Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s04e17 Episode Script

Identity and Change

1 Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" Daisy: It seems Radcliffe is keeping our team alive in this Framework.
So we have to hook up with our people and find out where on Earth their bodies are being held.
And rescue them.
- Lincoln.
- [ Gasps ] Ward.
Don't forget this.
You were the Director of S.
And now you're trapped in a virtual prison, and I am here to wake you up.
Put that away before we both get arrested.
Yes, I'd like to report a subversive.
A woman with a S.
Really? I want any and all assets in the area on this.
Hydra is after you.
We have to get somewhere safe.
Is she your source in the Resistance? Ward, I have nothing to do with the Resistance! Well, I do.
Fitz: Good evening, Madame.
These subversives Apparently, they've got a mole inside Hydra.
Coulson remember me.
You're the closest thing I have to family.
Daisy? So, we're both from the "real world," we're S.
agents, our bodies are being held captive, and this is all a virtual prison, built to keep us sedated.
Am I missing anything? No, that's about the gist of it.
[ Chuckles ] I knew I wasn't crazy.
Hydra lies about everything.
The news? It's all fake.
Take the Cambridge Incident.
It was a setup.
That girl shouldn't have been at that school in the first place.
Where we're from, she died.
This never happened.
[ Chuckles ] [ Door opens ] Hey, Mr.
Coulson, my homework was done, I swear, but then my dad made me Amy, we've been over this.
Until first bell, this is my time.
It's okay.
Hydra used Cambridge to take control, in the name of law and order to justify everything.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.
[ Sighs ] I knew if anyone would understand, it'd be you.
I would've figured it out a long time ago if it wasn't for the mind-control soap.
What? That blue soap everyone uses? Hydra loads it up with chemicals.
It seeps into our bloodstream.
Implants false memories into our brains.
They want us to believe this is a magical place.
But don't worry, I'm clear.
I make my own soap now.
No, I think that you're talking about Project TAHITI.
They messed with your head a little bit [ Cellphone rings ] which is why you probably remember some things, uh Why don't we put the soap theories on hold just for one second, okay? - Yeah? - We got a problem.
[ Sighing ] Oh, you have no idea.
Something big's going down over here.
They're sending a unit to pick up your teacher friend.
You're gonna need a substitute.
Come on.
Don't quit on me.
Not now.
Not now.
[ Whirring ] [ Sighs ] How did you beat me? Girl: The human brain peaks as early as age 24.
Face it you're slowing down, Dad.
Oh, is that right? [ Chuckles ] Well, tell me, show-off, what'd you use for an electronic speed control? Well, I sort of found something by school, in the park.
A Hydra drone? Maybe I borrowed a part or two.
Hope, you know better.
We don't mess around with those guys.
It was all crashed and messed up.
I made sure no one was looking No, no, we stay off Hydra's radar, we keep our heads down, and follow their rules, always.
- Always! - I know.
I'm really, really sorry, Daddy.
[ Sighs ] It's okay.
It's okay.
Come here.
[ Sighs ] Just want you to be more careful, all right? [ Sighs ] I tell you what.
I'll take the drone parts back later, and then you and I can try to get mine working together.
But you got to promise to go easy on your old man.
- No promises.
- No promises? No? No? [ Giggling ] Get out of here.
Go on.
Go get your bag.
We'll be late for the bus.
All right, Sparkplug 10 o'clock.
Easy Harley-Davidson.
- Engine? - Twin cam, 88.
Ooh! That's my girl.
[ Chuckles ] [ Siren wails ] Keep your head down.
Do what they say.
I'm right here with you.
[ Tires screech ] [ Guns cock ] Move it, move it! Line up! IDs out! You know the drill.
Let's get them out now! Got to be contraband.
They busted my neighbor for a laptop last night.
- The drone it's in my bag.
- What? I was gonna take it back myself so you wouldn't get in trouble.
I'll handle this.
- We've got a runner.
- Freeze.
Man: Get him! Hands behind your back! He's on the list potential Inhuman.
Take him away.
[ Siren wails ] It's okay.
[ Sighs ] It's okay.
Oh, hi.
It's me again Phil Coulson.
I called Hydra on you.
My bad.
Water under the proverbial bridge.
I'm so glad to see you, sir.
Apparently, in the real world, I have a robot hand.
[ Chuckles ] Pretty cool, right? And here, he makes his own soap.
- How about that.
- Coulson: I do.
- You should, too.
- Daisy: Okay.
We need to move.
Hydra came back for Coulson.
Ward warned us away, but we barely made it out.
[ Sarcastically ] Oh, thank goodness for Grant Ward.
I don't love it, either, but this is the second time he's helped us.
And so I hate to say this, but I think we can trust him.
Until we can't.
Betraying those closest to him is his signature move.
For now, we just need to get somewhere safe.
Ward set up a time and place for us to meet the Resistance.
It's a whole password-exchange thing.
Bona fides? [ Chuckles ] I always wanted to do that.
Or, I've been thinking What if I reached out to Fitz? Simmons, we've b we've been over this.
If you were able to get through to Coulson, then surely I could get Fitz to remember me.
Fitz is not the same.
He's different here.
This reality may be upside down, but Fitz is still Fitz.
He's still a good person.
Who happens to be second in command at Hydra.
Yeah, which means he has resources, not to mention Framework expertise, which we'll need to get out of Radcliffe's Hydra snow globe.
Holden Radcliffe, the scientist? I I-I saw something a while back, and I cut it out.
I Here it is.
"Famed Hydra scientist working on Inhuman cure.
" Something felt off about him.
Do you know him? Do we know him? - Why would Radcliffe be in here? - I don't know.
But think about it.
- He built the Framework, which means - He can help us get out.
Coulson: Yeah, one catch.
Nobody's seen him since this photo was taken.
You guys meet up with Ward's contact.
I'll go back to the Triskelion and get a location on Radcliffe.
Daisy, it's too dangerous.
I'll be fine.
I'll be in and out.
No one will even know I'm there.
Man: It's only a matter of time before we find her.
We've detained several Inhuman sympath Dismissed, Agent.
All this for one subversive? Why won't you let me help you? I need you focused on your work right now.
Project Looking Glass is ahead of schedule.
Tell me what's really going on.
It's fine.
I'm handling it.
Ophelia, I know that look.
You're worried.
Who is she? No one.
She doesn't matter.
She's plotting against me.
I need to find her and expose anyone who's helping her.
I'll send my team.
Consider the threat eliminated.
You'd really do anything for me, wouldn't you? I'd cross the universe for you.
[ Chatter ] What the hell are you doing? I got a lead on someone who could take down this whole place.
[ Computer beeping ] It's not safe here.
I think they're on to me.
This will go a lot faster if you would quit mouth-breathing on me.
[ Computer beeping ] Madame Hydra's restricted files? You have lost your mind.
The soap made me do it.
Let's go.
May: Hold it! Skye, you need to come with us.
I'll take May, you take the others.
When we get to the door Get this to Simmons.
She'll know what to do.
- Skye - I'll be fine.
[ Drone whirring ] According to Ward's intel, the drone should leave in five seconds.
Coulson: This Ward guy where we're from, he's a friend of ours? Uh he was.
Didn't end well.
I take it you're our contact? For the season, it's been unusually rainy.
Rain or shine, the man with the umbrella is always ready.
What? Did I say it wrong? Hands out front.
Wrists together.
- Honestly, is this really necessary? - Oh, cool! I'm Jeffrey Mace.
Welcome to S.
Sorry about the hoods, but trust is a luxury these days.
That being said, Ward vouched for you, so I'm happy to provide you sanctuary.
Thank you, sir.
My name is Jemma Simmons, and this is Phil Coulson.
I can't believe it's really you.
The Patriot! The Inhuman leader of the Resistance.
He's kind of a big deal! Uh, Jeffrey's fine.
The Patriot's a little much for my taste.
Man, I dreamed about what your suit would look like.
I made a few sketches, but this is actually way cooler.
This place what happened here? For about 70 years after World War II, nothing.
No one even knew it was here.
But then, a couple years back, a brave agent named Billy Koenig gave his life getting me the location.
It's taken all that time just to get it operational again.
Got to say, the whole Rebel Alliance aesthetic's really working for me.
I'll take that as a compliment.
I think? This way, please.
The early days were tough.
A lot of good agents died for this.
[ Door opens ] Agent Burrows.
Sir, it's bad out there.
And, uh we lost Agent Cook.
I'm sorry.
We honor him by continuing the fight.
- Who are these people? - Potentials.
Some of them have the Inhuman gene or they had a relative who did.
Hydra's hunting them.
It's all we can do to find them first, give them shelter, and relocate them somewhere safe.
[ Door opens ] Well, look what the cat dragged in.
Ward: Been too long, sir.
What's happened? [ Sighs ] They got Skye.
Is this gonna take long? We have a mission.
Madame Hydra's office requested you specifically.
Why me? The target was spotted via drone yesterday.
She's been reaching out to leaders of the Resistance and is planning a major attack.
[ Sighs ] Capture any subversives found on site, but do not underestimate this woman.
Lethal force is authorized, if necessary.
Did you know about this? And believe me, we will defeat these terrorists, and we will make our society great again.
- Hail Hydra.
- Hail Hydra.
Hope: He was Inhuman, that man they took? Does that mean he's bad? I don't know, Sparkplug.
Do we hate Inhumans? No.
They're people, just like you and me.
But if they didn't do anything wrong, why are they all being arrested? Look, you're smarter than most kids your age, and you pick up on things pretty quickly.
But I don't want you worrying about this stuff, okay? What would've happened if they'd looked in my bag? Then I would've taken care of it, 'cause that's my job.
Tell you what how about if we make some popcorn and watch a video? "Chopping Mall"? - Again with that silly robot movie? - Don't pretend you don't love it.
Okay, okay.
But I'm still fast-forwarding through the bad parts.
I don't know.
It all happened so fast.
From everything you've told me, Skye's tough as hell.
She can handle herself in there.
Before they took her, did she get a location on Radcliffe? You know, Skye hasn't been herself ever since you showed up.
What is it that you're really after? You, of all people, the Hydra double agent, are doubting my loyalty.
- [ Chuckles ] That is rich.
- Mace: But don't forget, you're only here because I trust him, not you.
You want to question me? When Hydra wiped out the Academy and people were dying, I was there.
I fought and took a bullet.
I had to claw my way out of a mass grave.
How's that for loyalty to S.
? I apologize.
Ogygia? These coordinates they're east of Bermuda.
There shouldn't be anything out there.
Who is this Radcliffe? He's a scientist.
Skye said he could take down Hydra.
What does that mean? I can't be sure, but we need to find him as quickly as possible.
I'm sorry.
With all that's going on, I can't send a team today.
Then send us.
[ Scoffs ] With all due respect, this is a spy organization and you're a teacher.
Seems you need all the help you can get.
Skye did risk everything for this.
They may have a point, sir.
I can pilot and supervise.
All this because of one subversive? Seems a little extreme.
May: Be quiet.
Do your job.
[ Gun cocks ] [ Woman screaming ] No! No! No! Daddy! Leave him alone! - Daddy! - Let her go! Daddy, help me! Daddy, help me! Daddy! Daddy! She's just a kid! Let her go! No! The hangar was in total disrepair when we first found it.
We've had to steal what vehicles we could.
Someday, this could really be special.
Imagine a fleet of Quinjets launching from here.
Imagine that.
Ward: Sir.
- Good luck out there.
- Simmons: Thank you.
Why didn't you tell them this reality's fake? - Keep your voice down.
- You lied to them.
It wasn't a lie.
It was an omission.
Not everyone is ready for that truth.
- Oh, but I am? - Yes.
So far, you're the only one who remembers the way things should be.
- It's only fragments.
- Fragments have got you this far.
We liberated this guy last year.
This is a Quinjet? Yeah.
And that fleet Mace described? You commanded it.
Except yours were loads nicer, and you wouldn't believe Zephyr One.
[ Gangway motor whirring ] Mack: This has to be a mistake.
We didn't do anything.
We We shouldn't be here.
You're in a lot of trouble.
But we're innocent.
We keep our heads down, we obey the rules People who haven't done anything don't end up here.
We don't want to cause any trouble.
And Hope she's just a kid.
That doesn't mean she's innocent.
Please I'll do anything.
So, this Radcliffe is he dangerous? Maybe not physically.
But sometimes the greatest threats are the ones right in front of you.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me? I should've never left Skye.
I'm sure she'll be okay.
Which I keep telling myself, but if anything happens I'd never forgive myself.
I'd die for her.
Why don't I give you a minute? Everything all right? It's been years since I've even been on a plane.
It's perfectly normal to be nervous.
[ Sighs ] For the longest time, I just wanted someone to believe me and tell me I wasn't crazy.
You are not crazy.
I live alone and make my own soap.
I Uh It's quaint.
Hipster, even.
That's not how my ex-wife saw it.
Who am I kidding? I'm not remotely qualified to be here.
I know the real Coulson, and I believe in you, even if you don't just now.
You're exactly where you're meant to be.
Ward: 30 minutes out.
[ Footsteps approach ] Leopold? What's wrong? Turns out your new subversive was executed at the Academy.
But I suppose you knew that already, didn't you? - I can explain.
- So, she's an Inhuman, then? What else have you been keeping from me? This woman is not from here.
She crossed over from the other side.
- I thought that was impossible.
- As did I.
So this is why you've been so keen on finishing Project Looking Glass.
The people from that world want to destroy what we've built.
I was only trying to protect you.
You never talk about your time there.
[ Pounds desk ] Why? Tell me the truth.
You owe me that much.
Over there, the worst thing happened.
won the war.
Hydra lost.
I was their slave.
Treated as less than human.
When I escaped, I hoped they couldn't follow me, but Here they are.
If I can't return there and defeat my enemies, we'll never be safe.
Everything I do is so that you and I can be together.
[ Cellphone beeping ] We'll finish this later.
I'm Skye.
What's your name? Hope Mackenzie.
Hope - You're the Hope that he lost.
- He didn't lose me.
I was taken by you people.
My Dad follows the rules.
He's a good person.
[ Chuckles ] I'm sure he is.
Then let us go home.
I wish it was that simple.
It's not my call.
Dad warned me not to mess around with that drone, but I didn't listen.
- This is all my fault.
I - Hey, hey, it's okay.
Your dad's gonna be all right.
I promise.
Please help my dad.
Don't let anything happen to him please.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Door opens ] Get anything from the girl? She's scared.
What about her dad? I haven't broken him yet.
I was just with Hope.
She's safe.
That's one special girl.
[ Breathing shakily ] Thank you.
Listen, we need to talk.
Do you know who I am? You're Daisy Johnson.
We're both S.
[ Sighs ] Yes.
Oh, thank God.
We need to get you out of here, reconnect with Coulson and Simmons.
- Definitely.
- Yo-Yo is with us on the outside.
She's safe.
You have no idea how worried she is about you.
You don't know who she is.
Uh And me? Do you know me? I'm sorry.
That's what the other agent told me to say.
[ Grunting ] Lock down the elevators.
Find her! Simple extraction.
We grab him and go.
Keep your eyes open.
I'll do the talking.
What about me? What should I do? Just try to not to get yourself killed.
Consider it a precaution.
A "break glass in case of emergency.
" [ Birds chirping ] Drop it.
Hive? No.
It can't be.
Hello, again, traitor.
You shouldn't be here.
None of you.
That's close enough, pal.
Oh, but No, you're not Hive at all.
You're the one who came before.
- I never did meet him.
- This is not a social visit.
Oh, Jemma, if only you knew the trials and tribulations I've endured.
I am fresh out of sympathy for liars who kidnap my friends and replace them with killer androids.
Don't forget about implanting bogus memories and letting me think I'm off my gourd.
Not cool, bro.
Catch up later.
We need to move.
It's all become so very complicated.
I never meant to hurt anyone.
Right now, I don't give a damn about what you meant.
You're going to help us find our friends and escape.
My dear, I'm afraid there is no escape from this place.
[ Elevator bell dings ] Man: Sector 7 clear.
We'll be going on to the next floor.
Going down? [ Grunting ] [ Elevator bell dings ] There's no way out.
[ Guns cock ] - It's over.
- Man: Don't move.
[ Men grunting ] Radcliffe: This isn't the world I'd intended.
Things have gone dreadfully wrong.
Maybe not so much for you.
I promise you, this is a gilded cage.
One can only drink so many mai tais, watch so many sunsets Oh, stuff it.
You're in early retirement while the rest of your world tears itself apart.
I assure you, my intentions were pure.
The Framework was to be a paradise, a-a pleasant forever-after.
All right, story time is over.
You're coming with us.
- I'm afraid that's not possible.
- That wasn't a request.
Who is that? No one.
It's unimportant.
You guys watch him.
I'll go and get her.
No, you can't drag her into this! It'll only confuse her.
She doesn't remember the other world.
It's Agnes.
Agnes was dying.
In order to save her, I had to bring her consciousness into the Framework.
And her body? Deceased, I'm afraid.
We gave her a burial at sea.
It was very emotional.
The Framework is all Agnes has left.
Okay, what the hell is he talking about? To be honest, he lost me there, too.
As a matter of fact, she's not the only one in that particular boat.
Aida sort of killed me, as well.
What?! How did she go against her programming? She found a loophole.
I mean, it was really rather clever.
If I weren't dead already, I'd be impressed.
Ward: We're getting that woman, and we're going.
We can sort this out at H.
I never wanted any of this to happen.
- I only wanted to do good.
- Then actually do good.
Tell me where Aida is keeping our friends.
The Russian has a base under a drilling platform in the Baltic.
Go and save them, and leave us in peace.
How do we get out? Did you build an exit back to the real world? Of course I did, but I suspect Aida's discovered it by now.
You'll just have to go however you came in.
That's the problem.
Ours isn't working.
Yeah, but that means Oh, dear God.
Then she knows you're here.
Who?! Who?! Who is "she"? [ Jets approaching overhead ] Oh, my Go! Hide! Hide! All of you! Search the island.
Find them.
You two, with me.
Look at that plane.
What kind of monster flies around in something that size? Radcliffe: We had a deal.
You promised me if I stayed on the island, out of your way, you'd leave us alone.
Drop the indignation, doctor.
This island's no-fly zone was breached an hour ago.
We both know you're harboring subversives.
And I'll find them soon enough.
What is Fitz doing with Aida? I don't know who Aida is, but that's madame Hydra.
[ Gun cocks ] Subversives? They are people who happen to be our friends.
I wanted to help them.
You've turned them into prisoners! I did exactly as you asked.
Don't play innocent with me.
We both know it's gone much further than that.
I took away their one greatest regret.
How things played out from there wasn't up to me.
You put yourself into the framework.
You've been manipulating it ever since.
The whole thing is an unmitigated disaster, and all you do is lie! Sometimes it's okay to lie to save a life.
You taught me that.
Don't use my words or my bloody programming against me, Aida! Do not Call me that here.
"Aida" is an acronym.
The "A" stands for "artificial.
" Do you know how degrading it is To be kept in a closet, to be used To be treated as a thing? Well, I am not your tool.
Not anymore.
Found one in the back.
Holden, what's happening? Who are these people? Mack: Sparkplug.
You okay? I'm so sorry.
I'm all right.
Skye! What happened? She was nice to me.
Hydra thanks you for your service.
Daddy? Hail Hydra.
Well, it's exactly as you said.
The other side's coming for us.
[ Breathing heavily ] [ Gasps ] She even has your face.
Wh why does she look like me, Holden? Radcliffe: Don't panic, love.
I can explain all of this.
I-I-I-I've meaning to, really, but the timing just This man is from the other side.
He's the one who enslaved me.
What?! [ Scoffs ] Now, hold on.
That's a pretty extreme bit of paraphrasing, - don't you think - He used me.
Kept me as his property.
Leopold, my dear boy, I don't know what lies she's been feeding you, but He wants what we have for himself.
- He means to replace me with her.
- No.
That couldn't be further from the truth.
This is Agnes.
She's harmless.
There's no threat.
You have to believe me.
[ Gun cocks ] Aah! [ Gasps ] Then convince me.
This isn't real, Jemma.
- This world isn't real.
- He's gonna kill her.
- Fitz would never do that.
- Are you sure? Get back to the Quintjet.
I'll deal with this and meet you there.
Simmons: Stop.
We're going to need him.
Need the doctor? Are you nuts? - There's more you don't understand.
- I know everything I need to know.
The man is a sadist, and I have a shot.
That's the mission now.
- Listen to her.
- Please.
You know, you've been lying to me since the moment we met.
A woman's life is in danger.
I'm done listening.
[ Voice breaking ] You're right.
I haven't told you the whole story.
It's complicated, but I know him, not as the doctor, but as a a brilliant, awkward, heroic scientist named Leopold James Fitz.
He is a good man, and I love him.
That woman, Madame Hydra? She's she's messed with his mind.
If you do this, I lose him forever.
I will tell you everything Everything I just I need you to trust me.
Fitz would never hurt an innocent woman.
Y-you're right.
The subversives are here.
I-I-I-I see now, I should've been more forthcoming.
Please, put the gun down.
I'll I'll take you to them.
Tell me the truth.
You act like you know me.
Why? The soldiers can find the subversives.
We should be going.
You were like a son to me.
We worked side by side in the lab, on occasion, we'd raise a pint [Chuckles] or six Watching football Real football.
- That's absurd.
- It's the truth, my boy.
- You even helped me build Aida.
- Enough! We're done here.
Then why don't I remember you? Because it all happened in the other world.
Aida: It wasn't you, Fitz.
It was their world's version of you.
And the woman? Jemma Simmons? Simmons? You two were in love.
A force to be reckoned with.
The Fitz I knew nearly drowned for Jemma.
He crossed the bloody universe to rescue her! You see what we're up against? They mean to destroy us.
She lies because I'm right.
She's trying to deceive you.
I love you.
They're trying to take you away from me.
The world has changed, but you're not this man.
You're one of the good guys.
You help people.
Look inside.
This isn't you.
You say that I'm not myself.
I don't know who I am.
It isn't your fault, any of it.
But you're wrong.
I know exactly who I am.
Simmons: Fitz! [ Distorted ] No! [ Gunfire ] [ Grunts ] [ Grunts ] Get back! Now! [ Gunshot ] [ Gunfire ] Hang on to something! [ Gunfire continues ] [ Both breathing heavily ] How about that? There was nothing else you could've done.
He killed Agnes.
Fitz killed her.
I'm sorry.
Someone had better explain what the hell happened out there, pronto! Ward tells me he had a shot on the doctor, but you stopped him.
And that you're in love with that psychopath! - We can explain everything.
- She says Madame Hydra brainwashed him.
That's a bold claim.
You have evidence, or do we have to take this at face value, too? - She's been through a lot.
- We all have.
Step aside.
- This can wait.
- No, she owes us answers.
This is wrong.
We don't even belong here! None of this is real! Please! She just needs some time.
Burrows: Sir.
A recon team found a civilian sniffing around one of our dead drops.
He's got quite the story.
Mace: Well, glad somebody wants to talk.
Let's hear it.
I met a woman today who was with S.
Her name is Daisy Johnson.
You might know her as Skye? Hydra used me to Trick her and take her captive.
Please tell me she's okay.
Why are you here? Today, for the first time, I couldn't look my little girl in the eye.
I need to make that right.
I'm here to help.
We'll return in a moment.
[ Radcliffe screaming ] I take it all back! I'm sorry! I can beg! I'm good at begging! Just tell me what to say! Please! [ Radcliffe screaming ] [ Sighs ] Fitz.
Hear me out.
You and me We know each other.
We're friends.
I can explain all of this.
How curious.
Someone else tried that today.
Maybe you heard him just now, learning his lesson.
[ Coughing ] Hoo.
So, I re-ran your test results.
Guess who turned out to be a potential Inhuman.
Go on.
Ah, well.
No matter.
We've got plenty of ways of making you talk.
[ Door opens ] No, Fitz.
You don't want to do this.
Yeah, I do.
I guess you don't know me at all.