Águila Roja (2009) s01e03 Episode Script

La fiesta de la Marquesa

The king will be eliminated, I swear.
What do you know about the murder of the teacher's wife? I want to enlist.
Faster! The kid has such talent! You had a book -- where is it? I've burned it.
Mother died because of you! Alonso is leaving me, Cristina, and I don't know how to stop him.
Remember, he has to take it every day.
What if Cipriano finds I'm adding this to his food! Look, do you want to have children or not? Yes, but why do I have to give it to him if If I'm not pregnant, it must be my fault.
You've been married five years and nothing; it could be the fault of either one of you.
Open, by order of the Holy Office.
Quickly! Hide in the barn! Mother! ~ And hide right now! ~ No, mother! That's her; stop her! Don't hurt us! By Christ our Lord, what am I charged with? Shut up, witch, and do not defile His holy name.
Witch? I only prepare herbal remedies.
Daughter of Satan! Take them away! Yes! Run! Where's Mommy? I don't know, she went out to get you, since you were so late Cristina! No, please, Mom! No! Why did you let them kill me? Either the mattress is full of bugs, or you were dreaming about the Gates of Hell.
Master, take care; so much water cannot be good for you.
I've been keeping my ears open in the marketplace.
What have you learned? I talked to a guy, it was Captain Rodrigo, You know, about who must have killed your wife, I apologize.
I mean your late wife, God rest her soul, and whom we will avenge Where can we find him? That's the thing; he doesn't spend two nights in the same place.
What a big help you are, Stur! Master, I do what I can.
And remember that I also have feelings Are you okay? Are you okay? Shhh, careful, take it easy Drink some water.
You'll see; it will make you feel better.
~ Feel better now? ~ Thanks.
You're bleeding! Let me see that wound.
No, no, no, it's just a minor scratch.
Take care of that! The cemetery is filled with minor scratches! Boy, don't you need some help? My Lady, you've received a letter from his majesty, the king.
Is something wrong, madam? The king is coming to the reception we're giving tomorrow night.
The King of Spain? Holy Virgin! Well, where two can eat, three can eat.
Or 300, because his highness will not come alone, right? We will have to take extra trouble.
Of course.
This is an honor for me, and everything must go perfectly, is it clear? Yes, ma'am.
Speak with the kitchen, change the menu, and brief the servants.
So be it, ma'am.
I'm taking my son Nuo to school, myself.
When I return I want everything to be under way, and planned down to the smallest detail.
Yes, ma'am.
What a show, the king is coming! Maybe we will see him? What we will see is punishment if everything is not perfect Run, alert the kitchen.
Juana, take this.
Look at the eggs they've just laid; they're still warm.
We don't have any chickens, son! But our next door neighbor can spare them.
They're awful neighbors; they empty their chamber pots in the yard! That doesn't matter; stealing is wrong.
Heads up for the water! Should I take them back? Fix the breakfast, and don't overcook my eggs.
Let's fry the neighbor's eggs! Don't laugh so much, and clean up what the neighbor has thrown into the yard, You're still being punished for writing to your aunt.
It's not fair, but but OK.
Don't bother, Alonso, I'll go clean it up.
I once worked at some stables at Ponserrada, and when we cleaned, we made such a mountain of manure, that the tower of the church was hidden from the sun.
Alonso, I told you not to write to your aunt, and now you've forced me to send her away.
Well, look, I know you didn't want it, but I wanted to see her.
~ If he only wanted to see her ~ Stur! Mind your own business.
Look, Margarita has left for Seville.
She's back with her husband and she's not coming back.
Forget her, come on.
Why should I forget her if she's my aunt? For that matter, he's right.
I'd better shut up now.
When we were young, your aunt and I, we had some differences.
What differences? Never mind that now, son, You're still too young to understand.
Look, I'm old enough to have seen my mother die.
Master, as a masked one, you're okay, as a teacher, I do not argue, but as a father Just yesterday I met her on the street.
I cannot believe, she's been imprisoned for being a witch! They'll have to prove that, Catalina! If the Inquisition gets their hands on her, they'll prove that your neighbor is a witch, that she worships the devil, and even that she has killed the Maccabeam brothers.
How about if we change the subject? and it does not rain! Weather seems to be changing.
They say this woman has given her potions to half the city, and that she charged for it.
She has also helped many people.
I agree with Cipri; it was something she should not have done.
She removed my warts.
Don't touch that! And Bernarda, she made her look so polished that she looked like a cherub.
What am I missing? My wife's defending a witch! She had human bones at home, and children in pots.
You are right, Floro, that one is too medieval.
I'm off to school; my students have more wits than you.
Cipriano, as for the commissioner -- why do you have to take food to that monster? Because he pays well.
You think I like it? Every time I go there, my knees tremble.
With the Inquisition you have to be careful -- they almost burned me for selling filled pastries.
Just for that? What were they filled with? The gossips said it was the meat from a hanged man.
But they couldn't prove it.
Come on, boys; whose turn is it to read today's dictation? Not me! Stand up! Welcome to our school.
What do you say? Good morning to you! Very good.
This is her son.
He's to be your new classmate.
His name is ~ Nuo.
~ Nuo Dalberto Julin Federico Froylan.
We'll stick to Nuo.
He's all yours.
He's a little spoiled; I hope you'll understand him.
Don't worry; I'm sure we will soon be good friends.
Right, Nuo? Sit there, between Gabi and Murillo.
Don't worry.
I know he's in good hands.
Boys! Goodbye, Ma'am! Prepare the papers.
My stables smell better.
What is it, Nuo? It's so soft! Remove your dirty hand from me, commoner! Commoner? What does that mean? Poor people, like all of us.
He is the Marquis, since his mother is the Marquise! Teacher, they took something! Gabi, return it.
Alonso, Gabi, and Murillo -- do you think it's fair to laugh at your new classmate? After class you will walk Nuo to his home, and you'll show him respect.
Clear? If Captain Rodrigo reveals our plans to kill the king, we're lost.
I assure you that he is my top priority.
It seems you found it much easier to kill the teacher's wife Your incompetence is endangering us.
You'd better hope you find him.
Cut off my head.
That's not what I deserve? All my men are looking for him.
You will get the traitor before the end of the day.
Got it? Are you sure these are the clothes the servants will wear at the party? I'm sure.
And the king will be attending? Yes.
Give me the money and go.
I'm through with this from now on.
What are you doing? He does not want to dirty his shoes, and he'll give me a penny if I carry him.
Two if you walk fast.
Get down now! Do not touch me! You've already soiled my shirt; clean me up! What? Not for all the gold in the Americas.
All you commoners have a price.
Really? Yeah, OK.
What's it worth to clean this? Jonas, stop, or you'll break something! Child, I'm sorry I'm not able to offer you anything to eat, but these days You have done enough, and thank you very much for the dress.
I'll return it.
No need, it doesn't fit me anymore Besides, we poor must help each other; if not, what would be our fate? Thank you! May God protect you, child! Thank you! Food! Give me food! In the name of God, confess! Torture me all you want, but I'll not confess to anything false.
We'll see.
The girl! Leave her alone! She's just a kid, what are you going to do to her? That depends on you.
I swear to God I am no witch; I just make herbal cures.
Well, you have forced me.
I'm a witch Let's see, what did you bring me today? Beans! What do you want, to poison me? Sorry, Your Excellency; if you want, I can go find something else.
No, leave it, leave it for her, there, so she'll be strong for her great day.
For the witch? No, I don't think you get it.
We are preparing a feast for the king, not a procession of commoners, this This is rubbish! You can give it to the pigs.
Oh, my God, I'm surrounded by incompetents.
OK, let's start again.
Garlands, more flamboyant and colorful than last year.
~ Garlands! ~ And also bring out the Flemish tapestries and bohemian crystal for our guests.
The carpets and glassware! And I also want hundreds of flowers like these.
Gonzalo! What a nice surprise! Surprise? You sent for me.
A stroll in the garden? How is Nuo doing in school? I won't deceive you, Lucrecia -- I think it's going to be a little difficult for him to fit in.
I have every confidence in you.
If anyone can straighten him out, it's you.
~ Lucrecia ~ Do you like how the preparations for my party are going? I'd love for you to come, so we can remember old times.
I appreciate the invitation, but it will not be possible.
Don't just thank me -- just come.
Let me be frank with you, Lucrecia.
I'm not interested in palace life, I came to visit you only as a teacher.
I know.
That reassures me.
For pity's sake, give me something for her! Thank you! It was cooked by my wife -- in my inn she is known for her skill with lamb.
~ Ins? ~ You say you're not a witch, but how? You're Cipriano, the innkeeper? You're in danger! Me? What are you planning to do to me, Witch? I didn't torture you; I brought you food.
Listen! Your names are in my cookbook.
Your wife asked me for a remedy for infertility.
Well, keep me out of your trouble; I don't know anything about potions and even less about what you say.
Listen! If they find it, you're lost; it's at my house.
Hurry, innkeeper! Why are you taking so long? Master! Master, we must do something! The witch has confessed, and you know how the Holy Office is in these matters, very holy and very determined.
They have already prepared the gallows.
They have installed more bars than on the convent of the Discalced Carmelites, and to top it off, a double guard over her, day and night.
You are very expressive -- what you're thinking? Stur, be careful with that.
I mean, it seems to be a serious matter.
You'll see, this one will end up just like my cousin the heretic They burned him there in Zamarramala, famous for its cream, and the cries were heard even in Vizcaya.
If she's a witch, this is a matter for the devil.
~ Come on, of course ~ And she will evaporate before their very eyes.
Master, someone has come in! Stur, Stur, calm down.
He's Augustn, a friend.
My respects, my Lord.
A squire, a page, a courier I'm like a mother to the Master's son.
You can speak freely; he can be trusted.
I know where Captain Rodrigo is hiding, but you must get there soon.
How have you gotten along with Nuo! He looks like a pig wallowing in the mud! Well, he'll get used to it.
It's for being cocky and haughty.
The truth is that he's a fool, but also nobility, and you could get singed.
Well, I don't care.
Why is that -- because he has plenty of money, he's better than us? Yuck! How can they eat that? Poor things, they're very hungry.
My father says that at least they can warm their stomachs.
Well, I'd rather eat cold cuts than try that crap.
And you? Alonso, snap out of it! ~ Have you seen a ghost? ~ Knock it off! My aunt! Your aunt, where? That woman there is my aunt.
That's your aunt? But isn't she rich? But really, how embarrassing! Thank you! I too am glad to see you, Margarita.
Finally you're going to give back everything you owe me.
Aren't you going to do something? I just want to have kids.
Treason, that's what they call what you've done to me! To give me witch potions Please, Cipriano, don't talk like that! How should I speak, like little count Olivares? The neighborhood knows you cannot have children, and the Inquisition knows I'm in league with the witch.
Well, OK, Cipri.
That's no way to talk to your wife.
Cipri, the Inquisition doesn't know anything about these papers.
If they did, they've have come for you both.
We have to enter the house, take the papers, and destroy them.
Let's see, there must be another way to solve it, you can't go in there.
If you are nabbed, and they burn you, then what? I'll be alone, God help me.
Now, Floro, Cipri, you are jumping to conclusions.
Easy, easy.
They will burn me as an impostor and you ask me to be calm! Look, it's unwise and meaningless if you even cough inside the house, you're dead meat.
We have to do something, we can't just let it ride.
Well, well, so we have a summit? The teacher, barber, landlord We are looking for accomplices of the witch.
You should know something, she was your neighbor.
I see.
Hiding an accomplice of witchcraft is punishable by death.
Come on.
~ God, he is the devil! ~ The Holy Inquisition! In the fire, the same punishment.
This evening you can count on me.
Sir! Master! Mr.
Eagle! Eagle! Late, and shouting.
I should have cut out your tongue.
Charity, Master.
Charity You can get along the roofs with the agility of cats, but I travel at ground level and have a bad back.
Here, come on.
Sir, sir! Are you sure this is it? Augustn said we'll find Captain Rodrigo here.
Come on, Stur! And why do you trust this guy Augustn? Where did he come from, that man? And why do you help him? I don't think he's really a monk.
Sir! Stur! Are you okay, Master? What is that? Sorry, ma'am.
Madam, madam! Madam, your son! What are you doing? This woman, she won't wake up! Lady! Nobody come close! She has diphtheria; it is contagious! Boy, wait; come back! Where does that damn witch hide her scrolls? Finding anything in this junk is impossible.
What are you doing? Some light here; I can't see! But did you think she is going to leave the paper out on a shelf? What are you doing, fool? Fool or no fool, in the end they'll discover us and it'll be your fault! I'm risking the stake because you can't I can't do what? Come on, keep looking.
You mean that we're here because I can't impregnate my wife, is that it? I never said anything like that.
Oh, no? The fact is, we're here in the shit because I can't knock her up, right? Bastard! Cipri, look! What's that? That's it, that's it, Cipri.
We're saved! The Inquisition! Stop eating that paper! There! If they find our names, we're doomed! So what if they see them? If they find us here, we're doomed.
Open in the name of the Inquisition! That's enough, lost or not, let's go out there and kill them.
Just like that? It's time for us to meet our destiny.
Floro, I can only tell you thanks;.
you're in this for my sake.
If it weren't unmanly, I'd say I really love you.
If I get reborn 1000 times, I'd do it again.
Let's go get them now! The Red Eagle? What are you doing here? Sometimes I hide from my father.
Are you worried about something? How did you know? I know everything.
You can read people's minds? Something like that.
Don't tell my father about this hideout.
This is his roof -- aren't you afraid that he'll find you? My father, climbing? He'd get dizzy, and He's pretty smart, but not very brave.
Don't talk about your father like that.
I'd like to be more like him.
It takes more courage not to use violence, and to solve problems with words.
Why not go home and talk to him? If I tell him what has happened, he will be angry.
Well, you already know why.
Yes, I do know, but explain it for me anyway.
This morning, when we took Nuo home.
It is not coming out right.
You saw it, didn't you? What do you mean? Alonso! Where is he? I've got to go.
Promise me you'll tell your father everything.
OK? He will be angry, but I will.
Where's the bird? Who were you talking with? Me? Yes, you.
Here, on the roof? Yes.
Well, how do you explain these feathers.
How would I know? It must be from an owl.
An owl You really are an owl, now head back home.
Last night the mattress straw must have stuck.
Let him rest; he's growing.
Don't you think he's keeping something from us, Stur? Man, if it were me, given your risky lifestyle, I wouldn't trust my father either, even if I knew who he was, but Still, he's a good kid.
Good morning! Hello! Sleep well? Last night I heard some noises on the roof and almost couldn't sleep.
That'sbeams, creaking.
The house is still settling in.
Have some breakfast! What happened to you yesterday with Nuo? Well, well.
You don't have anything to tell me? Whatever it is, talking it out will help.
Well, no Well, yes.
I saw Aunt Margarita.
Alonso, here we go again Aunt Margarita went back to Seville.
No, Dad, she was in the street with the poor and ate food off of the ground.
Are you sure, son? You might have been confused.
I knew you wouldn't believe me.
I shouldn't have told you, even though I told The Red Eagle that I would.
I believe you, son, but what I mean is that your Aunt Margarita would have no reason to be eating dirt.
But it was her, I'm sure! We're not going to do anything about it? OK, just in case, after school we'll go where you think you've seen Aunt Margarita.
Agreed? OK.
The things he dreams up, huh? Although it is not quite so odd, considering the father he has Well, how could he not have a head full of feathers? His father is an Eagle! All right.
I'm going for firewood.
Hey, fire fixes everything! You tell that to Jimena and her daughter when they start to burn them.
Well, look, we're out of danger.
and I've also forgiven you Cipriano, don't even touch me! For this I've risked me life? You're a brute, if not a complete beast.
Well, look, I'll toot my own horn if I have to Ah, so that's what bothers you, that people out there say that Cipri's sword doesn't prick or cut! Rather short, given the results I've done all this for you, to give you a child to make us happy.
Catalina is right; you're a brute.
Because I I have a short sword?! That makes me a brute?! If they burn all the witches, you would not be safe! Good morning, Cipri.
Do I look like a brute? Hardly, you're not the Minotaur.
She fools me, poisons me, I risk my life to save her, and she gets angry! Hey, if you want to have children, and after five years, nothing! And she, all she does is try anything to get pregnant.
Cipri, what's the problem? Don't be surly; give it a rest! Until you do, you won't be happy.
Me? Didn't I say she's angry now? Cipriano.
And if she is innocent? She hasn't confessed yet.
But we've hardly tortured her yet.
I am the commissioner, and I say burn her! Help, they're burning me! Turn me loose! What on earth are you doing? Gabi, help me! What are you doing, you animal? With the rope! He said we must help him.
Take the crutches, Gabi.
You, get to class! What were you thinking, huh? Death is not no game.
Gabi, go in! Silence! Sit down! Life is the greatest treasure we have, and no one else should decide when our time has come, OK? But if the punishment is deserved, Teacher, you have to make him pay for his misdeeds.
That is another issue, Nuo.
Come in, Stur.
Kids! What? Go study! Master, I found that Monsignor, your friend, and there's no time, we have to get there before prayer time.
Children, I've got to go.
And the punishment? When you've done math exercises you can leave.
But Father, and Aunt Margarita? You promised to go fetch her.
When I return, Alonso.
Behave! To your health, Marquis! Ouch! If you punish me I'll cry Alberto will bite you, fool! Or would you like me to hit you with my crutch? No, let me live! Or else I can give you money In the end we're going to take it just the same! Can't you come help me find my aunt? It's urgent! We can't; this is really urgent, too! Look, I can offer something else.
Want to see a real witch? Gonzalo! Didn't you expect to see me here? Or me! You've sent me to a certain death.
And me! You're wrong! Stur, this is something between Augustn and me.
Take care, master, or this one gets you! I told you, master, he'll get you! Our agreement is based solely on trust.
If you want to break it, I can't do anything.
They were expecting us in that crypt.
You'll find him a lot easier than you think, if you want to go all the way, you must be very clear on who you can trust.
Captain Rodrigo dropped this.
Lemon ink.
It is the plan of a chapel, of San Felipe, if I remember correctly.
And that line coming out from the side? It seems to be an underground passage leading to another building.
Which building? One that you know very well: the palace of the Marquise de Santillana.
Captain Rodrigo wants to enter the palace? Why? Because there's a party tonight, and the King will attend.
Some cheese! Roast capon from his excellence, the commissioner, and if you'll let me, some lentils for the daughter.
It's up to you if you lavish your charity It's been a while and she doesn't wake up.
She's alive, unfortunately for her.
The commissioner is careful that they walk on their own feet to the fire.
And the girl? I'll go with my mother! Hush, Satan girl! You'd rather burn too? Ignore him, Daniela.
Who is with the witch? The landlord is giving them food.
Make him go away! And you may sell the girl; you can keep whatever they give you.
Thank you, sir! Keep eating.
Nothing is going to happen to you.
Commissioner, I have brought some classmates who want to see the witch; is it possible? Sure, Marquis, you're welcome.
just don't torture any prisoners.
~ Go with them! ~ Yes, sir.
Sorry, but I have nothing to feed you.
But I don't want any food.
Don't you know who I am? No.
They say I look like my mother, especially in the eyes.
~ No? ~ No! But this part is my father's.
I am your nephew! ~ Alonso? ~ Yes.
Alonso, my boy! How handsome you are! Let's see; let me see you! You're so big! Come here.
I have wanted to see you so much! ~ May I ask you something? ~ Yes.
Why were you eating with the poor? You are rich, right? Yes, but it's just that I have been robbed.
But don't worry, they'll send my stuff, and I can give you some money.
Then why don't you come live with us? That cannot be, honey.
Sure it can! I'll convince Father; you'll see.
Better go home, Alonso.
~ No! ~ Do it, I've just got to go.
Take care of yourself.
Please! Alonso, don't follow me, huh? Guess what? Not just your mother's eyes, you also have her heart.
Don't ever change that, OK? Take care of yourself, son.
Lady, how about this one? The black one will be fine.
The black one is ideal for the perfect and boring widow of the Marquis of Santillana.
It's your lackey who told me to walk in, I bring a letter.
Yes, and you'll leave with another! At your feet, Madam, and the rest of the body, a pleasure My lady, the teacher finally sends word that he will attend the party.
Cata, you may be right, I need something more daring.
Come on! No one there? There, that's where the witch is, can't you see? No, I can only hear Murillo's teeth.
Come in, come.
What are you doing? Let us out of here! What for, commoners? Soon you'll learn to respect me.
I am the Marquis of Santillana.
You're a stinky worm! Get us out of here! Let us out! No, come! ~ Gonzalo! ~ Catalina! What are you doing here? You're not working in the palace? Yes, yes, but I snuck away.
I have a worry that won't stop bothering me.
What's wrong? What's wrong with me? Well, I understand that you are alone, and you need what you need, as a man, that seems to me very well, do you understand what I mean? What are you talking about, Catalina? Well, it'sabout the party.
Maybe it's none of my business, but I think you shouldn't go; there are people who you must keep away from.
Is it Lucrecia you're talking about? That woman does not suit you, Gonzalo.
I'm every day in the palace, and I see what I see, and that one was suckled by a she-wolf.
I'm not going to the party to see Lucrecia.
Oh? And then? I'm going out of obligation, my wife died a few months ago and I only have thoughts for her, Catalina, but thanks for the warning.
No! Floro, pay a little more attention.
If you give me another cut, you'll leave no blood in my body! Look, it's my latest invention, a double-bladed device, never seen before! No, keep still! Look, I'm going to call it a 'razor' -- Very soon you'll be using your own at home by yourself! What do you think, huh? What do I think, Floro? That you're going to go out of business, that's what I think.
~ All fixed.
~ Hey, you finally talked to your wife? Nothing to do, problems solved, and we're finished with them.
Did Ins want a child? Because she's going to have one.
What, did Jimena's remedy work? Something like that.
The daughter of the witch is for sale, so I gave the jailer a bid.
When they burn the mother, she's all ours.
Have you gone mad? Are you a donkey? Why am I stupid, if I did what you told me to do? We didn't say to go shopping for children.
Hey, hey, it's not bad for her, either -- in my house we eat hot food every day The guard! What's happening? They are clearing the streets of beggars.
It's because of the guests of the Marquise.
The nobles don't like beggars.
With this I will pay you off.
I accept this trinket as the first part of the payment, but I want a preview of the rest.
Please, please help! Margarita! Leave her alone! Get off! ~ Alonso! ~ Come here.
Now you will pay for him, and for you.
~ Leave me alone! ~ Leave her alone, asshole! I'll kill you, bitch! What is it, Alonso? What's wrong with you? I can't breathe.
Alonso, Alonso! People want a show, and their favorite show is the stake.
They roar of excitement at the flames, and then they forget to complain about taxes.
The only bad thing is the smell of burning flesh; the stench fills the whole town.
Good night, Marchioness.
A wonderful party.
I'm glad you're enjoying it.
~ Excuse me.
~ We would like to spend some time with our hostess.
Stay with us, Marquise.
~ Lady Marquise ~ Gonzalo I was going to make the presentations, but I see you know each other.
I assume that the Commissioner has been busy investigating the death of my wife, but three months have passed, and absolutely no progress has been made.
We have made every effort to investigate When it comes to the impossible, commissioner, I expect it as a special favor.
Of course, Marquise.
Now if you'll excuse us, I have to deal with certain issues concerning the education of my son with his tutor.
~ Marquise, about ~ Lucrecia.
I understand you're concerned about Nuo, but Tell me the truth, Gonzalo, you came to talk about Nuo or to see me? His Majesty the King! Excuse me, Gonzalo.
Gonzalo, Gonzalo! What are you doing here; what's going on? Where's Gonzalo? He's out; what happened to the boy? He can't breathe; he is very ill.
Run, go tell Floro, run! I convey my gratitude to His Majesty the King, for attending this celebration, And I, your humble servant, present you with this show, of fireworks.
Majesty, stand aside! Captain! Why did you kill Cristina, Hernando? I don't know what you're talking about! The teacher's wife! I haven't killed anyone! Why did you want to kill the king? I would not kill him, I was trying to protect him! You and I have the same enemies! There are dark forces conspiring to seize power.
What has that to do with the death of Cristina? I suspect that everything is connected.
What do you mean? This is the key The key to what? They're coming for me; they'll kill me! Let me go! Wake up, they're coming! The girl! Let her leave, she's been bought by this innkeeper.
Come on, girl, get out! Ease up a bit; don't you see they are saying goodbye? Go, my daughter, you have to go! No, no, please, Mother! The innkeeper is a good man, he'll treat you well.
I don't need a father, But Mother, I do not want you to be burnt! ~ I know! ~ I don't want! Shh I will die in peace knowing that you're okay! Ins and I are going to treat you well.
Go, my angel, go away! Let her go, or I'll pull off your arm, if you don't pull off mine first! What's wrong with you? Don't you have a mother? Do you like pies, honey? My wife makes the best in town.
You're going to get blueberry.
Thank you! They almost killed me, and his majesty the King, and what have you done? Nothing! It's been right under your nose.
Lucrecia, I have already dealt with that problem.
Lucrecia, what happened? One of the servants attacked us, and if not for a masked man A masked man? Yes, the court is full of buffoons, but I'll be showing that one his place very soon.
Could it be the one they call The Red Eagle? Stur, what're you doing here? Alonso is very ill; he's caught diphtheria! Please excuse my Master.
His kid is very ill, he has only a few more breathes in him.
How is he, Floro? Where's my son? Gonzalo, he's very ill, you've come just in time.
You can't do anything.
What do you mean, 'you can't do anything'? You're saying that I'm losing my son? We can only try to reduce the fever, but otherwise it's in the hands of God.
Dad! Relax, son, I'm here.
Dad, am I going to die, like Mother did? No, I promise that you'll be fine.
It's crucial that nobody gets close.
Stur, take the child's clothes out and burn them.
Just like with the plague, same thing! I remember once in Sagunto, they declared such an epidemic, we had to bury the dead with stones because there was no more soil.
I'd better go out and burn this.
Where do you think you're going? To see Alonso; we have to tell him what Nuo made us do.
When he returns to school, I will kill him! Hey, no, no, no, no! We were locked in a cell; it's a good thing the guard let us go.
You can't go in.
Alonso is gravely ill, come on.
~ Sick? ~ Yes, ill.
Not so very sick, he caught a mild cold, that's all Hey, do you know how to pray? ~ Yes ~ Well, go home and pray, and pray a lot, pray a lot.
Relax, son, rest.
You should not be here, go to bed.
Gonzalo, I was trying to raise some money to return to Seville but things haven't gone very well lately.
You don't have to explain anything at all.
Of course.
At least I brought home Alonso.
How are you? Excuse me for not introducing myself before, ~ You are the sister-in-law of the Master, right? ~ Yes.
I am Stur Sturno, the servant, ~ Well, really his right-hand man.
~ Nice to meet you.
Do you want anything? No, no.
I don't know, some broth, some warm food? You'll see what a pretty girl Ins is and how glad she is going to be when she sees you.
Do you see all these people, child? It seems tomorrow there will be bulls.
No, it's just that they're going to burn my mother.
There is she, the witch's daughter, who has come to watch them take her mother to hell.
My mother is a good person; she heals people! Yes, dear, but do not yell, they are a little declass.
Get out, we do not want daughters of witches around here! Shame on you! Beasts are better than you! How can you enjoy watching someone burn? ~ Let's go! ~ I wish that you would roast like a pig, and that you asphyxiate with the smoke, you low-lifes! You're primitives! Run along, nobody is being burnt here! ~ Guard, guard! ~ The girl! Where's the girl? Matilde! How is he? He has a high fever and won't stop raving.
Gonzalo, go rest, I'll take care of him.
Margarita, I want to be alone with my son.
Do not leave me, not yet, Mother, Mother! What? There, dear, it's okay, I'm here.
Matilde! Dad, I dreamed about Mom.
That's because Mom takes care of you from heaven.
Like the angels? Like the angels.
Sir, Master What do you want? I know it's not a good time, but it's almost time for the burning.
What are you talking about, Stur? Jimena, sir, you know, they're going to roast her for being a witch.
I have to be here with my son.
But, master, the Holy Inquisition does not fuck around, they'll toast her for sure.
As you always say, we have to help the innocent Get everything set up, Stur.
Me? Yes, start preparing everything.
I need more time with my son.
Nuo, you have to control yourself, you cannot lock people into a cell without reason; you first must find an excuse.
Take note.
Get out.
Nuo sent for me; he seems to have some problems at that school.
I'm the one to decide when you may come to the palace to see a boy who is still so very young.
You should thank me for ensuring the safety of your child.
Safety? After what happened at my party, it did not occur to me to think of you as a guarantee of safety,.
much less for my son.
I'm sure your attention is needed on other matters? Of course, Marquise.
But, mother, the poor are constantly humiliating me.
Who do you think you are to ignore my authority and ask the commissioner to come? I just wanted to behave like a true nobleman.
You're just a spoiled child who needs others to solve his problems.
If my father were alive, he would never have let you send me to that little school of commoners! If your father were alive, he would not allow you to be isolated in this palace; he would want you to carry out your affairs with dignity.
You're still going to that school, until you learn.
They're bringing the witch! Kill her! Burn her! I don't see him! Where is he? Mother, Mother! You be quiet, quiet! Mother; I want to go with Mother! Where is that man? Be careful, sir! He's not coming, the guy isn't coming! Could the boy have gotten worse? But he's not coming.
Well, then.
I'll have to do it myself.
No, no, back! Let them finish the witch! Dullard, over there! Eagle! Where is she, is she hiding? It is the work of the devil! Impossible! Are you okay? Thank you! Stur, rule number one: never begin saving anyone until I come, understand? Then, arrive on time! And so he annoys me with little rules, too How can I thank you? Be happy with your daughter.
That's something I can never do, as my son is dying.
What is wrong with him? He has diphtheria.
Stur, hide her in the house until I have prepared her escape from the city.
Consider it done.
Wait Before that, you must get me some grass from Avila, camphor, and ginger.
Then your child won't die.
What did you think, that I'd never find you? Ins, little Ins! Ins, no, no, let me talk, my sweet.
I've been a fool, and a dolt, but I promise that from now on I'll stop being callous.
If we have no more children, no problem, because now we already have one.
Cipriano! And no matter what the sacrifices, we do so as a family.
For you, well, for us, I am willing to do whatever it takes.
But do not cry, Ins.
I'll take care of her and love her like my own, for her sake! Still not satisfied? Mother, Mother! Weren't you getting fried? The Red Eagle saved her.
Thanks, Cipriano! Thanks from the heart! Hello, pinprick.
Today I have good news and bad news.
The good news is that there are no classes, The bad news is that nobody is going to save your neck! So you're the school bully? What do you want, to hit him? Go ahead, hit him.
Come on, you who were so brave? Hit him.
Now you have your opportunity to fix this.
Hit him.
I said hit him! Come on, bugger off! I'm not going to be here forever to solve your problems.
Are you breathing better? Yes, much better, but I am very thirsty.
I'll go get some fresh water.
How is he? He's breathing better -- he asked me for water.
Margarita, thanks for Alonso for taking care of him.
It's nothing, of course, it's the least we could do for someone who has shown so much Funny how much one can love someone whom she's just met.
Thanks for everything! Bye! Hey? Why is she going? She's leaving; you'll just let her go? Well, to me this woman does not seem bad.
And besides, she is good looking, in my opinion.
There are more important matters, Stur.
We have to find out why Captain Rodrigo wanted to kill the Marquise.
If I may say so, you are a block of ice.
Sorry, I said nothing, But since you're unravelling things, could you explain what all this is about? Because between witches and traps, and this woman who comes and goes, I don't understand a thing! Leave it alone, Stur! And the feathers: do they fall off or do you just leave them? You have nowhere to go? Come back home.
You must have many sins since you punish yourself so.
I have not known any man who doesn't.
Have you ever seen a key like this? Sorry, never.
Captain Rodrigo gave me the key for some reason.
Get him! It's just that I hardly remember her face You will not forget her! I have an esteem for my son's teacher, so I worry that her sister sleeps under his roof.
Gonzalo, how is he? You have heard of Lepanto, no? It's nothing compared to the mess in that house.
Our affair does not matter anymore.
Don't hurt me, I beg you! The aunt, the other The safety of this village is in danger because of The Red Eagle, and his band of thieves.
There is nothing better to upset a vigilante, than the suffering of the innocent.
Be careful, Gonzalo, she is not what she seems.
I know that you and I can get along well.
You're going to a certain death, you know? Or do you and Floro have a mistress? Let's drink to that! That way you'll not earn the respect of those who humiliate you.
Where is my son? He knows you will come to rescue them, and he's waiting to kill you.
Now I do have to take chances.
You would not dare.
I have him where I wanted.
Father! Sorry, Eagle, This is personal.

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