Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s04e18 Episode Script

No Regrets

1 Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" Wow.
The Patriot! Welcome to S.
We're both S.
Oh, thank God.
Do you know me? I'm sorry.
That's what the other agent told me to say.
Hydra thanks you for your service.
Today, for the first time, I couldn't look my little girl in the eye.
I need to make that right.
I'm here to help.
This woman is not from here.
She crossed over From the other side.
Madame Hydra? She's She's messed with his mind.
Fitz would never hurt an innocent woman.
[Distorted] No! I guess you don't know me at all.
I don't know.
You think this sells it? Honestly? Feels a little fake.
You're right.
It looks staged.
Needs a little something.
[Metal creaking] I was thinking busted headlight.
You know, I admire you for volunteering for this, Coulson.
We need all the fresh faces we can get for undercover work.
Uh, yeah, I could do an accent or another language, maybe.
My Spanish is mucho bueno.
Just act natural.
Just get them to stop the bus and open up.
Hopefully, Skye's on board.
Well, she might be if she's been assigned to reeducation at one of Hydra's prison camps.
But rescuing Skye is not the mission.
There's another prisoner I want to find.
Does Ward know that? Yeah.
He didn't take it well.
His head hasn't been in the game since the Doctor shot that woman.
To be fair, that was rough to watch for all of us.
That, uh, Jemma Simmons How well do you know her? Well enough to know she's on our side.
You know, she claims that the Doctor isn't evil, that he's been brainwashed.
Do you buy that? I've heard crazier things.
Well, crazy or not, I want to know what else she's hiding.
Burrows on radio: Squid-mobile coming your way.
Here we go.
Hey! Hey! There's someone trapped in the car! I need help! Hands on your head.
Down on knee, or you'll be shot.
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't see the car, I swear.
I think she was drunk or something.
She swerved right into me.
[Man grunts] Little heads-up would be nice.
Skye? I hope not.
[Skye grunts, breathing heavily] Fitz: Thank you, gentlemen.
Why are you doing this, Fitz? It's Dr.
And unlike the men who just left, I know the truth about you, and your world.
You mean our world? Ah, don't try that ploy with me.
I know you replaced the real Skye.
Replaced? Is that what she told you? Somehow you conquered Hydra in your world, and now you want to conquer ours.
All I want is to get out of here.
Tell me where the Patriot is.
I don't know.
Did he come from your world, too? We all did, you included.
And the other subversive, Jemma Simmons? She's not a subversive.
Where is she? If I knew, I would tell you because if anyone could get you to wake up and realize that this nightmare isn't real, it's her.
She loves you and you love her and she's a real person, not a Hydra murder-bot who's got your brain [Grunts] The carrot or the stick? When neither motivates the truth, we face unspeakable choices.
What happened to you, Fitz? This is my home.
I'm not gonna let you destroy it.
We'll get to yours first.
And when we do, the Patriot and all of his kind will pay for ever setting foot here.
[Inhales slowly, breathes shakily] [Sighs] I should've had better judgment that day.
Best not to dwell on the past.
What's important is our future.
It's the present we need to worry about.
The Inhuman threat keeps growing.
The Patriot hijacked a prison transport.
It's time we take him out.
I admire your resolve, Agent May.
The truth is, we may have a weapon that can beat him, but there are risks involved.
[Sighs] It's only a risk if you have something to lose.
Are you volunteering for the task? [Sighs] Hail Hydra.
Where did they come from? We intercepted a bus on the way to a Hydra Enlightenment Center.
Your girlfriend Skye? No, thankfully.
Where's your daughter? How is she doing? I don't know.
She's still rattled.
She hides it, but they came into our home, you know? Well, she's definitely safer here than there.
You both are.
Look, this This is all new to me, but I want to help.
I owe you that.
You can start with the bus outside.
We need to switch the plates, the digital tags, and wipe the GPS.
You're gonna put it to use? One of our operatives got caught trying to smuggle out intel on a new Hydra weapon.
They've got him locked up at the Center.
The bus is our way in.
'Nuff said.
I'm on it.
You get anything more out of that woman, Miss Simmons? [Sighs] Ward: No.
She's stonewalling me.
[Keypad beeps] Not for long.
Coulson: Here.
Let me get you a couple blankets.
Did you find Daisy? No, just a bus full of dead bodies.
[Sighs] Binary ones and zeroes can't die, nor do they feel the cold.
Maybe we keep that part between us.
We're wasting time.
We should be focused on getting Daisy back and escaping this horrible place.
Well, we can't do that without Mace's help, and he's already suspicious of you.
I'm going to tell him the truth.
Not a good idea right now.
Trust me.
Mace is risking his life going on these pointless missions.
So are you.
They don't matter in the real world.
If you put it like that, "the real world," he'll never buy it The Doctor, the creepy robots, the blue soap, none of it.
He deserves to know.
He doesn't have fragments of memories to draw on.
Neither does Ward.
They're not like me.
No, no one is, unfortunately, especially not Ward.
Okay, I got to ask What is it about that guy? Every time I see him, I get this weird itch, like hives.
Did we get along? [Sighs] Well, you crushed his chest with your cybernetic arm and left him for dead on an alien planet, so no.
Wh He's behind me, isn't he? Miss Simmons, we'd like a word.
It's "Doctor.
" I was told "R" and "D" has a new weapon, something that could take down the Patriot.
Ah, yes.
Oh, no, it's not exactly a weapon, but it can make you into one.
[Air hisses] Steroids? Oh, no, not just any steroids.
Augmented strength serum The effects of which are very potent, although temporary.
It's not Terrigen-based, is it? Oh, no.
No, no, no.
This is made from various metabolic enhancers, gorilla testosterone, even a dash of peppermint.
The point is, one dose, you will have the Patriot begging for his life.
Mace: "A team that trusts is a team that triumphs?" That's That's a little cheesy.
You had t-shirts made, coffee mugs.
I realize how it sounds.
No one wants to hear they're just an avatar in a digital prison, but sometimes that happens, and here we are.
All that matters is getting out, and Daisy and Dr.
Radcliffe are our keys to that.
[Inhales deeply] Well, uh, think I need a drink.
- In the, uh - [Refrigerator door hisses] in the real world, how well do we know each other? Are we friends? [Metal clanks] More like coworkers.
But I do think of you in a friendly way.
Where am I from? Excuse me? In your world, where am I from? Uh, I'm not sure.
- [Cork pops] - The midwest? Well, am I married? Do I have kids? Any siblings? Hobbies? Do I cook? Where are you going with this? You don't know me at all.
Not well enough, apparently.
I'm from Brooklyn, son of a plumber, played baseball in college and guitar, can't carry a tune.
I say "soda," not "pop," and I like my barbecue sweet, not spicy.
Never been married or had kids, but in the last five years, I've buried 17 of my closest friends and family.
Some of them died right in my arms believing they were fighting for something real, stopping hate.
And you're telling me it's meaningless? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to offend.
But if you don't believe my story, you can ask Daisy once we rescue her.
You don't think I want that? She'd be free by now if I'd taken the shot on the Doctor when I had the chance.
There's the Grant Ward I remember.
How do you know what you believe is true? How do you know it's not the other way around, that you're not the one waking up to reality? Because it's not possible.
- Where is your proof? - I don't need proof.
- This can't be real.
- How? Because the man I love would never execute someone in cold blood.
Fitz would never do that.
He did.
I know you've been through a lot.
We all have.
But what we do here matters, and you can never convince me otherwise.
What do you think? Delusional? PTSD? I don't know.
There might be a grain of truth to her story.
Find out what that is.
Fitz: Lies.
That's all she gave us.
Beaten to within an inch of her life.
Nevertheless, she persisted.
Let's see if she'll open up to me.
You? Why? You and I have different methods.
It's why we work so well together.
I'll stay, then.
Actually, I heard there was an issue with Project Looking Glass.
I'd like you to check in with Security, see what happened.
Of course.
[Door opens] [Sighs] Hello, Daisy.
You know, I asked for a mani-pedi.
Got tortured instead.
-dubs, your psycho-prison sucks.
This isn't a prison.
All I did was fix one thing in everyone's life a regret.
The subsequent world is simply a consequence of your actions, algorithms running their natural course, as Dr.
Radcliffe always intended.
Radcliffe: [In distance] This isn't what I meant, you sadistic witch! Guard! [Door opens in distance] [Electricity zapping, Dr.
Radcliffe screaming] Dr.
Radcliffe is clearly still suffering the consequences of the errors he made.
If I had my powers I can't give you those, but I can give you something else Something that will make all the pain go away.
You have no idea what that even Lincoln Campbell.
Think of it.
You can live a peaceful life, have kids, grow old together with no memory of what's happened here or there, no regrets, just each other.
In exchange for? Just tell me where you are in the other world, and I'll bring Lincoln back.
You can do that? 'Cause you're the puppet master, aren't you, pulling all the strings.
I'm just giving people what they want.
Why is that wrong? Because sometimes what people want isn't right for them.
I can fix that.
And what do you get out of all of this? What everyone else has A choice.
[Door opens] Have we I.
'd everyone yet? About half.
I can start notifying families as soon as No, I want to do that myself when we get back.
Leaving in 10.
[Indistinct conversations] Sir, the plates are switched, the transponder's toast.
There's no way Hydra can track the bus.
Fast work.
What's with the sat-radio? Well, I noticed the bus had a comms system, so I decrypted it and synched it up with this.
So now we can listen in on Hydra's transmissions and maybe steal some intel.
[Chuckles] You, my friend, are gonna fit right in here.
Well, I can do more.
If you need a driver, I got a lead foot.
I appreciate the offer, but another lead-footed soul already volunteered.
I saw Mace briefly.
You told him, didn't you? I knew I was losing him when his complexion changed from oatmeal to water chestnut.
Shades of flesh color programmed into the Framework.
Fitz believed even empty vessels needed variety.
You mean Dr.
Fitz, the guy from my history book? Honestly, you really shouldn't pay much attention to what's in there.
I taught it for years.
It's more fiction than fact.
Hi, Dad.
Did you know that those Hydra books lied to us? Mack: [Chuckles] I guess you finished doing your homework, huh? Can I go check out the old Quinjet? Oh, come on, Sparkplug, you know you don't need a Quinjet to fly.
- [Laughs] - Right? You know that, right? Mack? Yeah, that's right.
I'm sorry.
Have we met? Phil Coulson.
I was here when you first came in.
This is Jemma Simmons.
Ah, it's good to meet you.
This little girl right here, this is my daughter, Hope.
It's lovely to meet you, Hope.
Nice to meet you, British lady.
[Chuckles] And is Hope's mother here, as well? No, no, it's just me and Sparkplug.
Hey, you hungry? When was the last time you had something to eat? And candy doesn't count.
[Chuckles] It's good to meet you.
Excuse me.
Coulson, you got a second? Pulled this I.
off one of the bus crew.
Should get you past the gate.
Ward just had to swap the photo, change the name.
Jamie Flugelman? Well, it's the only one he could clear from Hydra's database, so mount up, Flugelman.
Fitz: How'd the security breach come to your attention? His co-worker spotted him hiding some contraband in his locker a camera.
Was there any film in it? No.
No film.
It was an antique, actually.
Still, we shipped him off to an Enlightenment Center for a refresher course on protocols.
Haven't been down here in a while.
How's the project going? Are you all right, son? You look troubled.
It's 'cause I am.
[Door opens, closes] Let me guess a woman.
Is it that obvious? It's a bit early for a pint.
How about a cup of tea? Come on.
Tell your old man all about it.
- I.
- Yeah.
Flugelman? It's Canadian.
I don't have you on the entry logs.
You coming from the Triskelion? Yeah, and I'm new, actually.
Just filling in for the other guy.
[Device beeps] How about that story on Bakshi News the other day? That Inhuman they found with lion paws for hands? So weird.
Just the paws.
- [Device beeps] - Finally.
You're all set.
Back at ya.
[Gate creaks] [Door opens, closes] [Grunts, tray slams] Everything here tastes like tofu! Put me out of my misery already! What do you want from me?! You've already taken my home, my dignity, my pride! [Voice breaking] My.
Agnes [Crying] [Breathing heavily] Are you crying? [Sarcastically] No, I'm laughing with utter joy.
Yeah, well, you won't get any sympathy from me.
Sounds like you're getting everything you deserve for creating this hellscape.
[Normal voice] You can say whatever you want.
Nothing hurts me anymore.
Not after what he did to Agnes.
What happened? Fitz.
I begged him not to, but he killed her right in front of me.
She was all I had.
How could he do that? Because that's who he is here.
Aida changed him.
She said she took away one regret.
One regret can't change an entire life.
It It doesn't change who you are.
Of course it can.
One person in your life, one decision, one sentence has the power to change you forever.
One sentence? Yeah, that's right.
One single sentence like "I love you," or, "We're having a baby," or, uh "She's gone.
" I just I didn't think Fitz was capable of doing something like that.
[Chuckles] Oh, my dear.
Depending on the circumstances, anyone is capable of anything.
Just look around.
Please tell me that you built a back door to this place and that Aida hasn't destroyed it.
I did, and she can't.
[Sighs] Yes.
[Sighs] Finally, some daylight.
She might have installed some safeguards.
Just Just tell me where to go.
All right.
Listen carefully.
My son, the Doctor himself.
It means nothing.
Why are you so down on yourself? Is it something Ophelia said? No, it's not about her.
Are you seeing someone else? No.
Are you mad? So, what's this about a woman? Someone I had to kill.
"Had to?" You mean in self-defense? No, she was unarmed.
Was she an enemy of the state? Yeah.
I believe she was.
So what's the problem? What if I didn't need to kill her? What if maybe she wasn't lying or maybe she was mentally ill or something? "What if? Maybe.
" Now, that's your mother talking.
Sorry, father.
There she is again.
Listen, son, I don't know a thing about what you do here, the science, but I know that it's important, and I know the man I raised Not a coward, but a man of action, a great man in a hard world.
And in a hard world, we cannot afford the luxury of what? The luxury of sympathy.
We don't buckle to guilt or womanly sentiment.
Everyone needs the strap across their back now and again.
Teaches respect.
You know that.
You've felt it.
And look where it's gotten you.
You're protecting the human race, and the only other person who understands the weight of that is Ophelia Madame Hydra.
And you love her, don't you? [Sighs] Honestly don't know what kind of man I'd be without you, father.
That's why I'm here, son.
[Air brakes hiss] [Door squeaks open] What are these? You know, disposal's on the other side of the grounds.
Coulson: Disposal? It's an ugly way of putting it.
Hydra really ought to have a little more respect for the dead.
[Grunting] And the living, while you're at it.
Guy we're looking for has some important intel, so we get in, find them, get out quick and quiet.
Hopefully we got the right place.
Pretty sure this is it.
Branding is everything.
"Enlightenment Cultivation Center.
" [Scoffs] And everybody buys it.
I sold their lies every day, watched kids get taken out of my classroom because they were different, because they asked questions.
And it forced you into action.
Burrows, keep an eye out for Security.
Agent Flugelman and I have a friend to find.
[Gun cocks] Coulson: They call this rehab? Let's get them out.
Okay, time to go.
[Lock breaks] Thought I was done for.
It's good to see you guys.
Phil Coulson, meet Antoine Triplett, my good friend and inside man.
Nice to meet you, Trip.
Trip? Haven't heard that nickname since high school.
How'd you know? Felt right.
Everyone on the bus.
Let's go.
- As soon as I find my boots.
- We'll get you another pair.
It's not about the boots.
It's what's in them.
How confident are you about this report? No other Center reported any unscheduled drops today.
It has to be the Patriot.
Very well, then.
[Breathing sharply] Shh.
Take a few deep breaths.
Burns going in, but should wear off.
You've got about an hour of augmented strength.
Don't waste it.
[Panting] [Grunts] Mack: Hydra had a plan.
I'll give them that.
Scare everyone, take over the media, rewrite history.
You know what's not in that book? The Trail of Tears.
The Holocaust.
Martin Luther King Jr.
I can't believe it.
The blatant lies, the complete disregard for historical or scientific fact.
That's why, in my house, I'm the judge of what's fact or fiction.
"Did you clean your room?" [Scoffs] "Well, I'll be the judge of that.
" Dad, watch.
I can do five in a row.
Five times? Really? [Chuckling] This I got to see.
Excuse me.
[Indistinct conversations] Ah! [Both chuckle] [Static crackles on walkie-talkie] What are you smiling at? Same thing you are.
Big, fake dad loving his little fake kid in this crazy fake world.
I finally get why you don't like me.
You think I'm someone I'm not.
Forget I said anything.
You don't believe me, and I can't really look at you.
[Scoffs lightly] What did I do in this other reality? Did I hurt someone? Did I kill someone? More than one.
For what it's worth, for whatever I did do, I'm truly sorry.
Look at them.
- [Both chuckle] - You feel that, don't you? The way he loves his kid? Of course.
Then doesn't that make it real? Hydra voice on radio: Cultivation Center.
- Code 10-14.
Repeat code 10-14.
- What is that? It's a potential breach.
They've been discovered.
Got to be here somewhere.
Where the hell are my boots? Okay, I'll bite.
What's in them? My grandfather was a Howling Commando.
Had an old-school spy camera.
Which you snuck into Hydra's labs? Nice.
Took some pictures in the lab, hid the film in my boot heel.
Pictures of what? Technical specs? Some kind of plans, yeah.
The Doctor's been working on a secret project, something to kill off the Inhumans, from what I heard.
Son of a What kind of man steals another man's boots? It's Chris.
Who? He was a student of mine.
What's that building over there where they're headed? Triplett: Quarantine.
It's where they take all the kids.
Kids? Yeah.
Whoa, whoa.
Where you going? Get the film to Mace.
Those plans are important.
What about you? I let that kid down once.
I won't do it again.
You found it.
Mission accomplished.
But we got another problem.
Your buddy Phil took off after he saw some kid.
Aw, Coulson.
What's he thinking? [Quinjet approaches] Oh, that's not good.
If Hydra's sending a Quinjet, you can bet there's a hit team aboard.
They know we're here.
What do you want to do? [Sighs] Burrows, take this film.
Bring it back to base.
I'll get Coulson.
- But, sir, how - Don't ask questions.
Just do it.
I'll find us another way out.
I know where he's going.
I'll lead you to him.
Go on, "B.
" Get out of here.
You left them? Burrows on radio: Those were his orders.
I'm carrying precious cargo.
All right, copy that, Burrows.
Over and out.
Mace needs an extraction.
I'm going in.
We lose him, our fight's over.
Hydra wins.
How may people can you gather? Uh, not many.
Most people here are refugees.
Everyone else is out.
Guess it's time to see what the big man can do.
No, not him.
Why not? Because he shouldn't go.
I'll go in his place.
I thought this world didn't mean anything to you, - that it wasn't real.
- It's not.
It's just what happens to Mack here happens in both worlds.
He's different.
So this has nothing to do with that little girl over there? Fine.
Let's go, partner.
How many people are in Quarantine? Don't know.
Never been inside.
[Footsteps approaching] Move! Aah! Go get Coulson.
I'll handle her.
I've been waiting for this.
Someone's been juicing.
Unless, of course, you're one of us now.
Bakshi: Calm your mind.
You know what is best.
What is best is you comply.
Compliance will be rewarded.
Surrender, and you will find meaning.
Surrender, and you will find release.
Take a deep breath.
Calm your mind.
You know what is best.
What is best is you comply.
Compliance will be rewarded.
Surrender, and you will find meaning.
Burnell? Surrender, and you will find release.
Take a deep breath.
Calm your mind.
- You know what is best.
- Chris? - What is best is you comply.
- Chris.
Compliance will be rewarded.
Surrender, and you will find meaning Damn, this is messed up.
Just tell me that bus hasn't left yet.
Figured you couldn't beat them, so join them? Hyah! [Grunts] You're a terrorist, a thug.
If I was, you'd be dead right now.
[Breathing heavily] This is Agent May.
The Patriot is here, but he got away from me.
I think the serum's wearing off.
My strength's fading.
Isn't there a Quinjet on site? Yeah.
That could work.
Where did the Patriot go? He ran into the Quarantine building.
I don't know who's in there.
Does it matter? Bring it down, and bring me the body.
Copy that.
Q-5, you have your order.
Fire on the Quarantine building.
[Explosion] [Explosion] Stay close, and try not to shoot me.
Come on.
- [People coughing] - Come on.
Run for the fence just past those buildings.
Don't stop.
Antoine, what happened? The ceiling's caved in.
They're trapped inside.
Need your help.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
We got to get you out.
[Coughs] [Man coughs] Come on.
Oh, my God.
I got you.
Simmons, get out of here.
The whole place is about to come down.
[Rumbling] Chris! No! Hydra soldier: The building's unstable, Agent May.
You can't go in.
I need verification that the Patriot's dead.
- If he's not - [Gun cocks] he will be.
- [Device beeps] - Activating body cam.
Going in.
[Electricity crackling] Wait! Don't shoot! Th They need help up there.
[Rumbling] This is Agent May.
There are kids in here.
Why the hell are there kids in here? Where's the Patriot? Put that gun down.
We need help here.
There's a kid buried under that pile of rock.
[Rumbling] - It's coming down.
- No, it it's coming up.
[Metal creaking] [Grunting] Get him out.
Nobody move! Are you insane? He's trying to save a kid.
So was I.
Agent May, Mace is the only thing keeping this building from falling down on all of us.
You shoot him, we all die.
We don't have time for this.
We got to save that kid.
Form a chain.
Find something to prop up that beam.
Either shoot us or help, but don't just stand there.
Snap out of it, May.
You guys better hurry.
Hang on, Chris.
I got you.
Come on.
[Grunts] - Okay, yeah.
- Thank you.
This cabinet should hold.
It won't work.
Get out.
No! We're not going to leave you! [Rumbling] - Aah! - [Metal creaking] Coulson? I'm right here, Jeffrey.
Hang on.
[Rumbling] Go.
- No! No! - Coulson: Simmons, let's go! [Grunts] [Rumbling] [Monitors beeping steadily] [Flatline] [Door opens, closes] What? Is it true That you're an Inhuman? [Breathing heavily] Yeah.
Powerful enough to bring this whole damn place down.
I hope so.
[Terrigen crystal shatters]