Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

Kill the Mad Scientist

1 Oh, yeah We were up all night with Tatsumi's homecoming party.
And we passed out on the spot I'm still sleepy.
I did it, Lord Stylish.
I took one down! "I'm continuing the mission," so he says, Lord Stylish.
You indeed have the knight's role.
You flew right into enemy territory.
Now attack, Team Stylish, with passion and intensity! The troops have entered the base.
Kill the Mad Scientist Kill the Mad Scientist And the show begins I'm getting tingles down my spine.
Damn it All of a sudden, there are a lot of enemies! And so close— They're inside Enemy.
Crap, I have to meet up with the others.
One down.
My enhanced soldiers are rugged and durable.
You can't treat them like normal humans.
What's the matter? They seem to be durable, as well.
Here's another way to use strings.
And Tie them together, and see what you can do! What ingenuity I'm a book-lender.
There's a ton of info on using string in the shop's manga selection.
Here they come again M-My apologies I don't deal well with groups They're fast! Get behind me.
Akame! I'd expect no less.
A new one! My compliments, though we are enemies.
He's strong.
My name is Toby.
I request a duel with Akame! This Imperial Arms user feels different than the rest, like a machine.
Akame! You bastards, get out of the way.
There you are.
Hey, armored guy Seems you're up against me, Kakusan.
That Imperial Arms Like it? It's the Creation Bisector: Extase.
It's my happy little Imperial Arms.
That isn't yours! Cut through flesh, and rend it from bone! Good response I thought I had you.
So much for your stiff armor.
Poor thing.
This Imperial Arms can cut through anything in the world.
Armor means nothing! As predicted, they're effective against Murasame and Incursio.
Just as planned.
It's all about finding a good match.
But we've lost quite a few foot soldiers.
There's too much noise to hear well, but the damage seems serious.
What a tragic loss Not.
I have plenty of soldiers.
They're all pathetic criminals who thought they'd made a contract with me for lighter punishment.
They're really lab rats until the day they die.
Give that back! That's Sheele's! Who the hell is that? You want to die that much? I'll cut you up.
You seem to be struggling.
Sloppy, as always.
Mine Those wimps couldn't even buy time.
Now one of them's managed to regroup.
Let's get this over with.
Just seeing the enemy with Extase pisses me off.
Get this over with? Think before you speak Your base was found, you've been infiltrated, and now you're under a frontal assault.
Exactly my point.
Enough big talk! Fool, my modified body even stopped Incursio.
I can take a gun head-on.
Hold it! I'm better when I'm in a pinch.
You underestimated me.
Welcome back, Sheele.
Kakusan is down.
We've also lost a lot of foot soldiers.
Oh, dear.
I miscalculated.
Well, in that case Something is coming from the sky! A Danger Beast, air manta! There's someone on top.
Th-That's Ex-General Najenda! There appear to be two more! How stylish! They tamed a Danger Beast, and they're riding it.
This isn't the time to get excited! Headquarters' divination Imperial Arms is impressive as always.
Ill fortune from our base's direction.
Spot on.
Good thing I came back right away.
Time to unveil the new members.
You caught me off-guard, but this is convenient.
I'll make all of you my test subjects with my secret weapons! If I can't take you down in one blow, I'll have to cut you up like this.
This is going to hurt.
Prepare yourself.
I no longer feel any such sensation! Tasteless How dare you stab me from the side? The base and my people are in danger.
I don't intend to just sit and watch.
Well, I might have lost, even one-on-one.
Akame, please tell me How was I inferior to you? Your attacks were vicious, but you were careless, I think.
My defense became careless, I see Perhaps a lack of pain is not ideal.
What is that? A new enemy? Hold on.
It's the boss! We have backup! Nice timing! And no fair! Why? She gets to show up on that badass thing I want one, too! Huh? I've been thinking this for a while, but your taste is messed-up.
Pretty, pretty girl You're wide open behind! Now you've done it! You threw a knife at me out of nowhere.
I was knocked out for a while! I can't breathe Help.
I like surprise attacks, but I dislike being attacked by surprise.
Looks like you've been strengthened.
Don't go thinking that means you can die easily.
Th-This little That's what she did last time? That surprise attack got me good Oh, crap, I took him out in a single blow.
S-Sis Are you okay? I got caught off-guard earlier, but when I'm transformed, I can heal faster.
This is nothing.
Is everyone all right? Yeah.
Everyone's here now.
There's still more? But this is the last of the ones setting off the strings.
I don't smell anyone else nearby, either.
Okay, now that we're all here, let's finish them off! Akame? What's wrong, guys? M-My body won't move.
This is like that time on the ship.
Hypnosis? No, this is poison Effective on everyone except Incursio, Lord Stylish.
Secret Weapon #1: my stylishly prepared paralyzing poison.
Doesn't that mean our allies are in trouble, too? They've been given an antidote.
Seriously? Amazing, Lord Stylish! Wow! I didn't want to use a new drug on such good test subjects The drugs are also precious.
They took forever to make.
But what could I do? Our men were getting destroyed! Amazing, Lord Stylish.
So kind.
And it's unscented, so it's kind to me, too! I can still move more than the others.
I have to protect them! He's on our side, right? Now, eliminate those enemies before you, Susanoo.
D-Damn There's a new one decimating our men! Impossible The poison works on all living things.
It might be an Imperial Arms we don't know about yet.
Well, we won't need any more test subjects.
My custom-made human bombs! That settles that! It's No way.
That assistant An organism-based Imperial Arms! A human Imperial Arms! Wh-What do want? There.
What? A good place to observe Akame in that position, and upwind of the poison's dispersal.
If there's someone coordinating this, they must be somewhere around there.
Susanoo, enemies on the southeast ledge.
Don't let them escape! Understood.
We've been found out! It can't be helped.
Let's be safe and get out of here! The poison doesn't work on organism types! I must destroy the core, or deal with the handler.
He won't just let us go, will he? Fear not, Lord Stylish.
In Shogi, we'd be the gold and silver pieces.
We will protect you.
No way.
You don't stand a chance.
You're just scouts.
You can't defeat him.
In that case, I'll have to do this! Secret Weapon #2: danger type! It's the only choice! Lord Stylish? Here it comes! This is the ultimate in stylishness! I become a Danger Beast myself, and destroy all of you! Beautiful You're amazing, Lord Stylish.
You are my precious nourishment! Let's become one! Yes I eat the nutritious meat, and I level up! What the hell is that? Gross.
It's a monster.
I'm still not big enough.
I'm not close enough to the ultimate Imperial Arms To go higher, I have to get even bigger! For that, I will have you, too! He's tough.
Crap, I need to go, too.
Tatsumi, if you can move, take me with you.
Akame Sure.
Hold on tight.
Let's hurry, Akame! What's wrong, organism-based Imperial Arms? You can hit me harder! What is that, a two-man costume? Since you seem rather dizzy, I'll squish you both! It's no use.
If it can't cut my skin, even the Ichizan Hissatsu: Murasame is useless.
Time for you to give up! You Checkmate, Dr.
Stylish! I'm not done yet! It looks like we can cut through there.
Go, Akame! Eliminate.
There There were still so many human experiments I wanted to do Wh-Why do I have such bad luck? At least you died with all your parts intact.
Kill the Newcomers