Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e17 Episode Script

Kill the Curse

1 Wait, don't tell me What is this explosion? Kurome isn't here.
That intense explosion earlier It was the Rubicante's self-destruct.
If Bols has been taken out, it will be tough to stay there.
I wonder what's happened to Sis It's already wearing off! Leone, are you all right? I'm totally fine I'm gonna need you to work extra hard now, Akame.
Leone Since, you know I'm confident in my regenerative abilities Leone? Leone! Leone! Kill the Curse Kill the Curse Looks like I got away.
I did such a horrible thing to Wall I hope Kurome is okay, as well.
Hey, Bols Why do you always cook for us, but never join us for meals? If I partook, the meal would taste unpleasant.
I see, you don't want to show your face.
That makes me want to see it even more.
Wait, Captain! No! What? That's nothing.
I'm disappointed, Bols.
Huh? No one would even be concerned by your face.
We're all going to eat together.
You're late, Bols! Coro, stop that! Come on, Bols.
I want to eat with everyone again.
Oh, my How terrible! What's wrong, little one? It's dangerous here.
It's a ghost! I'm not a ghost.
It's okay, it's okay.
Look, you're hurt Stay still, okay? Just calm down now.
He's gonna curse me! Curse? What does that even mean? There you go.
The pain will go away, too And you'll be better in no time.
Thank you so much, mister! Don't mention it.
But the places you've burned won't ever be better.
That girl just now was from a village you burned down.
You burned it down on suspicion of treason, for helping the Revolutionary Army.
Since you burned them in groups, I'm sure you can't remember the faces.
I always knew That one day, I'd have to face retribution.
But Even so, I must get home.
They're both waiting for me I have to get home A battle between those who work in the shadows really is painful.
Finishing off an enemy before they get away Perfect as expected, Chelsea.
Lubba! Let's rendezvous with the others.
I'm going to go after Kurome.
I'll finish her before she can meet up with Esdeath and the rest.
Kurome's already out of my range, but I know which direction she went.
You can go after her, but You know it's dangerous.
You aren't the type to go rogue like this! It'll be too late, otherwise.
If we don't get her now, she'll find eight more puppets, and come at us full-force.
That's far more dangerous, isn't it? So, Lubba, you go back and relay this information.
Have them dispatch two more battle-ready reinforcements.
Just don't be reckless.
I won't If she's already with Esdeath, I'll come right back.
I'll have reinforcements to you as soon as possible.
Counting on ya! You know it's dangerous.
You aren't the type to go rogue like this! It's true, I've softened or something Anyway, on to big task two! Let's do this with some enthusiasm! Kurome's next.
I'll finish her off, no matter what.
The medicine wore off.
We were supposed to train a hundred kids we bought from various areas into becoming assassins But no matter how you look, there are definitely more than a hundred.
It's fine There has to be this many to start.
A few dozen will die during the skill test, anyway.
So the weak ones will just die off on their own.
I'll train seven of the most elite.
Then we'll take the rest of them.
Now, then I wonder which kid will make it through this forest first.
S-Sis I can't run anymore.
The goal is just up ahead.
You can do it, Kurome.
Th-They're being eaten! We can't go this way! Let's go that way.
It'll be okay.
Your sister's here with you.
Kurome! D-Don't touch my sister! Protect Kurome! Help Sis You pass.
We did it.
We passed, Kurome.
Yeah Thank you, Sis.
Those sisters are among the seven, huh? No, we don't allow siblings on the same team.
If they relied on each other, it'd be problematic.
You two will train separately, in different locations.
Akame, you're coming with me.
Kurome, you're going to the capital.
No! I'm staying with Kurome! Sis! Kurome Sis Kurome! Sis! We'll begin the experiment.
You're the ones that didn't measure up to the elite seven.
But with this drug, it won't be an issue.
Soon, it will be complete, a fearsome band of assassins.
I want to see you, Sis I'm tired.
I want to hurry and change into my other clothes! After I treat your injuries.
Leone, are your wounds okay? Yeah! I've recovered a lot, haven't I? Now we just have to wait for Lubba to return and sew my arm back on.
Eh? Your arm can go back to normal? It's a special combo method, unique to Lubba and me.
It wouldn't usually heal on its own.
This healing ability is Lionel's secret ability, Regenerator (Lions Never Die) Regenerator! That's impressive.
But my Susanoo's regenerative abilities heal in an instant.
Yeah, yeah.
We know.
But it's great that your arm's gonna heal! Right, Akame? Yeah.
I guess having regenerative abilities as your trump card suits you.
What? Are you jealous of my secret ability? Pumpkin has no need for such things.
The more dangerous the situation, the stronger my shots.
It enables me to get out of the worst of— I'm going to apply medicinal herbs.
It may sting a little.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! It's rough being so lame, while trying to say something cool.
I know the feeling.
Why are you pitying me, you open-fly loser?! Don't bring me down to your level! Hey, Lubba I know you just got back, but— Chelsea's Besides Natala and Doya, all of my toys have been destroyed.
It's probably impossible to gather that kind of strength again.
These snacks are yummy.
I knew it! It's Kurome! You're safe, thank goodness! You, too, Bols.
It was such a huge explosion.
During my time with the Incineration Force, I was trained in heat resistance.
Oh, right.
I'm so glad.
But I must apologize.
I've lost my Imperial Arms.
That's okay I've learned each of the Jaeger's personalities and tone of voice from Tatsumi.
It seems I won't have a problem.
Even Yatsufusa's deactivated.
But I won't attack yet.
According to Akame, Kurome is on a drug.
So I have no idea what kind of move she'll make when I attack.
I'll take it slow, and wait for the right opportunity! I see.
So Bols was taken care of.
And Chelsea's going after Kurome alone.
Boss, when Kurome dodged my shot earlier, I felt like it was more than just the drugs we've heard about.
Maybe there's something about Kurome that even Akame doesn't know.
We don't know if Chelsea will be able to land a hit.
We should hurry with the reinforcements.
Akame, Tatsumi, you heard what's going on.
I know you haven't fully recovered, but go after Chelsea, and back her up! Roger that.
We'll head there now.
We'll soon arrive in the city.
They may be waiting to ambush us.
Hmm, what is this? This unnerving feeling I can't quite put my finger on? And there's no real attack opening, either.
Maybe I'll retreat for now, and finish her later.
The captain will probably be returning soon.
Let's be careful until she— A-Are you okay, Kurome? It's because I didn't eat all my snacks.
A-Are you hurt somewhere? I'll be fine Kurome's Snacks As long as I eat my snacks.
You look like you're in pain, poor thing.
I know! I'll say a charm that'll help with the pain.
Now you won't be in pain anymore.
S-Sis Both targets assassinated.
Mission accomplished.
This girl Her final word was "Sis.
" I know this was unfortunate, but consider it the fate of a killer.
Your test scores are among the highest.
I expect much from you.
Yes, sir.
I'll do my best.
I'm counting on you.
I'll go with the flow, climb the corporate ladder, and marry into a family of rank.
Huh? Then, Your Excellency, this is yours.
Just leave it over there somewhere.
A bribe? No one's seen anything.
How rotten Run! Run away! He's hunting people He's insane.
But that said, what can I possibly do? What's this? Oh, in the basement? That's an Imperial Arms called Gaia Foundation.
No one can use it, so it's stored down there.
Hmm, an Imperial Arms, huh? The Imperial Arms is calling me.
It's telling me to use it The viceroy has been killed! Everyone's relieved.
They're happy.
I helped rehabilitate a part of the world.
If I use this ability, maybe I can even help restore the rest of this depraved world.
I'll help make it a peaceful place soon.
And you can be reborn into that world.
Say Say When did you— That charm didn't work It hurts a lot, and I'm suffering a lot.
I'm certain I pierced the vital spot! After Sis left, they created a new drug, a powerful drug that strengthened the body even more.
It's terribly exhausting, and it's full of surprises If you want to kill me, you'll have to either pulverize my heart or behead me, or else I won't die.
I never imagined she gave up part of her humanity.
I'll transform and get away! Damn it I can't move Maybe I won't make it.
But If that's the case, while I'm still conscious, I'll at least kill that woman.
She said, "Both targets assassinated.
Mission accomplished," just now.
I'll avenge you, Bols.
Slice her up! Natala! Doya! I see.
I'm actually the one facing retribution.
I wanted to be praised when I returned "What do you think, Tatsumi? Didn't I do great?" And It won't stop raining.
I'm gonna turn invisible and take a look around.
Be careful.
Just see what's going on first.
The blood on the road led all the way into the city.
If Chelsea's been captured, we have to rescue her.
But she really knows what she's doing.
Maybe she already made it back to the boss, and we just didn't cross paths.
Yeah, she wouldn't do anything reckless! That blood was probably the enemy's.
A crowd Kill the Demon