Airlock (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 First we made contact then we made war.
We came for the resources and drove out the alien horde.
170 million human lives were lost in that war against the Greyskins.
But then, the ore ran out.
ICP withdrew their security forces from Sector Nine.
Now, it's a galactic slum, full of stranded and starving refugees.
They can choose to die out slowly Or try to escape and risk termination by ICP.
They left us all wide open.
And the Greyskins will be back and we're only human.
Threat of sabotage remains high on all ICP energy stations in the Outer Sphere following the Tampa Station incident.
Risk of station assets is unacceptable.
What's the order? The unregistered vessel is to be pre-rigged with explosives and jettisoned effective immediately.
There's women and children on board.
Please advise.
Illegal Sector Nine refugees are not to board Dakota Station.
All personnel are to be quarantined aboard the vessel.
You want me to rig a ship full of explosives and there's people on board.
Protocol states that Niners caught off-world are to be terminated.
Proceed with the destruction of unregistered vessel.
Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
She's got pneumonia.
She needs medicine.
Not your medicine.
Your spirit is restless.
What are you going to do with us? You're hurt.
Let me see.
I'm not going to hurt you.
What's your name? Sara.
What's our play? How's the eye? It'll heal.
The order's come through.
Jettison the vessel.
Rig to blow.
With them on board? And you're not seriously considering that? We disobey and it's treason.
They're helpless.
We don't know that.
And that give us the right to murder? Keep it down.
Let's question them at least.
That's not going to change the directive, Jonah.
We find out what happened, maybe, we can prevent it from happening again.
There's a kid on board.
What are you talking about? What kid? I don't know.
It might be another cloaked room? But I saw him.
What do you mean you saw him? Where? Are you sure? It was dark, but I saw him.
What if it was Maya? Let's give them a chance.
You find that kid.
And you stop talking to that girl.
You understand me? Now if we didn't find you, someone else would have.
Now I'm going to give you the chance to save not only yourself but your friends in there.
How virtuous.
The captain of a floating piece of junk on the outskirts of a sector offering me Salvation.
There's a boy on this ship.
Where is he? There were a lot of people on this ship before the crew had their away with them.
They hurt you? They got what they deserved.
I'm curious.
What was the lie they sold you before you traded everything you had? Let me guess: hope? Hope.
Now there's a notion I'm finding increasingly unnecessary, Captain Ashbrook.
I want to help you.
But you have to tell me what happened.
We paid them for passage.
By the time we jumped they were all strung out.
high on something.
The way I see it you just didn't think it through, did you? Hijacked the ship, killed the crew.
Only to run out of fuel.
The real truth here, Captain, is that you've already been given the order to blast us into space.
Why haven't you done so already? When they were done playing with us they turned on each other.
One by one.
But you already know that , don't you? What did you see? They put you on a suppressant.
Told you it would help you focus.
Stop the dreams.
How is it you came to be all the way out here? I've been here my whole life.
And yet all you want to do is leave.
There's a child on this ship.
Where is he? Amazing the difference a child can make, huh? Except so many of ours have been buried unnoticed by ICP.
What difference would one more child make to you? Don't mess with me, Niner.
I'll send you back out there on that floating coffin and you can starve to death, do you understand me? Where is the boy? There is no boy, Captain.
Do what you have to do.
Ever wonder why it is you feel what others feel? Why sometimes you can finish the thoughts of those around you? Feel their light and their pain.
Why it feels as though you've known me your entire life, but we've only just met? You keep talking like that and I'm not going to be able to help you.
My ancestors fought in the Grey War for people like you Their descendants slaved for generations to fuel your "progress".
When that wasn't enough you discarded them.
Now as we starve you question my right to exist.
You tell me, Captain: what would you do to keep your family alive? What do we do now? We have to trust him.
He saved our lives.
It's not Dimi that I don't trust.
They made a promise.
It wasn't supposed to happen like this.
These people, dead? Why do you care about the dead? After what they did to us.
After what they did to you.
old lady coughs Remember this is not only for us.
We need to lead the way to the others may follow.
Follow us into what? Into this? Into captivity? You'll have your freedom soon.
Seems like they're all saying the same thing, the crew lost their minds and started praying on them.
I think we should give them the benefit of the doubt.
And then what? We harbour them on board the Dakota and wait for ICP to rain a shitstorm down on us? The crew were slaughtered and they're still alive.
You keep your eyes on them and if they try anything shoot them.
Yes, Cap.
Listen We can't blame them for things that happened twenty years ago.
Don't let compassion blind your judgement, Jonah.
She thinks I'm a Niner.
What? That girl she thinks I'm one of them.
Don't let them get inside your head, Jonah.
That's what they do.
They get inside your head.
Now you take your prescribes and you get focused, is that clear? Yes, sir.
gentle melodic humming What's up with that? The Niners are spiritual.
They believe that we're all made of the same cosmic stardust, that we belong to the universe and all its endlessness.
It's a nice notion if you ask me.
Sounds like a bunch of space-whack.
I wouldn't expect you of all people to understand.
Kai I'm kidding.
gentle melodic humming We need to get her help.
Quit eyeballin' me.
There's a prisoner in the brig.
Dante Rodriguez.
Patch me through to him.
Roger that.
Hello Dante.
growls Let's make a deal.
A deal? Where you tell me everything you know about these narcs and I will put you on the first ship outta here.
They're "shifts" straight from Sec Nine.
What do they do? Whatever gives you that tickle, brother.
You wanna be a woman, an animal or a freakin' stalagtite, don't matter You think it, you become.
How is that possible? Shifter enzymes.
There's a whole poaching movement in Sec Nine that are dedicated to hunting alien slime and harvesting their insides.
Live Greyskins, maximum credits.
Live Greyskins? How are they smuggled? Bodybags, usually.
In the form of humans.
Now, you got my ticket to ride.
How's it going? Good.
Sorry about our date.
You okay? Yes.
Are you sure? Yes.
Hey what are you doing under there? Come out here.
What are you doing under there? What's wrong? Thank you.
But we still need medical attention.
We will get you help as soon as we can I just need you to stay calm right now, OK? Kai, we have a problem.