Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e14 Episode Script

Kill the Giant Dangerous Beast

1 So this isn't a dream Seriously, I wish it were a dream An intruder from the base of the mountain? What's up with this speed? This isn't normal! Stylish's mementos are essentially all dead, huh? I'll hide and let them pass.
Tatsumi still hasn't come back, either.
It's starting to smell suspicious.
I've come back to you, imperial capital! Kill the Giant Danger Beast Kill the Giant Danger Beast Undoubtedly, this is Tatsumi's scent.
You're the real thing.
How dare you run away? I was lonely.
Wh-Why are you here? Lately, I've been exterminating the Danger Beasts harassing the capital.
What are you doing here? She's suspicious of me.
If I don't answer carefully, I'm doomed.
Um, before that, do you mind doing something about this position? No.
When we're this close, I can't concentrate I won't let you run again.
I-It's to test my skill! I hear a lot of Danger Beasts roam around here! Then you're here to fight them, too.
Well? Have you joined the Revolutionary Army? Not yet.
But I don't intend on changing my mind.
I'm currently training myself to be a warrior.
I see Your physique has certainly become more pronounced.
And you've clearly leveled up.
You've done well in this short amount of time! Surely, you'll continue to grow even stronger! W-Well This isn't the time to be buttered up like this! The Danger Beasts here are pretty much annihilated.
They were annoying, but Thanks to them, I was able to find you.
This can only be destiny.
There's a surprising number of nuisances around here.
The one that just hid I know you're there.
Come out.
If you do not, I shall not hesitate on attacking.
I thought I hid pretty well.
But I gotta give it to you.
As expected from the capital's strongest.
Still, to encounter you out here I guess playtime is over.
Seems as though you know why the Danger Beasts are everywhere.
I'll escort you to the torture room.
Unfortunately, I'm not into that.
And ultimately, I'll have you clean up a big toy! Imperial Arms Shambala! Activate! Wh-What's happening? Now.
What shall I play with next? Wh-What the hell is this? E-Esdeath Will you hurt me? Tatsumi To think you had such a fetish.
Just as I thought, we really are meant for each other.
That isn't what I meant! Because of that guy, we may be hallucinating all of this! So if we feel some physical pain, maybe we'll wake up! All right.
Here goes.
It isn't an illusion.
The sensations are too real.
The smell of salt and the ocean breeze Temperature and humidity.
This is probably all real.
Which means Most likely, it's that guy's ability.
Have we been teleported somewhere else? Something like that is possible? In the capital are forty-eight super weapons known as Imperial Arms.
And among those, I've heard some can manipulate space and time, using secret arts from the lost country.
Eh? That's incredible But wait Is it the same concept as when Incursio suddenly appears when I call for it? When I think about it that way, for some reason, it's really scary.
Manipulating space and time is a superior ability.
Definitely in the top percentile among the Imperial Arms.
Just who is he? For now, let's check our surroundings.
We're completely surrounded by ocean.
This is a beautiful view.
It's as though we're on a date.
You sure are calm.
The ability of the Imperial Arms surpasses the imagination.
If you want to go on, you have to keep an open mind.
I see.
Back to the main subject It's as though we're on a date! W-Wait a second! A giant Danger Beast.
That thing looks exactly like Dr.
Stylish after his transformation.
All of Night Raid fought him, and we finally defeated him.
Can we win? With only two of us? Whoa, here he comes! I have no mercy for nuisances.
Something like you deserves skewering! Weiss Schnabel! Amazing In one instant.
You're tougher than I'd thought.
This is becoming exciting.
Um, that spot on his forehead It looks pretty fragile, doesn't it? Hmm, my thoughts exactly.
We really are meant for each other.
Grau Horn! How tenacious.
Tatsumi! Magnificent.
I wanted to charm you by showing off But to think you'd charm me even more.
I even called out my special move There's still more? Leave it to me.
I'll give it a fitting death.
Hagel Sprung! What an impressive fighting style She's on a completely different level.
So this is the true strength of the capital's strongest.
How are you going to kill her, Akame? It seems there were only two of them.
So that's what he meant by cleaning up toys.
And it seems this was the hiding place for the new type of Danger Beasts.
After we've rested, what do we do? First, we'll investigate our surroundings.
We must gain an understanding of our environment.
That's true.
There are too many mysterious things.
Panicking would be fatal.
We'll stay calm while venturing out.
Roger that! Let's go! I responded that way without thinking She's an enemy Hmm It doesn't look like him.
Exploring the area took all day.
It's already dark.
But it was quite fun! Uh, yeah.
And now I know this island's location.
Huh? This is a deserted island to the far southeast of the capital.
The far southeast? We were teleported that far, huh? Basically, we are the only ones on this deserted island.
So, what would you like to do, Tatsumi? It's your destiny, so you choose.
Tatsumi 1) Living here together for a bit doesn't seem so bad.
2) No matter what, we must return to the capital and live together there.
3) Hold me, please.
That really isn't a choice! How boring.
How are you so composed? It's because I have an idea of how we can get back.
Don't worry.
Wow! However, I need you to do your part, too.
Got it? Y-Yes! I have a terribly bad feeling about this.
But while we try to get back, maybe I'll have a chance to escape! I'm willing to take a risk for that.
As I thought.
There was a clue hidden where we were first teleported.
Does this mean he can only teleport to places he's marked like this? Judging from the area he activated when moving us, it seems he can only move a few people at once.
And that he uses a tremendous amount of energy to do so.
He probably can't keep doing it.
Which means that if we watch over this spot The gate may open eventually.
That's one way to get back.
Now, before we talk about the more likely way to return Before? Since it's just the two of us here, let's get to know one another better! T-Time out! W-We can get to know each other in a different way! Would you like me to stop? Then tell me your story.
First, where did you learn to wield a sword? Th-There was a guy who retired from the military in my village.
He used to be a martial arts trainer, too.
He was a good teacher, so I see.
Is that also where you learned to forge weapons? I wanted to learn a lot of different things, so I could make a living in the capital To actually learn all that, you are quite skilled.
You also seem like you can do practically anything, Esdeath.
Not quite.
I don't really take to the fine arts.
When Nyau would play his flute, I had no idea what was good about it at first.
This is the perfect chance to obtain information from her! Also, she cares this much about me.
Maybe there's some way I can still convince her to be our ally.
It would be much better to have her on our side than as our enemy.
You weren't born in the capital, were you, Esdeath? That's right.
I'm from the northern border.
Have you ever heard of the Paltas Clan? No.
They're a race of hunters who target Danger Beasts.
I grew up there as the chief's daughter.
Since you told me about your past, I'll tell you about mine.
Father, I caught my prey! Wow, good job! For your age, that's quite impressive! But mine is more amazing! We're just about to dissect it, to harvest materials.
So help out.
Okay! He's weakened and tied up, so he won't be able to move much.
We'll do this boldly and quickly.
What a terrible scream, as always We need to remove the lizard orb while it's still alive, or it won't be as valuable.
It may hurt, but that can't be helped.
This creature attacks and eats people.
But this time around, we were the stronger ones.
So he's the one that gets killed.
It's his fate for being weaker.
All right, Esdeath, you remove the eyes and crest.
Okay, I'll do it cleanly.
Esdeath can land the final blow on any prey without hesitation, even if it's weakened or running away.
She's a natural hunter.
But she seems to be lacking something.
Well, I don't see a problem.
Eat or be eaten I was brought up in that wonderful environment.
The Danger Beasts and us Both sides gave it our all to survive one another.
Living like that was fun.
Oh? A war between insects? Yeah.
But it seems like there's a winner already.
Look, the queen's been dragged out and lynched by enemy soldiers.
The fate of the weak, huh? That's right.
Your mother was eaten by a high-level Danger Beast just like that.
But that couldn't be helped, either.
It's sad, but she was hunted because she was weak.
And that's all there is to it.
The strong win.
And the weak perish.
It was worth waiting in the mountains for days.
I was able to catch a rare evil bird! I bet Father will be proud! Wh-What is this? Are you all right? A northern tribe crossed the border and attacked.
The chief stood on the front lines, and defeated several dozen But in the end, they overpowered him Father! Esdeath As you can see We were weaker, so we lost.
It can't be helped.
Live strong, Esdeath But I don't need to worry about that.
After that, I continued to hunt Danger Beasts on my own.
But the prey was becoming scarce, so I went to the capital to join the military.
It was simply a matter of shifting from killing Danger Beasts to killing humans.
That's the story of my life.
So that means the northern tribe was a justifiable enemy of yours.
Hmm? They were an adversary, but I didn't do it for revenge.
B-But I heard you buried hundreds of thousands of tribal people alive.
Merely to cut costs and set an example.
I would've done it regardless of whether they were my personal enemy.
And it was the capital's order.
I mourn the death of my father.
But that, too, was simply because he was weak.
Is there anything else you'd like to ask? If it's about me, I'll tell you anything.
Oh, then I'd like to see what your Imperial Arms looks like.
Oh, that? My Imperial Arms is here.
Eh? It was a few years ago.
I've prepared several Imperial Arms for you.
But none seems suited to you.
I like this axe.
It's rather splendid.
But it doesn't quite feel right.
Is that urn over there an Imperial Arms, as well? That Imperial Arms is the Demon's Extract.
It's the lifeblood of a high-level Danger Beast that lived in the far North.
The blood is the Imperial Arms? A legend says that if you drink it and it's compatible, you'll gain the Danger Beast's control over ice.
All those who tried have lost their minds, and are now insane.
It isn't worth trying.
That sounds quite interesting.
W-Wait, you aren't going to drink it, are you? Regardless of how sadistic you are, I can't guarantee its compatibility! This blood is calling to me.
I can't help but feel that way.
I see.
Then you may very well be compatible with it.
Right? For some reason, I'm certain that this will suit me.
If my instincts, sharpened in the wild, are off, it means this was the extent of my life.
One glass should be enough.
I might as well drink it all.
I feel that it'll make me stronger that way.
Since you're already crazy, perhaps it won't drive you mad.
That tasted quite— Kill.
What destructive urges I see.
So they were driven to insanity by this.
However How tepid! To try and taint me with something like this.
I am the one that dominates.
Regardless of what the enemy may be.
I act out of my own volition.
This is a truly good feeling, Minister.
I can feel the power coursing through my entire body.
Looks like it's completely adapted to you.
Let's celebrate the strongest soldier's birth.
So even now, the Danger Beast blood is running through your body? That's right.
But it's tamed, so don't worry.
Is that how you gained an affinity for torture? No, I've always liked that.
Something like avenging her people or being driven berserk by a Danger Beast's blood would've been more understandable.
But this person has always been like this.
There's no way I can change the core of her being! I underestimated her, thinking I could try to convince her.
Now, then I wonder how the rest are doing.
They'd better not have died or anything like that.
Guess I should open a path home Shambala Point-B Release.
That should do it.
What are you doing over there? Huh? It's nothing.
Your speech pattern is rowdy, but there's something sophisticated about you.
Well, of course.
I'm Minister Onest's son.
Minister As in that one? What do you mean by "that"? Huh? I look up to him, you know.
Well, I'm sure I'll surpass him one day.
Surpassing a parent is the ultimate form of filial piety, don't you think? Wh-What's the other way to get back? I guess I should tell you now.
We need to acquire some form of a ride.
For travel, you can ride on some Danger Beasts' backs.
Taming one is quite difficult, but it isn't an issue for me.
Wait a second, like that one? Speak of the devil What bad timing.
Wh-What are you going to do? It's incredibly high in the sky! I'll train it after I shoot it down! I won't let you get away! Whoa! This is the way back.
If I sneak out right now But she took care of me here.
I should return the favor.
Esdeath! Something like an exit appeared! I'll go in first! Wait, Tatsumi! Wait! This is the summit we were on yesterday.
It seems we've returned.
Where are you, Tatsumi? Could it be that he ran away in that short amount of time? That's impossible.
There was only an instant.
Even though I'm invisible right now, I can't hide my presence if I move.
I have to stay like this for a while.
He isn't here Was he sent elsewhere? Regardless, we're separated again However, what happens twice will happen thrice.
We'll meet again, won't we? It's true I have the same feeling.
But now I know for sure.
That it's impossible to convince her.
Which is why, the next time we meet, it will be as enemies.
Kill the Religious Organization