Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Kill the Three Beasts - Second Half

1 Looks like I can get some great experience! Bro! He killed the big one, and still dealt with the other two.
All All in a single moment! That Imperial Arms, that strength.
So it is you, Bulat.
You are General Liver.
I am no longer a general.
After Lady Esdeath saved me, I became her servant.
Huh? Could this be the guy from Bro's story? If we'd been on the same side, we could've had a drink to celebrate the reunion.
But since you've resurfaced as my enemy, I must kill you.
I must complete the mission! That is my line.
The mission must be carried out With this Imperial Arms my master bestowed upon me! Kill the Three — Part Two — Kill the Three — Part Two — The Imperial Arms Black Marlin! Created from the organ of an aquatic Danger Beast that controls water.
Thus, its user can freely manipulate any liquid surrounding them.
It's immensely fortunate that my battle with you two takes place here! A water-controller, huh? Appropriate for the servant of one who controls ice.
Lady Esdeath can create ice from nothing.
She is on a completely different level.
It's awe-inspiring! Water Spirit Cannon! How brazen! Ow, ow, ow That guy's strength is roughly second to Lady Esdeath's But since we're on water, Liver can defeat him.
I should back him up, too.
Hold it! I won't just sit back and let him protect me! This guy You're in the way! Night Raid You're getting cocky! Damn, he's ridiculously fast However Akame is faster! Hmph! Don't compare me to a mere assassin! If I hadn't been hit earlier, this guy would be nothing.
Considering his wounds, his speed is absurd.
The Three Beasts Compared to their strength, Ogre was nothing.
Whoa, something crazy is happening over there.
As long as there's a lot of water, Liver will win! Heh, it's pretty obvious that Bro's gonna win.
No, Liver will! It's gonna be Bro! Succumb to the water pressure, Bulat! Ravine Serpent! I expected that you'd go straight for the serpent rather than dodge it.
Given the casualties if it had hit the boat.
However, now that you're off the deck and in the air There's no way you can dodge this! Dark Stream Spear! Splashing some water around won't be enough to quench my resolve! That's right.
This won't suffice to defeat you.
I am well aware of that.
We have been through countless battles together.
Your strength and your determination I understand them better than anyone.
And that's precisely why I'll have you feast on my greatest technique! Water Dragon's Divine Conquest! Is he dead? If it's ever in question, you haven't defeated your enemy! He survived it! That's too bad You missed your chance to defeat Liver.
B-Bro Tatsumi? Forgive me, Bro I wasn't able to hold him off long enough.
Oh? You can still move? I told you if you kept still, I'd play with you later.
Don't worry about it.
Your survival, after fighting without an Imperial Arms, is impressive enough.
Bro He was even injured within that armor.
After sustaining sufficient damage, your Imperial Arms appears to release.
We're almost finished.
Heh, don't act tough.
You're bleeding from your ears, Liver.
After pulling off those tremendous moves, your body must be worn out.
You're in no condition to use your Imperial Arms, either.
If that's revealed, there's no help for it.
I wanted to negotiate from a higher vantage point, but I'll simply ask.
Bulat, do you have any interest in joining Lady Esdeath's army? Since it's you, a second-in-command rank would be conceivable.
I have no interest in serving the empire anymore.
Not the empire.
Think of it as serving Lady Esdeath.
That was the way I was saved You could do as you please, and be feared by all.
That's right.
Even those filthy political officials, spreading their tainted philosophy, would bow down to you! Come with me, Bulat! Lady Esdeath can expunge your crimes! I refuse.
You may be comfortable with your current position, considering how you feel about political officials.
But I am a defender of the people.
If I were to join the Esdeath Army that's working with the minister I wouldn't be able to say that anymore.
"Defender of the people"? Not something I'd expect to hear from an assassin.
That's why I tried to say it with humility.
He's already at his limit, too.
But we still have our trump card.
And we'll win with that! Bro If two Imperial Arms users battle one another, it's certain that only one will survive.
Since neither of us can use our Imperial Arms We'll settle this with our swords.
I'll be enhancing my strength.
Since you're my opponent, after all.
Ah, Bro! This guy's dangerous! I'm well prepared to face a formidable opponent.
Here I come! These can't be an injured person's movements Yes! Hidden Technique: Blade of Blood! So you had something up your sleeve! Bro! A-Are you all right, Bro? These wounds aren't fatal Don't worry An attack that uses your own life force To think he withstood it Impressive.
If I'd misjudged even a second, I would've lost.
The moment I saw him spewing blood, I realized that was a form of liquid.
Good thinking, Bro! I may have just held him back But to think we both survived such powerful opponents! I'm so relieved.
Bulat There's one last thing.
The real reason I decided to join Lady Esdeath's army.
Disappearing like this would be a complete waste for you.
I've been searching for a competent assistant.
Join my army.
Even if I wanted to, I'm still a criminal.
I cannot return to the army.
Stop being so hesitant.
Of course you can return.
Because it is what I wish.
Which means I won't let anyone oppose it.
But the minister wouldn't allow that.
The minister is safe because of my army and me.
If it is to fortify that army, more power will be gladly received.
Come to my side, Liver.
If there's anything else troubling you I will make it all disappear.
Simply put, I idolized her.
That's all.
Liver Therefore As someone who exists solely to serve Lady Esdeath, I will take your life! Bro! That vial before wasn't merely to enhance his strength It was also a deadly poison! The poison will course through someone like you, one with no resistance.
You cannot be saved.
I will be going ahead.
As expected of my former superior A draw, huh? We have to hurry and get you help! Tatsumi The battle isn't over yet Did you think the Blade of Blood was our trump? Wrong.
I am the real trump card.
Secret Technique: Demon Summon.
My Imperial Arms Scream's purpose isn't only to affect others.
It can also be used to affect my own body.
He increased his strength So this is his secret technique.
Ah, it's been a while since I've changed into this form.
This is bad.
He beat me earlier What can I do alone? Tatsumi Tatsumi, I'm entrusting this to you.
That's It's Incursio's key.
The armor will come to the one who possesses it.
Y-You want me to use your Imperial Arms? That's impossible Simply impossible! Incursio places an immense strain upon its user.
It's enough to immediately kill someone random who's using it, right? If I were you, I wouldn't put that on.
You'll be dead before you even fight.
Let's just fight normally.
Don't get caught up in your enemy's words, dumbass! Think about your training and all you've been through! You're more than qualified to use this, Tatsumi! Bro! Since I'm avenging the other two, I want to slice them into pieces.
But if they died instantly, it would be boring.
There's the matter of compatibility with Imperial Arms.
If you aren't compatible, you'll die instantly! Compatibility between the Imperial Arms and you is mostly determined by first impressions, like your reaction to its appearance.
And whether you liked it or not.
Whoa, amazing! You can do it.
Go, Tatsumi! Bro Someone I respect is saying all of this If I don't live up to that, what kind of a man would I be? Ah, then you're putting it on? Well, then I'll kill you before you can kill yourself! Shout it out, Tatsumi! With your raging spirit! Incursio! The armor It's changing form to suit Tatsumi's body! What's with that armor? Don't tell me Its raw form is still alive! Incursio was created by purifying raw materials taken from Tyrant, a dragon-type Danger Beast whose life force exceeds that of any other.
That dragon could wander any land, whether burning desert or freezing tundra.
It could survive any environment by evolving itself and adapting.
Even after being used in an Imperial Arms, the dragon's flesh is still alive! Wh-What an incredible Imperial Arms Tatsumi I see Your passion has caused Incursio to evolve once more! Esdeath's army You've committed multiple assassinations in Night Raid's name! It's time to accept your punishment! You're suddenly full of yourself.
I can feel it This armor is vigorously increasing my strength! I will defeat you! Go ahead and try! Amazing.
If you're this powerful now, it's clear that eventually, you will surpass me.
Keep moving forward I'll be watching over you.
Bro I won, thanks to you.
I'm sorry.
Even till the end, I did dumb things that you hit me for.
I'll become stronger And I'll learn to use Incursio properly.
S-So So It's okay if I cry now, right Bro? Human bodies really are fun! We have to thoroughly dispose of the remains with fire.
Putting the goods we've taken from them on the black market is a major crime, isn't it? Kurome, we have a message! You've been summoned to an assembly in the capital.
Kurome's Snacks Just me? Yeah.
You're the only one chosen as one of the six.
Six? Apparently, it's to form a new organization.
The capital, huh? Maybe I'll get to see you Sister.
Kill the Battle Fanatic