Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Kill Absolute Justice

1 So this is the capital's red-light district? It makes my heart race.
Oh? Your straightforward reaction is pretty cute.
Now, then Time to get to work, and repay those debts.
Transform: Lionel! All right.
Changing into this always gets me pumped! Wow! Now, let's sneak in and kill them.
Huh? W-Wait.
W-W-Wait! Wh-What? Kill the Absolute Justice Kill the Absolute Justice Hmm? Whew! Made it.
You call that "sneaking in"? Take a look.
Oh, nice Very nice.
Girls, if you keep earning, I'll bring more drugs, okay? Okay.
Huh? Hey, boss Take a look at this one.
Well, this is no good.
She smells like fish, and she's broken.
Get rid of her.
Replace her with a new one.
Please, more drugs! All right Let's get some dumb slum broads again.
Those good-for-nothings will do anything for money.
As the request said, they're awful bastards.
Unforgivable! The girl that just got hit I knew her from the slums.
They piss me off.
Let's hurry up and kill these targets.
Roger that.
Boss It's about time we expanded our drug territory, don't you think? You're right Maybe we should pay Tybil a visit to discuss it.
The only place you two are going is hell! I-Intruders! Get rid of them! Our target is the drug-smuggling gang.
But you're just as guilty, so you can all die together.
Kill them! Y-You've gotta be kidding I don't deserve this! Beg the devil for mercy! What is it you want? Money? Drugs? I'll give you anything, so release me No thanks.
All I want is to take your life.
Wh-Who the hell are you two? Just some good-for-nothings.
Which is precisely why ridding the world of trash suits us fine.
Hey What's going to happen to all those girls? That isn't our responsibility, is it? But In the slums, there's an old, retired doctor.
And he's still pretty skilled.
I'll explain the situation, and have him take a look.
He loves young girls, so I'm sure he'll do it.
Sis! When all is said and done, you're pretty nice.
It's only because I knew one of them.
There's no other reason! The reason doesn't matter.
As long as a tiny bit of hope exists, that's all that matters.
Tatsumi I've thought this from the start, but that expression you make is really cute.
Huh?! Wh-Wh-Wh-What? I was marking you, literally.
If you grow up to be a good-looking man, you're mine.
Anyway, I wonder if the others are okay.
That Tybil guy was almost too vigilant.
But we still finished him without problem.
An enemy? What's with her? I didn't feel her presence at all.
She's different from the other imperial police, who don't hide their presences.
As I thought.
Her face matches the wanted poster.
Night Raid's Sheele, confirmed.
And judging by the Imperial Arms, the other girl is also a Night Raid member.
Hiding night after night was worth it Finally We finally meet, Night Raid! I'm Seryu Ubiquitous, of the imperial police.
In the name of absolute justice, I shall make evil pay, here and now! Given that you recognize us, we have to take you with us or kill you.
"Wanted dead or alive.
" Then I shall execute them! Father died in the line of duty, fighting villains like you! And you killed my mentor, General Ogre! I will never forgive you! She seems ready to go Very well.
Advantage favors whoever strikes first! Did I get her? Mine, that's an Imperial Arms.
Seems like it.
And it's organism-based.
Tonfa Gun! Even if I hit them from this distance, it won't be very effective.
Coro, prey! Forgive me.
Don't you remember the documents, Sheele? Organism-based Imperial Arms have a core in their bodies.
If you don't destroy it, they'll keep regenerating.
And Akame's Murasame won't work without a heart, either.
Quite a troublesome opponent, isn't it? Coro, arms.
Ew Gross Pulverize! Mine, get behind me.
Heavy! A tempest of attacks.
And she's called for backup.
That's what I'd call a pinch! So, now Go! Its power increased? Damn it It's already started regenerating.
What energy Don't underestimate the stamina of Imperial Arms.
Imperial Arms are tools.
It will stop once its user is killed.
She was aiming for me from the start! I'll get her with my secret move.
Extase! Light-generating metal? How can such a move exist? This is the end.
She's strong! Stop right there.
I'm your opponent, remember? I won't let you go.
As the threat lessens, its power weakens.
But it's enough to keep it busy.
And by process of elimination, I'm starting to figure out where its core is.
Crap! She sacrificed her arms to stop a fatal blow.
Justice will always prevail! Body modification? This is the trump card General Ogre gave me.
Take this! She blocked it? Not done yet If I use it, Coro will overheat and be temporarily immobile.
But I have no choice! Coro, last resort! Berserker! So they have a secret skill, too.
Oh, no— Mine! Crush her to death! Sheele! I made it just in time! My body won't move.
Justice is served! She— Sheele! How dare you How dare you do that to Sheele? This broken arm won't stop me! What? What is this? Be careful! We don't know what might happen! Extase Sheele! That woman She's still fighting in that state? Please get out of here, Mine! B-But Mine I'm glad I was useful in the end.
Coro! Hurry up and finish her! Night Raid The place where I belonged.
Congratulations on Getting Your Own Imperial Arms I loved all of you It was so much fun.
My apologies, Tatsumi I won't be able to hold you any longer.
Wh-What was that light just now? Hey, are you okay, Seryu? I did it! If she abandoned her friend like evil-doers do, it would have been a great fight.
What a halfhearted person.
Daddy, I defeated one of the villains.
The light of justice shone upon the world! Wh-Who did this? Mine? Hey, Mine! Mine! Wait, Tatsumi.
What will you do with that information? Isn't it obvious? Revenge! Stop.
Jumping in without a plan will only increase the body count.
Our friend was just killed! You know? I can't sit here and— You're embarrassing yourself, Tatsumi! Don't lose control! Didn't we say that anyone could die at any moment? You knew this when you agreed to join us! You were only doing your duty.
This is retribution.
I know all of this.
But you killed Sheele And you'll continue to hunt us down.
In that case Seryu Ubiquitous! I will be the one to take you down! Sheele's death was not in vain.
The Capital should now understand.
It takes Imperial Arms to fight Imperial Arms! Battles with Imperial Arms users will increase.
But that means more chances to collect them.
There will be more mortal struggles, Tatsumi.
Capital, I'm home.
Kill the Three — Part One —