Águila Roja (2009) s01e08 Episode Script

El guerrero oriental

No! Putting an end to the king is risky.
Why did you kill the teacher's wife? Are you sure you don't know who wanted to kill me? And why are you sure they were the ones? Because he had the logo tattooed on his arm.
If you should happen to catch the Red Eagle, we wouldn't be here watching our refuge collapsing.
Margarita has good looks, as I see her.
I saw your belt buckle with the Red eagle.
Good evening, Princess.
I want you to trust me and not be afraid of me and take me by the hand.
Well, it's sometimes true that slaves don't fit the image we have of them.
I'm misunderstood.
You're a fantasy, Margarita.
The commissioner always requires a reward, always.
Hernn, help me! I already know who the Red Eagle is! You sghould keeo your friends away, or you'll never have it.
You know of the Red Eagle --- I know the man behind the mask.
-What -You're headed straight for danger, the commissioner suspects that you're the Red Eagle.
I found this in a report from the Lord of Alarcn.
Those about to die.
There ought to be a list of his victims.
You have to take everything from the lair which is related to the Red Eagle.
-Why? -The commissioner suspects Gonzalo.
If you really know who the Red Eagle is, then catch him.
Take the child and let's go.
Take them with you! Where do you have your ;air? I don't know what you're talking about.
Yesterday the commissioner arrested Margarita and Gonzalo.
Long ago I was in a jail like this, but I only got out because of you.
Thanks for coming back, Margarita.
Hernn, for God's sake, you've made a big mistake, and, worse, commited an injustice! We shouldn't be here! You have to be strong.
-He's going to come.
-Who? The Red Eagle.
Red Eagle! Die at dawn.
Let her go! Save his skin even if he were a demon! It's all my fault.
Tell me you're the Red Eagle! I'm Gonzalo de Montalvo, schoolteacher.
No! No, please! Shit, I nearly killed myself.
Back in Bavaria, people were very tall and blond, while I am dark and stocky.
Of course, I had the appeal of the exotic over there, so many women surrender to me, Alonsillo.
What were you doing in Bavaria? What was I doing about what? That doesn't matter.
We were talking about women, right? Well, the fact is that Teutonic women are are women who have such such curves, such breasts, legs, let's see It's just that I get very excited, Alonsillo! And when I get excited, of course I need to eat! A coin, for the love of God! Give me everything you have.
This is too squalid; run! Come on, son! He just killed them! No, mother, no.
Stitch them up a bit, a couple days in bed, and they're not so bad.
Well, yes, he just killed them.
When you fulfill your mission, you'll get the promised reward.
I don't care what methods you employ; just bring me The Red Eagle's head.
This way.
You didn't have to hire a paid assassin to catch The Red Eagle.
I'm about to catch him.
Hernn, please.
I had a hard enough time convincing the society that you'd be more useful alive.
I have to go.
Tell your guards not to hinder that man.
Where are you off to now? State affairs.
No, not here.
This time I'll make you some twins.
Why do I say twins -- triplets! God, what timing! At this hour, I don't think it could the King, unless maybe it's thieves.
Margarita Dinner is ready.
Thank you.
Within two days we'll be visited by the French ambassador.
We'll give a great reception.
Ah, of course.
I understand that the Queen wants to wear the emerald necklace to this event, the one I gave you.
I will need it back; it is vital to me.
Of course, your majesty.
Tomorrow I will send a messenger to pick it up.
You should have seen him; he did a quick Zap and sliced him through the middle like a piece of butter.
Can you tell me what you were doing with my son in the streets at that hour? Getting firewood and carrying it home, just as you asked.
And the boy, then, and the boy You should not split a person in half! You might know him as another Red Eagle Don't look back; we are being followed.
You see them? We've had them glued to our backs all day.
The Commissioner still suspects me.
I did the best I could, sir, but the costume was too large for me, you know.
As long as these guards follow so closely, I am bound hand and foot.
Master, I've been pondering this for a few days.
Could you make a disguise for me too? For walking around unmasked has its risks Come on, let's go.
Go on.
Come on, eat, pretty one; this will help you feel better.
You are an animal.
Have you no sense, giving a dish of lamb to a little girl at this hour? But she has not eaten since she arrived! Don't fuss over me; my mother will soon come to pick me up, and I'll no longer cause you any problems.
That's very well, but you should still have some breakfast.
You want some milk? Come on, take this from the table.
You see what type of mother she was.
However much of a witch she is, she has no backbone to abandon a daughter.
The letter only said that her life is not good for the child, and she will be better off with us.
Nothing else, Ins? No address or anything Who's going to look after her better than us? And why don't we discuss this with Gonzalo? Surely he can come up with something.
Well, not now, dear Ins; we must leave, we will be late for the palace.
Thank you.
And now my Floro says he is planning to go to the Indies.
You tell me how that helps, if he is so far away while our boy grows up.
Don't pay attention to him, Catalina; he's not talking seriously.
You'll see.
When he calms down, he'll think more clearly.
Get out of the bedroom.
Lady, your bath is ready.
I said out.
Excuse me.
Nothing suspicious, sir.
He is now at school lecturing to the children.
I want to be informed of any movements made by the teacher.
Lucrecia? Why am I so honored? Those emeralds I gave you; do you still have them? This is no place for a lady.
I have no time for formalities.
Do you still have them? Of course.
It's the way I'll always know that I owe you gratitude.
I need them back.
Why? Because I ask you, Hernn.
Just like that? What for, to give them to another? Is that it, Lucrecia? Hernn, the less you know, the better off you'll be.
Give me those gems.
I always carry them close to my heart.
But if I see another man with them, I will kill him.
Thank you, Hernn.
Thanks! Think nothing of it, Lucrecia.
Please, I do not know who The Red Eagle is.
Nobody knows him.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, I'm telling you the truth! So much work for just two people to eat.
Well, one and a half, because of Nuo, I mean Well, what's wrong, Catalina? You've spent all day complaining! I can't make it through the month, Margarita.
I'm ready to give up.
I already owe Gonzalo for three months of schooling.
Ins, poor thing, she helps me out, but I don't want to overburden her.
I can't fit any more patches on my boy's clothes.
And why don't you ask the Marquise for a raise in pay? Really, Catalina, how many years have you been in her service? Furthermore, you are her most trusted maid.
Surely if you explained to her what you're going through, she would help you.
My daughter, evidently you know little about her.
There's nothing to lose by trying.
Catalina, you have to take this necklace to my jeweler so he can set these two gems into place.
It has to be ready for tomorrow morning without fail.
I said, without fail.
It is vital; it that clear? Yes, ma'am; the table is ready.
Go do what I ordered.
Have Margarita accompany you.
Here's 600 reales to pay the jeweler.
Catalina, take great care; this necklace must be ready by tomorrow.
Don't worry, ma'am; excuse us.
Margarita! Hurry.
Six hundred for attaching two stones into a necklace! They are emeralds.
It wouldn't matter if they were blessed eggs! It's a waste of money! Not at all, because such spending is a pittance to her.
The Marquise has plenty of money.
Yes, she has plenty, and I have none.
It unnerves me; unnerves me with that waste.
You know what I mean? My Floro can fix this, just as a handyman, and we'll keep the money.
Catalina, are you sure? Yes, you've decided.
Well, guess what? As long as she does not find out Well she's not going to know, and God knows I do it out of necessity, since this money is so badly needed at home.
Let's see, does anyone know the names of these three ships? Alonso? Eh? The Santa Maria, Pinto, and La Pinta.
La Pinta, and La Nia! [A girl!.]
Murillo, no cheating.
Good morning, teacher.
Sorry for the interruption.
Got a minute? Yes.
It is Matilde.
We don't know what to do with her; the poor thing is so sad.
Wait, do you know what would do her good? To come to school and interact with other children her age.
Matilde, come here.
Would you like to stay here in school? Say yes, dear; you'll see how well you'll do with these young men.
They are all very nice.
Look, here is a seat.
Matilde, yes; today, for now, sit here, next to Alonso.
That's Floro's barbershop.
If I was you I wouldn't go in there; sometimes one leaves with one less tooth.
And there in the back is the dairy.
I already know the neighborhood; I used to live here.
Ah, yes, it's true that you and your mother I know, the same thing happens to me.
You know what I do? At night, before going to bed, I talk to her, so it's as if she were still with me.
Thank you.
Hello, Matilde, what are you doing? Look what Alonso gave me! A daisy It's such a common flower.
The field is full of them.
Nobody asked for your opinion, okay? In my palace, the gardens grow all kinds of exotic flowers.
It is incredible.
If you want, we can go see them now.
I'm staying here; I have important things to do.
How beautiful you are; it really is beautiful, huh? Dear, good things stand out; look at the reflection it throws.
If you look too closely, you'll become mesmerized! Come on, you're always complaining about your Floro, and he has made it as good as new.
The truth is that yes, he's pretty clueless, but he has very skilled hands.
Let's see Cata Stand still; don't move.
Ay, ay, ay, wait.
Catalina Let's see God, you look like a sultan woman, my dear! Come, take this away, before the Marquese comes in She'd die of envy.
Blessed Sacrament! My heart froze.
Listen, I'll return it to her right now before any misfortune can happen.
Wait, isn't it going to seem a little strange that it has been fixed so soon? We had to have given some time for the jeweler to fix it and then go pick it up.
That all takes time.
You're absolutely right.
Whatever the Marquise is, she's not the least bit dumb.
If she figures out that I kept the money, she'll fire me, for sure.
Catalina, Catalina What do I do with this, what do I do with this? Put it into the sewing case.
My Lady? You did the job I asked? Yes, ma'am.
The jeweler told me that he would have it tomorrow without fail.
What's the matter with the two of you? Nothing.
Fine, both of you come with me.
And hurry up with that dress; the day after tomorrow, there is a reception at the royal palace.
Yes, ma'am.
Mother, I'd like to go with you.
Can I? Please You are growing up so fast, Nuo.
You may be my escort.
It will be good for you to know the people who attend this event, so shall we go? Sorry.
I like to see you study; knowledge doesn't take up much room.
Look at me: I take up very little room, and look how much I know.
What are you doing? Nothing, I'm reading about the Queen of France.
The Queen of France? The Queen of France The Queen of the Camellias! Matilde, Cipriano's little girl.
You've got a crush on her, huh, chicken? You don't fool me; come on.
Tell your Uncle Stur everything.
So, what's up with Matilde? All right.
Nothing, really.
I like her very much, but I don't know what to do.
You don't know what to do? No.
Well, no problem.
This is the love doctor, look at me: Don Juan de Castilla.
What do you know about women? Nothing.
Nothing? Your father has told you nothing at all? So about bed and frolic you Sure, you have not Well, let's start with the basics, Alonso.
To women you must express your love with physical affection Do you follow me? Yes, I think so.
First, you start with kissing.
No, no kisses.
Sorry, but for me that's very disgusting.
Come on, don't give me such a hard time! Come on, boy; why do you think God has given us two hands? Because women have two breasts! Everything is planned out Here is a universal rule: the bigger the better; that's the truth.
And when the time comes for healing heartbreak Alonso, go to your room and do your homework.
Can you tell me what you were talking about? Nothing.
The kid doesn't stop asking about the art of love.
I was illustrating for him, based on metaphors, but Stop it, Stur, if you please.
I'd rather explain that to him myself, in my own way.
I only spoke up because he already wanted to have Run away! Selenium's wife is dead! Master, I know what you're thinking, but no The other cuff Thank you.
Friar Fuck! You could arrive more naturally! You give me the creeps I've been looking for you; he is a hired assassin.
He slices bodies as if they were pears, like so: Zap! Think about it a while.
As long as innocent people are dying We were too hasty in entering the den of the society.
We lost all clues to the murderers of your wife; you're on the wrong track again.
I'm sick of doing things your way.
You're forgetting everything I taught you.
It is one thing to be a brave man and quite another to be so reckless.
What do you expect me to do? Hide here while this bastard keeps killing people? No.
Not this time.
No, mercy! Let her go! Stop! For God's sake, sir! It could have been worse; you're lucky he didn't split you in two.
Sit back; watch out.
Can you stitch me up? It looks very bad, sir.
Stur, stitch it.
And your father; where is he? Commissioner Can we help you? You're sweating a lot.
Would you like some wine, from Leon Alonso, son, go fetch some water from the well.
Father, but Obey.
Commissioner, will you stay and have dinner with us? The Red Eagle just performed one of his antics out in the street.
Well, I'm afraid we missed it.
We are accustomed to dining early; we have military habits.
I don't think you will get away with it this time.
Are you crazy? If you don't want anything else, then leave my house.
May I escort you out, Mr.
Commissioner? Master You see her with such a sad face, the poor child, and your soul just drops to the floor.
Damn, Floro; are you listening to me? No, Cipri, I'm not listening.
I can't get this Indies idea out of my head.
Look, the barbershop is going bankrupt, and I am up to my neck in debt.
I'll just advise you not to rush in; think it over, OK? Take it easy.
I am a bundle of nerves.
I can't wait to return the Marquise's necklace to her.
Well, woman, just calm down; we'll give it to her tomorrow.
Damned roses! First thing tomorrow I want to talk with that gardener.
Is there anything I can I help you with, ma'am? It's only a splinter; nothing serious.
I just need a needle.
Don't worry, we'll get it for you.
Are you suggesting I'm not capable of finding a needle myself? The needle.
It's impossible that she didn't see it.
Oh, Margarita, it is not there! But it can't be; we left it right here! I don't understand; what do we do now? Amazing! I've been watching you.
You fight well.
Perhaps we should work together to hunt down The Red Eagle.
I always work alone.
I hope you aren't making a mistake.
Father, father, get up; we are late! Alonso, son, why don't you get dressed first? I'll get dressed in a bit.
But you are always the first All right, but perhaps I have not spent an easy night, son.
Well, if you're staying home in bed, then me too.
Let's see.
We can say that we are ill, so we're not going to school.
Is something really wrong with you? No, I'll have a race with you, to see who gets dressed first.
I bet I'll win! I bet you won't! The loser changes the barn's straw.
Ready, Set, Go! Miss Margarita, is something wrong with you? Me? It's nothing.
Why? I just saw you put salt into the milk, then I'm just a little sleepy.
I'll say! You look like you hadn't slept at all last night.
I'm a little tired, Stur, nothing more.
Oh, OK, are you having that women's thing What woman? Yes, woman period What period, Stur? The period for no? Ah, yes, yes; I'm having my period thing.
You know how that changes your mood, no? If you only knew! Look, eat a little bit; this will help you a lot.
Father, I've won; you change the straw.
You've won.
Stur, can I see you for a minute.
Here, wash this and let nobody see you.
Have you pissed the bed? No, no, just kidding, to ease the tension a bit.
Good morning.
You have such a pained face.
Are you okay? Yes, yes.
God, until I eat a little bit I I'm not human.
Well said and done, so here.
Sturno's Crumbs.
Everybody wants those, huh? This could wake the dead.
Cipri! Catalina.
I feel very guilty; I'm sorry.
Cipri! Damn me for putting the necklace in the sewing case.
No, the fault was mine.
What made me go fiddle with the Marquise's necklace? I panicked when I reached the palace; panicked.
And what's more, all night I waited for my Floro, who went drinking with Cipri and hasn't returned.
Well, ladies, what can I get for you? What can I get? You can tell me where my husband is; where have you hidden him.
Is he sleeping it off? He has to open up the barbershop.
Floro? Floro went to his house -- your house -- and I went to mine.
Cipri, don't get me mad.
I know you friends cover for each other, but tell me the truth.
Are you sure he didn't get home? Of course I'm sure.
Totally sure.
I don't live in the palace of the Escorial; I can only say that I haven't encountered him.
Strange My God, what, Cipri? Don't frighten me.
He must have gone off to the Indies.
The Indies? Cipri, I'm not in the mood for jokes! He told me very clearly yesterday.
He didn't see any other way out of your difficulties.
Sorry, I never thought that Definitely, he wouldn't say goodbye to both of you for fear of causing more pain.
Look, there has to be another explanation, or else he would have left you a note.
What note? He'll be okay, don't worry.
Here, I've made this for you.
Thanks, Alonso; it's very nice.
What a coincidence; I also brought you a small gift as a way of saying welcome.
For me? I can't accept this.
Please, keep it.
So many gifts! You are both very good to me.
You deserve it, but honestly I don't think they can be compared.
Look, shut up, okay? At least I made mine with my own hands.
They are both very nice.
Thank you.
Master, they said they heard screams in the forest last evening.
I think something is going on and that warrior is involved.
I'll wait for you tonight in the woods beside the lake.
The necklace disappeared, and my Floro left for the Indies, and he hasn't even said goodbye, Margarita, not even to his own son.
I can't go on anymore; I cannot All my misfortunes run together.
Come on, girl; you'll see that when you get home, Floro will be there waiting for you.
No, Margarita, my husband is very stubborn.
He made up his mind to go, and until he did it, he wouldn't rest.
So this hired assassin hasn't brought you the head of The Red Eagle.
You have thrown away your money.
You said he injured him.
That is more than what you've accomplished in months.
Let him do his work.
And now, if I may I have to finish trying on the dress for the reception.
You'll need someone to escort you.
I have an escort.
My son Nuo will accompany me.
Don't worry.
Margarita, let me try on the sleeves.
Catalina, did you go get the necklace? Margarita, a little care! I'm sorry, ma'am.
Well? Yes, ma'am, I went.
Bring it, I want to see how it looks.
Margarita, what the hell is wrong with you? You both look strange.
Tell me, what has happened? My Lady, the necklace you see, we We went to the jeweler, but it was not ready, so Tell the jeweler if he doesn't finish it right away, I myself will cut off his hands.
Clear? Get me out of this dress right now.
Take it off! Where did that spring from, in the midst of this famine? Bring it here, kid! We'll have this for dinner tonight, come on! Find a stone in there to play with.
And you, what's wrong with you? What a face you are making! Nothing.
Nuo has given a necklace to Matilde.
A necklace? But wait, a necklace like those made out of leaves? Or a necklace that sparkles? One of those that shine, and worse, made out of diamonds.
Fuck the wealth of the Marquis! Look, Stur, do you believe that Matilde is going to become his girlfriend? You're screwed.
Alonsillo, if there is one universal rule with women, it's that always, but always they prefer the rich.
And Stur, is it true that, if I think about her a lot, I'll go blind? Murillo told me that's what his brother said.
Little one, I can't tell you anything.
I'm not the one to explain these things; why don't you ask your father? So it's true, right? How many times can you? You see, Murillo said that if you touch the breasts of a girl you like, more than 10 times, you'll die.
Alonso, my son, from now on, with Murillo: play more and listen less.
Let me explain To women, the more carnal touching there is, well Alonso, son, you'd rather be with your friends, go along.
If you want, I won't tell him anything, but the kid has such curiosity as to Are you all right, master? What is this? Come in.
Let's see, Catalina, what if we explain everything to her? Yes, and what do we say? First we stole her 600 reales, and then we lost her necklace? No, Margarita, there's no solution.
I don't understand; I'm the only one who ever touches the sewing case.
My Lord, have you seen a necklace that was in that sewing case? No.
It is very important that this necklace be found.
So if you've seen it, tell us, please.
I haven't seen anything.
Are you sure that you haven't taken it? Everything in this house belongs to me, so I don't owe explanations to anyone, least of all to a maid.
Look, boy, do not Catalina, calm down.
Is something going on? Yes, ma'am; your necklace we left it inside the sewing case, and and the Marquis has snatched it.
Is that true, Nuo? I don't have to answer the questions of a commoner.
It's not a commoner who's asking you now, but your mother.
Answer me, have you taken the necklace? Who cares, if everything in this palace is mine? If you've taken that necklace, I order you to give it back to me right now.
I can't.
No games, son; I have no time for that.
This necklace is very important and I need it back.
Really, I cannot.
Why can't you? I lost it.
How could you have lost it; are you really that stupid? How could you leave such jewelry in a sewing case? Yes, ma'am.
If it were not you, I would make them whip you.
I don't want to see you here anymore.
Look at me, Catalina.
You're fired.
Yes? Alonso, son; how's it going? All right? Well, yes.
You see, son, I wanted to talk to you about I've done something wrong? No, no, no! I didn't come to scold you.
I came to talk about you and some things.
Alonso, if you ever feel bad, or if there is anything you want to talk about, any curiosity, about girls, or whatever, you know you can count on me, right? I know I'm not good at this, but now we are alone.
I'm not a person who always knows how to listen, but but I'm here.
Good night.
It's clear that my son does not trust me enough to tell me things.
No, he's not being sneaky, sir; it's just childish things; if I can help you with anything, well Yes, Stur, prepare everything; I have to go.
What? You're going? My Lord, calm down and think a little.
This meeting is an invitation to suicide.
Stur, I have to go.
Very well, let's go, and we will give him what he deserves.
When I am pissed off, I have a very bad temper.
No, Stur, not this time.
You must stay here.
I will go by myself.
Very well.
I'm staying here.
His Majesty has sent me to collect what he has asked for.
The necklace is not yet ready; my jeweler is polishing it.
The king hoped to have it tonight.
I suppose you know that this is going to offend him.
The king will have his necklace on time.
Don't forget that this is of the utmost importance.
Lucrecia! You're looking at a dead woman.
What happened? Nothing.
You can't do anything to help.
Stur, didn't I tell you not to come along? You really believed I would let you go alone, master? Furthermore, I say that four eyes are always better than two, but I too have an eagle eye Who are you? Tell me, or I'll cut your throat.
Gonzalo? Sung Yi, it's you? Yes, it's me.
Virgin, I pray for my mother, that she'll be well, and for her to come for me soon.
Tell her I miss her.
I leave this here as an offering, if it helps; it is all I own.
I also pray for Alonso's mother, as I know she's with you, for you to take good care of her.
Master! I'm fine.
What they are saying, well, this is worse than the Invincible Armada, sir.
Try to get up.
Up, sir.
How are you, Stur? How is that blow to my head? Don't worry; I'm very hard-headed.
They say that my mother spent three days birthing me Stur, go home and say invent anything, but bring something to help me.
Yes, do not worry.
I'll leave you there, master.
I'm going to leave you there to rest.
Lie here, sir.
Slowly, slowly, yes.
I'm going to cover you up.
I hesitate to leave you here bleeding to death, sir.
Stur, that wasn't a suggestion.
It was an order.
Run! Be right back.
Hear, hear! Don't even bother! Easy, forgive me, forgive me.
This will hurt, huh? Quiet.
Here it is.
Good morning, Stur! Down! And my father? Yes, where is he? Who? The brother-in-law of you, the parent of him, the master of me? I mean Mr.
Gonzalo? Well, nothing; he just had to go out early because because he had important things to do.
And I do not lie, because these are men's matters that that I will not explain.
Good morning.
Some man business, right? And it made you very tired, so it seems And so here is some woman business.
I told you, we won't go into details, because Alonso, son, go to school right now.
But father, students can't arrive before the teacher.
Today, they can.
I'm leaving too; I'm going to be late at the palace.
Come on.
Master, you are definitely my hero.
Good morning, my lady, I finished the alterations on your dress.
Very well.
Leave it on the bed.
Are you okay? Yes.
You may go.
Thank you.
I guess you value that necklace very much, but it makes no sense to be so upset.
In the end, it's just a piece of jewelry.
And Catalina, she has been working for you for a long time.
You don't understand anything.
That necklace belongs to the queen.
Tonight I am supposed to bring it to a reception at the royal palace.
Take care of this scum.
Here's the money you gave me; I cannot do the job.
I assume you have some reason for this change of opinion.
You want more money? I said I'm not going to kill him.
Can you tell me why a professional assassin decides not to kill? It's been a pleasure, Commissioner.
Guards! Follow her.
I don't understand why father has gone off to the Indies? Well, Murillo, to earn money; he has done it for us, honey.
There you go.
Why did he have to leave without saying goodbye? I wanted to go with him.
That is why, dear; so you wouldn't get even sadder.
But don't worry, he'll be back here soon, you'll see.
I promise.
Go, run and get your bag.
Catalina Gonzalo! I'm very concerned about Floro, Gonzalo! He must have really gone through something, to leave in this way, without saying goodbye Catalina, Floro is in the Indies.
He told me too.
He told everyone but me.
Catalina, one must be very brave to do what Floro has done.
And if he doesn't come back? He'll come back; you'll see.
Read aloud.
Matilde, I need you to return the necklace I gave you yesterday.
No, I can't give it back to you.
But why not? Well, because I don't have it anymore.
I gave it to the Virgin as an offering to pray for our mothers, for mine and for Alonso's.
You really prayed for my mother? For your mom to take care of mine.
Thank you.
in 1522.
Okay, Murillo, your father would be proud of you.
Recess! Alonso, Alonso, teacher Look what you've got to please your girlfriend.
What is it? Chocolate! What? It's chocolate, good chocolate.
Smell, smell.
Did you hear? What? Matilde has left the necklace Nuo gave her in the money box of the Virgin to pray for my mom.
Really! That means she likes me at least a little, don't you think? How could she not like you, Alonsillo? With that face of yours, and the wisdom God has given me, we could captivate the Queen herself.
Deathly good; she'll love it! Are you Mr.
Gonzalo? Yes, I am.
A Chinese woman has told me she expects you in the forest at five.
You must be there.
By God, the necklace was the Queen's? Yes, and tonight she was supposed to take it to a reception at the royal palace.
My God, the mess I've created for my lady.
The mess I've made for only 600 reales! And why does the Marquise have the Queen's necklace? Well, I think that It might be matters of state.
Affairs of state.
Ladies Ins, a bottle of wine.
And that face, Catalina? You both miss your Floro, of course.
Your saintly man out there traveling the world to earn four ducats, and the child of the Marquise here has the nerve to give out necklaces like sweets Now, this is no reflection on Matilde What did you say? My Alonsillo is something else; already he has dazzled her.
No, no, what did you say about the Marquise kid handing out necklaces? I said that I reckon that's very wrong, too! And whom has he given it to? To Matilde.
And the very blessed girl goes and tosses it into the poor box of the Church.
And if her mother finds out, the witch Run! Hurry up, man! Are all the women here as beautiful as her? No, that's my wife.
You wouldn't happen to know someone who wants to rent space in this neighborhood? Why? Well, I'm a doctor and would like to settle here.
Doctor, eh? Well, for instance, Father, the miracle of the loaves and fishes, as a housewife I fully understand, where two eat, three can eat.
But that with two sad little fishes which feed so many people Well, we can hardly believe it, Father.
What's more Let me empty the poor box first, and then I'll explain the miracle of the loaves and fishes.
No, Father, but What the hell, I'm poor too! No matter what you say, Father, we are not convinced; it doesn't fit.
What has that to do with a star being seen from the east, camels It's all about having faith; you must have great faith That's right, Father, you said it.
Thank you very much, Father.
At least this time you didn't have to kill anyone to give me a message.
I'm leaving the city.
I'm leaving, Gonzalo.
That will not bring the innocent ones you killed back to life.
The dead will never rise, but to go away is the only thing I can do.
No, not just that.
Give yourself up.
Gonzalo, you know that I won't do that.
I always wanted to do that.
Sung Yi! I cannot let you leave.
It is a matter of justice.
You'll deliver death, but that is only to impose justice.
Never forget the value of human life, your own and others.
If our teacher saw you now, he would be ashamed to see what you've become.
You don't know where I've been.
I too have suffered greatly.
Well, well.
Whom do I kill first? Let me think about it and enjoy this moment.
Decision made.
For old time's sake, Red Eagle.
Never forget the value of human life, your own and others.
Please, you must let me pass.
I am a servant of the Marquise.
I have to give this to the King.
Please, you must let me pass.
Is there a problem? This woman is trying to see the King.
My Lord, please; it is very important that I see the King.
I have to give him this, on behalf of the Marquise de Santillana.
Sorry to interrupt you, your majesty, but I think it's important.
Come, come.
Your Majesty, on behalf of the Marquise de Santillana.
Take it away; I'm not hungry.
Mother, I have searched for the necklace, but I have not found it.
Forgive me.
Anyway, son, it's too late.
You can go.
Thanks for sending the necklace with your maid.
Come closer.
I don't know how you did it, or want to know.
I asked the Blessed Virgin for help.
Catalina, prepare my dress.
I am going to the reception at the royal palace.
Give me your hand, son! Oh, my baby! Isn't it a bit late for a boy your age to be still up? But I cannot sleep.
If my intuition serves me; I'd say that this is about a girl.
A girl? Well, do I know her? If you know everything; you'd already know who she is.
Alonso, there are some things you have to say yourself, so that others can help.
All right.
Her name is Matilde.
She is the prettiest girl I've ever seen.
I think what has happened to me happens to old folks, that I'm in love.
As soon as I see her, I start to sweat as if I were running, and I cannot stop thinking about her.
I just want to be with her all the time.
And why don't you tell that to your father? I'm sure he would love to help.
What is it; don't you trust him? Not that, it's just that I used to talk with my mother about all these feelings.
Poor creature! No, no, poor both of them! Yes, they are just the same! We will make good use of the Virgin's gift and bringing happiness to the women of this village.
Agustn? You were right; we rushed and lost the opportunity to discover the murderers of my wife, perhaps forever.
You'll find 1000 ways that deviate from your purpose, but only one that leads to it.
You just have to know where to look.
I wish someone could help us! The King will die tomorrow.
Wanted: The Red Eagle.
Well, I say that this doctor is a freak.
Stur, I'll kill you! Hear me? I'll kill you! We'll have the King within gunshot range before entering the church.
How are they going to kill the King? He is a gentleman.
But really, really a gentleman.
You must know that in this house, just as trust is rewarded, betrayal is punished.
Between Gonzalo and me, there is nothing.
Gonzalo and you are still in love.
What am I to you, Lucrecia? You want me to sleep with your seamstress? I need to see the King right now! Stur, the fate of Spain is in your hands!
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