Agua Donkeys (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Get Jackie Fired

Sorry I'm late.
It's okay.
That's my bad.
- Walls actually look pretty good.
- Mm-hm.
Aqua Donkeys, this is Jackie.
Yeah, I want to talk to the owner.
Um, okay, one second.
This is Rod Caldera.
Yeah, I have a complaint about the office manager, Jackie.
What's the problem? Uh, I just don't like her tone.
And she's weird about policy-type stuff.
Hello? I want some answers.
We slept here last night, and we think Jackie stole some stuff.
Maybe if you two slept here every night, you wouldn't be so late for work.
See, that's the tone stuff I'm talking about.
Here, hand me the phone.
Hello? [MP.]
Leonard, we need a new pool pump for the Quezas.
I think we can take care of that.
Hey, Leonard? Have you ever been painted into a corner? I was born in the corner.
- How so? - Once when I was doing time for assault with a deadly weapon, there was a narc that kept snitching on me for dealing.
Dealing what? So I did what anybody in that situation would do.
I murdered his cellmate.
But I set it up so he took the fall.
Holy shit, Leonard.
So you still want that pump? We've been painted into a corner, dude.
Whether we realize it or not.
You heard Leonard.
We gotta set it up so Jackie takes the fall.
It's for everyone's own good.
Policies are policies.
Hey, what's your favorite thing about Jackie? I'm just curious.
I like that she's kind of flirty with me.
When we do get her fired and we can ask her out, what are you gonna do for your first date? I don't know.
What are you gonna do? I kind of want to take her to the mall.
Then I thought we'd just figure it out from there.
You're talking about a mall crawl.
What? Would you be bummed if I did that for my first date too? Not at all.
Hey, Jackie? Do you drive stick or what? Can you come to the Quezas' and back the truck up while me and MP load a pump into it? Thank you.
She'll be here in 45.
Keep coming.
Keep coming.
Clutch down, gas out, Jackie.
Make sure you put it in R.
I'm trying.
- [JER.]
Keep coming.
Keep coming.
- [MP.]
There we go.
Keep coming.
Keep coming.
You got like 20 feet.
- Keep coming.
- Keep coming.
- Keep coming, Jackie.
- Coming.
Jackie? - This isn't good.
- This is not good at all.
She's gonna get fired.
She's gonna get fired for sure.
Rod's not gonna be happy.
What were you thinking? [MP.]
She wasn't thinking.
She doesn't even know how to drive stick.
Rod, Jackie messed up.
She ran over the Quezas' mailbox.
She said it was an accident, but we watched the whole thing go down.
We're over 100 percent sure she did it on purpose.
That's not what she said.
I'm glad you brought that up.
Because Jer and I think she might be insane.
Tell you what I'm gonna do.
Put Jer on.
I want you both to hear this.
I will never, ever fire Jackie.
And we got a newer policy at Agua Donkeys.
You guys aren't allowed to talk to Jackie unless spoken to.
We clear? - Yes.
- Yes.
Any questions? Did Jackie say anything about our hats? Hey.
Do you think we should apologize to Jackie for trying to get her fired? Yes and no.
Yes, we should, but no, we won't.
How can we if Rod won't even let us talk to her? Ninety-one percent of all communication's nonverbal, right? There's nothing Rod can do about that.
Sounds like Jackie's gonna have to start listening with her eyes.
Sounds like shit's about to get noisy.
One second.
Agua Donkeys, this is Jer and MP.
Hey, boys, it's Hot Dog.
- Oh, hey, Hot Dog.
- Tell Hot Dog I say hi.
Jer says hi.
Hi, Jer.
So, boys, I've been thinking.
The Sleepy Seagull jump has already been done.
Don't you guys want to blaze your own trail? Can you unpack that a bit, Hot Dog? I think you guys should huck synchronized gainers.
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