Airlock (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Daily prescribe dose ready.
Daily prescribe dose canceled.
I wanted to let you know that I've reviewed your application for the position of Sector Nine relief worker and I have to admit most of our workers are experienced travellers with an appropriate education.
Perhaps you'd like to reapply in future when you've gained a little more life experience but I'm afraid at this point your application has been unsuccessful I wish you all the best.
End of message.
Close account.
Goodbye, Jonah.
Have a nice day.
Login: Ashbrook, Jonah.
Welcome, Jonah.
You look like hell.
Couldn't sleep.
Same dream? Same one.
Taking your prescribes? Yeah.
Any traffic? Couple of haulers.
Cleared off a while ago.
other than that we're lonelier than a fat girl at the swinger's party.
displaced Niners are now facing the very real prospect of having to leave the sector to seek solace elsewhere.
This comes amid new rumours of increased Greyskin activity in the sector.
Congressman Vasquez issued a statement Down on the ground.
On the ground.
What's the situation? Blow in.
Hocking narcs on the prom.
You scan him? Dante Rodriguez.
He check out.
Human part of him anyway.
They're my meds, man.
Mmm, self-prescribed I'm assuming? Up you get.
That's some impressive hardware.
I bet half of that is contraband.
Won't be much of him left when we start confiscating pieces.
This some kind of ship manifest? It's nothing.
Punch it through every nav code you have in the system We might be able to pull up some vessels carrying this precious cargo, yes Dante? And take him to the brig.
Why do you make it sound like we're living in a prison? It IS a prison.
Especially for Jonah.
I mean, at his age he should be out there exploring finding himself like you did.
Yeah, I know.
All I found was war.
Niner refugees struggle to even feed themselves on poverty-stricken worlds You found a family, didn't you? There is still no official asylum seeker status for Niners, and it doesn't look like there will be anytime soon.
two decades after ICP peacekeeping forces withdrew from Sector Nine, The Interstellar Confederation of Planets continues to deny that there is a problem here.
The fourth consecutive night just indiscriminate rioting here on Eora We're safe here.
We are.
Hey, look who I found.
You good? Yeah.
Good girl.
What happened on the prom? Another punk selling narcs.
Well, I keep telling ICP we need more men.
That'd be nice.
Yes, it would.
Good job.
Well, I'm going to get ready, before I get into more trouble.
If the Greyskins are in fact returning these crippled Sec Nine colonies will be no match for the shifter onslaught.
Screen mute.
Ever seen a shifter, Jonah? No.
Only in sims.
What do they look like? Well, they can look like anything.
They could look like me.
Grrr! Ever been to Sector Nine? No.
Where have you been? Maya Jonah, food's on the stove, honey, um and we won't be very long.
What is it? What? Oh you've got to be joking, Koen.
Come on.
Unidentified civilian vessel this is Dakota Station.
Respond immediately, what is the nature of your emergency? Clearances are out of date.
This ship hasn't jumped in weeks.
Could be a floater.
Unidentified civilian vessel this is Dakota Station.
Respond immediately.
You are not cleared for docking I repeat You are not cleared for docking.
She's not changing course.
Want me to call them in? Do it.
Officers Mak, Daquin, report to comms.
All right, listen up.
What we got here is called a dragonfly.
It's a cargo ship.
Core's spent.
CO2 levels appear to be normal.
No toxins.
Any life forms? Not that we can see.
These old blast shields screw with our scanners.
So slow and steady.
Watch your spacing.
Docking sequence complete.
Let's move.
Search mode.
Scan for life forms.
Receiving initial ROVAR feed.
Looks pretty dead in there.
ROVARS are picking up zero activity.
It's weird, sir.
Clear the lower level.
Brody and I will clear this level.
Everyone stay on comms.
Eyes open.
Looks like we had a firefight here, sir.
Blaster burns.
I don't like the look of this, Cap.
Jonah, report.
Cargo bay secure.
You need to take a look at this.
Patching in the cargo bay cameras now.
Jesus Christ.
Heads up! We got something! BRIDGE! We've got a life form on the bridge, possible hostile.
Weapon detected.
Get back! Get away from me! Get away! GET BACK! screaming GET BACK! Don't come any closer! Get away ! Readings indicate safe for flashbang.
Get away from me! Flashbang activated.
Go away.
screaming Hostile still armed.
Drop your weapon.
Don't shoot! DROP YOUR WEAPON! Come out! Get outta there! Don't shoot.
Drop your weapon! DROP IT! All right, I'm putting it down! Drop your weapon! I'm putting it down.
I'm putting it down.
DROP IT! Next time you hesitate, you're dead.
Cap! Get him to the infirmary.
Ow! This is Captain Parker of the MF Kiev We're under attack.
One of the crew or mate more than one cuts off Power goes down for a few minutes and the crew starts shooting at each other.
Every man for himself.
We'll examine the bodies.
Find out what happened That's not an option.
It's ICP's problem now.
It'll take them weeks to get out here.
These bodies will rot by then.
Run the investigation.
File the report, then we blast it.
Jonah You're taking your prescribes, right? yeah Good.
I need you focussed.
It's a good time for you to step up.
I'm focussed.
screaming Jackson! Don't! STOP! Get off him now before I blow you away.
You can't kill us all.
What? We're done hiding.
Restrain these two.
We have a situation down here.
What's the order? The unregistered vessel is to be pre-rigged with explosives and jettisoned effective immediately.
With them on board? Your spirit is restless.
She thinks I'm a Niner.
What? That girl she thinks I'm one of them.
What are you going to do with us? You'll have your freedom soon.
Dimi is a good man.
He's doing what he has to for us to survive.
We saved them from an agonising death at the hands of smugglers.
And in return they've agreed to protect us.
Now we have a common enemy.
And together we will find a place to be whole again.
What have you done with my men? You have five minutes before I start executing your men.
Maybe I'll start with your son.