Águila Roja (2009) s01e13 Episode Script

Lucha a muerte entre Águila Roja y el comisario

[First 3 minutes missing were not translated.]
Stur? The boy! Stur! What can I do? I made it clear, wait at the church's door.
But no, this kid does not does not follow instructions.
Obey? Why would he? Damn, what a mess! Stur, where are you? Sturno! Stur! Alonso, what are you doing here? What's going on, why does it smell like something's burning? No, no, I was just cooking some sausages for a trip.
The countryside makes you hungry.
Didn't I tell you to wait for me at the church with your Aunt Margarita? And my father? Your father is waiting for us.
Come on, there's no time to lose! But this is crazy.
Where's my father? Your father is very clueless, you know.
Something bad's happened, right? No, no, no.
Don't worry.
Maybe he's just a bit late The last time someone was late, my mother died.
You see, Alonso, your father is the best thing I've found in life.
The very best, Alonso, and he loved you very much.
Loved? You said "loved"? Why isn't my father back? He's dead, right? My father is dead? That's it, isn't it? Stur, answer me! You can be very proud.
Your father was a good man, and a good teacher, and also was a hero.
~ In fact, he was really The Red ~ Father! Master! Help! He's dying, doctor! Doctor, he's dying! Do something, by God; he's dying! Do something, by God! What happened? It's a bullet wound.
He went hunting with Pepe and being one-eyed and also it was night, he shot him unintentionally.
He wasn't the target.
Even the good eye isn't good enough to aim with.
Gonzalo! What happened? He went hunting with the one-eyed guy.
Who would have thought? I have to get out the bullet.
On the table, come on.
Father, Father! What mess is this? What happened? A one-eyed man shot him! What one-eyed man? What do you mean? Take away the boy.
I want to be with my father! Take him out.
Come on, Alonso; Alonso, come on! No! This is like patching a wineskin.
Father, no! Two stitches and you're done! Close the door, Catalina! Please don't die! Hold him tight; this will hurt.
I have it.
Hold on.
Margarita, clean the wound.
I can't hear his heart.
I can't hear his heart.
He's dying! He didn't fog the mirror, Doctor! Gonzalo! Gonzalo, please! Do not leave, Master! Come back, please! Stand aside.
Come on, Gonzalo.
Is he breathing? Breathe now! Master, welcome back to the world! Seal the wound.
I'll get a bandage.
He's in your hands.
He'll live.
So how about this re-birth thing? Did you see the light.
Master? The light they say you see, did you see it? Dismissed.
Why this urgent meeting? What has happened? It is very dangerous if they see us together.
Tomorrow we will kill the King.
With The Red Eagle being dead, there will be no setback.
And Felipe de Balboa will occupy Spain's throne.
It is very sudden.
The King rarely goes outside the palace since the last attack, but he also knows you've returned.
When we kill his nephew, he'll have no choice but to go to the wake.
And that will be his end.
Dare you kill the King's nephew? He's only four years old.
Any problems, Marquise? He's just a child! Since when have you had such scruples, Lucrecia? Well, you've been chosen to kill the child, now that you pass so easily into the royal palace.
There are other ways to kill the King.
The decision is made.
I refuse.
I refuse.
Please, Felipe! I ask it as a personal favor.
I beg you.
Too late.
Master! Master! It's time to wake up.
Thank God, you don't know how worried we were.
One question I was going ask you.
Your lower parts, they haven't hurt them, right? It's just that I have to apply this ointment on you, and I'd be ashamed to slather it all over your noble parts.
What are you doing? Don't move, for God's sake! You have a hole that looks like a well.
You'll bleed fountains of blood.
Don't worry.
And Alonso? And Margarita? It's all under control, relax.
Margarita's at the palace.
you don't know what it took to convince her.
and the boy I've sent out for a while.
Thanks, Stur, for everything.
You're welcome.
This time you've been saved by a hair, eh, Master? Come on, if you keep this up, it'll be like Nero's Rome.
The spare chest was burned, but I managed to save this.
It's a little singed, but the face is untouched.
She's beautiful, eh? Yes, sir.
Although given the choice, I prefer, if you don't mind me saying so Ins.
All bare-chested and boobs high in the air.
Bring a candle, Stur, run! Put it here.
They are the members of the lodge.
Marqus de Naredo, Count de Roda, all are nobility! One of the men on this list is the one who murdered my wife.
We have them, Stur, we have them now.
And right in front of our noses.
Well settle up with those bastards! We're going to put their hoods up their asses! False alarm, could be a rat.
Stur, hide this list until we talk to Agustn.
Careful! Careful! What are you doing; you're not focusing? How are you? Burned, what do you think? Didn't you hear when I said to be careful? Thank God it was only the leg.
It could have easily disfigured you.
It's a minor burn; it's not serious.
Well then, my dear, I don't know what you do in your family about accidents, but if a one-eyed man had stared at all of you, it wouldn't be the worst! That's true, Catalina, with you I'm not short of work.
Well, I'm going I have lots to do and you put the ointment very carefully over that thigh.
It would be a shame if that meat gets spoiled.
That's it.
In a couple of days, it won't hurt anymore.
Thank you.
How's Gonzalo? Better.
Had it not been for you, he'd be dead now.
No, it is my duty.
Sure, you got a good scare; I know what Gonzalo means to you.
Gonzalo is only my brother-in-law, nothing more.
Juan, I would like to talk about what you told me the other day.
I have already decided.
You are not required to decide anything.
For my part all I have left is my wish that you be very happy with him.
You haven't understood what I meant.
I want to be with you.
You don't know how happy you make me! I'm also very happy.
Marry me! Sorry.
Daughter, I see you're better, that ointment could be miraculous.
I'm going to take home two bottles.
I say no more! Think about it.
Gabi! Murillo, no class today, my dad's not coming.
What? But he always comes! Why can't he come? If I tell you a secret, will you keep it? Yes.
I swear.
My father found a list, including the name of my mother's murderer.
And who was it? I don't know, but I'm sure my father will find him and will give him the punishment he deserves.
Come on, guys! Everyone come inside.
Let's start the class, come! Nuo What's up, you're going to teach as usual? Yes, of course, just like every day.
Come on, come on in.
Master! I located the first bastard on the list.
I know where he is.
Perfect, wait for me close to the stables, once I go.
~ Stur! ~ Sorry! If you hurry a bit we caught him at the Rogue Ball.
This rabble has a habit but it's vice, vice.
That is it, well, well, very well.
That's where it hurts, yes.
What are you doing? Who killed the teacher's wife? What the hell are you talking about? Who killed her? Who killed the teacher's wife? Who was it? Come on, man, you are going to swallow more water than a trout! Who killed her? Stop! Who was it? It was the commissioner.
Cristina! Cristina! Master No! I killed him! I killed him! Sorry.
I killed him.
I don't understand my father.
I don't know what he's so afraid of.
But don't worry, mother.
If he doesn't, I will! I will catch them.
And I will not stop until I find out who killed you.
And where do we start? We have to find that list.
Margarita, the Marquise's veil, where do I leave it? Anywhere.
She wants it to cover her entire face.
She doesn't want to outshine the queen, who should be the more obvious person.
And of course, since she's so well connected, she has to be there, at the infant's wake.
How would it be to sleep with the King? Well, clean.
The man looks very clean, that's true.
Man, he must be clean, he has to keep the royal lollipop as a prop.
Well, come! And you, won't you tell me anything? If I came in a little bit later, I'd have caught you both there, right in the ointment.
Juan has asked me to marry him.
But, hey! That's wonderful! My daughter, how glad I am that finally things are turning out well for you.
Daughter, no passion? Don't tell me you don't wonder? But I can't marry him, Catalina.
Here we go again! Why can't you marry him? Why do you always have to put pears into the tree? Hey, men like Juan do not come by every day, eh? But I'm already married! Or don't you remember? Ah, that's why That's why.
Well, God knows where your husband could be! That one you will never see a hair of again, even if he's not dead, if you get my drift.
Well, before giving an answer to Juan, I have to explain my situation to him.
I hope he will ignore it, because, you know, I see you living there with Gonzalo for a lifetime, tied up to your brother-in-law.
Well, don't worry.
Stop! Stop, guard! Stop, stop! Oh, God! What a mess! Master! There he goes, he has cut his hands! Where's the commissioner? I know nothing! You'll lose your other hand! Don't you see he's going crazy? Sing or he'll dismember you! Where is he?! He's on the outskirts of the town.
Where? On his way to Segovia, two hours north, near Sotomediano.
Holy shit! Nothing in this room either.
And if he has squirreled it up there? How do we get up there? You help me up.
With all our hunger, how could you weigh so much? We can't reach.
Let me help you.
Kids! Where are you? Run, here! I'm sure that's where the list is.
Come on.
Master! Master, stop; slow down, for God's sake! Margarita married? What a disappointment, right? When you finally decide to marry, you cannot.
Sometimes life is unfair.
Does the lady want anything else? Yes.
Honey, bring honey.
Surprising that you did not know anything.
This difficult gives you a lot of fun, doesn't it? That's why you told me? All in all, Juan, it saddens me deeply, and I tell you this because I want to give you my support.
Years ago her husband went missing.
The chances are he's dead.
And, if he's not dead? We bury him anyway.
I have friends in all areas of the court.
I can give you my help, if you want it, of course.
~ Lucrecia, a question.
~ Yes? What do you get out of all this? Nothing, Juan.
On the contrary, I lose a valued lover.
You're going? Without your wedding gift? If whores were ships, this would be an invincible navy.
No! Oh, God! Master, Master, I understand your distress, but if we continue at this pace, I'll be left with no testicles.
Listen for a moment.
Wouldn't an old-fashioned revenge be suitable? With its plan, its surprise Master Think about things for a moment with your head and with a thought to things visceral, according to a plan.
What, it was the commissioner? For the love of God! What is this? They are mercenaries.
There are a zillion thousand, sir! This is big! This is very big! They have enough men to control the town for months, and they are prepared to move in at any time.
Tents everywhere, guns, muskets, horses, swords, hundreds and hundreds, an army, come on, and they are there, not three hours away, and when they attack, my lord.
Get down, they attack.
How will we stop them? If they enter the city, it will be a slaughter.
You know what bothers me most? Just the thought of us giving up being Spanish, everybody dancing minuets, and gargling as we speak.
Stur, we must act as soon as possible How did you get there? Riding a horse, man, by horse! Looking for Cristina's murderer.
Turn it over.
There you have the traitors to the crown.
They are all members of the lodge.
It's terrible; all them are great personages of Spain! They are all great children from their mother! With good reason there was a food shortage, the carts they all went out to feed all these vermin.
It was the commissioner.
The commissioner killed Cristina.
Stur! Must I go? And by what route? By the roof.
Then go on out; you know how to fly, I'll just smash the roof down.
Damn! In class, I always got the most ugly job! Get down from there! You'll kill yourself! What are you doing there, crawling around like an animal? What's up there? Why is it locked? To hell with all these questions, Alonso.
How should I know? Well, a dovecot, maybe that's it, where you'll go straight away if you do not go to bed right now! But it doesn't smell! To bed, I said.
Wet behind the ears! Alonso! To bed! Go! You want me to call your father to see what he says? Good night.
Go, go.
He could have killed himself, that kid.
Do not move from here, and above all, do not touch the commissioner.
Do you know what you're asking? ~ Yes.
~ No, he'll pay for all the damage he's done to us.
Trust me, many people's lives are at stake.
Well, I have to take this to the King as soon as possible.
False alarm, it was your son.
I've have sent him to bed, so for the moment, we're free, but when that kid sets his mind on something Well, you know your task.
Do not move from here until I tell you.
See you at noon in Market Street, I'll be busy until then.
Well, let's go to bed, all right? I have to catch the commissioner, and I'm going now.
The King has informed me that it will be an intimate ceremony, only the royal family will attend, along with some nobility close to the King, and you, Marquise, you will be among them.
Which is not surprising.
True, Marquise? As the royal family enters San Lorenzo's chapel, you'll approach the King and give him your condolences.
Then you'll head to the Virgin's image.
At her feet is a vat with holy water.
You'll let this fall in.
The contents of that bag, on contact with water, will emit a lethal gas.
You want to kill the entire royal family? What better time? That saves us from having to do it later.
What will happen to me? The compound takes a few minutes to react.
You can slip out of the door quietly.
When you're out, our men will close it again, and then no one may enter or exit.
The end of the Austurias is in your hands, Marquise.
Do not disappoint us.
I will not.
Good evening, gentlemen, I'm exhausted.
Marquise We must eliminate the men responsible for guarding the door.
We don't want any loose ends.
You plan on killing the Marquise, too? She will die there inside with the others, right? ~ It is not necessary.
The Marquise ~ Commissioner.
This is no time for sentimentality.
Calm down and think a little, Master.
Yes, I understand you want to kill the commissioner, but remember he is protected by an army.
To go there would be a kind of suicide.
Why should I fear them? Well, let's see: don't you see that you're hurt? It's more than three hours away.
Don't you see that you're going to bleed out? I already warned Agustn.
Now it's time for revenge.
But tomorrow you'll be much better, so since you took months to find the murderer, then what would it matter one more day, well? Stur, leave it.
Well, no.
I say that you're not going, and you won't.
It's enough, man, that's settled, and you will stay here.
Stur, give me the horse.
I said give me the horse! I don't care what you said! You may ride it, but now I control it.
You have a family! Tomorrow will be another day; that's good enough! Come on! No way! Stur, forgive me.
You're right, I'd better let you leave and live your life.
After all, it's not my place to stop you.
No, never mind.
I've had other masters who've beaten me, but I was not expecting it from you.
I promise this will not happen again.
Sleep, it's still early.
Father? You're going to catch mother's murderers, right? I know you have a list.
I heard you say so.
I promise you I'll do everything in my power, but there is no list, that list does not exist, is that clear? It does exists.
Find them.
Trust me.
If you don't catch them, I will.
Alonso Decreed two days of mourning for the death of Infante Don Toms.
Two days! Poor kid! Although I'll say one thing, that's what happens from making palaces so high.
I fall out of my house window, and I don't even notice.
We're here as agreed at noon, and Agustn hasn't shown up.
This isn't normal for him.
Don't be creeped out, Master.
For sure, the monk's done his work.
If nothing else, fools don't have a clue.
For some reason they live best in this country.
Let's go look for him in his cell.
Gonzalo! What's going on? Lucky I found you! I have to talk to you.
Catalina, we all know each other here! Come on, spill it fast, we're in a mess.
I have a dilemma: if I don't tell, it will be evil, and if I do, that will be evil, too! And if you don't tell, we won't learn anything! Speak confidently, my master has no secrets from me.
It is Juan, who asked Margarita to marry him.
Since then I saw him involved with the Marquise.
That rat bastard! Thank you doctor, you were very helpful.
Juan! Gonzalo, how's the wound? It's fine.
I don't like to meddle where I'm not invited but Margarita is my sister-in-law, and I will not let you hurt her.
Do not play the fool, we already know you're sticking it to the Marquise.
I don't have to give any explanation to you.
Maybe not to me, but you should talk to her -- if you don't, I will.
This is what bothers you, right? that Margarita in the end has chosen me.
Gonzalo, please! Ask your fianc! Let him tell you! Juan has been involved with the Marquise.
Margarita! Let's go, he's not worth it.
Can I know why I have the pleasure of this visit? I just wanted to make sure you remember the plan well.
It is a difficult task and has to go perfectly.
Have I ever forgotten anything so crucial? You offend me, Hernn.
You see? In less than two hours, we'll be the most powerful ones in the kingdom.
Mother, does this fit properly? I don't know whether it's appropriate for seeing His Majesty.
No, no.
What's the matter, Hernn? Is there a problem? I didn't know Nuo was going to accompany you.
I'd planned to take him to headquarters this afternoon to do some target practice.
The protocol requires us both to go -- we have no choice but to do so.
You know how important protocol is in such a case.
Yes, yes, of course.
However, a wake is not the best place for a child.
Hernn, if something's happened, you would tell me, right? Of course, I would not hesitate.
Get your things, Nuo, we're leaving.
Lucrecia What? I can't be late on your account.
Goodbye, Hernn, and paste on a smile.
Anyone would say that those about to die are from your own family.
Well, what's up, is something up there? No list, no nothing.
Are you sure? Yes, there was nothing.
My back is broken, Master, you should've seen all the things you had up there.
Instead of looking like an eagle's lair, it looked like a junk dealer's warehouse, with all due respect.
I cleaned cleaner than the pants of an infant, so Alonsillo wouldn't find anything.
Back off.
We see that they've caught him -- they have caught and killed him, for sure.
If the monk has not warned off the King, the ceremony at San Quentin will be the one! They are all the great persons of Spain.
They are all members of the lodge.
I have to take this to the King as soon as possible.
The lives of many people are at stake.
Stur, fetch Alonso and Margarita and take them home.
If the mercenary army marches in, much blood will flow.
Master, for your family I'd do anything, you know, but I think I should go with you.
Stur, do as I say, we have little time.
Master, it will be a mess, but such a black, black time.
Get home! Run home! Close your doors and windows and cower at home! Go home! Go home, come on! Ladies, to your homes! Go home, quick, go! Stur, why are you shouting? Catalina, take your son, go home.
Close the door and bar it, and don't ask why.
But what's going on? What part of "don't ask" don't you understand? Come on, Catalina, come on! And one other thing: take knives, pots, pans, and lock yourself in your bedroom.
Stur, by God, you're scaring me.
And if you have food stored, hide it well! Move! Alonso, come home, orders direct from your father! What my father needs to do is to leave me alone, and deal with the murderers of my mother.
Let's see how I can explain it to you.
Killing the murderer of your mother will not return her.
I know, but at least I'll sleep peacefully.
And I don't know why he hasn't denounced them.
He's forgotten her.
Don't ever say that, Alonso, your father has not brought them to justice yet because he can't.
Someday you'll understand, now come on.
Understand what? Because life is a bitch and very complicated, and those who make the laws are the first to break them, so you cannot trust their justice.
Come on, get home, go home! You know who it was.
Me? ~ What do I know, Alonso, now go home.
~ Let the guard pass! And you, what are you looking at? Nothing.
I wasn't looking at anything.
You'll approach the King and give him your condolences.
My sincere condolences, Your Majesty.
Thank you for joining us in these difficult times.
Majesty, you also have my sympathy.
You'll head to the image of the Virgin; at her feet is a vat with holy water.
The contents of that bag, on contact with water, will emit a lethal gas.
I'll light a candle, in honor of the late boy -- just a moment.
The compound takes a few minutes to react.
You can slip out the door quietly.
When you're out, our men will close it again, and then no one may enter or leave.
The end of the Austurias is in your hands, Marquise.
Do not disappoint us.
He was an advisor to the King; he wanted to betray us.
He had a list with all our names.
He must die.
You're lucky, I'll give you a quick death.
You'd kill me without knowing who I am? Agustn! You're with them? You also want to kill the King! Times have changed, Agustn.
Your mother would be ashamed of you.
I regret not having arrived in time to save your mother.
Why did they kill her? They were looking for you.
I have to hide you both.
You can't stay together; it would be too dangerous.
They could do with you just as they did with your mother.
Who killed her? Why did you never tell me? I still can't tell you, but at least I saved you.
I tried to help you.
I tried to instruct you.
Are you really going to be able to kill me? I have to do it.
You know too much.
What is it, Mother? What's happening over there? Open! Open the door, by God! The King is dead! They have murdered the royal family! The King is dead! The King is dead! The King is dead! They have killed the entire royal family! The King is dead! Calm down, for now I can't give you any more information.
The King is dead.
I claim the throne of Spain.
Bow to your King.
Majesty Stop, stop, the royal guard! Everybody freeze! What does this mean? It means you are arrested for conspiracy and treason to the throne of Spain.
You cannot fight fate.
Abdicate and avoid a bloodbath.
It is not you who gives the orders.
I have an army at the gates of the city, and if they come in by force you will be responsible for the slaughter.
So you have an army? Perhaps this is your general? Kneel.
Kneel! I say you will kneel! The Red Eagle! He killed him.
Come, come away! Halt, stop right there! Bishop, where did you get this stool, that no one can mount? Now that you have saved His Majesty, you will take a couple of days off, right? Not hardly.
At least you could tell me how you resurrected the King.
Tell me the truth, Your Grace.
No, Stur, no.
I have not raised anyone from the dead.
Well, tell me how it happened.
He was more stiff than beef jerky, and now he's alive? The King was never dead.
Agustn and I arrived in time to save him.
Your Majesty! And this man? Where was he? The lodge had him locked up.
But a friend set me free.
Agustn, will you finally tell me who released you? Someone who did not have much interest in saving the King, but who wanted someone else to live.
~ Mother ~ Yes? Who would want to kill the King? Some people, child, would do anything to gain power.
OK, but, to kill the King? Would you ever be able to do that? No, son, I wouldn't.
Accompany him to his room.
Rest, Nuo, you've had a tough day.
How is Nuo? Nuo is fine, thank you.
By releasing that monk, you have ruined our plans.
I only did what I had to do.
You did it for me, right? Hernn! We have lost everything.
At least we saved our lives.
Now no one can betray us.
Let's see, let me get this straight.
All these upper-class snobs did all this, so a Frenchman would become king instead of the King? In short, yes, Stur, yes.
Come on, all I know about Frenchmen is they spend their whole lives doing mnage à trois.
Still, I remember being in Toulouse with a pair of dwarf women Stur, attend to the wounds of Agustn.
~ I have to leave.
~ Where are you going? I have to finish this matter.
Gonzalo! When he gets like this, it's better to leave him to it.
Now sit down.
And you, have you been to Toulouse, too? I'm glad things are back to normal.
Make no mistake, Lucrecia, I was merely wondering how Nuo is.
Once you tell me he's okay, nothing keeps me here.
Mother, Mother, give me strength, please! It's better not to try anything, Alonso; It's very dangerous.
The murderer of my mother is not going to get away with it.
The commissioner is the law, and nobody can stand up to the law.
Someone has to do something.
If not my father, then I'll do it myself.
Gabi, you have to help me get one thing.
I need to give you an explanation.
I received a kiss but did not return it.
Margarita, between Lucrecia and me there is absolutely nothing.
She was simply an old friend, a good friend.
I wouldn't sweat a kiss.
That doesn't matter.
It's okay, since our love is not going anywhere.
No, no, don't say that! Our love does have a future.
It doesn't have one, Juan.
I should have told you this before, but everything went so fast.
I am married.
Yes, I know that.
The Marquise told me.
What is this? Our first wedding gift.
This document certifies the death of your husband.
Is he dead? It says so there, and bears a stamp of the magistrate, which means you're free.
I, for my part.
I will keep fighting for what is ours! I have no reason to give up.
Now it's up to you.
The ruins of the old Church of San Felipe.
We have an account to settle.
No! Don't do it.
You'll regret this all your life.
It was he who killed my wife.
He is your brother.
Your brother.
I regret not having arrived in time to save your mother.
I'll look for a family for each of you; trust in me.
It's for your safety.
How good that you're here.
Margarita, I needed to talk to you.
I also I have to tell you something.
I'm going to marry Juan.
Good for you, really.
Gonzalo, are you okay? Yes.
I want you to search everywhere until you find The Red Eagle, even if you have to burn every single house.
Go! Open the door! Nobody has ever seen his face.
Good secrets are entrusted only to oneself.
Tell me who I am.
Who am I? No! As you continue like this, there begin to appear nephews, cousins, brothers-in-law, half-brothers-in-law, daughters-in-law, Who killed the teacher's wife? It was the commissioner.
No! He is your brother.
It must be the conspirators' candidate to be the new King.
This is an outrage! If you really are not a traitor you will have to obtain that key and give it to us.
This is very dangerous, if he finds me taking it, he'll kill me.
Balboa is the only one who can lead me to my wife's murderer.
~ Hold her.
~ No! Last night they took another child, and what did you do, eh? Nothing! Sister, it's you? Nuo! And that turned out to be an ambush.
You can't you imagine what a hell it was! They want to kill the King, tomorrow, in San Felipe's church.
That was the aim of Cristina's murderers.
And then a general full of medals and tall as a titan, about to die, said to me: Stur, Stur, the fate of Spain is in your hands.
The King will die tomorrow.
Repent for having laid your hand on a nobleman.
Please, I beg you! And let's see if you have a little more care with the dress You come from the missions made a rock-man You're so blind you do not even realize he still loves you.
You want me to sleep with your seamstress? I want the cord of her bodice, as proof that she has surrendered to you.
Long ago I was in a dungeon like this, I escaped only by imagining that I would never again see you.
If you look at me once as you look at him it would be sufficient.
No one ever loved me.
Don't say that, I love you.
You're just a noble lady's whim, I wonder when she'll get tired of you.
Sister, please, sister, sister, for God's sake don't open that door! Holy Virgin! This woman would not stop.
I never said I was your wife.
Sorry, Lucrecia, you are alone.
Aunt Margarita can help us.
We are a family, and we solve our problems ourselves.
It seems he doesn't love me.
If all he has in his hand is yours, smaller sorrows, those he keeps to himself, so you don't suffer.
Juan told me he loves me.
Margarita, do what you feel.
Let her go! Let's go! I don't care what methods you use, but bring me The Red Eagle's head.
I know who The Red Eagle is.
Keep your friends away or else you'll never have him.
Tell me you're not The Red Eagle! I am Gonzalo de Montalvo, schoolteacher.
No! You condemn an innocent person in my name? I offered her a position as my seamstress.
This is the most powerful one, lethal and with no antidote.
Father, please! Drop the child.
On your knees.
Please don't hurt me.
Your persistence in getting rid of that woman may jeopardize our cause.
Kill The Red Eagle and you have a place among us.
He'll fall into my hands even if I have to lift every stone in this city.
If you want to settle this like men I am ready whenever you want.
At dawn on the bridge.
Burn the witch! That's how it was, more or less, more or less.
Father, I have sinned, I have killed again.
Nobody calls Captain Rodrigo a coward.
You must give this book to the King.
Run for your life! The only thing I am sure, Agustn, in this life, is that I want to avenge the death of my wife.
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