Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Kill the Grudge

1 What? How many intruders, and where are they? According to my barrier's signal, apparently eight.
They're all in the vicinity of our base.
I have to commend them for sniffing this place out.
They're probably assassins from one of the surrounding tribes.
Move out.
Do not let any escape.
You still aren't used to combat with groups.
Don't push yourself! First, you should concentrate on gaining first-hand battlefield experience.
Also, when you refer to me, call me "Bro" or "Handsome.
" Got it, Bro.
All right! That feels great! In return, I'll show you something awesome.
Incursio! Whoa, amazing! Right? This is the Imperial Arm Incursio.
Imperial Arm? I don't really get it, but I'm fired up! Oh? You understand its awesomeness? The enemy.
Let's go.
Be sure to take a good look at the Imperial Arm's power.
Right! Kill Your Cares Kill Your Cares That's one of the faces from the wanted posters.
It appears that Night Raid's secret base is close.
She's pretty cute.
Seems we can have fun, even after we kill her.
Make sure you don't wound her too badly Ah.
Eh? You lowered your guard far too much for enemy territory.
She's way too fast— Damn it! I'll at least take her with me! Cursed poison from my wounds? One slice, certain death.
They've noticed our infiltration But we've confirmed that Night Raid's secret base is here.
That information alone is worth a great deal.
Looks like they've gotten pretty far.
I don't really like being seen, but I've got you! My apologies.
Thank you, Sheele.
It was a nice pinch.
That risk was enough to reach him! All right Bullseye.
The more trouble we're in, the greater Pumpkin's firepower.
Oh? That was Mine's Pumpkin.
I'm surprised she'd use such an annoying Imperial Arm In my case, I simply turn into a beast and hit people.
So simple! I thought the resistance on the strings was light.
So, you're a girl.
Please save me! I'll do anything! Nope.
I knew someone who died because they fell for a woman's charms.
Aw, such a waste.
This job really sucks at times like this Bro! S-Strong This is Night Raid's power? So you survived, Tatsumi.
Good! That means you're showing promise, Tatsumi.
Right! Assassins And the need for revolution.
Night Raid.
Apparently, I joined an amazing group.
Why did I just picture Bro's face? This is where the capital is.
The vast castle walls that protect the capital, the trade ships that go up and down the canals.
There's a lot to look forward to.
Especially all the hot babes there.
Yeah! So gross.
Why just me? Sayo Ieyasu I'm gonna do my best.
Is something the matter? Oh, Sheele Well I was told, starting today, I'd be on assignment with Mine.
So I've been waiting, but Oh, Mine doesn't wake up easily.
What the hell? But this is work I guess it can't be helped Shall I go wake her up? No, Tatsumi should go.
Why me?! Tatsumi, you're Mine's subordinate today.
It's a subordinate's job to get his superior.
Is that true? This is just another trial.
Eh? Hey, Mine! Hurry and wake up alrea— A-Are you trying to kill me?! Yes! That's why I shot you! How dare you dodge that, you perv! You idiot! I was told to come wake you up Don't you know how to knock? You hick! What was that? Is there some kind of festival? They're really going at it.
Looks like Tatsumi's going to have more work to do.
Now that I look more closely at the capital I admired so much, there are so many people with gloomy faces.
Hey! Hey, peeping tom! What's taking you so long, you hick? Today, you're following me around as my minion, aren't you? Minion? Isn't that what the boss told you? She just told me to learn from you! Then that means you're my minion.
Just hurry it up! H-Hey, wai— Hey, Mine Doesn't it seem like lots of people are suffering? They're dealing with recession and the political realities of fear Only one social segment lives in prosperity.
The rest of them are in slums.
This is reality.
Hey, what are you guys do— Stop picking on the weak.
Who the hell are you guys? This girl is a refugee.
She has to do what we say.
And? Tatsumi? Right.
U-Um, thank you— Don't thank me.
You need to learn how to protect yourself.
By the way, is it all right for us to walk around during the day? Huh? Well, those four are the only ones whose faces have been seen.
I see Who's the guy in the middle? Bulat.
Oh, Bulat B-Bro? That's what he looked like when he was in the military.
He changed his image after joining Night Raid.
Isn't that going a bit far? Th-This is like the world's worst "before and after.
" Anyway, this is why the two of us, who haven't been seen, have an assignment here.
Got it? Bring it on! That's why you brought me, right? Good! Let's begin the investigation into the capital city's conditions! I don't really know what's going on, but sure! What a haul! For spring, pink clothes are best Right.
We have to stretch our wings on our days off.
All right, mission complete! The hell? This was just shopping! Lower your head.
I'm on top, and you're the bottom.
A subordinate shouldn't talk back.
You should be thankful you're carrying my packages! You're my superior, but only for the moment! And this isn't any kind of training! Huh? You really thought you'd be on equal terms just like that? Sounds like you're confident with your sword.
But compared to you, the number of battles we've faced is far too different.
Even I Even I know that I'm not experienced enough.
But I still have to keep moving forward.
For Sayo and Ieyasu's sake! Hmph.
It seems Akame and Bulat have high hopes for you, but I wonder What's that fuss about? They're probably having a public execution.
In the capital, it happens all the time.
That That's awful.
The current cabinet minister can do this without remorse.
In the quarrel over succession, he cunningly obtained the title for the youngest heir.
I won't end up like that.
I'm going to survive and be one of the winners.
A sly minister, huh? I wonder what he's like.
Domestic Affairs Official Shoui, for speaking against my policies and delaying government affairs, you are sentenced to death by being drawn and quartered by bulls.
This is what needs to be done, right, Minister? Well done, my lord.
You are such a wise ruler, my lord Meat again? You sure eat a lot.
Well, it's best to eat it when it's fresh.
Buono, buono.
My lord! You're being tricked by the Minister! Please listen to your people! Hey, Minister, did you hear what he just said about you? I'm sure he's merely gone mad.
Right! After all, you've never been wrong! Sir Shoui This is our sad farewell.
My lord! At this rate, the empire's glorious 1,000-year history will be Sir Shoui, don't worry about that beautiful wife you're leaving behind.
I'll take good care of her To the fullest extent.
Is Is this really allowed to happen? Every crime cries for punishment.
Anyone, please Please see that this demon gets what he deserves! We just got a new assignment.
The target, Iokal, is distantly related to Minister Onest.
He's uses the minister's name to kidnap women and beat them to death.
His five guards are getting their shares, and are guilty, as well.
This is an extremely important mission.
I'm sending in all of you! Then that's the mansion Iokal lives in.
It's huge.
What? Is that another of those Imperial Arms? Yeah, Imperial Arm Pumpkin.
The more of a pinch its user is in, the more its destructive power.
Though I'm never in a pinch.
How do you even make something like that? Imperial Arms are ancient super weapons.
And currently, it's unclear how they were made.
You're really nosy, you know that? I shouldn't have any problem at this distance.
As soon as he leaves his mansion, I'll shoot right through him.
All right! After you snipe him, my job is to be your escort.
Leave it to me! Hmph.
I'm not expecting anything.
Her concentration is amazing.
I can feel her drive from here.
He came out.
Huh? Where? A lot of people who aren't our target came out, as well.
And? What do you mean, "and"? How are you going to shoot him? It's irrelevant.
Irrelevant? You don't mean you're going to involve innocent pe— I'm a master sniper.
Find the person who killed Lord Iokal at once! If they get away, the minister will kill us.
They couldn't have gone far! Here they come.
This time, I'm gonna get wild! Ugh This other route is really hard to traverse.
I wonder if all pursuit has been eliminated.
All the guards around here have trained at Koukenji.
It probably won't be that easy.
Koukenji, the empire's top martial arts temple.
Koukenji When you work for the minister, I guess they don't mess around with the guards.
Doing anything because of who they're related to That pisses me off more than anything else.
I wonder what happened in her past.
As a special treat, I'll tell you a little about my past.
She's gonna tell me anyway! I'm from a land near the western border.
And I'm half foreigner.
In the city, I was really discriminated against.
No one accepted me.
It was a very tragic childhood.
But The Revolutionary Army and the western foreigners are allies.
Once the capital has a new ruler, borders will be opened and geography won't matter.
Then others won't have to go through what I did.
I won't let anyone be discriminated against again! Mine And so, I'll get rich from the reward from helping the revolution, and I'll live a life of luxury! I feel so refreshed and calm! They were quite strong.
It's strange There should have been five guards.
I didn't even get to kill one So we're missing one.
Then you only get half the reward, Lubbock.
What?! That's not fair, Sis! Half a man Tatsumi This is where we're supposed to regroup.
Mission complete.
It's not complete until we report it! Did you get that from Akame? Look out! He— Tatsumi! Wh-Why, you Not bad, if I do say so myself.
You must be a Koukenji martial artist.
I was even a master Though that was ten years ago! And now, you're just a lowly guard? Looks like you've fallen from the ranks! I was a little bad, so they kicked me out.
I'll have a little fun before I hand you over to the minister.
Hope you're prepared! You've got to be kidding.
Now, Mine! Shoot! Tatsumi You're risking your life to No, I'm not, you idiot! You're a master sniper, right? I believe in you.
Why you Damn it, let go Hurry! You stupid newbie.
All right, I'll do it! Wait! You bastards Don't think you'll get away with killing one of the minister's relatives You've got some guts.
I guess I have no choice but to acknowledge you a little— That bullet was way too close Look what you did to my head! Wh-What?! And I was just about to acknowledge you! Shut up! You're no master sniper.
You aren't even competent! Apparently, we didn't need to rush over here, after all.
What? Of course I am! Masters don't call themselves "masters," to begin with! Just like me An Imperial Arm user, an assassin Splendid Splendid.
So someone like her is running amok.
Hey, you! You look suspicious Don't move! It appears that the capital is a very comfortable place to live.
There are so many people, there's no end to the number I can cut down! Splendid Splendid.
Kill the Imperial Arm Users