong-jin] Cigarettes.
-Great. Here.
-[Karina] Finally.
-[Do-hoon] What's that?
-[Karina] Nice.
-[Eun-ji] You found it.
-[Do-hoon] Oh! A photo.
[Karina] Oh, my heart.
[Yong-jin] If anybody smokes,
light up now.
-That's it?
-Only cigarettes? Hey!
[Do-hoon] What's in the picture?
-[Hye-ri] Is the contract in the safe?
-[Yong-jin] Let's see.
Yeah, looks like he took
a photo of it, right?
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah.
-[Do-hoon] We should check the cigarettes.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-[Eun-ji] Oh.
-[John] There's a card.
-[Yong-jin] Nice.
-[Do-hoon] Okay.
-[Hye-ri] If we swipe that card
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
-Let's go. Great.
-[Do-hoon] Now we're talking.
-I bet we'll find the contract.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
[Eun-ji] The contract and the server
cabinet key are in the photo.
-[John] Good job.
-Ah, that's where it was hiding.
-All right.
-[Do-hoon] Should I?
-[scanner beeps]
[Do-hoon] Jesus.
[men chuckle]
-I thought something was falling.
-[Yong-jin] The safe must be here.
-[Eun-ji] Way to go, Do-hoon.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, what? What's that?
-That might be the contract.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, of course.
-[Eun-ji] Careful.
-[Karina] There it is.
-[Yong-jin] Okay.
-There's more.
-[Eun-ji] The server cabinet key.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, and a key?
-[John] Server cabinet.
-[Karina] The cabinet. On the bridge.
[Eun-ji] Open the envelope.
Look, the contract.
"Living Weapon Project Contract."
"Jang Man-gyeong
will maintain the confidentiality
of Star & Stone's research findings,
as well as any
key business assets discovered
during the Star & Stone
Living Weapon Development Project."
"Compliance with all project terms
is mandatory,
including the utilization
of all intellectual properties
and human resources for
the Living Weapon Development Project."
"The undersigned acknowledges
that Star & Stone has provided funding
and the deep-sea exploration
submarine Midas."
"Confidential information
or intellectual property
obtained during this research
may not be divulged
to any third party or internally
without authorization
from Star & Stone."
"In the event that the Star & Stone
Living Weapon Project is successful,
-contractor will receive"
-It's dollars.
-"Ten thousand Eleven thousand Ten"
-[Eun-ji] Ten million.
No, wait. "Ten million US dollars."
-[Yong-jin] Ten million US?
-Like twelve billion won.
[Yong-jin] Wow.
-So he was being pressured too.
Yeah, but come on.
-He shouldn't have signed.
-He shouldn't have done that.
[Yong-jin] He was
a despicable human being.
Apparently, 12 billion was enough for him
to ignore the deaths of his colleagues.
He clearly lost his mind, you know?
[Karina] What's this?
-[Yong-jin] A cipher.
-[Karina] You think so?
[Do-hoon] Oh, it's tracing paper.
-It's transparent, see?
-[John] Another code.
[Eun-ji] Ah, like a cryptogram.
So now, we have everything including that.
-Let's go back down.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, yeah.
Let's go.
[John] What made you
look there? Damn, bro.
-[Eun-ji] Let's head back down.
-[Yong-jin] Well, I Yeah.
It just seemed like this was
the only place it could be, so I looked,
and there it was.
-[Hye-ri] All good?
-[Karina] Yup.
-[Hye-ri] Careful coming down.
-[Karina] Should I put that in the bag?
[Do-hoon] Huh? No, it's fine.
-[Karina] You go ahead, Hye-ri.
-[Hye-ri] Okay.
[Karina] Lady first.
[Hye-ri] Lady.
[monster grunting]
[heavy footsteps]
[Hye-ri] Oh, I just remembered Eun-ji
-getting blasted with water.
-[Karina] Oh, yeah, the water bomb.
[loud thud]
[vent clanks open]
-Should we try out the key first?
-For the server cabinet?
-Let's do it.
-Let's go, let's go.
[Eun-ji] At least the monster
doesn't seem to be around.
Hey, it could show up anytime.
You never know.
Well, at least we locked the vent, right?
[loud thud]
-[Yong-jin] Jesus!
-[Hye-ri] Close it, close it.
-[Karina] Close it. Emergency bulkhead!
-[Yong-jin] Behold!
-[Karina] Emergency bulkhead!
-[Yong-jin] Quickly!
-[John] Close the bridge!
-[Karina] Behold!
-[Eun-ji] Behold!
-Close the door.
-What's the term? What was it?
-[John] Behold, close the bridge.
-Behold! Behold!
-One person speak.
-The bridge wall.
-[John] Close the bridge wall.
-[Eun-ji] Emergency
-Emergency bulkhead! Emergency bulkhead!
-[Do-hoon] Behold, close the bridge!
-Emergency bulkhead.
-Close the emergency bulkhead.
-[Eun-ji] Bulkhead! Bulkhead!
-[Yong-jin] Hurry! Hurry!
[panicked yell]
[monster roars, shrieks]
We had just arrived at the bridge,
when down at the end of the hall,
we saw the monster,
no idea where it came from.
We were asking her to close the door,
but everyone was shouting.
-[Do-hoon] Close the door.
-[Hye-ri] What's the term? What was it?
[Do-hoon] Behold, close the bridge.
-Bulwark. Bulkhead.
-One person speak.
All at once, it sounded like gibberish.
"Blockhead! Close the blockhead!"
I couldn't think.
"Behold, close the bridge
emergency bulkhead."
We had practiced it a dozen times already.
-[John] Close the bridge!
-[Eun-ji] Behold!
-Close the door.
-What's the term? What was it?
Behold, close the bridge.
-Bulwark. Bulkhead.
-One person speak.
I just couldn't remember
what what to say.
[loud thumping on door]
-Oh, man, my mind just went blank.
-I was freaking out. What was the phrase?
-"Emergency bulkhead."
-Oh, right.
-My heart hurts.
-[John] Let's do it.
-[Karina] Should we open it?
[Eun-ji] Where's the server cabinet?
The key. Oh, Rina!
-Oh! The hard drives.
-[Eun-ji] Don't we need them?
-[Karina] We have to take these.
-[Yong-jin] We need them, yeah.
-[Do-hoon] Gotta grab those.
-Put them in my bag.
-[Eun-ji] That bag must be heavy, Rina.
-Take it off.
-[all gasp in surprise]
-How are we gonna get out of here?
-[Hye-ri] Could we
-Maybe up there? Come on.
-[Do-hoon] Here.
-[Do-hoon] Here.
-[Eun-ji] Give them to me.
-[Yong-jin] Be careful.
-[Do-hoon] Grab more.
No, we can't.
We can't go out through here.
There's no way to fit through here.
[alarm wailing]
Oh, my gosh.
[Yong-jin] Danger siren.
Oh, that's right. Then we
-We have to do the water thing.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
-Oh, I'm shaking.
-Hold on. There's too much water.
-[Hye-ri] Oh, that's not good.
-The valves.
[Behold] Warning, submarine tilt detected.
-Hold on.
-Oh, my god.
-[Behold] For the safety of all crew
-[Do-hoon] We need more air.
-Balancing has to be done together.
-Just water, just water for now.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, water.
I'll try turning it
counterclockwise. Hang on.
-Try turning it clockwise.
-[Eun-ji] Hold onto this.
Come over here and hold on to this.
-[Karina] That's what these are for.
-[John] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[Eun-ji] Hang on. Over here, over here.
[Hye-ri] I'm dizzy.
[Eun-ji] Watch out, careful.
-[Hye-ri] Whoa.
-Yong-jin, turn it clockwise.
You need water on your side.
-Your side has to be filled up.
-[Yong-jin] Okay, okay.
-The opposite way. Bro, the other way.
-[Yong-jin] Okay, right.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, this way.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, I see. Okay. Okay, okay.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah.
Rina, just put down the bag.
You'll get hurt.
[tense music playing]
-Eun-ji, watch out, watch out. Be careful.
-[Yong-jin] Careful, careful.
-Eun-ji, come here, over here.
-Eun-ji, careful. Come to me. Come here.
-Come here. Eun-ji, here.
-Oh, my god.
-[Eun-ji] I'm all right. I'm okay.
-[Hye-ri] Okay.
-Oh, god.
-Ugh, oh, my god!
-Whoa, I'm really dizzy.
-[Yong-jin] Don't we have to turn
the water off on that side?
-Turn it off?
-Do it.
[Yong-jin] Yeah, you turn it off,
I turn it on.
I was. Yong-jin, I was turning
the water valve counterclockwise.
-[Karina] Are you okay?
-[Eun-ji] You all right?
I'm okay. John, come over here too.
Come over here.
[Eun-ji] Oh, no! Oh, my god.
-[Karina] What are we gonna do?
-[Eun-ji] Oh, my god!
[Hye-ri] Hold on.
[all screaming]
-Oh, man.
-Hang on.
Oh, the water.
No, the air.
My tank's been drained, so drain yours.
-[Do-hoon] I'm draining my tank.
-[Yong-jin] Great.
-[Hye-ri] Yeah, drain it.
-[Do-hoon] I'm still draining it.
[Yong-jin] Air next, air next.
-Fill the air?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah.
Fill the water
while you fill the air. I'll empty.
-[Eun-ji] Ah!
-[Hye-ri] Oh, my god.
-[Eun-ji] You all right?
-[Do-hoon] Watch out, hang on.
-[Yong-jin] Oh, god.
-[Karina] You okay?
[Do-hoon] We're turned on our side.
It was total chaos. Things were
just falling out of the cabinets.
Puffed rice, blankets, neck pillows,
everything was flying through the air.
"Are we gonna die?"
Look at the water levels.
[monster thumping, roars]
[all screaming]
Whoa, it's locked, right?
-Yeah, let's hope so.
-It's locked, don't worry.
[Behold] Due to a system malfunction,
automatic adjustment
of the ballast tanks is not possible.
[Behold] Ballast tanks
are being switched to manual mode.
-Please adjust the port and starboard
-Oh, now we can do it.
-ballast tanks manually.
-We're supposed to do it now.
-We had to wait.
-Yeah, now.
-[Do-hoon] Okay.
-Water needs to be here.
-[Do-hoon] Right.
-It has to be balanced. Water and air.
-Right. Yup.
-[Hye-ri] So air on this side?
-Yeah, and water has to be filled here.
-Yeah, exactly. Mm-hmm.
-[Do-hoon] Yup, let the air out.
And this side?
-I think it's the opposite.
-Drain the water and fill up the air.
-[Yong-jin] Mm-hm, that's right.
-Drain water, fill air?
-Hye-ri, fill up the air.
And on this side, keep adding more water.
Is it working?
-Yeah, it's working.
-It's working, it's working.
-Yeah? It is?
Or is it? Am I seeing things?
[Behold] Submarine balance
is being restored.
There we go. Yeah.
[Behold] Please wait
until stabilization is complete.
Normal operation will resume shortly.
Hold tight, hold tight. Watch out.
-[Hye-ri] Hang on, hang on. Watch out.
-Rina, go over there.
-[John] You need to go over to that wall.
-[Do-hoon] Go over there. Go to that side.
-[Karina] Where? That side?
-[John] Yeah, yeah.
-[John] Lean against the floor, yeah.
-[Hye-ri] Oppa, over here.
-[John] Yeah. Like that.
-[Hye-ri] Rina, come here.
-Put, uh, put your feet here.
-[Karina] Yeah?
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, lean on that.
-Oh, man, this is just awful.
-Wow, this is insane.
Look at the calendar.
[all gasp]
-[Do-hoon] Unbelievable.
-[John] This is crazy.
-Who would've thought?
-[John] I never imagined this.
-[Hye-ri] I know.
-[Karina] Seriously.
Luckily we'd already been
on the bridge and found those valves
for adjusting the water
and air levels in the tanks.
Right then, Do-hoon took charge
of the whole situation.
[Yong-jin] He told us all what to do,
like, "Drain the water, fill the air,"
while he watched the display panel.
[Do-hoon] Hold on.
The monster's outside the door now.
-[John] It's okay.
-[Do-hoon] That's his shadow, right?
-It's okay, the door's closed.
-[loud thumping]
-Oh, god.
-[monster growls]
-[Karina] Okay, I'm feeling better.
-[Do-hoon] I know.
-We have one hour left.
-[Karina] Just give me a sec.
[Eun-ji] Only one hour?
[Do-hoon] And the chamber is ready.
We have to board in an hour.
-[Yong-jin] Is everything packed up?
-[Eun-ji] So the chamber's open now?
-Submarine stabilization is now complete.
-All emergency bulkheads
-I can't think straight.
-may now be unsealed.
-What? No, they can't.
[Behold] Would you like to open
the emergency bulkheads?
[all] No!
-Behold, no!
[monster roars, thumping]
So okay, we've completed
all the mission objectives, right?
We need to either use oxygen
or the UV lamp against it.
[Behold] Chairman Jang Man-gyeong,
a new email awaits you in your inbox.
Behold, open it.
[Behold] According
to the sender's request,
this email is password-protected.
-[Eun-ji] Oh, so that's what this is for.
-[Behold] Please state the security code
to open the email.
-We need to figure out the security code.
-Another code?
There was a row of symbols on the screen.
They had to be connected
with the cryptogram
we found in the chairman's office.
There had to be a link.
Should we put it up? On the screen?
-Over it?
[Yong-jin] Find them.
The matching symbols.
[Eun-ji] On the cryptogram.
[Do-hoon] What could this be?
-[John] I don't think that's it.
-[Eun-ji] No?
-[Hye-ri] Why don't we
-[Karina] Should we try to find
-this symbol first?
-So if the symbols
Mm-hmm. Okay.
[John] The second one is the strangest.
There's nothing like that in the puzzle.
There's this one here though.
-Yeah. And there's one up here too.
-Maybe there are four of these.
-Here's another one.
-Yeah, that's true.
Let's look at the others.
The fifth symbol is really strange too.
[John] For the fifth one, these triangles
could be part of it, right?
The triangle sides of the symbol
point left, right, and up.
And the bottom part looks like
this shape right here. See?
Oh, that's right.
-That should work, then.
-[Karina] Yeah.
Three triangles and this shape.
[John] Then, the fourth symbol right here
[Eun-ji] Uh-huh.
it could be a combination
of all these shapes.
The semi The semicircles.
[Eun-ji] Gosh, you're all so clever.
Should we look for this one too?
-[Do-hoon] Oh, the asterisk?
-Man, this puzzle has so many shapes.
-It could be made up of Vs.
-[John] Or maybe plus signs.
[Eun-ji] Don't we just need to find
all the straight lines? Isn't that right?
Yeah, but the asterisk could also
-be made up of Vs, like Rina said.
-Based on the length of the lines, yeah.
-Vs? Okay. Then mark them with triangles.
-Good idea.
-V, V, V, V?
-[Eun-ji] Mark them down.
Okay. This one and that one.
-Right? That's all of them.
-Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah.
This can't be right. Something's
-Something's off.
-[Karina] Yeah.
-If I draw like this,
-there's nothing like
-There must be some sort of pattern.
The letters in between the shapes.
-They don't spell anything, do they?
-[Eun-ji] Right. Maybe
-Or form a pattern?
-[Eun-ji] Maybe something like this.
I really wanna solve this.
Plus sign. Plus, plus, plus, plus.
The first symbol could be
made up of plus signs.
-So if we assume the first symbol is
-Yeah. Made of four plus signs.
-That's awesome. I didn't even see that.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, plus, plus, plus.
Is there another plus?
I kept staring at it
and I noticed the plus signs.
I figured out that combining
four plus signs created the first symbol.
-So what makes the second symbol?
-[Do-hoon] Hmm
-[John] The one contains a lot of U shape.
-[Karina] Yeah.
Okay, we need these shapes here.
[Eun-ji] Mark them with hearts, Oppa.
[John] We've got them all, right?
[Do-hoon] Yeah.
But how does this make any sense?
What's the connection? Look.
These connect to make a T.
Hang on.
Where this line
and this line meet, there's a W.
-That's it.
[Do-hoon] We pick
the letter at the intersection?
-Yeah, like this one.
-That's R.
The third is R.
Next, the fourth one
is like this and this?
Hey, this is working.
-I think so.
-Next, "Worl"
-Got it. "World". I see it. "World".
-[Yong-jin] W-O-R-L-D?
-Let's see if this works. Let's see.
-[Karina] Amazing.
-I'm getting goosebumps.
-Last one
-[Karina] That's it, right?
-[John] This one.
-Last one.
-So it's this one and
-[Yong-jin] Yup, it's "world".
[Karina] Crazy.
-No way. I can't believe it.
-You are a genius, wow.
-No, no.
-I'm impressed.
-Wow, this is so amazing.
Go for it. Call her, Behold. Hey!
-[Behold] Yes?
-[Do-hoon] I cracked the code.
-[Yong-jin] Good.
-Thank you, I am now opening the email
that arrived
for Chairman Jang Man-gyeong.
-[Eun-ji] Do-hoon. Do-hoon.
-[Yong-jin] Do-hoon. My man!
-[Hye-ri] You're amazing.
-That was good. Amazing!
-No, no. It was all John's idea.
-Do-hoon, you're incredible.
-[Hye-ri] You're on fire!
-[Yong-jin] Impressive!
-Come on.
-Good job.
-[Yong-jin] Let's read it.
-[Karina] Okay.
[Eun-ji] What's it say?
[Karina] "December 12th, 2023, 9:00 p.m."
"Hello, we at Star & Stone
would like to inform you
that the Living Weapon Project
is hereby terminated."
"Within ten minutes of opening this email,
all documents and results
related to the project will be destroyed
per the Living Weapon Project Contract."
-What do they mean, "destroyed"?
[Eun-ji] Behold, scroll down.
-December 9th. That's right.
-[Yong-jin] 2023.
Three days earlier.
-December 9th.
-When was the last email?
The 12th.
So the emails were all
in reverse chronological order.
"Urgent! This is a message
from the Midas informing you
of an emergency situation
on board the submarine."
"Not long ago, UML-02, Ahn Joo-hyoung,
-while in the process of mutating"
-"attacked and murdered"
-"02"? I thought it was 01.
"murdered Lead Researcher
Ji Young-koo and fled the lab."
[Yong-jin] Ah!
"He is now believed to be hiding
somewhere aboard the Midas,
putting the crew in a highly dangerous
situation with no guarantee of safety.
We request immediate project suspension
and rescue for the Midas crew."
[Eun-ji] Behold, scroll down.
-The 8th.
-"December 8th, 2023.
The content of the email
has been reported,
and the executive decision is as follows.
First, Ahn Joo-hyoung who has merged
with UML-01 will now be known as" Ah!
"will now be known as UML-02."
The thing I mean the thing
they were researching.
-[Karina] It was 01.
-It was called 01, but now
-Yeah, the merged creature became 02.
-Makes sense.
"Second, the return of the Midas
will not be permitted."
They weren't allowed to come back.
"We request that you track
and observe the merged UML-02."
Behold, scroll down.
"And conduct all feasible experiments
aboard the sub."
-Not cool.
[Hye-ri] "December 8th, 2023."
-The plot thickens.
-"This is a message from the Midas."
-2:00 p.m.
"Ahn Joo-hyoung, who fell
into a coma, is undergoing a mutation."
"External symptoms, the skin
is gradually turning black
and an unidentified fluid
is being secreted."
"Additionally, discrepancies
with the results obtained
during its larval stage are noted here."
[Eun-ji] Behold, scroll down.
"First, UML-01's reaction to UV light."
-UV rays.
"UML has developed resistance
to UV light."
The body of the merged UML-02
is no longer responsive to stimulation."
[Hye-ri] Ah.
"Second, UML-01's reaction to CO2."
"Previously, increased activity
with rising carbon dioxide levels
was observed,
but the mutation process has resulted
in UML becoming incapacitated
as levels rise."
The monster's vulnerabilities
are different from what we first noted.
Initially, we had learned
that it was vulnerable to the UV lamp.
But since its mutation,
it became UV resistant.
And it's now vulnerable to carbon dioxide.
So that was when I realized,
"Oh, we need carbon dioxide
if we want to overcome this creature."
-That's right. It's all about the CO2.
-[monster thumping]
They said if the CO2 level is high,
the organism's activity increases.
But now, they're saying
the opposite is true.
-[Karina] It's in a human body.
-It's mutated.
-So we need CO2, then?
-The organism merged with a human,
so now its body is more like a human's.
-Hang on.
-What is it?
[Eun-ji] What, Yong-jin?
-[Do-hoon] Good idea.
-[Eun-ji] The fire extinguisher?
Hey, look.
It has CO2.
-[Eun-ji] Carbon dioxide?
-[Yong-jin] So we should spray this.
All day, I had focused my attention
on the surroundings.
Things. That's where all my attention
was the whole time.
I pulled out the fire extinguisher and
there were the words, "carbon dioxide".
-[Yong-jin] Hey.
-[alarm wailing]
[Behold] Torpedo alert.
-Hey, we gotta run and spray this.
-Oh, come on.
-[John] Let's just go.
-[Behold] Torpedo alert.
Hey, hey, hey, we gotta spray this.
-Incoming torpedo has been detected.
-Go, get the things.
-[Yong-jin] Yeah, get all the stuff.
-Pack up.
[Behold] Torpedo collision is expected
in T-minus five minutes.
-Eun-ji, here, let me help.
-It's really heavy though.
-Are we We ready?
-Give it a spray.
-[Do-hoon] Okay, all right.
Test it. Give it a test spray.
-Rina, you try it.
-[Yong-jin] Okay. Yeah, do it.
-[Do-hoon] I pulled out the pin.
-[Eun-ji] Do you know how to use it?
[Yong-jin] Open, then spray.
-[Do-hoon] Hey, test it that way.
-[John] Point it this way.
-[Eun-ji] Okay, we're good.
-[Hye-ri] What's the door called again?
-[Karina] Okay.
-Just press hard.
Behold, open the bridge.
-[Karina] Oh, my god!
-[John] Wait, hang on.
-Relax. Relax.
-[Behold] I didn't quite catch that.
-Just a sec. Sorry.
-Okay, are we all ready now?
-My hands are shaking.
-Spray it.
-Spray it.
-And when it's incapacitated
-We go.
-We run.
-[John] We all leave calmly. Calmly.
-Yeah. Spray it as we walk calmly.
-Not yet. Not yet.
Open, spray,
and when it's incapacitated, we go.
Right, okay. Bulkhead.
[Behold] Torpedo collision
in T-minus four minutes.
-Hey, let's go!
-[Hye-ri] Let's go!
-Behold, open the
-[Behold] Yes?
-bridge emergency bulkhead!
-Bulkhead, please!
-[Do-hoon] Bulkhead!
-[Hye-ri] Bulkhead, please!
[door buzzes]
[Eun-ji] Go, go, go. It's opening.
[Yong-jin] Spray, spray.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
[Do-hoon] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
-Go, over there.
-[Hye-ri] Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go.
Okay, perfect!
-[Yong-jin] Perfect. There.
-[Eun-ji] You're doing great.
-[Do-hoon] Yeah, keep spraying.
-[Yong-jin] Spray, spray.
-[Eun-ji] Watch out, it's slippery.
-[Yong-jin] Open that up. Open it.
-[Eun-ji] Watch your step, guys.
-[Yong-jin] Come on. Hurry.
-Let's go, come on. Let's go.
-[Hye-ri] Hurry, hurry!
[Yong-jin] Come on, hurry.
Hurry, let's go, let's go.
[Eun-ji] Close the door.
Good, good. Yes, yes.
-[Yong-jin] Careful, careful.
-[John] Let's go, let's go.
-[all sigh]
-[John] We're good.
-[Karina] That was too much.
-[Yong-jin] Was I right or was I right?
[John] Oh, my god.
[loud explosion]
[closing theme music playing]
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