Agua Donkeys (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Lake Sesh with Donnie

´╗┐1 [MP.]
Okay, imagine if you took it from there, into a butter slide, right into a bunny hop Hold up.
Butter slide, bunny hop, backside 360.
Well, hold up.
Wouldn't you rather do butter slide ? Here, hold up.
Wouldn't you rather do butter slide, bunny hop frontside 360? Dude, I never want to go around the front.
Imagine if you got caught up in the rope.
Your knees would get so squanched up.
Oh, they'd get squanched up and donched up.
Hold up.
This is Jer and MP.
When you guys finish at the Davenports, I need you to run by the rental on Swanson.
They got some new tenants, so I need you to fill up the pool.
You got it.
And I shouldn't have to say this, but don't skate the pool.
- Donnie! - Donnie! - Donnie! - Donnie! - Donnie! - [MP.]
Donnie! - Donnie, you ollie so high.
- So high.
- That was such a cherry sesh.
- It was so cherry.
Thanks, guys.
I appreciate the hookup.
It's hard to find empty pools around here.
Tell me about it.
We're so over full pools.
Yeah, if I see one more full pool, I'm gonna rip my hair out.
So aren't you guys gonna skate? Nah.
I'm not skating for a bit.
The tricks I've been trying lately are pretty fucked up.
Jer? I wish.
I don't have any wax on me, otherwise I'd be gliding these lips.
Cool, man.
You guys knee, right? It's all we do.
If we're not working, we're kneeing.
That's mellow.
It is mellow.
Super mellow.
If you guys are free later, you should come hit a sunset lake sesh.
- [JER.]
We'll be free, all right.
- We'd love to hit a sunset sesh.
Very cherry.
You should grab a couple cuties and meet me at the marina at 7.
We would for sure, but the only girl we'd bring isn't talking to us right now.
Dudes, I've been there.
Listen, guys.
If you like someone, sometimes the best way to get their attention is to hang with the competition.
So if you're down for that, I say scoop up a couple Cleopatras, and meet me at 7.
The water should be nice and buttery by then.
I sure hope Jackie doesn't find out about this.
No, Jackie's supposed to find out about this.
I just always kind of figured that Jackie would be with us when we hit our first lake sesh with Donnie.
Well, I have a hunch she'll be at the next one.
You have the best hunches.
Hey, Jer.
Hey, MP.
Um, two Chubby Bubbies please.
A couple Chubby Bubbies sound good.
Okay, two Chubby Bubbies.
Anything else? Um We were actually wondering are you free later for a sick sunset knee sesh? Sorry, I can't.
I I have plans with my boyfriend tonight, so Could we please speak to your manager? Uh Yeah, okay.
One second.
How can I help you guys? Any interest in a sick sunset kneeboard sesh? Hey, do you guys remember us? Yeah, you're the maids.
Holy shit, your rigs are sick.
Are those street legal? Nope.
- That's so mellow.
- Thanks, man.
So, what are you guys up to? Well, we cruised over because we were hoping to get you two out behind the boat for a buttery little evening knee sesh.
Did you say "knee sesh"? Oh, man, we'd love to knee, but we'll probably still be out riding.
- Very cool.
- Very cool.
All right, I guess we'll just see you guys later? Yeah, catch you later.
Dude, those chicks are so badass.
I wish there were more girls like them.
Tell me about it.
All we gotta do is get one half the se├▒oritas to say yes.
We know it's probably a long shot, or that you probably have boyfriends, or plans already but we were just wondering if you and one of your coworkers would be down for a chill-ass sunset kneeboard sesh.
How long have we been out here for? It seems like Donnie should have scooped us up by now.
It feels like if we don't do something cool soon, Jackie's gonna get another boyfriend.
Yeah, if we don't knee with Donnie, we may have no other choice but to jump.
One minute, six second, 32 one-hundredth.
Jaime, we keep telling you, you have to pass out.
- I think I did for a little bit.
- [MP.]
Not long enough.
Jer, get in there and show him how it's done.
Okay, Jaime, listen.
If you want to break my record, at some point, you're gonna have to inhale water.

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