Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Kill the Darkness

1 Let me go! Put me down! Hmm? Yeah! Whoa! I-It's an earth dragon! First-class Danger Beast, earth dragon A worthy opponent.
You're angry, huh? It's over.
That was amazing! You actually took a Danger Beast down single-handedly! Of course! For me, that was nothing.
Defeating him was a piece of cake! By the way, I'm Tatsumi A name that'll be famous throughout the imperial capital.
You should remember it.
You're saying you want to make it big in the imperial capital? Yeah! Win success and fame in the imperial capital It's every country boy's dream! The imperial capital isn't the place of hopes and dreams that you think.
It's definitely lively, but there are monsters even worse than that earth dragon.
What? You mean there are Danger Beasts in the city, too? It's the people Humans, but their hearts are those of monsters.
The capital's full of people like that.
I appreciate your advice, but I can't turn back now.
I No, we We're going to make it in the imperial capital, and save our village! Just as humans eventually rot away, countries collapse, as well.
Even the imperial capital, which has prospered for a thousand years, is now a living hell of corruption.
Evil spirits take human form and run amok, claiming everything as their own.
Those evils which heaven cannot judge They will be dealt with in the darkness.
By us the assassins.
Kill the Darkness Kill the Darkness Wow! Awesome! So this is the imperial capital If I make good money here, I could buy the entire village! I should head for the barracks! Oh You're an applicant, too, huh? Fill out this form and bring it back to me.
This means I'll be starting out in the infantry? Obviously.
Who has time for that?! Look at my technique If I show promise, would you start me out as a commanding officer? Get out! What was that about? Why not test me out? Don't be ridiculous! Due to the recession, we're flooded with applicants There are limits as to how many we can hire! Oh, really? If you get it, scram, you damned brat! Do I cause a scene and make a reputation for myself? But I might get caught Hi! Hmm? Something seems to be troubling you, young man.
Want a lady to lend a hand? S-So this is the imperial capital What's wrong with you? Drawn by dreams of making it in the capital, you came all the way from the country? How did you know that? I knew at once.
If you've lived in the capital long enough, you can identify outsiders.
Anyway I know a quick way to get hired for government services.
Seriously? Want to know how? Yes, yes! Then treat a lady to a meal! Drinking during the day sure is fantastic! Have a drink, young man! Let's have some fun! Just tell me how to get hired by the government! Well, that's simply Having connections and money.
M-Money? I know a guy in the military If you give him cash, it'll be real quick! I get it.
Then Would this be enough? Oh, absolutely! On my way here, I collected some rewards for slaying Danger Beasts.
So you're strong.
You'll be a commanding officer in no time! That's right! I'll leave it to you! I think your encounter with me will serve as a valuable lesson, kid.
I'm gonna go take care of this, so wait there for me, okay? Okay! Sir, we're closing soon.
Oh, I'm waiting for someone Sorry to break it to you, but you've been swindled.
Eh? Huh?! To think you'd be so trusting in the imperial capital at a time like this Th-That's fraud! I'm reporting her! It's no use The one who got swindled is at fault.
Damn it After paying for that meal, I'm completely broke Those boobs I mean, that woman! Is this the valuable lesson you were talking about? Damn No one from the country would lie like that Oh, well Guess I'm sleeping outside.
I can sleep anywhere.
Again, my lady? You know I can't help it.
It's my nature.
If you have nowhere to sleep, would you like to stay at my home? Now Skeptical of Everything I don't have any money You wouldn't be sleeping here if you did, would you? Lady Aria can't ignore people like you.
You should accept her generosity.
What would you like to do? Well I guess it's better than sleeping outside It's settled, then! Oh Aria's brought someone home again.
My It's simply her habit.
I wonder how many there have been.
Mother! Th-Thank you Those guys over there are really strong There's no need to be nervous.
Maybe it's because of those guys I bet you're hungry.
that they don't feel threatened, being kind to a stranger It's nice to know there are kind people like these Even in the imperial capital.
Thank you very much for taking me in! I see You want to gain military success, and save your village.
Yes, sir.
But you know Within the imperial capital, it is peaceful.
However, this country is surrounded by three different races You could be assigned to the international border to fight.
I've prepared myself for that.
I see.
What impressive spirit! This is exactly how the young should be.
Did you come from the village all by yourself, Tatsumi? No, with three others.
The thing is All right! We'll be on our way, Chief! Right.
You've had the ability to fortify one another's strengths Take that ability, and grab your chance for success.
Leave it to us.
We'll bring wealth to the village.
That way, we won't starve to death! Well, it'll probably take ten years for Master Ieyasu's name to become known.
Ieyasu will probably get the guillotine for breaking the law.
Hey, Sayo! Stop saying things that might actually happen! It seems you all have enough spirit.
Now, Tatsumi Here's my last parting gift.
Take this with you.
When in need Sell it, right? No! Keep it close to you.
And God will surely help you.
Thank you, Chief! And we left with high spirits But soon after, bandits attacked us.
And we've been separated ever since.
Oh, dear They're strong, so I'm not necessarily worried, but But Ieyasu is unbelievably bad with directions What did you say?! I wonder if he'll even be able to find where we're supposed to meet Very well, then.
Hmm? I'll put in a good word with a military acquaintance.
And I'll request a search for those two, as well.
Really? Thank you so much! My intuitions are usually spot on.
I think you'll see the two of them soon.
Miss Aria I'm lucky.
In the end, I was saved by kind people.
Now it's just Sayo and Ieyasu I hope they both got to the capital safely.
Next, we're going to that store! Please wait, my lady! Her shopping is pretty intense, isn't it? The sheer amount is getting silly.
It's not just the lady All women are like this.
Really? Those I know choose what to wear right away.
Because there's nothing else to wear! But anyway, Tatsumi.
Yes? Take a look at that.
Huh? Over there, you can see in the distance the imperial capital's center, the palace.
It's huge! Is that where the great emperor is, the one who can change a country? No It's a little different than that.
There's an emperor, but he's only a child.
The prime minister controls the emperor from the shadows.
And he's the reason why this country rots.
The min— Don't say anything suspicious.
If anyone hears us, they'll have our heads.
Then My village also suffers from heavy taxation because In the capital, it's an accepted practice.
And there are others like those over there.
Night Raid? They're a group of assassins that's terrifying the imperial capital.
As the name suggests, they attack their victims at night.
They mainly target high-ranking executives and the capital's upper class.
Prepare yourself, just in case.
Yes, sir.
Also, could you do something about that? Huh? What kind of training is this?! Now, then Maybe I'll write in my diary today.
I just can't stop this hobby.
Eh? My apologies.
What's going on? Murderous intent? It can't be That's Night Raid! Night Raid Just because they're wealthy, you'll target this place, too? What do I do? Do I back them up? Or should I guard? Our targets are three guards, Akame.
They will be eliminated.
Listen, don't touch that sword.
A fitting end for someone like me, whose true nature is rotten What's with these guys? They're monsters! How pathetic Running when facing the enemy.
Though who wouldn't run in those circumstances? Completely annihilated in an instant I must at least protect Miss Aria! H-Help I have a daughter Calm down.
You'll be with her on the other side.
Even my daughter Have you no mercy? Mercy? What's that? Hurry, my lady! This way! What's going on? We must get to the storehouse! It'll be safe there! Found you! Tatsumi? You came at a good time We're going into the storehouse, and waiting for the authorities.
In the meantime, you fend them off.
That's impossible— I guess I have no choice! Not a target.
Damn! Target.
Hold it! You aren't a target.
There's no need to kill you.
But you plan to kill this girl, don't you? Yep.
"Yep"?! If you get in my way, I'll kill you.
That doesn't mean I can just run! Is that so? Then I shall eliminate you.
So dirty! Dirty! How unusual Akame hasn't finished them off yet? Huh? Wait! Jeez How unlucky can one guy be? This isn't someone I can defeat in my current state But I can't worry about that.
If I can't even save this one girl, how will I save an entire village? Oh, crap! Tatsumi! You won't even lower your guard and come near me? I didn't feel any flesh.
Everyone from my village protected me.
To survive after taking one of Akame's hits That kid's pretty good.
Wait a second Aren't you guys after money? Let her go! It isn't like we're at war Yet you're willing to kill an innocent girl? It's no use She isn't listening to anything I say! Hold on.
What are you doing? We still have time, right? I owe this kid a favor.
I figured I'd repay it.
You're those boobs from earlier! That's right! The beautiful lady! Young man You said something about killing the innocent, didn't you? Will you be able to say the same thing after seeing this? Take a good look.
This is the imperial capital's darkness.
Wh-What the hell is this? They lure people from the countryside with sweet words, torturing them and playing with them until they're dead.
That is what this household really is.
Sayo Hey, Sayo? Is that you, Sayo? Is it someone you knew? Hold on Aren't you asking for a bit much, trying to run away like that? The people of this household did this? That's right.
Since the guards kept quiet, they were just as guilty.
That's a lie! I didn't even know this place existed! Will you believe the one who saved you or these people? Tatsumi It's you, right, Tatsumi? It's me I-Ieyasu? That girl invited Sayo and me to her home.
And after we ate, we lost consciousness And when we came to, we were here Th-That girl tortured Sayo to death! What's so wrong with that?! You're all worthless hicks from the country! The same as cattle! I'm free to do whatever I want to them, aren't I? And that woman Even though she was just cattle, her hair was smooth! Who does she think she is? When I struggle with my unruly hair! That's why I made sure she suffered as much as possible! She should be grateful anyone paid that much attention to her! A family of sadists, disguised as Good Samaritans! Sorry for getting in your way.
Don't tell me You still want to defend her? No I'll kill her! I know that he despised her now, but he killed her without hesitation.
That's Tatsumi for you That felt great! Ieyasu! Ieyasu It's the final stages of Lubora.
The mother of the house enjoyed drugging her victims.
And she wrote about it in detail in her diary.
He cannot be saved.
Tatsumi Ieyasu! Sayo She never gave into that bitch.
Even to the very end, she was so cool So Master Ieyasu has to have a cool end It seems he kept himself alive by will alone.
What's going on in the capital? Let's go.
Hey Why don't we bring the kid with us? Our secret base is always short-handed! What are you doing? Release me! He has luck, courage, and even skill! Wouldn't you agree? I have to dig a grave for those two! Oh, I'll bring their bodies to our secret base later, so don't worry! Huh? Let go of me! You're late! What were you doing? And what is that thing? Our new friend! Huh? Oh? Did I not tell you? From now on, you're one of us.
Congratulations on becoming a member of Night Raid! Why is this happening?! Give up.
Once she's made up her mind, Leone won't give up.
As expected, you know me so well Bulatcchi, I'll leave him to you! Let go of me I have no intention of becoming an assassin! It'll be okay I promise it'll get better.
Wh-What will? Mission complete.
Time to return.
What's up with this turn of events?! What's going to happen to me? Kill the Authority