Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Kill the Three Beasts - First Half

1 General Esdeath, your victory over the northern region was outstanding.
We have prepared ten thousand gold as your reward.
Thank you.
I shall send it to the soldiers I left in the North.
They will rejoice.
Esdeath has no interest in authority or politics whatsoever.
To her, fighting and conquering the enemy is everything.
She is free to do as she pleases, as I continue to control the kingdom.
Everyone wins What a perfect hand to play.
As I have returned to the capital, I shall be sure to annihilate Night Raid, which has hindered my lord.
The task will be daunting.
I'd like to offer the general more than simply gold.
Is there anything you desire? Let me see.
If I may Yes? I was thinking I'd like to fall in love.
O-Oh, is that so? You are, indeed, of age and still unmarried.
Then let me offer some options.
What do you think of the minister? My lord! As much I appreciate it, given the minister's high blood pressure, he may not live to see tomorrow.
How rude! I am in perfect health.
Very well, then.
What type would interest you, General? I have very specific standards.
I don't believe there are many who fit my criteria.
I shall have my preferences written down and eventually presented to you.
Kill the Three — Part One — Kill the Three — Part One — Mine I can eat on my own.
It will get cold.
Fine, then.
Even though Sheele was killed, Akame is so calm.
And to think the one who killed her was that girl I'm starting to truly realize how painful this line of work is.
Indeed, it is strange that I would find interest in something other than conflict and slaughter.
Ah, is this about love? Even I am perplexed.
However, I cannot stop how I feel.
As a living being, it's normal to be interested in the opposite sex.
Though the word "love" doesn't suit you at all.
I understand.
Then this is an animal instinct, too.
Well, for now, I'll simply take joy in hunting Night Raid.
About that I have quite a good idea.
I have a new directive for the three of you.
Give us any order, Lady Esdeath.
We three are your loyal servants.
We'll accept any order, at any time! Very well.
Jeez, it's cold.
I can't sleep Maybe some water.
Akame? A midnight snack? No.
This was one of Sheele's favorites.
An offering for the deceased.
Since we work in shadows, Sheele's name will probably never appear in the Revolutionary Army's records.
That's why I will remember as much as I can about her.
She may have been clumsy, but she was the kindest among us.
I know.
She used to bring flowers to Sayo and Ieyasu's graves.
But You're amazing, Akame.
You're so composed, even though one of our friends died.
I guess you're used to it I can't even— Composed? Used to it? A-Akame? It's true I've seen many lives fall before me.
However My precious friend just died! This pain No one can get used to this! But these emotions would affect our next mission.
That's why I act like I'm fine! We work in the shadows.
If I couldn't switch gears, what good would I be? This This is what you call composed? E-Even I Since Sheele died, the pain I feel is is To think that Akame would react like this.
That's right During my first mission, she was even worried about me.
What the hell am I doing? I can't lose my nerve Being miserable won't bring Sheele back! I have to face forward like a man! And this job may be dirty, but money is money.
At least I can keep them from starving until the revolution.
I have people that I want to make happy.
Wh-What was that? Are you all right, Tatsumi? That was me switching gears.
Don't worry about me.
Anyway, I'm sorry, Akame.
I was inconsiderate.
I'll make you a promise.
I will not die! I won't make you sad! Tatsumi We'll welcome in a new kingdom, with smiles on everyone's faces.
Yeah You're right.
Damn it! O-One more time, Akame! Maybe you should rest a while.
At a time like this, who can rest? Didn't I tell you? Come at me, as though this were real.
Here I come! What are you doing, Bro? If you're treating this as if it were real, shouldn't you mind your surroundings? You never know where an enemy might be hiding.
You're more fired-up than usual.
What's going on? It's nothing.
I just want to get stronger.
I made a promise to Akame That I'd survive, no matter what! Tatsumi You've learned quite a lot, haven't you? You've grown.
All right, then! Starting now, I'll be your opponent.
I'll train the hell out of you! Bro My spear takes no prisoners! What's wrong, Tatsumi? Being fired-up won't keep you alive! Right! Okay, come! Good luck.
This village is pretty bad, as well.
A nation is supposed to be made of its people.
The fact that you feel for these people is why you're returning to that snake's nest of a capital.
I commend you, Father.
I can't stay in retirement while the people suffer like this.
I intend to fight that minister to the very end.
I will protect you, Father! You've grown into a fine woman.
Perhaps you've grown too valiant to find a suitor.
Th-That has nothing to do with anything! Wh-What was that? Bandits again? How much has society crumbled? I'll handle them as I did the others! Don't lower your guard! Daidara? Yeah.
Here we go! He's too powerful! Not bad, lady But considering what's going to happen next, it would've been better if you'd just died.
Y-You're soldiers from the capital.
I deeply admired your political efforts.
Th-Then why are you after me? Our master's orders are, above all, absolute.
We defeated fifteen people, eh? Okay! The more experience I gain, the stronger I'll become.
Spread the flyers.
What an annoying way for the minister to handle this.
If it's getting rid of political opponents, why not frame them as usual? That approach won't work for civil officials under General Budou's protection.
That sure was fun! Nyau, stop playing around! You've delivered the final blow, haven't you? The girl died from shock while I was still skinning her.
What a creepy hobby.
Mission complete.
Time to return.
You're all here.
I have some bad news.
Esdeath has conquered the North, and has returned to the capital.
Leone, go to the capital and observe her actions.
Roger! I've always wanted to know what kind of person she is.
She's a dangerous sadist who enjoys massacre.
Be on your guard.
All right, all right.
Which means She's someone I can take out if I get the chance, huh? The highly sadistic general known as the capital's best.
Taking her out will be as good as taking out the minister.
Also, starting about the time of Esdeath's reappearance, there have been a series of murders involving political officials.
The victims are four political officials and sixty-one of their guards.
The problem is that flyers, which claim to be from Night Raid, were found at the crime scenes.
So they're trying to frame us But isn't that too obvious? For us to start declaring our acts would be bizarre.
At first, that was my reaction.
But now, the crimes are thought to be our doing.
Why? Those that were murdered all had top-notch guards.
As rebels, our killing them would make sense.
That means they're deliberately targeting powerful opponents.
The only ones capable of that are Those as powerful as we are.
In other words, Imperial Arms users.
I strongly believe they're among Esdeath's close subordinates.
Why would they do this? It's an invitation.
They're trying to lure us into a trap.
Since we know it's a trap, I'd like to tell you something.
The victims that were killed were not only intelligent, but also opposed the minister.
They cared about their nation.
When the new kingdom rises, officials like those will be pivotal.
We cannot afford to lose any more valuable people.
I'd like to hear your thoughts.
I I don't know much about politics, but Just knowing they used Night Raid's name to commit these crimes sickens me! You're right That's exactly right, Tatsumi! Bro! Very well.
Then it's decided.
Show them what we do to those who use our name.
Teach them the principles of an assassin.
There are two groups of political officials thought to be targeted next.
Akame and Lubbock Tatsumi and Bulat, guard them.
Where is the official we're guarding headed? The capital's outskirts.
Anchored at the marina of the grand canal is a massive luxury liner, the Ryuusen.
I-It's huge! This ship is like a fortress.
So this is where we'll wait for the impostors.
Reserved rice, huh? As expected from the good guys.
That amount should lift the people's spirits.
Watching this made me hungry.
I'll give you this, but I'm counting on you when the enemy comes.
No reaction Looks like we're coming up empty.
Don't let your guard down.
I know.
Tatsumi Bulat If the enemy is on your side Please Make it through alive! The old man I'm supposed to protect is surrounded by people.
Assassinating him would be impossible.
Looks like we're coming up empty— Huh, wh-what? That's a tough call to make on your own, Tatsumi.
Eh? Bro? My invisibility gives me the upper hand.
After all, you never know what the enemy plans.
That's true.
I'm sorry, Bro.
How many times have you hit me? Well, consider it tough love.
You don't have to say it three times! At any rate, this armor sure is useful.
Thanks to it, we were able to board the ship.
Yeah! In the war against the South, I fought with this.
It's like my partner.
However In the end, no matter how hard I fought This doesn't make sense! Why would the capital dismiss you, General? I wouldn't accept the new minister's bribe.
So he determined your status based on bribes, not merit? That's ridiculous! Bulat, I will return to the capital and openly defend myself.
I may be in this situation now, but I've done nothing wrong.
I'm sure they'll understand.
General I'm sorry you had me as your superior.
Forgive me, Bulat.
No, sir.
You are a great general.
But when the general returned to the capital, they wouldn't even listen.
Apparently there was some jealousy towards me, as well, so they set me up as a criminal.
Before they could do anything, I made my escape using this Imperial Arms.
Unbelievable The invisibility is at its limit.
I have to take the armor off for a while.
Don't they know your face, Bro? Leave this area to me! All right! I'll go investigate inside the ship.
If I see anyone suspicious, I won't let them get away.
Well, I'm pretty suspicious-looking myself A flute? Sweets Amaenbou Bring your best sweets.
Y-Yes, ma'am.
Right away! Because I'm in this form, I know that her being alone is a trap for me.
As evidenced by the evil I can smell radiating from her body! Thinking I could kill her if I had an opening Naïve.
This is frustrating, but I must follow my instincts and retreat! Meshiya Cafeteria Hmm? The presence is gone.
They didn't take the bait, huh? A pity.
I wanted to test some new torture techniques.
This is pretty delicious.
After the mission is finished, maybe I'll get some for them.
An exquisite tone, as always.
The ship has passed the urban areas, and is no longer visible from shore.
The timing is probably just right.
I've played for a long time, so even if I stop, everyone should be debilitated for a while.
There may be those that weren't listening to the flute's beauty.
Don't relax your guard.
Okay! What the hell is happening? Is it the music? Have to get outside! Even outside, I can hear the flute.
This must be an Imperial Arms.
Oh! Looks like someone's still struggling.
If you'd fallen asleep, I'd have left you alone.
Then you must be the Night Raid imposter.
So you're a real one, eh? This is great.
Here you go.
What are you doing? Well I want to fight to gain experience, in order to become the strongest.
Come at me! Ah, I see.
Then I'll give you some good experience And send you to hell! Excellent! How vigorous! Destroying you will be well worth it! Given what the music did to your body, I'm impressed that you dodged! In that case How's this? So that's your Imperial Arms! The Imperial Arms Great Double Axe: Belvark.
Not just anyone can wield this weapon! If that's how it is I'll make it hit you! Destroy yourself! Are you stupid?! The opponent was clearly ready for your attack! No matter how you look at it, he would've won! What were you doing, plunging in like that?! You You're awfully chipper.
The debilitating music should have affected the entire ship.
Oh, that's what it was Then it wouldn't work on me.
Huh? The hot blood that courses through my body isn't something that others can calm! This guy What an interesting guy! You physically injured yourself to stop the brainwashing effect, huh? I am Bulat, of Night Raid.
But you can call me "Handsome.
" I am Lady Esdeath's servant, Daidara, of the Three Beasts.
Tatsumi, pay close attention to how I fight, and burn it into your memory.
Bro Incursio! Looks like I can get some great experience! Bro! I've got this! I'll bash his head in— Tatsumi, this is what I meant before.
About being aware of your surroundings.
He killed the big one, and still dealt with the other two.
All All in a single moment! Bro, I knew you were strong, but you're incredible! That's right! Back when I was a soldier, my nickname was "Hundred-Man Slayer Bulat.
" To be accurate, it was one hundred, twenty-eight people.
You were up against the special forces, and you did that well.
That Imperial Arms, that strength.
So it is you, Bulat.
You are General Liver.
Kill the Three — Part Two —