Águila Roja (2009) s01e10 Episode Script

La unión hace la fuerza

For old times sake, Red Eagle.
Wanted: The Red Eagle.
Whoever captures him, dead or alive, will be rewarded 1000 silver pieces.
Everything goes smoothly.
Just before the King enters the Church of San Felipe, he will be exposed.
That moment will be just right to shoot him.
Then the nation will be ours.
Do you see that, master? Anyone could betray the Eagle for that amount of money.
If something happens to my father one day, like what happened to my mother, you would take care of me, right? If we had money, would father come back again? If we had the money, sure, but we don't have the money.
How will they kill the King? They will shoot him from a balcony.
From this point we will have the King at close range before he enters the church, and there our man will take his chance.
Promise me that for a few days you're not going to dress up as a bird.
I can take care of myself.
Who sent you? Who wants to kill the King? Shit! The Red Eagle has killed our shooter.
Come on, it's important that we maintain minimum levels of decency.
Are you calling me obscene? Me? - Doctor? - Marquise.
I'm telling you that the doctor is a freak.
Where did you meet this doctor? In the past, but I owe you no explanations.
I'm going to take care of you.
Why? I just realized that I have a son, sir, Alonso's friend, Gabi.
Estuarda's son.
Gonzalo and you are still in love, so you will know what you do.
You want me to go to bed with your seamstress? I want the cord of her bodice, as proof that she has surrendered to you.
Gonzalo, remember that you owe me one.
They want to kill the King tomorrow, in the Church of San Felipe; that was the objective of Cristina's murderers.
I've been waiting for hours; I need to see the King.
it's a matter of life or death.
I know how we'll kill the King.
I'm going to beat you You'll be sorry for raising your hand to a nobleman.
If you are ever in danger and you need me, just put a red cloth on the roof, and I'll come.
Margarita! Eagle, you must go; this is a trap! Commissioner! I know how to make The Red Eagle appear.
Sátur, I'll kill you! You hear me? I'll kill you! What am I to you, Lucrecia? Gabi! The King will die tomorrow.
He's alive.
Hear, please, I beg you! Traitor! Out! That was it, more or less, more or less.
Help! Then, he pounced on him with his black cape.
The child resisted, closing his mouth, but the devil put his hand to the boy's face, and one by one he pulled out all his teeth.
Don't look at me like that; I saw it with my own eyes.
You're still talking at this hour? I can't sleep, father.
Go to bed, or tomorrow you'll pass out from lack of sleep.
I'd better go to sleep.
Lie down and rest.
You can go now too; sleep is good for you.
You are like a boy.
You got it all twisted, master? The boy was looking for warmth; he misses having his aunt at home.
She hasn't gone that far; he can visit her anytime.
You'll admit it's not the same thing.
It is she who has decided to leave.
It was he who drove me away with his attitude, Catalina.
I know, my dear; you know you can stay here as long as you need to, as long as we go to bed at a prudent hour, for we keep chatting Thank you very much, Catalina.
If not for you Come, let's make no bones about it, eh? Gonzalo keeps thinking that something happened with Juan.
Of course, as he saw us there, dripping wet and drying the clothes My sister-in-law is free to do whatever she wants with whomever she pleases.
Master, come on, you don't deceive me; that situation hurt you.
What I don't understand is why you both don't speak to each other, just being next door.
No, it is she who will not talk to me.
Well, well.
I tell you that if you go and apologize humbly, she will accept.
She will accept and return home, as I am named Sáturno Garcia.
Why should I ask for forgiveness? Excuse me? If he thinks he doesn't have to apologize for anything! Sorry, but I'm asleep on my feet.
Why don't we go to bed and tomorrow, with cooler heads, analyze everything.
Yes, fine, but for me, when I talk Here, take this upstairs.
Ay! Juan, you scared me! Go on, go to sleep.
How can I help? I told you to go to sleep, please.
Everything's okay, go.
How long have you been there? Long enough to know that more than one would give his life to see you sleep.
For more than one I'd dispatch them myself for daring to interrupt my dreams.
The occasion requires that you get up early, Lucrecia.
What do you mean? A good friend of mine, the Duke of Montemayor-- one of Spain's greats and as rich as any, recently moved into the town.
And so this friend of yours expects celebrations on his arrival? Not exactly so, Lucrecia.
I agreed to initiate proceedings for him for the future marriage of Nuño with his daughter, if you agree, of course.
This opportunity is unsurpassed, Lucrecia.
The duke is one of the most influential men of the kingdom.
This is great news, Hernán, magnificent.
It would be a very advantageous marriage, and he is ready to begin the process immediately.
Stay for breakfast, and we will tell Nuño together.
He will love you more than he already does.
Mother, I had a nightmare.
Come here son, come on.
There, that's it, it's over.
We have something to tell you.
The Commissioner will arrange a marital bond so that you'll become Duke of Montemayor one day.
You're going to marry the Duke, mother? No, dear, you're going to marry his daughter.
Hello! Well, come on, let's go to school, or we'll be late.
One, two, three, Yuck! What is it? What is this? It's blood.
It can't be! What happened? Don't look, son; don't look.
No, let me see; I want to see.
Excuse me, I'm a doctor.
What is that in his neck? It looks like an animal bite.
Cipriano, don't scare me.
You listen to me; to me, Inésita; this can only be a thing of evil.
Oh, Cipri, by God! You're scaring the kids! That is the third child we've seen die.
This is getting out of hand.
Ay, master, this would be a thing of the devil; for that we have no resources.
No, there is nothing diabolical in this affair.
My son, no! Stay away, my son, go! Stand back everybody! Let the local authority do its job.
What are you doing, doctor? Have you not heard? Remove the body immediately.
The body can tell us things about the murderer.
That is a matter for the authority, or do you have some reason to manipulate the scene? Of course not.
It has the same marks as the other children.
Guards, carry the body to our facilities.
Evil is preying on our children; may God protect us through confession.
Inés, we have to hang another crucifix there.
Then go to church and fetch a bit of holy water.
Cipri, for the love of God, stop spreading panic about the devil.
Satan has nothing to do with it.
Who is creating this bloodbath, Gonzalo? I don't know, but until they arrest the culprit, the children must be closely supervised.
Matilda, daughter, you may not go out at all today.
And what do I do with my child? I cannot skip the palace.
There's no problem.
Take the children to school.
I'll take care of them, but come and pick them up later.
We shouldn't take unnecessary risks.
Father, you're scaring me.
Don't worry, nothing is going to happen to you; I promise that myself.
Do we go to school? Come, don't get separated from me.
Stay glued to Gonzalo, eh? Murillo! Now how am I going to work so calmly! This is pure coincidence, no? It is the malignant force that is among us.
Put this there.
Alonso Good morning.
On time, Nuño! I was worried about you, since that murderer is on the loose.
Something wrong? My mother wants me to marry the daughter of a duke, whom I have never seen before in my life, and I don't want to.
You're getting married now? No, in a few years, but with whomever my mother chooses.
Murillo, over here.
You know what I heard? They're going to marry off Nuño with the daughter of a duke.
Gabi! Can you tell me what you think is so funny? Nuño says they will marry him.
Is that true, Nuño? Well, I think he has to marry whomever he loves.
And for love, like everyone else.
Matilde, the ways of the nobility are very different from those of us commoners.
Well, to tell the truth, I prefer to be a commoner.
I've heard they marry you to the ugliest one on purpose and But haven't you told your mother you don't want to marry her? There have been reports of similar murders in other cities.
When was the last case? Two weeks ago two children were found dead in a similar fashion in this city.
That means that the murderer has just arrived in the village.
And all of them have been bled dry by the neck.
These cuts are extremely precise; seem to be made with a needle.
By God! How unpleasant! Marquise? Anyway What do you think will appeal to the duke more? This one or this one? With either one you'll be perfect.
What flattery, Hernán! I'm looking forward to meeting the duke tonight, and my lovely daughter-in-law.
What? What is it? I love to see you so happy.
You were very kind to us.
It was a pleasure.
It always is so, to serve and please you.
Anyway I'm going home.
I have to think about what dress I'll wear.
Remember your friend the doctor? Where did he lived before settling in the village? Juan? In Salamanca.
He studied there and continued to practice for several years, why? Nothing, curiosity; only curiosity.
Murillo, stop fussing; your mother says you are come with me, okay? See you, friend.
Straight home, eh? Father! Can we go apologize to aunt Margarita? Get up.
We'll see.
Yesterday you were talking when I went to bed.
Well, are you going to do it? Were you eavesdropping on the conversation of the grownups? That's not right, Alonso.
Master! Do you know if Estuarda has been looking for Gabi? Otherwise my baby left here all alone! I didn't notice.
Please, father, I want her to come back home.
We'll see.
Look, let's go now; she's probably at home.
Alonso, son, Alonso, I don't know if this is the best time to go.
Of course it is; come, come on! Okay, okay.
I'm going, but you stay out here.
May I come in? Yes.
What did you want to say? Well, I've been thinking, and I think that I have not been very kind to you since you arrived.
Well no, you haven't been.
So, that's why I came.
I think you deserve an apology from me.
What is it? Nothing, I never thought you would ever do this.
Well, you see I am.
Margarita, forgive me and come back home, please.
Alonso needs you.
Margarita, you know it's true; Alonso loves you.
And I love him, Gonzalo, but I don't think it's a good idea to go back home, because.
Has anything changed in you? What do you mean? That I can forgive you, and forget everything, but can you do the same for me? Can you forgive me and forget the past? See? That's the problem.
Yes, I guess you're right.
Do you want to know the truth? I cannot forgive myself, Gonzalo, and it is not easy to live like that, not easy.
I think it's better if I leave town as soon as possible, even tomorrow.
What can I do for you, my Lord? I have reason to believe that the man executed was not solely responsible for this attack on me, in the church of San Felipe.
Majesty, may I advise you to take precautions? If they have tried once, they'll try again.
The best precaution is to find them before they get back into action.
Why do you give me this list? They are the principal noblemen of the court.
My murderers are among them.
If something were to happen to me, expose them.
Then you don't you think it's strange that His Majesty has done nothing to investigate his attack? And what can he do? We have not left any clues.
I hope so.
Don't worry and enjoy yourself.
Live in the moment; you're going to marry your child with a grandee of Spain.
My Lady! Pardon the interruption, but Master Nuño would not get dressed, and the cook didn't come today Mother, I will not dress or do anything! Nuño, what makes you think you're going to meet your bride like that? He'd rather wear the velvet outfit, Catalina.
I will not marry anyone you want.
Catalina, take him away.
No and no! Nuño! Obey your mother.
Stop behaving so and do your duty.
It is not my duty to marry a girl I do not know; it is ridiculous! Ridiculous, he says.
What is ridiculous is your behavior.
Instead of complaining, you should give thanks for being so privileged.
Privileged? What I am is unhappy, mother, if I cannot marry for love.
You did not marry father for love.
Thanks to your father we have all this, and we enjoy a fine position.
You want to disown everything? Dishonor his name? I never said that.
Nuño, come here.
Son, love is fleeting, but the titles and possessions are forever.
Never forget that.
Repent, coward, your time has come.
I'll repent of whatever you want, but get that dagger away from me.
I don't like such objects.
- Sátur! - Master! What are you doing here? What do you think? Well, watching over the boy.
With the scare you gave me, I have trouble explaining.
I thought I already had the murderer.
Then look sharp, master, look sharp! Or else one of these days we'll kill each other and leave the city lawless.
This heartless one has killed three children already.
I don't think he'll stop there.
And what do we do? It seems he always works at night, so all we can do is be vigilant and keep watching.
And what do we watch? Because because this city is very big What's this about you leaving? Where are you going? I don't know, Catalina; far away.
Far from him and away from the memories.
Don't be dramatic, and forget the past and stay here with us.
But I cannot, really, Catalina.
It is very difficult, and I have to find closure on this issue forever.
Look, do it for me.
Ever since my Floro left, I am all alone, I'm very lonely, and he doesn't even think to write me.
Don't make it more difficult for me, please.
I've made the decision, and it is best for everyone.
Trust me.
Open the door in the name of the law! We come to search the house.
But, Commissioner, why? This is a good home.
Where's the doctor? I do not know, why? Has he gotten into trouble? It's possible.
Have you noticed something unusual lately, something suspicious? Of course not.
The doctor is a very respectable gentleman.
And how do you know; how long have you known him? If you could tell me why you are investigating him I may We believe he's the murderer of the children.
Oh, my God! That charge has no basis.
I don't see anything suspicious, Commissioner.
Okay, let's go.
I recommend that if you see something you say so.
I say this for your safety, and that of your children.
Commissioner! Last night he came home at dawn, he was very nervous and he was wearing these clothes.
God, it is wonderful! Smile, Nuño! Soon this will all be yours.
Sorry, Lucrecia, I think Nuño and I need to talk man to man.
Well? What is the problem? I want to marry for love, and I don't want to marry just yet.
But you don't have to marry soon; this is just a preliminary agreement to fix the marriage.
It will be at least five years, when you're 15.
Really? Sure.
With respect to love, love whom you please, but do not mix business with pleasure.
Isn't he very late, your friend the Duke? Sorry for the delay, I had to urgently address important business overseas.
Please, Duke, I would like to introduce to you my good friend the Marquise de Santillana.
A pleasure.
A pleasure.
And of course, her son.
Nuño! Come on! He's a little nervous.
Come, Isabel.
Don't make your future husband wait any longer.
Charming! He's losing too much blood.
Guard! Catalina! Easy, boy.
You'll heal.
My mother tucked me in at night too.
She gave me a kiss on the forehead and told me, "Sweet dreams, son.
" Sweet dreams, son.
When will you bring your belongings over to stay? Didn't your father tell you? No.
Alonso, I'm not coming back, baby.
What? I'm going back to Seville.
But why? Didn't father ask you for forgiveness? Yes, of course he asked.
So? Is it that you don't forgive him? Of course I forgive him! But it cannot be, baby.
Hey, don't cry, or I'll cry too.
But why, aunt? Why? First my mother leaves, and now you leave.
Have I done something wrong? What could you do wrong? Because you're the best No! So why do I have such bad luck? Why do people I love the most leave? Come, come here.
That's it, baby, that's it.
Hold on.
You're arrested for the murder of four children.
It is a mistake; I was trying to save his life! Murderer! I am innocent! What happened? Oh, Inés, I had the murderer in my home.
It was him! I cannot believe it! and the children so close What? Can it be? Murderer! I hope you rot in hell! This time we have gone too far, master, an innocent man being carried to the scaffold.
We will prove him to be innocent.
Don't worry, father.
Why do you say that? Because Margarita has told me everything.
How you asked for her forgiveness but she refuses to return.
Sorry, son.
It doesn't matter.
You tried and it is fine with me.
And I want you to know, Sátur and me will take care of you.
Come back here.
Come, give me a hug.
Go, run, hurry, go wash.
That's some kind of kid you have, master! Poor little boy who has spent all night crying, and still it is he who comforts you.
I am very proud of him.
Well, if it's not indiscreet, sir, why has this thing gone so wrong? Because the last thing I heard, you were going to apologize What happened was that I apologized and she forgave me.
So? It is me who cannot forgive her, Sátur.
I try but I cannot.
My feelings cannot be forced.
What poetry that is, master! But what is it that you cannot forgive? Come tell me if you dare what happened between the two of you.
Well no, I do not dare tell you.
I don't want to talk about it anymore, and I cannot.
Never mind.
I respect your private life.
But if you do nothing Margarita's leaving us.
Margarita, my daughter, thank you very much for staying a little longer.
with the shock I had about Juan I didn't want to be alone! Good morning! You slept well? Well, man, as you ask, the mattress had a sag in it.
I'll see if I can work up the courage to clean my house.
Every time I think of that creature, my whole body shakes But as I already said, this awful Juan smelled bad, he did not have clean hands, and you did nothing.
You invite him into your home, and up in the kitchen.
Well, shut up and don't throw it in my face.
They haven't tried him yet.
So how can you be sure he is the murderer? I know people and he does not Look, do not defend the indefensible, girl.
I caught him myself red-handed, Margarita! What? Are you coming to school? Okay, let's go.
Where are you going? School.
You can't leave here.
Let's see, among us, what can be learned in school that cannot be learned from life? Look around you, this inn, for example, is like a world, but tiny.
What gave birth to him! The food for the prisoners is ready.
You also have to bring them food, what a shame! Seems a shame I did not catch him myself before the guards did.
If he kills townspeople, it is the townspeople who should do justice, no? The landlord is right; he must be killed! Well, let's see, I did not say that.
Yes, you already said it, and even more so than a saint, if he's a murderer he must pay for it.
Give me the food, I'll bring it myself.
Catalina, calm down; don't do anything foolish! Justice is the people's, let's go to the jail, and let's hang him! We have to kill him, justice! Stop, stop, stop! Stop, folks.
We must trust in justice.
To the jail! Trust in the justice! Trust in justice, folks! Now, Cipri, they say a leopard cannot change Juan the murderer? That is impossible, I'd put my hand in the fire for him.
You would burn; we found him with a corpse on the table.
I insist that you're wrong.
Juan would not kill a child.
Are you sure about what you're going to do? That girl is sick; she could die.
Is that good or bad? Good morning.
Good morning.
I hope the terms of the agreement satisfy you as much as me.
With regard to that, there is another issue that we must discuss.
The crown is sending me to Mexico to replace the Viceroy, recently deceased.
Very good.
I have to leave tomorrow, and I want Nuño to come with me.
That was not part of the agreement.
I know it's hard to let go of a child, but Nuño must come to be taught.
One day he will take my place, and he must be prepared.
Nuño can become the Viceroy.
Promise that Nuño will write me every week.
Of course.
At the end of the day, my son will be Viceroy of Mexico.
Master! Oh, God! Such a dirty crime, sir! The boy bled out in minutes; the man who did this knew what he was doing.
Not like us, right? Because, if it's not indiscreet, what are we looking for? I don't know, Sátur; I don't know.
Anything, any clue.
Be careful what you touch; no one must know that we have been here.
What's this? Sorry.
What is this? It looks like a medallion, but the shield is hard to make out.
Well, we already have a clue, at least.
We better go, master.
Kill him! Catalina, I haven't done anything; I'm innocent! Quiet, and be still.
I just came to bring your food.
What were your intentions for my Murillo, the same as you did to the other child? I have never done anything to any child; Catalina, you have to believe me! Listen, you have to help me; they're trying to convict me without trial, even without a statement.
You don't fool me.
I saw you how you killed that kid! I was trying to save his life! Now, and what about the other night? You came in with blood-soaked clothes from the other child we found in the street? The day you saw me returning covered with blood, was right after attending a palace servant woman, but I don't remember her name.
You must listen to me; I'm telling the truth.
I swear! Margarita, you believe me, right? Shut up already! The visit is over, ladies.
Get out of here.
That's what you deserve.
I believe you.
Lord, the defendant maintains his innocence.
They all say the same thing when it comes to saving their own skins.
Then, do we kill him without waiting for real evidence? He is a nobleman; he could cause us problems.
I don't need real evidence; I need blood! The people are turbulent and the clues are evident.
He will be executed tomorrow morning.
Come on, guys, everybody go directly home, and immediately.
But they already have caught the murderer! Yeah, but But I want you to study for tomorrow; I am going to examine you.
Whoever gets the worst marks will clean the classroom the entire week, understand? No.
Come on, everybody go home, and study! What is the duke's castle like? It's huge, and horrible, scary.
And is your fiancée beautiful? Nah, she's witless and very If you were my fiancée, I would not like you to say that.
If you were my bride, I could not say that.
Also, luckily I have a long time; I won't have to marry until I'm 15.
Ah, well, a long time.
I will never marry her.
I will marry for love, I promise you.
My Lord, I have orders to take you home immediately.
And why the rush? Because you are leaving town, sir.
I will not move from here! Nuño, Nuño, quiet down.
Teacher, you have to help me.
I can't do anything.
But do you think it's fair? You have to talk to my mother; surely she'll listen to you.
Okay, I'll talk to her, but I can't promise anything, right? I wish I could give you a memento.
A heartless scoundrel.
Catalina! He said he treated someone in the palace.
And you believe him? Well, has someone been missing lately? Yes, the cook.
But hey, she's a vagabond.
No doctor has attended or anything; I say it because I know her.
Well, why don't we go to the palace to check? Margarita.
I thought you were gone.
No, not yet.
Let the following news be known: - Juan is innocent and needs someone to help.
That Dr.
Juan de Galardrada has been convicted of murder and will be beheaded in the plaza at dawn.
Let's go, Catalina, we have to hurry; we must find that woman.
Won't you say anything to her, master? Come on, we have to see if that medallion leads us somewhere.
Look through here.
What's this, magic? Everything becomes larger.
It's not magic; I combined two lenses and thus the details are better defined.
Ah, well, if that's No, me, me! Sorry, go on.
What do you see? A medallion.
Come on, get away.
You're always so secretive, Agustín.
You make my blood freeze.
The King has given me this list.
In it are the names of the nobility who are suspected.
Any or some of them were those who attacked His Majesty, and therefore also acted against your wife.
Thank you, Agustín, this is very important to me.
Just a word of advice.
Do not get carried away by emotions; keep a cool head.
Master, are you not curious to see who's on the list? My heart is stuck in my throat! The Marquise de Santillana.
No! Please, mother, I don't want to go; do not force me! Act like a man, Nuño; you're embarrassing me.
Please, mother, I don't want to go.
Please don't force me.
It is a great opportunity for you.
The duke has been appointed Viceroy of Mexico.
Someday that position will be yours.
But I won't go so far away; I hate those people! You don't know them, Nuño; give them time.
Prepare the carriage.
Nuño, the time has come.
No, Mother, please! Please, I beg you! Take him away! And can you say what type of illness you have? Belly pain.
And did the doctor come to visit? With what they charge? No.
I told you.
Come, let's go.
Then get well, and soon.
Don't say anything, please.
If the Marquise finds out he is the son of the butler, she'll kill me.
But why did you do such a thing, woman? I hadn't noticed, since you are as large as a boat, anyway.
Come on, fatty; you really are rather wide.
Well, I hadn't noticed, woman, this But if you've already said goodbye to Nuño.
But I want to give him a memento.
I want him to have my hair pin forever.
Anyway, all he'll remember is that it's not worth anything.
And how do you know? Because I know.
But I also want to see if he's okay.
And if not? Well, we could help him escape.
Surely my parents would let him live with us; the inn is very large.
Nuño living in an inn? I don't see why not.
What was that? Are you a little coward? Look, that's not true, okay? I am here to protect you.
But if you want to go alone, then there you are.
Matilde? You did what you had to do.
Yes, but I'm going to be fired.
No, woman, I'll talk to whomever I have to.
Come on, you've been very brave.
Commissioner, Commissioner! Listen.
We must act quickly before the murderer needs more blood.
Don't tell me that you also think it was the devil.
No, no, I'm sure they are using blood as medicine, because many people think it is a good remedy to cure certain diseases, and maybe.
It is used as, I mean.
If there is an extremely pale person, could it be given as a medicine? Absolutely! Of course, for example, in the case of white fever, popular belief says that drinking blood can restore health.
Commissioner! I am innocent! Want to play with me? No.
And you, why are you so pale? I'm sick.
My father says I have bad blood.
Come, play with me.
I don't want to; get someone else.
I have no other friends.
I used to play with a servant, but today he hasn't come, and I even gave him my lucky medallion.
No, sorry, sorry; don't cry, please! My doll! No, don't go in there! If you do, father will be very angry! What happened? Breathe, breathe, calm down.
Come, come.
Hold her.
Drink, drink.
What is that? Her medicine.
Lucrecia, Nuño has asked me to talk to you.
Gonzalo! It is the most painful thing I ever did.
Then do not do it.
Nuño still has many years to find a woman he likes, and whom you also like.
It is the best for him.
He's too young.
Please don't interfere.
Lucrecia, you yourself entrusted me with your child's education; of course I worry about him.
Gonzalo, you don't understand.
But I know what's best for my son.
I am committed to ensuring for him a good future.
So, thanks for your advice, but there is no turning back.
The Duke of Montemayor.
A great among greats, and one day his fortune will be my son's.
Sorry, I have to go.
And my Murillo? Where is my son? I'm here.
Oh, my son, thank God you're okay! Catalina, what happened? Juan is innocent; the murderer remains free.
For sure? Where is the girl, Inés? I don't know.
They have gone with Alonso to see Nuño at the Duke of Montemayor's castle.
By themselves? We have to go look for them, immediately! Why did they go all alone? Where are you going, coward? I'll be back.
Master, master! Not now, Sátur, prepare the horse; the murderer is the Duke of Montemayor.
I knew it.
Then run, master, run! Run, because Alonso and the hostess' girl have gone to the castle to see Nuño! Run, sir! Help! Help, please! Somebody help us, please! Get us out of here! Quiet, they will come for us.
Nobody knows we're here.
It's my fault.
No, no.
We'll get out of here somehow.
I promise you.
Lend me this; your pin, your pin, lend it to me.
The Duke cannot be interrupted at this time.
I repeat that it is of the utmost urgency; inform him.
It must be at another time, and now, if you don't mind Of course I mind! Quiet, quiet, easy! The Duke is the murderer! I know! I think he has more children; go look for them! I think it's much better if we wait for them here, not to cross paths with them on the road and miss them.
No, I'm going to the castle; I can't rest until I see them.
Yeah, me neither.
How can we get into the castle without noise or anything? That is rude.
Then stay if you want, but stop bothering us.
Well, come on, come on, but it is that way.
It is that way.
No, it is over there, I'm sure.
No, that is the other castle! That's what Castilla is about; it has many castles.
Follow me, I have a compass in my head.
Sure? Sure, come on.
I thought it was over there, but well.
Hernán, what are you doing here? Where is Nuño? What's happening? What have you done to him, you son of a bitch; where is he? How dare you? Nuño! Nuño, are you okay? Yes, but the duke is mad; he gives blood to his daughter to drink.
Where are the other children? I don't know what you're talking about.
He hid something there, where he keeps the blood.
No! These preparations take years to achieve! That was my daughter's medicine.
What was that? Nothing, but we have to get out of here.
Matilde, we have to grab that knife, okay? Calm down, I need your help.
On three, we knock over the cage.
Quiet, fast, fast.
Hurry, hurry! Alonso! Run! Let's go! Run! You hear that? Yes, what was it? It sounded like the cry of a child.
I think it came from over there.
Go! Alonso! Ar you all right? Matilde! Alonso! There they are! Matilde! Matilde, are you okay? God bless you, Red Eagle! Master, master; the lady, she is leaving! But she is leaving for real! Master, we are not wise, take charge! The child murderer on the loose, the King is threatened, and now And now this: Margarita is leaving.
Why don't you forgive her? This bitterness is very bad; it gets up on your back, and weighs like a bag full of rocks.
And you, why do you care? It's me who carries the burden.
No offense, the burden is shouldered by all, your son, me, her A family without a woman is like a garden without flowers, sir.
Sátur, please.
I'll shut up.
But I cannot keep quiet! I cannot keep quiet because it's now or never.
If she leaves, we will never see her again.
Well, probably.
You say that, and still stay so indifferent? For sure, what the lady did to you was not so serious.
It was not so serious? No.
Because of her, my parents died in prison.
Well, that's serious; that is very serious! That about your parents, I mean, and I'm sorry.
What I don't understand is what the lady has to do with all that.
Well, she had a lot to do with it.
Because of her, I challenged a nobleman to a duel and killed him, and then I fled like a coward.
And your parents paid for you? Not that, master! They died alone, each in a cell.
I couldn't even say goodbye to them.
I'm so sorry, sir.
It must be very hard, but you can't blame her for all of that, and you can't blame yourself.
If anything, God sometimes He is not by our side all that he should be.
Then the duke was not the murderer? No, it was just an alchemist experimenting to create a remedy.
What you saw was not blood; it was a medicine for his daughter.
Whom you have condemned to death, throwing away the future of my son.
Lucrecia, I only thought about the safety of Nuño.
Thank you.
Come here, son.
Madame Marquise I just received this letter from His Majesty.
Is something wrong? His Majesty has requested my presence this evening at the palace.
Juan, I am so ashamed concerning you.
I don't know how to apologize for everything I have done to you, as it's my fault that you were inside there.
Look at how thin you've got; you're all skin and bones! Now I'm going to make a few dishes so you will still be eating for three days! You're going to put the food on the table or throw it down? I hate goodbyes, so don't say anything.
You know that you have your home here whenever you need it.
Thanks for everything.
It's been a real pleasure.
Please don't go.
Gonzalo, don't make this more difficult.
We both know this is best.
No, it's not.
Alonso is a child; he'll get over it soon.
Margarita! It's not just for Alonso; it's also for me.
I've realized that I have long been blaming you for too many things, and that's not fair.
Gonzalo, I have done you much harm; I understand you can't forgive me.
Yes, of course I can; I can forgive and forget.
Now I tell you yes, with all my heart.
Are you serious? Well, nothing, a bag full of stones less.
Majesty, this type of punishment is wrong; the real conspirators could escape unscathed.
Still, you must take care that my children's identities stay a secret.
It is more important than ever.
I will, but one day you must permit the truth to be told to your other heirs.
Everyone here knows that the King suffered an assassination attempt on the feast day of San Felipe.
The punishment for such an act so vile is the death penalty.
Guards! No, I am innocent! Mercy! They have taken my son, help! Murillo, son, what's wrong? He killed another child, but it was me he wanted.
Get out, come on! I won't allow the Commissioner ever again to put a hand on my child.
Be careful, it could be very dangerous.
Well, imagine running into the Church! Oh, Gonzalo, they have come to take you prisoner! No! There he is; we expected him.
Margarita is an adult; she can do whatever she wants.
What shall I do sitting here? Wait for them to kill her? I swear that I won't stop until I find him, I swear.
And lose the pleasure of killing you? No.
Let me go! The bloodsucker was coming for me! He has Nuño! The murderer has Nuño! I loved him.
I know.
Please do not hurt me! Who's there? Beware of me; I am The Red Eagle!
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