Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e13 Episode Script

Kill the Hindrance

1 Lately, I've heard that the new breed of Danger Beasts have been appearing around here quite often.
Make sure you don't go out alone.
Yes, I know.
Wha— No Please don't Kill the Nuisances Due to the Jaegers, most of the rebels around the capital have been purged.
Kill the Nuisances Perhaps it's because they cower in your presence, but Night Raid has also stayed hidden.
Yes, my lord.
As soon as Night Raid shows themselves, we shall take care of them swiftly.
Very well.
That's fine and all, but we can't seem to find a guy who meets all your standards.
If you don't like the minister, then how about his son? He has a really promising future.
My lord, as previously reported, I have found someone on my own.
There's no need to worry.
But he disappeared, right? Then you guys can't fall in love.
I am passionate about getting him back.
I believe that is a part of love.
That's deep! I don't think that's actually deep.
Seems like the emperor been affected by you, as well, and has become interested in love himself.
A few more years, and I'll give him women, alcohol, and the most delicious foods, sending him into depravity.
I'll ensure he makes many sweet memories.
Don't let him get any adult diseases.
So, I have another request for you, General.
The new kind of Danger Beast that's appeared around the capital I'd like you to capture and suppress them.
Ah, that.
I've been looking into that matter myself.
At first, they appeared in dense forests and mines But the other day, they evidently forced their way into a house and attacked the owners.
Then ate them.
I heard they resemble humans pretty closely.
Don't you think they sound like amusing toys? Commander-in-Chief Budou has given the order to crush them, but I'd definitely like to study them.
Very well.
I heard they were ferocious Danger Beasts, so I wanted to hunt them.
I'll bring back two or three alive.
Send the reward to the troops I left up north.
I see you're kind to your subordinates, as usual.
The more devoted, the more likely soldiers are to risk their lives to fight for me.
That's one of the reasons my army is so powerful.
How promising Make sure you bring back a lively one.
Let's hurry up and enter the capital while it's still light.
I know.
Let's get the hell out of this dangerous area.
Th-There they are! I made it in time.
This should finish you.
Everyone, there's nothing to fear anymore.
Um, I defeated the Danger Beasts, so You don't have to quiver in fear like that It's all right now.
The flames of justice burned through evil! You must be soldiers from the capital.
We're saved Um Well, you know Don't take it personally, Bols.
Those people seem to have calmed down! Thank goodness! As planned, those that ran away were frozen and have been successfully captured.
I see This is definitely a type I've never seen.
Don't eat them.
Wave, Kurome The tea's ready.
Oh, thank you, as always.
No problem at all.
I do this because I enjoy it.
What's the matter, Wave? It just makes me angry.
You're a nice person, Bols.
And yet, those merchants you saved back there Everyone judges you by appearances! Like you can talk? Eh? That's right! Wave, I've said this before, but I'm not a nice person.
I've burned and killed a whole village's population because they were infected with a disease.
And even burned someone who was proclaiming their innocence because I was ordered to.
So I'm hated by countless numbers of people.
But as a soldier, you were just ordered to I know that someone has to do it, and it's my job.
I believe getting that kind of reaction from those I save is my recompense.
Bols, that's too harsh! If you want, I'd be more than happy to listen— Honey! Papa! What's this? What are you doing here? Well, you forgot the lunch we made together! Oh, how could I? Papa, you're silly! Since your job is so demanding, you need to be sure to keep up your strength.
Right! I'll be more careful.
Papa, pick me up! There, there.
What a good girl.
Thank you, Wave.
My wife and daughter know everything I've done, and they still cheer me on.
That's why, no matter how hard things are, I'm perfectly fine.
S-So bright Is this love? Or rather, I'm useless again.
Oh, you Don't merely use your entire body.
No matter how sturdy something appears, it should have some weakness.
Wow If you can discover that in battle, it'll be very effective.
But I wonder if I'll be able to find someone's weakness while fighting.
If I'm unable to, it bothers me.
You must be a natural, Su.
Of course.
I'm an Imperial Arms, made to look after my master.
I would never let a change in those who serve my master go unnoticed.
I understand.
But it's really reassuring.
With you around, I think we won't have to lose another one of us eight! I'm an Imperial Arms.
You do not have to count me as a person.
What are you talking about? You're definitely one of us! One of you, huh? I don't really understand.
To be one of you means to fight alongside you, right? Eh? Well, yeah, but We also help each other out.
I know! Su, you're really good-looking, so you should help Lubba and me when we go look for hot chicks.
I don't really understand, but If that is what you wish, I shall do whatever I can to help.
Okay! Su! Tatsumi! We got an emergency summons.
Hurry back.
Emergency? Why? Evidently, Danger Beasts have appeared around the capital, causing a lot of trouble.
We're to eradicate them, while we head to our new hideout.
The capital, huh? You know This doesn't really feel like a new hideout.
If you think about how hard it is to find, and how easy it is to flee, of course it seems like our old hideout.
Well, it's nice to have a hot spring again.
When we're done with work, let's have a drink there.
Sounds good! Miss Najenda, I've finished erecting a barrier around the base.
I've finished digging an emergency escape tunnel, as well.
Oh, that was fast.
Well done, Susanoo.
Don't think you've won just yet.
What are you talking about? I know we just got here, but our enemy this time is the new Danger Beast.
They tend to act in packs, and seem to possess some intelligence.
Physically, they are quite strong, and most of the fighters who have challenged them have lost.
People and livestock around the dense forests and mines south of the capital have been attacked.
Apparently, the Jaegers and the capital soldiers have been exterminating them daily.
But their numbers aren't dropping, and casualties have become great.
Considering the trouble the capital seems to be having with this, it doesn't seem to be a trap.
Simply put, we're going to end up helping the capital.
Got it? Of course! This time, it can't be helped.
Considering what we just heard, they should be taken care of at once.
But I'd like to avoid bumping heads with the soldiers.
We are Night Raid.
We can simply move at night, when the capital's side rests.
Oh, right.
Putting ourselves in danger and exterminating some monsters We should just leave this to the Jaegers.
You guys really are naïve.
I understand what you're saying.
But even now, those things might be attacking more people.
We're assassins, but I believe we're on the people's side! I want to annihilate them as soon as possible, so we can save even more people! Well, I thought you'd say that.
Got it, got it.
Tatsumi There's one thing I'd like to say to you.
Su? Your fly is down! It's bothering me, so please close it.
And you almost looked cool! How lame! Hey, how do you feel right now? Well? That's what you get for trying to act cool.
Shut up! I'm sorry, Tatsumi.
I noticed it, but I thought it was some sort of fashion statement.
I'm not someone that free and open! From now on, I'll be more careful, and take a look now and then.
No, please don't! "We're on the people's side.
" And your fly was totally down.
Don't make me take you down, Lubba! Don't worry about it.
Your fly was open for the people's sake, right? Sis, not you, too! This is how we are.
I apologize for any trouble we cause you, Chelsea.
That's fine and all, but I'm worried.
From what I saw in Sheele and Bulat's records, that kindness seems like it will take Tatsumi's life.
Run, I'll tell you this According to the minister's findings, those Danger Beasts were once human.
As I suspected.
I thought their physical appearance was quite similar.
Turning humans into Danger Beasts The only one who'd be able to do that is an Imperial Arms user.
Those Danger Beasts may have been the Doctor's experiments.
Right after he disappeared, they started to appear.
Have you any other proof? When we examined his lab, it looked pretty plain.
He should have been doing all sorts of experiments, but it was a bit quiet.
So he might have had a separate secret lab? Yes, perhaps those he was holding there escaped into the open.
It could be someone totally unrelated and their Imperial Arms, but that seems like too much coincidence.
Meaning, it's possible it wasn't that the Doctor was trying to find Tatsumi and ran into the enemy, but that, after finding the enemy hideout, he tried to capture them as test subjects and was eliminated instead.
Apparently, that man might have been much further gone than we thought.
If those Danger Beasts are a product of the Doctor's experiments, their numbers should be limited.
So this problem should resolve itself eventually.
That doesn't end this problem.
Did those things escape on their own? Or did someone release them? I understand.
I shall look into various things regarding this matter.
I'm counting on you.
This could be a deep-rooted problem.
But it's rather rare for you to be admiring flowers.
Right If you rub these flowers into wounds, it causes intense pain.
They're great for light torture.
I shall keep that in mind.
You evildoers that threaten the lives of those who live around the capital! Coro, number one! Shinko's Ball of Justice! Coro, eat the weakened evil! So those are the Jaegers I've been hearing about.
I see, they're rather strong.
There, there.
Are you full now? I'll have you play with my toys a while longer.
I'm paired with a guy? You don't have to sound so depressed about it.
There aren't any capital soldiers hiding out here, are there? You don't have to be so freaked out.
You know Cowardice is extremely important for an assassin's survival.
Miss Najenda said that, too.
Don't forget it.
By the way, I was thinking about this earlier, but What? You call the boss "Miss Najenda.
" Well Well, you know We've known each other since she was in the Imperial Army.
Out in the country, I was the fourth son of a wealthy merchant.
Ever since I was a kid, I had whatever I wanted, and could do effectively anything.
So I was rather bored with the world.
Man, you're an ass.
This is the sad part! Listen up! That was when Miss Najenda was assigned to the city where I lived.
It was love at first sight.
So I enlisted as a soldier, and used my skills to become one of the soldiers working beside her.
Then the reason that you're in Night Raid You could say that it's my love for her.
When I left the capital, I made sure the records said I was dead.
Isn't it tragic? And I'll never be rewarded It's sad.
Makes you cry, doesn't it? Lubba First off, then don't try to peep at other women in the bath! Huh? Having someone you love is different than the need to look at cute girls! What the hell are you talking about? That's why you'll never be rewarded! Just wait One day, I'll make her fall for me.
And when that happens, I'll treat you to whatever you want.
But it doesn't look like any Danger Beasts are around here.
Maybe the ones in the mountains have all been hunted.
I've got my wires laid out, but nothing's been caught on them yet.
All right.
If it's safe over here, I'm gonna go take a look at the summit.
If you spot something, run.
We'll attack together.
Got it.
I don't see anything that resembles what we're seeking.
Or anything alive.
I wonder if they're sleeping Despite being on night patrol, I'm out here, taking a moonlit stroll because it's pretty.
That isn't like me at all.
The reason I've become this strange It's all your fault, Tatsumi.
Someone's shadow? A Danger Beast? If it is, it's rather unlucky.
I was just in a rather bad mood.
Wh-What? You'll have to deal with me.
I'll test out my new torture method— Eh? Tatsumi Wh-Why is Esdeath here? Is it coincidence? It isn't like I could have predicted that she'd suddenly fall from the sky! What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? Now they come out?! Wait a sec.
They look really strong.
I could use them as a distraction and escape.
Apparently, that moment's passed, and now I can't escape Don't get in my way.
So this isn't a dream I've been looking forward to the day we'd be reunited, Tatsumi.
Seriously, I wish it were a dream Also, why not put that thing out of its misery? Kill the Giant Danger Beast