Agua Donkeys (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

The Roof

Is it working? Kind of.
I wish we had some lime to go with the lemon.
Why lime? Lemon's good for the initial change but lime's nice because it has a softer bottom though.
Why don't we just use 7UP? No, too much sugar.
Diet 7UP.
I'm gonna go ask Miss Finnegan if she has some.
Jackie's gonna freak when she sees your tips.
I hope so.
You mind if I get a swig? Wait, sorry, is that four two's? Oh, two, four, one.
No, no, no.
"Oh" as in "Oh," not zero.
I think that's Wait, sorry.
Hang on.
That's still too many numbers.
Oh, I see what I did.
I put two too many twos.
All right.
That should be good.
Thank you so much.
Jackie, these were outside.
They had your name on them.
Who are they from? Didn't say.
Guys I'm serious about the new policy.
We are too.
They were just outside.
Hey, Jackie? Was it you that was saying that you liked or you didn't like upbeat music? I mean, I don't remember saying that but I like to dance so But I mean, there's also a time for slower songs.
Like, laid back.
Hey, Jackie? You ever tried a smothered style burrito? Like the ones with enchilada sauce on top? Um That reminds me, Jer, you know how we were supposed to go to the best Mexican food restaurant in town on Friday night? Yeah.
Why? Something came up.
I can't go.
I already have reservations at the outdoor seating area for two.
I'm bummed too.
I guess I can just eat alone.
- MP? - Mm-hm.
I've been meaning to tell you, you know how Saturday night we were going to that top-notch steakhouse then dancing at that pretty exclusive venue? Dude, do not fucking bail on me.
It's out of my hands.
All right, you guys.
That's enough.
Hey, Jackie? That was probably one of the only times I've ever said the F-word.
Like, I don't really say it.
No detours.
Straight to the motel.
Put your collars down.
Dude, we heard you.
You know I don't like busting your butts, right? I'd way rather we were just buddies that worked together.
But you guys gotta help me out some.
Buddies don't bust buddies' butts.
And, Rod, we're saying that as your buddies.
- Donnie! - Donnie! - Donnie! - Is he deaf? - Donnie! - Donnie! Dude, that guy is so sick.
He's so sick.
What time is it? It's not even 10:30 yet.
That kneeboarding sesh is gonna be so buttery.
It's gonna be so silky, dude.
Hey, guys, wanna play? We would but you foul like shit.
I wonder if Donnie's still at the lake.
I bet he's wrapping up by now.
Dude, have you ever noticed that roof before? To be honest, I didn't even know this place had a roof.
That looks pretty jumpable, dude.
It might be higher than the Hazeldean bridge.
Don't even think about it.
This place has been here since 1972.
And only one person has successfully made that jump.
If you missed and hit the cement, you know how bad that would hurt? That would kill.
I've seen it.
It ain't pretty.
So who made the jump? A legend.
Went by the name of Hot Dog Sampson.
Oh, it's been over 40 years ago.
I can still picture it just like it was yesterday.
Imagine if we were legends.
If Jackie saw us make this jump we would be to her.
Would you even let us try? Yeah.
Fifty bucks.

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