Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Kill the New Recruits

1 Whoa! Awesome! This feels great! For an assassin, you're ridiculously innocent, Tatsumi.
You're pretty entertaining, though.
Man, this is a lot more fun than I expected! Good.
This isn't good at all! Kill the Newcomers Kill the Newcomers The Danger Beasts that inhabit these Marg Highlands are of a high level, and the area is mostly unexplored by humans.
That's why it's perfect for concealment.
As for a place suitable for our new base, I'm having the Revolutionary Army scouts look for a place around the capital.
Until then, I guess we'll be leveling up here.
Huh? It left.
You're okay with that? I'm sure it's returning to its nest, back at headquarters.
I guess you can't even figure that out, Mine.
She pisses me off.
Now, let me introduce the new members.
First Oh? When you see her up close, Akame-chan's so cute What are you doing, all of a sudden? I'm Chelsea.
As fellow assassins, let's all get along.
Here, have a treat.
I welcome you.
Ah! She managed to lure Akame by feeding her! She must have been hungry from the long trip.
But Chelsea looks even less like an assassin than Mine and the rest Don't judge a book by its cover.
She's an amazing talent, who's done about the same number of successful jobs as Akame.
Eh? And this is my new Imperial Arms, which I got from the Revolutionary Army, Lightning Speed: Susanoo.
He's an organism-based type that operates on auto, so the burden is low.
Meaning even I could use him.
N-Nice to meet you again Wh-What? All right! His personality is that of quite a neat freak.
Even though he's an Imperial Arms Come to think of it, he did fix my hair.
Well? More importantly, what's his power? He's just strong in physical brawls? Then let us show you.
Don't be too surprised.
Do it, Susanoo! Understood.
Well, I mean this is amazing, but But what the hell? It looks like he's merely doing household chores.
Precisely! Susanoo was originally created to be an Imperial Arms bodyguard.
Of course, he has attack power, but he's also trained to do housework while he protects you.
Cleaning, laundry, everything! Chores Fighting He's able to prepare over a hundred dishes.
That has nothing to do with fighting! But he's extremely convenient! Well, of course he has a secret fighting technique.
Right? Yes.
Then these two are our new members They seem very reliable! Hey, you flat-chested shrimp! Tiny chest! Tiny chest! Even though he's good looking and can cook, he is an Imperial Arms, right? Yeah, I'm definitely not gonna lose to that.
Though I'm worried about our teamwork We finished searching the doctor's residence.
However, there was no solid evidence to explain the fact that he's missing.
But all his important experimental materials and equipment were left in the lab.
So, he didn't flee.
Then he was killed, after all.
His super soldiers were all gone, as well.
It's believed they all perished in battle.
All right.
So that means Seryu lost another patron.
After losing Stylish, how are you doing mentally? I'm fine! Materials were left in his lab.
I won't be able to do additions or modifications, but I can keep up my maintenance.
I see.
Seryu, how is your Judgment of the Ten Kings and other weaponry doing? Oh! They're working perfectly, Doctor.
You were able to withstand the experiments.
Now, use those powers to achieve your goals.
Even if you get hurt, I'm here for you.
Right! My parents My teacher And now my patron! All the people precious to me are getting killed by villains.
Seryu Captain, I'm angry! I want to hurry and eradicate them all! If you're with me, I shall grant that wish.
Without fail.
Captain Thank you very much.
I will use my strength, my life For you and justice.
All right! I'm totally going to cheer Seryu up.
I don't think you'll be able to do it, Wave.
My mom always told me if a girl seems sad, be a man and help her.
Huh And that time is now! Seryu, I'm here for you! It appears the capital is also steadily strengthening their forces At this rate, we lack power.
We must become stronger.
The day of revolution is near.
We'll have to use this time to train.
Most likely, our team will not be ready immediately.
Think of this as our last chance to get any new members.
Complete the missions together, survive, and let us welcome the day of revolution.
We got one.
All right.
We're going to feast tonight, Su.
Whew The food Su makes is delicious! All my fatigue from training is gone.
Thank you, Su.
Su, let's train together tomorrow! I told you that Susanoo was amazing.
I'm surprised the Revolutionary Army was willing to let such an efficient Imperial Arms go.
No This whole time, Susanoo has been asleep.
He responded to me, and began to move.
That's our boss.
Well, I guess you could call it charm Najenda looks just like my old master.
I get it.
I'm sure your master was a fascinating person.
He was an amazing general! He?! You look just like a guy! Nothing less from our boss, who's called a handsome guy! Sis, you shouldn't laugh so much.
Uh, well, um Um Everyone got chummy with Su so fast My position's been taken.
Lubba, you've always had the comedian's role.
Oh? It's a baby Marg panther.
Those guys don't fear humans.
What? I'm telling you right now, I don't have any food for— G-Guess I don't have a choice.
It's mine now, meow.
Chelsea! Mine, you're way too open.
Wh-Why, you So that's your Imperial Arms, Chelsea? Yep, I can change into whatever I like.
Isn't my Imperial Arms, Gaea Foundation, convenient? Mine, if you don't tighten your guard, you might end up the next victim.
What?! If they learn what your Imperial Arms is, you're finished, too! True I have a cosmetic Imperial Arms rather than one for battle.
But that's exactly why it's worth using.
The look of surprise on your face just now, Mine, was priceless.
She pisses me off so much! Tatsumi, I'll leave the small fry to you.
Got it! Their single blows are heavy.
I'll watch their movements, and avoid any direct impact.
Then I'll eliminate them! That's Incursio's supplemental weapon, NeuntÃte.
Since when could he use that? Slowly, he's getting closer to Bulat There's no end to these small fry.
They just keep calling more reinforcements.
I have to find the leader.
Found it! Whoa, there.
I guess that's your hidden technique.
Subjugation complete! To think we've been able to subjugate the area this smoothly All sorts of things attack, so we can't lower our guard.
That's fine.
That makes things more fun.
The air is thin here.
Having battles in a rough area You guys have leveled up quite a bit.
True I can definitely feel it.
Chelsea Well? After observing Night Raid for a month, how do you feel? Yeah, you guys are strong.
You're stronger than my last team.
All right! We made her admit it! But Mere strength isn't enough to survive.
I was reading your old records, but Sheele and Bulat, the two who died in the line of duty I'm sure they were great people But I think they're failures as assassins.
If you don't do something about that naiveté, I don't think it'd matter if you had endless lives.
She pisses me off to no end.
As honest as ever, I see.
Anyway, let's cook all of the beasts we've hunted.
We should take care of our hunger first.
You're seriously independent, too.
Well? What did you want to discuss, Mine? You guys are okay with this? With what she said about Sheele and Bulat? Well, I mean I don't want anyone saying anything about Bro, either.
Then give Chelsea a piece of your mind.
Tell her she's wide-open, too, and laugh at her! And while she's in shock, I'll deal her the finishing blow and declare victory! It's perfect.
I have a feeling that nothing good happens when I pair with you.
What? Obviously, you guys are on my side, right? Right? All right, fine.
But how are we going to teach her a lesson? You need to figure that out with Lubba.
I'll think on my own.
Got it? We're going through with this tonight.
We're gonna teach her a lesson! Forceful as always A way to teach her a lesson? Well, I guess we could use our Imperial Arms Ah! I totally got an idea! A great idea! To be using my Imperial Arms for something like this Listen, it's almost time for Chelsea's bath.
You turn invisible, and go in after her from the back.
And then get close to her while she's bathing, and put a bucket over her head.
She'll be super surprised.
Are you sure that's okay? You idiot! Mine's orders are for a just cause.
This is our only chance.
B-But You won't be able to come with me, Lubba.
That's fine.
I'm giving you the chance.
Go! Lubba Just kidding.
Now I can learn how angry Chelsea will get if we peep on her while bathing.
If she's the type to laugh and forgive, I'm totally going for it! I'd feel bad if I looked too long, so I'll make this quick.
But then again I sort of want to see.
The pubescent young man is conflicted.
All right Here we go! It's a guy?! Where are you? I know you're there.
Su, why Incursio can go invisible, but that is all.
It cannot render your presence invisible.
Do not forget this.
Otherwise, you will die! Yeah.
Eh? E-Eh? Just kidding, it was me.
I felt your presence getting closer, so I thought I'd surprise you instead.
So that's why you transformed and waited for me.
You got me.
Deception is my specialty.
You need at least ten more years before trying to deceive me! If I said that, are you the type to get mad? No.
Hmm? What you mentioned about being invisible Everything you said is true.
I'll remember that in actual combat.
Huh You seem to comprehend things well.
I Recently, I came back from a job, and my whole team was killed.
I don't want that to happen to everyone here If you don't do something about that naiveté, I don't think it'd matter if you had endless lives.
Then she said that because she was thinking of everyone.
Well You're pretty naïve yourself, Chelsea.
That isn't true.
That has to do with my mental health.
Also, the next time you come in on me bathing, I'll chop it off, so be prepared.
Ch-Chop it off? Chop what off?! Captain? Is something the matter? When there are a lot of people, I always want to search for Tatsumi.
Captain We managed to find many people in the army who resemble him.
If you wish, we could arrange for you to meet them.
There's no need for that, Run.
There is only one Tatsumi in the world.
I shall accept no substitute.
My apologies.
This isn't good A very sadistic woman, working with the minister.
I knew she had power, although I thought she was trash.
I guess keeping an eye on her for a bit is one idea.
What is this feeling in my chest? Am I going to be reunited with Tatsumi soon? Or Does our final battle with them approach? Or is it something else completely? It's a Danger Beast I've never seen before! Run! Well It appears I've acquired some rather amusing toys.
It's been forever since I was in the capital.
I will enjoy it to the fullest.
Kill the Nuisances