Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s05e21 Episode Script

The Force of Gravity

1 Coulson: Previously on "Marvel's Agents of S.
" You need to look inside yourself and figure out what kind of man you want to be.
'Cause lately, what you've been, it needs fixing.
Simmons: Where did you get that? What matters is that we might be able to save Coulson by combining that with my mom's DNA.
This is my ship.
isn't welcome here.
- We're here to rescue you.
- Rescue me? I'm the one that's gonna save us.
[Rumbling] [Grunts] Qovas: What should we do with them? Talbot: They're prisoners of war.
Treat them accordingly.
5x21 - The Force of Gravity Kasius: Quake.
I rescued humanity.
Did you know that? I want to believe you, Daisy.
May I call you "Daisy"? So, this is Quake, Destroyer of Worlds.
I think you're here to help me.
Give yourself a moment to adjust.
Your mind will clear shortly.
- Where am I? - A neutral location, perched near the edge of the galaxy safe, I assure you.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am the firstborn Taryan, master of the house Kasius.
- Kasius? - Please, just hear me out.
You are Inhuman.
I always knew the tales of the experiments were true.
Okay, for the record, we don't love to be called experiments, just moving forward.
No, I imagine your people treated you unkindly.
- I've worked through it.
- You deserve better.
All Inhumans do something better elsewhere.
Where are my friends May, Coulson? You mustn't worry about them.
They are your past.
I am your future.
You are now prisoners of war.
I suggest you use your time to consider - the disrespect you've shown me.
- Suggest all you want.
Your just the villain of the month, and you're going down, just like all the rest.
And how do you plan to stop me? With Earth weapons? The tools of cowards.
We Remorath earn our kills.
That is how we earn our rank.
With humans, it's not about earned power.
It's about the gun.
It allows the weak to pretend to be strong.
I don't need a gun to stop you.
I have several Ionizer Missiles aimed at your Lighthouse right now.
If you or your people do anything, I will release them.
Since you like weapons so much.
Will they be held indefinitely or scrapped? That depends on whether or not they push you to it.
Don't worry.
I know what I'm doing.
We are both about to get everything we need.
All I need is Gravitonium.
Oh, I know someone who may be able to help us out.
Simmons: It's all a bit unpleasant, isn't it? Oh, try not to think about it.
- Do you think it will work? - Daisy's plan? I don't know.
Frankly, the Centipede serum is terrifying to me.
Yeah, let's let's let's walk through - the simulation one more time.
- Yeah.
[Keyboard clacking] The Centipede serum forces new cellular pathways, like biological infrastructure.
In doing so, it can also carry any element we feed it.
For example, giant's healing DNA, which we could deliver to, say, Coulson's ailing cells.
- Should work.
It's just - What Yo-Yo said the danger.
- Yeah.
- Well, I've been thinking about that, and her warning was that trying to save Coulson ends the world, right? But what if what if what if we don't just try? What happens if we actually succeed? Jemma, what if there's another way to frame this? Coulson wasn't there in the future.
You're saying we break the loop not by allowing someone to die but by making sure they live? What if all we have to do is not fail? That's quite an audacious leap, especially from someone who once believed time cannot be changed.
Maybe it's time to be audacious.
[Electricity crackles] You got to be kidding me.
That is totally nuts.
No, no joke.
It really happened.
Good thing, too, otherwise, Aida would've killed me.
I've had to hear this story enough.
Yeah, but that's the most incredible story I've ever heard, and I'm the same age as my grandparents.
I'm done, by the way.
All right, oxygen's been re-routed from non-essential parts of the plane.
Oh, then I guess we can breathe easy, right, wait for the stalwart team to get back? [Electricity crackling] Did you hear that? [Gun cocks] [Grunting] [Screams] Damn.
[Breathing heavily] I've spent some time on this plane.
Quinjet is this way.
[Electricity crackling] [Electronics whirs up] [Keyboard clacking] Okay, come on.
How do I get this thing working? The warnings were right.
Deke: Zephyr to Lighthouse.
Mack, anyone.
Mack, are you there? [Tablet beeps] Yeah, yeah, I'm here.
Talk to me.
What's going on? Uh, things have gone a little crazy.
Yeah, I know.
It's all over the news.
N-No, Talbot.
It's He He's He's boarded us him and his new Remorath friends.
Did he see you? No, and that's a good thing.
Agent Kim wasn't so lucky.
Talbot killed Kim.
Deke: Very, very much.
The General's not on our side anymore, okay? He [Device beeps] Oh, no.
[Electricity crackling] Stand down.
I don't need the jet so I can fly.
I need it so I can breathe.
Deke: He's leaving.
And I think he's coming down to you.
I don't understand.
If he's flying the Quinjet, I should be reading its signature somewhere.
Not if he's figured out a way to go dark.
If he's not relying on the Quinjet's own power, - then that means - Then the signature wouldn't show up.
[Sighs] Okay What if I force it by remote? - You can do that? - Oh, I can do many things.
If we can find Talbot, maybe we can talk him down and end this before anyone else gets hurt.
Prison cells are all the same, no matter what species builds them.
If there's a way in there's got to be a way out.
So, we're just not gonna talk about him? - "Him" who? - [Sighs] Phil, come on.
- Oh.
That "him.
" - Look, I hate it, too, but I've seen a man go rotten overnight.
He might be lost.
You don't have to feel like you're responsible.
Of course I do.
After all our ups and downs, Talbot got shot in the head, and he waited for us to rescue him from Hale.
- We were a little busy.
- Yes, but even after we didn't come, even after Hydra messed with his brain, he still put himself in that machine.
- He did that for us.
- We didn't ask him to.
[Exhales sharply] We didn't have to.
- What? - The first time we met him.
[Chuckles] When he told us about the peacekeeping force he was sending to the Hub? I mean, imagine back then if someone had told us that someday we'd be worried about Glenn Talbot.
I know.
But things evolve.
They change.
People change.
Yeah, they do.
And sometimes, even then, you can't save them.
But you still have to try.
[Sighs] [Wrist beeps] Back to work.
[Door closes] [Groans] - Mr.
- General How you feeling? [Sighs] - What are you wearing? - Well [Chuckles] choices were limited.
It's the new me, but I'm here to talk about the new you.
It's all right, soldier.
[Sighs] You've been through a lot.
It's good to see you, Carl.
- It's good to see you, too, sir.
- I know what it's like.
You're trapped in this hospital bed, - noggin's not working right.
- I know you do, sir.
But I also got through it, and I can help you.
The two of us are stronger together.
General, you seem You all right? Right as rain.
Never felt better.
I did come in contact with Gravitonium, - just like you.
- No.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Soldier, I'm fine.
As a matter of fact, I've learned a few things.
Do you still hear the voices? [Breathing heavily] What if I told you I know how to control them, silence them? I can silence them for you, too.
You are formidable, but your strength has been going to waste.
Come with me, and I can show you how to unleash your power.
- As your weapon.
- As my disciple.
Oh, God.
What is with your family and this God complex? - What do you know of my family? - Plenty.
Well, then you know that I am from a long line of inventive thinkers.
I have ideas, methods, which don't, shall we say, - mesh with those of my breed.
- That's not completely chilling.
I'm merely saying that I understand what it is to be on the outside, as I'm sure you are different, hunted by lesser humans.
You deserve better than that.
Look, yeah, some people have given me a hard time.
Humans are are complicated.
They disagree.
Sometimes it comes to blows.
Only, sometimes, it's a person who risks everything for their friends even though she lost her limbs.
We fight, okay, but not with a lack of respect, and that's something I don't think you're quite understanding.
Oh, no matter.
You will come with me, willingly or not.
I'm gonna have to choose "not.
" [Grunts] Problem? What is this? - Why can't I - Because you're not conscious yet.
- Not conscious? - I'm not a fool.
I know how strong you are, and I have to make sure that you are thoroughly broken in before you're brought to me.
[Monitor beeps] Fitz, it's done.
- This could change everything.
- Change everything about what? Uh Daisy asked us to run some tests.
Looking for a way to revive Coulson's necrotic tissue.
Jemma thinks it could work.
Oh, okay, that's that's good to know.
- That's really good.
- What do you need, Mack? It's Talbot.
The Gravitonium is becoming a problem.
He's racking up a body count.
- No - Yeah.
There must be something you can do to reverse the machine.
Something else that needs fixing? Right now, Talbot's out there.
He's dangerous.
If there's a solution, we need it fast, okay? Or none of this matters.
- Okay, we're on it.
- Thank you.
He and I will work it out.
May: There.
Circuit panel.
Remorath tech wasn't exactly my major, but let's assume the circuitry still creates an electric field.
I use the charge from my arm, - maybe I can short it out.
- And the door opens.
- That's the theory.
- At this point, I'll take theory.
I mean, we still have to face the guard outside, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
[Door opens] [Grunts] [Body thud, reathing heavily] Hey, guys.
You ever notice these schmucks are really hard to beat up.
- We're glad to see you.
- Yeah, likewise.
We just had a tiny adventure with Talbot and ended with a man down.
I figured I'd better start looking - for you on the prison level.
- Good thinking.
Where's Daisy? She's not here? No.
Qovas handed her off to his warriors.
We got to find her next.
- You see where Talbot went? - Sort of.
You're not gonna like it.
[Exhales sharply] These voices I thought I was stuck with them.
You don't have to be.
Let me help you.
- You have it in you.
I - It's okay, son.
I'm telling you the truth.
This will make everything better.
Join me.
[Breathing heavily] [Sighs] What do you feel? [Sighs] Peace.
So much quieter.
Wait This part isn't gonna be great for you, Carl - No! - but it will be over quickly.
I promise.
The two of us are stronger than one, and your suffering, it's over now.
Thank you, Carl.
Talbot: Thank you, Carl.
So, he can do that.
He must've gotten Creel's location from the Quinjet's flight log.
We knew Talbot was killing people, but to see him do that to Creel, I just - I ever tell you about Isabelle Hartley? - Yeah, a little.
- I know she was your friend.
- Mm.
- I know Creel killed her.
- Yeah.
I wanted him dead.
I thought I'd never forgive him, but once he was deprogrammed, and once I got to know him, he was a decent man.
- I'm glad I had the chance.
- I'm sure he was, too.
You have an amazing capacity to forgive people, Mack.
Yeah But the bodies are still piling up, aren't they? - He has to be stopped no matter what.
- Yes.
Maybe for good.
If it comes to that, I'm the one who does it.
Understood? Our Astralscope projects your consciousness here.
Physically, you're being brought to me, but rest assured, you are already mine.
You know I have a little experience - getting out of stuff like this, right? - I'm afraid this is different.
You already lost all sense of how long you've been here, haven't you? I find that people outside of physical space, when they lose time, when they get hungry but they can't eat, when they get tired but they can't sleep, they break.
So I already know what your future holds.
I see the future, too.
And you have two despicable sons who wear even dumber makeup than you, and they die like cowards stabbed in the back.
When I get out of this, I'm stronger than you know.
- Everyone thinks that.
- Mm.
But in my case, it's true.
I'm the Destroyer of Worlds.
[Grunts] [Rumbling] I don't see a way to reverse the effects of the Gravitonium on his system or even neutralize it.
How are you doing? Give me some good news.
Uh, I finally got the compound right.
Should only take a few days to synthesize.
It's funny, isn't it? The Centipede serum was part of our first mission, and now it's the key to curing Coulson.
- We've come full circle.
- Just in time for the end of days.
You ever think it would be Talbot? [Sighs] I don't want to think about it.
He was one of the good guys.
[Device beeps, whirs] Yeah, I know.
I don't know what he is anymore, but he needs to be stopped, even if that means Even if it means finding a terminal solution.
[Sighs] I mean, if there are no other options, we we could try the Odium.
How do we get him to take it? Drinking it might not even be strong enough.
We could use the Centipede serum to deliver it straight into his cells.
It's a little too quiet in here.
That make anyone nervous? Maybe it's Remorath nap time.
May: Then we need to wake one up and ask for directions.
- All these hallways look the same.
- That's the same writing that was in the Lighthouse in the future.
- What's it say, Deke? - How would I know? Because you lived there.
Well, they don't teach you the language.
I can count to five.
You lived there for decades, and you know five numbers? I also know zero, so, no, I know six numbers.
I'm amazed you were able to survive.
You know, I found you, didn't I? And I can lead us back to the Zephyr, so I'm doing my job.
- You're the ones who lost Daisy.
- We didn't lose her.
Just do your best, Deke.
It won't be long before they figure out we're gone, so just pick a direction.
This way.
[Sighs] Wait.
Not that way.
- We can fight or we can run.
- Fight.
[Rumbling] Daisy.
Are you okay? Did Are you Did they hurt you, or whatever? I'm fine.
Just had a little head trip with Father Kasius.
Father Kasius? What, you mean his dad's here? - Here but not "here.
" - Well, that's just another reason that we need to get to the Zephyr and fly out of here.
We're not going not yet.
What? What What are you talk You can't escape without, you know, escaping.
Qovas has a couple of Ionizer Missiles aimed at the Lighthouse.
If we try to leave, he'll fire them.
- The Lighthouse can handle it.
- Maybe.
But the people of River's End might not be so lucky.
We can forget about finding the Quinjet.
- Then how do we find him? - I don't know.
We have to think like him.
He's a man we all knew, a man that had a lot of stars and stripes on his uniform.
What's he want to do now that he has all this power? Death and destruction.
- That's what they all want.
- Nah, I'm not so sure.
He risked his life to save us from the Remorath.
And then he went on a killing spree.
He's in full villain mode.
Yet everyone's the hero in their own story.
- And what's his? "Macbeth"? - Nah, I mean it.
Did he say it anything before he went into the machine? [Sighs] He kept saying, "I can fix this.
" - What's he fixing? - I don't know.
His mistakes, his reputation? Maybe he's trying to prove that he's still a good soldier, - a good man.
- A good dad.
Reporter: Unprecedented levels of destruction rivaling even that of the Chitauri invasion.
[Telephone ringing] First responders are on the scene.
[TV mutes] [Telephone ringing] [Knock on door] [Telephone beeps] Hello, George.
Daddy's home.
What's the matter? Cat got your tongues? I'm just surprised.
With everything going on in the world, I-I didn't know - You look, um - Like a million bucks.
You're okay? Yeah.
Fit as a fiddle.
Never better.
I'm a new man clear-headed and healthy.
- Why are you dressed so funny? - Well this is my new uniform, son.
Your dad's a superhero now, just like those Avengers.
And guess what.
I even have my own superpowers.
That's just a taste.
I can move buildings and cars.
And you want to know something else? I can even fly.
And I don't need a hammer or an iron suit to do it.
- Can I fly with you? - Absolutely.
Things are gonna be different from now on.
Your daddy's all better.
And I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you or anyone else.
I'm gonna chase those invaders out of town.
- Now, you ready to go for that flight? - George, honey, why don't you go up to your room and play so your father and I can talk? Not now, Carla.
We're having fun.
Glenn, please.
We need to talk.
I heard about the accident.
What the hell are you talking about? - S.
called, and - S.
- Look what you made me do.
- I'm really sorry, Glenn.
They're just worried about you.
That's all.
And so am I.
George, please, honey, go upstairs.
[Grunts] Talbot: I'm sorry, George.
I can fix it, though.
Better yet, I can take you to a real spaceship.
What do you think about that, partner? They are fools if they think they'll get off this ship.
Bring me the powered one.
She belongs to Kasius.
As for the others, they do not deserve a warrior's death.
Kill them with their own weapons.
Let them die in shame and dishonor.
Coulson: We're getting close to the bridge.
Deke: We have a clear path to the Zephyr from here.
We might not get that chance again.
- We're not leaving till we finish the job.
- Yes, you are.
- May? - I'll deal with the missiles and get back to the base.
You and Daisy get to the Zephyr and go home.
- Loving this plan.
Good luck, May.
- You're with me.
I need you to set the coordinates for the trip back.
Right, because numbers.
No, it's too risky.
We do it together.
[Rumbling] I'll take care of it.
Go home, Phil now.
Are you giving me an order? 'Cause that sounded like - you were giving me an or - Yes, I'm giving you an order! You're just gonna slow me down, so zip it and get to the [Gunshots] [Grunting] [Panting] Thought that might shut you up.
Now go.
- Uh - Not a word, Agent Johnson.
That's an order.
Copy that, Hot Lips.
Talbot: It's a really big ship, and it's full of these crazy aliens.
But don't worry.
They're my friends.
And I have a friend for you, too.
- [Voice breaking] Put her down, Dad.
- I can't do that, son.
She's not on our side anymore.
[Voice breaking] That's not true.
I love you.
- I would do anything for you.
- Oh, really, Carla? Like when you helped Hydra brainwash me, or when you worked with S.
- to conspire behind my back? - That's not true.
"Your compliance will be rewarded.
" Any of that ring a bell? Do you remember that? Do ya?! They said it would help.
I'm sorry, Carla, but the only way I'll ever trust you again is if you join me.
[Engine revs, tires screeching] [Gasps] Welcome to the neighborhood.
We don't want to hurt you, Talbot.
- We just want to talk to you.
- Where's Coulson? - What did you do to them? - They're prisoners of war.
We're not at war with you.
They declared war when they tried to stop me.
Stay right there.
Go ahead, cowboy.
[Rumbling] Stop! Stop! Hold your fire! Take cover! [Ricochets] [Grunts] - Qovas has ordered the launch.
- Deke: Excuse me, fellas.
Just looking for the men's room.
You know if there's one close by? You know what? On second thought? I'm actually just gonna find a corner somewhere.
[Grunting] Ugh, what are you doing? Weapons in case more show up.
[Grunts] Don't just stand there.
Start transferring the missile-target numbers - to the Teleporter.
- Right, because because the Lighthouse is the target, so the coordinates are ticket home.
That's That's good thinking, May.
- But which one's the launch system? - I don't know! Pick one.
[Device beeps] Nope.
That's navigation.
[Device beeps] I'll take that just in case.
[Device beeps] Okay, got it.
Weapons system.
And I-I found the launch codes.
Do I deactivate the missiles? We're not deactivating them.
Well, then what the hell are we doing here?! We're giving them a new target.
Now do you see what I am, what I've become? I'm a superhero, and I plan on doing - what needs to be done.
- You're not a hero.
George It's okay, George.
They're the bad people.
They're trying to stop me.
I need to get him out of there.
[Grunts, panting] I can't get near him.
You're the bad one.
You want to hurt them.
No, I don't.
No, I'm just giving them a warning.
That's all.
So that they'll understand that I'm the one who's gonna save them.
I just need to get a little more fuel in my tank first, and then I can do it.
You'll see.
You keep watching the news, son.
You'll see.
Close it up.
Let's get this bird ready for liftoff.
[Electricity crackling] [As Carol Anne] They're here.
Davis, we're back.
Is everything o Davis: under attack.
[Gunshots] .
Two of them.
Can't lose our pilot again.
[Rumbling] [Grunts] Thanks.
I owe you a life debt.
Nice try, but I'm good.
- I hate those things.
- Tell me about it.
- Coulson, you're bleeding.
- I'll survive.
Agent Davis, fire up the engines.
Time to go home.
Go home? What about Agent May and Deke? They're taking the express train.
Deke: Okay Okay, the one that looks like the the house with the broken roof? - I think that's a three.
- Uh, uh-huh.
And then and then it's, uh, uh, like, a like, a like, a chair with with, uh, some wavy lines.
- Got it.
- All right, give me the next one so we can get off this ship.
You will never get off this ship.
Watch me.
I will watch you bleed.
[Both grunting] - Deke.
- Whoa.
[Both grunting] Okay! - Oh, Okay, okay! - Any day now! Hey, I'm trying.
Okay? Okay.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Um uh there's a crooked something s-something.
Damn it! [Electronics whirring] Coulson: Few stitches I'll be fine.
[Clicks tongue] So - You made out with May.
[Chuckles] - Did I? [Chuckles] Oh, yeah.
People see what they want to see, I guess.
- And? - Davis: We're ready for liftoff.
Strap yourselves in.
This could get bumpy.
How do you think she's doing? Having the time of her life.
[Grunting] Deke: Almost done! Okay.
Crooked teapot and, um And now you'll learn respect.
Okay, that's it.
[Panting] You have just sealed the fate of everyone in your base.
[Alarm blaring] And now you will die.
Well, one little thing.
We changed the target.
Told ya I didn't need a gun to stop you.
- How? - I know zero.
[Whirring] [Beeping] - Simmons: Coulson.
- Tell me you have them.
What's taking you so long? Mack and Yo-Yo just got back, as well.
We'll all be together.
- Where were they? - Um they went after Talbot.
He killed Carl Creel, turned him to Gravitonium, and consumed him.
He killed others, as well.
I'll brief you as soon as I have all the details.
- Get back safe.
- We'll see you soon.
[Monitor beeps] I don't think we can treat him with kid gloves anymore.
He's dangerous and delusional.
- If he finds more Gravitonium, he's gonna - Coulson, what the hell? I-I-I don't understand.
It was [Groans] Davis! Call base! We need a Med to meet us when we land! - On it.
- Coulson, stay with me, okay? [Echoing] Stay with me.
You fight, okay? You fight.
I'm gonna get you home.
[Respirator hissing] Simmons: He is not going to die not yet, at least but his condition is worsening and accelerating.
What about the treatment we talked about? We have something we think will work.
It will just take some time to combine it - with the Centipede serum.
- Time we don't have.
- We're doing everything we can.
- Mack: What about Talbot? You find a way to stop him? He's worse, too.
Yeah, we think so.
Unfortunately, it's not a cure.
It's more [Sighs] It's more terminal.
If we can combine the Odium with another dose of the Centipede serum, it should be able to penetrate his cells.
That's not possible.
Well, yeah, it's entirely possible.
We ran a simulation That's not possible.
There is no more Centipede serum.
What I brought back, that's the last of it.
- So we either save Coulson - Or we save the world.
Coulson: We'll return in a moment.
Don't worry.
These fellas don't bite.
At least, I don't think they do.
You don't bite, do ya? - Who's flying this plane? - Gravity.
It doesn't just make you crash and burn, darling.
It also makes you ascend - to the heavens.
- What do you want from us? You drew me.
You see me in your head, don't you? You ever see me tearing the Earth apart, bringing something up from the ground? Good.
Now tell me where.