Águila Roja (2009) s01e09 Episode Script

Atentar contra el Rey

You had to have seen him, There was a "zing!", and he cut him in half, as if he was made of butter.
Please, I don't know who the Red Eagle is nobody does.
He's been looking for you, he's a hired killer.
When you complete your mission, you'll get the other half.
I don't care what you do, just bring me the head of the Red Eagle! -Think a bit.
-While I'm thinking, innocent people are dying.
Let me go! You didn't have to use a hired killer to get the Red Eagle.
I'm on the point of nabbing him.
The commissioner still suspects me.
I want to be informed of every movement rhe teacher makes.
We've stumbled into the secret headquarters of the lodge we've used up all the clues about your wife's murderer.
You're wrong again.
I'm tired of doing things your way.
That hired killer hasn't brought you the head of the Red Eagle.
I've given up the money.
I injured him, which is more than you've managed to do in months.
This is pretty bad paint, sir.
And your Dad, where's he? Can we help you with something? Are you crazy? Leave my house.
You wouldn't know by any chance of someone who would like to rent a room in the neighborhood? I'm a doctor and would like to move in here.
You'll find 1000 ways of distracting you from your purpose, but only one way will find it.
I only have to know where to look.
Maybe we should work together to find the Red Eagle.
Something has to have happened, he wouldn't go without saying goodbye.
Floro is in the Indies, like he also told me.
Sir, calm down and think things over a bit, that quote is an invitation to suicide.
Stur, I have to go.
You've forgotten everything I've shown you, It's one thing to be a brave man, and something else to be reckless.
What are you pretending to do? To hide in here while someone is out there killing people at random.
Not this time.
I always work alone.
Su-yi of Ska? Are you stupid? You can already see death.
I can't do the job.
I hope you don't make a mistake.
Just like old times, Red Eagle! I killed him.
Man, get sewn up and take a couple of days bedrest, andyou'll be back in good form.
Notice is hereby given that on the 'morrow, His Majesty, the King of Spain, will honor us with his presence by attending the Holy Mass.
It's the holy day of San Felipe; you'll let me go to the ball, right? To the dance? Yes.
You want to woo a lady? Of course not.
No? No.
But it reminds me of Mom.
She loved holidays.
Do you like how pretty it's getting? Yes, very much.
Wanted: The Red Eagle.
Reward: 1000 silver coins to whomever delivers him, dead or alive.
What are you doing; you want to get us arrested? Good evening.
But why do they want to kill him? He only does good things for people; he's the people's hero.
Then, if he's the people's hero, you have nothing to worry about; the people will be with him.
You see that, master? What's the danger? The people are kind and loyal, but hunger can change them, and with money mixed in, anyone might betray the Eagle.
Betray The Red Eagle? Nobody is going to betray The Red Eagle because everyone loves him; he is also invincible.
Invincible and immortal.
That's what they all say.
I'm going to wait on Don Juan.
Go wait, wait.
Listen, look at how she serves him, too.
Oh, Don Juan, Don Juan I say that this doctor is a freak.
He asked me for a napkin, and he even used it.
That is called manners; he is a gentleman.
Well I'm going to wait on the gentleman.
Is he a good tenant? Good? A god.
I'm not the least bit unhappy that he's taken my Floro's barbershop.
Hey, don't get me wrong; God knows how much I miss my husband.
My God, I forgot to make the bread for the Marquise's breakfast.
That's just beautiful! Back to the palace again.
What else was I forgetting today? Tomorrow I'll walk there with you.
See you! See you! Well? Everything goes smoothly.
The King himself confirmed it this morning.
He will leave the palace tomorrow.
Will he come to the Church of San Felipe? I see that things are well in hand.
I'll leave you with the details and retire to my room.
I'm exhausted.
Thank you very much.
God, you scared me.
Where is the Marquise? She has retired to her chambers.
And now, let's not wake her, I'll take care of the bread for breakfast; if I didn't, it wouldn't be pretty.
Just before the King goes into the Church of San Felipe, he will be vulnerable.
That will be the right moment to shoot him.
Simply place a sniper in one of the upper gateways, and farewell to the King.
Then the nation will be ours.
Everything is going smoothly.
What is it, Catalina? They're planning to kill the King.
What? What do you mean they're planning to kill the King? Yes, when he comes to the Church, they are going to shoot him from a balcony.
Where did you get this information? At the Palace of the Marquise.
I heard some men, but I didn't recognize them.
At the Marquise's home? She knows about it? No, they were talking behind her back.
She had already gone to sleep.
I'm sure she doesn't know.
I'd put my hands in the fire.
Gonzalo! Do you think we've been heard? Catalina, go home and leave everything in my hands, all right? Don't appeal to the authorities.
Gonzalo, if these people find me, they'll kill me.
I don't want my son to lose his mother and father, and be alone at the other end of the world.
Catalina, trust me.
Agreed? I know someone who can help without arousing suspicion.
Please take care.
By God! Margarita, you shouldn't walk around the house like that.
Yes, I was I was washing and my clothes fell OK.
But try to be a little more careful, there's a child in the house, and also Stur.
And you, I know.
I'll be more careful next time.
Come on, it's important that we maintain a minimum level of decency.
What? Are you calling me indecent? - Me? - Margarita No, you think to wash is indecent too? Come on, answer me! The milk! [also Sperm!.]
I'm going to go fill them with milk.
But as for milk, milk [sperm.]
, I almost got some by seeing her naked! As the day when her mother bore her! So you saw her completely naked? Obliquely from behind.
Good morning! Estuarda, such happy eyes! How beautiful you are; good morning.
Cut the flattery, Stur.
Ins? Some breakfast for my boy; today is his birthday.
I have to go, my love.
After this go to school.
Happy birthday.
What can we feed you on your birthday? Let's see Crumbs and sausage so good that you'll suck your fingers! What? What are you looking at? You should see how capricious the Marquise is.
It wasn't a month ago I put clean and scented sheets on this bed, and now I have to wash them again! Of course with all the rubbing it gets If this bed could talk Hey, we're working here; it's not a hobby, tuck them on your side.
Forgive me, Catalina, I don't feel very well.
I'm a little dizzy.
That'll be from a bad breakfast.
But I haven't had breakfast! I had a brush with Gonzalo and I haven't eaten.
What happened, were you indiscreet again? I was washing myself, and I accidentally dropped my shirt into the bucket.
I covered myself as best I could, but when I entered the room Say no more, he saw you in your underwear and got very nervous.
Well, nothing short of indecent, he told me.
It's normal, with what there is between you Catalina, there is nothing between Gonzalo and me.
Understand? Listen, my dear, I'm an old bitch and I'm telling you that there is, and it's not easy for him to be with you there all day, in the same house, that What? Nothing.
Don't give me 'nothing,' speak! You are the sister of his deceased wife, and he is, so to speak, still seeing the corpse.
Oh, sorry, honey, oh, what a beast I am! Honey, I'm sorry.
I loved my sister.
A lot.
I know, honey, everyone loved her very much.
But I also know that you and Gonzalo are still in love.
So, you watch what you do.
Margarita! My turquoise suit, right now.
Margarita! Lady! Margarita, my God, wake up! Madam, Madam, you have to call a doctor! Margarita, my God, wake up! Lady! Marta! Stop screaming! Agustn Gonzalo They want to kill the King.
Tomorrow, at the Church of San Felipe.
That was the same goal of the ones who murdered Cristina.
I have to do something, Agustn.
Leave it in my hands.
The King will be warned, and the act will be thwarted.
How will you do this? That's all I can say for now.
Come see me tomorrow and I'll tell you.
And if you fail? Not everyone has access to the King.
You have to trust me.
Agreed? Agreed.
Stay alert.
What are you hinting at? I was thinking, I almost saw that baby's birth.
Estuarda and I were together more or less until then, some nine years ago.
Just over nine years? How much more? I took her to the garden for the feast of chestnuts Wait, the chestnut festival is in February, that is, nine years and Nine years And nine months.
And nine months.
The horse way? Boar.
Cipriano, I think that boy that boy is my son.
Open her dress a little.
So she can breathe better.
She has fainted.
Come, you've fainted.
You gave us such a scare, daughter.
Let's see, has it happened to you at other times? Have you had blackouts before? No.
Appetite normal? Quiet.
Sleeping well at night? Not much, really.
Lately I'm pretty tired.
Might you be pregnant? No.
No, no? No.
Look, doctor, how cute she is, look what a face.
And without a man to woo.
In recent days, have you been more nervous than normal? Well, nerves? She has been tense! Her pulse has been high since yesterday! If you ask me, what she has, doctor, are nerves.
Pure nerve.
Come on, I know nothing of medicine, and I don't want to second guess you, God forbid.
I agree with your friend, eh? What's best for you is to enjoy life, fully enjoy life.
Do you enjoy life, Margarita? How can she enjoy anything? Embittered is what she is! Well that shouldn't be.
I'm going to make a preparation that will serve you very well.
It will help you, but above all take my advice, right? Follow your doctor's advice; that's the reason he studied.
Wanted: The Red Eagle.
Reward: 1000 silver coins to whomever delivers him, dead or alive.
What are you doing? The Commissioner has said he will punish anyone that takes those down.
Don't worry, if they ask, I'll say it was me.
Guys, all of you get to class.
Come on, lazybones.
Teacher, your child has just committed a crime, You should notify the authorities.
I have to decide that for myself, huh, Nuo? If you think I'm afraid of your friend the Commissioner, you're an ass.
Alonso! I can see that you haven't heard about the Commissioner's whip.
They say it can flay a man's back in just two minutes.
But The Red Eagle would never allow the Commissioner, nor anyone else, to hurt me.
Too bad, because The Red Eagle's hours are numbered; they'll hang him soon.
He cannot die; he is immortal.
Immortal? How absurd! Absurd, nothing! He is a hero and is immortal.
Alonso, quiet down, eh? The truth is that you're beyond ignorant; tell them that this bird is not immortal.
Let's start class.
No, father, answer him.
Isn't he immortal? Alonso, son, all living things die.
Without exception.
Lucrecia, we have our shooter.
Is he trustworthy? No flags or ideologies.
He served as a mercenary for the British at Dunkirk; he goes wherever the money is.
Tomorrow the Church of San Felipe's grounds will be heavily guarded; how will he do it? Before the procession reaches the church, the royal guard must cross the street.
Especially in the most vulnerable spots, in the stands, on the balcony.
From this point, we'll have a shot at the king before he enters the church, and that's where our man will be.
Then our friend will have to hide there overnight.
That's right.
What are you doing? Don't tell me; you're keeping track of your drinks, right? You think it's fair at this hour? They want to kill the Eagle.
And how can they do it? If it were so easy to find him, they would have already caught him.
Is that what's worrying you? Yes, master, I am also concerned about that, so promise me that for a few days you're not going to dress as the Eagle.
Don't worry, Stur; I can take care of myself.
Now tell me, what's up with you? It so happens that I just realized I have a son, sir.
A son? Alonso's friend, Gabi.
Estuarda's son.
Look, look at him; he looks just like me.
Just as puny and clever as me, but just the same, just the same, just the same.
Wait, how do you know? Because the boy turns nine years old today, today is his birthday, and Estuarda and I had relations nine years and nine months ago.
The horse way.
Ok, Stur, but now, you don't really know for sure.
He's mine, sir; I know he's mine! I know he's mine.
What great joy the boy will have when he knows he has a father, eh? And a great father I'm going to be; I'm going to give him all my affection.
He won't have the type of childhood I had.
Stur, I know you grew up in a hospice and you had a very bad time but You have been to me as as the father I never had.
And your son, then, it's like he was my own.
And now that I get this other one, and overnight, I've become a parent.
Calm down, Stur.
Let's see how I can cope now with two kids.
Stur, talk to her first before continuing with the story of the milkmaid.
Agreed? To the times that lie ahead! This deserves more than a toast.
Tomorrow I will send you that medicine.
Very well.
Thank you very much, doctor.
Doctor? Marquise It's been a long time! It seems that the years haven't passed for you.
A beautiful home for a beautiful woman.
Thanks, I see that you have met Margarita, my seamstress.
Tell me how she is doing.
Well, at first I didn't think it was too important, but You have to take care of yourself, Margarita.
Please, walk the Commissioner to the door; I'm going to stay awhile.
Then you're sure we don't have to worry about her health? Sorry, I forgot my gloves.
Estuarda! Hello.
No, don't come back and start again with the love stuff.
I've already told you that my job is my job, and that there is nothing between us.
No, it isn't that.
This time what I want is to ask you a question.
Make it quick; women like me have work to do.
Estuarda, your son, Gabi Yes, what about him? Is he my son? Estuarda, tell me, by God, or my heart is gonna leap out of my mouth.
All you have to do is look at him! Estuarda, thanks.
Thanks for giving me a son, nobody has ever done anything so nice for me.
I promise that I will be a good father.
That boy will not want for anything, no.
No, stop, no! No way.
Why? Oh, Stur, it's because I told him that his father was a general who had died in the war with honor.
It would be much better to have a living parent, even if not a general, than to to be an orphan.
Look, Stur, no, it can't be.
I beg you, for Gabi's sake.
You said that his father was tall.
Like a tower.
And strong.
God! You're going too fast! Why? Let's go to your room.
Remember when we played 'dress up'? Of course I remember.
What do you want? Feel like playing with me? Depends.
Who is it? My seamstress.
I want the cord of her bodice, as proof that she surrendered to you.
You want me to sleep with your seamstress? Why? You bring me that cord, and I'll show you how much I've learned since my husband died.
Who sent you? Who wants to kill the King, eh? Shit! What are you doing out here in the cold, boy? I can't go upstairs until my mother opens the window.
That is the sign that she has completed her work.
Have you eaten yet? No.
It's good, eh? Does your mother always finish work so late? Depends.
You like this? Man, I like to eat sausage.
I'm going to take care of you.
You? Why? Eat the sausage, come on.
Where did you meet this doctor? In the past, but I don't have to explain.
What am I to you, Lucrecia? Commissioner, Commissioner! They're calling you.
He was found lying in the street, dead, and we found this.
The Red Eagle? We think so.
The Red Eagle has killed our shooter.
No way.
How could he? No one knew our plans.
Well, someone must have leaked the information.
One of us? Frankly, I think not.
The nobility do not sympathize with The Red Eagle.
We will have to abort the attack and wait.
Wait for what? For you to arrest the Red Eagle? What about the offer of reward? So far it's been a failure; we haven't achieved anything.
Anyway, we'll go on.
Lucrecia, we cannot.
The King will die tomorrow, that I assure you.
What's wrong, Alonso? Eagle! Eagle, I'm glad you're okay! Why wouldn't I be? You're immortal, right? So far, yes.
Alonso, sit down.
I don't want you to worry about me; this reward thing is nonsense.
I can take care of myself, okay? Yes, yes, but are you immortal or not? I just said.
Okay, yes, I am immortal.
I knew it.
And if one day something happens to my father like what happened to my mother, you'll take care of me, right? I will take care of you always.
And if one day I need you and I can't find you? Let's do something: we'll pick a secret way of communicating, something like a key that only you and I know.
Like a password? That's right.
If you are ever in danger and you need me just place a red cloth on the roof, and I'll come.
I'm The Red Eagle, right? Mother! You slept here all night? No, honey, I hardly slept a wink; I had just become transfixed.
I'll fix you breakfast.
You're sad because father has gone off to the Indies, right? Well, honey, because I miss him very much.
That's normal.
Eat your breakfast.
I miss him too.
I want him to return and for everything to go back like it was before.
I know, darling, but we don't have any money, and your father has gone to make some.
Then, if we had money, father would come back again? If we had the money, but we don't have it, and things are as they are.
Eat your breakfast.
I'm coming.
Come, Murillo, we'll be late! I just came to say you don't have to worry, everything is resolved.
You're sure? You haven't spoken to the Commissioner? No, take it easy, Catalina.
Trust me, I would never do anything to hurt you.
Well, luckily, I had some night! Is something wrong, mother? No, honey, go on, finish your breakfast; you'll be late for school! Go on! Poor thing, he is worried about me.
It's just that I've had such a bad time Catalina! I'll see him there.
Are we going to the palace? What is it, you're both still sulky? Look, don't even talk about it; I hate to see him! Come, come in, I'll change and we can go; such a pair of legs for a bank! Eat your breakfast! Teacher, Stur? How are things? I'm okay.
No, what about my boy in this class? So he is yours for sure? Yesterday Estuarda confirmed it.
But master, I can't exercise fatherhood because she has invented a substitute, a decorated general and tall as a titan.
It must be hard.
Well, a little, yes.
But, I understand it, I understand because I I? As a father? The truth is I hardly look like a father.
Don't say that.
Yes, I am a bit of an embarrassment, actually.
But I'm happy for the little guy because he can be proud of his father.
Father who gave you birth! Here.
Sorry, I kicked it too hard.
All right, kiddo.
Gabi! Yes? Tell your classmates to come in, go on.
Well, at least he's agile, and not unwise, and runs very fast.
Nervous, unruly, like his father.
Goodbye, teacher.
Well, I'm leaving.
Stur! Wait.
Guys, today we have the honor of having with us a person who has been at the Battle of Dunkirk, and who will talk about his experiences first hand.
Stur? Yes? Go ahead.
Tell us.
You must know that in this house, just as loyalty is rewarded, betrayal is also punished, and very hard.
Is that clear? Girl Yes, my Lady.
Very good.
You may leave.
Out! Is something wrong, Ma'am? Not with you, Catalina; it's not about you.
And that turned out to be an ambush; you cannot imagine what hell it was.
Most of my companions, then, had died, but I was still there.
Still fighting tooth and nail without fail, and first, I killed an Englishman, and then killed a Frenchman, and then, then, killed another Englishman who was passing by, and it was then when the general, a general, a general full of decorations, and tall like a titan, about to die, said to me: Stur, Stur The fate of Spain is in your hands.
In my hands? So there I was, leading three legions of infantry, willing to lead them to glory.
Good! That was it, more or less, more or less Margarita! Yes? I came to bring you the preparation; drink it in the morning and before bed.
Understand? Okay, thanks.
You're lucky to be in the hands of the best doctor I know; do everything he says.
Well, the first thing I'm going to command you, is to have lunch with me today.
No, I'm sorry but I can't, I have a lot of work.
Why don't both of you have lunch with me? I confess that I get very bored eating alone.
If she accepts, so will I.
Goodbye! I say yes, he is immortal; he told me.
So, if you put a red cloth on the roof, he'll come to you? Yes.
You cannot tell anyone; it's a secret.
What? Talking about that bird again? Matilda, you ignore them; that Red Eagle is a criminal like them.
I've had enough already! I won't stand for this.
What are you doing, animals! Let him go! What are you doing; you're going to kill him! What are you doing, servant, go! Let go! And shit! You'll regret having put your hand on a nobleman.
It's not true; I haven't done anything.
What a surprise, Marquise.
I know how we're going to kill the king.
We will do it through San Felipe.
That is faith, and the rest is nonsense.
By God, Lucrecia, what are you thinking? Using tradition for our purposes.
Every year, a chosen citizen gives the King this statue, only this time, it will be filled with gunpowder.
Can you imagine what will happen when you light the fuse? I love it that the people, the people who love their King so much, will be the ones who end his life.
Now we just have to find some model citizen, who has the courage to make the gift to the King.
Come in! I bring the chops you asked for, Commissioner.
Very well, then, leave them there and get out.
Yes, Commissioner.
An honor, Commissioner.
Well, it's not the only honor that the innkeeper will have today.
It is urgent, Commissioner.
Be quiet.
Come on, walk! Commissioner! I know how to make The Red Eagle appear.
What a joy it is that the king comes to visit us this year for San Felipe! You bet! And how pretty is the tradition of handing him the saint with the candle, which we haven't done for two years.
And who shall be responsible for this year's honor? Well, who's it going to be? Probably some big fish; all that must already be arranged.
But, you say? I agree with Cipri; they say they give it to a model citizen, but if there's no money involved, it's not worth being a model.
Cipriano Venice? What do you want with me? To inform you that you have been awarded the honor to give His Majesty the wooden statue of San Felipe.
It's me.
It's me, an innkeeper.
Hey, look, at that statue, here in your house? And Cipriano! Look how it is wrapped So pretty, please Velvet.
That! But, well, well - Have a nice day.
- Thank you, thank you very much.
Here, Cipri here.
It fell to me; it fell to me! Ay, Cipriano, how exciting! It seems that for once things go as God commands, and they're recognizing worthy people.
Well, Cipriano, let's see, why you? Let's see, how many sausages are we talking about? Don't offend me, Catalina; don't offend me.
Look how beautiful it is, look! You too even look alike! Like two drops of water.
Come on, woman, San Felipe has always been a handsome saint.
And cute, cute! And pretty, and pretty! OK, stop, you're going to deafen him! To old friends.
And new ones.
I think I'm drinking too much.
It is never too much, dear.
My God, son, not again? At the school you send me to, there are all criminals, mother.
Let's clean this up, and take a good look at you.
Let me see the wound; we don't want it to get infected.
Thanks, but there's no need, it's just a cut.
Continue your lunch without me.
Come on.
Seeing how giving she is? You'd never know that she's always been nobility.
You've known her a long time? No, no, address me informally.
Well, I know her well enough, and you? Since we were girls, but it's been a long time since we've seen each other.
I grew up here, but I left many years ago.
May I ask why? For a love affair that ended badly.
Oh, and have you seen him lately? - Address me informally.
- You, sorry.
No, you don't have to answer, I just asked because maybe this old failed love has something to do with your current health status.
You're very observant.
Well, it's part of my job.
Human beings are not only body; we are also soul, and pains of the soul are the worst of all.
They can greatly damage your health.
A little bit more meat? Yes.
My God, I beg you, reconsider.
You can't cut the boy's hand off; don't you see he's just an innocent child? He assaulted a nobleman, and that is punishable by amputation.
Why are you so crazy about amputation? It wasn't the boy, it was me.
And I didn't mean to do it.
I beg you, if you just want to cut off some hands, cut off my two, and a foot, if need be, but don't touch the boy! Do not touch him, for God's sake! Hey! Please, I beg you! Stop! For the king's visit all punishments are postponed until tomorrow at dawn.
Gabi! Let me see him! Gabi, where are you! Mother! Gabi! Such hysteria.
Let's see if what the barber's son told us makes any sense.
Bring me The Red Eagle alive.
I want to take his mask off myself.
Let her go! Gabi, my son! Get me out of here, help me! Stur, I'll kill you! You hear me? I'll kill you! Wait here, please; he'll see you as soon as possible.
You've told me that four times; I've been waiting for hours! I need to see the King now.
Just a moment, please.
It's a matter of life or death! Excuse me, sir, but the monk insists on seeing the King urgently.
He's been here more than two hours; says it's a matter of life or death.
Tell him to wait; he will soon be dealt with.
Yes, sir.
So? This man--your old love--is he deaf, blind or stupid? because mistreating someone like you is impossible.
Well, it's a bit more complicated than it seems, but thanks for the compliment.
No, no, not a compliment; it is the truth.
Does it make you nervous, me looking at you? Not at all.
But you're getting nervous.
No, it doesn't makes me nervous.
That's a yes! No, it's that I have no shame.
I love that you laughed.
I'll pick it up.
No, please.
Juan, leave it, please.
Leave it, really; it's just a fan.
Master, help me, by God! They're going to cut off my son's hand.
What? He's in the dungeon, with your servant; they say he has beaten up the son of the Marquise.
Be careful, if you keep getting close to the fire you'll burn.
I'm freezing to death! Yes, that is because of the wet clothes.
Then, will you intercede before the sheriff for my servant and for the child? I don't know, Gonzalo.
It was my own son who was beaten by this servant of yours, and the truth is, I think he deserves to have his hand cut off.
Please, Lucrecia, my man just did it to help the child.
Your son was giving him a royal beating, while being held by your servants.
Still, a commoner cannot put his hands on a nobleman, in any case.
The law is the law.
You warming up? A little.
Is that better? Yes.
No, no.
Forgive me, forgive me.
But why, what's wrong? If you hadn't made me go I've had the best afternoon I can remember for a long time.
What's wrong? In any case, Gonzalo, I will do my best for your man and the boy; I really don't care.
About either of them.
Relax, we're leaving.
Murillo, son - You look pretty, mother.
- Thank you.
You are also very handsome; you look like one of the angels you're always painting.
Come on, son, let's see if we can find a good place to see the King.
Wait, mother.
What? Here, this is for you, so father can come back.
And what is this? Murillo, where did you get all this money? I found it on the street.
Murillo, don't make me angry.
Now tell me what you've done! Tell me what you've done! The Commissioner give it to me.
The Commissioner? Don't play with me, or I'll beat you; now tell me! It's true, I told the Commissioner where to find The Red Eagle, and he gave me the reward.
What? The mother who gave birth to you! What did you do? I'm going to return this money! And you, get out of my sight.
I don't want to see you; how will I answer for this? And I thought you were my friend.
Master, what took you so long to get here? They almost cut our hands off, the boy's and mine.
That's what happens when you get into a mess.
How could you think of laying a hand on the son of the Marquise? My parental instincts came out, master, They came out, but master, I will tell you all about it outside.
Talking behind bars, I speak very poorly, so come on.
Stur, Stur! You'll have to wait.
What? Why? The Marquise will intercede for you before the Commissioner.
What? So you're not going to get us out of here? No.
Well, we're in a pretty fix! Stur! It's not that I don't trust the Marquise.
If I have to, I'll trust her, but this would be a breeze for you.
Stur, you know perfectly well that I can't take risks.
Moreover, because of the King's arrival, security here is at maximum.
The King, the King God forbid, I shouldn't want something bad happen to you! What worries me is having to wait too long, that the boy and I will become one-handed.
Stur, that's not going to happen.
Just be patient, okay? Okay.
Be patient.
Master! Stur, I have to go meet Agustn, I need to check that the King is not in danger.
Trust me.
With that suit he looks like a bagged wolf, my daughter; where did you get it? It was his grandfather's.
They called him "Manolito the Brief.
" Don't make me nervous; this is very serious.
The last one who gave the saint to the King was the mayor, and I have to do just as good a job.
About the size, if it's about size, you're bigger! Stop it, let's just have the party in peace.
Quiet, honey, you're going to do very well.
You think? I don't know if I have to give the saint first and then genuflect, or if I have to first kneel and then present the saint.
No, better first.
First, what was it? First you give him the saint.
First the saint, yes.
Come on, let's see, I am the King and you bring me the statue.
But do not bend so much! You'll hit him with your head in his parts, and then you'll be arrested for injury to the Crown.
Go, Matilde, and bring the candle here.
Light the wick, to see how it looks.
A model citizen will be giving the King this little statue.
Can you imagine what will happen when you light the fuse? Don't you know that's bad luck? Bad luck? Bad luck I don't need! With these nerves, I'm getting sick to my stomach! Well, go.
Just what we needed! If you are ever in danger and you need me, just place a red cloth on the roof, and I'll come.
Halt! Eagle, you must escape, this is a trap! What do you mean, a trap? Let's go! You're surrounded! Guard! Tell that man that this area is reserved for distinguished people, and he can go mix with the mob.
Yes, sir.
I think the other day I made the mistake of not introducing you two.
Our Commissioner, Hernn Mejias.
Juan de Calatrava, Duke of Velasco and Fonseca, and seven times decorated Son of Spain.
You know I'd rather not use my title, Lucrecia? In any case, it's fine, I love being with the mob.
Don't worry.
Don't shoot.
Arab candles! Hey, listen, watch out for the child! Daughter, you could have at least put a little bow in her hair or something; today is a very special day.
But, she looks very pretty with the braids I've done! No, it's true she looks very pretty.
There, God, what nerves! What a bellyache! I can't hold it any longer! I can't hold it any longer, Ins; I've gotta go! Man, what's wrong? Where is he going now? How should I know? My God, I thought I would never find you! Hello.
Commissioner? I have the pleasure to inform you that The Red Eagle has fallen into an old well.
He is dead.
Are you sure? Yes, sir.
Take the body to our headquarters.
I want to check it with my own eyes.
Marquise Thank you.
Where has my husband gone; the King is coming and he's not here? Go get him; that's all we need, to dishonor the King! Come on, Matilda; come with me to find your father.
Here, hold this.
But mom, the King is coming! Well, we'll see the King later.
What a beauty, eh? A beautiful carving.
But much too heavy.
It weighs just what it should.
Ay, there he comes! Long live the King of Spain! Hurray! Long live the King! Hurray! Long live the King! See how they love their monarch; they don't yet know the end of the story.
Are we safe, here so close? Maybe we'd better turn away a little.
This smell is unbearable.
Come, pass that rope! Eagle, Eagle! Please wake up; you can't be dead, you are immortal! You're alive! We must hurry, get back! Long live the King! Thank you.
Make way for the King! But he looks just like a real person! - Majesty.
- Marquise.
We are honored that you visit us.
What do we do, if Cipri's not coming? Majesty.
You take it.
Me? No.
You take it.
No, you, girl, you're more excited, and also look at how well you look.
Hey, you're the right size The image of San Felipe? That is the signal for you to bring it; run.
Come on.
Hurray for the holy feast of San Felipe! Long live the King! Thank you.
Long live the King! He's alive! It can't be.
Jailer, could you tell me what time it is? The time for cutting off your hands! No one has come to free us, right? No, not yet, But don't worry, they'll arrive on time.
Stur, why did you get into so much trouble for me? I don't know, kiddo, because because it is my nature.
The truth is, I haven't done much.
Oh yes you have.
What you've done for me, only my mother would do.
Or your father.
Yeah, but he is dead.
No, Gabi, your father is not dead.
Your father Your father is me.
Yes, I'm sorry.
I guess it's a disappointment for you, because you thought your father was a general, but Really, you are my father? Then why haven't you have ever been with me? Why have you left me all alone all this time? Gabi, boy! Let me go, let me go! I swear I didn't know about you.
I promise you that until a couple of days ago, I didn't know you were my son.
But I promise that from now on, I will always be by your side.
If you'll allow me, that is.
If you're not ashamed that your father is not a general, or tall, or strong.
Quite the contrary: I'm a short creature, sickly, a donkey.
The time has come, come on! No, no, I don't want to, no! Quiet, child.
I promise by everything most sacred that nobody will touch a hair of yours.
Come! Gabi, no one, stay calm.
Come on, I don't have all day! No! Come, come out! For Christian charity, he's only a child! My son Come on, scum, go! I'm sorry, my Lady, but the bread is not ready yet.
God, what useless people there are in this palace! Go away, child.
Lucrecia! What are you doing here? I beg you to intercede for my man and the boy who is with him, the punishment is about to be carried out.
Yes, it's just about time.
Please, I beg you.
Save them and I'll do whatever you want, anything you ask of me.
Anything? How interesting, because right now, they've already been freed, and without a scratch.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you very much.
Gonzalo, remember you owe me.
Gabi! My love! Are you okay? Don't ever come near my son again.
This is intolerable.
On my namesake's day, and I have to leave the city, like an outcast.
It's for your safety, your majesty.
I want the heads of these murderers, if not, yours will roll.
Majesty, are you all right? I am, but what are you doing here? I came to tell you that your life was in danger, but With whom did you speak? Your Majesty Turncoat! Traitor! Well done, Marquis.
In this life we must be clear who are our friends and who are our enemies, and act accordingly.
By the way, I would like to thank The Red Eagle.
Do you know anything about him, Agustn? No, my lord, no.
Too bad.
It is the third child who has been killed; this is getting out of hand.
Ay, master, this is an evil thing.
I recommend that if you see something you tell us; I say this for your safety, and that of your children.
And my Murillo? Where is my son? You're going to marry the Duke, mother? You're going to marry his daughter.
I can forgive you, and forget everything, but can you do the same with me? Isabel, don't make your future husband wait any longer.
First my mother leaves and now you're off? Have I done something wrong? The crown has sent me to Mexico, and I want Nuo to come with me.
Please mother, I don't want to go, don't force me! Run! His Majesty has called me this evening to the palace.

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