Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Kill the Empty Dream

1 Hey.
Tatsumi, it's about time we got going.
We're going this way.
Tatsumi, you head back now.
What are you talking about? We're supposed to be together— You already made some new friends, didn't you? You can't rely on us forever! See ya, Tatsumi.
If there is a next life, we'll meet there.
W-Wait Wait a second! Don't Don't leave me all alone! What a painful dream And this one's asleep.
It seems Tatsumi will be training under me.
Let's do our best! An air-headed superior? Good morning.
My glasses! My glasses! Good morning.
Arranged by Akame Kill the Dream Kill the Dream Hmm I wonder if it's really okay to put Sheele in charge.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
Sheele will probably get along with Tatsumi.
What makes you say that? Tatsumi will take to an older trainer more.
Right here! I called dibs on training him next.
See? Even this is a skill.
What the hell? That's so unfair! The more experienced the assassin, the better the kill.
How's that? Wasn't that phrased well? Perhaps not.
Regarding lunch, I'm making mabo tofu in a beef bowl.
What do you think? Uh, shouldn't the tofu be by itself? And the beef bowl just a beef bowl? Sounds great! And I was thinking of a fried chicken topping.
Thoughts? Isn't that a bit heavy? There's no need for more meat— Sounds great! Night Raid women are carnivorous.
You did well to swim in that armor.
It's so heavy This is hard.
It's an important discipline on the assassin-training curriculum.
Since I don't have a specific job at the base, I can concentrate on training you.
Why don't you have a job? While cooking I burned the meat, and angered Akame.
The meat While cleaning, I made a bigger mess, and made more work for Bulat.
Don't worry about it! While shopping, I mistook sugar for salt, and Leone laughed at me.
And this amount is ridiculous! While doing laundry I accidentally washed Mine with the laundry.
Uh, I don't mind that last one.
In fact, good job.
By the way, Sheele When I first met everyone, you weren't in that returning group, right? Hmm I feel like there was a reason But I've forgotten.
Oh I'm sorry for being so— My glasses, my glasses Why are you in this line of work, Sheele? If I were to start from the beginning I grew up in the capital's downtown district.
Ever since childhood, I've been clumsy and bad at everything.
In my life, I couldn't take pride in a single thing.
"She probably has a screw loose in her head somewhere.
" People often said things like that about me.
However There was someone who was kind to me.
She wouldn't make fun of me, no matter what mistakes I made.
The time I spent with her was the only time I was truly happy.
Until that day I was with her, as usual, at her house.
A man appeared at the door.
It was my friend's former boyfriend.
He resented her for leaving him, and began to get violent in the house.
Eventually, he grabbed her neck and started to strangle her.
The man was high from drugs.
I thought to myself, "I have to save her.
" I was surprisingly calm.
The man died immediately.
She was shaking from what had just happened.
But in contrast, my mind was clear.
In the end, the incident was ruled self-defense.
But I never saw my friend again.
And then A few days later, the man's friends came to avenge his death.
"We already killed your parents.
You're next," they said.
Although I was being threatened, my mind was surprisingly calm again.
I killed the men, one after the next, with the knife I kept for protection.
That was when I realized The screw that was loose in my head made me a talented killer.
I can help rid society of garbage.
There's something I can be of use for When the Revolutionary Army recruited me, I was a freelance assassin in the capital.
Everyone's been through so much.
I wonder if I can do this.
Don't worry.
Unlike me, you're good at cooking! That's what you mean? Seems you're doing well, Tatsumi! I wonder if I can do this Tatsumi, your wounds have pretty much healed, right? This is the Imperial Arms we took from Zank.
Try it on.
Really? What about everyone else? Only one Imperial Arms per person.
Operating them takes a lot of mental and physical strength.
It doesn't look too cool, but this eye has incredible abilities! It wasn't in any of the documents, so we don't know a lot about it.
It has the ability to read minds, right? Try looking at me.
You You want to eat meat tonight! It's perfect.
It hasn't even activated.
I don't want my mind read! If it has five visionary abilities, why not test another? You've always got something to say.
All right, then.
The last unknown ability Activate! So? What's wrong with you? What's this wonderful power? What's with him? Imperial Arms are amazing! This is bad It's rejecting him! Take it off at once.
I was suddenly exhausted It's the compatibility.
It just didn't suit you.
I bet you were worried about how lame you looked.
They say the first impression an Imperial Arms has of you matters.
We'll send it to the Revolutionary Army's headquarters.
They'll analyze it, and it'll become a crucial part of our strength.
Although we are mainly a team of assassins, collecting the Imperial Arms is an important sub-mission.
In cases with Imperial Arms holders, like Zank, we take them.
If we can't take it, destroying it is best.
Basically, the more Imperial Arms we get, the stronger the Revolutionary Army? Exactly.
This has information on the Imperial Arms.
You should read it.
Amazing There are so many.
And this is only some? Learn as much as you can, if only about the ones in there.
Speaking of that, which is the strongest Imperial Arms? That depends on usage and compatibility.
But if I had to choose one The Imperial Arms that controls ice.
That is what I believe.
Fortunately, its user isn't in the capital.
They're busy conquering the northern race.
Northern race? Hero of the north, Numa Seika The prince of the northern race.
He's never lost a battle with his spear in hand.
A fierce, brilliant strategist in whom the northern race has invested their faith.
Naturally, he's a threat to the capital.
His powerful army uses their most fortified city as its base.
They were training to invade the capital.
In order to prevent that, the capital arranged for the North's conquest.
There's nothing to worry about.
Even if it's that woman, conquering the North will take at least a year.
That's true.
Bring the formidable enemies on! We're collecting Imperial Arms, after all! You're rather chipper.
What's with that, all of a sudden? Well, there are still many Imperial Arms with unknown abilities, right? That's when I realized it.
Having seen only some of these abilities tells me that maybe Just maybe There might be an Imperial Arms that can resurrect people! Right? That way, I can bring Sayo and Ieyasu back! So I'll collect as many Imperial— You can't.
Bro? Even Imperial Arms can't bring back the dead.
You only get one life.
Y-You don't know that! Not until you try! The current Emperor is perfect evidence.
If an Imperial Arms like that existed, the old Emperor would still rule.
He created, and passed down, the Imperial Arms because he knew he'd perish.
You must give up.
Otherwise, that weakness in your heart will be used against you.
And you will die.
Tatsumi? You're still awake? I thought maybe they could return, and it made me happy.
Even if the odds were low, I could hope I guess it really is goodbye.
I thought I'd already given up.
But I Tatsumi I'll keep this a secret from everyone, so cry as much as you'd like.
Is it really okay? For my superior to be this easy on me? Who knows? I think it's fine.
That's just like you, Sheele.
Thanks, Sheele.
I would like to thank you, as well, Tatsumi.
Thanks to you, I've found another thing I can be useful for.
The northerners were defeated in an instant, as expected of you, General Esdeath.
To think, this is supposed to be the North's hero.
How boring.
Is there no worthy enemy anywhere that can satisfy me? The slums are pretty lively It's the spirit of the poor.
If you're born into poverty, you learn to get stronger.
Hello, Leone! Come massage my shoulders again, won't you? How about a drink tonight, Leone? Leone! Come play with me! You're really popular here.
I was born and raised here, after all.
I also made a name for myself around here as a masseuse— There she is! It's Leone! I'll finally have you pay your tab! Time to settle your gambling debts! Ah, hey! Return the money you hustled from my brother! What do you think? Isn't this place fun? I'm worried you might end up killed here! I have news to report.
General Nakakido and General Hemi have left to join the Revolutionary Army.
That military specialist, General Nakakido, has The Revolutionary Army is growing stronger at an exponential rate.
If we don't hurry and end this, the capital Do not be flustered! They are down in the southern region.
We can deal with them at any time! If they're gathered together, taking care of them will be easier, anyway! Isn't that right, Minister? As expected of you, my lord.
In this matter, you are the voice of calm.
Rather than deal with some faraway Revolutionary Army There are traitors much closer that must be dealt with.
Ogre, of the imperial police, my own relative, Iokal, and even the serial killer Zank were all defeated, and the Imperial Arms stolen by Night Raid.
We're being struck down, left and right! I've been so overwhelmed, I'm gaining weight! We will call for General Esdeath to return.
I-In the capital, Commander-in-chief Budou has command.
Hunting traitors would be beneath the Grand General.
It would hurt his pride, would it not? Esdeath, huh? She is the strategist that rivals the Grand General.
There's nothing to worry about.
She's the ice-woman who buried over four hundred thousand northerners alive It's no longer a question of life or death.
She will hunt them all down, and bring about their demise! I'm sure this is far enough to lose them Right, Sis— Hey Huh? Sis? This is bad! We're separated! And I don't know where I am! My justice radar is picking up something! You, over there! Is there something I can help you with? That uniform I'm Seryu, of the imperial police A soldier of justice! Imperial police Coro, are you hungry? Hang in there a little longer, okay? Um, what's that? This is the Imperial Arms Hecatoncheir.
There's nothing to worry about.
He's harmless except to those who are evil.
He was in that book.
Anyway, did you need something? Uh, well I lost my way.
But I know the name of the area I was in earlier.
What an ordeal! I'll take you there, on my patrol.
This way! Don't get separated from me, okay? Do all imperial police have these? Nope.
I'm the only one with this Imperial Arms.
Coro— Ah, that's the name I gave him, but If he doesn't like his user, he won't even move.
No one higher up was compatible with Coro.
So they tested compatibility even with the lower ranks.
That was when he reacted to my love for justice.
So, now he's my beloved partner.
Right, Coro? O-Oh Um, I believe this is the area you mentioned earlier.
Thank you very much.
Don't mention it! If you encounter any evil, please give me a call.
We'll destroy it for you.
That's reassuring Let's go, Coro.
I bet you're hungry.
How would you like five death-row inmates? An imperial police officer who uses Imperial Arms, huh? Sounds like trouble.
I should report this to Najenda.
Helping people is important.
But I have to hurry and find Night Raid! General Ogre Nice attack, Seryu.
You've gotten a little stronger, haven't you? That temperamental Imperial Arms chose me for a reason.
I must get stronger! Justice will never yield to evil! My father, killed in the line of duty, said that! Oh? If you want to get stronger that much, I can offer you a trump card.
Really? A doctor I know has been wanting to do an experiment However, you'll suffer great pain.
That doesn't matter! I'll do anything to help me defeat evil! The evil that killed my master, General Ogre! Night Raid I will never forgive you! Kill the Absolute Justice