Águila Roja (2009) s01e02 Episode Script

El Conde de Queiroz

Father, I have sinned; I have killed again.
There are dark forces conspiring to seize power.
I'll find out who murdered my mother.
Do you know Captain Rodrigo? Do you have any water for me? Without touching, man, without touching! Master, you know that I'll stay at your side even to death.
But do you really believe that anyone in his right mind is going to hide here, in a nest of lepers? If the captain we're seeking wants to hide, I know of no better place than this.
Master, Master! Master, look at that man.
Oh, Holy Virgin, he's missing a piece of his nose! You have to ask, Stur.
Master, take care, this spreads just by watching.
Do you know Captain Rodrigo? Stur, give him some water.
I don't have water.
A little wine, for what it's worth I've got a touch phobia! I know the man you're looking for.
He hid here, but when he left he had a limp.
The Lame One? Edmundo the Lame? The leader of the downtown beggars? Water, water! Next time I'll bring some perfume! You should see how you're scrubbing, Stur.
If you keep it up, you'll be washing bone.
This is where the leper touched me.
Hey, going into that hellhole, we learned that Captain Rodrigo is with the Lame One's band of beggars.
Well, that was worth it, at least to get you to wash yourself.
How long has it been since you touched water? But, since I've been in this house I have not stopped working long enough to wash! Hey, Master, do you believe we could have caught leprosy? No, Stur, no.
If we begin to lose our members, I'll get mad I can go on without hands, but Do you understand? I understand, Stur, I understand.
Mother of love, so magnificent! What's up, Stur? What's up? With so much cargo I do not know how you're able to fly away.
Easy, Stur! I want him to be flogged; he pulled my ear.
Good morning, Nuo; sit down and eat some breakfast.
I'm not having breakfast.
I will not eat, and I will not go to that school! I agree with the child.
Why do you force him to consort with commoners? Sit down and eat your breakfast, Nuo.
You just want me to go because the teacher is your friend.
Do you know the teacher? Yes, he's a friend from my childhood.
How good of a friend? Very good.
Mother, I don't want to sit next to those poor children; I'm of noble birth.
And as noble as you are, you'll do whatever I say.
You will go to that school.
It's my final word, Nuo.
Come closer.
Never -- do you hear me? -- never lay your hands upon my son again.
Because you will lose them.
Good morning, Alonso! A spoon, go on; there's some tasty broth! Yeah, broth.
Hot water you mean, no? Good morning, son! Not hot water, broth! That ham has to last us at least three months! Don't give me any, thanks.
Are you okay? I'm not hungry.
While there is food, eat! You can never know, come on! You're not going to school with an empty stomach.
So sit down and eat breakfast, come on! Can you tell me what's wrong with you? Alonso, should I guess? Last night you threw out Aunt Margarita.
Why? You knew I wanted to see her.
I thought you were asleep.
Liar! You didn't want me to see her, that's why you sent her away! Let's see, look, let's go get some eggs where Cipri And I'll fix you some scrambled eggs.
What you want, is for me to be left alone, no? What? Why are you saying that? Well, because everything that has happened is your fault.
Because you decided to hang out in the tavern, and you didn't go straight to get the lamb! If you'd have gone, Mom would still be alive! ~ Alonso, son ~ It's your fault! Mother died because of you! Do you want anything? No money? No.
But I'm the best seamstress in town.
I can sew all the clothes you want.
Do you have children? Yes.
Surely they're outgrowing their clothes.
I can alter them.
Go away; I have a lot of work.
It's been days since I ate! And I need money to go to Seville.
Look, I can cook, I can clean Go away, you beggar! Go away, you're driving away my customers! Can we have three leeks? Let's see this shopping cart, OK And you, what do you want? What are you doing, thief? I saw you; drop it! You're being robbed, and you don't even notice.
Sinner! Holland string.
If it wasn't for me, could you have this lovely skirt on your hips! Great! She is a goddess! Come on, get off, you do not let me see! Make them a little larger.
They sell best.
But hers are bigger! Who is it? Me, Cata! And she throws them away? But they're new! She says she does not like them, but I tell you, what really happens is that they don't fit her waist.
What's wrong with you? You just fought with your old man.
I hate him! Today you can come with me to sell the pictures.
I don't want to, Gabi.
Come on, cheer up! Let's do something new.
Are you sure? It's not the best time to go looking for the Lame One's band.
But now is when I have the time.
I say this because I see you there, messing up your mind So -- what if he's right? Your wife didn't die because you were delayed, your wife died because because it had to be.
And, if I hadn't been celebrating? Alonso is right, Cristina would still be alive.
Or not! You never know We don't control our own destinies, do we? If so, then I would be king.
Your boy is angry because he is going through his his bereavement.
Don't you see? Even the word says it: bereavement (duelo) and pain (duele) are the same thing! Believe me, if it had just been a tantrum, it would have passed in an hour! He's still a little boy.
With a little finesse, these things can be smoothed over.
I have to talk to him.
Right now at school I work with him, I talk to him, and everything will settle down Master! The Lame One! The Lame One! Be careful where you're going, man! And this bread, where did you get it? Take care, Master! You're not wearing the bird suit! Easy! Where did you get it? Answer me! Did you seen where he went? You picked up the stick and then what? How did you do that? Shit! Are you hungry? Captain Rodrigo is still in the town.
But this time it will be very difficult for him to escape.
I've got men guarding all the exits.
And the book with our names, if it reaches the court, we're all dead.
When I catch the captain you will have your book, I guarantee it.
This is a crucial time.
The Habsburg dynasty is coming to an end.
And we must ensure its demise.
Do not worry; don't worry about it anymore.
The king will be eliminated.
We will put our nominee in his place.
This I can guarantee.
We trust you, Commissioner.
You still have to catch the captain.
Our plans to kill the king depend on it.
Don't worry.
He will fall into my hands even if I have to lift every stone in this city.
You already know I don't like to mix business and pleasure.
We've arrived, Lord Nuo.
Turn around.
But Lord Nuo, your mother has made it very clear that you You'll lose your hands if you do not! Turn around.
Hey, you! You, my clothes! Thieves! Give me back my clothes! What a face he has! He is very pale.
Come, children, get to class! Let's start the day, Juanillo.
Good morning! Sit! Well, with this, it's finished.
A little weird, but That is the femur, Stur.
Hey? What? You have switched the arms with the legs, Stur.
Well, that's it; I would not change it.
Just leave it like that.
But it doesn't look all that weird! He looks like a girlfriend I had.
Juanillo, where's Alonso and Gabi? I don't know.
I haven't seen them all morning.
And the money? What money? Hey, it's worth a penny! He's a rat! Do not worry, we've sold enough for today.
The truth is that we've done alright, and we have to talk Murillo into doing more.
You really think your father was to blame for what happened to your mother? Yes, because if my father had not gone drinking with his friends, my mother would still be alive.
Come on, let's go to Parsley Tavern -- we'll celebrate the sale of the century! Come on! But they don't let kids in What do you mean? With this, you can go anywhere.
You think I acted wisely, forcing Nuo to go to that school? It really does look like a pig pen.
With all due respect, my Lady, my son also goes to that school.
And we are poor, but clean.
My child always goes out as bright as a new penny.
The old tutor failed to instill even one bit of discipline in Nuo.
He didn't know how to handle him.
Gonzalo is the right person, ma'am, don't worry.
Plus, with him being the teacher, you'll take a closer look at your son's education.
Driver, faster! I can't stand such much jarring.
How about this kid.
I give him carrots and he nicks my clothes! It's a disgrace! God, can I endure much more? You, give me back my clothes! Hey, it's about time.
Let's cheer your dad up! What's wrong with you, boy? Stur, stop, please! Have you been drinking? No! Close that mouth, you can't hide it! How is it that you're not drunk? Sit here.
Open your mouth, so I can smell you.
Alonso, open that mouth so I smell you.
Even daemons must escape from here! What kind of game do you think you're playing, boy? Please, Stur, don't wiggle me, or I'll puke.
When your father catches on, he'll shake you and then shake me! Stur! Let's go to your room! What happened? Nothing, I'm just a little unwell.
Are you okay? Perfectly.
Potatoes--no matter how hard I try, they don't suit me well.
Is Alonso in his room? Yes, yes.
I'll go talk to him.
Talk to him, you say? Don't you how deeply the child is sleeping? Furthermore, why do you want to talk to him now? What do you mean, Stur? I need to know if he's okay, because he didn't come to school.
Where has he been? Excuse me, sir, but try to see it his way You don't wake him to see his aunt, but you will wake him up to tell him about your anger that has been simmering since breakfast.
That's why he didn't gone to school, of course.
Is he really sleeping? Like a log.
Still breathing! What's going on? Madam, we ran over a beggar! So? Carry him out of the way and let's go.
But my lady, he's injured! Maybe we should call a doctor.
A doctor? I wouldn't bother any decent person with such nonsense.
Come on.
What are you waiting for? Let's go! Listen, throw him in the back of the carriage without the Marquise seeing you.
When we reach the palace, we'll see We won't leave him here, then? Don't let her see! It's hot in here! What a woman! You only see these in paintings.
Where did you get that? I asked you where you got this sheet! No, no, do not kill me.
We bought it from a child.
He was at the "Hare's Leg" inn.
This silver needs a thorough cleaning.
~ I want it to shine.
~ Yes, ma'am.
Prepare my bedroom.
These carriage trips wreck my back! Good evening, Mother.
Good evening, Nuo.
How was your new school? Okay.
Okay? Well, considering that school is a breeding ground for lice And my companions were some smelly commoners I'm lucky to be alive.
~ Catalina, he has awakened and.
~ What is it? Nothing, ma'am, I'll deal with it.
I wasn't talking to you.
Child, speak, what is it? The beggar has awakened.
He's in the kitchen.
Beggar? What beggar, Catalina? The one we run over, ma'am.
You disobeyed me! How can you let a stranger into my palace? Do you know the diseases he could have? Yes, ma'am, right away -- I'll take care of it.
Don't worry, you and I'll talk about this incident later.
I'll take care of this right now, come on.
I can see he is perfectly well.
Also he is eating up my pantry.
You! The banquet is over.
Get out of my kitchen! Hey, I know you're scared, but the lady has been very generous.
With her great heart that has always graced her, she took you into her house and gave you food.
So now you must obey and go.
Are you mute? My patience is running out! Margarita! This is amazing! Hey, losers -- Tell us where to find Captain Rodrigo, or the two of us we'll book your passage to Constantinople! I don't think they bought it.
What? Let's get out of here! Soldiers, soldiers are coming! Come on, Master, there's nothing more we can do here.
Where are those beggars? That was when they stole my stuff.
I was on my way to Seville when you ran over me with your coach.
Poor thing! So many hardships! So Gonzalo threw you out? Gonzalo has his reasons, don't you think? I guess so.
Don't worry, you're among friends now, right, Catalina? It's decided.
Tonight you'll stay at the palace.
You need to rest.
Tomorrow we'll go on talking.
I'm so glad to see you again, Margarita, after so long Catalina, prepare a bed for Margarita.
I'm going to sleep, too; I'm exhausted.
Catalina, see to it that she lacks nothing.
~ Yes, ma'am.
~ Good evening.
Good night, Marchioness.
Catalina, I wanted to thank you for all you've done for me.
If it weren't for you, I'd still be lying in the field.
Whore! Master, do you remember what I said yesterday? About you easing up on your son, who's just a little boy? Yes, Stur, and I appreciate that.
Well, today I say otherwise.
I'm not saying that your son is a bad kid, God forbid, but if he is becoming twisted, with the strong character that child has, let's see who can straighten him! What do you mean? Has something happened? Something? You must be careful; in some ways he thinks he's very grown up.
Stur, do you want to speak out for once? Good morning, son! Good morning.
Are you okay? You look rather sick in the face.
My head hurts.
Alonso, I know you miss Mother, and that's not easy, right? I miss her, too.
I want you to know that I'm not angry because you skipped school yesterday, but I do not want you to be absent again! Are we agreed? He's a little angry, he is.
So what? He's your father.
So eat your breakfast, get dressed, and we'll talk on our way to school, OK? I'm not going to school.
Alonso, it's one thing that you skipped school yesterday, but a very different thing not to go today.
Father, I'm not going to school anymore, never again.
What a pair of balls! You're going to have to nudge that kid into line.
Did you want something? Do you know this woman? But, she's my wife! Nude! You wretch, why do you have a picture of my wife? You wait! Come back here, you bastard! Good morning! Good morning, ma'am.
Sleep well? Just fine.
Thank you very much, Lucrecia, for all you're doing.
Catalina, can you let me continue on my own, please? No, Catalina.
Do your job.
Catalina, down lower! There.
So you've come back? Because your nephew wrote to you.
Alonso is very sad.
I'm very worried about him.
He's longing for his mother.
That's normal, don't you think? The death of your sister is still very recent.
I'm thinking perhaps it would be good if I stayed with the child.
He needs me.
I don't think it's a good idea to stay.
Why not? Alonso is a child, and has lost his mother.
And Gonzalo? He'll never let you take charge of his child -- he threw you out, right? What do you think, Catalina? I totally agree with you, my Lady.
It's friendly advice.
Of course you are free to do whatever you want.
Catalina will give you everything you need for your trip.
And come to see me before leaving.
Don't just disappear like last time.
Gonzalo, son, never forget your promises.
My son, do not come back.
Stay alive, my love.
No! No! What have you done, Gonzalo? What have you done, my God! Stay alive, my love.
You promised you wouldn't do it again.
Don't panic.
On that occasion, you didn't doubt for a moment.
On that occasion, I found my parents dead.
I wanted to share with them all my travels, everything I had learned in the East, but I was too late.
Why did you bring it out? You smell my moods.
When Cristina died, you appeared again.
Each time the world comes down on me, you're there.
How do you do it? Oh, that's just divine fate, nothing more.
But you have not answered my question.
I just wanted to take a look at it.
I guess today isn't a good day.
My relationship with my son is becoming increasingly difficult.
He's getting out of hand, Augustn.
I'm not a good father.
You're the best father he has, even when you doubt it.
The commissioner is pulling the beggars off the streets.
Any idea why? All I know is that he is running them out of town, along the esplanade to the south.
To the south Hello.
Can I help you? Don't trust her -- despite the look of innocence, she's a snake.
She comes here pretending to be a martyr to the Marquise.
"I have not eaten; they've thrown me out on the streets" Worse things should have happened -- it is well deserved.
Don't talk like that, Catalina -- we used to be friends.
Friends, she says.
Do you know what she did to Gonzalo, the teacher? She had him infatuated, bewitched! But of course, he was not rich enough for the girl.
So she had to mess around with the first nobleman who appeared before her.
That's not true! It was just a stupid joke to make him jealous.
When Gonzalo found them together, messing with each other, he got mad with jealousy.
He fought a duel with the nobleman, and killed him.
He had to flee, to avoid being captured and hanged.
It was just a kiss, Catalina! Yeah, sure.
But that was not the worst, was it, Margarita? Tell her.
Hush! ~ Tell her! ~ Shut up! I was only 15 years old, Catalina! I didn't know what would happen.
I did everything possible to avoid him being denounced.
Sure, since they couldn't find Gonzalo, his parents were arrested and imprisoned.
Just old people, the poor old souls.
But there they had them, torturing them, They didn't even last two weeks.
Weep now that they're dead; cry now.
Stur, leave me alone, you are just a servant.
Yes, and a faithful friend of your father.
I'll keep it up until you listen to reason.
No, you're afraid of my father, that's why you follow me.
No sir, I'm not afraid of anybody.
I'm doing this for you.
Don't you know how your father can be, boy? And what about me? You think you're going to solve anything by leaving school, Alonso? Don't look at me that way.
I'm not leaving until you answer me.
Okay, I'll go to school.
And you'll talk to your father? No, Alonso I want to hear it.
And I'll talk to my father! You'll never drink again until you're older.
No, no, I will not drink again, I promise.
Okay, now we're okay.
Now I'm going.
Stur, knock it off.
Sure, then friend.
I want to enlist.
Okay, Gabi.
Master! Children, continue writing.
I've spoken to Alonso, what a child you have, so understanding and so nice, I spoke to him, and I got through to him.
We just had to say the right words.
No, sorry, this does not mean -- you know, I mean Not everything is settled.
Where is he? Why didn't he come with you? What am I saying? He's on his way.
So now you'll have your boy sitting here with these little angels.
Holy Mother! Kids! Don't act like little bastards! Children, what have I told you? When we have visitors, don't throw things! Okay? Even more so when it's Stur.
Keep writing.
One more thing, and then I'm off.
I've been thinking, that if the captain is with the beggars, maybe I could become one of them No, Stur, no.
Well, old friend, not to brag, but I know the underworld like the palm of my hand.
Stur, the commissioner is rounding up all the beggars, right? It's too dangerous.
Master, the Marquise of Santillana wants to see you urgently, in the palace.
Open the cell! What should we do with them, Commissioner? Do the same as with the other ones.
And keep on combing the town.
You've made the right decision.
You're far better in Seville.
Yes, I suppose.
I don't know how I can repay you for everything you're doing for me.
You never know.
What I do not understand is this obsession to go around dressed like a man.
I could have given you some of my old clothes.
No, I do not want to abuse your hospitality even more.
Whatever you say.
One last thing before you leave.
Cata! Cata, now! Here.
No, I cannot accept it.
Sure you can! How else will you pay the coach if you don't? Don't worry; take it.
Lucrecia, why are you doing all this? Because I can, I suppose.
We practically grew up together -- there is nothing wrong with helping a friend.
I want you to begin a new life in Seville with a good start.
I'll return it to the last penny, I promise.
Of course, my dear, but don't worry.
I don't need it! Good luck.
Come! At least something good comes from this: you can do no more damage here, Nor are you coming back to see Gonzalo.
Whenever you're with me, I get the feeling that you want to escape.
So you find the idea of being at my side so unbearable? Not that, Lucrecia.
What happens is that you still haven't told me why you summoned me, and I have important matters to resolve.
Sure, I guess Margarita's visit will have been somewhat inappropriate.
Margarita has already left for the village.
Incidentally, you were right.
About what? Nuo.
He is very happy at your school.
Is he happy? Yes, why do you ask? Has there been a problem? No.
Except your boy has not yet come to the school.
We're getting nowhere with this.
I have given you more than half a gallon of wine.
Do you or do you not know Captain Rodrigo? ~ Give me the wine! ~ No more wine! Where's Captain Rodrigo, the one bearing a tattoo here -- Where is he? Everyone's looking for him.
He spent a night here with us.
Where is he now? He fell asleep Boss, boss, wake up! He's fallen asleep! Excuse me, which way is it to Seville? Got some money? I have spent days without food! Soldiers, the soldiers have come again! I want everybody in jail.
Boy, don't just stand there, or they'll catch you for sure! Come on, make some room; I'm small.
Make room! Let me go! Be careful with me; you don't know who you are messing with! Help me! Get me out of here! Who did this to you? Go inside; go inside quickly! Don't put me over here, I can't breathe! That cell there, it's half empty.
You must be careful with noble beggars nobility, right? Over there.
That cell is empty! Shut up! If I had a whip, you'd learn something from it.
Try to get some sleep.
It makes you well.
We'll be here for quite a while Okay, boy, boy First rule of the imprisoned in a dungeon: don't weep.
If you're scared, they'll take away everything you have.
Maybe even someone will split your face.
Leave me alone! That voice? You're not castrati? Surely you're not castrati? No! You have some refinement! You understand me: those who are friends to their friends, or better, to the little thing of his friends Not that I have anything against it, what happens is that here in jail it's better to be discreet about such things.
Here, if you dawdle, wham! They remove your pants! Not like that, they're much bigger! They're just as they've always been.
What do you mean? Before they were very large They have always have been just like that, don't you remember? Hello.
Well? Did you do it or not? What? Did they give you the uniform and all the stuff? Uniform? Murillo, salute Captain Alonso! Gabi, I will not be a captain.
I'll be a drummer.
You enlisted? Your father will kill you.
Murillo, my father won't do anything because he won't know.
You're not going to tell him? Today I'll stay in school, just like every day.
But tomorrow I'm gone.
So, Murillo, don't spill the beans! Yes.
Guys, get inside! Okay, boys, take paper, pen, and ink.
I'm glad you came.
Are you already leaving? So soon? I have many obligations, you know.
Did you find the captain? No, but don't worry, I'll nab him.
Yes? Mother, it's me! Quick, it's Nuo, get out.
Come in! Hello, Mother! What are you doing in bed so early? Are you sick? Yes.
A migraine.
All is well at school? As always, Mother.
It's a mess.
Leave me alone; I want to rest.
It's the second time he lied to me today about school.
A far more saintly man denied the truth three times.
What are you surprised at, Lucrecia? You do it constantly.
It runs in the family.
Yes, you're right.
I pretend very well, about everything.
and a little more wine.
And your order? We're going to get rich! And how much do I get? First, we deduct my expenses What are you doing there? Nothing.
Give it to me! Little bastards! ~ I'm going to ~ Run, Murillo! Come here; don't be in such a rush! Little Owl, let's go see your mother! Let me free! What happened? Have you seen what your son's up to? Drawing my wife naked! What will you do with this wretch? The mother who bore you! But how could you think of doing these things? Go straight home! When your father finds out, he'll stripe your ass like a map of France! Get out of here! Listen, this was really drawn by my Murillo? I mean, look, the brat has talent! Do you understand what a great artist he is? This can't be good.
Get up! Come on, scum, line up in a row! Strip off! Come on! Quickly, we don't have all day! Check one by one for the tattoo.
Get on with it, boy.
You can be what you want, but if the commissioner will not see you naked, he'll send you to the torture rack, right quickly.
These people aren't fooling around.
Come on, it's just for a little moment.
You, why haven't you stripped? He's got the flu.
If he removes his clothing, he'll get a chill and that will be the end of him.
He's also a very sensitive creature.
One more word and I'll cut out your tongue.
OK I won't tell you again.
They've spotted Captain Rodrigo entering an inn.
He's in the town.
Come on! Get them dressed and take them away.
Calm down, boy, they didn't find who they want.
Come on! Where are you taking us? For a stroll.
A stroll to where? To the mountain -- come on! The mountain? What mountain? Come on, out of here, move it! Good evening, Catalina.
Have you seen this? My Murillo.
Well, it looks more like Ins, no? Gonzalo, you can't tell me that the kid isn't an artist.
Look at the fine pencil strokes -- if you asked me without my knowing, I would say it was done by Hey, to become a painter at court, where would I have to sign him up? Where did you get this paper, Catalina? Cipri had it.
He has a book full of pictures by my son.
Where are you going? What are you doing? You'll burn, you beast! You're the animal; why are you burning my son's drawings? These drawings are immoral and deserve to be burned.
You say they deserve to be burned? You idiot! ~ Gonzalo, Gonzalo! ~ What? Stur's gotten into a mess.
What happened? They say they arrested him; they've grabbed more beggars.
Where are you taking us? This doesn't look like a cultural trip They're taking us to the galleys, for sure.
All this is very strange.
If we're being taken to the galleys, get yourself ready, boy.
You're in for it! You never know, though, since the commissioner had given you such a look.
Why didn't you want to undress? It's hard to talk to you, my boy.
Holy Virgin, why did you let me go snooping around! My master already warned me Who's there? Where are the beggars? They took them all away.
Come on! Boss, where are you taking us? Because we need to eat, we are getting weak.
Don't worry; where we're taking you, there's a lot of meat.
No, please, I don't want to die! Don't stop, I said, keep moving! Where are we? I won't deny that I am the first to enjoy the landscape, but see if you can show a little less cleavage, woman -- you have electrified the kids! ~ We're closed.
~ Open the lock! ~ Again you? I told you we are closed! ~ Open up or I'll pierce you! Cipriano, what's going on? Shut up! Tell your wife to be quiet, or I'll cut your throat! ~ Shut up, Ins, please! ~ Shut up! Shut up, Ins, shut up, by God! Where's the book? What book? Do not get smart with me! You had a book, where is it? I've burned it.
What? Yes, see for yourself, there are only ashes.
Don't hurt her! If she won't shut up, I'll kill her, understand? God! Damn! You haven't seen me! Stupid ass! Ins! Ins, are you okay? I said don't stop! God! No, no! But where are you going? I'd rather die here than in that hole! Really? Yes? Don't kill me! Don't let him escape! What did I tell you? That you don't do anything on your own! That boy! We're losing the boy, Master! No! We can't do anything for him now! No! Mother! I swear I thought we wouldn't get out of there.
And all these dead beggars Sorry about the boy I met in the dungeon, but you can't be too sensitive in this life, Master.
We still haven't found the captain.
That's true.
Well, but at least we freed everybody.
And the child has returned to the fold.
Yes, he has his mother's personality.
Strong, but sensible.
Son, I don't understand What's with that costume? It's not a costume, It's a drummer's uniform.
Where did you get it? Don't tell me you stole it? No.
It means that tomorrow I'm going to war.
What? I hope this is a joke.
Think, think, Master; don't get upset.
You will not leave here, you hear me? I will not let you go to any war.
But where are you taking me? You will not leave your room until you wise up.
Let me out of here! I hate you! Do not move from here, Stur.
I don't want him to leave under any circumstances, do you understand? That's not the solution, Master.
You cannot leave him locked up for life! Do as I say.
Yes, ma'am.
Gonzalo almost went mad, you should have seen, when he learned of the death of his parents.
But then he married, no? To Margarita's sister It's nothing to do with her; it seems impossible for them have the same blood.
Cristina was an angel.
Gonzalo still can't cope with her death? He would have to find a good woman who showed him that it's worth going forward.
Yes, I think so, too.
Lady, if I may be so bold, why are we here? We are looking for someone.
Come on! Hey! Tomatoes for 5, I have tomatoes It fits you well, son.
I can explain You have two options, Nuo: you can invent an excuse to justify why you haven't been going to school and take me for a fool ~ Yeah, but ~ Or you can shut up! You realize you've been caught? That's right.
Nothing you can say will free you from doing your duty.
I'm very sorry, Mother.
Tomorrow you'll go to that school.
I will take you there myself.
Come on.
Drink this, come on; it will do you well.
I want nothing.
You have to eat something -- the drummers spend many hours standing, if they don't die first.
I'm not going to die.
I'm not afraid.
I can imagine myself in your shoes.
To go to war one must be brave, or a coward.
Which are you? I say this because many enlist because they believe in fighting, and others do it to escape what they dislike.
Look, I'm no coward! That's not quite so clear to me.
Don't you realize your father has thought about being in that tavern a thousand times or more? You are being very unfair to him, Alonso.
Honestly, I thought you were smarter.
He never tells me anything.
It feels like he doesn't love me.
How could he not love you? He can't live without you! Everything he has in the world is yours! Except for the pain That he keeps safely hidden inside himself, so you won't suffer! I'll tell you one thing: in the end, you'll do what you please, but you ask a lot for the little you give.
I've always done everything he asked me And he has given you everything he had.
That you must not doubt! You're a young man now, so you have to understand this: before receiving, you must give.
It's a law of life, Alonso! So think deeply about what you're going to do, because this time there is no going back.
And I say this from experience.
Come on, drink that.
Come on! Drummer! Alonso is leaving me, Cristina, and I don't know how to stop him.
Whatever I do, I can't get rid of the blame.
I swear I don't know what I did wrong.
Help me! Help us! Father, I want to stay with you! I won't go off to that war.
Please tell them you're my father.
What did you tell them? That I'm 16 years old.
And they believed you? Yes, well, you probably already know this but I can fake it pretty well.
This symbol matches the brooch I found on Cristina's dress, and the captain's tattoo.
The Count of Queiroz holds the key.
At last I will find out who murdered my wife.
We'll speak to that Count; don't you worry, Master.
Listen, if you please, I'd like to keep Alonso's uniform.
Look, it fits like a glove; it gives me an air that is so martial, right? Sorry, Stur, but no.
We must return it to the army.
Hey! I like the idea of wearing a uniform like you! There.
Where are we going in such a hurry? Count of Queiroz, what do you know about the murder of the schoolmaster's wife? I don't know what you're talking about.
Stur, let's go! Lucrecia.
I bring bad news.
They've killed the Count of Queiros.
Who has? Captain Rodrigo.
I thought you said you were going to catch him? My men are looking for him day and night throughout the city.
Don't tell me to calm down! If the captain wants to finish off the conspirators, who's to say I won't be next? I myself will see to your safety.
You know I won't let anything happen to you.
What were you thinking? That I wouldn't ever find you? At your feet, madam, and at the rest of your body.
A pleasure.
When we were young, your aunt and I, we had some differences.
They say that woman has given her potions to half the city.
It has also helped many people.
The king is coming to the reception that we're giving tomorrow night.
The King of Spain? Look, I'm old enough to have seen my mother die.
You've come for Nuo or for me? She is the marquise, her mother is the Marchioness.
What happens to the child? He cannot breathe; he is very ill.
You should not be here.
That woman does not suit you, Gonzalo.
The Holy Inquisition does not fuck around; they'll burn her for sure.
I assumed the Commissioner is investigating the death of my wife, but we've heard nothing new since the first day.
Burn the witch! Majesty! You are a gauche, insensitive fool.
How could there be no feathers in the boy's head? All you commoners have a price.
If the father is an eagle! I'll die, just like Mom did.
The feathers, do they fall off or do you leave them? Get us out of here! Just don't torture the prisoners.

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