Águila Roja (2009) s01e11 Episode Script

Buscando al asesino de niños

She's decided to leave.
He's lost me with his attitude, Catalina.
My sister-in-law is free to do what she wants with whoever she wants.
-It's blood! -Of course there'll be blood! This is the third child we've found dead.
We're not doing this with our hands.
A good friend of mine, the Duke of Montemayor, noble of Spain, and rich like nobody's business, has just moved into town.
I agreed with him to begin the procedures for this future link of his daughter with Nuo.
I think it's not going to be a good idea to go home.
Who's be making this atrocity, Gonzalo? I don't know.
But until he's caught, we have to keep a close eye on the kids.
Is something wrong with you? My Mom wants me ot marry the daughter of a Duke, but I don't want to.
Can yyou forgive me and forget the past? What I am is unfortunate, Mother, since I can't marry for love.
They're the principal nobles of the court, my killers are among them, unmask them, I'm going back to Seville.
But why? It's myself I can't forgive, Stur.
I want to but I can't.
First my Mom, and now you're going, too? Have I done something wrong? The crown is sending me to Mxico, and I want Nuo tio come with me.
Pleaase, Mom, I don't want to go, don't make me! Rancor is bad, because it hits right here in the back, and it weighs like a bag of sling-stones.
And you, why are you so rare? I'm sick, my father says I have bad blood.
I'm sure they're using blod as a medication.
Don't go --- this isn't just for Alonso, but also for me! -Watchmen! -Catalina! Juan the killer? Impossible --- he'd put his hand in a fire for you! You'd burn yourself.
I'm innocent! -The killer is the Duke of Montemayor.
-I knew it! Hurry, Alonso and the innkeeper's daughter are headed for the palace to confront Nuo.
Someone help us, please! Hernn, what are you doing? It was just an alchemist who was experimentging to try to find a cure.
Hurry! Did you hear that? His Majesty mentioned me today at the royal palace.
They all know there Help! Help, please! No! He's coming for me! No.
You are safe; you're safe here.
I'm very afraid.
It's over, try to sleep, son.
What's wrong with him? He's having nightmares.
Aunt Margarita, stay with me, please.
Of course.
Do you want me to tell you a story? Rest easy, we'll be asleep again in just a while.
Thank you.
Let's see He has awakened you too? Within these walls you hear everything.
Here as soon as someone gives birth, the entire neighborhood gets the news.
How's the boy? It will be hard for him to get over it.
And I say, master, as you are in the situation of being both a parent and a hero at the same time, why don't you ask the boy for the details? No, as upset as he is now, I don't want him to go through that, Sturno.
No, I understand that.
It's only that I love the boy as my own as you already know.
He's the only one who has seen the murderer.
No, Stur.
He is too nervous now, no.
Alonso, excuse me, Margarita.
Later, when your aunt is finished, I'll tell you stories of my travels.
Like when I was in the Netherlands (shorty country), I didn't know exactly why they were called that because the shortest of all was me.
Well, later, eh? Have a good rest.
Well, I'm going to rest.
Sister! Sister, by God! How else must I say it, that right now it's impossible to see her? That the Marquise is in a meeting - It is very important.
Sister! Sister, by God, don't open the door! Holy Virgin! This woman would not stop.
Madam, I tried to stop her, but I could not, sorry.
Well, imagine running into the Church! Hernn, leave us alone.
Is something wrong? Whatever you like.
What are you doing here? I bring bad news, my lady.
He has escaped.
What? How could he have gotten away? When was it? A week ago.
You cannot sleep? How did you know? I know everything, don't you remember? How are you? Well, I can't sleep, that's all.
If you want, we can talk.
No, no, that's not necessary.
Really, don't worry about me.
Besides, surely you have better things to do.
You'll catch him, right? I promise.
It was horrible.
It all happened so fast, and I was deadly afraid.
I remember the claw, full of blood, the cage, the shelter.
Where was this shelter? I just don't remember! Well, well, yes, I do remember, one thing.
There was a tree, a tree split in half.
Anything else? I don't remember.
You've helped a lot, and have been very brave.
Close your eyes.
What? Close your eyes.
I want you to wear this; it will protect you.
Please, no! They have taken my son, they have taken my son, help! Alonso, return home.
You'll be safe there.
Good morning, honey.
Come on, I'll dish up your breakfast right now.
Come, here.
Garlic soup again! I want chicken.
Chicken, he says! As indigestible as chicken is for breakfast! Come, eat the soup, it is very warm and is easy to eat.
Besides, you have to eat it all.
you know the house rule? The law of the poor people? Better to burst than to leave some.
How clever my son is! Come, eat it before you go to school.
Come, son, it will get cold! Murillo, Murillo! Murillo, son, Murillo, what's wrong? Juan! Murillo, son! Juan, help me! Help me, please; my son has collapsed.
Baby! Murillo! Murillo, my son! Son, son! Not to mention it, but Montalvo is written with a V.
Ay! Well You think it's funny? You figure it out; it always works with my students.
What you must do is mend his pants.
I don't know what he has or what he does that causes them all to wear out here, at the crotch.
Is that true? No, no.
What are you saying? I do it to help you.
I'm campaigning on your behalf.
He comes for me.
Last night he came for me.
He was looking for me.
He killed another child, but it was me he wanted.
Man, no, don't say that! Don't say that, come on, there are no children around to I mean that he is not going to focus on you having other children I don't know what I am saying, sorry.
Alonso, relax; nothing's going to happen to you.
Not true.
He's not looking for you.
Not true.
He will not stop until he finds me.
He will not stop.
Alonso, listen.
I won't let anyone hurt you, understand? Nobody.
I promise.
And sooner or later they will catch this murderer and he will pay for what he has done.
Come on, go wash up.
I swear that I will not stop until I find him, I swear.
There he is.
Oh, thank God, my God, you're alive! Thank God! Let's see.
How are you, Murillo? Are you okay? Yes? Very good.
I'll take a look, okay? Well, he's like an oak, eh? Put on your vest and don't catch cold.
What's wrong with him, Juan? How long since the child has eaten any meat? What? Look, no offense, but the child is poorly nourished.
He must eat meat, vegetables, cereals, but especially meat.
Catalina, do you have money? Yes, yes, what happens is that the boy eats very little, but don't worry and I'll see that he eats more meat.
You're right; they do nothing for us.
Of course not, the Commissioner doesn't care what happens to us.
You are right, doctor.
The murderer is still out there, and they waste time arresting innocent people.
The Commissioner must finish this job here.
What is the Commissioner doing? Nothing.
No, nothing.
A drink! And something to eat.
Instead of being at the inn, shouldn't you be working? But what are you saying, dear? Let me alone! Please! Last night they took another child, and what have you done? Nothing.
Shut up, Ins, by God! Excuse her, Commissioner, she is a bit upset.
I have a seven-year-old girl.
What should I do? Sit and wait for them to kill her? Have you finished? Yes.
Then go away.
You should take this more seriously.
And you should keep your mouth shut.
That's enough; get out.
Lucrecia! You have to summon the Lodge; the visitor we expected is on his way.
You take care, Hernn.
We must act quickly; the King suspects and that makes it more dangerous.
Our men are waiting.
When you raise the money they will act.
Many people want to see the end of the Hapsburgs.
I know.
Strange visit last night, eh? What did that nun want? What all of them want, money.
Money Hernn, I need to be alone.
Of course.
My Lady Yes.
Madam, I would not intrude, but but I wanted to say OK, rather I would ask, if possible Try spitting it out all at once, Catalina? Yes, ma'am.
I have not received my salary this month.
And if it were just for me I would not ask, but I have to feed my son; you don't know how ill he is.
And how badly we're getting by, with the food shortage in the village.
And, if you could, I would appreciate Do I tell you my problems, Catalina? I beg your pardon, ma'am.
You do not have enough to eat, but you have enough for baubles, right? No, madam, this medallion was my grandmother's.
She left it to me on her deathbed.
- Are you going to answer back? No, ma'am, I would never dare to.
Leave, take it away.
I came to say goodbye, my lady, I return to the convent.
I still don't understand.
How is possible that he has escaped? During this time that I have paid you to take care of him, protect him, but mainly for surveillance.
Marquise, I assure you Pray.
Pray as best you know how to bring him back alive, because otherwise you'll regret the day you were born.
Simon, where are you? Ah, you are there? Leave the cat alone and let's go.
Lucrecia, daughter! Where are you going? Father, we're going to Church, Simon and me.
Don't be late.
Don't worry, father.
Simon! Obey your sister.
I didn't want to do it.
And tomorrow we will continue with the battle of Lepanto.
By the way, that's where one of our most distinguished authors lost his hand.
Well, if you have no hand, I don't know how you can write.
No more nor less than the author of Don Quixote, Gabi, no more nor less.
So next time, I hope you think twice before making fun of someone, right? All right, guys, we're done.
Everybody go home to rest and to study.
You do not need to be afraid, if the murderer comes back I'll protect you, okay? And I will too.
Stur! We have to go into the forest to look for the split tree.
Man, master, you'll agree with me that as a clue it's not exactly a panacea; there are quite a few trees! Okay, I know, but it is the only clue we have.
You look around the hill area and I'll look down the river, right? And if we go together? I am pretty clueless; I could get lost.
Go, Stur, go.
Gonzalo, I have brought work to do at home, so both of us can be with Alonso.
I won't be able; I have an issue to deal with.
Can you go home with him? Yes.
For the child's sake, can't you take care of that issue another day? It's important.
Okay, thanks.
Alonso, how would you like for you and me to play cards tonight? I'm going to defeat you.
Well, we'll see.
You are feeling more relaxed? Yes.
Well, you're being very brave, right? Alonso de Montalvo, and Matilde Torres, you are under arrest.
- Set them free! - Come on! Well, well, here's a little education.
And they are only children.
What do you want from them? Where do you take them? Just doing my duty.
Very good, I'll take it.
Good morning, I have a few things that you may be interested in.
Look at the shoes, they are like new, eh? Hey, no, don't go! I'll offer you the shirt and the shoes for the same price.
They're just trifles.
By God, don't go.
How much can you give me for the medallion? But Catalina, these shoes are Floro's! And the shirt.
How about you women, eh? When cleaning you act like Attila: you destroy everything! Surely you'd never get rid of your own stuff, even if it's old as Methuselah, but the husband's Well, do you want to sell the medallion? Catalina, what are you doing? Stur, by God, don't make it more difficult.
Madam, have you decided or what? Show a little respect, man.
Don't you know that the medallion was her grandmother's? What's wrong with you? Or don't you even have a grandmother for that matter? Stur, do you see what you've done now? I need the money, Stur! My son does not have anything to eat! Woman, if you are so in need, borrow from friends, that's what they are for.
I have already borrowed from Cipri and Gonzalo; I cannot ask for more.
Well, this is not the solution, Catalina.
Because when you have no more things to sell, what will you do? Sell your body? If necessary, yes, for my son I'll do whatever.
You understand? Whatever! Murillo is malnourished, and he has to eat meat.
And where can I get meat, Stur; where do I get it? Come! As you can see, here we lock up bad people, bad people and those who lie.
This is precisely why I have brought you here.
We don't know anything.
Surely you can tell me what he looks like or where he locked you up.
You look brave; when you get older you could be the Commissioner.
I don't want to be the Commissioner; I want to be The Red Eagle.
We know nothing, I swear.
It was night and we couldn't see; let us go free.
What you both want is to be out in the street playing with your friends, right? So as soon as you help me, the sooner you can leave.
Where would this be? Of course, as if it were so easy! Find a broken tree And also I don't know where I am.
I do not know; I don't know where I am.
If the sun rises by Antequera and Antequera is in the south I am Where the fuck am I? Who's there? Beware of me! Beware of me; I am The Red Eagle! Enough, master, one day you'll scare me to death! Also, didn't you say you were going to the river area? I just came from there.
Have you seen anything? I looked over all the trees one by one and Say, couldn't Alonsillo have been confused and instead of a broken tree it was a struck one? No.
So far it's the only clue we have, so we have to be sure.
No, I was only saying because It's okay; I am your servant, but I've worked many hours.
I have my own life to live and my own little affairs, I mean? Where do you have to go? Nothing, I have to help a lady.
You have to help a lady, and the lady will help you Go, go, I'll locate the tree.
You know that not to collaborate with the authority is a crime, right? Tools, Commissioner? But don't you see they're only kids? Not just yet.
If you don't help me catch the murderer, many children will die, and everything will be blamed on you.
We have already said that we don't remember anything.
You escaped once, but he can come back for you both; he can come back for you! And then you won't escape.
There was a tree.
Next to the shelter there was a split tree.
A tree, eh? Do you remember anything else? No, I swear.
You can leave.
What have you done to them? Only my job.
Good morning, ma'am.
There was a tree split in half.
He is shaking, and sweating.
His heart is beating so fast.
I think he even has a fever.
No, aunt, I'm fine.
Yes, you're fine.
Open his shirt a little bit.
If you saw the shivering that came over my poor boy in jail That's because it was very cold.
Sure, it's normal.
The cells are always very cold, no? Well I think he caught a cold; he hasn't closed his eyes for days.
Well, don't worry.
I'll prepare some herbs and you'll feel better, right? And above all you have to be calm because neither your aunt nor your father is going to let anything bad happen to you.
OK, brave one? So from now on, I want to see you fearless.
How are you? Fine.
No fear? - Yes.
- Come here.
You're okay, my love, right? Wait a minute.
How does he seem to you? Well, do not worry.
Look, fix him this infusion.
He will sleep much better, and especially keep him distracted a lot.
Thank you very much; tell me how much I owe you.
No, no, you owe me nothing, it is the least I can do after how you have treated me.
You're the only person who trusted me when everyone said I was a murderer.
Well, that's because they do not know you.
We'd better go.
Alonso, leave that thing alone! Anything you need, you know where I am.
Thank you.
Hey, Stur, we should not be here.
Moreover, at this time of day I should be in the palace.
Look, look! A rabbit! And another! Fuck! With all the hunger in the world, this place is full of animals! Right, it's everything you want, but this is a bad idea, and bad ideas always end up going wrong in the end.
No, woman, no, You must think that we're doing a more equitable sharing of the world.
Here there are too many rabbits, and in the village too much hunger.
It's a matter of justice, Catalina.
I came looking for a murderer and I find a bird.
The important thing now is to catch this murderer.
And give up the pleasure of killing you? No, thanks.
Stur, what we're doing is very serious.
For stealing in a private game reserve, we can be whipped, and sent to the galleys, and I have even seen the death penalty.
Well, well, don't think the worst, right? Besides, you want your child to eat meat, right? Well, that's it.
Yeah, so we take a rabbit and leave.
Understand, Catalina, one thing that is clear.
You and I are risking our lives by coming here.
Your plan is to take only one rabbit and go? Damn! I have no plan, I have no plan! It's just that I tell you: for my son to eat one rabbit is enough! But as you say yourself, what's the difference between taking one rabbit or ten if they're sending us to the galleys? But this way we survive the month.
Look, look! Take it! Catalina, it is not done that way.
We cannot just walk up and take the rabbit.
You have to set the traps and wait for the animals to show up.
One hour, two hours, whatever.
Oh, Stur, by God don't say that.
All I said in the palace was that I was going to the toilet and back.
However long it takes.
Oh, Virgin of the Beautiful Love! May God save us through confession.
Stur, if we get caught, we are risking our lives.
Sister! It's you? Yes.
It's me.
Simon! Stur, Stur! I'm back, how did it go? Well, look, another one.
We caught 15 in two hours.
This is paradise, Catalina.
I'll come here every week.
At last I think I finally found my true vocation.
But, see here, Stur; don't you listen? Come, let's collect all this and let's go.
I don't know if they're all going to fit in that bag.
Don't worry, woman; I have brought more bags.
I am a cautious man.
Catalina, this rabbit looks so weird; will it not cause us a stomachache? Oh, my God! What is it? Oh my God! What? Oh, that's the Marquise's dog, Stur! Look at the medallion.
Oh, my God, Stur! Oh, we killed the Marquise's dog, Stur! I didn't want to, but I cannot help it.
Lucrecia, Lucrecia, please! Please kill me! Lucrecia, kill me! Kill me! Lord Baloa, it's you? Good morning, Stur.
Good morning, master.
How was your night? You found something? Nothing.
I was looking around the village and at the forest, but no trace.
Another sleepless night; look at the expression on his face.
Come and have breakfast.
I dreamt about him again.
He came into to my room at midnight and attacked me.
Alonso, honey, calm yourself, because we won't let anyone hurt you, eh? Right, and how are you going to prevent it, eh? He's very clever, nobody can stop him, not even The Red Eagle.
- Alonso, son - Have faith.
Have faith that the Eagle is here; he is taking care of it.
That's what I say.
Because it's his job, that bird's, right? Come, taste a little bit of broth.
I've prepared it so tasty that you will lick your fingers.
Just hot water again? Here we go Not this time.
You have made it very tasty, Stur.
Because it is made with much love.
To me it tastes like rabbit.
Tastes like rabbit! The pangs of hunger, there's nothing like wanting to believe.
May I come in? Yes, yes, of course.
What a surprise, what brings you here? Well, I come to see how Alonso was because yesterday at the medical examination I saw he was a little nervous.
Ah, yesterday you visited him? Yes, I did not tell you anything.
I took Alonso for the doctor to check him, and he was very kind to us.
Well, thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Look, I brought a Valerian herb which I'm sure would be good for him.
Thank you.
Yes, thanks.
Well, time to go to work There'll be sick people to attend to, I say no? Yes, I'm going, I'll be late to the palace.
Alonso, dear, are you ready? Come on, I'll walk you to school.
I'll go with both of you.
Did you see that, master? Did you see that? Have I seen what, Stur? Well, that doc is very clever, using the baby as bait; just like a fisherman.
And what does a fisherman do? He fishes! So? Margarita is a grownup; she can do whatever she wants.
He's going to have you looking for Constantinople; he'll send you all the way to Constantinople.
What happened? The Marquise said we must wait here.
It seems they caught a poacher at her game reserve, and they've killed her dog.
What's wrong with you? Lucrecia, he is a dangerous murderer; be careful of him.
Yes, I will.
I'm ready to catch him, I even wounded him.
You saw his face? You know who he is? No, I did not see his face, but I'm sure he's a very dangerous murderer and may be near.
You must take care of Nuo.
Oh, Hernn! Do not worry so much about Nuo, and worry more about your men keeping a better watch on my hunt reserve.
I will boost surveillance; it will not happen again.
As you know, we have captured the poacher, who was hunting in my reserve, and who has taken the life of my dog.
Bring the poacher.
I want everyone to know who this unfortunate is.
- My Lady, My Lady - Catalina, enough! Have mercy, I did not kill your dog.
Let him be whipped.
I hope this will be a warning for you.
I warn you, if another poacher appears, he shall be punished with the death penalty.
Take him away, I don't want blood spots on my garden.
Wait! That doc is very professional, very much so.
Every morning he just goes from house to house visiting patients, especially if there are unmarried sisters.
Stur, don't start, eh? No, if you're right, he seems very reliable.
But I will warn you, when you dare to notice, you'll have that one sitting in your chair, eating here, and putting your son to bed at night.
Master! Did you have a revelation of the Virgin? Look at this.
What do you see? It's a boy with a girl by the hand, very pastoral.
Stur, do you see the church? Yes, I see it.
But what do you want me to see exactly? Well, it is this same church, only that 15 years ago, instead of the Virgin it was San Felipe.
On the Eve of St.
Juan the saint burned out and so they changed it.
Now that you mention it, then, yes, yes.
This picture is more than 15 years old; a recent child could not have drawn it.
So? It had to be painted by the murderer himself.
The child who drew this must be the murderer.
You are my idol, master! One question then: the girl, who is she? That's what we have to find out, Stur.
How are you? Did you have a good rest? I thought you wouldn't come back.
I told you I'd take care of you.
But you didn't return to the convent.
You left me there alone, imprisoned.
I waited for years, sister.
Simon, understand, you were better off with the nuns than in the street.
Look what you've done since you got out.
You never returned.
Simon! Now we are together.
Do you want some food? Yes? No, I do not want food, I want something else.
Bring me a child! What are you doing? What am I doing? Well, I'm here with I had that same face as you when I saw the rabbits.
Yes, and I said to myself, look, you see, pick up these rabbits and return them to their owners.
All these pets should have an owner, if Yes, but aren't they dead? Of course, they rest in peace.
Hey, don't you have homework to do? Yes.
What you want is for me to go away.
Well, I do want you to go.
Come on, do your homework! Finish up, go! I'll catch you! Yes, go on, go on! Such a playful kid! And this is very unfortunate! That he is always there sniffing around! Stur! We need to talk immediately.
I think, Catalina, you're not going to believe it when I tell you this.
I've talked to the merchant, and he will give me 30 maravedis a rabbit, Catalina! You know what that means? A mountain of maravedis.
Stur, this is over.
The Marquise has killed an innocent man because of us, for killing her dog.
Killed, how? She killed him, Stur! Damn! We must get rid of all of this before they suspect.
No, Stur, no, you have to burn them and it's over.
What's over? No more having to wash every day, man.
It's over, you go out to the street and pick up the stink of dirt which no one can stop.
Your sweat smells very strong, Stur, and clings to you like rot.
Look, Stur, have you seen my bag? The bag? What bag? That one Margarita made for me; it was there on the shelf.
Well, I take this, this, and this also, what the hell! Better one more than one short.
No, I do not it's that I do not I don't know, no.
Well, I must have left it at school.
What, you took the bag? It's at the palace! What? The bag is at the Marquise's game reserve.
I must have lost it last night.
We can't go back there.
That place is full of guards; if the bag is lost, it is lost.
What can we do? So he is missing a bag.
After everything bad that has happened, let that be.
I don't think I've explained well.
The bag is embroidered with Gonzalo's name.
Margarita sewed it.
What? The bag is embroidered with Gonzalo's name I got it! Damn fool, if you make my son an orphan, I'll kill you! What happened here? The dog has brought us here, Commissioner.
Any clues? We found something that might interest you.
Let us follow the trail of blood, to see where it leads.
Who are you? And why are you here? Come closer.
I want see you.
Who are you? Don't go, I have something for you.
Look, come closer.
This is for you.
Fucking shit, it has to be here! Catalina, did we go through here or not? How would I know if we went through here or not, all these places look the same to me, Stur, and I don't think we're going to find the bag, eh? Let's see, it seems that they go in the river's direction.
Stur, the guard! Fuck it! The tree, run to the tree! Come, Catalina, I'll help you! Come on woman! Climb up here.
Up! You three, come with me.
It seems that there are traces here.
My Lord, there is something here.
It is a bag.
Come on.
It's blood! The drawing is done with the blood of the victims.
Now, you see, it's not my business but now that we are alone, I would like to discuss something with you.
This it's just that this is a somewhat delicate issue.
I'm not sure where to start.
You're beginning to frighten me, Stur.
And I have not even begun.
Gonzalo! I just cannot get used to the entrances of this man! Felipe de Baloa has arrived in the town.
Should I know who he is? He is a nobleman from the house of the Bourbons.
They say that if our King died, Baloa would take his place.
I don't know about you, but his arrival seems very strange to me.
Maybe he is visiting, because the French used to travel a lot.
As they used to say, here in Spain you eat much better than over there in France, and I agree.
We must be careful and find out what he is doing here.
I suspect that something very serious could happen.
Do not worry, Agustn.
After I catch the children's murderer, I will look into this Felipe.
Be careful, eh? It could be very dangerous.
Don't worry.
Murillo, you both come with me.
Come on, out! Gabi, keep a keen eye, eh? You are a little careless, and sometimes you don't pay attention, okay! Yes, Stur, yes! The jacket.
Gabi and remember to do the homework.
The homework! Put on your jacket.
Alonso, son, how are you feeling? Fine, really.
You're sure? Yes.
Very good.
Now your aunt Margarita is coming, so you will go home with her.
After I clean this up, I'll be coming too.
There they are, the lovebirds.
Well, now that we are alone, I must say one thing.
You're going to declare your love, Stur? That's what I like most about you, your sense of humor.
It's that you are verymagnanimous.
It's the same drawing.
Oh, my God, and how did it get here? Because one child must be in contact with the murderer.
I brought what you asked.
Come closer.
Why are you here? Don't you know? Do you like life? You're hurting me! Because I do not! Let me go! Margarita! Where are the others? Murillo, Gabi I don't know; they should be at home, Gonzalo.
What happened? Nothing.
Alonso, whose picture is this? It's Nuo's.
Let him go free, Simon! Look into my eyes, look at me.
Go home.
Stur, it is Lucrecia! That livery stable is her father's livery stable.
I'll go with you, master.
No, stay with them.
No, please, mother! Nuo, run.
Obey! Forgive me.
Nuo! Where is the Marquise, where? I don't know.
What happened, what is it? He has Nuo.
The murderer has Nuo.
Come on.
No, please don't hurt me! I don't want this.
Let him go! Stay away or I'll kill him.
Let the child go free.
Nuo! Are you okay? Fortunately, the Commissioner has caught the murderer.
Look what a happy face he has.
How evident that you slept well, eh? Yes, but I need to sleep for a couple more hours.
Look, I think that today I shouldn't go to school.
Very well, then don't go.
Nice try, but no way.
Child, stop picking; you look like a chicken! It's just that I'm hungry.
Besides, The Red Eagle told me I have to eat a lot to be as strong as him, so I can help him catch the bad guys.
Oh yeah? Did he say that? Indeed, is this yours? Yes.
Are you sure? So you get along with him, no? Master, do you have a minute? Catalina! Gonzalo, I want to ask your forgiveness.
I'm sorry.
Ask forgiveness? Why? Haven't you told him? I haven't found the right moment yet.
It seems that you've found it now.
Tell me? To tell me what? Well, the thing is that that I Sir, I took your bag, the one that has your name embroidered, and we went hunting at the Marquise's game reserve, and fate wanted me to lose the bag and and for the guards to find it.
Stur, but how could you? The fault is mine, Gonzalo.
Hunting there is forbidden! I say it was all my fault.
I was desperate, and my son had to eat meat, and I didn't know how.
Let the guard pass.
Oh, Gonzalo, they are coming for you; they're coming to get you! Don't panic.
They are bringing the body of the bloodsucker to hang it in the yard.
And why didn't you say anything? Because I was ashamed, Gonzalo.
But don't worry; I'll speak today with the Marquise and say that it was me, and that's the end of it.
No, no.
The last thing Murillo needs is that you get fired.
From now on I'll see that he does not lack food.
Agreed? How kind you are, sir.
Look, my hair stands up like hooks.
You and I will talk later.
People wanted the head of the murderer and I have given it to them.
So they will know whom to respect.
No, no, let me go! They will take good care of you, you'll see.
Why, sister? Why do you not love me? I have to do it, Simon.
If the Marquis learns that you exist, he won't ever marry me, never.
I cannot leave you alone, do you understand? Why? Don't leave me! When I become rich I will come for you! I promise, I promise! Do not leave me alone! This bastard almost killed my son.
He did not know what he was doing.
He was sick he always was.
You know who he is? I loved him! I know.
Lucrecia, we all make mistakes.
Yes, and you should know better than anyone.
This time I'm going to turn a blind eye, but if you hunt again on my property you will pay for it.
Good morning.
I don't want to intrude.
No, not intruding.
I have made this, it is to thank you for being so kind to Alonso.
Thank you.
Do I leave it here? Sorry.
Majesty, we expected you.
I am at your disposal.
Baloa is the only one who can lead me to my wife's murderer.
You're in love with someone else? This is an outrage! That's the treatment worthy of a traitor.
I do not share my woman, even with the King.
This year I will win the archery competition for her.
I promise, mother.
Who soon will be the new King of Spain! Margarita, do what you feel.
You think he will love you someday as I love you now? Where have they taken Balboa? A algn laberinto obscuro e inexpugnable cuya nica llave est en posesin del rey.
Porque como la hembra espaola no hay ninguna.
Sos guarro?! Madre! Sultenme!
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