Águila Roja (2009) s01e04 Episode Script

La puerta misteriosa

If Captain Rodrigo reveals our plans to kill the King, we are lost.
This is rubbish! That's your aunt? - Majesty! - Captain! We have to figure out why Captain Rodrigo wanted to kill the Marquise.
I swear it's something else! You're telling me I'll also lose my child? Have you ever seen a key like this? I don't see anything special about it, master.
It looks like one that a cousin of mine, "Wobbly," had to keep the pigs.
Then I do not understand how you could escape.
"You will achieve redemption through the blood of vengeance.
" What does this mean? That's what I'm trying to figure out, Stur.
Captain Rodrigo gave me the key for some reason.
Well, hurry up and find out, because it's morning and we are in a cloistered convent.
Take care of that key, as if your life depended on it.
It is the only clue I have about the murder of my wife.
Master, be careful, you almost cut my throat.
Here, the sacred spear.
The inscription of the key matches the picture.
It speaks of a congregation that gathered to protect the sacred spear of Jesus Christ.
They met in a chapel, but it does not say where.
Maybe it's some nuns.
Out through the window, Stur! I knew you would say that! Oh, God! I knew they wouldn't come out the door.
Get him! Prepare to die.
What were you expecting? Catch him! Bah! What to do? Good morning, Stur.
Good morning.
Come in, why are you looking at me like that? No, if I may, you look like a girlfriend I had in Gascony, Monica was her name.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Sit down, I'll serve breakfast.
Stur, go change the straw in the barn.
Straw? As soon as I finish the porridge I'll go do it.
Don't make me tell you again.
Those clothes belong to my wife.
Yes, sorry, but mine were very dirty, I didn't think you would mind.
Yes, but I do.
Sorry, Gonzalo, I didn't mean to remind you of Cristina.
What? You? Remind me of Cristina? Come on, take off those clothes immediately.
I didn't mean to try to replace anyone.
Gonzalo, how Lucrecia You remember my sister-in-law? Yes.
I didn't recognize you, so lightly clothed.
I'm sorry, I think I've interrupted something.
Look, Catalina, what I invented.
Forget about inventions, I still have to clean the house before I go to work at the palace.
But look, stupid, I have established a jointed union between this simple cloth and this simple stick.
Come on, focus, focus; tomorrow we have to finalize the sale of the shop.
Catalina, what if we stay where we are with our barbershop and our customers? Floro, people with money live downtown; only poor people come here.
Yes, but they are our friends, and the child's school is here, the inn, and Catalina.
I'm comfortable in this house.
So! I got my hopes up; I already named it! "Catafloro Barbershop.
" If you don't do it for me, at least do it for our son, so the baby has a chance to escape poverty.
You'll see how well we'll get along; we'll live like lords.
Go ahead, you fool, show it to me for a minute; you know I like to see it.
Catalina, we had been together nearly 20 years.
My God, why must I show it to you, you've already seen it a thousand times Silly man, I meant the money for the shop! What? Don't touch anything; it's bad luck! Come on, stop this nonsense, man.
Ten years I've been collecting this money; I can see it whenever I want! Yes, let's see, look, so the saying goes: "Money seen, money flies.
" Look, listen! Well, that's it.
Every day you get more weird! I don't know what I was thinking when I married you! Do you remember? I want you to pretend that you are actors.
Okay? Come on, form groups of your choice.
You can come join us if you want.
It would be an honor.
Really? Look, we didn't make a good start with you, but I want you to know that we are very glad to have you in our class.
Gabi Ah, what did you do, Gabi! How could anyone not like clowns; you look so much like one! Quiet.
Tell me what happened? These stupid commoners have just attacked me; I demand punishment! What? Nuo, nobody demands anything here except me.
So, you're not going to punish us? 200 reales for this shit! What do you think, do I have "stupid" written on my face? Floro, Floro, what did you think? That you were getting two mulatto girls or what? This is what you bought, so it is what I brought, Look, give me the money; you can't back down now.
Easy, Floro, it's good business.
Of course it is good; business must be risky.
If you don't believe me, look at Columbus.
Christopher Columbus.
No one gave him a penny, not one, not even the Pinzons, and just look what he got! Don't you see, this is my life savings? Stur, I'm risking my marriage! Look, Floro, I'll invest it, and in two hours I'll double the money you've spent.
And your wife will jump for joy.
But she must not know, because she'll blow the whole operation.
You're sure this is full? Of course it is full.
Sorry! Hey, Aunt Margarita, I'm so glad you're staying with us.
Yes, but when you get well I'll have to leave.
I can't stay forever.
And it's no good pretending! I don't know if it was a good idea, Uncle Floro giving you that.
Hey, my godmother -- thieves! Guards! Thieves! Alonso! Looking for this? Yes.
Are you okay, Alonso? Yes, I dropped it, but This gentleman found it.
Come on, baby, why don't you go on ahead to Jane's stall? Let's go? Come on! Thank you! You're welcome.
What is it? You owe me for this.
You burnt my eye, remember? Besides, you owe me big money, Margarita--a lot.
I spent a lot of time in jail because of you.
Commissioner, I've come for justice.
Want to try it? Leave us alone.
I want you to close the school; those irritating kids have humiliated me again.
If you wish, I can close the school, but then you will not earn the respect of those who humiliate you.
Shoot! Not bad, eh? Your first shot.
Nuo, to survive we must be strong, but above all we must appear to be strong.
Do you understand? Sir, the prisoner.
Excuse me for a moment.
He will not talk.
Make him talk, whatever it takes.
Yes, sir.
All the important people will be coming to our barbershop, I'll have to have new dresses; I can't dress as if I were working in your inn.
My, what strange thoughts you get in your head after being a maid.
And you haven't even bought it yet.
Oh, I can see the jealousy! Ins, daughter, I didn't expect that from you.
Come on, let's light some candles to Saint Dimas, so everything works out right.
Margarita? Hello, Catalina.
- Ins.
- It was terrible about your sister.
I've heard that you're living at your brother's house.
I'll be there until Alonso gets well.
Well, if Gonzalo has forgiven you everything you did to him, far be it from me to say anything.
Gonzalo will never forgive me.
I just want my nephew to get well, and then for me to get back to my home.
Yes, that would be best for them.
Catalina, if you could only help me How? I need some money to get home.
Long ago we were friends.
I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important.
Well, daughter, you've caught me sorry, but right now you've caught me at a bad moment No, no need to explain, I shouldn't have asked you Forgive me.
That was cold, how you treated her.
How I treated her? And she has the impudence to ask me for money! You're too young to understand, so now shut up, you don't know the half of it! My bag! Thief! A key, a picture, a hermitage -- what was the captain's aim in giving me the key? The more difficult the puzzle, the more satisfaction there is in solving it.
My wife is dead, this is no fun for me.
Or anyone else.
The fate of many people is at stake.
And what can we do now? Try to find the captain, I'll seek information on the hermitage, so maybe we can find out what that key opens.
One of us has to find the way.
Freeze! Back, back! I don't think the captain is going to be very helpful Trust me, I'll find this shrine.
Catalina, we must talk.
What a shock, my lady, what are you doing here? I came to talk to you.
With me, madam? Yes.
We were born in the same neighborhood.
You could almost say that if I hadn't married the Marquis, we would be friends.
Yes, ma'am.
And like most friends, I can make a request? Whatever my lady wants.
You know I have much esteem for my son's teacher, and I worry that his sister-in-law sleeps under his roof.
That woman has done him much harm in the past and could do so again.
I need your help.
But I do not understand how I could help, ma'am.
Nothing, just be watchful and tell me if anything unusual happens in that house.
But, madam, I cannot spy on Gonzalo.
Excuse me? I'm not asking you to spy on anyone.
With all my respect, my Lady, what happens in poor neighborhoods is left in the slums.
Catalina, you'll do what I say.
Or do I have to remind you that you're one of my servants? No, madam, it is not necessary.
Alonso! Look what I got for half price by haggling with the neighbor! - What's that? - It's a horse, made by a friend.
It's faster than lightning! I tell you, there is something much faster than lightning.
What? Diarrhea! Once I entered the privvy as fast as lightning, lit the candle, and it had already gone down my leg.
Two days without pants, there was no place to catch it, Iigo! Margarita but woman, by God, why didn't you ever tell me you had a cousin in the village? With the joy that comes from having family close! Well, I don't know, Stur, would you please leave us? It's been a long time since I've seen my cousin.
- Well, pleased to meet you.
- Same here.
What are you doing here? Get out now.
You can't give me orders.
Leave me alone! Let me go, tell me what you want and go! One hundred reales.
Not one less.
One hundred reales? But I dont have that kind of money! Would you rather I talked to your brother-in-law? Or maybe you want your nephew to end up paying? Alonso, son! I'm leaving! But, Iigo, what about the dragon? Another day.
As for you, I'll see you tomorrow, at the portals of Game street at noon; don't be late.
But will I see you again? It depends on your aunt.
If she wants Yes, please, aunt.
It's a good thing we're leaving here; you know how it's getting in the neighborhood! Margarita goes and asks me for money, and the Marchioness, she tells me to spy on Gonzalo! What do you think? Yes, dear, whatever you say.
Well, how many centuries do we women have to wait for our husbands to listen to us? You look strange; I don't see you plotting anything.
Can it be about the new barbershop? And what if I'm not up to it? As for me, here everybody knows me.
If I go overboard and cut someone's ear, then, it gets sewn, and that's that.
That's only happened once with the baker.
No, Catalina, the savings; let it alone.
It is not the time to invest.
You always tell me, "business -- leave it to me.
" It's just that everytime I think we're leaving here, I get a kind of fever That's just because summer is coming, Catalina.
Summer? It's just that I imagine you and me dressed as courtiers, and I get mad, crazy, crazy Galileo, show me how the earth moves How does it move? Well, to move, to move, properly to move, it hasn't moved much.
I told you I was worried.
Oh, and El Cid was dead, but still he won battles.
I'm off to the pub, because I have something here inside I can't explain how I feel, Catalina.
- Floro? - Yes? Could it be you're hiding something from me? Hanging bodies off the Church is a stupid thing we cannot afford.
He is endangering us.
And to kill the king, it is risky enough.
The commissioner's behavior is intolerable; we must take action.
And what will you do? Dispense with my services? That is a luxury you cannot afford.
We could try.
Enough! Commissioner, you also risk a lot.
If our mission is successful, you will enjoy great power in the new government.
I'm getting tired of being treated like a servant.
Remember that there are people in this room who are more important than you.
Watch your actions, and your words.
Their patience has limits.
Do what you were asked.
Kill The Red Eagle, and you'll have a place among us.
I'm so nervous I cannot rejoice with her.
Well, I had a cousin in The Dolls; he did the same thing.
The man was happy because he had many friends, although his women had many more.
Are you talking about my wife? Is something wrong? Nothing, just that my wife is leaving me, and I'll be alone on the streets, and ruined.
That's not true, tomorrow we'll go to The Frog's House; they'll pay us, and all will be settled.
No one leaves this inn.
We must do some questioning.
The safety of this village is in jeopardy because of The Red Eagle, and his band of thieves.
I said no one leaves.
I need you to cooperate with justice; it seems that lately he's been seen a lot in this part of town.
Has anyone seen him or does anyone know anything about him? I see you do not want to help.
Everyone up against the wall, go! You, to the wall! Look, your honor, I jammed my finger.
And the more I pull, the more it's stuck.
Help the poor man with his finger.
Not the finger! Not the finger! Take this one, this one, and that one.
No! Not the teacher nor his friends.
Come on.
Margarita! Gonzalo, what a scare you gave me! What are you doing rummaging through my things? I thought that after the dress affair it would be clear.
No, I was just cleaning a bit.
And I couldn't resist holding it.
I just wanted to see it again.
It was my mother's.
And she gave it to your sister.
Yes, I was very angry.
She said that it would give her more light.
She always said Cristina illuminates everything.
It's true, she does.
Gonzalo, it's been so long since we Won't you ever forgive me? Our affair does not matter anymore.
What concerns me now is Alonso.
If something happened to me, would you take care of him? But why do you say that? Just tell me, would you do it? Of course, Gonzalo, I would never leave him alone, but I don't understand why you're asking me that question.
Is something wrong? Thank you.
Put it back in the box.
Margarita, next time ask me for permission.
Everyone stay still.
Stop, the guard! Kids! Let's stay focused! Stand up! Nice lesson! But if you'll allow me, teacher, there are more practical things that your students should know, much more practical.
Today I'm going to give the lesson.
It is fortunate that the Commissioner has suddenly become interested in education.
I am a servant of the people; do not forget that.
Let's see, children, what do you think is the most important thing that we men have? - Money.
- Courage.
Food? No, the most important thing we have are laws.
Without them we could not live.
We'd devour each other like animals.
So there must be persons responsible for compliance.
As the teacher has done to that child.
Gabi, sit down.
That is my duty as commissioner: punish the offenders so that you all may live in peace.
And do not think that I like it.
No, I would rather not have offenses.
I would love not having to punish anyone.
That was a very interesting lesson.
And remember most importantly: everybody, everybody -- we must respect the law.
Including the Commissioner.
The lesson is not over yet.
Watch out for the water! What a jump he made, just like a bug! Bastards! I have nettles up the crack of my Shins? What a shame! Now I'll smell like the starving all day.
Here is a starving man, but now you're going to eat my fist! Leave him alone! How about this defense? Are you crazy? Drop that! Now I'm giving the orders.
Don't play around with that, Nuo.
You're right, Gabi, let's not play.
What would you think if I invited you to eat? We're not hungry.
Look, Gabi, there's your appetizer.
I will not eat shit.
Really? Look, it's not that bad.
Isn't horse shit what you commoners eat every day? Go on, eat it.
But he has a bigger mouth than a Pelayo's horse, how am I going to extract the tooth? You want Catalina to extract something else from you? Either you make money and recover your savings, or say goodbye.
She'll have no trouble using this tool to pull off your lower parts, Floro.
Listen, is all this really necessary just to shave my beard? Well, you see, I didn't just say shave the beard.
Now, what's really more urgent are your molars.
But what about my molars? And who are you? I am Dr.
Sturno Garcia.
I don't know if you've heard of me.
I'm eminent as far as teeth are concerned.
But I have perfect teeth! Your well sings so loudly, that it makes me pull back.
My experience tells me that this is the sign of a bad tooth.
Open your mouth.
Hold still! Stay still; it's best to remove it ipso facto, before the infection goes to your brain.
Should I give him a bit of anise for the pain? Let the Mantillano flow, if it doesn't bother you? Then, with this little pull, out it comes! That's it! That'll be two maravedis.
And if I remove the wisdom teeth, I'll make you a special price.
Price? Price? I'm going to make you pay, you animal! You pulled a good tooth, and you nearly smashed my jaw, man.
You messed the whole thing up! You cannot be so greedy! Anyway, my marriage is going to fail and you can't do anything.
Maybe something can be done, Floro.
Do you know how West Indian rum is made? Is there anything you can tell me about the teacher's sister-in-law, or do you want to continue protecting her? No, ma'am, I'm not trying to protect her.
The thing is, they are living a quiet life.
Boring, I would say, as do all of us who live in the slums.
So you think the relationship between them is good? In my humble opinion What do you think? My Lady! It is the necklace worn by the teacher's wife on her wedding day.
A family jewel.
Do you suppose Gonzalo values it? Of course, madam, he has very few memories of Cristina.
Well, Margarita has pawned it.
I myself recovered it from the pawnbroker's shop.
So from now on, think about who you should be helping.
Anyway, take this, for the inconvenience.
Oh, ma'am, I couldn't What, Cata? You're not going to accept my money? Take it.
Thank you, ma'am.
You couldn't wait for me to finish breakfast? You know I can't stand to be bothered while I eat.
You sent for me.
Lately you have been far too forward in our meetings.
And not in a good way, I mean.
If my plan works, you will have The Red Eagle in a matter of hours.
Your plan? There is nothing more disturbing to a vigilante than the suffering of the innocent.
That's nice.
You should have it inscribed on your sword.
I detained a group of unfortunates for cooperating with The Red Eagle.
That masked one will soon come to my headquarters to rescue them.
And I'll be waiting.
I like the sound of that.
Now if you'll excuse me, it's late.
Where did you get it? I found it by chance in a pawn shop.
I could not help noticing that necklace.
It was my wife's.
I knew it as soon as I read the inscription.
I knew you wouldn't sell something like this, no matter how much in need you might be.
So I asked the seller how he got his hands on that necklace.
Well? He said it was sold by a young woman: brunette, sexy, a thief, no doubt.
You should be more careful with what you have at home.
Well, that's it.
Two parts Morila wine, one part alcohol for strength, and two kilos of sugar.
God grant that the buyer does not realize that we are selling him a pig in a poke.
I can assure you, gentlemen, this tastes nothing like rum.
But come on, I'll be damned if it isn't deadly good! I'm just a little tipsy.
Tipsy? You remind me of the Marquis de Caceres, and how many bottles have you had, now? The goods must be tested before selling them, Floro.
Well, come on, no time to lose.
Hello! Hello, how are you? What's going on? Nothing.
At your service, ma'am.
You smell; what have you been drinking? Nothing, he is a little sick and we're going to take him out for some air right now.
What's this "we," Floro? We have to go and see the new barbershop.
Maybe not today.
We have a few matters Men's business.
What will it matter, if you all go there drunk? Well, it's men's affairs.
Just men's.
You, madam, cannot understand because you're not a man.
Although sometimes you seem just like one! Well, Catalina, don't worry; I'll explain it all later.
12 reales You mock me? I need more time.
I cannot get 100 overnight.
Give me a week and you'll get what you ask.
You know, just one week.
Twelve years, Margarita.
I've been rotting in a dungeon for 12 years.
It was all my husband's fault, you know.
No, your husband and you.
I paid for all three of us -- 12 years.
I'll get the money.
I promise.
I've been very lonely, Margarita.
But now I feel better.
You know why? Your nephew? I like to watch him, you know? When he leaves home Or when he goes to school.
When I'm around him, I don't feel so alone.
Forget about him.
I can make you feel not so alone.
- Turn around! - Wait Listen I know that you and I can get along.
One night Two nights, if necessary.
It's a good deal? Don't you think? And one more thing, Stur.
This evening, wait for me with the horses in front of the barracks.
With so many horses and headquarters, we have not earned enough even for patches, master.
And see if you can be a little more careful with the suit.
It looks like moths have eaten it after you return from your missions.
Bless me, this needle has no hole! Have you been drinking? Man, have you seen me take a drink? What do you mean by drinking? The devil man! I'll never quite get used to these entrances he makes.
I have located the door opened by that key.
Thank you very much, Agustn, but right now I can't.
Commissioner Hernn Mejias is imprisoning people, accusing them of being my accomplices.
He's provoking you, Gonzalo; he knows that you will go to rescue them, and he is waiting to kill you.
Even so, I have to risk it.
I know they will soon start to execute them.
And if you get caught? What then? Should I let more innocent people die just to solve the murder of my wife? The plot goes much further, Gonzalo; it's not only the death of your wife.
And what options do I have left? Monseigneur, the Eagle cannot be asked to surrender his eggs.
Calm down, Catalina; it can't be so bad.
Not so bad? First, he is incapable of lying with his wife.
Second, he goes out with his drunken buddies instead of coming with me to see the new shop.
And third, that.
What is this? That's what's left of my savings.
I thought he wanted a barbershop, not a blacksmith.
I don't know this man and what is happening to him, I just don't know.
Tell me, you say he doesn't lie and yet he has spent all your savings, no? Well, Catalina, I don't want to scare you, but Come on, it's as obvious as milk.
What? Well, your Floro has a mistress.
A mistress? Yes, or even another family, children and all.
Don't look at me like that, there have been cases No, not a woman; not my Floro He'd never do such a thing to me.
No? There's only one way to find out.
How? Follow him.
No, no, no.
I could never do that.
- Here I am.
- It's about time, I thought you had skipped out.
You have heard of Lepanto, no? It's crap compared to the mess that's in that house.
Between father, child, aunt, and the other one Come inside.
Whose house is that? I don't know.
Excuse me, sir.
Could you tell us whose house that is? That? It's The Frog's House, the best brothel in town.
It's full of ladies' legs There's more thighs in there than in Ramiro's poultry shop.
As he is a man, sad, alone.
Whore what? Whores, they are whores.
You mean this is a brothel? I have come to sell, not buy.
I am a married man.
As is everyone else here.
Lackeys, always late.
What are you doing? Hey, leave me alone! My servant is just about to arrive! Let me go! See if you dare to ask me the same thing you asked from them.
You're crazy, commoner.
Leave me alone, or I'll shoot.
You wouldn't dare.
Let him be, Alonso.
I'm not afraid of you.
You should be.
Don't hurt me, I beg you! Look, I'll let you go this time, but don't ever come close to my friends.
He can act very noble, but at the moment of truth, nothing.
Grab your pistol and stick it where it fits you.
Such fear, he's going to shoot me! He doesn't even know how to use the gun.
Hey, Nuo, don't be like this.
We can be friends.
You don't need a gun.
Leave me alone, don't touch me! Drink, ma'am; you haven't tasted anything like this in your life.
Your stockings will fall down it's so good.
West Indian it is not, but I like it.
How many barrels do you have? Hundreds, dozens, whatever you want, lady madam.
Well, here's to it! Aren't those your wives? Our ladies, Floro; our ladies! Catalina, this is not what it seems.
Don't you dare, Floro! It's because I hardly remember her face.
I'm afraid I'll forget her.
You won't forget her.
Did your mother ever tell you how we used to steal chickens? My mother stole chickens? Of course! Your mother and I were very bad when were small.
How did you do it? When it grew dark, your mother would sneak into the pens, and toss the hens over the fence.
So you never got caught? Never, we were the fastest ones.
But we did sometimes get pecked! Gonzalo, I didn't hear you come in.
Alonso, son, go outside and play.
I want to talk to your aunt Margarita, alone.
Go on.
Gonzalo, I have to go out.
Margarita, wait.
I'm going to church.
Isn't it a bit late for that? I'll be right back.
I knew you'd come.
I've always liked you very much, Margarita.
We can be happy together.
Don't resist; I know you're as eager as I am.
What were you trying to do, daughter of Satan? Don't hurt me, please.
You'll be sorry for having fooled me.
Not so fast, you bastard.
What? Freeze! Back! Come one step further, and I'll cut her throat! Don't go, don't go! Don't leave me alone! Maybe you should see a doctor.
That cut doesn't look good.
No, it's nothing.
The Red Eagle.
When I tell my nephew Alonso, he's not going to believe me.
He talks about you all the time.
Who was he? The one who attacked you.
You know him, right? He was a former associate of my husband, a criminal.
They did robberies together.
Your husband is a thief? Yes.
For years we lived like that.
One day we're living in some city, then a robbery, in other one a scam, and so on until they discovered us and we had to flee.
And you? You are also a thief? I am a thief, a whore, or even worse.
I have stolen from my own family.
I even sold my dead sister's necklace.
All I wanted, was to save them from getting hurt.
Gonzalo, my brother-in-law, and Alonso are all I have in the world.
Anyway, don't say anything to your brother-in-law.
If I were him, I don't know if I could understand.
Gonzalo will never forgive me.
However much you try, You cannot hide the past.
For a moment I thought you had changed your mind, but I see it's not so; you're more stubborn than a mule.
You've brought what I told you to? Yes.
Master, the detainees are a lure, to catch you.
You're going to a certain death, don't you realize? It seems impossible that you are a teacher.
First lesson: stay alive.
There must be another solution.
Stur, I cannot hide while innocents are killed here.
So move on! Grab your family and go to another city, anywhere else you can be The Red Eagle, I say.
Wait here until I release the detainees, then go home.
And if I don't return before midnight, you know what to do.
You remember, right? I have to clean out the house, and And remove any traces regarding The Red Eagle.
Under the luggage chest, there is a double bottom with money, Sell the house, and take Margarita and Alonso to Toledo.
No, let's try something else.
I'll wear the Red Eagle clothes, I'll show up there, and if they kill me, so be it.
Somehow I'd get over it.
- Stur, listen - No, sir, I owe it to you.
After all, I was already dead.
You saved me to give me an extension, but Stur, shut up.
At least let me go with you.
That commissioner is a dodgy character.
You have to take care of my family.
That's what's most important now.
You are the teacher.
You too, Stur.
Nice of you to drop in! Get out through the parade yard.
Leave him; I have him just where I want him.
Let me talk, OK? You must do these things politely, Cipri, politely.
Don't exaggerate, Floro.
They were angry, but maybe it's not so bad.
Honey, Cata! What do you want? Catalina, my heaven, this was all a misunderstanding.
A misunderstanding? A misunderstanding -- I've caught you with your hand on the breast of a tart, and the other holding a wine glass? But woman, things are not always what they seem.
Freeze, and don't move.
I'll tell you what's not what it seems: our savings.
What have you done with it, you scoundrel, spent it? - Well, yes, but - Yes, in a brothel! Yes, but also, what happened is that we were trying to do business.
Business? I know your business, fool! Catalina Here are your things, there! Why are you being like this? I don't want to see you anymore! But Catalina, please! I never want to see you again; that's what I'm saying! No, not the test tubes, by your mother, dear! Not the test tubes.
Iron hand! Henpecked! I told you! Ins! Come down now.
This is your husband's command.
Ins! Ins, I'm not moving from here until you come out, I warn you! Urine! She has thrown piss on me! Easy, boy! You'll see, everything will turn out all right.
Wait, wait! Hey, hey! Have you seen The Red Eagle? Is he alive? I don't know! I think he's dead.
Let's go, beautiful ones.
Sorry, Eagle.
This is personal.
Notify the Marquise.
Alonso! Alonso! I hope you have a good reason for getting me out of bed.
I brought you a gift.
Bring him in! You already know who he is? No.
I've reserved that honor for you.
Thank you.
What nonsense is this, Hernn? This is your first officer.
Soldier! You're worthless! You deserve to have me kill you with my bare hands.
Get him out of my sight.
Go on! Why have you gone, sir? I'll miss you.
Hey, you! Where is my master; what have you done to him! You're not gonna take me without a fight! It's me, Stur! I am Gonzalo.
Master, you're alive! Let me help you, master.
They've made a mess of you, master.
You don't how glad I am that you're alive! If only for not having to gather up all these things.
You have so much junk Gonzalo! Stur! Margarita! What is it? Where is Gonzalo? Where is Gonzalo? I need to talk to him.
Gonzalo! Madam, what is this? It is Alonso's.
But what happened? Margarita, what's going on? I think they are Alonso's.
Where is my son? Where is my son?! I went to the street; I've looked everywhere, I don't know where he is.
Gonzalo, I have to explain You stay here with Stur.
I'm going with you.
No, no, you stay here.
You've done enough, don't you think? Gonzalo, please! That man is mad; the note is addressed to me.
If I don't go, he'll kill him.
Stur, stay here.
And keep alert! If you want to see your nephew alive, bring the money to the shrine of the barefoot in half an hour.
No, no, please! Let me out of here! Get me out of here, father! No, no, don't go out! Please! Please! Please get me out of here, father! Give me the child! Iigo! Iigo, give me my son! You are very funny, Gonzalo.
Do you think you're in a position to ask me for anything? Your son will die.
Gonzalo, please! Gonzalo? Gonzalo? Gonzalo, Gonzalo! No, no, let me go, let me go! I love having a beautiful woman wake up next to me.
Where is the boy? Now you're worried about him? You didn't hesitate to put his life at risk, but now you weep for your nephew.
What have you done to him? Easy, he is alive, at least for now.
Where is he? He is very close, Margarita.
Just a few meters away.
- No! - Yes! He's in his grave; I did it with all my love; even has a box, you know? His coffin, yes.
Get him out of there before he dies, Iigo; get him out! No, it's not that easy.
Gonzalo, Gonzalo! Things are never that easy.
Let me go, you bastard, let me go! Look, Margarita, I'm leaving this ax.
With it you can maybe cut the chain? The problem is that your nephew has been buried for so long, you know? And I don't think he can hold out much longer.
It's been a while since I last heard him scream.
Poor thing! Set me free! Here, Margarita.
Good luck.
Here's a tip: If you cut your foot off, instead of trying to cut the chain, You'll spend much less time.
Then, perhaps, you can arrive on time.
Look, all the money I had saved, I invested by buying some barrels of rum, to sell later for more money to the easy women's house.
You buy at a low price and then sell for much more, and the difference is what you get.
Understand? Yes, that is what is called a profit.
Well, all that's left is for you to explain it all to your mother.
And tell her it's all true.
And say also that I love her more than anything in the world, and I kiss the ground where she treads.
Tell her.
Well, while I am sweeping, look who is over here soiling the ground! But Catalina, let me explain! No, no, I've already heard your explanation! And you expect me to believe all that rubbish? It's all true; let Floro die if I lie.
Well, we'll see if I forgive you, but now, open the barbershop.
You'll be working until you recover all the money you've lost.
And you, back to the inn! You two are better separated.
Margarita! Gonzalo! Where's Alonso? He is there; he is there, buried.
Get him out; get him out, please! Alonso! Come on, son! Hold on, Alonso! Alonso! Son, Alonso! Son, son! Alonso, Alonso! He's alive! I didn't want to shoot, but they laughed at me, and I I don't like to be laughed at.
He got in front of me and the the gun was loaded and Nuo, you must endure it like a man.
It is the first time you've killed someone, but not the last, I'm sure.
So what should I do? Sign this confession.
Are you going to arrest me? If I arrest you, you'll be tried, and if you get tried, it is likely that you'll end up hanging.
No matter that you're a child, or even the son of the Marquise.
They'll hang you.
The pistol? Tell the truth, did you enjoy shooting him? I don't understand.
You'll understand later on.
Go on, now; go and play.
And don't say anything about this to anyone.
Not even my mother? Why worry her? I'll take care of your mother.
And that paper I've signed? Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.
Thank you, commissioner.
I'm coming! - Hello! - Lucrecia! Come in! I apologize, but we're not prepared to receive you as you deserve.
I just came to offer you my support and help, if you need anything.
It must have been very hard having to evict Margarita.
Gonzalo, I am preparing breakfast.
The Marquise has come to visit.
Marquise, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of work to do.
I can see she has gained a foothold in your home.
You don't even mind if she steals from you.
The poor have only their family to help each other.
It's one thing to be poor, but another to be stupid.
Be careful, Gonzalo, she is not what she seems.
I'll take that under advisement.
And thank you for your concern.
Let's go.
Mother of Beautiful Love, we're going to be eaten by wild beasts, you'll see.
Come on! Jump down! Yes, of course, you are a hero, and with a sword and all, but if you were a clerk, unarmed and attacked by rheumatism, you'd assure me how fast I came down and how quiet I could be.
Come on! The key! The key? What key? Ah, the key, I gave it to you; you took it.
No, you were bringing it.
Not me.
I remember very well that before leaving the den I said, "Master, take the key.
" I gave it to you.
I don't have the key, that The key! No, but this key cannot be for that door - Yes, it is this one.
- This key does not If I want to get into the fencing school, I have to train.
Stur, no! My son has returned from the war! Are you going to try out for the Carranza Academy? You couldn't even find an unarmed deserter! I don't care what he has done; he is my son and I will not betray him.
I loved your mother very much.
I'd like to have a family like yours.
May I know why you hate me so much? Should I have to remind you? Sooner or later I'll find it.
Valdepenas? It's blood.
Nuo, what do you know about Juanillo? It is a cursed place, full of grieving souls and ghosts.
Aunt Margarita was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life.
From a coward father, comes a coward son.
Well, nothing; I've reunited with my first love.
If you would look at me only one time the way you look at him, it would suffice.
Stop the duel with the teacher.
At least I'm not wearing a silly costume.

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