Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Kill the Imperial Arms User

1 Please Don't kill me! Oh, but I must.
It's your own fault for walking around so late at night.
Your parents taught you that, didn't they? That scary monsters come out late at night? I-If you let me live, I'll d-do anything Really? I like to talk a lot, so will you talk with me? Yes, I will! I really will! Then How does it feel when your head gets separated from your body? Is it a bit lonely? Eh? Splendid Splendid.
I could never quit this! Kill the Imperial Arms Users Kill the Imperial Arms Users I can't do this anymore, Bro.
My arms Hmm? What? Looks like your muscles still move unnecessarily.
Concentrate Strengthen your will.
If you can lose all the unnecessary motion, you'll last twice as long.
B-Bro You can become stronger.
Leave it to me.
R-Right! Tatsumi Time to prepare breakfast.
What are we making today? Croquette bowls.
Croquette bowls in the morning? Nothing less from assassins Damn.
Thanks for the food! My stomach's not great.
Huh? Mine and Sheele aren't awake yet? Yeah, but it's always that way.
You ate that super-fast, didn't you? Damn Tatsumi, we're making tuna bowls for lunch.
Akame is dangerous.
Huh? Where's my breakfast? Well done.
Where are the others? I'm the only one who made it here.
I see These are the names of supporters who've offered assistance when the revolt starts.
I will take good care of it.
Leave the rest to me.
Please Ensure the revolution Yes, no matter what.
This time, our target is the slasher we keep hearing about in the capital.
He appears late at night, and takes people's heads indiscriminately.
It's uncertain how many he's killed.
And a third of those killed were guards, right? He must be strong.
Without a doubt, it's gotta be Zank the Executioner.
Who the heck is that? You've never heard of him? You must have really lived in the sticks.
My apologies.
I don't know who that is, either.
I think you just forgot, Sheele So, what kind of bad guy is he? Zank the Executioner Originally, he was apparently the executioner in the largest prison in the capital.
Because of the cabinet minister, the number of people for execution increased.
Day after day, he kept cutting off the heads of people who were begging for mercy.
After doing this for so many years, it seems cutting off heads became a habit.
I guess that would mess someone up.
So, since beheading at the prison wasn't enough, he began to kill at random.
Once a punitive squad was formed, he disappeared.
To think he'd reappear in the capital What a dangerous guy.
Let's find and defeat him! Well, wait a sec, Tatsumi.
Bro? Zank stole the warden's Imperial Arms, and started his random attacks.
We should travel in pairs, or you'll be in danger.
Right now, I think I'm in danger for a completely different reason.
Hey, boss Did we ever find out what Imperial Arms Zank has? Sadly, we're still looking into that.
Then he won't reveal things so easily That's troublesome.
Um, what are Imperial Arms, anyway? Something like this.
I d-don't understand This is a good opportunity.
Let's explain it to Tatsumi.
Around a thousand years ago, the emperor who founded the empire was deep in thought.
I want to protect this kingdom forever, but someday, I will die.
However, weapons and armor can be passed down, into the future.
To make this kingdom everlasting, create weapons of utmost intelligence! Materials from legendary super-leveled Danger Beasts.
And rare metals like orichalcum.
The best of the best were summoned from around the world.
The first emperor's power and assets produced forty-eight weapons that could not be reproduced today, and they were called Imperial Arms.
Imperial Arms are all powerful.
And among them are said to be some that have the power of a thousand men.
The retainers that received the Imperial Arms were able to achieve even greater military gains.
However, due to the great civil war five hundred years ago, about half those weapons disappeared throughout the land.
And that's that.
Then that's one of the forty-eight weapons? Ichizan Hissatsu: Murasame.
If you are cut by this enchanted sword, cursed poison enters the wound, leading to death.
There is no antidote for the poison.
Hundred Beast King Transformation: Lionel.
An Imperial Arms shaped like a belt.
Users turn themselves into a beast, increasing their physical abilities.
Sense of smell is also heightened, enabling them to track enemies.
Adventurous Spirit Battery: Pumpkin.
An Imperial Arms that takes spiritual energy and expels it as shock wave.
The more the wielder is in a pinch, the more destructive its powers.
Demon Binding: Incursio.
An Imperial Arms armor with impregnable defense.
Because the bearer is at great risk wearing this, normal people die if they try to don it.
Infinite Variety: Cross Tail.
An Imperial Arms consisting of stiff strings.
He can spread them, creating a barrier that can find traps and enemies.
It also has the ability to bind and sever.
It lives up to the name "Infinite Variety.
" Creation Bisector: Extase.
Imperial Arms in the form of giant scissors.
It possesses the power to bisect anything in the world.
Because of its hardness, it can also be used for defense.
There are also Imperial Arms that have trump cards.
Incursio can take advantage of the materials it was constructed of and make itself invisible for a short while.
Because the Imperial Arms have such potential, including such trump cards, one rule has been inviolable through the ages.
Using these weapons with murderous intent, without exception, will ultimately result in a victim.
Meaning, if Imperial Arms wielders were to fight one another, one is guaranteed to die.
The target, Zank, is an Imperial Arms user.
Even if the battle ends in a draw, both wielders cannot live.
Th-That's amazing.
And now You know all our secrets, so we share a common destiny.
Don't be scared, Tatsumi.
This just means the boss trusts you now.
Our Night Raid may be few in numbers, but as you can see, our combat potential is vast.
We are the ones who will make this revolution happen.
B-Boss, what about me? Huh? You think you get an Imperial Arms, too? Huh? I don't? If it's meant to be, you may obtain one someday.
That's all I have to say.
Go hunt down the prey that the heavens cannot judge.
We're in charge of this section.
The capital's citizens are so scared of the slasher, they're staying in.
Actually, that makes things easi— The Imperial Capital Guard.
Say, Akame Can I ask you something? Don't worry.
I've brought emergency rations.
That isn't what I meant.
Even with a scratch, that blade will inflict a mortal wound, right? Yes.
I'm surprised I survived I've had this blade for a while, but it's become famous as the one slice, certain death enchanted sword.
You aren't supposed to get well known, are you? But regardless, that just means you're invincible.
No, this blade has a weakness.
For example? Maintaining it is nerve-racking.
If you accidentally cut your finger, you die instantly.
Ah In battle, if you don't directly cut your opponent's skin, the curse won't be executed.
Facing someone like Bro, with armor like that, seems it might be tough.
This is a one slice, certain death world to begin with.
I try not to overestimate the abilities of the Imperial Arms.
I'm sure she's around my age.
I wonder how many battles Akame has faced up till now.
It seems assassins have now arrived, in addition to the slasher.
Talk about a violent city Splendid Splendid.
Night Raid Now, I wonder whose head I'll take first.
Ah, eyes filled with such passion and sense of duty.
Admirable Admirable.
I've decided! I'll have the most delicious one first.
Seems they won't come out so easily.
I guess we'll just have to be patient.
Excuse me a sec.
You're going to the bathroom? I'm totally tense.
Sayo W-Wait! You're late, Tatsumi.
There's no doubt about it.
That's Sayo What the heck? So you were alive.
Anyway, I'm just happy.
So passionate Looks like I showed you something rather special.
Good evening.
Sayo turned into a suspicious old man! Rather than "old man," call me this Affectionately Zank the Executioner.
You are Zank the Executioner! Hmm If you wait for the partner you were separated from But do you have that kind of a chance? That's what you thought, isn't it? What? Did he read my thoughts? Is that eye an Imperial Arms? Bingo! The Imperial Arms Spected.
One of its five visionary powers, Perceptive Sight.
I can tell my opponent's thoughts, just by looking at their expression.
My observations are sharp to the ultimate degree.
Want a shrunken head as a reward? Like hell! But man, you sure talk a lot.
Well, my hobby is to talk By the way, I found you with the power of my Far Sight.
Even at night or in fog, I can see through things extremely far away! This is splendid! You thought if you attacked while I was talking, something would come of it? Impossible Impossible.
I can see everything within your heart.
You'll take a huge step, then swing from above Then strike up, which was a fake, to aim for my throat! That's what you thought, wasn't it? He's far stronger than others I've fought.
The expression on the person's face when you chop their head off is irresistibly amazing! The most common is the blank stare.
And they always say, "Eh?" I wonder what kind of expression you'll have.
Splendid Splendid.
My neck isn't so weak that you'll be able to cut it! Tatsumi Wonderful.
Youths are so straightforward.
I'm liking you even more.
I'll add you to my shrunken heads collection! Splendid Splendid.
A magnificent wound I've inflicted upon you, if I do say so myself.
What? When people with wonderful eyes like yours beg for their lives, it's very comforting.
So I'm taking my time.
Now, beg If you do, it might buy some time for your friends to arrive.
Don't be ridiculous.
I would never beg for my life from a rotten rat like you who only knows how to behead people! He's looking into my heart, so I'll keep it simple I'm putting everything on the line With this one strike! Well, that's very valiant of you.
I'm sure your wounds hurt I, the master of executions, shall relieve you from that.
Here I go! His attack was much faster than I anticipated.
He's I got a strike in.
Master of executions, my ass.
You totally missed my neck.
Don't make me laugh, you dumbass.
Silence! Well done on the insults.
Mentally, you've won this fight.
Akame! I've finally found you.
Just wait.
I'll end this quickly and tend to your wounds.
The infamous Akame and her enchanted sword, Murasame.
Splendid Splendid.
I've been wanting to meet you.
I wanted to meet you, as well.
Because it's my mission.
Transparent Sight! Results No sign of hidden weapons.
Be careful, Akame He can read your thoughts with that eye! I see.
So that's the power of that Imperial Arms.
But even if you can read thoughts, if you can't counter the actions, there's no point.
He's used to this.
He's seen quite a few battles.
She doesn't only have speed.
She has arm strength, as well.
F-Fast! So this is a fight between Imperial Arms users? With him reading my heart, we're evenly matched.
Then Oh? You've arrived at a state of nothingness.
But this Spected has the Future Sight.
Judging by your muscles, your next move will be— I see it! The fact that Akame took an attack Good grief.
It's rather unfair that sword is so unforgiving with even the slightest scratch, right? My moves and thoughts are being read, so I think we're even.
Say, Akame How do you deal with the voices? Voices? You know, the ones you hear when you get really quiet.
The voices of everyone you've killed, groaning from the depths of hell.
They hold a grudge against me, and they tell me to hurry and join them When I was cutting off heads every day at the jail, I started hearing them.
But lately, it's gotten worse.
I talk to deal with it, but how do you— I don't hear them.
I don't hear voices like that.
This is surprising I thought I'd be able to discuss this with an assassin of your caliber.
How depressing! Kurome Wh-What's wrong? Akame! Akame! Illusion Sight The person she values most appeared before her.
She's in her memories right now, reunited with the one most precious to her.
So that's what that Sayo was.
Akame, you're seeing an illusion! Don't be fooled! It's no use.
It only works on one at a time, but the hypnosis is strong.
And no matter how experienced one may be, it is impossible for one to kill those they love most.
Die, looking at the illusion of the one you love, Akame! She She didn't even falter.
Why?! You should have seen the one you love most! It's because I loved her most that I wanted to kill her as swiftly as possible.
What did she This settles the battle.
No good It's going to break.
First, I'll destroy your weapon! I won't die! I'll kill you first! I have the advantage because I can see your future motion! She can't kill me immediately.
Before you strike, my sword will— Eliminate.
We did it! She saved me this time, but I need to become stronger.
Zank, I'm sure you can't hear the groaning anymore.
The noises have stopped.
S-Splendid Splendid.
Thank you, Akame Sayo What are you doing? It's time to prepare dinner.
Even wounded, there are things you can do.
Say, Akame, who did you see back there? When the time comes, I'll tell you.
However, I can say this much.
Right now, everyone in Night Raid is precious to me.
Including you.
What? Let's go.
Ah, hey Wait! Tonight, we're having all of the meat.
We just ate meat yesterday! Are you thinking about nutrition? We need to eat vegetables, too! Kill the Dream