Águila Roja (2009) s01e07 Episode Script

Gonzalo es torturado

No! Captain Rodrigo gave me the key for some reason.
I located the door that the key opens.
He ate the ring, sir! Why did you kill the teacher's wife? You have the ring? No.
I went to the cemetery, but the body of Mr.
de Alarcn was not there It must have been them! Who? The same people who killed my wife.
If we find the ring, their plans would be in danger.
What are you doing here? Here, this is what you were looking for, right? Why do you want to be my squire? To find my mother's murderers.
I don't want you to follow me ever again.
Now we have to discover what value this ring has for someone willing to risk his life.
Both of you, look at the ring, and then look over there.
You can make out the lodge's symbol.
It seems that the teacher loved his sister-in-law a lot.
Now that they live together, it's simply a matter of time before everything resurfaces.
But that is just what they will not have time.
I invited her to become my seamstress.
Don't you think that's a good idea? You'll see; you'll feel right at home.
Although I tried, I cannot forget you.
Sometimes I think maybe I get carried away by jealousy, and don't even let you explain.
Please, Catalina, I'm sure that this letter was intended for me.
I love you, Margarita, and I know I can never forget you.
Lucrecia, when I left for Seville, did you continue seeing Gonzalo? What's the point of stirring up the past now, dear? As for me, you and I never parted, because we were never together.
Lucrecia, I should not be suspicious of you.
Your persistence in trying to get rid of that woman may jeopardize the cause.
You're so blind that you don't realize that he still loves you.
Yours forever.
No matter how often you read that letter, it will never be for you, Lucrecia.
What did it say? This is the most powerful one, lethal and without antidote.
It is so effective that a small rub on the victim's lips is enough, and the death will seem natural.
You called me? Yes.
Do you know how hard it must be for an ordinary mortal to follow a hero who leaps from roof to roof? Such a hard time, son.
It's not worth it.
Eight seats.
Let the reborn ones give light to the world when the beginning and the end meet.
The translation of the inscription at the entry hall of the secret society, indicating the time when the society meets.
These reborn will meet tonight at midnight with someone they are not expecting.
Last night he followed us to the square of the hospice.
Did he find out about us? Don't hurt me, please! Eagle! Nothing, no trace of anything.
Master? Master! Master There; just so, just so.
In the blink of an eye, he disappears! There wasn't a simpler path for me, huh? Why did you make me meet this bird? Why? What are you doing; who are you talking to? I was talking to my nerves.
There's nothing here.
Well, yeah, there is this table.
God knows how many people could sit here for dinner! God! No, no, don't look at it like that; it won't fit in the house, master.
Come on, already.
We have tried, so we're going.
My Lord, I do not like this site.
I don't like this.
Listen! Mother who bore me! Come on, master; this is all going to collapse! Master, master, let's get out of here! Master! If you had caught The Red Eagle, we would not be here today watching our headquarters collapse.
Now we must start again.
But this time with no mistakes.
You will have one more opportunity; do not waste it.
Shit, chief, a bit more and we'd end up like my cousin Julian, crushed by a rock.
The shame of the family.
When they recovered the body, they found out he was sporting with a hen.
Poor chicken! Come on, let's move on.
Master, if you don't mind, I'd like to visit The Frog's House.
Go ahead.
They say he has hired a Turkish woman; she throws balls of cloth from her OK, OK.
Wouldn't you like to come? No.
Sure, with all the problems you have, as a parent, a teacher, and a hawk, there is no time to find sexual pleasure.
Go on, Stur; enjoy yourself.
It's just that I'm so horny.
I'm hotter than the Forge of Vulcan.
No later, see you later.
So, what do you want? Let me go! Don't touch me! Come on, man; have you no shame! It's safe to open your eyes now.
Safe? Right.
Thank you very much for saving me.
But come on, this time there was really no need, huh? I thank you, but let's not turn this into a habit.
I can take care of myself.
I know.
I did not mean to scare you.
May I fly you home? No, I'd rather walk, thanks.
Flying isn't for me.
It's faster.
Besides, I suppose there's someone waiting for you.
No, I'm only staying around because of my nephew.
Alonso, who is the spitting image of his mother.
And his father? What did he get from him? From his father? His character; they are both equally stubborn.
He must have some virtues.
He's not a bad person; children adore him as a teacher.
No bad habits.
And he loves animals.
Very well, he sounds like a boring man.
Yes, if I didn't feel so much for him You dare to attack the local authority! Thanks for the damned confirmation.
Tell me who sent you.
Who sent you? Oh crap! Shit, shit, shit! Don't be afraid; trust me.
Last night I heard you coming in.
It was quite late, no? Yes, yesterday Yesterday was a long day.
Lucrecia will be throwing a party tonight; she is insane about the preparations.
Who were you with? What? I thought you weren't alone; I heard someone else.
Yes, I was with Catalina.
She was filling me in on the latest gossip, and until she told me Well, she just wouldn't stop.
Come on, Catalina I thought it must be a man, with that voice so hoarse.
Well, I also heard you come in.
No, it was just Catalina.
Well, I'm leaving now.
I'm going to be late.
You are heading for trouble, master.
If she lies to you, it's because she's falling in love with someone else; that is simple mathematics.
If you make her fall in love with The Eagle, you're gonna get into big trouble.
I tell you so, and you know it.
Come on, Stur, shut that big mouth of yours or you will not see a penny for the next two months.
That would be a good threat, if I had ever seen even one.
Are you sure you don't know who wanted to kill me? And why are you so sure who they were? Because he bore the emblem tattooed on his arm.
What did you expect? Now we do not even have a shelter to meet in, and all because you have not fulfilled your word.
I know how to catch The Red Eagle.
Very well, then do it at last.
She was stealing from the Marquise.
I haven't robbed anyone.
These were just leftovers he was giving to the dogs.
Well, of course, dear, the animals should have something to eat too.
Leftover food is not theft.
The need is caused by hunger.
Prepare a basket full of food for this lady, and pick all this up.
Are you okay, Margarita? You may leave.
Thank you.
Might I know why you put on this show? I've seen your seamstress with The Red Eagle; she will lead me right to him.
What does she have to do with it? I want her to trust me and not to be afraid, and then she'll take me to him personally.
Get the council to call a truce, and I'll bring you The Red Eagle.
Watch out! What ass is lurking there in the shadows? Estuarda? Pretty He made her pretty.
What are you doing around here? You're asking me? Stur, after the mess you made in front of that gentleman, I had to go outside to walk the streets.
There are very few men Sorry, I didn't mean that, but why do you do this anymore? This is not a good life, woman.
Look, Stur, if you're going to preach a sermon, then go elsewhere.
No, no.
I only said that That it's a very hard job, to cope with raising a child, and also I know, Stur, but that's all I can do.
And you do it pretty well.
Even when you were brand new at it, you already knew the ways.
Estuarda, if you wanted I could take care of you.
Look after me? What, are you asking me to marry you? Well, look, just as you say, yes.
I'd save you from this and you'll lack for nothing.
And we would finish what we started growing up together.
Stur, you never change, you do not change; you still have the same birdbrained dreams in your head.
Is that bad? Estuarda, in recent years a single night has not passed that I do not think of you.
If you would, I You? What can you offer to me; you're just a servant Yes, but I'm sharp, a hard worker, and a man with integrity, and with that and a lot of love Affection cannot feed me.
Who do you choose, beautiful? This runt or me? I'll teach that one What are you doing, Stur; what are you doing? You go home, Stur.
What are you laughing at, what? Enlist, and receive your first pay in advance.
1300 pennies for serving in the army, Enroll now.
Sturno Garcia, to serve you, the King, and Spain.
Catalina, that's the third time already.
Can you tell me what's wrong today? What happened is that my Floro has decided to send Murillo out to work.
Since I heard that, I can't get it out of my head.
How will that little boy work; he's barely a foot tall from the ground up? Are you so bad off, Catalina? Not just bad, we are even worse.
My salary only covers the cost of the house.
Clearly, my Floro does try, but Nobody comes in even to visit.
Well, woman, but he is a good man.
Yes, a very good man, and I love him with all my heart, but we do not eat, you understand? We do not eat.
Well, Catalina, I could give you a bit of my salary.
No, woman, if you are in the same situation Do you think I don't know that most parents pay Gonzalo late, and then not enough? If anyone works miracles in that house, it is Stur We'll manage somehow.
No, Margarita, that cannot happen.
I cannot live begging from our friends.
If I have to work from sunrise to sunrise, then I will work.
But I'm not going to send my child to work, and that's it.
Any news? I still don't know what it means, but each member has a four-digit numerical code.
You must go back to the lair and see if Impossible.
Last night it totally collapsed; nothing remains.
Go to the private apartments of Mr.
de Alarcn.
It is possible that these numbers may mean something there.
Right through here, Viscount.
We have not touched anything since he died.
But, come in, man! Why are you standing at the door? I am eternally grateful.
I just need a moment.
I need to say goodbye to him.
How many dances, how many hunts, how many Many sleepless nights.
What memories! Well, now, if you'll excuse me If you'll excuse me, ma'am, if you'll excuse me Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Eagle! Hurry, I have thousands of things to do.
Moreover, this woman has touched the bottom of my soul.
It's never been so easy to deceive anyone.
Here's something.
What? Could those be the numbers? What do you think I'm checking? Well, I don't know, but I know those are the numbers.
And these are letters obviously they have something to do with each other.
Stur, please don't be so annoying.
There, it had to be said.
Well, I didn't know.
R = 18, five M Morituri.
Morituri! Here it is! Come in! Good afternoon! What? Is that how you greet your teacher? What have I taught you? Good afternoon, Teacher.
That's better.
Good afternoon, Mr.
Good afternoon, boys.
Gonzalo, sorry; can Murillo come outside for a while? Good evening, Catalina.
Okay, already -- sit down.
Come, Murillo; come here.
No, Murillo, stay there.
The boy stays here where he should be.
But Catalina, it's an inescapable fact! Come here, Murillo! Murillo, stay nailed to that floor.
Wait a minute.
Murillo, come out here with me.
Come on.
Let's see, what's the matter? This one, who wants to condemn our child to martyrdom, he has dragged our boy down to the dyer.
Floro, I thought that you were going to reconsider making your son go to work.
It is out of necessity, and it's only for 10 hours; besides, he'll learn a trade, huh? I want to stay in school, dad.
I know, but now it's just not possible.
Don't cry, honey.
Thank you very much, Commissioner.
My family and I thank you for your boundless generosity.
And he has given you all this? Yes, Gonzalo, he stood up to the Marquise for me, and then he gave me all this food.
The Commissioner doesn't do anything for free, not ever.
Everything has a price.
So what's up; do you talk with him regularly? No, we do not talk.
I just see him in the palace.
It's simple: he gave her these things because she has a pretty face.
You did great! Thank you.
You're dreaming, Margarita.
The Commissioner always asks for some return payment -- always.
This was sent from the Commissioner.
Well? He has invited me to dinner; he wants me to spend time with him.
See? Shouldn't you say no? That's my business.
Excuse me, master, but I don't quite understand any of this.
What am I seeing: jealousy or suspicion? Well, there's nothing more I can do, so I'll leave you alone.
Come, look; Murillo.
Murillo! Are you okay? Yes.
Hey, how are you? No complaints.
Children shouldn't have to work, not ever.
It isn't that bad.
So long.
One moment! Hey, wait your turn, huh? No, I'm not confused.
I've just come to tell you something.
There is a woman out there asking for you.
She says she is your wife.
Stur, what are you doing? For now, getting rid of that fool.
This fool and many more like him feed me.
What's wrong with you; do you want to ruin me? No, quite the contrary.
I'm here to tell you something.
You can change your life if you want, and if you agree to my plan, I promise I won't fail you.
Stur, please let me be.
I have a son to support.
That's what I mean.
Here I am, to deal with whatever.
How much do you need to pay the rent? How much? How much? Where did you get all that money, Stur? It's nothing, only a few dollars I had, an inheritance So you see, I am a determined man.
Estuarda, I promise you that if you accept my offer, I'm going to struggle hard, so you will not lack for anything.
If I accept that in exchange for what? No, no, Stur I don't ask for anything in return; I just want you to give up this lifestyle.
And then you can quietly dedicate yourself to caring for your son.
What do you say? And then, if something extra should develop between us, then, only God can say.
That's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in my life.
That's a yes? Yes! Oh, my God, you are saying yes! I am the happiest man in the world, Estuarda! Hey, my wife isn't out there.
Then just leave; go look for her if you need some relief.
This shop has closed.
Get out, get out! Out of here, man! My Lady My Lady, Yes? I wanted to ask you something.
It turns out that my son has started to work, and today is his first day.
I wondered if I might leave early to collect him.
Oh, Catalina, what's this? Good heavens! Madam, forgive me! I'm sorry, ma'am.
I want it all to be so clean that you could eat off the floor.
Yes, ma'am.
Remember, that still has to be waxed.
And do not forget the silver.
When you are finished checking it all, you may then slip away to see your son.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- It's nothing.
What's the fucking good of being poor! - Catalina? - What! I'm in big trouble.
What have you done? Well, a man has given me gifts and now has invited me to dinner.
And? What's wrong with that? It's the Commissioner.
Yes, well done; yes, just leave it and go away.
The Commissioner! Oh Blessed Virgin, keep God from snatching us away without confession! I thought that man was already completely satisfied with the Marquise, but it seems he is not.
Sure, you are young and pretty, so fresh, so he has wasted no time.
Okay, I'll return the sausages, the clothing, and I'll just thank him, for heaven's sake.
I think he'll understand, right? Margarita, dear, you won't be able to deny anything to such an important official.
Yeah, you're right; I must walk away.
So what can I do? I cannot go, Catalina.
I'm just telling you that the more you say no, the more determined he will be.
You must take the consequences into account, because he's so angry about Gonzalo that What are you trying to say? That I should let him? No, you're smart.
There are some mice who escape from the cat; a few, but there are some.
The Marquise? Excuse me.
Well, she must be in her rooms, Commissioner.
Sure, I'll wear it.
I just found out, Stur, that you've helped Estuarda escape from prostitution.
Well, at least I managed to pay her rent, and that should remove her from the streets for some time, yes.
Where did you get the money? You're looking at someone who knows a trick or two.
I've joined the army, and I got an advance.
But surely you'll be called up.
No, this isn't the first time I've sucked the teat of the state.
Some time back, I enlisted for the Flanders campaign, and just look at me now.
Well, how do I look to you? Small and misshapen.
With soldiers like you, I'm not surprised they chased us out.
You just wish you had this highlander body and these Greek features.
I mean, I didn't get have a scratch, and do you know why? Are we being dense today? Because I never went to Flanders! And now I'm not going to Portugal.
Am I going to be called up? Sure, but not to serve Say, you could have done the same thing, instead of damning your little boy to that hell of the dyes.
What the hell do you mean by hell? That child will be in his glory.
Don't you see that the dyer is a wonderful man? What are you doing? That dye solution is becoming congealed, useless! It's just that I'm choking on the fumes.
Well, don't stop; you'll soon get used to it.
Paint canvases! You'll see; tomorrow you will be even stronger, go on, go! Want some more wine? Why do you do all this for me? I just want you to be comfortable.
Not just that; I mean all this food, this lovely place, so much attention I'm just a commoner.
No, Margarita, no.
What you are is a very dignified woman, and that I find admirable.
I was impressed how well you defended yourself this morning.
I'm sorry that I raised my voice in anger, but it doesn't seem fair that those dogs eat better than most people.
That's what I mean, we are both the same: we both believe in the people.
Unfortunately, I am a misunderstood person.
I am the officer in charge, and everyone just sees me that way, but I worry about everyone, although it may be hard to believe.
I don't know, I might have seen that reflected in you today.
I believe that's the reason why you're here.
I feel flattered by your words, and I thank you.
Well, it's certainly true that sometimes we are slaves to an image that isn't really ourself.
But I am sure you don't see me that way.
The truth? And what makes you think that? You're here, and you accepted my invitation.
I just wanted to thank you.
You're welcome.
Father, Why isn't Aunt Margarita eating with us? Your aunt has a lot of work to do in the palace.
She won't come home until she's done.
That's how bosses always are, Alonsillo: some are despots, some are tyrants, some All except your blessed father, I mean.
He's a saint, and he's also your father.
God bless the redundancy.
Go along, Alonso, and fetch Stur some wine.
It isn't normal for her to be so late, is it? But since we are all so modern nowadays and let women make their own decisions Be assured that no one is going to rob her, because she is with the commanding officer.
Although the Commissioner is the one who is really most dangerous.
I know; she shouldn't have gone.
I should have prevented it.
As if that were so easy.
Around here the Commissioner is the big boss, And everyone else must obey.
It's sad, but that's the way things are.
It's all very modern, very modern It's not like it was back in medieval times.
Until recently, they had the "rights of the master.
" The master and the maid frolicking, and then he robs her of all her dignity.
I'll go find her.
Easy, easy.
Don't worry, master.
And what else can I do? I can't sit here idle while Margarita Yes.
Be wise like me.
Just look what happened with me with Estuarda, that whole shitty mess.
What about Estuarda? Nothing.
- I redeemed her from whoring.
- What? What did you say? Nothing, Alonso; you eat.
Where did you get the money to get her out? Sturno Garcia.
At your command.
Tomorrow you will join the army ranks for the campaign in Portugal.
Pearl of mine, how are you? How have you been? My son, you're completely shattered! Let him sit down.
My God, he is blue; he is freezing, Floro! No, woman, that is just a remnant of the dye.
Son, are you okay? Floro, he can't go on like this; this is a torture for the boy.
If we need more income, I'll work more myself.
You can't work any longer hours in the palace, Catalina.
Well, if I must work nights, I will.
Ins told me they are looking for an innkeeper at the Inn of the Comb.
But the Inn of the Comb is a lion's den! My son! Are you okay? Don't worry; I'm just a little tired.
I really like the work.
I won't quit.
I'll just wash my hands and eat my dinner.
Margarita, it has been a real pleasure sharing this evening.
The pleasure has been all mine.
Have a good rest.
Thank you.
Good night.
Gonzalo! Gonzalo! Leave her alone! It's me you want.
Stay here.
Hernn, help me! Where did you learn to fight like that? Nowhere.
I just defended myself as best I could; if it were not for you, they would have killed me.
Thank you.
I took care to hide my abilities, but I'm not sure.
The Commissioner may be suspicious of me.
You can't go around flaunting it! Look at the mess I'm in now with the army of Spain! But mine is not just boasting.
You should ask Estuarda for that money back.
But master, how could I throw her back to the horrors of harlotry, now that she is doing so well? You know best, but I cannot let you go off to war.
After everything, you're going off to the war? I'm in this mess for love, the noblest of causes.
- For love? - Yes.
To save the woman of my life.
I joined for the money to give her a better livelihood.
People do things like that for love, Stur, for example when risking their life.
The love thing has double meaning.
She woke up as starstruck as a poet; to me that's the Commissioner's doing Enough.
I'll get some water to wash up; I'm poor but I'm clean.
Gonzalo, I wanted to thank you for last night.
You were very brave.
Another minute later, I would have gone off to bed.
So you were waiting up for me? No, I only said that I had been about to turn in.
Who let you in? What surprised you, to see me here or to see me alive? Tonight they tried to kill me again; do not play with me, Lucrecia.
I don't know what you're talking about.
They promised not to kill you, I swear.
I know who The Red Eagle is.
Keep your friends away or you will never have him.
Give me proof.
Give me time.
Convince them, and you'll have him.
My patience has a limit; try not to reach it.
Alonso! Alonso, what's this? Now you're changing your underwear every week? See if you can wear it a little longer.
I can't keep up with all the washing.
So you're going off to the war? Well, let's not be soothsayers.
It remains to be seen whether I will actually leave for the ranks.
But why have you enlisted? Because Good question; yes sir.
Because I am a man, and like all men, we must fulfill our manly obligations.
OK, then.
Take this for when it's cold.
Alonsillo, I thank you, but no.
I won't need anything.
Besides that, it's true that I'm short, but this does not, this will not fit.
Try it on.
You're worse than your father.
If I say it won't fit, it will not fit me.
I must be screwy; of course it fits me, yes.
Do you see how it fits me? And if you get killed? Man, do not Who am I? Look at me! Who am I? Stur.
Sturno, remember? That will not happen, Alonso.
Yeah, but if it happens? God forbid.
But if it does happen, I'll be dead for the most valuable reason in life.
The country? No, not for homeland, Alonso.
For love.
Lucrecia has assured me that you're a great seamstress.
You don't know how sorry I am about last night.
No need to apologize to me.
I didn't think you had planned it.
Margarita, I want you to listen attentively to what I say; it is very important.
Contrary to what everyone thinks, The Red Eagle is a real threat to this kingdom.
I need your help.
My help? Look, I'm sorry, but I have nothing to do with this.
You know The Red Eagle.
I've seen you with him.
I have to know who is behind that mask.
I've never seen his face, I swear.
Are you sure? You live with him and you have not seen his face? He is your brother-in-law.
Gonzalo? No, that is impossible.
Gonzalo would not kill anyone.
Gonzalo, maybe not, but the Eagle himself, yes.
I need your help to catch him.
If you accept my conditions, I will preserve him as a teacher.
Think about it, Margarita.
I'm very grateful for everything you're doing for me, Stur.
Don't thank me, no.
Yes, Stur, this is worthy of thanks and even of a monument.
You okay? The wine has gone down the wrong way.
Speaking of money, do you still have it? Yes, yes, I'm saving it for rent, but but I thought, Stur, with the remainder, I could maybe buy some fabric You know I'm very good at sewing.
I thought I could become a dressmaker.
What do you think? A dressmaker? Look, what I'm telling you is very difficult for me.
I would like Since we are adults, I thought you would understand Stur, you want a service in return for your payment? No, woman, by God! Good brandy! How can I say this? You know that no What I mean is that I would Well, that life is very eventful.
And that this money that I have given you is money that I gave you with the best of intentions.
That stated and this money I am unable to ask for it back, because Because I have put you on an altar and Phew, I've said it in a very roundabout way Don't worry, Stur; I no longer sell kisses.
You know how long it's been since I truly kissed someone? How long? Years, Stur.
Since I kissed you.
I couldn't tell her; the poor one was so excited, that the world overwhelmed me.
But tomorrow what is going to overwhelm you is the army of the kingdom, and now they are looking for you, for sure.
Keep in mind that for the war in Portugal, for every three that go, only one returns.
Or none.
Hello, what happened? Floro, can we go visit Murillo at the dyer? Of course; he's now on his lunch break.
He'll be very excited to see you, yes.
Tiny one, a thing of curiosity.
How's your mother? She was very happy.
Yesterday she went up to pay the landlord, and look, she bought me new boots.
Because my toes stuck out of the other ones.
I'll really going to miss you, Stur.
What do you mean, Alonsillo? There's a soldier out there who is looking for you.
You'll remember me? But I do not I don't intend I'll really miss you.
I love you so much, Stur.
I love you too, Alonso, but come on; Portugal is but a stone's throw away! And with a good horse I can be back here in a heartbeat, huh? They're after me! You must help me for God's sake; you have to help.
Hello, Margarita.
Something wrong? Gonzalo, you're in danger.
What? In danger.
The Commissioner is suspicious of you.
He thinks you're The Red Eagle.
That I am The Red Eagle? But that is stupid; why does he think that? Gonzalo, it is hard not to think it, with the number of blows you delivered with that stick Even I was surprised! I wasn't that good.
Yes, tell that to the bandits.
I don't believe they'll think so.
Margarita, you do not You do not seriously think that I No, no, Gonzalo, I know that you are not The Red Eagle, but beware, you already know how the Commissioner is.
Relax, nothing is going to happen, really.
Sturno Garcia! I'm going; if we get caught, they'll arrest us for hiding him! Cipriano, we cannot leave him to his fate; man, have a little charity! No charity, for charity begets the plague! But this man has gotten into this mess for love.
For love, for love We must help him.
And what could we do? What excuse can we offer the military if he's healthy and fit for a fight? That's it! Use your head, man.
You're a sawbones.
Yes If I am a cripple, I can't fight; is it not so? Have you gone crazy? You are not serious, right? If I have to cut off my leg for Estuarda, I'll do it.
Floro, do what you have to do.
Sturno Garcia! Cut, my life depends on it; cut! It must be important when you come; they might have seen you.
I found this in the office of M.
de Alarcn.
Each number corresponded to the letter of a drawer.
The eight letters forming the word Morituri.
Could be a list of their victims; they're all very important people at court.
The fact that they discovered you in their lair has benefited us.
It has delayed their plans.
I'm afraid I'll need that time to disappear from the city.
Why? The Commissioner suspects Gonzalo.
Murillo, you smell like donkey piss.
You've peed in your pants? I haven't peed.
It's ammonia; it's used as a bleach.
Listen, Murillo, if the dyer is a tyrant and you're having such a difficult time Why don't you tell your parents and go back to school? I don't want to worry them.
After I make some money, everything will be over and I can return to school.
At the rate you're going, you'll grow old first.
Or worse, cold.
With so much vapor, your face has turned so pale! Good afternoon; I came to dye these fabrics indigo ink.
It's urgent for tomorrow.
I'm sorry sir, but my master says there's already enough work for a week.
Hey, if you manage to fulfill the order, you'll get three reales.
Deal! Tomorrow you'll get your fabrics.
God bless you.
They won't give you another chance.
They don't believe you; you've made too many mistakes.
If you really know who The Red Eagle is, then catch him; he is your only way out.
I need time.
You don't have it.
I dedicate my life to your service and you pay me back so, by murdering me? No emotional blackmail, please.
They want to see The Eagle's head right now, I can't do anything more for you.
Do your best to stay alive, and then come have breakfast with me tomorrow.
Now the dye.
But that's red! What have you given me, asshole? I asked for indigo.
That's blue, not red.
God help me, get away from here before he kills me! It was an accident.
Who gave you permission Get out of here and do not come back; your father is going to pay for all this.
If not for my leg, I would gladly kill the Portuguese, but but you see it's a bad plan, General.
- Captain.
- Captain.
What caused this mishap? How did it happen? Cleaning the cellar, a 45-pound barrel fell on his leg.
The leg became infected, and it had to be amputated.
And it doesn't hurt? Horribly, but I'm a tough guy.
The Spanish army lost a good soldier with me.
What bad luck! Never said better.
No! God, no, no, the pain is unbearable.
Well, because of your status as an invalid, you're exempt from your commitment to the Army.
Don't tell me that, please; I'm so disappointed! May you have luck and kill many Portuguese! I think I'm going to faint.
What happened? Well, I was released from the war for being a cripple.
Still, there was really no amputation.
It's just currant sauce.
I thought up a trick, and it worked.
This rogue wanted to really cut it off.
Come on, Floro, let's have a drink.
I feel like getting drunk.
Look how we worked the deception, master.
No, Stur, no.
You must remove everything in the den that may relate to The Red Eagle, and take it to the cave on Franet Street.
What happened, sir? The Commissioner suspects me.
Maybe we should leave town for a while; don't leave the cave until I get there.
But which way is Franet street? Good evening, my princess.
Where should I tell my driver to take us? Home, to the Red Eagle's lair? I told you I don't know where to find him.
I swear to God I'm telling the truth.
You tell me where I need to go, or I'll slit you open right now! First you, and then your family.
You understand, right? To Postas Street, to the Church of St.
Good girl.
To Postas Street! To the Church of St.
Gonzalo, let's take the boy and go.
Search everything from top to bottom.
Can you tell me what's going on? Come on, tell me where you're hiding that pathetic costume.
I don't know what you're talking about! You'll know soon enough, once you get to know the dungeon and the little games I have planned for you.
And you too, honey.
Let them go; they haven't done anything! Get away! Take them! and that's the last trip.
Damn! I almost killed myself.
It seems that the eaglet is running late.
What was your relationship with Captain Rodrigo? I don't know what Captain you're talking about.
My men have still not found anything.
Where's your lair? I don't know what you're talking about! You don't get it, right? You still don't understand.
Even if I don't find your mask, you'll still die at dawn, by hanging! I suggest that you let yourself fall so that your neck is broken immediately.
Let her go free! But if you tell me where your costume is, we can hang another prisoner in The Red Eagle's place, provided you agree to leave the village.
Do you understand now? I have all night to convince you.
Forgive me, Gonzalo; this is all my fault.
We shouldn't be here; we shouldn't be here! You must be strong.
Yes, he is coming; I know he is coming.
Who? The Red Eagle.
We must endure until he comes.
Isn't that right, Gonzalo? Wouldn't it be better to look for Stur? If anyone can save my father, who's it going to be? Stur or The Red Eagle? The Red Eagle! Eagle! Eagle, I am Alonso! And I am Gabi! Red Eagle! Please help me, please come! Eagle! It's absurd.
I tell you it's him.
What evidence do you have? The proof will be when you see that The Red Eagle doesn't come to their rescue.
And otherwise? And if he appears? Hernn, for God's sake, you're making a big mistake, and worse, comitting an injustice.
Lucrecia, I am surprised.
Since when are you concerned with injustice? Had he been Gonzalo, I would have discovered it instantly.
You would save his skin even if he was the devil himself.
If you'll excuse me I hope to see you on the podium; I would love to enjoy this triumph with you.
Poor creature, he is becoming an adult by brute force.
Good, I've come to talk about money.
I fired your child yesterday.
What for? But he just started there Besides being lazy, he's a liar.
Yesterday he destroyed some very expensive fabrics.
Nine reales, no less.
You'll have to cover the expense.
But listen, we already don't have enough to eat I want my money tomorrow.
What's going on? I have bad news.
Yesterday, the Commissioner arrested Margarita and Gonzalo.
They are going to execute them on the square today.
Oh, God! Easy, son; don't cry.
Long ago I was in a dungeon like this, in Flanders.
The next day they were going to execute me unless I would betray my camp.
I escaped after thinking I might never see you again.
I escaped from there because of you.
Thank you for coming back, Margarita.
It's the best thing that could ever have happened to Alonso.
The best.
Marquise Look, she will do anything for Gonzalo.
Why will they kill them if they have done nothing wrong? Because the Commissioner got it into his thick head that Gonzalo is The Red Eagle, and if he doesn't shows up, he'll kill him.
And if he appears, he'll imprison and kill him too.
Alonso, please, let's go home.
They're going to kill my father, and I won't leave here! He can't watch them hang him.
We must do something to save our friend.
Alonso, come on, darling; come home with me.
No! No, please, father! No, please! Let me go! Don't harm him! He is not The Red Eagle.
No! Let him go! Please let him go! Father! No! Are you crying? The nobility do not shed tears.
Please don't do anything to him! What a night I spent in that cave! All my bones ache.
Where has everybody gone? It's as quiet as a brothel in Lent.
Where are you going, kid? They're hanging the teacher! What? Let me go! By the authority of His Majesty, you're condemned to hang for insulting the kingdom, for stealing from the royal coffers, for contempt of authority, and for murder.
Gonzalo Montalvo, aka Red Eagle.
You are ordered to be hanged as an accomplice of the previous, Margarita Hernando.
Lies! It's all lies; let them go! You're making a mistake, and you will regret it.
In the name of justice for the king's sake.
Hold it right there, you foul monster! Would you condemn an innocent man in my place? If it's me you want, why not come catch me? I want him alive! Mr.
Commissioner Dad! Here is The Red Eagle.
Take the criminals back to the jail.
It was a wonderful show.
Madam, madam, have they saved the condemned? They took them back to headquarters, the poor things.
Estuarda, have you just come from the square? I do, and what about you? Look, I don't want to seem but out of my way, please.
If you knew what I was just doing, you wouldn't treat me like that.
I don't care what you were doing.
They have taken your master prisoner, Stur! Listen to what I'm telling you; it's very important.
It was me who saved my master.
Believe me, my duckie.
May I help you, officer? Sturno Garcia.
You appear to be more liar than lame, man.
What was your game? Keep the money and desert? No, no.
Tomorrow I will send you to the front for being so smart.
Take him.
Forgive me, Estuarda; forgive me, my life.
I don't know who that runt was who was on the roof, but you don't fool me.
Confess; admit that you're The Red Eagle! I am Gonzalo Montalvo, schoolteacher.
Freeze! Let him go! In whose name? On behalf of the King.
Let them go.
- Son! - Mama! Darling! I was fired from the job because I ruined some very expensive fabric.
I know, son; your boss wasted no time in telling us the story.
I wanted to earn more money to help you.
I know, honey.
Look, what you have to do is to grow up first, huh? Grow up, and then you'll work.
And with what you earn, you can buy me a wagon, for when I get too old and fat to move.
Come on; come on home.
I don't want to go; I've let you down and now you must pay the damages.
And what will you do? Remain in the street like a bum all your life? No, but I can go to America like my brother, and you will have one less mouth to feed.
Come on, stop it; with one child already out into the world I have had enough, and if we don't have anything to eat, we can eat stone, but all together.
By God, when I see just a drop of blood, I get dizzy! Have a little compassion, please! Even the helmet dances on my head! I don't know the size, but I need a juvenile version.
But you're a good size! If the helmet dances around, then fight with your shield.
It's not the fighting; if we must fight, then then we fight.
But I'm a jerk, I tell you for your own sake and for the sake of Spain.
Can't you see; I'm a patriot.
Well then, give your life for your country.
Don't you see that I'm worthless except maybe as a prisoner? And then whatever happens, I am very weak, and I'll tell the enemy everything.
But the infantry will die first, so for however long you'll last Excuse me, where's the exit Hello, I want to speak to the captain.
Go easy! Thank you.
What for? For what you said to me in the dungeon.
That was all a long time ago.
Not about that; I meant when you said that I was the best thing that could have happened to Alonso.
Honey Come here, son.
I was so scared, father.
There, there; it's all over.
Yes sir, you rectified the mistake; long live the Spanish army! Now, that is no way to treat a patriot.
Estuarda! They couldn't wait to get rid of me; I'm as free as a bird.
What's up, aren't you glad to see me? Stur, I think it's best we leave things as they were.
Estuarda, please! This plan went wrong, but I promise that I will put the world at your feet.
Enough, by God, I am who I am and you are who you are.
Estuarda, beside you I can conquer the world.
Just an hour earlier I was in there about to leave for war, and now I'm out here with you.
I staked everything, my life.
Stur, if you haven't gone off to war it's because I spoke with the captain.
You? What did you say? He didn't speak much.
Sure, you offered your trade.
Estuarda, by God, what did we agree to? What did you want me to do, huh? You were going to the front.
Stur, look, sorry, but I have to make a living.
My dear Hernn, surely I realize the awkward position you are in.
It was a bit humiliating.
You must help me.
No, I don't have to help you.
All you had to do was to kill The Red Eagle, and what have you done? Nothing.
Hernn, you cannot do anything for me.
Frankly, I neither want you, nor can I help you.
A little fruit? I can putt you in touch with the family of my late husband in Italy.
I advise you to leave the country soon.
They are delicious! Are you sure? Read this.
What does this mean? Just that you now want to help me, and that you know how you can help me.
It is the signed statement that your dear son made when he killed that child, the lame boy.
Oh, surely you knew.
Not really.
If you'll excuse me, it has been an exhausting day.
In the end we came out of this alive, screwed, but alive.
How did everything work out with Estuarda? She is back on the streets; and I don't mean to fix the pavement.
Women, master: you can't live with them; you can't live without them.
Better without them, Stur.
Don't feel so comfortable; they were ready to hang you and to send me off to war, and it all happened By sheer bad luck, and by sheer chance.
With all respect, master, but chance did not take Margarita up to that roof.
Be honest with yourself; if only for my sake, since I'm upset.
You don't deny that you feel something for Margarita? Family affection.
Nothing physically? Because we are not made of stone, Eagle! Or have you turned queer? Sorry, but since I don't know of any affair you've had since I've been in your service And Margarita is very good looking.
She has tight tits, admirable tits, and a good Sevillian ass, I've noticed.
Yes or no? Shut up, Stur.
You should teach me how to make those leaps I always end up walking.
I have no horse, and these things would be useful.
I want to be informed of any move the schoolteacher makes.
We're being followed.
I don't care what methods you employ, but bring me the head of The Red Eagle.
The Queen wants to wear the emerald necklace that I gave you at that event; I'll need it back.
Tell me, where is my husband; where have you taken him while he was napping? You had no reason to recruit a hired assassin to catch The Red Eagle.
It must be ready tomorrow morning without fail.
I said without fail; it is vital.
Just a daisy! They say they heard yelling tonight in the woods; I think that warrior is involved.
The necklace has disappeared.
Everything in this house belongs to me.
Nuo, I do not Catalina! You know you can count on me, right? Who made me go wheeling and dealing with a necklace of the Marquise! You're fired.
You have a crush on her, eh, chicken? Are you stupid? You're seeing a dead woman.
You don't need an invitation to commit suicide.
Why do you think God has given us two hands? Because women have two breasts! See, everything is planned!
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