Airlock (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 First we made contact then we made war.
We came for the resources and drove out the alien horde.
170 million human lives were lost in that war against the Greyskins.
But then, the ore ran out.
ICP withdrew their security forces from Sector Nine.
Now It's galactic slum full of stranded and starving refugees.
They can choose to die out slowly try to escape and risk termination by ICP.
They left us all wide open.
The Greyskins will be back and we're only human.
Now you listen to me, okay? I need you to be a big girl, all right? You hide under there And you don't come out for anyone.
That means me, you understand? Promise? Captain Ashbrook? Captain Ashbrook.
What have you done with my men? I've taken a certain measure of collateral to ensure the safety of my people.
You fool.
What do you want? Fuel.
As much as our core will hold.
Food and medicine.
How do I know you haven't killed my men? You have five minutes before I start executing your men.
Maybe I'll start with your son.
Brody! Where's Kai? That's not important, Jonah.
What's important is your survival.
Your life is in the hands of your Captain now.
Let's hope he is a reasonable man.
Why are you helping shifters? Helping shifters We saved them from an agonising death at the hands of smugglers.
And in return they've agreed to protect us.
It's more than I can say for most humans.
They will give us a future.
A home.
That's what they promised you? In exchange for what? Your silence as they massacre people? Incredible, aren't they? They barely feel pain yet they sense all your feelings.
They have no politics, No religion.
No gods.
Living on their home world has helped us evolve into a certain place of understanding.
Now we have a common enemy and together we will find a place to be whole again.
Word gets out that a Niner faction is helping Greyskins ICP will declare it an act of war.
They will exterminate all of you.
Is that what you want for your people? Let me show you something.
Now you see what has been taken from me? From all of us? You call me traitor but I'm not the one that's forgotten where I come from.
You're a Niner, Jonah.
And like some of us, you have a gift.
These people you call family would have you you bury who you truly are.
Is that who you fight for? Your father's running out of time.
My father's going to kill you.
The Niner war.
What unit did you serve in? What? What unit were you in the Niner war? WHAT UNIT? Bloodhounds forty-second.
Bloodhounds forty-second, you know that.
Sorry, Richards.
Had to be sure.
What the hell's going on? We're COde Red.
Greyskin infiltration.
Greyskin? Shifters? They got Leanne.
Where's the security force? We're it.
The rest are on the Kiev held hostage.
They going to kill them if we don't give them fuel.
With shifters on board to be planning something.
We've got to find them and we've got to kill them.
The others? Focus on the station.
If it's shifters it could be anyone.
It's not anyone.
Sound the evacuation.
Shut down all access to engineering.
They'll be going for the core.
All personnel aboard the ICP Dakota must evacuate immediately.
Please move in an orderly fashion to the nearest pod bay.
This is not a drill.
All personnel aboard the ICP Dakota must evacuate immediately.
Please move in an orderly fashion to the nearest pod bay.
This is not a drill.
The Captain has made his move.
Now you know what we have to do.
Look what they've done to you.
You think they Greyskins will find you a home? It's a lie.
I know it's hard to see, Jonah.
But Dimi is a good man.
He's doing what he has to for us to survive.
He's blinded by his grief.
And they will use that.
Then what hope is there for us? Do you remember where it was they found you as a child? In the ashes of Croatan, or the moon of Eora? Do you remember your parents? Do you remember family? My family is on that station.
Then I'm sorry.
Sara, move aside.
Your Captain has made his choice.
Get him up.
What are you doing? Ashbrook.
I warned you.
Now look.
Stay strong kid.
Sorry, Cap.
NO!! What will it be, Captain? You coward.
You don't get it, Captain, do you? You're one less watchtower in the sky.
One last chance to warn others of the storm that's coming.
Is this station worth dying for Captain? Captain? Captain, you're leaving no choice.
Let's see how long she can hold her breath.
Preparing to depressurise Airlock B.
Hey shifter Dimi, this is not who we are.
Stop! Stop! Look closely.
Depressurising Airlock B.
Enough ENOUGH! Override.
Repressurising Airlock B.
Copy Richards.
Fuel the Kiev.
Refuelling now.
That wasn't too hard, was it Captain? Shit.
The boy believes you're valuable.
The girl however not.
scream scream I should have known better, Richards.
You're going to be all right.
Hey! Put your arm around me.
We're getting of this station, okay? We're going to get Mum, we'll get Maya and we're getting off this station.
I can't.
I can't You have to promise me you'll look after Maya.
I promise.
You're my son, Jonah.
You were always one of us.
You're my son.
Coolant system shutdown.
Core meltdown will occur in t-minus ten minutes.
Can you override it? I can try.
Then do it.
Get Maya! They lied to us! What happened? The boy he attacked me.
She didn't make it.
Rosko is dead.
Dimi can no longer lead us.
What are we supposed to do? We have to leave.
Avi, get to the bridge.
Get us ready.
But we don't leave with out the Niner.
What Niner? Maya! Coolant system shtudown Maya! Core meltdown will occur in t-minus 10 minutes.
Jonah? Hey! Override failure.
Coolant leak beyond containment.
Core meltdown will occur in t-minus three minutes.
Jonah, override's impossible.
We have to move now.
Coolant leak beyond containment.
We need to go or we're not going to clear in time.
Stand by.
Just stand by.
There's no more pods.
There's another way off.
Jonah! Meltdown imminent.
Come on! MOVE! Meltdown imminent.
We're outta time! Go! Get us out of here.
You OK? I got you.
You're safe now.
Here to finish me off, brother? You'll be doing me a favour.
But it's not who you really are, is it? You are a sympathiser.
So what are you going to do next sympathiser? Where are you going to lead them? No place is safe.
The Greyskins are coming and you know it.
I want you to tell me everything you know about the war that's coming.