Agua Donkeys (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

New Jobs

Is that Donnie? That is Donnie.
- Donnie! - Donnie! Hey, Donnie, have you been kneeing lately? Yeah, I've been going a lot.
Is that a new knee? Yeah, I actually just got sponsored.
Holy shit.
Dude, that's gotta be such a trip.
Yeah, it's pretty mellow.
- "Mellow.
" That's so sick.
- Dude, that's so sick.
You guys want some stickers? - Yeah, we'll take stickers.
- We'll for sure take some stickers.
Oh, hell yeah.
I'm pulling you guys off the route.
What? Why? You called the cops on the homeowner.
We thought he was a robber.
Dressed in a suit and a tie.
He probably stole those too.
That was Mr.
The grandpa? Three generations under one roof? - That's so sick.
- So sick.
The husband.
When did they get married? This morning? She's gonna make such a mellow wife.
She's gonna be great.
You guys aren't going home until the whole building's cleaned.
We're pool cleaners, not barn cleaners.
If you don't like it, you can find new jobs.
So, if your last boss could only use one word to describe you what would it be? Cheery? What about you? Does it have to be a different word? Housekeeping.
Do you know how to make a bed for real? I sleep in a sleeping bag, so I just roll it up.
Oh, I didn't know that.
Yeah, I've been doing it for a while.
That could be slick, dude.
Yeah, I was surprised by how slick it was.
Who is it? - Housekeeping.
- Housekeeping.
Uh, you guys asked for a hair dryer? The African striped bush squirrel is native to East Africa and subsists on the lush vegetation I think getting a new job was a good move.
Now we don't have to worry about Rod's "no dating" policy.
You think Jackie would really wanna date us? If she doesn't now, she will for sure after we jump.
I mean, think about the love languages.
And then think about Jackie.
We know she doesn't like quality time.
Or words of affirmation.
Or receiving gifts.
So, what else is there? Bravery.
Think about how brave this is gonna be.
It's brave of us to even be up here eating lunch.
It's so brave.
Where do you think Jackie's best view's gonna be? I say we have her stand like right there.
That way she can hear our jeans.
Won't that be too loud? Maybe.
Are we sure this is really jumpable? Hot Dog Sampson did it.
Did he though? If he stayed here, the motel's gonna have some kind of record of it.
Yeah, is this the Sampson residence? Hi, I'm looking for someone named Hot Dog.
It is? Hold up, is Hot Dog a guy or a girl? Uh, Hot Dog, could we call you right back? Thanks.
You guys get the hair dryer up to 217? Yep.
- Got the floors all vacuumed? - Double vacuumed, double dusted.
What about the clogged toilet in 107? You think Jackie has any idea the reason only we haven't asked her out yet is because of Rod's policies? That's a really good question.
Go stand over there.
Close your eyes.
Hey, Jackie? Jackie? Do you know where the hose is? We have to spray off all this sweat.
Um, it's outside, hooked up to the pressure washer.
Oh, we didn't see it.
Hey, Jackie? What were you thinking about this whole time when we didn't work here anymore? When? Today.
Uh, I thought you guys were just out back.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hm.
- We were.
- We're out back.
Excuse me, Jackie? Are there any policies that you struggle with? What do you mean? Uh, just, like, here at Agua Donkeys.
Um I mean, no one likes all the rules.
But Man, I'm beat.
Forgot how tiring the route is.
Thought you guys quit.
Oh, no.
We were just out back.
Did you get it done? Um We only have three walls left.
As long as you get it done.
Hey, Rod? - Yeah? - Just so you know, the only reason we don't have our shirts on is because they're drenched in sweat.
As long as we're still working here, we're never gonna be able to ask out Jackie.
But what if Jackie didn't work here anymore? What do you mean? I hate to say it, but we might have to get Jackie fired.

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