Águila Roja (2009) s01e12 Episode Script

La Marquesa, acusada de traición

Help, please help! No! He's coming for me.
I bring bad news, Madame Marquise; he has escaped.
Please, no! They have taken my son! He killed another child, but it was me he wanted.
You're the only person who trusted me when everyone said I was a murderer.
Well, that's because they don't know you.
Ma'am, I would not intrude, but I have to feed my son; you don't know how ill he is.
Do I tell you my problems, Catalina? There was a tree split in half.
Last night they took another child.
And what have you done? Nothing.
Alonso de Montalvo and Matilde Torres, you are under arrest.
Felipe de Galoa has arrived in town.
You have to summon the lodge.
When you raise the money, they will act.
I swear I will not stop until I've found him, I swear.
What you both would like is to be out in the street playing with your friends, right? Well, the sooner you help me, the sooner you can go.
It's because you don't listen! As you know, we have captured the poacher; he was hunting in my game reserve, and he killed my dog.
Bring the poacher.
As soon as you start noticing, you'll have that one sitting on your chair, eating, and putting your son to sleep at night.
This picture is over 15 years old.
It is impossible that a present-day child has drawn it; it had to be painted by the murderer himself.
Any clues? We found something that might interest you.
Let us follow the trail of blood, to see where it leads us.
Murillo, Murillo, son! What's wrong? Do you enjoy life? Lucrecia, he is a dangerous murderer; beware of him.
Yes, I will.
He may be near.
Sister! Is it you? If you don't help me catch the murderer, many children will die, and it will all be blamed on you.
Nuo, run! Obey! It's Lucrecia; this livery stable is her father's livery stable.
I came looking for a murderer and I've found a bird.
I didn't want to do it.
Holy Virgin, this woman would not stop! You should take this more seriously.
And you should keep your mouth shut.
What happened, what happened? The murderer has Nuo.
Stay away or I'll kill him.
People wanted the murderer's head and I have given it to them, so now they know whom to respect.
Hello, beautiful one! Do you know why this man is here? Otherwise What are you doing here? Get out! I came to ask you a very special favor.
Let me take Gabi to the pilgrimage of the Virgin de Gracia.
As a special favor, I think not.
Let me take him with me.
How bad can an afternoon of celebrations with his father be? Don't try to sweet-talk me, Stur.
The last time you took him, you almost brought him back one-handed.
Don't be unfair; that was an accident.
No, it was an accident, and we came out unharmed.
Trust me, I love the boy with all my heart.
I said no, and it's no.
And lower your voice a little, please.
There is an important man in there.
Estuarda, can you bring us some more wine? Will you tell me what you're looking at? God's work of art.
One is not made of stone, Estuarda.
But not as great as you.
Don't even dream about that one; she only serves the most major lords.
Now she's with a Frenchman.
They don't know nothing, those Frenchmen.
All the miles he's travelled to get here! And you know why? Because there's nothing like the Spanish female.
Stur! I don't think he would have come only to do that one thing.
They say he's a Duke.
Duke? Stur! The Frenchman is a duke? I'm telling you, a Frenchman from France and also a duke.
Who knows? Galoa.
The same.
And he is not a fool, this man.
He was enjoying a girl with such a front and rear, it was like the making of bread and dip.
And what's that got to do with anything, Stur? Well, of course it does! It was for wanting to watch the girl that I saw the tattoo on the man's shoulder.
He must be the conspirators' candidate to be the new monarch.
This such-and-such Galoa, as King of Spain? Man, no, master, we can't possibly foil their plan.
And we will not.
We'll bring him to the King for him to make his own justice.
But before that, I will have my own.
Here's what I thought.
If this one is with the tattoo people, he could lead us to your wife's murderers.
Finally I will be able to avenge her.
That's right, and give yourself peace to your soul; it's about time.
Yes, it's time.
Beware, master, they already know.
Seize him! I'll deal with the Eagle myself.
They're from the royal guard! This means that the King already knows the conspirator who is to overthrow him.
What are you doing? Come back to bed.
As you command, your Majesty.
Come in.
How dare you interrupt me at this hour? Sorry, your majesty, but the reason is worth it.
As you ordered, the traitor has been arrested.
And where is he? We have brought him to the doors of the royal dungeons.
That's precisely why I dared to bother you; we need the key to lock him up.
Best wait for me there; this key must remain with me.
In these times, it is difficult to distinguish the loyal ones from the traitors.
In a moment I will meet you there.
As you command, Majesty.
Smells good.
You like it? Yes.
I have to tell you something.
Tell me.
I love you.
I love you very much.
Kiss me.
Don't embarrass me, master.
Kiss me.
Come and kiss me.
Master I love you.
Master! I love you, too, but making it physical Margarita! Stur! What are you doing? Me? What am I supposed to be doing? Well, trying to silence you, the scandal that you were starting! You were talking in your sleep.
And what did I say? Nothing You said things like, Come, Come, I love you, Kiss me, Margarita Your dreams betray you, master.
Dreams are only dreams, Stur.
Maybe last night I had too much dinner.
Yeah, you dined too much.
But look, you didn't call out Agustn.
That name, of course, isn't what you called out.
Although at this pace, I don't know.
What are you saying, Stur? Just that you're all alone, master, and have not 'eaten' since you were widowed.
And, either you give free rein to your instincts as God commands, or I'll see you turn into a monk.
I have no desire for Margarita, so enough already.
Well, yes, enough, enough.
But I'll tell you one thing, there's one who does, and who doesn't deny it: the little doctor.
The other day he whipped her up a kiss that left her shivering.
Shivering, he left her.
You miss her very much, don't you? Yes, but I don't want you to be sad, because I know she's always with me and takes cares of me from heaven.
And how do you know? Well, because I notice it.
I don't know how to explain it, but sometimes it's like she talks to me.
Really? This year I will win the archery competition for her.
You always win.
Right, but this year will be different.
This year I'm going to hang the medal on her cross, so she'll feel proud of me.
I promise, mother.
I was looking for Catalina.
She's changing clothes.
Well, that's it.
And remember you mustn't play with a rat like it was a kitten.
It's not a pet, all right? Go on, go home.
Juan, I'd like to talk about what happened the other day.
Come on, about the kiss? Yes.
No, you don't have to give any excuse.
Do you think I don't know what happened? You're in love with someone else.
Well, but I don't know, Juan No, no, don't worry.
I just want you to ask yourself one thing, all right? Do you think that person you love will love you back someday, as I love you now? I'll always be here, waiting for you.
Excuse me, you go on with your conversation, eh? No, don't worry; we're done.
That man is a poet.
Get out, quickly! How dare you come into my room this way? This is an outrage.
No, Marquise, that's the treatment worthy of a traitor.
A traitor, me? You have gone mad.
What's happening here? What are you doing here? These men accuse me of treason without any foundation, Hernn.
That can't be anything less than slander.
The royal guard arrested Galoa last night.
One of us must have informed the King.
And why her? Perhaps because she is his lover? Bullshit.
Then can you tell me why last night I found this, with her initials, in the King's chamber? All right.
It is true that I was there, but I'm not a traitor, I swear.
You'll have to prove that with something more than words, Marquise.
Where have they taken Galoa? To the royal dungeons.
Let's go! A dark and impenetrable labyrinth whose only key is in the possession of the King.
What do you want? Let me go! What are you going to do to me? What do you want? You are wrong.
Let me go! And that's where you get involved, Marquise.
If you're really not a traitor, you will have to get that key and give it to us.
That will be very dangerous.
The King always wears it around his neck; if he catches me taking it, he'll kill me.
So you lose nothing by trying, for we will kill you otherwise.
What is it? You've got that vinegar look.
Nothing, Cipri, it's only I'm just concerned about the master.
He doesn't raise his head, in matters of love.
It's that thing with his wife, right? That has left him fatally wounded.
No, the other thing is finishing him off.
The thing about his sister-in-law.
Last night he surrendered to her in body and soul.
What? There at home with the kid? Where it occurred I don't know, because the thing was a dream, but what dreams, Cipriano! By the crying out he was doing, he should be cutting both ears.
No, and the tail too.
One thing I ask of you Cipriano, this is just between us, on your life.
Just us.
Relax, Cipriano, I am like a tomb.
What happened? Gonzalo, carrying a torch for Margarita.
Good God! He's been mooning after her because he still loves her.
And of course, the pitcher is going to the source And ends up broken.
And it has broken at the worst time.
But women, maybe it's a blessing! What's wrong? The doctor also wants her.
Lucky Margarita! Hey, but don't you tell her that Gonzalo is going to ask her to go to the altar.
To the altar? It's true, already said and confirmed by him, that not another day will pass before he asks you to marry him.
You have such good aim! Yes, I'm the best.
And not only with the blowgun, eh? But also with the bow.
You shouldn't believe that.
I have no rival, when it comes to archery.
Anytime you want, I'll show you.
Then do it tomorrow at the pilgrimage, if you dare.
No, these celebrations are for regular people.
Let him stay in his palace, shooting at the trees.
Come on, guys, everyone sit.
Since Alonso raised the issue, let's reflect on the society in which we live.
For example, doyou think Nuo is better than Alonso? Shit! Gabi! And yet, the laws are not the same for both.
If one of us so-called commoners violates the law, what happens? Exactly, Gabi.
But what happens if a nobleman does it? Nobody can touch one hair of us nobility.
Look, let's bring down the nobility and the differences! No, Alonso! If you do that, you're putting yourself on their level.
I think everyone should be free to choose.
So if Nuo wanted to, he could come with us to the pilgrimage.
But Nuo is going to stay in his little castle.
Alonso, Murillo, distribute notebooks, come on.
Galoa, he's not in the dungeons.
Then where is he? Commissioner, the Marquise de Santillana wishes to see you.
Tell her I'm busy.
Hernn, please.
When did you start trying to avoid me? Since I found out you're a traitor.
So you believe that, too? I don't believe, I know.
I swear I am innocent.
Of what crime? Of the charges brought against me, of treason against the lodge.
That doesn't matter to me.
You think I'm in this because of ambition, right? I don't understand you, Hernn.
My feelings for you were sincere, and much more important than all that.
I can't believe it.
You will do nothing to help me, just because you're jealous.
I never said I was your woman.
Of course, but I'm an idiot and hoped it was that way.
No woman denies the King's wishes, Hernn, no one.
Help me; intercede for me.
They're sending me to a certain death.
I'm sorry, Lucrecia, you're on your own.
I do not share my woman, even with the King.
Master, let's see if we can get you a new shirt, this one is ready to make rags out of.
Have you learned anything, Agustn? Galoa is a prisoner in the royal dungeons.
In the dungeons of the 700 corridors? I once met a man who Then I must get him out.
Don't even try; those walls are inaccessible.
I once met a man Galoa is the only one who can lead me to my wife's murderer; I need to speak to him.
It's crazy; no one has ever gotten out of that place alive.
All right.
Thanks anyway, Agustn.
I'm sure there must be someone who knows how to get in there.
Why, of course, yes, master! That's what I was trying to say earlier, but no one would let me talk.
What do you mean? I met a man, Lopez, the guy with the bagpipes.
Yes, I shared a seat with him in a galley, and we called him that because he had this tic from so much rowing.
Stur, get to the point.
Well, this Lopez, you should see the beating he gave me, told me he knew a man who had been in that prison and had managed to escape.
And you know how to find this man? No, the fugitive, no, but Lopez, yes.
And maybe he can take you to where this man is.
Look at me.
Do whatever it takes, but make him talk.
Margarita, go get the silk threads for the new tableware.
Master, don't forget that we have an appointment in no time, With the bagpipe man.
You're coming with me! Yes, Catalina, I'm coming! To what do I owe the honor of your visit, Gonzalo? I want to ask you a favor.
That you allow me to take Nuo to the pilgrimage, with the other boys.
Not only will I allow you, but I thank you from the heart.
It is very thoughtful of you.
You're amazing, Lucrecia; I could have sworn you were going to say no.
Why? Because it is a party for commoners.
And the best time of my life.
You don't know what I would give now to return to those simple, happy times.
Is something wrong, Lucrecia? No, don't worry, it's just that I'm a little sentimental.
Take good care of my son in the procession, and make sure he enjoys everything a lot, always.
You promise, Gonzalo? I promise.
Thank you.
You eat this way everyday? What would you say, if I told you that those are the leftovers! For the new dog of the Marquise.
God rest the deceased.
Look, lady, as a dog I am priceless, see how it makes me bark.
You silly goose! Hey, you know everything about Gonzalo; when is he going to ask Margarita to marry him? What are you saying, Catalina? I don't know anything about it.
Come on, don't be bashful; Cipri said that you told him.
No, no, what I told Cipri is that he dreamed it.
What do you mean he dreamed it? Dreamed what? Trifles of love.
Well, love and the low parts, low instincts, that have burst forth.
Whose instincts have come to the surface? How could you think to tell me such a thing? Me, a married woman! You're disgusting! Come on, get out, get off of my sight! Sorry.
Go on and get out For the road What have you done? Lopez! The unmistakable Lopez! I see you're still playing the bagpipes, no? What do you want? You'll see You remember that man you told me about, who escaped from the dungeons of the 700 corridors? What do you want with him? I need to find him urgently.
You've gone to the other side? What are you saying? I warn you that this information is going to cost you a few ducats.
Ducats, ducats Maybe I have a couple of maravedies, Lopez, but ducats One hundred ducats or no deal.
You know, that beating you gave me, I didn't deserve it! I have no money, and that information is vital to me.
When you come up with the money, you know where to find me.
Lopez! If this is the way things are He's flying.
I'm not in such a good mood as my friend, so either you tell me where that fugitive is, or I'll kick you down and your head will open like a melon.
I don't know, if I knew I would tell you, but I don't know, really! Pull me up, pull me up, don't let me fall! Then we shall see now.
I don't know, don't know! Where is he? They said he went to the mountain.
Which mountain? I don't know; I swear I do not know! Faker! He knew nothing.
He knew nothing, the rogue.
All he wanted was to take my money.
All he said is that the man went to the mountain, but that is useless.
Alonso! Put that bow down right now.
You almost turned me into a brochette, boy! Sorry, Stur, it's just that I have to practice for tomorrow, for the competition at the pilgrimage.
Then go train at the corral, son, go.
You want to kill us? Go, Stur, accompany him, he might kill one of the neighbor's chickens.
Put that thing down! And these roses? They are for Aunt Margarita; Juan brought them.
Go on, get out.
Such beautiful flowers.
Yes, they are very pretty; they are for you.
For me? Thank you.
No, they are not from me; they were brought to you by the doctor.
Ah, Juan, of course.
Gonzalo, I didn't know You Well, Juan told me he loves me.
You don't owe me any explanation.
I know, but Margarita, do what you feel.
Margarita, this can't be.
Your sister has always been Right, right, I already know.
As you saw fit to give me permission, I'm leaving this afternoon for the pilgrimage, but don't worry, I'll be back here to prepare Last night I ordered a key from the locksmith; has he brought it yet? Absolutely not! Don't count on that, Madam.
It's been three days since I ordered a key for the chest from him Are you trying to make me more nervous than I am already? No, Ma'am, that was not my intention, I only said No, don't say anything.
Just let me know when it arrives.
Yes, Ma'am.
And tell my son to come to breakfast immediately.
Yes, Ma'am.
Catalina, the locksmith has just arrived with these keys.
Well, daughter, thank goodness, because the Marquise has been so restless.
She's about to eat me, for the foolishness of the keys.
This one is the cabinet key that you ordered, and this is the key that the Marquise ordered.
I'm going to skewer you like a turkey, Catalina.
Master! Were you scared? He's badder than Judas! My Lady, the locksmith just brought your key.
Give orders to prepare my carriage.
I have to leave immediately.
Yes, Ma'am.
Master, if the fugitive went to the mountain, what are we looking for here, in the market? I want to consult with the chronicler of the town.
He is the only one who can give us some information.
Come on, Stur! Good morning.
We are looking for something related to the royal dungeons.
Yes, the dungeons of the 700 corridors.
How dare you ask about these dungeons? Nothing has ever been published, nor will anything be published about them.
They are the best-kept secret of the kingdom.
Right, we know, but about five years ago, one man managed to escape.
Do you know if the news was recorded somewhere? That was very well covered up, but I remember there was a song giving an account of the case.
How did it go? It was something like Sorry, my mind is no longer what it once was.
Anyway, it seems to me that you may find it in these chronicles.
Please, when you go to the pilgrimage, bring the most you can carry.
The earlier we set up, the more we sell.
And remember to bring those sausages under there.
You like it? My father made it, and it was he who taught me to use it.
Your father has taught you so many things, Alonso; you're lucky to have him.
I know.
Hey, do you want to try it? Okay.
Nuo! Hello.
You finally got here! And such a great bow! The Commissioner gave it to me.
What's he doing here, father? Same as you, son, to go to the pilgrimage, to have fun and compete.
Such bad manners and sulking like a spoiled child, let's leave them off.
What's wrong? Don't tell me you're afraid to compete with an opponent of your own size? My size? He has a bow a thousand times better than mine! And what's the worst that can happen, that he defeats you? Is that so bad? Yes it is; you don't understand anything.
Look who has come.
Hello, Gonzalo.
Here, Cipri.
You tell your mother to prepare it in an infusion and to drink it in the morning and at night.
Woman, say something to him; don't be dull! Haven't things become clear about Gonzalo? Oh, really, Catalina! All right, everyone out; we're closing now! Juan, thank you very much for the flowers.
I'm glad you enjoyed them.
I was delighted.
You're going to the pilgrimage? If you like, you can come with us.
No, I don't know.
I don't know about the pilgrimage.
Come on, come.
Well, if you want me to Come on, I have to stop by my house and then we can go, okay? Okay.
He is a good man.
Tell him yes now.
'A cat jumped into a well' 'his guts cried' 'gua' 'to remote piti poto' 'to remote piti pa!' This has nothing to do with the fugitive.
Or does it? Yes, because the townspeople are called the cats! And this one was from the town! So when he jumped into the well, gua made her guts cry with the scare she would get so, as to tell the tale! Come, ladies and gentlemen, sausages hot off the grill! Great sausages! I also have cheese, from Villa de Tetillas! How many? Two.
You'll see how tasty these sausages are.
Let's see if it's true.
They're grabbing them from my hands.
Come on, gentlemen, made from cow and swine, a specialty of Cipriano! Oh, how tasty they look; I'm so hungry! Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, the boys' archery competition is about to begin.
Come on, my nephew is competing! Yes? Let's go! Cipri, I'm going.
Come on, son, cheer up! Come on, you're going to win! Let the competition begin.
Come on, Alonso! Fuck you! 'A beautiful very chunky girl' Oh, come on, it's the chunky girl song! Fuck! This is harder than finding a needle in a haystack! These lyrics are curious.
'Was famous for escaping,' 'Where he went he didn't tell,' 'They searched through cities,' 'Where he didn't go.
' 'I'll give you the whereabouts' 'For being a good observer.
' P-A-R-D-O.
Pardo! I have it! Pardo, of course! I have it! Very good, Alonso! I am very proud of you, honey.
You're the best, Alonso! Excellent shot, Nuo.
All right, son, good shot! Alonso, what's wrong? Nothing.
No, no no, don't lie.
You're angry because Nuo is as good an archer as you, and that's not right.
What's wrong is that you treat him like your son.
He is the enemy.
No, Alonso, Alonso! In sports competitions there are no enemies, only opponents.
You have to learn that lesson, and accept both victory and defeat.
Defeat? Yes, defeat, and that's the most difficult.
I cannot lose.
I made a promise.
To whom? Nobody.
What kind of a joke is this, Marquise? What do you mean? It's the key you asked me for.
We have risked our lives unnecessarily, trying to enter these dungeons.
That is not the key.
This cannot be; it's the one the King carries, I promise you.
Lucrecia, stop lying.
But it's the truth.
You must believe me; I swear on my son, this is the key.
You can stop swearing, Marquise.
A traitor has no credibility.
Commissioner, take her away.
Take me where? Lucrecia Lucrecia, please.
Don't make this more difficult.
Hernn! It's me, it's me! Lucrecia, come on! Don't kill me! No one is going to kill you, Marquise.
There are worse things than death.
Commissioner, carry out my orders.
Well done, Alonso! That concludes the first round, and passing on to the final round, Alonso de Montalvo and Nuo de Santillana.
Congratulations to you both.
Speak at once! Who are the conspirators? Speak at once! Speak! Very good! You're going to miss, shithead! Nice shot, Nuo.
The boys' archery champion is Nuo de Santillana! Very good, son! It's all right.
Alonso! Come, Gonzalo, now it's your turn.
You like the combat with sticks contest? Yes, but who sent you? No, I should not compete.
Yes, man, yes; you have to look good in front of the women.
Besides, do you know who your opponent is? Hey, he's very useful for your future.
And how good-looking; how well he handles the stick.
Very good! Be careful! But, tell me which one you're going to choose? Oh, Margarita, you're getting misled again! You're getting misled! Can you tell me when you're going to say yes to Juan? I don't know, Catalina; I just don't know.
Fugitive found.
You can't deceive me, you jumped.
Where is the fugitive? In the forests of the Pardo.
Juan, congratulations.
Thank you.
What are you going to do to me? Set it there.
What is that, Hernn? It hurts! Hernn, what are you going to do to me? Hold her down.
My son! Take care of Nuo.
Put the mask on her.
Of all the things that we're going to do to you, this one is the one most beautiful.
Wait, master.
Wait, this is giving me flat feet.
We're getting deeper into the forest than berry collectors.
Come, Stur, don't be lazy, we must find the fugitive before it gets dark.
And if he is not here? Because I'm mentally reviewing the song, and I'm having second thoughts.
What second thoughts? Let's see, it goes: Was famous for escaping, where he went he didn't tell, they searched through cities where didn't go.
I'll give you his whereabouts for being a good observer.
Who is it? The fugitive, Stur? The fugitive! The fugitive, or else a bear who escaped from the cold.
A brown bear.
No? No.
Stur, the chronicler said there was a song, and this one fits perfectly, so come, let's go! Well, well, whatever you say.
As for me, I think it might be the bear.
The bear Stur, look.
What? Did you have a good time at the pilgrimage? Yes, especially since I put that useless Alonso in his place, and because I'm going to give this medal to my mother.
Mother! I need the key to the silver chest.
Well, dear, okay; I've just arrived and already you're harassing me.
I'll go look for it.
Master Nuo, the Commissioner is waiting for you in the lounge.
There's the guy, roasting a rabbit.
Stur, stay here; don't move.
Don't worry.
Easy, I just want to ask you some questions.
Didn't I tell you not to move? Sorry, master, I only wanted to help.
Is he dead, or what? Commissioner, I won the archery competition! Have you seen my mother? Come in, Nuo.
We have to talk.
What has happened? Come, sit down.
What I'm about to tell you is going to be hard, so you have to be strong.
Now, more than ever, you have to show your caste, your lineage.
Commissioner, where is my mother? Is something wrong? Your mother is gone.
How can she be gone forever? Where has she gone? Why has she gone? Is she dead? Is that it? No, no! Don't worry, I'll always be with you.
Mother! What's wrong with Master Nuo? That's none of your business; don't meddle where no one has asked you.
Forgive me, I need to get something from the chest.
Then do it.
Can you finish at once and get out of here? I'm sorry, sir, I can't.
I must have gotten the keys mixed up.
I have given the Marquise the key to the chest, rather than the one she ordered from the locksmith.
What did you say? I must have been mistaken and gave the Marquise the key to the chest rather than the one she had Easy, easy! We're not going to hurt you.
We just want to talk to you for a moment.
We know that you managed to escape from the dungeons of the 700 corridors.
We need to know how.
He has taken a vow of silence.
Let's see, that's fine, I respect that, but this is very important.
So come, chat.
If he wants to be stubborn, I could beat it out of him.
Let me see something.
They have cut out his tongue.
No wonder.
Excuse me, hey, for being a bit violent.
I could not imagine.
I need to know the exact place from which you escaped.
You can draw it, please? I have to go there; it is very important to me.
His wife was murdered, and he lives only to avenge her.
Will you, please? How nice you smell! I've never been with a woman who smelled like you.
Don't cry.
Your skin is so soft! Women with such soft skin should not mourn, only give pleasure.
If I see you playing with this woman again, I swear I'll kill your whole family with my own hands.
Understood? Yes, sir.
Get out of here right now.
Out! I'm sorry, Lucrecia.
Let me go.
I can't.
Not yet.
Stur, let's go.
We have to go to the royal dungeon.
What are you doing? Preparing a snack, master; the night is long.
But don't worry, the uniform is already laid out.
I'll eat this and then get going.
Hello, Gonzalo.
Look, Margarita lost this at the pilgrimage, and I simply came to give it back to her.
She's not home right now, but thank you very much.
Was there something else? No, no, I just wanted to say You've surprised me.
I didn't know you fought so well, so well that I had the impression that you let me win.
No, don't be so modest.
No, I'm not, I assure you.
Where did you learn to fight? It is rare for a school teacher to fight like you do.
Or a doctor, no? Well, maybe I'm not just a doctor, and neither are you a simple teacher.
Who knows? We all have our secrets.
Well Here comes the lady.
Margarita Your scarf, you forgot it, and the doctor has been kind enough to return it.
Thank you.
I had a great time today.
So did I.
Thank you for inviting me.
Well, goodnight.
Rest well.
What are you doing? A classic, leaving bread crumbs, to find our way back out.
Stur, listen a moment.
You know that this mission is very risky, possibly the most difficult of all we have faced.
Damn, master, you're striking fear into me! A bit of optimism, by God! Listen for a moment.
If something goes wrong or if I cannot get back out Stop, stop! What do you want from me? You want me to shit right here? No, Stur, what I want is for you not to wait for me.
These are my orders, if No, I got it.
Take Alonso and Margarita and travel with them to Toledo to your friend's inn.
You've told me about him many times, but with all due respect, I prefer not to know him.
Stur, I am counting on you.
If I were to be caught, they would retaliate against my family.
You can trust me completely, sir.
Stur Thanks, my friend.
Come on.
Leave it alone, you filthy rat! Master? Master Master! Are you all right? Stur! Master! What am I doing with this? Eagle Master Did that sound come from there? In the north gallery, let's go! Galoa Galoa, we have to get out of here.
Let's go.
Cover all the exits.
Master Nuo, some of your classmates have come to visit you.
Tell them to go, I don't want to see anyone.
You're a fucking cheat, do you hear me? Are you listening? What's wrong? My mother is dead.
I'm very sorry.
Me too.
Nuo, I guess right now it seems like you'll never be with her Sure, that's how it really is.
I won't ever be with her again! No, Nuo.
Your mother will always be with you, even if you can't see her.
She will always be near you.
The same thing happened to me.
Alonso said that his mother speaks to him from heaven.
Yes, that's why I was mad at you, because I had promised to give her the medal from the archery competition.
Here, give it to her.
No, I can't; I didn't win.
That was my fault.
I said that to you so you'd lose.
Here, give it to her.
I'll ask my mother to take care of yours.
Thank you, Lucrecia.
I love you, mother.
Good morning.
Well, such a troubled face you bring! What? Happy nights, sad mornings.
Good morning, you scoundrel! And you, where have you come from? From the cemetery, from seeing mother.
Very good.
Well, your father.
I don't know where he's gone.
It's time for breakfast.
Come on, why don't you go out there and see if you can find him? Okay.
No, no.
Why? Because the master is not coming to breakfast.
Alonso, your father Stur has gone on a trip.
Where? Well, to a nice place, where we are all going, so come, pack a bag.
Really? Yes.
Why didn't he tell us anything? Because it's a surprise, and surprises are not to be told.
Stur, what's happened; where is Gonzalo? My lady it's very difficult to explain, so What is it you can't explain? What happened? I beg you by God, to trust me.
I beg you.
Then, hurry, help the child to pack, and you also pack yours, and wait for me at the door of the church, I'll meet you there as soon as possible.
Hurry, by God! Mother? You're alive? To him who will soon be the new King of Spain! Commissioner My father is dead? Stur, answer me! As you will have the honor of attending the wake of the infant, you will be able to end the life of the King.
With The Red Eagle dead, there will be no more setbacks.
He is an advisor to the king; he wanted to betray us.
He had a list with all our names.
Agustn I want to be with you.
I will not stop until I find who killed you.
The end of the Austrians is in your hands, Marquise.
Beware! Juan has asked me to marry him.
And, if he saved it up there? I'm already married! Or don't you remember? If the monk has not advised the King, San Quentin's ceremony will be the one! The murderer of my father will not get away with it.
Nothing keeps me here.
I have an army at the gates of the city.
The contents of that bag, when mixed with water, will emit a lethal gas.
In less than two hours, we will be the most powerful ones in the kingdom.
Close your doors and windows and stay in your homes! Go home! Help! The King is dead! I claim the throne of Spain.
I have to do it; you know too much.

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