Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Kill Authority

1 We three swear that when we die, we'll die together! Yeah We'll succeed in the capital and earn money! We're gonna save our village! We said that stuff.
And now, I'm alone What are you doing, all of a sudden?! Have you decided if you want to join us? I told you, I— But I think you have talent for killing Talent isn't the issue It's the killing.
Anyway, I'll introduce you to the others today! My neck Kill the Authority Kill the Authority Eh? You're still undecided about joining? That's right Sheele, give him some words of encouragement, will you? Hmm Now that you know our base's location If you don't join us, you'll be killed.
The encouragement's moving me to tears You should consider this very carefully.
One Hundred Ways to Cure Being an Airhead It really is an assembly of weirdos Hey! Wait a second, Leone.
Why are you letting him into the hideout? Because he's one of us.
I haven't approved him yet Wh-What is this? Fail.
You don't seem like you'd be able to fight with us professionals at all Based on your face.
What did you say, you Don't take it to heart.
Mine treats everyone this way.
The training grounds here are good for stress relief.
And over there, the one who looks like he reeks of sweat That's Bulat.
Amazing What great form! Oh! You must be the kid from the other day How do you know who I am? Huh? Ah, this is your first time seeing me this way I'm the guy who was covered in armor.
I'm Bulat Nice to meet you.
He's gay.
Hey, now He'll get the wrong idea, right? He isn't denying it! It's almost time for Miss Leone's bath I won't be fazed by danger, if it's for a sight of those breasts! Then How about I break two fingers? You never learn, Lubbock.
Damn it! I can still make it Then your arm's next.
That aside, this idiot's Lubbock.
And next is I've already had enough.
Well, next up is a pretty lady, so look forward to it.
See? Over there's Akame.
Isn't she cute? How Is she eating an evil-bird? She killed it alone? Despite Akame's looks, she grew up in the wild.
You should also eat, Leone.
Oh! Thanks! Have you decided to join us? Not yet Then I can't give you some of this meat.
That's all right! She's tried to kill me twice now I don't like her.
Hey, you look dressed up tonight.
The boss has come back.
B-Boss? Oh! Boss! Yo.
Welcome back! Did you bring any presents? Before that, Leone Three days ago, it seems you exceeded the time limit on the job.
Crap! It isn't good to enjoy fighting your enemies too much.
You should fix that habit.
I get it, so please do something about that creaking! Anyway, who's this young man? Boss, his talent is notable! Hey, stop that! He's promising? He is.
Well, just give it a try Okay? What is this? A part-time job?! Akame, gather the others.
I want your report, along with more details on this young man.
I see I understand the situation.
Tatsumi Would you like to join Night Raid? If I decline, I'm dead, right? No, that isn't this case.
But that doesn't mean we can let you go.
We'll employ you in our workshop Regardless, you won't be killed if you decline.
With that in mind, what do you say? I I was supposed to go to the imperial capital, and make my name, so I could save my village from destitution.
But the capital was Tatsumi This country is impoverished and suffers because the center is venal.
Don't you want to attack the problem at the root? As a man! Originally, Bulat was a skilled imperial soldier.
But then he discovered the corruption, and became one of us.
Our job is to eliminate the evil in the capital This is far better than working for the debased! But Just killing bad guys won't change the world, will it? At this rate, other places like my village won't ever be saved.
I see.
Then you fit even more perfectly with Night Raid.
Wh-Why would that be? Far to the south of the capital is a camp of the Revolutionary Army, an anti-imperial force.
Revolutionary Army? The Revolutionary Army started small, but has grown into a large organization.
They needed to create a group to carry out covert operations, such as assassination and gathering information.
That is us, Night Raid.
Right now, we're merely exterminating the capital's ticks Once we mobilize, we'll use the ensuing confusion to reach the corruption's source, the prime minister, and kill him with these hands.
Kill him with these hands When that moment comes, this country will change.
Will this new country treat its citizens well? Of course.
I see Amazing.
So the killing you do now is basically finding the bad guys, and taking out the trash In other words, you're assassins of justice! Wh-What is it? What's so funny? Tatsumi No matter how you spin it, we commit murder.
There's no justice in something like that.
Everyone here could die at any moment, as retribution for our actions.
Ah, how naïve.
Even in a century, he wouldn't be ready to join us.
Wait a second.
Huh? I'm Each of us has a reason to fight.
But we're all prepared.
Do you have the same resolve? I will be compensated, won't I? You will.
If you work hard, I'm sure you'll be able to save your village.
Then I'll do it! Let me join Night Raid! You know, you might not be able to return to your village.
That's fine.
As long as everyone in the village can live happily It's decided, then.
Welcome to the life of carnage Tatsumi.
This meeting is adjourned for tonight.
Akame You'll be in charge of training Tatsumi.
If he becomes a burden, you're free to kill him.
Okay, got it.
What do you mean, "Got it"? Work hard, so you don't die! I'm gonna be teamed up with her? Let's learn as many skills as possible, so we can rise in the army's ranks.
If we're knowledgeable about food, we can avoid shortfalls of provisions.
Sayo Ieyasu I'm so grateful that I know how to cook.
Aren't you done with my seconds? Oh! Me, too! And me.
Please! It's like I'm only here to cook! Damn it! I'm supposed to be an assassin, but day after day, I'm cooking! It can't be helped.
After all, I'm in charge of the food.
You're in charge of the food so you can snack on everything, huh? That isn't true.
That's not remotely convincing.
That outfit really suits a newbie like you.
What did you say?! Hey, Tatsumi! Bulat Huh? Are you all going somewhere? Yeah, we're on an emergency assignment.
An assignment? What about me? The newbie can stay home! Just keep chopping those cucumbers or whatever! Why does she mess with me so much? Bye, now! Wow It's nice here.
Today, we'll gather our prey from this lake.
Why are you panicking? Huh? Oh, you're in a swimsuit Our objective today is Koga tuna.
This is the best location.
Aren't those the mysterious, rare, and vigilant fish? S-Super fishing? Dive into the depths of the lake, and mask your presence.
The moment your prey comes by, attack.
Commitment is the key.
Can you do it? Bring it on! So In the end, Tatsumi only caught two fish I heard you tore your clothes off and yelled, "Bring it on!" You're still far too naïve.
Damn it I never know what she's thinking I still don't like her! Then, Leone, let's hear your job.
Here we go.
The targets this time are Ogre, of the imperial police, and Gamal, an oil merchant.
According to our client Gamal, the oil merchant has been paying Ogre a huge amount in bribes.
Every time Gamal commits a crime, Ogre fabricates lies so he can frame another.
My fiancé was also framed and sentenced to death.
Somehow Somehow rectify this wrongdoing! Understood.
I'll send them both to hell.
Thank you so much Thank you so much! This is the payment.
That's quite a lot.
I sensed pain She probably sold her body many times to earn this.
No way Have you verified the case? I checked with my own eyes and ears.
They're guilty.
All right.
The Night Raid accepts this case.
We won't need any abhorrent garbage in the new country.
We shall bestow divine punishment.
The merchant, Gamal, should be easy.
But Ogre will be a formidable opponent.
Ogre The Demon.
He's a highly skilled swordsman that even criminals fear.
Normally, he's surrounded by lackeys, and is rarely alone.
Additionally, he's cautious.
When accepting the hush money, he invites Gamal into his room.
When he's off duty, he drinks on Main Street.
It seems when he's off duty is the only time to strike.
But the police are strict in the vicinity of the palace.
It would be dangerous for someone like Akame, whose face is publicly known.
Hey, hey! I'm not on any wanted posters! Can you do it? The stronger the enemy, the more I'm up for it! Why not wait for Mine and the rest? But we don't know when they'll return, right? Yeah.
Then, let's just do it ourselves! Oh? Are you saying you'll defeat Ogre? Eh? Yeah, that was some big talk You'd better take responsibility for those words! Huh? Right now, this job is beyond you.
I'm also skilled with a sword.
I'm saying that you won't be able to kill.
But I've experienced You swung your sword out of hatred.
Are you saying you can kill without hesitation, at any time? Even while we sit here Others may get framed, right? If that's so, I'll do it! Beloved people, taken away for ludicrous reasons I don't want anyone else to feel this way! Then it's decided.
Tatsumi, actualize your determination Eliminate Ogre.
Nicely said, Tatsumi! You show great resolve! Leone and Akame, deal with the oil merchant.
Got it! Roger that.
How's that, Akame? When I take a stand, I do it seriously! After completing your task and making your report, you'll be considered legitimate.
At this point, arrogance will only result in death.
Damn it No matter what, I'll succeed And win their respect.
This is Main Street.
You have the map memorized, right? Yeah, I know it.
At this point, arrogance will only result in death.
Tatsumi, about Akame's past When Akame was a child, the capital bought her sister and her.
She and other children, in similar circumstances, were forced into a program for assassins, and were trained to kill.
She survived that cruel experience.
And she emerged as an assassin who could fully carry out the capital's orders.
However, as Akame continued to fulfill missions, she began to sense the capital's darkness.
And her target at the time, our boss, ended up persuading her to defect and join the Revolutionary Army, which truly fought for citizens.
But by this time, most of her comrades that grew up with her had died I'm sure you understand.
Basically, you're saying that I'm too complacent, for a professional killer.
Well, if you're successful today, you'll understand.
Whew! Now that I feel refreshed from the bathroom, perhaps I'll ask to have another go Yeah.
I'll give you another go, Gamal! Two girls at once, you lucky dog.
Now, then I wonder how Tatsumi's doing with the other target.
Phew After an intense interrogation, a drink sure hits the spot.
Um Ogre, sir? Huh? There's something I'd like you to hear.
What is it? Say it.
I shouldn't in public Hmm? I don't sense any other presences.
Hey, kid! This place should be fine.
Right, yes Sayo, Ieyasu Lend me your strength.
I beg you! Please recruit me into the Imperial Army! I have to earn money to send back to my village I figured it was something like that.
Go through the normal application process, idiot! But In this recession, the acceptance rate is too competitive.
It can't be helped You don't have enough strength! What speed And the strength that knows no fear.
To think, there's someone who would defy me like this I did it! After completing your task and making your report, you'll be considered legitimate.
Oh, that's right.
I have to report this at once.
To think that I, the great Ogre, could possibly be defeated by a measly twerp! I bet you're part of the organization that opposes the authorities.
You're a member of Night Raid, aren't you? A weakling's concerns don't matter.
In this city, only the strong prevail.
I'm the one that determines others' fates! I won't tolerate being judged! Stop spewing nonsense! Exactly who is your client? If it's recent, it must be the fiancée of the guy I just took out.
I'm right, huh? I knew I should have taken care of her then, too No, it wouldn't be too late even now.
First, I'll find that woman.
Then I'll frame her entire family, and murder them, one by one, in front of her eyes After I kill you, of course! These guys are all the same.
They take power, gained by authority, and exploit it for personal gain.
I will eradicate trash like you from this world! I commend you for successfully eliminating the target.
Very good.
Thanks! What do you think, Akame? Completed the report, and finished the task.
I made it through without a scratch Come, let me hear your approval! Huh? What is this? What are you doing?! Leone Boss Hold him down.
No! What? What is it? Thank goodness.
A friend once died because he was too proud to report his wounds, and they were poisoned.
I'm glad to see you weren't wounded.
First missions have a high mortality rate You've done well! Th-Thanks Akame was hard on you because she didn't want you to die.
Cooking is all about communication.
The art of assassination is learned by hunting prey.
Haven't you realized that all of it was part of your training? Eh? Ah, r-really? I'm sorry, Akame.
I misunderstood.
It's fine.
Just keep coming back alive, Tatsumi.
Right From now on, I hope we can work together, Akame.
What, exactly, are you working on together undressed? You guys are the ones who stripped me! Okay Next, you'll be trained by Mine.
Do your best.
Eh? It's one thing after another, isn't it? With her?! I just got a chill Kill Your Cares