Agua Donkeys (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Facing Your Fears

I just found five bucks.
Who's five bucks is this? I think it might be Should I just ? Hey, whose rose is this? Whoa.
It's gonna be a good day.
Just found a box of chocolates out in the parking lot.
You know what'd be so sick? If the hole in the ozone layer was straight over us.
Think how bronzed up we'd be.
Oh, we'd be bronzed up and tonzed up.
Jackie couldn't ignore us then.
Not a chance.
You know what else? Think how high our lights would be.
Shit, they'd be so high.
Wyatt, dude.
What up, buffs? Whoa, Wyatt.
Fucking Wyatt.
What happened? Dude, me and the Cherry boys were jumping off the Hazeldean bridge.
I thought it'd be sick to do a gainer.
Didn't rotate enough.
Totally landed wrong.
Completely splooged my neck.
- Jeez.
- Shit.
It does look pretty splooged up.
It still kills.
How high is the Hazeldean bridge? I don't know.
Probably like 20 feet.
How many stories is that? At least two.
Dude, what happened? You normally throw the chunkiest gainers in town.
I don't think you realize how much calf strength it takes to throw a full rotation.
Damn, dude.
Normally, when I think of calves, I think of cows.
- Yeah, little baby ones.
- Yeah.
That's how I used to be before I started doing gainers.
So, what do you guys want? And how many stories is the Sleepy Seagull? Three.
Why do you guys wanna do this again? Because, honestly, this is our last chance to make Jackie think we're legends.
The only way she's gonna see that is if we huck gainers off the Sleepy Seagull Motel.
All right.
Why don't you guys go do it then? Because we're scared.
You've probably never even been scared before.
Oh, I've been scared all right.
Lots of times.
Once, when I was doing time for grand theft auto, I got on the wrong side of the baddest cat in the whole damn block.
He wanted me dead.
So you know what I did at night when everyone else was sleeping? - You killed him.
- You straight murdered him.
I did pushups and sit-ups in my cell so I could defend myself when the time came.
The enemy of fear is preparation.
Two Chubby Bubbies? No, we're looking for something different.
What's the best milkshake to build up our calves for chunky gainers? Um It's crazy to think that even Leonard gets scared.
It really kind of rocked me.
But you heard him.
If we're gonna overcome our fears, we gotta take them head on.
You're right.
Listen, if we're gonna do this, we gotta be straight up with each other.
Is there anything else you're afraid of? Yeah, one thing.
What? Welding.
Know how they say that if you look at the sparks without a mask on, you'll go blind? Dude, we gotta get you over that shit.
You're not gonna look? No, that shit doesn't scare me.
Dude, did you notice the weight set in the Finnegan's garage? No.
Dude, I wish you could see how slick your calves are looking right now.
I don't know how many more I can do.
I think I feel a difference though.
Yeah, I'd probably back off a little bit.
Back when we were talking about our fears you never told me what you're afraid of.
I'm afraid of what's gonna happen if we jump.
Like, what if we make it and Jackie still doesn't wanna date us? Or what if we don't make it and Jackie wanted to date us the whole time? So you're afraid of the future.
Yeah, I guess.
Dude we gotta get you over that shit.
This is your life line.
This little one here, this is your aspirations.
And this is your love line.
They, all three are about to converge.
Yeah, we're about to do gainers off the Sleepy Seagull motel.
Yes, I see that.
Just ask her, MP.
Donamae, will me and Jer have the courage to jump? You will have the courage to jump but you might not land where you're expecting.

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