Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Kill the Lust for Combat

1 Okay.
Finally healed! I was resting until my wounds healed, but now I can fight like before.
I have to work hard for Sheele and Bulat's sake! Kill the Battle Fanatic Kill the Battle Fanatic Someone, train with me.
Hey Mine You've recovered.
That's great.
What are you doing? These guys were gung-ho about training, so we're helping them out.
After putting it on I realized how much energy Incursio takes.
Train Daily Bulat I need to train my body, so I can wear it for a prolonged time like Bro.
As of now, I can barely use invisibility for a second.
I rarely see you drenched in sweat, Lubbock.
Well, there are only two guys in our group now.
I figured I should start putting in more effort Good job, sounding cool.
But you realize you've only done half as many push-ups as Tatsumi.
That can't be helped.
Since Leone and I have a major weight disparity.
You're all here.
Boss I'm going to Revolutionary Army headquarters to deliver the Imperial Arms we confiscated from the Three.
Alone? That axe is ridiculously heavy, though.
Oh, I can handle this much.
It isn't possible to use as a weapon, but transporting it isn't an issue.
The boss is amazing like the rest of you? Obviously.
You know she was a general, right? Akame, you're in charge while I'm gone.
Our plan of action is that everyone does their best.
I understand the basics.
Just the basics?! Don't worry, she'll take her role seriously.
The other reason I'm going to headquarters is to recruit new members.
I hope they can spare some talented individuals, but I doubt there are any.
I'm sorry.
I was weak You fought the Three, who were key figures in Esdeath's army, considered among the capital's strongest.
You eliminated all of them.
Although Esdeath's strength is unmatched, her army has clearly been weakened.
When the Revolution takes place, you'll have helped mitigate a huge concern.
Not only did you save the lives of the people on that ship, you essentially saved thousands in the Revolutionary Army who would've had to have faced them.
You're strong, and you've done well.
Boss I didn't want to inflate your ego, so I refrained from saying this.
But Bulat once told me Tatsumi's still green But he'll undoubtedly become stronger.
As long as he trains rigorously, he may just surpass me one day.
I look forward to seeing that.
Bro Be proud, Tatsumi.
Keep surviving.
And become the man Bulat anticipated you could be.
That being said We're still short-handed.
And according to Leone, Esdeath is organizing a special force of Imperial Arms users.
I have to do something.
Liver, Nyau, Daidara You three lost.
Which means you were weak.
It's only natural that the weak are eliminated.
My poor subordinates.
There's nothing else that can be done other than avenge your deaths.
My new subordinates who use Imperial Arms arrive today.
I've been told they have their quirks.
Perhaps I'll play around with them some.
Fish Market My name is Wave.
As a true man of the sea, I fought in the Imperial Navy.
I've been recruited to join the special forces squad the capital's organized.
Basically, it's a promotion.
Since it's my first time in the big city, I didn't want to look like a hick.
So I wore super cool clothes to help me fit in.
Back home, everyone admired me! And the assorted seafood my mother made me bring as gifts is all top-notch, so there's no oversight.
It will be rude if you don't bring gifts! Take this! However He's a hick.
He must be from the country Maybe I'm imagining things, but I feel like people are looking at me funny.
Did I do something rude? A hillbilly.
Yeah, definitely from the country.
Well, I'm a man who's fought pirates and aquatic Danger Beasts! Little things won't bother me! All right.
My new teammates are in here? First impressions are crucial.
I can't be intimidated by them, so let's go! You can't let them bulldoze you.
Dive in head-first! Good afternoon! I've come from the Imperial Navy— Pardon me! Uh, so this must be the torturer's room.
Jeez It's correct.
Which means he's one of my teammates! H-Hello.
For the time being, I'll just try not to draw attention.
Hey, hey What's with him? He's been staring straight at me the whole time! This is bad.
Mom, I wanna go home! It's a normal girl! H-Hey! I'm Wave, and— You can't have any of these.
She's totally weird, too! Sorry for bothering you.
What the hell? Pardon me! I'm Seryu Ubiquitous, of the imperial police.
And this is Coro.
Oh, this one seems normal enough! Dr.
Stylish, all is prepared now! Caring about one's first impression That is indeed what I call "stylish," as a man with etiquette.
Another crazy one! Oh, my.
I can tell by sight alone that you're a country boy.
But you're pretty good looking! I can polish you to be even better.
We'll get along well.
And he's into me.
Seems I'm the last to arrive.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Wave.
I'm Run.
It's a pleasure to meet you, as well.
Finally! A normal person! Um Everyone I've made some tea.
I'm really sorry.
I was the first one here, and I didn't say anything.
I'm what you call painfully shy So I was nervous.
But I probably have the most seniority I have to get it together! Since we're all Imperial Arms users, I'm sure we'll get along! I'm Bols, of the Incineration Squad.
That isn't the look of someone who's shy The Incineration Squad The stylish squad that sets anything ablaze, be it man or thing.
No wonder he looks like that.
He isn't my type.
Huh? Who are you? What are you all doing here? Hey, hey We were all told to assemble here.
Assassins are among the traitors.
Don't ever drop your guard! This one has good reflexes.
For someone trying to attack from behind, you're giving off too much presence.
Even if you're just messing around, I can't hold back.
So that's the Imperial Arms Yatsufusa, eh? What an impressive blade.
General Esdeath! Ouch Even our boss is weird! Did I surprise you earlier? I figured a normal greeting would be boring.
I'm used to rough situations.
In fact, thank you for the lesson! All right, then.
We have a party to attend, after we meet with the emperor.
W-We're already meeting him? For the first day, this is a pretty fast-paced schedule.
I believe in getting annoying things out of the way first.
But before that, Lady Esdeath What do we call ourselves? We are a unique organization, ordered to mercilessly hunt and take down the atrocious traitors.
We are the special police force We are the Jaegers.
I'm really happy we're serving my assorted seafood as the main course But isn't it weird that he's the one who can cook? Wave, the spinach should go in last.
If you put it in now, it'll become too tender.
I, uh Sorry.
By the way, I was relieved when I learned that you're a kind person.
I'm not a kind person General! How have you been spending your time here? Mostly hunting and torturing.
Or researching.
But at the moment I am interested in falling in love.
Love? On another note, I've been informed there is a spare Imperial Arms.
Oh, uh Yes.
The giant scissor-shaped Imperial Arms, retrieved from evil, is at the main office.
But they have yet to find someone suited to it.
If it stays like that, the minister will take them.
That would be quite a waste.
Perhaps we should put on a show, to help us identify one who's capable of using them.
Whoa! This really does feel like a secret base! Right? It's my pride and joy! But you didn't make it or anything, did you? Hey, there! Welcome to the secret base in the capital! Sis, you're way too relaxed.
Well Mine's face appeared on the wanted signs, so only we three can walk freely in the capital.
Also, the city's been clamoring about the special police force.
They call themselves the Jaegers.
Considering Esdeath is their leader, that isn't surprising.
I get why it's a hot topic, since she's such a dangerous person.
Tell me exactly how dangerous she is.
Let's see Let me give you an idea.
A few years ago, a tribe in the southwestern region rebelled against the imperial capital's tyrannical rule.
The capital responded by dispatching a special force to go enslave them.
The tribe had about ten thousand warriors, and the capital sent one hundred and twenty thousand soldiers.
Everyone felt the result would be obvious.
However The land itself and the obstacles they faced were intense for soldiers who lived comfortable lives near the capital.
When faced with nature's brutality, they were overwhelmed.
On top of that, the tribal warriors attacked nightly.
The young but capable Generals Najenda and Esdeath were dispatched as reinforcements.
General Esdeath, you seem gloomier than usual.
Of course I am.
The minister's orders were to end the rebellion swiftly with our Imperial Arms.
Handling nature's fury, which was too daunting for the special forces, is part of warfare's true thrill and pleasure.
And yet, we have these boring orders.
However, it's an order.
Whether it's facing a beast or noxious insects, or a plague or virus, everything before me will freeze.
Wh-What power Travel directly to enemy headquarters to destroy them! My attacks are as strong as a cannon! Musket troops, fire! After annihilating the enemy, it's time to enjoy ourselves.
Destroy this town to your hearts' content.
Are you watching? Do you see your home being ravaged? Damn you! Just kill us! I am a woman of mercy.
Some things are worth pitying.
I'm going to let a few of you go.
Stop joking around! If you don't kill us now, we'll certainly come back and kill you— Remember this.
It's only natural for the weak to end up like this.
If that makes you angry, become stronger.
I can't be a part of this.
Even though the capital ordered us to make an example of them I can't be among those who enjoy this savagery.
So that's what happened.
After causing so much agony, letting them live seems pretty wicked.
In fact, from the capital's prospective, wouldn't that be like adding fuel to the fire? That's exactly what Esdeath wants.
She wants more rebellions.
So she can enjoy being in war for as long as possible.
Unbelievable Jeez, she's dangerous! I'm glad I decided not to mess with her when I was alone.
I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of kills it took for her to gain that evil aura.
She must be a monster for you to talk about it like that, Sis.
If you're so curious, you should check her out yourself.
Esdeath is sponsoring a citywide martial arts tournament.
The winner gets a cash reward.
Maybe you can earn some money to send back to your hometown.
Say, Minister? Why do you think General Esdeath said she wants to fall in love? When they reach a certain age, everyone desires the opposite sex.
General Esdeath was practically born to battle.
Until now, she's always chosen war over anything else.
But it seems different desires have blossomed.
I see.
I'd like to help her find someone suitable.
She is a person of great pride.
I'm sure she won't accept anyone less than perfect for her.
But no man like this exists.
Above all, he must possess the potential for a great future.
I would personally like to train him into a highly ranked general.
Second, he must be fearless, and able to hunt Danger Beasts.
Third, much like myself, he must have been raised outside the capital.
"Fourth, since I will be controlling him, he must be younger than I am.
" "Fifth, it would be nice if he has a pure, innocent smile.
" Most would be disqualified at the first requirement.
Being trained by her into a highly ranked general is also problematic.
What do you think of them? Since they're boring subjects, the battle itself is boring, as well.
I guess it was asking too much to expect one capable of using an Imperial Arms.
Oh, it seems they've chosen the winner.
The winner is Nobunaga, the dry goods merchant! I did it! This next battle is the last match.
On the east side Kalbi the butcher! And on the west side Tatsumi the blacksmith! That's an interesting cover.
Does he know how to strike iron? Not as well as I do.
But he's pretty skilled.
It looks like one of them is still a young man.
You're quite small, aren't you? Guess I'll be taking that prize money! I may have been excommunicated, but I'm still a ninth-level master at Koukenji.
This old guy He isn't just talking himself up.
He's definitely powerful.
I may have been intimidated in the past, but I'm calm now, aren't I? Compared to the Three, this is nothing.
Begin! Have a full course of my explosive fist! I don't even need Incursio for this guy.
Whoa! Wow! That young man is outstandingly talented.
That'll be all! The winner is Tatsumi! Everyone is cheering for me I did it! We've found him.
A candidate for an Imperial Arms user, I presume? That, as well.
But also Commander? She's coming to the ring herself? Tatsumi That's your name, right? It's a nice name.
So this is Esdeath, the commander of the Three.
If she didn't exist, Bro would still Your win just now was magnificent.
I'd like to give you a reward.
Thank you very much.
Even though I'm taking it from the enemy, money is money.
I'll gratefully accept it.
Huh? From now on, you'll belong to me.
Wh-What? It's too distracting out here.
Come to my palace.
W-Wait, hold on! No, I won't wait.
What did she just do to me? Let's talk in my room, just the two of us.
Wh-What the hell is going on?! Tatsumi's been taken by Esdeath? Did she find out he was a Night Raid member? I don't really know There's a fifty-fifty chance.
We watched them go to the palace, but What do we do, acting boss? Tatsumi I won't die! Don't say something stupid like you'll rescue him, Akame.
For the time being, let's move our base farther into the mountains.
That's a good idea.
They might find this hideout.
So what do we do about Tatsumi? It may be impossible to rescue him I'm aware of that.
We won't rush in without any means, but Tatsumi is an important teammate! We'll do what we can! Kill the Temptation