Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e16 Episode Script

Kill the Dolls

1 Now, then The battle between Imperial Arms users is about to begin.
I wonder how many will die.
Controlling eight dead bodies is tough, so she'll be sluggish.
I won't waste this opportunity! N-Natala Return him to the ground! Isn't he a friend you grew up with? What do you mean, Sis? Because he's my friend, I want to always be with him.
I'll add you to my collection, as well, Sis.
That way, we can be together, like long ago.
Don't be a fool! Too bad.
Magma Drive! That Imperial Arms also has a long-ranged attack? Don't rush in alone! This isn't like you, Akame! I'm sorry.
They don't seem like an enemy we can easily defeat.
Kill the Puppets Kill the Puppets Sis You betrayed us and joined the likes of them.
Get them, Destaghoul! So this is a mega-class Danger Beast's strength This is crazy! The landscape's changed.
However, I have to hand it to the notorious Night Raid.
You all dodged it.
The battle's begun, huh? I've got to do my part, too.
Najenda After this is over, maybe I'll confess my feelings to her.
If I don't act soon, Su might take her from me.
What destructive power All right, we'll stop him together! That command is a mistake, Najenda.
He is certainly powerful.
However I can deal with him myself.
Have everyone else go after the others.
As expected of my Imperial Arms If I could only take down Kurome This time, I'll snipe you for sure! A gun user, huh? Bring it! So this is a Danger Beast's carcass, too.
It's a type I've never seen before.
Another enemy? Unskilled Skilled Skilled If my armor hadn't protected me, he would've gotten me.
What the hell is that thing? I failed Failed That fire is dangerous.
I will finish him.
To come straight at me Murasame is useless against a corpse puppet! Akame! Huh? Old man, you've sure done it now.
I can see through moves like I can't! My kinetic perception can't keep up! He isn't even using an Imperial Arms! This guy Wow, it's a battle royal! How fun! Kurome See? Aren't my toys great? Doya is an assassin from the northern tribes.
She's super confident.
You can tell by the expression on her face.
Wall was a famous guardsman, but he was protecting my target, so I killed him.
Ape-man is a meat-head, but he's easy to use, so he's one of my favorites.
Henter was a survivor from the savage tribes! His moves are tricky, so I had a tough time killing him He's my pride and joy.
Rokugoh was a former general for the capital.
He's a traitor, who tried to join the Revolutionary Army, so I assassinated him.
I found Destaghoul while he was hibernating.
I sure was lucky! And Natala is a childhood friend of mine! While I use Yatsufusa, he protects me flawlessly.
Actually, I have another, but you'll have to wait a bit for the debut.
There's another one we haven't even seen yet? Damn it! What? It's no use.
They're puppets.
Even if you pierce his heart, he'll keep moving.
That is, of course, unless you defeat me.
You're certainly strong, old man.
But I've adjusted to it now! Using the same move, over and over, won't work on me! Don't let go, Leone! General Rokugoh As my former colleague I will free you from this spell as quickly as possible.
I-It's been a while since I've seen the boss fight.
All right, my turn! It isn't good to take your eyes off me.
If I see an opportunity, I'll mercilessly attack.
You've done it now.
You As far as opportunistic attacks, it's the same for us.
Wow! Stopping the bleeding by yourself is impressive! I'll show you what happens when you enrage a lion! Don't rush in, Leone! Kurome has guards.
First, support Akame.
After that, go after Kurome together.
This battle is between former generals.
He doesn't even have an Imperial Arms.
I'll be fine.
Just you wait I'll get you later.
I'm starting to want you in my collection.
We should have caught up to them by now.
There's something off.
It is, indeed, strange.
Could this be a setup? Perhaps their main target was Kurome and the rest.
So this territory is overrun by a gang of thieves It doesn't appear to be a coincidence.
They came, exactly as planned! It's General Esdeath.
She's irresistible! Then they must be cohorts of Night Raid.
Seryu, Run We're going to trample them.
Leave two or three alive but unable to move.
There's something I would like to ask.
I can't jump in carelessly.
However She's seeking a gap to strike while moving.
I'll create that gap for you! I can do it! He's even armored there! It's specifically designed for Murasame.
What an insane way to dodge! May I ask one thing? Akame, why did you join the Revolutionary Army? If we had remained as allies, it would have been reassuring.
Because my heart decided that this was the right path.
I merely chose to walk the path I believe in.
That's easy to understand.
Thank you.
However Incinerating you, along with that belief, is my job! Let me in on this, too! Now it's two against two.
Leone! Don't mind this.
Focus on the battle for now! They're strong.
Be careful.
Right Let's defeat Bols, and head straight for Kurome.
Because of the wound Esdeath gave me, my strength is only about forty percent of the normal amount.
I can move more than I expected! That's Earth Shaker! I'm well aware of your moves They've been ingrained in me from training! Reel Assault! Let's go for a drink, Naje! J-Just how grossly does this Imperial Arms attempt to desecrate people?! Looks like we're both pretty tenacious.
Although it's rotting, it's still a mega-class.
As expected, it's tough.
That's true, but also Take a look, Najenda.
That protrusion bothers me very much.
That area is asymmetrical.
Just now, I was hit because I was paying too much attention to it.
You How can you be so impressive, but simultaneously, so bizarre? Regardless, if someone doesn't reach Kurome soon, there may actually be a casualty.
Susanoo! As your master, I authorize the use of your secret ability.
Their coordinated attacks are dangerous! If one of them slowed down, for even a second A A Ally It's exactly as Akame said.
The dead bodies that Yatsufusa controls don't have their own will.
But deep-seated habits and strong emotions remain.
Unfortunately for you, I'm not one of your allies that has perished.
He shouldn't be able to move further.
You saved me, Chelsea! I'm leaving the monkey to you, Tatsumi! That plan was pretty bold, even for me.
I don't think I can call Sheele or Bulat failures anymore.
Later, I'll have the one who made me feel this way take responsibility for it.
If it's only you, this'll be simple.
I already know your moves.
Using dead people as your toys What a repulsive Imperial Arms! Rest in peace! Lately, it feels like my snack time has been shortened.
I wonder if Wave is okay.
He's pretty stubborn, so I'm sure he's still alive.
Huh? Rokugoh and Henter aren't moving.
Ape-man, too! I have no choice.
The eighth should soon start to move, anyway.
I'll go again, as well.
What an intense attack If I hadn't blocked it with Grand Chariot, I'd have died instantly.
If I don't hurry, Bols and Kurome will be in danger.
She's strong but there's something spontaneous about her.
Almost childlike I have to do my part.
Damn it.
Just how far was I launched? You were pretty skilled.
But you're up against the wrong girl.
I'm a genius marksman.
Huh? Wh-What the hell is this?! Oh, you're already being attacked! That's Kaiser Frog.
He's new.
He's a dangerous frog whose stomach acid can disintegrate anything.
Stop— I heard from Seryu that Coro ate your friend.
Then that means you'll die a similar death.
L-Like hell, I'm going to die this way! The end of life is always brief.
Now, then.
We'll move on to— I found you.
Just because you're Akame's sister, it doesn't mean I'll go easy on you, Kurome! Hey, not bad.
But Natala is ten times stronger than that ape.
Chaos Soul Manifestation! Susanoo's hidden ability is "Madman.
" With his chest, he sucks the life force from his master, and manifests that power.
If used three times, it will certainly be the death of the master, but the power he gains is tremendous.
Mirror of Yata! Gathering Clouds of Heaven! Even in Incursio, he's as strong as I am! No, maybe even stronger! Everything seems to be going well.
What's wrong? She's struggling inside.
But the potent stomach acid Aw, he's leaking.
There's no point, then.
That was the worst experience ever.
Huh? What are you doing? I was in trouble! Help me, damn it! For crying out loud And don't look this way, you pervert! You're being unreasonable! Leave it at that, you two.
The battle isn't over yet! Boss! What is that? Su, you look awesome! You wondered how many would die.
This is it, Kurome.
I get it.
If that's the case, I'll kill you all, here and now.
And maybe I'll have you all become my puppets.
Here we go! Right! But they can't escape by air.
Go! What? Regardless of whether the guard gets in my way, we'll outsmart them, and get rid of him first! Wall! You're paying too much attention to Akame! That guard can't move anymore.
You're mine! What? A hidden lance? My arm As expected, I can't eat it.
She bit off my Imperial Arms.
Wall! You can't use your Imperial Arms anymore, can you? She's right, it's useless.
Then I'll destroy everything.
Wait, don't tell me Kill the Curse