Águila Roja (2009) s01e05 Episode Script

Preparando a Alonso para luchar

Captain Rodrigo gave me the key for a reason.
It is the only clue I have about the murder of my wife.
No! I'm very glad you're with us.
You know I have great esteem for my son's teacher, so I worry that his wife's sister sleeps under his roof.
This woman has done him much harm in the past and could do it again.
Gonzalo, how about Lucrecia, do you remember my sister-in-law? Margarita, I did not recognize you so lightly clothed.
Commissioner, I have come to get justice.
Killing the king is risky enough.
The inscription of the key matches the picture.
It refers to a congregation that gathered to protect the sacred spear of Jesus Christ.
They met in a chapel, but does not say where.
Commissioner, if our mission is successful, you will enjoy great power in the new government.
The plot goes much further, Gonzalo; it's not only the murder of your wife.
I think the captain is not going to be very helpful.
- I'm not afraid of you.
- But you should be.
I've heard that you live at your brother-in-law's house.
I'll be there until Alonso's recovery.
Well, if Gonzalo has forgiven you for everything you did to him, It will not be me who says anything.
Gonzalo, that was a long time ago.
Our affair does not matter anymore.
Gonzalo will never forgive me.
However much you try, you cannot hide from the past.
Be careful, Gonzalo; she's not what she seems.
I know that you and I can get along very well.
To survive we must be strong, but above all, we must appear strong.
Kill The Red Eagle and you'll have a place among us.
Get him! The safety of this village is in danger because of The Red Eagle and his band of thieves.
If my plan works, you'll have The Red Eagle within hours.
Your plan? There is nothing more disturbing to a vigilante than the suffering of the innocent.
He's provoking you, Gonzalo; he knows you will go to rescue them and is waiting to kill you.
Even so, I must risk it.
Prepare to die.
And if they catch you? If I'm not back before midnight you already know what to do.
You should be more careful with what you have at home.
I'll take that under consideration.
Well, here's to them! Shoot! I located the door opened by that key.
You deserve to have me kill you with my bare hands.
Get me out of here, father! You have heard of Lepanto, no? It's crap compared to the mess in that house.
Between the father and aunt, the child, the other Give me my son! First lesson: stay alive.
Sorry, Eagle; this is personal.
It's like the church of my village.
Matthew 2:18.
Great sobs, moans, and screams.
Rachel weeping for her children and not willing to be comforted, because they perished.
I know that one.
It is the passage about the massacre of the innocents.
What's wrong? Don't stare at me like that.
We all have a history.
Listen, I told you I was an altar boy.
So many times father Abilio had read us that passage Father Abilio did not have much time for the children.
He gave us such hosts (spankings) And what about this; what do you think? This? It is a cup, what should I think? This -- sacramental wine -- it is not.
This tastes more like Valdepenas? It's blood.
The cup is made from the skull of a baby.
What the hell is all this? I don't know, master, but let's get out of here before the sculptor of the chalice comes back and makes salad pots from our skulls.
Come on! Alonso! Watch out for the lower parts, boy; although I don't use them much, I'm very fond of them.
If I want to get into the fencing school, I'll have to train.
Master Carranza will choose only one student this year, and that will be me.
I know what your father will say about it.
Alonso, Alonso, be careful! Are you okay? Never, never make assumptions about your opponent, but above all, show him no mercy.
Hernn, I asked you to train my son, not to finish him off.
Have you talked to Master Carranza? Yes, yes.
That man is impossible.
I tried to convince him that you deserve this year's placement, but he insists that you must compete for it like all the other candidates.
I must enter the academy no matter what; all of the Marquises of Santillana have done it.
I'm afraid, son, that they all earned the right to enter; I cannot do anything more.
Come on, Nuo, we have more work to do.
Alonso! At least they don't stick the sword up your Stur! Sheathe your sword, boy; put it away.
You're going to turn me into a Moorish kebab.
Good morning! Good morning! I thought it was clear: no more swords.
Is just that with the fencing academy trials, he doesn't think of anything else.
He's still going on about the fencing school? Well, it's the Carranza Academy's admission tests.
I'm almost 10 years old and I'm ready; I've been practicing with Stur.
You know that a servant has a hard time saying no, and since the boy had such a hopeful look Alonso is still a child, and right now he should be paying attention to his books rather than to any weapons.
But, Father, it is the best school for fencing in the world! Everyone who has studied there is a Captain or General, please! That's fine, son, but be very clear that you do not have my permission to sign up.
And now eat your breakfast, go to school, and the sooner you forget the matter, the better.
I'm sorry, but I agree with your father; it doesn't seem good to me that you should go to that academy.
My father is a coward and wants me to be one, too.
No, your father is no coward.
He does not like talking about it, but he was a very brave soldier.
My father? Yes, he has fought in many battles, and he knows very well how dangerous weapons can be.
Why hasn't he told me anything? No father tells his son everything.
My father is a loser! Alonso! Never say that; you don't deserve the father you have.
As for me, mine sold me to a blind man in Tormes, and I went through hell.
But I can win.
You've seen me fight; I'm good! Said the mule to the winch.
If you really want to be good with the sword, you must have agility and experience.
And cunning.
What do you want? Yes, yes, what do you want? And when there is a tough competitor, knowing how to manage in a close fight.
Fitting yourself to the onslaught of the opponent.
Lady, you have a butt too beautiful to adorn my face.
Estuarda? Estuarda, is that you? It's me, Sturno.
I don't know anybody named Sturno? Yes.
How dare you say hello to me after what you did to me? Stur, you were right; you fit yourself wonderfully! What a slap Gabi's mother has given you, huh? Estuarda is Gabi's mother? Let's see, open your mouth, open your mouth I can't see anything, Floro; how would I know? Yes, yes, woman; below, the bottom one.
That's just skin.
You've come to the right place, eh, Pustulino? Take out any of them, since they are all rotten! Well, that's true enough.
Come on! Come, come, no, there; so, don't move! Did you hear something? Might have been the innards of this one; it wouldn't be the first time.
No, no, it came from inside the house.
Thieves -- it's the third time this month they rob us! You there; do not move! Slowly Stop beating! You'll break my back! My son, you have returned from the war! My son! Oh, my son! But, baby, why are you so thin? You're as pale as a little olive flower! Oh, my son! I thought they had disappeared long ago.
But who are they? A secret society.
Its members kidnapped and killed newborns to later drink their blood.
Of course, it takes all kinds of people.
They reportedly got the children at the old hospice of St.
They thought that by summoning the evil one, he would help them.
Help them do what? To seize power.
You mean, they killed your wife to drink her blood? Stur! Cannibals! We have much to learn.
We'll return to the hermitage.
No, you have discovered their altar, so they will not come back there.
You must start at the hospice.
No, we cannot go there.
It is a cursed place; It is full of grieving souls and ghosts.
We will go.
Really? Well, then I resign.
This is as far as poor Stur goes.
As things are, I will not go in there.
Father, am I right or not? Cipri, Cipri, that string of garlic! Please! OK.
- You'll bring it back? - I'll bring it right here.
It is for scaring away the spirits.
Where are you going with a horseshoe, a crucifix, and a string of garlic? If I tell you, you'll not believe it.
I go to a pilgrimage.
I'm going on a pilgrimage.
You're right; I do not believe you.
Okay, I am praying to the saint to return my lover.
What do you mean? Well, I've run across my first love again, the light of my life, the thief of my heart How nice, Stur! She who moves me with one look, She who drives me crazy with With her neck She who slaps at me when I I'm in love, that's all! And why don't you just tell her? There is one little problem.
I have already dishonored her.
But only once, and then, then, I had to leave to seek my fortune.
You're all the same; you'd better not go near her.
If it were me, I would throw you into jail for being a pig! Ignore her.
Is the girl worth it? Well, you left to seek your fortune, no? Yes.
Then, show her what you've accomplished.
But, I am only a poor servant, Cipri! Oh, you are mistaken! She does not need to know that.
If you dress properly, you can seem to be whoever you want.
Innkeeper! I cannot stop hugging you! We have to celebrate; I will tell Cipri to prepare a piglet as God commands.
It's better if you don't tell a lot of people I'm here.
My commander, the Marquis of Espino, had to come to town for a few family matters that are quite serious.
But you'll stay a few days with us, right? Yes.
Oh, son, I'm so glad to see you again! Bruno! Little brother! My, how you've grown! How about your angels; you're still painting? Do you like it? For you, I have more.
I have the soldier's cross; I'm a hero! Murillo, listen, this is important: you cannot tell anyone I'm here, no one.
Hello? Stur, what are you doing? You startled me! You were stealing my father's clothes? Stealing is an ugly word.
I was giving it a good airing, for the moth is very voracious.
I don't want to see the master as naked as Adam.
And that's why you're wearing it? Look, Stur, I'm just a kid, but I'm not stupid.
Let's see, how can I explain it Have you ever had a girlfriend you haven't met for many years? No, I'm only eight years old.
Yeah, sure.
Well, Gabi's mother and I We used to be good friends.
Friends and more.
And now that I've seen her, let's say She has captured my heart.
Estuarda and you as sweethearts? Well, yes.
But you're so old! Well, that's why.
Because by now I have very few opportunities left, Alonso, and I would like to have a family like yours.
Nobody has ever loved me.
Now only Gonzala Vasile, the maid, hugs me.
Stur, do not say that; I love you! Thank you very much, but I am only a servant.
Stur You are very kind, Alonso, very kind; if you ever need anything from me, you don't even have to mention it.
Well, hey, now that you mention it How good are you as an actor? Me? Yes.
Haven't I ever told you, that I used to be an actor in Verona? No.
Come on, let's give it a try.
Where did you get it? A friend of my mother left it at home.
I can use it for the academy tests this afternoon.
You have convinced your father to let you sign up? Sort of, but You know how he is.
You're going to take the Carranza academy tests? Yes, why? With that? It's a sword.
And if don't shut your big mouth, my friend is going to nail your ass, do you understand? We'll see about that.
Of course, as far as the academy test, I wouldn't count on it.
A commoner like you has no chance.
Children, everybody sit down.
Listen, this is important.
Juanillo is still missing.
It is essential that you tell me any details you can think of to help us find him.
Father, the last time we saw Juanillo, we left him talking with Nuo.
Nuo, what do you know about Juanillo? I You do not need a gun.
Leave me alone; do not touch me! I don't know anything.
Well, if any of you hears something, tell me, his family is very worried.
Let's do a dictation.
Wait, wait, Estuarda, I love you! Sure.
Hey, I've not expressed myself well! I've explained that badly You have not changed at all; you're still very pretty.
Thank you very much, you haven't grown very much either.
What is it, Stur; why do you persecute me? I wanted to apologize; I did not behave well with you.
Well, I wasn't all that bad It took the courage of a champion to leave you.
Stur, what do you expect? No, I'm sorry, I got scared a bit when you started talking about marriage.
And you ran out like the coward you are.
Yes, Estuarda, you were right.
I don't know, seeing you this morning, I it has overturned my heart.
The heart and another thing, which rather than being overturned has been It was more like a swelling.
Estuarda, I have always loved you.
Why are you laughing now? It's these clothes, right? So I knew I could not fool No, no, Stur, it isn't that, man.
It's been more than eight years since you left, and now you come here wearing these things; it is incredible! Everything I said is true, Estuarda! Oh, Stur! It's just that we're not kids anymore.
You can't come back this way.
Let's try No, it's too late.
Look, I'd been very bad off, Stur, but now I am happy, very happy.
Me too, I'm very happy Estuarda! Darling! He mustn't see you here; you have to go! No, no, there is no way out.
Estuarda! You have to vanish.
Are you married? No, no time for explanations, go.
You did not say anything Why did not you say something before? Jump, Stur! Darling! Come home, little dove, you cannot know how much I missed you! Please, good sir, my father is about to arrive.
No, without your father you cannot begin.
Stur, where were you? The tests are about to begin.
Do not ask, son; do not ask, come on.
Take note, my good man.
What? Don't put on that long face.
I've had an accident in my palace's stables.
Record this: Here, Gonzalo Montalvo, the man himself, present, gives consent to his son, Alonso de Montalvo, who is present also, to sign up for the entrance exam.
No! Montalvo with a V, with a V! By Jove, you blockhead! I'd like you to know that your father will kill me.
I don't know how you managed to talk me into this, but for this he'll poison me for sure.
Careful! Careful! -- That thing is sharp! At this rate you're going to end up as Moorish! You already know, Nuo: show no mercy.
Come, Alonsillo, you know how to fight, huh? Good luck, son! Thank you, mother, but I will not need it.
Kill them.
That's my boy! Applicants Alonso de Montalvo and Nuo de Santillana have reached the end of the competition.
They will compete tomorrow for the single place in the Carranza Academy for this year.
The match will take place tomorrow at the same time.
Come on, Stur, take off all that nonsense.
Don't you see you are being ridiculous? Have you seen yourself? At least I'm not going around wearing a silly costume.
Come on.
Master, do you really think you'll find something here? If you ask me, that monk friend of yours gets a little drunk on the sacramental wine.
We should get out now; there's nothing here but ghosts and souls in purgatory.
That's enough, Stur, wait for me outside.
This time I won't argue, master, I won't stay here a second longer.
Put that thing down, Stur.
Ghosts don't exist; they are just superstitions of the ignorant.
You said it, but I just saw, I saw a ghost; a soul, an unholy spirit has gone out through there, master.
Follow me, sir.
He turned around here, and it's as if he had vanished.
I swear, sir, may I die here now.
He was covered in blood and it was as if he were floating.
I nearly died of fright.
Stur, it's impossible for anyone to get out through here.
I've already told you; it was a ghost.
Ghosts can cross through walls.
Son, what are you doing? Were you stealing? No, mother.
What do you mean, and what was that? Look at me! I've done something horrible, mother.
What have you done, Bruno? I've deserted the army, and the commissioner's guards are looking for me.
I've gotta go.
You're not going anywhere.
Mother, if I stay, I would be endangering you, too.
Wait! Mother, when I was at the front Shh! Do not tell me anything, Bruno, I don't want to know.
Go to sleep.
Not a word of this to your father, huh? He was very happy to see you, and I do not want to disappoint him.
Come, musketeer! To bed! I have reached the finals, Aunt Margarita.
If I win, I can enter the academy.
I will be a soldier, a Captain You have taken these tests despite what your father told you? But I'll tell him; I don't think he is going to care.
No, he won't allow you, Alonso, and give me the sword.
- Give me the sword.
- But why? Because I told you not to do it, son.
I forbade you to enter those tests.
But I reached the final! I don't care; you will not compete.
It's for your own good, son.
I'm so tired of you always doing everything for my own good! You're angry with your father again.
Because I can't take it any more.
I just want them let me do what I want.
Studying of course No, fencing.
I have to win the match to enter the best school in the world, but my father will not allow me.
It's so important for you to enter the academy? I want to learn to fight to join the army and travel around the world.
I don't want to live like my father.
Come with me, I think you have to see something.
Why did you bring me here? We are very hungry.
A farthing, please! Some charity, please! Charity, for charity! I have spent days without having anything to put in my mouth.
What happened? An ambush in Flanders, all my fellow soldiers died there, but I was saved.
Many of these men were like you, very skilled with the sword.
They enlisted in the army with a thirst for money and adventure.
OK, but the same thing won't happen to me; I'm pretty good with a sword.
War is no game.
OK, so I must be trained before I go.
After seeing all these men, you still want to enter the academy? Yes.
You're hopeless! You're not even able to find an unarmed deserter! I want him in jail tonight, or someone will pay with his life.
Get going! Nuo, what are you doing here? The school, they won't stop talking about the dead boy.
The commoners like stories about missing persons a lot, but never forget this: with no body, there was no crime.
You have practiced with your sword? Come on, let's get something to eat.
You'll see how tasty it is! This morning Stur has exceeded himself; just try it.
Have you figured out how can you fix up my clothes? Me? But this is nothing, just a smear.
My, how delicate you have become! Fix this disaster, go on! Let's see, Stur, give me those clothes.
Look, Gonzalo, with just a rag and some water they will be like new again! Or maybe not Well, if that won't work, I'll just buy another set and that's that.
Have a little milk Father, I wanted to tell you something.
I'm sorry for having disobeyed you, but, you know, I made it to the finals, and With that meek attitude, you won't win the tournament.
You'll let me? Have you heard, Margarita? Yes.
But on one condition: I will train you for the trial.
Thank you, thank you; you're the best! Go on, knave! I don't understand, Gonzalo, I thought you didn't want Alonso to learn how to fight.
It is his decision.
I can't stop him from doing something that he wants so much.
Gonzalo, you are his father, do you want him to go through what you've gone through? Precisely, I can teach him better control, something I did not have.
Also, my son's education is my business.
Gonzalo, sorry to interrupt you.
I need your help.
Gonzalo, wait! She already has a man to embrace; she's married He could also be a visiting family member, or a distant cousin.
No, he couldn't be all that distant.
He grabbed her buttocks like an octopus's death grip.
It's over.
She also said she is very happy now.
Then leave her alone for once.
I am suffering so much, that there is no medicine to cure my disease.
Oh, that is clearly fake.
What? It's real.
Give it back! He has taken my cross! What's going on? Where did you get it? Answer me right now: where did you get it? His brother, a soldier, gave it to him.
He is at home, and has come to stay with us a few days.
When did he get here? Yesterday, but my son has done nothing, He came with the Marquis del Espino on some family business.
Please, mother, do not involve anyone else in this! We cannot do this ourselves, Bruno; we need help to get you out of here.
Catalina, do not worry, we're not going to leave you alone in this.
Thank you very much, Margarita, after the poor welcome I gave you and treating you so badly Well, we've been friends for a long time.
It's the least I can do while I'm here.
And Floro? No, by God, not a word to Floro; it may give him a stroke, with the illusion he had of his son coming home with permission Okay, Cipri has a cart, I think it can be useful.
Thank you very much, Gonzalo, I'm going to pack.
Let me help you.
What have you done? I've deserted the army.
Many men desert from the army, and nobody takes such pains to find them.
What have you done? Kill them! I said kill them! Please do not kill us! They are only children.
I'll do it myself.
Give me the gun.
No! Open up! Open in the name of justice! The commissioner.
Open up or they'll knock the door down.
Gonzalo! Open up! I said open! I'm coming.
Where is your son? He left early this morning, and returned to the front.
I myself went with him.
Don't be smart, teacher; this doesn't bode well for you.
If you tell the truth, you have nothing to fear, but if we find him in here, you will pay the consequences of having given shelter to a murderer.
Search everything.
- Hands off, scoundrel! - Well! Hello! Is anybody there? I should have been a tradesman, my father always said.
Hey, you can look at the goods, but do not touch.
You are you? Do I know you? No, no, just from seeing you around Don't be long, there's still more cloth to be cut.
Well, well, well.
It seems that this time you have passed.
What's up there? Nothing, sir, it must be rats.
We have many; they are everywhere.
I have a wonderful remedy for rats.
Sooner or later I'll find him.
Do not doubt it.
We're going! Poor, very poor.
What are you thinking? You're not learning anything.
Grab your sword.
You lack courage; your rival has twice as much as you.
That commoner? If you want to ensure your victory, you will have to undermine his morale.
That's your only chance of winning that fight.
A demoralized opponent is a defeated opponent.
- But I do not know how - You do.
I know you're smart.
You just have to find his weakness.
Marquise Do not be afraid of the teacher's son.
No, mother; he's just a poor wretch.
If you want to demoralize him, tell him that his father married his mother because he could not have the aunt.
His aunt was the teacher's true love.
Where are you going with that? No, take off your vest and put down the sword.
But, Father Take it off.
Take it off.
First lesson: never question your teacher.
Arms outstretched Bend your legs.
But Father, why are you punishing me like this? Nobody said it was easy to learn to fight; bend your legs, don't let those fall.
So, until all the sand runs out.
Okay, that's it.
You can take a break.
Alonso, son, let's get back to your training.
Why? I'm tired of drawing nonsense and lifting weights.
You're not teaching me how to fight.
You think so? Come on, knave! En garde! Are you ready? Yes.
You have all lied to me.
Don't start, Floro.
I already told you that it was my fault.
You're a murderer: a traitor and a murderer.
Father, it was an accident.
But you ran away, no? Because you're guilty, that's why.
You don't understand anything! What would poor people like us do in front of a nobleman? They wouldn't even give him a chance to speak; they'd condemn him instantly.
An honest man has to be consistent with his actions.
I did not raise you to kill that man, and then run away like a coward.
I am ashamed of you! Who has accused him? The Commissioner? I don't care what he has done; he is my son and I don't intend to give him up.
You should have told me sooner.
And you're also his father, Floro.
Will you help him or not? I am positively ashamed of you.
What are you doing? Be more careful.
How sensitive these commoners are becoming! Hey, jerk, do you want me to introduce you Master Fist? Leave it, Gabi; it's not worth it.
What? Do I frighten you? Maybe your mother can accompany you to the battle this afternoon, in case she needs to dry your tears.
Are you stupid? His mother is dead.
Really? Then he can be accompanied by his aunt.
Your dad sure thinks she is fine.
But what are you talking about? Well, your father married your mother without loving her, since he preferred your aunt.
Who can tell me what's going on here? And you, have you not learned anything? I'm not training you to become a bully.
Come here, and sit.
Will my son be okay in there? The space is very small, if he can't breathe, it will give him a phobia or something No, woman, don't worry, Gonzalo has prepared the barrel well.
Nothing is going to happen to him.
Margarita, you have been very good to me, and I don't know what to tell you.
Well, don't say anything.
Good luck.
And Gonzalo? The sooner we leave, the better.
I told Gonzalo not to come.
Floro, by God! Did you really think I'd leave you alone in this, Catalina? Oh, my dear! You're not going to say anything to your son, who is hiding back there? No, I'm doing what I must do, but I haven't changed my mind.
Thank you very much, Margarita.
Ow, it burns! What burns, cures.
In Nuo this behavior does not surprise me, but I didn't think that your son was capable of something like that.
Is everything all right, at home? Alonso is going through very difficult times, but don't worry; I will make sure that he never does anything like that again.
Maybe you should withdraw him from the competition for the place at the academy; maybe he is under too much pressure.
Anything else, marquise? No, Gonzalo.
We accept your apology; you may go.
Sorry, Nuo.
Nervous? Me? Why? I would be if I knew that my son was about to be crushed.
I'm in a bit of a hurry, if I may It must be hereditary: from a coward father, comes a coward son.
I don't know what the Marquise sees in a man like you.
I will not fall for your provocations.
You're just a whim of a noble lady; I wonder when she'll grow tired of you.
Stur, where are you taking me? You've gotta come with me; it's a matter of life or death.
The last time you told me that, I ended up naked in a haystack.
Already, we've arrived.
Sorry, sorry.
Hey, what are you doing; where are you going? Did you want something for your lords? A little shame is what we want, if you still have any? Or have you used it all up there inside? Stur, what in the hell are you doing? But I don't understand; let's see, if you want money, we can arrange something, but now go away, please! Who do you take me for? This is unbelievable! Stur, let's go! No, nothing doing, This fella is gonna be dealt with.
Vicious, shameless! Let everyone know: this heartless bastard is cheating on his wife.
Is something wrong, Braulio? With that one! Your husband was with that whore! Slut! Husband robber! But this lady is my wife! But what a liar! Liar! Bastard! And you tell me this to my face? I am his wife; we were married in the Church.
You are married? Then, you? Let's just go away, please.
Can you tell me what's going on? Nothing, those two people were just mistaken.
Estuarda, Estuarda! No, Floro, we're going the wrong way.
We're going the wrong way, I told you; you've just passed the turnoff; after the Church, we were supposed to turn right.
That does not sound right at all.
Good God, this is the normal way, Catalina.
I know how hard it is for you to admit it, but just turn around and ask.
I don't ask.
When I drive, I decide the way.
Moreover, if we are not lost yet Well, forget it; just go ahead.
We'll be where Christ lost his bow.
Catalina, relax; nothing has happened yet.
Good afternoon to you.
Get down from the cart and unload the goods.
Commissioner, we only carry wine.
Cipri, the bartender, asked me to take these barrels to Toledo; they are for a cousin of his.
Where have you hidden him? I don't have all day, asshole! You're starting to exhaust my patience.
Here I am, Commissioner; do not touch my parents! Get him! Anyone who touches him will pay with his life! Well Let's see Will you tell me why you fought with Nuo? No, it was nothing, He said something I did not like, but I know it was a lie.
Yeah, sorry.
Honey, can you go fetch water from the well, please? Gonzalo, you have to withdraw Alonso from that competition.
You too? My son is going to compete.
What do you want to prove? He's a boy, Gonzalo; they may hurt him! That will not happen.
But I cannot help being afraid.
My son is much smarter, would not do the same stupid things I did when I was in love with you.
So it's true? Did you love Aunt Margarita? Alonso, son No! You did not love Mom! It appears that the child has had more wisdom than the father, and has managed to withdraw in time.
I'll tell the judge to declare Nuo the winner.
Commissioner, here comes Alonso.
Alonso, we must talk.
I can't talk now; I have to fight.
But remember, you do not fight against your opponent; you fight to get what you want.
Okay? This is for you.
It's amazing! It's my first sword; your grandfather gave it to me.
It will bring you luck, even if you do not need it, agreed? Finish him.
He can continue? Are you all right, son? Yes, it's only a scratch.
Good fight, Nuo, too bad your opponent was not up to it.
You could have killed my son.
An unfortunate accident, no doubt.
This was not an accident.
What are you saying, teacher? Gonzalo, your son needs you.
Go Gonzalo, go home; your cowardly baby needs you.
If you want to settle this like men, I am ready whenever you want.
Okay, at sunrise on the bridge.
I'll be happy to attend that meeting.
The boat has sailed from the Americas.
It carries the shipment of gold? I myself have seen the documents to that effect.
You did what we asked you? Yes, ma'am.
The ship's captain received the bribe; soon the shipment will belong to this brotherhood.
That gold is fundamental to our crusade against the king.
Pay him.
Get rid of that body.
How could you even challenge the commissioner? Don't you see that if you kill him it is bad, and if you do not kill him, it is worse? It's just a man with a red robe.
This crouch is drier than Chingas Vinto.
Let's go.
Where? Where? May I help with the load? It seems to be heavy.
My son, what have they done to you? How I love you! If you do something to him, you're going to hell! My son, oh my God! Oh, Floro, they'll kill him! It's my fault.
It's not your fault.
I'm sure you did what you had to do.
I love you! Gonzalo Avoid this duel, please.
They tried to kill my son.
Also it is none of your business, just like anything that has to do with me.
May I know why you hate me so much? Do I have to remind you? I didn't forget.
So you're still blaming me for the death of that man You keep thinking that I betrayed you with him? Then, haven't you heard me so far? Please.
Come on.
Alonso, son! Let me alone! I am ready to be a man; I'll go to the army and they'll hire me as an assistant.
Where you going? Son, let's talk about this seriously.
I loved your mother very much; never doubt that that is true.
Then, you fell in love with Aunt Margarita before falling in love with mother? Is that true? No, I met Aunt Margarita before your mother.
What happened is that your father met me and and he liked me a bit.
But then, of course, he met my sister, and your mother was so pretty, so good, and so nice that He immediately fell in love? Of course.
Well, of course, mother was beautiful, no? Although Aunt Maggie is also very pretty, huh? Teacher You must buy me a horse, a donkey, a pony, or any other means of transport, or one of these days I will fall over dead, I spent all night walking.
Father, do not go to that duel, please! I don't want you to die because of me! I'll be all right, son.
Don't worry.
Look, I have goosebumps, just listening to the boy.
You will leave us orphans Stop your complaining and come out with it, Stur.
The hooded man is a Mr.
de Alarcn, who lives near the castle of Juana La Loca.
We will have to pay him a visit.
That's if everything goes well with the commissioner.
They will go well, Stur.
Estuarda! Oh, Stur, you're getting to be too much.
Please wait a minute, a minute, nothing more! I can't cope with you, Stur, I cannot! It's just for a minute! What do you want now? Every time I get rid of you, I run across you again, and then you ruin my life.
What do you want from me? Just one thing.
The man with the fabrics, that Braulio; he was the man who was with you? Yes.
And he kissed you, I saw it.
Then, I was not confused? Yes, Stur, I am his mistress.
Well, I used to be, because he no longer wants to see me.
He supported me, paid my son's school fees and everything else.
So yes, you've left me without support, thank you very much.
I did not know That you were that.
Definitely do not blame me, huh? No.
When you left me alone in the village, people only spoke of one thing, that you had disgraced me.
Wait, wait, Estuarda.
I did it for you.
I had to leave because I was dying of shame, and since then I have had to make do by myself, provide for my son, and that's what I keep doing.
I have explained myself badly.
I love you just as you are, then and now.
I've always loved you, Estuarda, and I still love you.
Oh, Stur! I appreciate what you were trying to do, Stur.
I know you have a good heart, and much better than people think.
Our love could never work; where could we go, a servant and a whore? Sorry.
We're leaving; no time to lose.
No, I know I cannot escape; they would kill my family.
Here, this will save you the pain.
What is this? I do not need anything; I'm no coward.
If you don't do it for yourself, do it for that family of yours you talk about so much.
Save them the agony of having to gather your remains from all over the yard.
So how did it go with the married woman; did you figure something out? It turns out that Estuarda was not married; it's just that she works as a mistress.
As what? A cheerful woman, a woman of enjoyment Well I have never met any; what do they do? Fuck, Cipri, she is a whore.
Ah, dammit! Just speak clearly, Stur! Well, I'm sorry, you looked so No, don't be sorry; if properly considered, in all, it's better to be a slut than married.
Hey, and she has no husband So then who is Gabi's father? I have no idea, poor boy.
Is there something wrong? Nothing.
You won't believe what I heard.
- What is it? - Anything new on Floro's son? They have been called to go to the barracks, but they have not said anything more, but there's more.
The commissioner has challenged Gonzalo to a duel to the death.
That can't be true! Also, dueling is forbidden The commissioner does what he wants.
And don't you know any of this? He's your master As for knowing Yes, I know everything.
And it's true.
The son of the Marchioness wounded Alonso.
Gonzalo blamed the commissioner, who then challenged him.
God! He'll kill him! Gonzalo has no chance.
Don't be so sure; looks can be deceiving.
He will spit him like a skewer.
Please Stur, I have to talk to him! Margarita has already tried and has failed; she could not do anything, so just be quiet.
Come, let's be quiet.
Where's the boy? By God, Floro, what did they tell you? Nothing, just that we come to the door of the barracks and wait.
But to wait for what? Oh, my son, my son, ay! What happened? He committed suicide.
Come on, Catalina.
How are you, son? Sad, It reminds me what they did to mother.
I too remember it very well.
Alonso, I loved your mother.
She was who I loved most in this world.
Father, don't worry; I don't doubt you any more.
Like Nuo said, Margarita was your first love, and Forget that.
Aunt Margarita was the biggest mistake I made in life.
Go console your friend.
He will need it.
That was your brother's, right? Yes.
Let's give it back to him? He's alive! Bruno is alive, alive! My son! A miracle; it's a miracle! My son! Now tell me, what do you want? Excuse me? Don't treat me like an idiot.
I know that what just happened here is in trade for something.
Call off the duel with the teacher.
Why this does not surprise me? What do you mean? If you looked at me just once the way you look at him, it would suffice.
The role of jilted lover does not suit you, Hernn.
You'll do what I ask? It will not be possible, I'm sorry that what you just did does not benefit you at all.
But for me it was a pleasure.
As always, Marquise.
I'll ask you one last time.
Do not go to the duel.
If you do not do it for me, do it for Alonso.
Please! I'm going to sleep; I have to get up early tomorrow.
What's that smell? Are you afraid? Words fail me, Hernn.
It is the first time I've ever heard a schoolteacher say anything like that.
Father, father! Alonso, go back home! No! You've brought reinforcements? Margarita, take my son home! No, Gonzalo, I will not let him kill you! Father, father, listen to me, you cannot fight this man.
You have always told me that we have to avoid violence.
Alonso, don't you understand? Yes, I understand, you told me that and I believed you.
Let's go home.
No, teacher, you cannot run.
No! All right, then, go, but everyone will know you are a coward.
Coward! Nuo, more meat and less potatoes.
His sister-in-law stopped the duel? Well, not to mention his son.
That is your Gonzalo Montalvo: great teacher, but brave as a mouse.
What is it? Dismissed.
Something serious? Just a trifle, they have found the body of a murdered boy.
Nuo! That is Venetian glass! Oh, how horrible! Who would dare to do such a thing? Lucrecia, let's not ruin our dinner by talking about this subject.
The kid was lame; I don't believe he'll notice much difference between being alive or dead.
I hate to think that something similar could happen to my Nuo.
Do not worry about it, Lucrecia.
You know that I will ensure the safety of Nuo myself.
Isn't that right, Nuo? Good evening, Mr.
de Alarcn.
My Lord! What do you want from me? Money? I will give you all you want.
We do not want your money.
Help, please help! What were you doing at the hospice? Who are you people, and why did you kill the wife of the teacher? I know nothing.
No? And what is this, huh? He ate the ring, sir! The ring! Open, open! What are you doing? Retrieving the ring.
No time, sir! Let's go! Now we must discover why this ring would cause someone to risk his life.
I offered to make her my seamstress.
This is the most powerful one, lethal with no antidote.
Come inside and I'll explain.
My love! Please, Catalina, I'm sure that this letter was for me.
Why do you want to be my squire? To find the murderers of my mother.
Do you know what it means for an ordinary mortal to follow a hero who leaps from roof to roof? It's not worth it.
It seems that the teacher loved his sister-in-law; the revival of all this is just a matter of time.
But time is just what they will not have.
As for us, you and I never parted, because we were never together.
Stop, please! Last night we went to the square of the hospice.
Has he found us? However much you read it, this letter will never be for you, Lucrecia.
Get on your knees.
Don't do it, please.
Lucrecia, I shouldn't be suspicious of you.
Please don't do anything.
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