Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e15 Episode Script

Kill the Religion

1 Livestock Livestock Livestock.
Everyone has a splendid look on their faces.
Feeble pigs, simply existing to be exploited.
Wine bought with citizen taxes sure is delicious.
Master, it's time for your massage.
Oh! Today, I'd like the refreshing, full-body rubdown.
The job's done.
What the hell kind of massage did he even want? We're the Jaegers! Due to an emergency, we'll be inspecting your quarters! Wave We were too late So our information was leaked, and I almost ran into the Jaegers.
And you still managed to safely escape.
You're pretty tough.
He owned a few cats, so I transformed into one and snuck out.
I would have had difficulty getting out.
I hate to admit it, but your Imperial Arms is actually pretty useful.
For someone like you, with a recognizable face, the situation's pretty tough.
From now on, you can just leave everything to me.
Chelsea So while I'm out, babysit the hideout, okay? Miss Substitute.
How dare you insult your comrade like that? You're unforgivable! Even though you've said similar things before Bearing this incident in mind, the Jaegers seem to be targeting us directly now.
All the new Danger Beasts have been exterminated, so Night Raid's the only thing left in their way.
Maybe they'd leave us alone if we gave them Tatsumi, who's been vacationing on the southern islands.
I told you that I was forced into that! Najenda On a southern island, with only a beautiful woman It isn't like I'm jealous or anything.
Najenda But why didn't you just leave her there? After all, she's the enemy.
And it isn't like anyone's jealous or anything.
No, seriously Wipe your tears, Lubba Here, I'll overwrite your memories of that sadist! There! There! As long as I've known her, she's always been tough Even if you'd left her, she'd have found a way back.
So clearing your debts to her was better.
This way, when you fight her as an enemy, you can give it your all.
As long as you've known her Speaking of which, how old are you, boss? I'm in my mid-twenties, but Esdeath is younger.
Boss, I didn't know you were that young! So unexpected! Asking a woman about her age is rude, Tatsumi.
But at one point, you even discussed her weight What are you talking about? The meal is ready.
It's a bit sudden, but we'll discuss our strategy after the meal.
The time is near.
We, the Revolutionary Army, will take our first step to overthrow the corrupt government! Kill the Religious Organization Kill the Religious Organization W-We don't belong to Night Raid! We're stealing because we're having trouble finding food! We haven't even killed anyone! You admit to theft? Once evil has tainted you, death is the only solution.
Coro, eat! P-Please wait! They threatened me, and forced me to help! I can prove it to you! Please give me a fair trial! Even still, you helped.
A sin is a sin.
You aren't worth troubling the captain or her superiors.
I shall pass judgment on evil, here and now! Justice is served.
Hey, Seryu! What happened to the bandits we captured? They aren't here anymore! Wait.
You killed those bandits, didn't you? As Jaegers, we may have special privileges, but there are things we can and can't do— Those guys didn't belong to Night Raid.
But since they were evil, it wasn't a waste! Let's continue to destroy evil at this pace! Seryu I had a hunch But the capital's worse than I'd thought.
To be that distorted But I must repay my debt.
I'm simply going to carry out my duties as a soldier.
The time has come for the Revolutionary Army to rise.
That said, I'll explain the first mission we've been assigned.
Are you all aware of the religious group, Path of Peace, that's popular among the people? The one that believes good deeds contribute to happiness and longevity? Oh! They even came to my village! The icon that my chief gave me was from that religion.
Over the past decade, Path of Peace has gained many followers.
And they've become highly influential in the capital's east side.
Soon, they will cause an armed uprising.
Meaning, they'll incite religious insurrection.
We shall use this to our advantage.
W-Wait a second! If an uprising like that occurs, how many people will die? In fact, shouldn't we stop an uprising, in the first place? The corrupt government has oppressed the citizens excessively.
Even if we prevent Path of Peace's insurrection, the populace's rage will still explode at some point.
This country is that close to demise already.
I see We should listen to the whole thing at least.
Remember when I told you about the revolt of the savage tribes? And also about the northern hero? Those were both stopped by Esdeath, right? Their flaw was that they tried to rebel against the capital by themselves.
The capital is still incredibly powerful.
Even if Path of Peace revolts, they'll be suppressed eventually.
And there'll be a lot of bloodshed.
Therefore it's finally the Revolutionary Army's turn.
The moment Path of Peace begins their armed uprising, we'll have a western allied tribe begin an invasion.
That way, the capital will have enemies on both the inside and outside.
But they'll probably be able to tough that out.
So for the clincher, the Revolutionary Army will begin their rebellion from the south.
They'll advance toward the capital, and overthrow it.
I get it A three-pronged attack, huh? The capital underestimates the Revolutionary Army.
Since we're gathering the infection called the rebellion in one location, you could even say they're grateful.
The Revolutionary Army base is at the capital's border.
In order to get to the capital, they'll have to break through several forts and castles.
However, we've arranged for several castle viceroys to betray their positions.
Since there were so many demoted simply for taking their jobs seriously, convincing them was easy.
The capital will be surprised since the Revolutionary Army will advance at daunting speed without bloodshed, and with repeated surrenders.
But even then, the capital's trump card, Commander-in-Chief Budou, and his guards will intercept them.
But this will mean the palace's security will be gravely compromised.
When that happens, it will create the perfect opportunity to assassinate the minister.
We'll invade the palace, and eliminate the minister.
We'll destroy the capital from the inside.
But in the end, sneaky bastards like those generally run away.
I won't let that happen.
He's the ringleader.
He needs to die.
To compensate the western tribe for helping us, we've agreed to restore their original territory to its natural state.
Restore? Originally, the western region of the capital belonged to the tribes.
And having it restored is their fondest wish.
Oh, that's right.
Mine is partly descended from the western tribes.
If the capital and its corrupt laws collapse, the citizens' rage will dissipate.
As long as we move swiftly forward with our plans, bloodshed should be minimal.
Are you satisfied with this, Tatsumi? Yeah.
I apologize for getting hung up.
However, Path of Peace, the crucial key to this plan seems to be unstable now.
Lord! Lord! Lord! The religion's founder is intensely charismatic.
But it turns out that his advisor, Borick, is actually a spy sent by the minister.
Borick's mission was to usurp the founder's position, and stop the armed uprising.
Now, here's the mission.
We go to Path of Peace headquarters, and take down Borick.
He's a villain that's mixing drugs into some of the followers' food, and turning them into his obedient puppets.
No need for restraint.
He's probably going from girl to girl, and having his way with them.
Mixing drugs into food is a crime against food! I'll never forgive him! You two Don't you think you're missing the mark as to what should anger you? If they're left alone, more followers will be drugged We must put a stop to that.
Finally, regarding the Jaegers As long as Esdeath leads them, they're still part of the minister's private army.
That said, in order for our plan to go smoothly, dealing with them first would be best.
At this point, they're giving their all to hunt us down.
Since that's the case, we'll lure them outside the capital.
And then we'll attack.
So it's finally time for an all-out showdown! Headquarters has also sent a specific request to take out Kurome and Bols if given the chance.
You can fight them without objection, even though you became acquainted with them, right, Tatsumi? Wave was a good guy.
He wasn't even listed as a target.
There's no reason to fight him.
But even he's prepared to do his best for his comrades.
He isn't someone I can take lightly.
And above all things, I'm a killer.
I've made up my own mind.
I've braced myself for the worst, and became a part of this.
I can do it.
I'll give it all I've got, even if they aren't our main targets.
I have no doubts! Good.
His eyes are great.
I can feel his resolve.
Seems like we won't sustain any casualties by showing mercy to the enemy.
Wait Why am I looking at Tatsumi like this? Showing off again I bet your fly's open again, too! It seems I just can't ignore him No, it's not! Captain There's been word that Night Raid's Akame and Mine were spotted near the eastern side of Romary Street.
Gather all the Jaegers.
As human beings slowly decay, kingdoms also fall eventually.
Those who seek the birth of a new kingdom And those who defend their kingdom With their differing ideologies, principles, and goals, and due to their unavoidable destiny, they near their collision.
Arming themselves with their deadly weapons, carrying their determination in their hearts, they close in on their ultimate battle.
It's the Jaegers! All six are headed east! It's all going according to Najenda's plan! I'm counting on you, margue falcon Take this message to Night Raid! Assassinating a religious leader, and fighting a battle with the Jaegers Regardless of their manpower, it's a treacherous mission.
But you must survive, Night Raid! We need your power, to destroy this depraved world.
Six, huh? So all the Jaegers are on the move.
Judging by Esdeath's speed, even if they had our location information, they'd arrive sometime past noon tomorrow.
All right.
I received information from the Revolutionary Army's spies.
You two, casually attract attention as planned.
Roger that.
Well It's sure nice to be able to see girls, in swimsuits, in a place like this! Stop drooling.
You know this is also part of the plan, right? Huh? Are you dumb? Are you gay? I'm not! Tatsumi Tatsumi, which bikini do you prefer, Chelsea's or mine? Oh, I'd like to hear the answer to that.
So? Which one? Uh I, well Wow, Su, you're buff! Just as I expected! Aw, he got away.
If you'd just ask me, I'd be glad to answer that I love them both equally! Then, I'd dive into your breasts and sing the national anthem! So why ask Tatsumi?! Because you're precisely that kind of guy.
Exactly! And that's no fun.
Why? Why Tatsumi and not me? I don't understand! Just stay confused forever! Team Anonymous down there is pretty rowdy.
Damn it! I wanted to play a bit more, too! What's wrong, Akame? Oh, nothing.
You're thinking about your sister, aren't you? Yeah.
She's coming after me as a target, after all.
I can't help but think about it.
Even if your sister dies, don't you dare say you're alone.
You have us.
Be grateful for that! Yeah.
Najenda is continuing east.
Akame is headed south.
After coming here, they were seen splitting into two groups.
No, this is mine! I'll feed you meat later! If we go east, we'll end up in Kyoroch, the Path of Peace's headquarters.
If we go south, we'll run into cities friendly to the rebels.
In any case, this is suspicious.
If we hurry, we can catch up to them.
Let's go.
Well, wait Night Raid's members are the capital's traitors.
The wanted posters haven't circulated among the outer districts, so they lowered their guard, and that's how they were tracked.
They were even seen splitting into two groups.
Isn't it a little too convenient? I agree.
I highly suspect it's a trap.
Perhaps they wanted to be witnessed.
Was it to lure us away from the capital and defeat us? That's like Najenda.
She fights calmly, with a burning heart.
Which means following them will be dangerous.
No, we can't waste this chance.
Night Raid's been carefully concealing themselves.
And now, they're practically flaunting themselves in the open.
Not only will we be prepared for the trap, but we'll crush them.
Seryu, Ran, and I will pursue Najenda.
Kurome, Wave, Bols will go after Akame.
Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
If you're completely outnumbered, it's fine to retreat.
I want you to give it all you're worth, but this isn't a suicide mission.
They're the last rats to defy the capital.
Chase them down, and take them out! Roger that! So our opponents are the capital's strongest, Night Raid.
I wonder if someone like me can win.
It'll be fine When I faced a Night Raid member before, he didn't accept my challenge.
But I could tell he was about as strong as I am.
If we fight together, we'll definitely win.
Bols, your Imperial Arms is optimal for taking on multiple opponents.
It's reassuring.
You think so? You say slick things like that, but you'll probably hold us back the most, Wave.
How dare you? Are you saying you don't trust my skill?! Right.
I feel when we need you most, you'll be weak.
If I equip Grand Chariot— Then show me how strong you are.
Bring it on! Stop fighting, you two.
Hey, there's something ahead of us.
A scarecrow? It's true.
Hot Guy This is the most suspicious thing ever.
If it's a trap, it'll be trouble.
Let's be careful checking it out.
Target acquired.
Judging by the numbers, it seems they've split up, and Esdeath headed east, after our boss.
Exactly as planned.
They look so similar They are sisters, after all.
But that's exactly why I don't want to leave this for Akame.
I'll take care of this! I'll do it quickly and painlessly, in one shot.
She dodged it! What was that superhuman reaction time? Kurome, watch out! Wave! We failed to snipe you.
But in terms of war, the fact that we blew away one, who wasn't even a target, is a good start.
Night Raid And this is all of them? So going east was a complete decoy.
Kurome and Bols You're our targets among the Jaegers.
Brace yourselves! Targets In the past, I've incinerated countless people, so being targeted by assassins can't be helped.
However I can't die! Sis Kurome.
I really wanted to see you.
I'm so glad Because if I'm the one to kill you, I can add you to Yatsufusa's collection.
Wh-What is this? An earthquake? Unlike the me of the past, I can turn any dead body into a puppet now Sis.
Even if it's a mega-class Danger Beast, like the destaghoul.
Whether Esdeath would split her group into two was a gamble.
But I see now that, if Yatsufusa's this powerful, a little trap won't mean anything to them.
Now, then The battle between Imperial Arms is about to unfold.
I wonder how many are going to die? Kill the Puppets