Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Kill the Seduction

1 Is this it, the bandits' fortress? That's right.
Our first major mission as the Jaegers is to bring this place down.
What's our strategy? Justice should boldly launch an up-front attack! Um, why am I here, too? You're a backup Jaeger member.
Observing their operation will be good for you.
The one who killed Sheele! I have to control myself.
Just like Bro said Simply being hot-headed won't help.
I have to get myself out of here, and relay this information to everyone.
Wait a second Isn't this a perfect chance to escape? There's no way I can get away! You have some nerve, attacking the front entrance! Coro, number five.
Kill them! Judgment of the Ten Kings Enma's Spear of Justice! Next! Number seven! Mount Taizan Cannon of Justice! Heh, I created those weapons, you know? God's Hands: the Perfector They increase my speed and precision by a hundredfold.
They are the most stylish of the Imperial Arms! After we're done, I'll reassemble and play with you, my little dolls.
Hey, no need to thank me.
We're a team, aren't we? I knew he was there.
Seriously? The Imperial Arms flamethrower, Purgatory's Invitation: Rubicante.
This, too, is part of the job.
What? An angel? The winged Imperial Arms, Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema.
I won't let any of you escape.
Kill the Temptation Kill the Temptation Incredible.
Tatsumi I shall train you myself.
Eventually, you'll be able to do that much.
You're rather kind.
Am I different than what you expected? To be honest, this is my first time experiencing these feelings Being in love.
But it isn't bad.
Could it be possible that I could convince her to be our ally? This person Her previous actions can't be forgiven.
But she could devote herself to overthrowing the capital as an act of contrition.
A-All right I'll try to persuade her tonight! It's time I stepped up as a man! How did I end up in this situation again? No good, no good! If I'm nervous, what good am I? I have to convince her to be our ally.
Just do it I am a ferocious man! I won't be overpowered! Sorry for making you wait.
N-Not at all! Would you like a drink? Uh, no I'm fine, yeah.
Hmm? Are you nervous? No! You really are a cute one.
Well, I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation, either.
But I'm sure we'll figure it out, as long as we know what we want.
Uh, um I'd like to ask you something.
Well Esdeath, you like me, don't you? If I didn't like you, I wouldn't be doing this.
Th-Then I'd like for you to hear my request! Oh? What is it? Tell me.
Say it clearly, so I can hear you.
As it is now, I hate the capital.
It's natural that many people to feel that way.
What of it? If I'm to fight, I don't want to fight for it.
In fact, I've considered joining the Revolutionary Army.
Will you come to fight beside me, in the Revolutionary Army? That way, the casualties and harm done would decrease.
Tatsumi What the hell are you thinking, saying that to a general of the capital's army? I realize my words sound irrational But if we continue like this, we might end up as enemies.
You don't have to worry about that.
All you have to do is stay here with me.
I understand that you've endured a lot in the past.
But from now on, I won't let anything harm you.
And I won't take any other lovers.
I consider you my only man.
And I won't ever let you feel lonely.
I'm happy you feel that way about me, but it's no good.
It isn't just about my happiness.
Is it your family? I'll have them placed under my protection.
It isn't that I want a kingdom where everyone can live their lives as they see fit.
And when the capital is as rotten as it is here, that can't happen.
Tatsumi Y-You understand, don't you? I do not understand.
I cannot understand how the weak feel.
The universal law is survival of the fittest.
The weak are eliminated by natural selection.
Those who die are weak.
Th-There's no way I could possibly love someone who thinks that way! If you truly have feelings for me, I beg you to change your principles! Even that expression is nice.
However That won't happen.
Don't misunderstand our situation! You aren't the one who will change me.
You are the one I shall change.
That is the only outcome! Just because you want me to, it isn't as if I can change, either! Even if you torture me.
Heh, so stubborn.
Perhaps that's exactly why he can smile like that.
I want to see that smile again.
And those feelings I want to possess all of him.
In that case Well, I'm sure you're tired after today.
We'll discuss this again later.
For now, let's rest.
Huh? Then, I'll take that sofa over there and— I won't do anything tonight, so just sleep in the bed with me.
O-Oh, yeah I'm gonna go take a shower! This goes without saying.
If you cause a scene within these walls or try to run, it will mean your death.
So don't try anything silly.
I understand.
Everyone in Night Raid also warned me that the palace was extremely dangerous.
Maybe we should have showered together.
Well, there's no need to rush That said, Tatsumi will not only be a backup for the Jaegers, but my lover, as well.
Among the members here, do any of you have a spouse or significant other? Huh?! Is that true, Mr.
Bols? Yep, I've been married for six years.
She's so perfect, I can't believe she's with me! Then I must ask, Bols What should I do in order to capture Tatsumi's heart? The trick to capturing your beloved's heart Never give up! I, myself, was rejected twice But I got another chance, and that's when she finally became mine! Bear in mind that it does take some time.
Hmm I see.
Bols did say that You'll fall for me, Tatsumi.
This kind of plan is new and fun.
Hey! Did you get some rest last night Guess not, huh? I was so nervous, I couldn't sleep through the night.
She said she wouldn't do anything, but when I opened my eyes, she was using me as a body pillow.
Isn't it a bit early for snacks, Kurome? Mind your own business.
If you had more seafood, it'd be better for you.
Then I'd stink like the ocean.
Like you.
Huh? Seriously? Do I smell? No Not really, I think.
What is this? The way she looks And even her name, Kurome I have a feeling of intense déjà vu.
You can't have any.
A-And this gluttony There's no mistake, she's just like Akame! She has something to do with Akame! What? Uh, this may be rude, but you look a lot like that girl, Akame, from the wanted posters.
Oh, I was thinking the same thing.
She was my relative and an honored member of society.
But then she betrayed the capital.
I really want to see her again So that I can kill her with my own hands.
After all, she is my beloved older sister.
Tatsumi, we're heading to Mount Fake.
We'll be hunting for the next few days.
What's Mount Fake? Mount Fake is Fake Mountain, of course.
We're going to the outskirts.
This is my chance to escape! Wave and Kurome, you'll be joining us.
We'll hunt Danger Beasts, while keeping an eye out for enemies.
Kurome and I will take the east side until dusk.
Wave and Tatsumi will scout the west side.
In the evening, we'll switch.
And Tatsumi will be with me.
Upper-level Danger Beasts appear at night.
It will be a good chance to impress him.
I couldn't say this back at the palace, but you sure have it rough.
If you ever wanna talk, I'll listen.
But I should be okay.
I'm used to this treatment and taking orders.
I know sort of what you mean.
Actually, I feel we're pretty similar.
Similar? How so? Huh? Well, uh How should I put this? I feel that we've encountered the same kinds of problems.
Or that maybe we're going to encounter the same kinds of issues Uh, yeah, I understand.
I pretty much get it, so you don't have to explain.
Anyway, since we're so similar, I'm sure we'll get along— Tatsumi? Huh? Watch out! Thanks, I owe you one! Don't mention it! Huh? I instinctively moved and saved him, but this is my chance to escape.
So you're all showing up now, huh? Unlike sea beasts, it seems you aren't edible.
We'll take care of this in no time! Heh, that's it? Looks like you're done over there, too.
Tatsumi? Hmm? Huh? Normally, it'd be impossible to get away from an Imperial Arms user.
However Since I have an Imperial Arms myself, it's a different story.
Tatsumi! Where'd you go? Don't tell me he ran away! This is bad! I get how you feel, but I can't let you do that! I don't wanna die, either! You know? I guess I have no choice Grand Chariot! I should be fine this far away.
There's no way he could come after me.
Wh-What? The same type? An armored Imperial Arms? Hey, you Seems I've run into a big catch.
I know that Imperial Arms, Incursio.
It's the prototype for my Grand Chariot.
And above all, that you wear it means that you're part of Night Raid! Change of plans The Night Raid member before me takes precedence over finding Tatsumi.
He's strong I was told that mine was an enhanced version of his Incursio.
But I can't lower my guard.
This guy Is it Wave? Or a different pursuer? Regardless Huh? If Esdeath shows up, it'd be really bad! I have to get out of here fast.
I won't let you get away.
Accept your fate, and face me! Stop! I have no reason to fight you! Even if you don't I have my reason, Night Raid member! I've read up on you.
Indiscriminately carrying out assassinations You're the evil that threatens the capital's safety and peace.
On top of that, I hear you're related to the rebel army.
I can't forgive your very existence! You're wrong.
It's true that we commit murder.
However, I'm No, we're not evil! He's coming.
Being fired-up won't keep you alive! That's right I have to get out of here, no matter what.
And return with this information.
If you refuse to fight, this battle will be rather one-sided! This isn't good! Grand Fall! A perfect hit.
It's too bad that I kicked him into the river.
But I won't lose sight of— He isn't there? Where is he? He rode the current and swam away? That won't work against a man of the sea! I got away without having to fight And it appears he can't turn invisible.
That last kick was really powerful.
If I hadn't absorbed it, I would have died.
But now, I can finally return A Danger Beast? What bad timing! It's no use.
I've taken too much damage I can't fight.
It's gonna kill me! A-Akame? Tatsumi, are you all right? Why are you here? We've been watching you from a distance.
I see All that just for me.
I'm sorry.
You had to come to my rescue again I'll always come to save you.
After all, we're friends.
What's wrong? I just felt so relieved, seeing your face.
Welcome back, Tatsumi.
Yeah, I'm back.
Bam! We should get outta here first, right? Come on, this way! Lubbock, thanks for coming.
Yeah, well It was kinda my fault for suggesting you enter the tournament And with you gone, I'd have been the only man.
I would've had a harem, so it wouldn't have been too bad That's harsh.
He says stuff like that, but he was really worried.
Yeah, I know.
Night Raid This is truly where I belong.
Um, how do I say this? I'm deeply sorry.
I've reflected on my actions! Being distracted and letting Tatsumi escape was bad enough.
But furthermore Letting Night Raid escape was deplorable.
Kurome, stone.
Wave, you are skilled, but your mind is weak.
Own up to your mistakes.
Yes, ma'am.
If you fail again, I shall personally administer your punishment.
Keep that in mind.
Yes, ma'am.
Captain! My apologies! Even Coro couldn't track either one! Hecatoncheir is mainly for battle.
Don't worry about it.
And what about Stylish? He still hasn't contacted me.
That wasn't much of a hope.
Captain, regarding Tatsumi If he were to resurface as our enemy, how should we handle him? To be honest, I love Tatsumi, even now.
Perhaps the feeling is intensified because he's no longer within my reach.
However, my subordinates' lives take priority.
Capturing him alive would be ideal.
But life or death shouldn't be in question.
If he's tainted by evil, we have no choice.
If you are killed, that's as far as you could grow as a man.
But you aren't that weak.
You have the will to survive.
It's quite strange.
I truly feel I'll see you again, Tatsumi No, I shall make it so we meet again.
And when that time comes, you won't be able to resist these feelings.
Brace yourself, Tatsumi.
And that's what I saw of the Jaegers' strength.
Damn, so they really are all Imperial Arms users! This is gonna be tough And for Kurome to be a member Why didn't you escape the capital together? I invited her, of course.
But my sister chose to stay.
From her perspective, I am the traitor.
So that time with Zank, her hallucination was of Kurome.
And? How strong were they individually? Individually, the Jaegers are about as strong as we are.
However Esdeath She's on a different level.
Honestly, if I faced her now, I doubt I'd win.
Esdeath is indeed powerful.
But she has a weakness.
And that is? That she's alive.
She has a heart and a pulse.
Given that, I'll slay her.
Even if she is the most powerful in the capital! I'll respect the fact that you tried to erase your scent to prevent being tracked, but those efforts are useless against the enhanced soldiers I've created.
From the start, I knew he was suspicious.
For a simple blacksmith, he was far too good at adapting to that environment.
Bingo! Totally found Night Raid's hideout.
Kill the Mad Scientist