Águila Roja (2009) s01e06 Episode Script

La elección de Gonzalo

It is the only clue I have about the murder of my wife.
I located the door that the key opens.
It's blood.
The cup is made from the skull of a baby.
Oh, God! But who are they? A secret society.
Its members kidnap and kill babies and then drink their blood.
They say the children were pulled from the old hospice of St.
Never, never make assumptions about your opponent, but above all, show him no mercy.
Come, Alonsillo, fight as best you can.
But my father is a coward and he wants me to be one too.
Never say that; you don't deserve the father you got.
Kill them.
Gonzalo, you're his father.
The education of my son is my business.
Aunt Margarita was the biggest mistake I made in my life.
Sooner or later I'll find out.
Your father married your mother without loving her; he preferred your aunt.
My son is much smarter than me.
He would not do the same stupid things I did when I was in love with her.
So it's true; you loved Aunt Margarita? You did not love Mom.
Is everything okay at home? If you looked at me just once the way you look at him, it would suffice.
It is not your concern.
May I know why you hate me so? Do I have to remind you? So you're still blaming me for the death of that man? And you keep thinking that I betrayed you with him? You didn't hear me then, so do it now; I'm sorry.
No, Gonzalo, I will not let them kill you.
You're just the whim of a noble lady; I wonder when she'll get tired of you.
You have discovered the altar, so they will not come back, so you must start with the hospice.
Ghosts don't exist, they are only superstitions for ignorant people.
See, your ghost is just a man with a red robe.
Let's go? Where? If you don't do it for me, do it for Alonso.
Son! That gold is fundamental to our crusade against the king.
Catch him.
He ate the ring, sir! What are you doing at the hospice? Why did you kill the wife of the teacher? Master, you know that I obey you faithfully, but this seems neither apostolic nor Roman Catholic.
Are you sure there is no other way to get the ring of Mr.
Alarcon? That is the fifth time you asked me, and the answer remains the same.
Not that we insist, but I insist.
And if we leave? This could condemn us to hell.
Shut up and dig.
I am mum and dig, dig and mum.
But take care when you lean forward; you wouldn't want to get yourself dirty.
Oh, I think we've reached it.
The Lord forgive us.
The torch, Sátur.
What does this mean, master? How did this man get out from his grave? He has not left, Sátur; they have recovered him.
Someone got here ahead of us.
Who? The same people who killed my wife.
Come on, Sátur.
And me, some sleep? When can I sleep? Eagle! How cold it is! Where can my child be now? Oh, Virgin, take care of him.
I cannot get used to these early mornings going to the market, huh? Come on, don't complain; you'll think it's worthwhile to buy sausages for half price! The piglets were more than triple priced when I saw them yesterday.
No, no, dear, there is a lot of common thievery, and much is on sale here, but as you get further downtown Hey, you! Give me some money.
No currency nor coin; go on, get away! How easy it is to beg! I will turn everyone into mincemeat myself! Give me some money, dammit! I'll see if I have something, huh? Look, look.
This is all I have.
This is all you've got? Come on, man, let's see Be careful, huh? Take this, this is good! This you can sell, and you can get gold.
And why only this? Ugh! Just jewelry! Goodbye, fellas! Well, at least we have saved the purse.
I always have some coins in the front pocket for cases like this; foresight is worth double.
And my cameo? It was a keepsake from my great grandmother; that cameo had passed from generation to generation.
Good morning! Good morning.
Good day, master.
You slept well? Like a baby, why? Nothing, just that I have cooked some kidneys in sherry.
As if instead of having spending the night in bed, I had spent what can I tell you, well Well, it felt almost like digging in the cemetery.
Well, you do sort of smell like it.
Alonso That is not a nice thing to say.
No, but you'd make a good dog, with the smelling, but since we are people But The Red Eagle has a very good nose, and magical eyesight; he can smell and see everything at once.
I will also learn how to do it myself if one day you'd let me be his squire, right? And why would you want to be his assistant? Hear me, do you know how hard it must be for an ordinary mortal to follow a hero who leaps from roof to roof? Such a hard time, son! It's really not worth the trouble.
Those are just my musings.
Well, the truth is that I would not mind; I would follow him to the ends of the earth.
Well, okay, stop this nonsense.
I've never seen The Red Eagle and I don't believe he exists, so that settles the issue.
Well, I I'm going out to look for Jamie.
Although I tried, I cannot forget you.
Sometimes I think maybe I get carried away by jealousy, and will not even let you explain.
But what if you could tell me that I was wrong, and still love me? I would forgive you at this very moment.
How dare you enter without knocking? I thought that sleeping in your rooms might grant me some license.
Do not confuse things, Commissioner.
What are you hiding? What are you hiding, Lucrecia? Let me go! You have no right.
You have the ring? No.
I went to the cemetery, but the body of Mr.
de Alarcón was not there; it must have been them.
Yes, they are afraid, if we find the ring their plans would be lost.
Their plans and them.
Seven, eight, nine, ten and that's why they fear you.
Let us be cautious; one thing at a time.
You're The Red Eagle; you have to make justice prevail.
Wait Go to the Church of San Fidel at 3 o'clock; if I find out something, I'll leave a note under the feet of the Christ.
You're the Red Eagle, go to the Church of San Fidel at 3 o'clock.
Ever yours, Gonzalo? What is it, your little teacher used to write love letters to you? No, wait, not so fast, let me read it.
"Dear Margarita," say, but this letter is not for you! How did you get your hands on it? I don't think this is any of your business.
Give it to me.
Well it seems that the teacher loved his sister-in-law a lot.
Now that they live together, it's simply a matter of time before everything resurfaces.
But that is just what they will not have time.
No matter how many times you read that letter, it will never be addressed to you, Lucrecia.
Gabi, Murillo, where is Alonso? We thought he would be here.
Release my son.
When you pay me for the 60 pounds of premium grapes he just smashed, the very large ones.
Let's go outside.
When I was in the basket, I could almost see The Red Eagle's face.
Really? But nobody has ever seen him! Well, I'm going to see him this afternoon, when three bells ring in the church.
The monk who spoke to The Red Eagle said he must be there at that hour, so I know how to find him and ask him to let me be his squire.
Don't you want to be my squire? I have a very important mission for you: clean my ass.
Watch what you say, silly slime! The teacher, the teacher! We'll talk about it later, you and me.
Don't say anything to my father about The Red Eagle matter, he does not believe he exists.
It's your wife sowing discord to mine; who knows what she's saying.
Well, I dunno, but when making that face What did you say to Catalina about that little matter of the cameo? If Floro did to me what he did to you, he wouldn't get lucky again for the rest of his life! That's what you ought to do, take away his Come on, come on, shut up; you're crazy, I love my husband more than my cameo.
Besides, where would I go? It's not leaving him; it's threatening.
Nor is it such a big deal what I've done, I think.
That's no big deal? You have disappointed your wife, and that they never forgive, Cipri.
I have already apologized, what else can I do? Well, compensate her, what else? And you know what is the only form of redress? Recovering the cameo.
What? You want me to go into the underworld to risk my neck? Think about it, Cipriano, to lose a fine woman like Inés Not for sowing discord, but she's so great.
And in less than a blink of an eye, she can find another man.
Well, stop it! My wife loves me, and she's not going to leave me over this nonsense.
Cipriano, I've been thinking, and if you cannot understand what the cameo means to me, I have to consider whether if I still want to be your wife.
It's just that I am very angry with you, those grapes cost me a pretty penny.
Sorry, Father, I was playing hide and seek; I did not realize.
Me, one day I hid in a barrel of pears, and I spent two days removing the thorns.
Well, no more excuses; you are being punished, and you will not leave the house all afternoon.
Not today, please; I have important things to do! Then they'll have to wait; I absolutely forbid you to go out into the street.
Gonzalo? Hello! I've come so you would persuade Margarita.
At your feet, Marquise.
We are honored by your visit.
Sátur, Sátur.
Convince her about what? Really, Marquise, if Lucrecia.
It's been years since I last sewed.
Don't be so stubborn! I have invited her to become my seamstress; the one I had just died, poor thing.
I immediately thought of Margarita.
Don't you think it's a good idea? That is for her to decide.
Gonzalo, always so correct.
Is it that you already have too much money? What an idea, ma'am.
In this house in order to eat meat, one has to bite his own tongue! Come, Margarita.
Gonzalo cannot take care of you forever; he is a widower and your'e a married woman.
What will people say? If you have to work, it's better to work with your old friend than with a stranger, don't you think? Okay, then, I accept.
You'll see; you'll feel right at home.
Yes, here we are at home, as homey as a whorehouse! and this is my bedroom.
- Catalina, go prepare the canvases for Marguerite.
- Right away, ma'am.
Go on in, Margarita.
You have a beautiful home.
Yes, my husband was a connoisseur; he only bought the best.
Such wonderful fabrics! They're from Damascus.
How clueless I am; I'm always leaving correspondence everywhere! Come, come, I'll show you where the fabrics are kept.
Over here.
Who are those two? Out! Such places they dignify with the name of tavern! Here one enters for wine and exits with the plague.
Shut up; these people can't stand a little joking; for less than what you said, you could end up at the bottom of the river.
Let's go.
The only thing we can get here is stabbed by a knife! Cipriano, relax.
Tirilla knows everything; if you give him four maravedíes, he'll inform on who stole Inés's cameo, where you can find it, and if you press him, also where you can find the Holy Grail.
I ask this man for a favor, and even if he has to throw himself out a window, then he'll do it.
Son of a bitch! You have the guts to show yourself in my house? Give me a reason not to kill you.
Man, Tirillas, I didn't know she was your sister! My sister? Who's talking about my sister? You still owe me 30 maravedíes! Cipriano, we have a slight disagreement here, man! Come on! And who is this potentate? A good friend who needs help.
Now, Mr.
Tirillas, I have been the victim of a theft, but I don't how far we will get with all this hostility.
What does this idiot say? They have stolen a cameo from his wife, and if he doesn't recover it, I see him sleeping with the chickens until the Lord calls him to his Glory.
Tirillas, do you know anything? Man, who knows? who knows? You know, I know many things, but everything has a price.
Man, of course, if you take the trouble, then We would have to compensate him, right, Cipriano? The ring is under the protection of the Virgin of Mercy.
The Red Eagle! Alonso? Father! I forbade you to leave home; what are you doing here? Well I have come to pray for Mom.
And you, what are you doing here? I'm doing the same as you.
Then we can pray together.
No, no.
You're still grounded, so you go back home, and if you want to pray, do it without going out, as I have ordered you.
You hear? And don't disobey me again.
Calm down, that man wanted to rob me.
I like your necklace.
I made it myself.
Lily, it is called; it is magical.
Why? Because it guides people when they are lost, as today it has led me.
Here, for we will meet again.
Thank you very much! What's your name? Margarita, and yours? Gonzalo.
I was looking for you; what are you doing here? I had lost an earring, but I've found it, sorry.
No need to apologize, Margarita; I told you, consider this your home.
Honey, here's your cameo.
I knew you wouldn't fail me.
You, let's see if you've learned your lesson! You don't know what it cost us! That's because he came with me, otherwise he would have charged you double.
You've paid for something that was already yours? You're nuts! Lady, we risked our physical safety to satisfy Cipriano's wife.
You should have seen him, what a skill for negotiation, like a Venetian merchant.
And how much did you say you paid for this? But what has money to do with the happiness of marriage? Dear God! No, I say that because this pearl is a fake.
That's impossible! Man, you think it's not possible? Painted bread crumbs! Cipriano, you idiot! What are you doing here? Here, this is what you were looking for, right? Yes, but how did you know? Well, you wouldn't fit between these bars; they're too narrow.
So I've been helpful? I guess so! But this is no game.
I appreciate your help, but I don't want you to do it again.
Then why do you do this? Because it is my duty.
It could also be my duty, if you let me be your squire.
This is no life for a young boy; what you have to do is to study and prepare to be a useful man.
You say the exact same things my father says! That is because your father is right.
I don't want you to follow me ever again.
Also, why would you want to be my squire? Tell me, why? To find the murderers of my mother.
Trust me, I will find them, but please, stay away from this; you're still a boy.
And now go back to your home, go.
Teacher! Teacher, you should have seen how Inés pissed off Cipri.
Master? You do your work, and I'll give the bed a good workout; you don't know how much I long for it! Come immediately to the hospice; I'll wait there for you.
To the hospice! Fuck temporary work and too many jobs! To the hospice! Aunt Margarita? Auntie? Sátur! I have the ring! Please master, don't do that; with the bad luck of this site and the fright you gave me, I'll have a stroke! Good job.
Now we just have to discover what value this ring has for someone willing to risk his life.
de Alarcón came out of there; it must be an entry that leads to the meeting place.
Let me, lend me the ring for a second, sir.
It may be a key, something that only they can recognize.
I knew it, I knew it, master.
Both of you, look at the ring, now look over there.
Doesn't it seem suspiciously alike? Sátur's right, that is evidently the symbol of the secret society.
Good work, Sátur.
Shall we go? You see? He leaves that way every day, from wall to wall and roof to roof, and me, just trying to make a living Well, let's see how you and I can get down, Augustín.
Hello! What the hell are you doing here, boy? Nothing, I came to collect snails for dinner, and and I got lost.
So, go back to your house; it's late.
Come on, go home! Thank you.
Wait, wait a minute.
One more thing, excuse me, I'm afraid of getting lost again; could you please go with me? It guess it's possible, you devil child; come on, let's get you home! It is here where the symbol appears.
Here! Sátur, there! Let's go? You first, father.
I bring the best of the best, exclusive fragrances, my own recipe.
Come on, perfumer; you know I have not picked you up just to sniff your ointments.
This is the most powerful one, lethal and without an antidote.
It is so effective that a little rub on the victim's lips is enough, and the death will look natural.
But why should I believe you? Would you like to try it? No, please, my Lady, not my little Zuzu, he is my only companion.
Thank you.
Sorry, I'm so clumsy! Stop! This man gets off here.
Good night.
He should have let me try it on the dog.
I'll take it.
Eight seats.
That's it, master; it must be the number of members in the society.
Hello, good evening There should be eight.
Is it Hebrew? No doubt.
It could give us some clue.
It's possible.
Sátur! The floor is clean like a plate; I think they must use ammonia.
That's a fact.
Margarita, still working? Yes, I saw that the silk of the quilt was a little worn and I'll just buy another quilt; I don't want patches on my bed.
Help me to undress.
Of course.
Lucrecia Yes? May I ask you a question? Sure.
When I went to Seville Gonzalo Well, did you continue to see Gonzalo? It is important to me.
Oh, Margarita.
By God, quit torturing yourself over the past.
Besides, I'm exhausted.
Have a good rest.
What did you do yesterday afternoon? Yesterday? Yesterday.
In the afternoon? Ah, well then, what did I do? I left the church and came straight home.
I swear.
I once met a man named Matalascañas who lost all his hair from lying, All of it! Even the hair of his Sátur! Eggs.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Sorry, I was still asleep.
Last night I went to bed exhausted.
It's what work does; it can be exhausting.
For some more than others, I warn you.
As for me, there are nights I don't even get to bed.
This What was I saying? Ah, yes, yes, I have to go to the market.
Sátur! And when did that Matalascañas lose his hair? When telling a lie or after awhile? Just kidding, man! No, no, tell me the truth! I don't know, three or four days later it fell out.
Gonzalo, I must talk to you about something.
But I don't know how to tell you.
What's up? It is about the Marquise, no? I know that working with her wouldn't be easy, but it was you who No, no, not that.
Or yes I'd like to ask you if If after you and I split up Margarita, stop it.
As far as I'm concerned, you and I never parted, because we were never together.
Gonzalo, what I ask is important.
No, look, that's not important.
On this subject I will not speak, now or ever.
Good morning.
She put the letter into this drawer; can you open it? Look, I am able to do it; I just don't know if I dare.
Please Catalina, I'm sure that the letter was intended for me.
But, do you realize what you're asking me to do? You've just started working here, and already you're looking for trouble? It's just that this letter could change everything, I ask only because it's important.
Seeing that it's you, let's hurry, huh? My God, Margarita, there's nothing here! Besides, you're just assuming that the letter was meant for you.
Have you tried talking to Gonzalo? Yes, but he doesn't want to talk to me.
He won't let me mention anything about what happened between us.
But do you see this? It was our gift of love, between Gonzalo and myself.
Why would he want to give it to the Marquise? Because you know how men today are, today courting one, tomorrow another But it's not worth stirring up the past; come on, there is nothing there, really! "I love you, Margarita.
I have loved you since I was a child, and I know I can never forget you.
Tell me you feel the same, please.
Yours always, Gonzalo.
" I've come with these friends to look for what is missing from the cameo.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
We discovered the switch, that pearl you put back into the sea for the fish to eat.
Are you calling me a thief? No offense, Tirillas, but is this the first time that you have ever been called that? We have come as friends so if the pearl matter is just a joke, it's gone on long enough.
This man is risking his marriage.
Every night he has spent sleeping in the haystack Well, look, I can't help you, since the pearl is gone.
But could you tell us where it is? No, I sold it to a fat woman at a great price, yes, but I did not ask her for her address just out of curiosity.
Thank you very much, and take care.
Ask him about what we paid him yesterday.
And if he doesn't give us the pearl, he must return the money.
Come, Cipri, let's go.
No, I've paid 40 maravedíes for a crumb of bread! You've seen him take out his gun? Come on, if you don't want to leave here feet first.
The peace of God No, Murillo, the friar who was with The Red Eagle did not look like that; he is taller.
No shit, Alonso, that's the fourth time you've repeated that.
But hasn't The Red Eagle told you if he's going to make you his squire? Well, for example yesterday, I gave him the ring he needed.
But where will you find him? Yesterday I followed him to the square of the hospice; he seemed to have an important mission.
Today I will do the same, and I will not move until he appears.
Your father, your father; hide those pictures! Come on, guys! Everyone back to your seats.
Let's begin.
It appears he must have been killed last evening.
He is the perfumer; inform his family.
I have already given the order.
Do you want us to investigate? No, forget it.
It is clear he has died of natural causes.
One moment! Come in.
You called me? Yes.
Rest awhile, sit and chat with me.
Thank you, Lucrecia, but I have a lot of sewing, also I'd rather not eat during working hours.
In that case, accept just one glass of tea, please.
Would you like a date? Sorry, sorry, Lucrecia.
I'll clean it now.
Do not worry, the servants will take care of it.
No, it's already done.
This book? You still have it? Yes, do you remember? How could I forget! May I? Of course.
This poem by Garcilaso, how lovely it was! Yes.
I give it to you.
No, really, Lucrecia; you always loved this book Yes, but to be honest, I'm through with all this romanticism.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it more than me.
And why didn't you tell your wife, instead of the pearl, you'd take her on a trip to see the Alcazar? That excites women very much.
Yeah, and Inés is silly enough to say yes.
Well, we've gone over 100 miles, and I haven't seen any fat woman with or without a pearl.
Well, with the hunger that is going around in these times, I don't expect us to find any fat ones at all.
It isn't that I don't want to help you myself, but I do have my duties.
Come with me to buy some bread, and then we shall go on.
Come on, boy, give me three loaves of bread, but listen, two from yesterday and one fresh from today.
Granny! Bring some bread, today's bread! The stale ones I put to soak in milk, then with what I save I can buy half a portion of leftover lard.
If Gonzalo only appreciated how well I keep house Hey, and what if we asked the preacher to say a prayer to help us? The preacher is not concerned with little things, but only what is important hangings, beheadings, that's what.
The pearl! Nice, huh? I got a good deal yesterday.
Well, sweetie, if you want a loaf, we have that, too.
Forget about the bread.
How much do you want for the pearl? The pearl? This pearl I wouldn't sell even if I were dead, so beautiful it shows off my neckline! Yes, for beauty, it does adorn your bosum, but it is a keepsake of his wife's great grandmother, and the poor girl is devastated.
Yes, yes, like I would believe that! Sátur Sell it? She won't sell it.
She'd rather sell the boy than the pearl.
Augustín? Gonzalo? You've got to see this.
Let the reborn ones give light to the world when the beginning and the end meet.
What is it? The translation of the inscription at the entry hall of the secret society, indicating the time when the society meets.
When the beginning and the end meet refers to the phases of the moon.
Zero hour, and today we have a new moon.
At midnight these reborn will meet tonight.
But at midnight they will meet with someone they don't expect.
It is very dangerous; are you sure you want to do it? The only thing I am sure of in this life, Augustín, is that I want to avenge the death of my wife.
Thanks, Augustín; thank you very much.
Here, especially inscribed to you.
"To my great friend, Margarita, thanks to life for giving us this second chance.
" Lucrecia.
Very nice, thanks.
Considering how somber you are, it doesn't seem that you like it very much.
No, it's not that; I'm just a little tired.
Of course, dear; so much sewing.
Sit down.
Read me a poem, as we did when we were little girls.
Which one do you want? Surprise me.
This one.
Love, love, a habit I wore, which was cut of your cloth That's fine, but read me the one two pages later; it's my favorite.
Good afternoon, ladies.
Good afternoon, commissioner.
What brings you here at this hour? Giving back something I've found.
Because it is yours, right? Clearly, it has my initials.
Yes, even your perfume.
You should be more careful, Marquise.
Maybe someday I won't be there to find things you left behind; it could lead to more serious problems.
Do you understand? I understand perfectly, Commissioner; thank you very much for returning the purse.
Sorry, but I must continue with my work.
Margarita, do not forget your book.
You may sit.
Don't put so much on, with more than one slice of bacon per serving, we lose money.
Still angry? I'm not angry, I'm sad.
Woman, about the pearl: sooner or later you're going to get it back.
I don't care about the pearl.
So what's wrong? Cipriano, we were threatened with a knife and you did nothing.
No, what could I do? That guy had such a murderous look.
So you almost hid under my skirts.
Well, better to lose the pearl than to lose our lives, no? Look, Cipriano.
The pearl is the least important thing.
I assume that when you love a person, you would do everything to defend her; at least I would do that for you.
I would face anyone in order to protect you.
Because I I am no I am not brave.
I know.
But if we had a child? What would you do if we had a child and he was in danger? Huh? Tell me.
Answer me, Cipriano.
You're not gonna say anything? So I don't know what you would do either.
Master! Sátur, is Alonso at home? Yes, he's in there, taking a nap as comfy as a Castilian, as only he can.
I don't know why, but the poor little thing became too tired even to walk this afternoon.
No wonder, last night he followed us to the square of the hospice.
How? - Sátur! - Sorry.
Did he find out about us? No, luckily he didn't see you, but he did see me with Augustín, and the worst part is that tonight he intends to come back to look for me again, I overheard him as he told one of his friends.
Our little Alonso, how brave that boy has grown, huh? Blood of your blood, master, and clearly, you are proud of him.
Well, the point is that we must prevent him from leaving the house, and you so you must monitor him closely.
Alonso Hello.
We have discovered bedbugs in the house.
Well, I haven't noticed anything unusual in my bed.
Yes, yes, there they are, yes.
There are bugs Of considerable size, bugs that That are black, well, that that come from Africa These bugs are very very aggressive bedbugs, because they're crazy, too.
You begin to scratch and you cannot stop.
In short: when you leave school, you must come straight home.
You must take the mattresses and blankets out to the yard, and shake them.
That's a lot of work! So I'm going to have to waste all afternoon here? Yes.
It's just like a punishment! Look, you can consider it as such.
I'm still mad at you for spoiling that basket of grapes.
So you know, you must shake them all well.
African? From Africania.
"Hail the Sun God, and kill the envious moon who is sick and pale with grief, which you overshadow because you're more beautiful.
" What tacky things you commoners read, no? You don't like it? Well, go on to the next one, selection 21, to see what you think.
That is not suitable reading material for a child.
And go wash your hands immediately; you have to eat.
But, mother, this book Obey.
Why did you do that? I don't want my son's head filled with birdbrained love poems.
It would have been enough to just take the book away, don't you think? It is just a book; I'll buy you another.
That's not necessary.
I'd better go back to the sewing room.
And why should it be me? It's your wife's pearl, Cipri.
Yes, but you are thinner and more agile, so you go ahead! By God, Sátur, don't quit us now! Is it not enough that I have a criminal record, and they'll hang me if I get caught! Or else I'll kill you, you sneak, so climb up! Help! Hush, hush, silly one! I'm no thief, well, yes, a thief of your beauty, and from the first moment I saw you, I could not shake the thought of those breasts in my head.
You're the man from this morning, no? Yes, well, that was just an excuse to get closer to you.
since I first saw you What? Come inside and I'll explain, my beauty.
Undoubtedly Sátur is a good friend.
And a man with guts.
Let's go! Come in.
Lucrecia, excuse me.
Come in.
I don't think it was a good idea for me to come to work in this house, I came to tell you that I will not return.
Let me explain, sit down.
That letter from Gonzalo you saw on my chair was for you, and the lily pendant was enclosed inside.
When did he send it? Shortly after let's just call it 'the incident.
' And why did you conceal it, by what right? With the right granted by friendship.
You were already suffering enough; I didn't want him to hurt you any more.
What was in that letter would have made things worse.
What did he say? Give it to me! I cannot.
I've destroyed it.
What? Until today, its content would have hurt you.
That letter was full of spite.
Why do you think he returned my lily pendant? It was your token of love, was it not? Gonzalo never let me explain what happened.
And what sense is there now in bringing up the past, dear? You may be right, but it's still painful for me.
But soon all will be over.
Come, cheer up.
I'm sorry I misunderstood.
Don't worry; I understand.
Now, if you do not mind, I want to go home early.
Marquise, dinner is served.
Thanks, Bartolome.
Alert Roncero; tell him I need him immediately.
Roncero, ma'am? Yes, just like I said.
I need water! Got it! Yes? I got it I am raw.
Look what that evil beast has done to me! God, just look at the warrior.
She resisted or what? She resisted, then I resisted Up to four times I resisted, finally allowing me to get out of the bed.
She spent 25 years without the taste of a man, and with that I have explained everything.
But the pearl, did you recover it, or not? The pearl Here is the pearl.
Praise the Lord! Sátur, thank you, how can I ever thank you? Look, now that you mention it, with a bottle of the best wine that you have, we are even.
Consider it done.
Three bottles of finest house wine.
Bring it over here.
What is the celebration? From what I can tell, there is nothing to celebrate.
My heart, I've recovered it.
Look, Inés, your great-grandmother's pearl.
Well, what? What do you say to your hubby now? And was it you who got it? Why wouldn't it be him? What a husband you have! You don't know what he has done.
He arrived there, with a defiant attitude, wound up giving slaps right and left broken teeth, eyes hanging out, blood gushing a real man, an animal! It wasn't you.
It is unfair to punish me! Now, I tell you that you're staying, no matter how petulant you get.
Sátur, you watch him, I have to go on an errand.
Whatever you say, sir.
Sátur, let me go out, please.
I've got one very important thing to do.
I am sick of your whining.
Speaking of wine Is it good? It is deadly good.
Hell, I deserve it, too; I had such a day What happened? I'm not going to tell you.
You are not old enough for those things.
He had to rely on Sátur to fix it; that makes my husband a joke.
Woman, it's time to loosen up a bit.
Cipriano has many good qualities also.
Cipri, don't get yourself down; women are never happy, if they have joy they have it, and if they don't, they don't.
Here you go, the house special.
Thank you.
It's you? You are that thief! You bastard, get out of my tavern! But, it's my friend, the wimp! Scary! The lady was as ugly as a stomachache, but Sátur did not panic and went on to the fifth match of the afternoon.
Let's see, I don't understand.
What has the ugly woman to do with the bull fights? Much, much, Alonsillo, she has much to do with them, and don't twist my words.
I don't like violence, but by all that's holy, get out of my tavern.
But first I'm taking a little something extra.
You're having another family memory over here? Take your hands off of her.
Why? I can only take so much.
Stop, Cipriano, you're going to kill him! Come on, stand up; come everybody, help me! Let's take him to the guard.
The fifth match was the most complicated.
She wanted frills.
Frills, you know.
Yes, drink a little more and tell, tell; this is getting very interesting.
Sátur! Sátur! I'm sorry for all that happened today, Lucrecia.
What happened today? I don't remember; what matters is that we remain friends.
I'm glad you have done so well in life, really, I envy you.
Thank you.
I had envied you all my life.
Me, why? Because you've always had what I would have liked more, Gonzalo's love.
You're so blind that you do not realize that he still loves you.
Why all this now? Well that's not true.
Go, and rest in peace.
Thank you, Lucrecia, for everything.
If the Marquise is not going to need me anymore tonight You may leave, coachman.
Well, since you haven't closed the inn for a long time, you should go out and have a little fun.
You're too much, Floro, too much.
My hero, you've been more courageous than The Red Eagle.
How beautiful you are, and how much I love you! Come on, we're going to be late for the theater, and since you have invited us to go along It's not every day one recovers his wife, Catalina.
So you really thought I was leaving you? What, you were bluffing? Cipriano, I love you; I wouldn't ever leave you.
Hey, let's go! And you, Inés, don't be so silly.
Don't you see that if you reveal these things, the men will rest on their laurels? Don't seed discord, Catalina; don't seed discord.
What a discord is discord! And see if you can learn a little from other men and act a bit more romantic.
You're so dull! Me, dull? But what do you want me to do? Just what they do, take me by the arm, say nice things Hey, this is not the way, it's to the right.
Get in.
the corrupt, we are the chosen ones of the new order.
So be it.
The ship carries 65,000 ounces of gold, enough to mount an army.
That is fine, but don't proclaim victory yet.
The Red Eagle is still out there, and he is a serious threat to our plans, as we all know.
He killed one of ours.
No! There is an imposter among us? Here is my emblem.
And mine! Show your tattoo! And mine! Hey, stop, stop, please! End of the line; you can get down here, lady.
Come down! Get on your knees.
Don't hurt me, please! Drop the sword! Let the child go free.
Get on your knees, on your knees.
I have no money, I swear.
One more step and I'll kill him! Please do not hurt me! Drop the sword and take off the mask! Come on! Are you okay? Yes.
You're sure? But yes! I told you not to follow me.
Please let me be your squire, please! You think you can be my squire? Yes, yes, look, for example yesterday I gave you that ring.
And I thank you.
But being a squire is no easy task; it is very dangerous.
Just now they almost killed us, aren't you afraid to die? No, because I know when I'm beside you I'll always be safe.
Well, and when I'm not there to save you? Do you know how to handle a sword? Yes, my father taught me; he was a soldier.
Let's see how good a teacher your father was.
Attack me.
What? Go ahead, attack me.
No, please, you're hurting me! This is no game; return to your home.
Swear you'll never follow me.
Hands out.
Now swear.
I swear.
Now go home.
Alonso! Master, the boy! How is the child? He's okay; he's in his room, sleeping.
Oh, my God; thank God he has come home in one piece, or else I screwed up everything.
I am so miserable.
I have not managed to cope at all.
Forgive me, master! And I can't precisely tell you all my shortcomings, but once you have commanded something, and No, Sátur, it is you who must forgive me.
Blame it on me; it was my fault Letting a boy get me drunk; who would have thought? Sátur, stop it.
Sátur, I've been asking too much of you.
Holy Mother, if something had happened to that boy, I would cut myself! I would cut off my hand.
How I love that kid; he's like my own blood.
He is practically all we have, master.
Sátur, I am the one who is responsible.
Tonight I have endangered the life of my son.
If you hadn't come this is not a healthy life! Up, down, first you are a father, second, you are a teacher or an eagle No one could focus! Then I'll have to focus more, or else one of my own could lose his life.
Gonzalo, Gonzalo! Margarita! What happened to you; are you hurt? No.
Who did this? I don't know.
I have no idea, Gonzalo; I left her in the carriage.
I don't know how such a thing could happen.
Me neither.
What interest could your driver have in harming Margarita? I don't know, God, no.
It seems very suspicious.
Are you implying that I had something to do with it? Madame Marquise, the commisioner waits for you in the garden.
He says there is something you must see.
What happened? I found him hiding in the bushes.
He is your coach driver, is he not? Yes.
From the rigidity of the body, it seems he's been dead for a couple of hours.
God! I still don't understand what happened.
Clearly, someone killed the driver and took his place, in order to ambush the Marquise.
I'm devastated.
Margarita was almost killed because of me.
Yes, but isn't it strange that someone entered the palace, murdered a servant, and no one saw anything? Are you accusing Lucrecia? Teacher, the Marquise is waiting for your apology.
Hernán, that is not necessary.
Yes! It is necessary.
Well? Lucrecia, I'm sorry that you're in danger.
I should not be suspicious of you.
No, you should not.
It seems you've forgotten the motto of your society: "The cause is more important than life itself.
" Why do you say that? Your persistence in trying to get rid of this woman may jeopardize the cause.
Never mind; I will not make a mistake like that again.
He was a good driver; did you have to kill him? Killing a driver to help you? I think it's worth the price.
Oh, Hernán, you're always so appropriate.
What I do not know yet is who Who saved Margarita? The Red Eagle, who else? Remove the body from my garden as soon as possible.
What, are you asking me to marry you? Well, look, as you say, yes.
I know how to catch The Red Eagle.
Then do it, for once.
Where did you get all this money, Sátur? I thought you were not alone; I heard someone else.
With Catalina.
I thought it was a man with so hoarse a voice.
Sáturno Garcia, we join ranks tomorrow for the army campaign in Portugal.
Hey, Floro, as for putting your son to work, I thought you were going to think it over.
It is out of necessity.
The Commissioner always asks for a reward, always.
That's my business.
Who sent you? You have made too many mistakes.
These are very important people from the court.
Let her go free! Yes, no, fight? Because if one has to fight, one fights.
For injustice, Gonzalo Montalvo is ordered to be hanged Also known as The Red Eagle.
Excuse me, master, I don't understand all this very well.

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