Águila Roja (2009) s01e01 Episode Script

Ãguila roja

"The third had a face like a man," "and the fourth was like a flying eagle.
" That's enough, Daniel, very well read.
You may sit down.
Juanillo, go ahead, it's your turn.
Quiet! Are you okay, Juanillo? Quiet, I say! It's not nice to laugh at a classmate.
It's Christmas! Everybody go home! Come along, little devil! Hold it right there! Let me go, father; they'll leave without me! You should come with me.
We need to go shopping, and then we'll go home and help your mother.
But Dad, that's women's work! Is that so? So that makes you a girl? Let's see .
How much is the lamb? Thirty maravedes apiece.
So, we're raising our prices, right? Since it is Christmas Well, let's also have some "bull oysters," Sorry, sorry but I was first.
Four legs of lamb.
Also add seven pounds of pigs feet and Is there any rabbit? No offense Well, four, four may be enough.
When the Medici come to dinner, you don't know how they can eat! That's him, with my cloak--the thief! Where has he gone? He's gone down the stairs.
I'll pay for the rabbit.
They were freshly cut today, no? Yes, ma'am.
Oh, God! The Marquise wants me to bring some fruit.
Now they want fruit! She wants me to take it in, How old are you, child? Thirteen.
And you've been with a man? Tell me, have you been deflowered? No, by God! Let me; I'll take it.
Does the Marquise grant permission to enter? Enter! The galleon wants to cross the Strait of Magellan.
May I, Marquise? Permission granted, Commissioner.
Catalina, leave it here on the bed.
Yes, ma'am.
Of course, sorry.
What was I thinking of? The fruit goes on the bed.
Cata, you retrieve it! Catalina, dear, that is all for today! You may leave.
And Merry Christmas! Indeed, you still have not told me what you want for Christmas.
That's easy to say.
I want everything, everything! Do you like grapes? No, please don't hurt me, no! "There will come times of weeping and gnashing of teeth.
" Are you ready? Okay, ready! One, two three! An alphabet! Yes! Don't you need one? Sure.
Who made it? Where did you buy it? We made it.
No, you could not have made this We did make it.
You're an artist! Murillo helped us with the pictures, eh? A little bit I wonder Do you really like it? Don't get too carried away; you still have to go pick up the roast lamb.
No Run! Mother, is Aunt Margarita coming this year? You know she can't.
But why? We haven't seen her for a long time.
Children should not ask so many questions.
Only the corrupt blood shall perish.
We are the elected members of the new order.
So be it.
Everybody has arrived; now we can start.
Stop, your money or your life! Hello, Floro; goodbye, Floro.
I'm in a hurry, Floro.
That's no way to greet a friend.
I have to go pick up a roast lamb, Floro.
Sure, but if it's roasted, it cannot run very far.
Let's go to Cipri's and have a few.
How many have you already had, Floro? Me, only one, but Do not look at me with those eyes; you know that I have to eat you.
That's life, pal.
Look, I'm going to have to cook you with these candles.
Our plot is coming to a head.
The king's days are numbered.
But we are going too far.
I will not be an accomplice to treason.
I remind you that obedience is mandatory in this secret society.
You are talking about assassinating the king.
Can it be that you lack courage? Enough! Nobody calls Captain Rodrigo a coward! Coward! I have enough evidence here to incriminate you all.
That's impossible! And I'll use it.
Not before you test my sword.
With pleasure.
Get him! I'll go see what happened to your father and the lamb.
You stay here, okay? No, I want to go with you.
I'll be right back! But no, I don't want to stay alone! Scared? The brave one is afraid? It's only for a moment, okay? Okay.
Bye! The teacher and the barber paid whatever they could.
Good, what should I offer you? You offered me a landscape Well, for a claret jug.
Just let Catalina catch you; then you'll see some claret flow! What a woman you have, Cipri.
Too much horse for such a little pony rider.
Gee, thanks, man! Here, drink to my health! You must help me! What happened? You must give this book to the king.
Flee for your life! Please, please, I have not done anything! You're arrested on behalf of the consul.
Shut up! I just wanted to grab the rabbit! Sorry, not your lady's, one that I had Go away, scum! No home, no shelter, no food It's going on too long, this 17th century.
Please, please! I have not done anything! Let me out of here, please! I really don't like these things, and even less on Christmas Eve! I didn't do anything! What you'd like is to be at home celebrating Christmas Eve with your family, right? That can be very easily arranged.
Simply tell me that you recognize the person you met.
I did not recognize anyone.
Please, I did not meet anyone.
Turn her over to Vetas.
- What is it? - I use it to scare away my mother-in-law, look! Floro! What? What are you saying about my mother I never talk about your mother.
What is that? It's a trumpet, look.
You're going home, we're going to dinner.
- Well, goodbye! - Merry Christmas! The lamb! Merry Christmas, Floro, Merry Christmas! I have not done anything, please! This is going to hurt me more than you.
Family, everybody come to the table, the lamb is here.
Well, wouldn't you know how drunk What are you doing? How drunk Floro was.
Catalina has given him such a slap.
Where's Mommy? I don't know.
She went out to find you.
You were taking so long Come on, let's go look.
Mother! Cristina! Come on.
Cristina! Look back around the food carts.
We might be getting close.
Cristina! Cristina! Mother! Cristina! Have you found her? Not a soul in the street, or on the plaza or in church.
Did you search at Comendadora's Square? Everything is deserted.
Maybe she has gone home along Cuchillero, and we passed her? Okay, go on! Mother! Alonso, don't worry--she's probably at home eating the lamb.
Come on, son! Come, let's hurry! Maybe she went along Cuchillero.
Father That's Mother's shawl, right? Cristina! Who has done this? I love you, my dearest.
Take care of Alonso! He's just like you; he is a child.
Cristina! Mom? Mom? Alonso! Catalina! Take him away! No! Mom! Do not leave me, please! Mother! No, please, Mom! No! Mother! Do not take her! Three months later.
My son, you'll soon eat She has come through here.
Thief! What else have you taken? Leave me alone; my child is dying.
It is only a little milk.
We are hungry; people are hungry.
Do you know what happens to thieves? The noose awaits them.
Mercy! Who are you? Uncover your face! Can't you see where you have left that cart? What's going on? Give them a hand! Get it out of the way; I have to move! No, I'm going first.
Why do we have to come through these streets, which are always so jammed? What an inconvenience, my Lady! Shut up! Move that cart at once! Let the Marquise pass! That's all? Some people don't even have this much.
Here I'm not hungry.
I've drawn The Red Eagle.
Come, set aside your fantasies, and eat.
They say he helps people.
Maybe he knows who killed mother.
Alonso, enough already! Okay? Finish your breakfast quickly.
We must go to school.
Eat it all.
- Cipri! - Good morning, Floro! Give me a drink; I've just nearly cut off someone's ear.
You can't imagine how bad it is.
I told you not to start working before you drink your two glasses, or your hands will shake too much.
This is strong stuff, no? I think it'll set you up.
No, no I do not come for that, I come I come for this! Cipriano! Let's write a dictation about the apocalypse.
Begin copying.
Start reading here.
It is then the doomsday Dear Aunt Margarita, I'm writing to you once more.
Since the death of Mother, father has been in a very bad way.
I know that he is sad and angry about what happened at Christmas, but I also lost my mother.
Father needs someone to help.
Mother always said good things about you.
Please come; we need you.
Trumpets and will open the heavens and the earth.
The apocalypse! It's the end of the world! Murillo, my boy! It's nothing.
We have not finished the dictation.
Where were we? Father, it's not what it seems.
We need you? We do not need anyone, Alonso.
Don't you get it? Don't you listen when I speak? Alonso, look at me when I talk.
I forbid you to write again to your aunt, understand? Class is over; you can all go.
Alonso, my son Alonso, wait! Son! Shit! What's up? No, no, I do not Then go away! At this rate those grapes will ferment.
Hey, look, I'm going into town.
If you want me to drop you nearby Sure, near the town And I know what will happen then: "I know a shortcut," you'll say.
And if we go there, we'll end just frolicking on the threshing floor, no? Hey, lady, I'm married to Pascuala and very happily married at that, okay? Well, pardon me, I've made a long journey, coming from Seville, and I've heard every trick; there are so many scoundrels there Anyway, I'm grateful, but I don't mind taking a walk.
Well, then, enjoy yourself, because you'll be walking for more than two days.
What? Hey, stop! Of course, lady, come on! There you go.
Thank you.
So do you and Pascuala have children? Yes, a lot: eight girls, no boys And you, how many? No, no, I do not have children, but I do have someone who needs me very much.
Food, food! Let it go, it's mine! Haven't you found anything? Nothing, no trace of the book.
We have to leave town.
I think they begin to suspect me.
We cannot see each other again.
They suspect you for killing the wife of the teacher.
If we get the book, the whole plot against the king would be revealed.
It's been three months; you'll never find it.
You're not going to abandon me, right? No.
But we're running out of time.
Have you found Captain Rodrigo? Not yet.
Three months ago he escaped.
He knows too much.
We must find and destroy him.
One of us is helping Captain Rodrigo and knows his whereabouts.
The one who dares to betray us, stand up! It's him.
He is the one who knows where Captain Rodrigo is.
Misfortunes never come one at a time.
What's happened? The school building has collapsed.
Oh God! My Murillo is in there! Quiet, woman, the kids are fine.
The only one suffering is Gonzalo.
We must do something about this poor man, who goes from one tragedy to another.
And what can we do? Ever since his wife was killed, Gonzalo has barely raised his head.
I think he's been cursed by the evil eye.
Hush, woman! Innkeeper! Some more meatballs and more wine.
Hey, the evil eye is no laughing matter.
Floro, for God's sake, don't embarrass me! What you have to do, if you are his friends, is to get up off your asses and lend him a hand.
You are assholes, real assholes.
I'm going to fetch water; are you coming? Yes.
Maybe your wife is right.
No, the only asshole here is you.
Not about that, but about helping Gonzalo.
Oh, sure.
Surrender, Red Eagle.
Never! You're going to die! I am The Red Eagle.
You're dead! I'm only wounded Wait, there's something down there.
A book.
Alonso, look, some paper for my drawings.
Come on, let's go play behind the convent.
Just leave me alone.
You miss your mother, right? I should have gone with her to look for my father.
Then you would not be here with us playing.
You'd be At the cemetery? No, in heaven.
Surely your mother sees you; she's up there.
No, my mother is being eaten by worms.
Well, at least you still have a father.
No, I don't.
My father acts as if I weren't there.
I don't think he loves me anymore.
At least you have a father.
I'd like to have one, even if he's not a very good one.
It's just that I hardly remember her face.
Do you think some day I'll forget her completely? If you want, I can draw her for you, I have plenty of paper.
These meatballs are not very good.
Let me try these That's already your fifth helping.
When you pay for what you've eaten, you can have more.
That'll be six reales.
You see, there is something you should know It's just that I am The Red Eagle.
Delighted, Red Eagle, it's still six reales.
No, you're not understanding me.
Look, you know how I help the poor.
Just last night I saved a few.
And now you should help me.
So Do not even move, eh? Stand still! Floro, the 'enforcer'! Here it is.
Hold it right there.
Don't make a move.
First you pay me the six reales, and then you can eat the meatballs or whatever you want.
Okay, okay I'm not The Red Eagle, but I'm hungry, and I'm crazy.
I'm really crazy! Tonight, you'll get your just desserts.
No thanks.
I've had enough; I don't want any dessert.
Here is your final blessing.
Holy shit! Thank you, commissioner.
If you keep this up, you're going to end up in ruins.
God, this looks like Lepanto after the battle! Leave me alone, Catalina.
I have a lot of work to do.
Yes, you still have a few glasses to break.
Hit it harder; that wood is from Provence.
I can't go on! You have to go on! Or else in this mess you're going to catch the plague.
What do you think, that I'm not trying? Just try harder! This house looks like a cave, and your son is a lost soul.
Don't you know how much I loved her? Of course I know, how could I not know? Gonzalo, you made Cristina very happy.
We should not visit such a common place.
Look, do not contradict me, we are far from my mother's palace.
It is an honor to have you in my inn, Master Marquis.
If I can do something for you It would be nicer if it did not smell like a stable, but I'll settle for a cup of chocolate and some pastries.
Sorry, your excellence, but we have no chocolate.
Don't you know about the food shortages we are experiencing? We're having supply problems.
Look, I'm not here to listen to your problems.
Have you anything to quench my appetite? Of course, Master Marquis, I have the best barbecued spicy sausage from Madrid, and a scrumptious Torrene.
I promise that you have not tasted anything more delicious in your entire life.
Save this crap for your pigs or for yourself, Not that there is much difference.
I don't know what else I can offer.
Excuse me? You're refusing to give food to the Marquis of Santillana, scum? But, sir, please I shall kill this commoner if I please.
But sir, please Put down that sword, boy.
I'm terribly sorry, my Lady, I could not control the child.
You've had no control from day one.
How could you even bring my child into this joint? Come along.
You're fired.
I never want to see you again.
Thank you, mother, that tutor has made my life impossible.
Have I given you permission to speak? Let's go.
Now I'll have to find another tutor.
For your trouble.
Thank you, my Lady! Come back anytime! At your feet, marquise! That child, he needs a strong hand.
He's spoiled.
No one has ever disciplined him with a firm hand.
Tomatoes! I have tomatoes! Father, father! It's a gift, you'll love it! Thank you.
It's mother, drawn by Murillo, so she'll always be with us.
What, don't you like it? I miss her too, son, but a picture will not bring her back to us.
But father, it was drawn We have to live without her, Alonso.
You don't know who you're about to hang.
God's hand is about to fall upon you.
God sees you.
By order of the commissioner, for acts of theft and robbery, to be hanged by the neck until they stop breathing, for being a public nuisance and other crimes, Alejandro Valencia, Cesar Ruiz de Diego, and the man who refuses to give his name.
They'll do it? They're going to kill them? Isn't anybody going to help? Executioner, if you leave me a little slack, some more rope, I say, I'll repay you.
You know that I am man of means, eh? Bastard! Let him fall! Chase him! Over here, birdie! Someone save me! Bird! Save me! They'll kill me! I'm over here, birdie! Red Eagle, bravo! Take him to jail; we will kill him there in a slower and more painful way.
I'm telling you, to live with the death of an innocent on your conscience is going to be tough, man.
Well, if you have no appreciation for the lives of others, you do not.
It's no use; we all have our problems.
Okay, but will you at least give me a last supper? Shut up, scum! You're not going to deny me that right! My last supper! The execution protocol, the last supper before death, huh? My requests are to have a few Galician percevinos from Costa da Monte.
That is where I'm from, you know? We'll kill you tomorrow, you bastard.
Well, I will not be picky You are right, if it takes a few weeks to make the arrangements, a week I can wait.
Some percevinos No way? Nothing.
No way or nothing.
Get on the floor, go! Mother, I miss you.
You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to Seville to look for my aunt.
We need help.
Father is very sad, and we cannot go on this way.
I only ask one thing: Give me the strength.
Do not worry, I'll be careful along the way, I will not talk to strangers or anything, but will you help me, okay? Thank you, Mother! Father, I have sinned; I have killed again.
But you've saved some innocent lives, and you've given hope to the people.
When I married Cristina I swore I would never use violence again.
Can't you remember how badly off you were the first time you came to me? Now you have a mission.
People need to believe in something.
Isn't that what the church is for? The Church does not remove hunger; moreover, neither you nor I trust it.
I no longer trust anyone, except you, but my wife is dead and I still do not know why.
Control your anger and use it to help me.
There are dark forces conspiring to seize power.
What does that have to do with Cristina's death? I suspect that everything is connected, and it is no accident that there are food shortages.
Find out who is selling the food, and they will take you to their masters.
Father, I want to make my confession.
Tell me, my daughter You're sure of what you're doing? I'm telling you: tonight I'm going to get fired as a maid in the palace.
You're going to lose your job at the palace, woman? Who else could be the private maid of the Marchesa and know her secrets? Instead you'd be doing her a favor: Don't you see that the little Marquis is a little softy and Gonzalo is going to toughen him up a bit? You're playing me again, you're playing me! But how can I play you if you're so much smarter? - He's playing you.
- I know.
We are men of the world; we have been around.
Well, if things get ugly, we will sing that song to the Marquise, the one about the Marchioness, with those big ones, at the table.
You'll see how she laughs.
What a joke! If I lose my job and it's your fault, just wait and hear what I will say Floro! Be careful! No, woman, be easy; do not worry, we have fought bulls in worse places.
What did we see in these men to marry them? Well, my daughter, they had no money, and they are certainly not handsome But they do make us laugh.
I've only been able to bring this for your trip.
- Thanks! - And I brought this.
Are you sure you want to run away to Seville? As surely as what jumps from your head are lice.
You're leaving without saying goodbye to anyone? Yes.
Your aunt is going to be glad to see you, no? Let's just see if she sells you Sells me? But my aunt is richer than the Sultan of Damascus! But I'm not.
If I only had money Look, an old man with his bag wide open, perfect for you.
Do you want him to steal? No, just some borrowed money.
If you really want to go to Seville it will be not easy.
But if I get caught? We'll cover for you.
See what it's like swimming in wealth, such luxury! How beautiful these paintings are! They're frescos.
More than 200 years ago, they decorated the walls of palaces in almost all of Europe.
Painted walls, that's the way to decorate! Come here, dog! Here, my good man.
Come, come here.
Help! They made me; I was forced! Rodrigo, get me out, please! I'll go tell my mother; she'll alert your father.
Okay, but run! And you, how do you know so much? Because I read a lot.
And doesn't that make your head hurt? Well? Madam Marquise.
You have a proposal to make, no? Yes, well, mainly because of your son, since we witnessed the dispute with the tutor.
We understand that the job has remained vacant.
We have an acquaintance who could do the job.
He is a teacher; he is the perfect candidate, if you want him, Your Excellency.
I do want a tutor, but I need references.
Tell me about your friend; is he a good teacher? He's the best.
He is a person who can read.
He knows Latin, Greek, understands arithmetic, and has traveled extensively, and has even been been to China.
To China And I must trust a barber and a Innkeeper.
On one occasion the Duke of Olivares stopped at my inn, and I gave him a glass of wine and he said thank Enough! I guess I cannot lose anything by meeting him.
Tell him to come immediately.
Your Excellency, he will be here quicker than a rooster crow, if you wish.
That way.
Pray for me, God's mother; they'll hang me! They'll hang me! How is it possible, after tossing 11 times.
How? Get in! What a country, what a country, that no longer cares for children! Why have you been busted, boy? I stole a bag of money.
The noble profession of thief.
Yes, sir! Although you'll wish you had learned better, for the penalty for stealing is amputation of a hand.
But that, that's only the worst case.
With some luck you only get sent for one year in the galleys.
A year in the galleys? Boy, that's just rowing, the galleys What's that? Nothing, they are torturing a man.
It's like I always say: better him than us, right? For the king's best friends, to us! Well, it wasn't that hard, for deep inside, the nobility are just like us, if they get bitten in the ass, they feel it.
All men are equal Sure, and some are more equal than others, because the marquise has enough jewelry to fill a cart, and me, look only this medal from my grandmother, God rest her soul.
How happy Gonzalo will be when you tell him that he will tutor the son of the Marquise! Well, he's going to jump for joy, I think Have you seen Alonso? Maybe he's out playing with my Murillo.
If you see him, send him over to the school, I'm trying to fix the beams.
Wait, Gonzalo, do not go! Come in for a moment.
No need to fix anything.
Are you planning to help me? Yes, well, we have helped you already.
You're going to exchange the cottage for a palace.
Let's see Well, so tell me.
We've got a job for you in the palace of the Marquise.
As my lady marchioness has no guardian for her child, and you have no school, then How dare you suggest this, Catalina? Thank you so very much, Catalina.
See you later.
If you see Alonso, send him along.
- Catalina - Look Look how he celebrates.
You should have asked him first; you just do things at random.
Lieutenant, where is Captain Rodrigo? For months, I have heard nothing about him.
Do not lie.
They have seen you together.
Where do you hide the book? I do not know what you're talking about.
Nor do you know that woman? What woman? I mean the woman who died on Christmas Day.
The teacher's woman.
Help me, I have to see what's happening.
Boy, boy, what they're doing is not pretty to see.
Devil child! If you watch the torture, you will not sleep for three months.
Get down from there! Where is the captain? That woman, did he know her? I tell you, I did not know that woman.
Nobody knew her.
Lieutenant, perhaps the captain knew her.
Hello, Lucrecia.
It starts badly.
You have to know that I had the last servant whipped who It's Gonzalo.
Gonzalo? So much time has passed! Very much.
We were practically children then.
You can go.
Tell me, where have you been hiding all these years? I traveled a lot.
I met my wife, I became a teacher, I had a son.
You must be a happy man then.
My wife died a few months ago.
I am sorry.
I, too, am a widow.
Gonzalo and I grew up together.
Mother, do not remind me that you once were a commoner.
Do you see how much he needs a tutor? I am a schoolteacher; if you want your boy to learn with me, he may attend my school.
I'm not going to a school for the poor! Being noble gives you no right to be insolent.
Forgive me.
There is nothing to forgive; my son is a brat.
In short, we are agreed.
You will come here to teach letters, math; you know Latin And Greek, but I don't think you understand.
Don't worry.
I'll pay you, of course.
No, it's not a question of money, it's a matter of honesty.
My profession is that of teacher, not mentor.
You know how much I dislike being told no.
Don't take it as a no.
I'll be at my school if you change your mind.
It was a pleasure to see you, Lucretia.
Okay, let's continue.
Come here, boy! Hand me the sword.
Have someone remove this chair! Stop listening.
With that one, they have finished for today.
For a long time he has neither whimpered nor screamed.
I have to know who he is.
My son, you already have enough problems without going around asking for a new one.
In this place we all have a very black future.
They were talking about my mother.
Maybe he knows why she died.
Alonso de Montado! How soon they came for you, boy! Alonso de Montado! What will they do? They're going to kill me? No, please, I can't go! Good luck, boy! Get down! Hold it right there.
Father, father, there's a man Alonso, I hope you have a good explanation for this.
Yes, there is a man who But there was a man who spoke about mother, and they asked about her.
He had a tattoo on his That's not what I've been wondering.
Are you aware that you could have been hanged? Do you know what I had to do to set you loose? I sold the horse.
So now we have nothing, nothing! And why were you were going to Seville, huh? I was going to see Aunt Margarita.
What? Are we not already doing okay? Yes.
Am I such a bad father? No, but we're so very much alone.
Aunt Margarita could be very helpful, she She is going to stay where she is, and we're going to stay here.
You and I are family, and we solve our problems ourselves.
She is also family.
Okay, sorry; I know I have misbehaved.
It's just that there was that man in prison they were torturing.
They spoke of mother Never mind that.
Justice is responsible for that man, son.
What's wrong, can't you hear me? There is a man who knows what happened to mother.
I heard you; you need not repeat it.
You're not going to do anything? You don't care what happened to Mother! And you are a coward.
Coward! I'll find out who murdered my mother.
Hurry and find some shelter; it's not good to spend the night in these public places.
And stop worrying so much, already.
You'll see that the boy, once he sees you, is going to smother you with kisses.
No, I am not worried about the child, I worry about the father.
Go with God! And thanks! Lieutenant! Do not kill me, please! I'm just a boy.
Why was a young boy like you leaning on that wall for half the night? The Red Eagle! You can help.
My mother was killed, and inside the prison there is a man who knows something.
Go back home.
You will not do anything? This is no place for you.
But, I have to enter the prison.
You want to get killed? I don't care.
I am not a coward like my father.
You are the teacher's son, no? How did you know? I know everything.
Then, who killed my mother? Okay, I know almost everything.
But I'll find out who it was, on one condition: you have to do everything your father says.
Agreed? Now back to your home.
How? That's my business.
Ready? Yes.
Run! Remember what I said.
They say when you get hung you get a hard on.
That's when you have gone to heaven.
If they let you in heaven with fever, who knows Silence in the cell! In here there is little for you to do, Father.
These two already have one foot in hell.
Help me, Father! Help me; I've been an altar boy! I went to church so much that they almost made me a cardinal, bishop, and even the Pope.
I've always been very close to God; help me! If you do not want to be sent to God, keep your mouth shut.
Yes, sorry.
Who are you? What do you know about the teacher's woman? Why would I say anything? Because I'm the only one who can get you out.
She died because she happened to come across something very serious.
The captain knows the whole story.
Which captain are you talking about? Captain Rodrigo.
I said he was dead, but he's really alive.
Tell me where he is; how can I recognize him? He has a tattoo like mine.
They want to kill Who? Who do they want to kill? Where can I find Captain Rodrigo, tell me? That one, now, no matter how much you shake him, you are not going to get anything more.
He's more dead than the sole of my sandal.
Guards! If you've been wanting to save someone, I could use some help to get out of here.
I'm not very good with torture.
I could serve you.
I can clean, cook, take care of animals, play a dulcimer; I can tell you that someone is stealing food from the city, That's interesting.
And I am interested in these ropes.
There is hunger, because they are hoarding food to force the prices to rise.
I might be a thief, but those who really steal are actually a much higher rank than me.
The guard will come, hurry.
Water, water! - Ave Maria Purisima.
- Conceived without sin.
See how helpful I am? The peace of God, brothers.
You see? They've swallowed it.
I used to be an actor in Verona We were very successful.
If they hadn't hung the head of the company for being a sodomite, we would have become famous.
Do you want to shut up and go faster? If you had removed the chains It may be better to trust my child with a pirate, than let go of you.
Stop, the impostors are escaping! I've seen that form of combat.
It was you! You were the one who saved me from the gallows.
You're the one who saves people.
Yeah, sure! You are The Red Eagle? You've seen my face, now I have to kill you.
Kill me, why? If you just broke me out? You should have left me inside.
I can stand torture more than death.
One moment, I can still be your servant.
May I be your servant, your postman, page of your bedroom, your butler Run! You have saved me four times! Now I shall be your servant for the rest of my life.
I'm nothing if not grateful Father, a thief! Run, run, or he'll get away! Boy, boy! Easy, easy boy! This is Stur, our new servant.
We have a servant? Calling me servant is just for simplicity.
I would rather say that I am a A page, a courier, a cook, I arrange things, and also people.
You could say I'm a personal assistant.
But, but you're the man from prison No, yes, well It was a mistake, I had already been released.
Go on; go and wash.
You stink.
But it's not yet summer.
It was the boy, maybe he has eaten something.
Empty the pot out there.
I'll go wash up, what can you do But it was not my fault, mind you.
Father, I wanted to tell you something.
I've been giving you a very hard time and and from now on I promise to do everything you say.
Amazing, Alonso! And I do not think you're a coward because you take care of a family, a school Tell me something: You have decided this by yourself? Because it almost seems as if you have had, say, an apparition.
An apparition? No! No, I've decided this myself, in my own head.
As you say, I have to use my head, and, look I've already started.
And I know things can seem unfair, but You're a good father.
Come, come here.
I love you, Alonso! Me too! What a gem that kid is, eh? The guard! I've been busted! How quickly the joy disappears in a poor house! Gonzalo Montalvo? I knew you would bring me trouble.
That's me.
What do you want from me? You must come with us.
Relax, son, I'll be right back.
Stur, take care of him.
Kid, where are you going? No, no, they are just friends of your father.
They will be back soon.
Let's you and me go play in here.
Let's play, and now tell me what you had for dinner last night.
The compatriot of Captain Rodrigo has died without saying anything.
Commissioner, you are more deadly than the plague.
If you were equally effective getting information It might seem easy, from the luxury of your rooms, while I make the effort to break down the prisoners.
You can drop your bravado.
You do nothing but make mistakes.
What do we know about the captain? My men are looking for him, but they have a lot of work.
There are riots, thefts, The Red Eagle Find the captain and destroy The Red Eagle, for our sake, and especially for your own sake, commissioner.
I will consider that a suggestion rather than a threat.
You know that for even less rudeness, people have been sent to India, rowing in the galleys? You always have to resort to chains to hire your servants? Ten years ago, you were not a servant.
Neither were you a marquise.
In part, I owe it to you, thank you! If you had not gone, I'd have not married the Marquis.
So you already have something to thank me for.
Actually, We are pretty much alike.
We are both widowed, and we both need each other.
All I need is for you to set me loose and let me go.
Who will teach my child? I have big plans for him, and I want you to be his tutor.
I refused once already.
You've never been so much at my mercy.
What are you going to do? Imprison me? Why are you so stubborn? I'll give you what you want if you serve me.
May I have no dignity? Can you eat dignity? You even lost your school.
I'll rebuild it.
Years ago, I let you escape.
I will not make that mistake again.
Walk the teacher to the door and remove the ropes.
The Marquise interviewed Gonzalo while taking her donkey's milk bath.
Nude? Like a fish.
Heavens, the impudence! Also, I have been told she was with him for nearly an hour.
An hour? So jealous! I did not get so much time.
That's gossip, just gossip, or is the marquise Cleopatra? And after the bath, what did they do with the milk? They drank it? They drank what? What about the Marquise? You had us worried.
Tell us, tell us About the Marquise? She insisted on me becoming her son's tutor, but I told her no.
But you have no money and no school! Some things are more important than money.
The school is the last thing I have left from Cristina, and I will rebuild it, whatever it costs me.
Well, it's going to take years Whatever time it takes.
Nah, Gonzalo, if it were me, I would not talk about it to anyone.
Sure, you're putting us on How dare he? I risk my job, and now he says no.
No, no, you don't know me, because it is my first time here at this inn.
You're the one who took the sausages! He is my servant.
A sort of slave.
Well, calling me a slave is is to simplify the matter.
I would say I am rather A wizard, an assistant, a A valet.
Has the Marquise given you a slave? He must have agreed, since he says the Marchioness has given him a slave.
Twelve years with her, and she has not even give me a ring.
And me, she did not even give me a good morning.
Master, wait.
You should know something Every day more than five carts come into Carabancheles' market.
There must be more than 1000 bushels of wheat in the warehouse.
And you know what path they follow? Every morning through the city by way of Alcal.
All covered up, so nobody can see.
The sheriff has ordered his men to let no one come close.
The commissioner is involved in this? The commissioner is involved in everything.
Hey, nobody but me knows? Know what? About you.
That you are That the teacher and the Same thing.
Stick out your tongue.
Let's see Let's be clear: if you want to keep this tongue, nobody, nobody, hears it.
Okay? Look, it's The Red Eagle who brings us food! He wants to announce something! This is the food they have been stealing from you.
If you want to satisfy your hunger, go to Carabancheles market.
There you'll find enough food for everyone.
The Red Eagle brings lunch! The guard, it's the guard! A tattoo like mine Captain Rodrigo! Captain Rodrigo! Captain Rodrigo! Stop! Captain Rodrigo! You've got the wrong man; he is closer to you than you think.
Let's see if you can fly along the ground like you do over the roof! Still there? I thought you had gone off on one of your antics.
So you had an ace up your sleeve? I also have mine.
We lost all the cargo.
I am sorry, Commissioner.
Apology accepted.
What are you doing here? Hey, if we have to rebuild the school, we must start somewhere, right? Gonzalo, the only panel that we can't find is the one from that space there.
It's nowhere.
So these are the ruins where you want my son to take classes? We are now going elsewhere.
Before, this was the right place for us, but now we're leaving.
Floro, Cipri, thanks.
At some point, this school will be just like it was, and if it is worthy for my son, it is also for yours.
You will need more than just time to make sure this roof will not fall onto the heads of your students.
I told you I was not for sale.
I'm not buying you; consider this your first paycheck.
I did not remember you being so stubborn.
You realize what it means for a nobleman to study surrounded by commoners? What they will say in court? I think it's the best for him.
I am willing for my son to come here to learn, but if there are any problems, you are going to teach him at the palace.
You do understand that we are only talking about your child's education.
That became clear when you were in my room.
One more thing: you have to know that I am a patient woman, very patient.
Good evening, Stur.
Just one minute, and dinner will be ready.
I got us three sacks of flour.
We're going to make porridge, the kind that Emperor Charles V eats.
Thanks to The Red Eagle Alonso, what are you doing? I told you not to write to your aunt.
But I was just doing math exercises, as there's no classes Sorry, son, I had a very hard day.
Go, go get some water for dinner.
A difficult task you have assigned for yourself: father and hero at the same time.
Alonsillo! Majesty Tell me that you bring good news.
Yes, your majesty.
The problem of food for the people is being solved.
In a few days the clandestine stores will be dismantled by the citizens themselves.
Very good.
I do not know how you did it, but the people should not go hungry.
Anything else? No, your majesty.
You may leave.
Augustn! Yes, your majesty.
You're still taking care of my children? As if they were my own, your majesty.
Thank you.
Gonzalo! Gonzalo, wake up! What are you doing here, Margarita? I have received letters asking for help from Alonso.
I came as soon as I could.
You know you're not welcome here.
I know what you think about me, but my nephew needs me, and I'm here only for him.
We stand on our own.
Alonso has sent me more than 10 letters, Gonzalo, Gonzalo, you cannot handle this by yourself; you need help.
Your help? You cannot be here after what happened between us.
Many years have passed, but you cannot take them into account.
Get out! You'll never forgive me? At least let me see the boy, whom I have come all the way from Seville to see.
Shut the door behind you.
A comfortable room, a good fire, My, Stur, how you have prospered! They will pay for what they did! Last night you threw out Aunt Margarita.
You did not want me to see her, that's why you sent her away.
I'm not a good father.
You're the best father he has, even when you doubt.
What a face you have! Do you know the teacher? A friend from childhood.
How well? With so much cargo I do not know how he is able to fly away.
Great! The king will be eliminated.
Where's the book? What book? Where is it? Tomorrow I'm going to war.
Without touching, man, without touching Let me out of here! Alonso is leaving, Cristina.
She is a goddess.
Always the touching! You tell me where Captain Rodrigo is, or you and I will be rowing to Constantinople.
When I catch the captain, you will have your book.
I guarantee it.
I pretend very well, all the time.
- Whore! - Your wife! It's your fault! Mom died because of you!
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