Agua Donkeys (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


Okay, now tell me if this is too tight.
That's kind of where I like to stay at.
- Yeah, it doesn't feel all wobbly.
- No.
I'm telling you, if we stick a reverse butterslide and Jackie sees She'd flip her lid.
I wonder if Hot Dog Sampson was a kneeboarder.
I picture him doing hella corkscrews.
I guarantee it.
Shit, it's Rod.
This is Jer and MP.
Hey, I need you guys to finish up at the Hansons and come by the office.
- Why? - What? He wants us to come by the office.
Why? We have our shirts on.
We both have our shirts on.
I still need you to come by the office.
You broke up.
I didn't hear the last five minutes of what you said.
He's pissed.
Who cares? Sunset Beach Tanning.
Hey, Corinne.
It's MP.
Oh, hey, MP.
Can Jer and I come over and you can reverse spray us? Oh, yeah.
For sure.
Cruise by.
Take your shirts off.
I wish you trusted us more.
Rod, if you give us a rule, we're not gonna break it.
Take them off.
- This is embarrassing.
- For you.
You happy? - Hey, Jackie.
- Hey, Jackie.
What happened to you guys? Um This is probably just from us working with our shirts on all the time.
Jackie, did you hear we're gonna jump off the roof of the Sleepy Seagull? Well, just got off the phone with Dr.
He canceled his account.
What? Why? Did he say anything about our jeans? You guys have until the end of the day today to replace the account you just lost or you're fired.
- Yeah, right.
- Yeah, right.
Excuse me, sir, are you the homeowner? Yeah, what do you want? Well, as you know, there's a lot that goes into owning a pool in this day in age.
I don't have a pool.
Do you have a hot tub? No.
You don't have a pool or a hot tub? I've seen one for like 800 bucks.
I've seen one for like 600.
Yeah, my buddy says you have a pool? This is so dumb.
It's so dumb.
Hold up.
I think I have an idea.
How's it going? We have a favor to ask you guys and it's okay if you say no.
We're in some pretty deep crud with our boss and we could really use a hand.
What do you need? Whoa.
What? What do you think? I think it's perfect.
We're going to leave.
You guys saved us.
We can't thank you enough.
You're welcome.
How badass is it that we run into an all-girl landscaping crew? What? Life's so crazy.
Why do we have to meet them right now when we're about to start dating Jackie? Life is so crazy.
And now we're going to head on over to Janice who is live at the scene.
I'm with Jer and MP, who made the discovery earlier this afternoon.
So tell us, how exactly did you discover this crop circle? Uh, we were just doing our Agua Donkeys pool cleaning thing.
Double skim, double vac, uh, PH balancing.
We do chemical bombs.
We also clean pool filters.
We were just doing our thing and all of a sudden we saw this super bright light.
It was more like a loud bang.
Agua Donkeys.
Yeah, it was super loud.
Um, and something else that's crazy that hasn't happened yet is my buddy and I are gonna jump off the roof of the Sleepy Seagull motel.
Yeah, we're looking to clear the cement.
Back to you in the studio.
Thanks, Janice.
Go grab the phone book.

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