Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e18 Episode Script

Kill the Demons

1 I wanted to spend more time with everyone.
I wanted to fight alongside everyone.
If only I If I were more Tatsumi, how long do you plan on sleeping? A-Ah, right.
My bad.
I was sleeping like a log.
We're finally entering Kyoroch, the religious organization's headquarters.
Pull yourself together.
I know! As long as we can defeat the evil that dwells here, the Revolutionary Army can make their move, right? This isn't the time to be distracted by memories.
We need to take down this empire, which starves its people, and sever the root of these tragedies.
Kill the Demon Kill the Demon Borick, advisor to the religious sect's founder, the minister has ordered us, the special police force, otherwise known as the Jaegers, to protect you.
Well, well To think that General Esdeath, strongest in the empire, would come I couldn't be more relieved.
There have been reports already that Night Raid's infiltrating the area.
Until they're caught, we'll borrow a room.
Of course.
I doubt you'll be bored in my mansion.
I have no interest in such things.
However, I would like to meet the ones who have been spying on us.
As expected, you noticed their presence.
What's with these guys? The empire let me borrow them.
They are the ones who control the followers, the very face of violence, the Four Koukenji Rakshasa Demons.
Oh I was wondering why I hadn't seen them in the capital.
They've been here this whole time.
Now that you're here, General, these demons don't have to be devoted to protecting me.
They can be used for offensives now.
Wait a second, please Fighting Night Raid without using Imperial Arms is impossible— There's no need to worry.
We've defeated Imperial Arms users with our bare hands.
Just like this Even if the Imperial Arms are considered powerful ultimately, the ones who use them are regular humans.
Which means there many ways to defeat them, right? The Four Rakshasa Demons are executioners hired by the minister.
As you've seen, their skill is superb.
You can just relax and have some wine in the mansion while we— Regardless of your accomplishments, you shouldn't lower your guard.
Ah, incredible As expected of General Esdeath.
I'm gonna fall for you.
He had us come here, even though his important pawns are already here.
That minister must be pretty cautious about this religious organization.
Kurome Kurome! Damn it.
If I had gotten here sooner Bols is gone, too.
Even though he has a wife and kid What am I supposed to say to them? But you were blown away because you were protecting Kurome.
The captain doesn't blame anyone for this incident.
I understand how you feel, but you must calm down.
Damn it Damn it! Damn it! How's Kurome? She's still sleeping.
The doctor said that if she's made it this far, she'll be all right.
I see.
I dissected the assassin we retrieved, but I couldn't find anything to reveal her identity.
Most likely, an Imperial Arms user.
Probably a member of Night Raid.
Captain May I feed Coro the evil person's corpse? Sure.
Whew! K-Kurome? Now that I've rested, I'm better.
I've recovered a whole lot.
Eh? You must be kidding.
You were hit in the vitals! Captain Please allow me to continue working for you.
As you can see, I can fight.
Very well, then.
As long as you're accompanying us, I'll have you do your best.
We leave for Kyoroch in thirty minutes.
Yes, ma'am! Wave, is something the matter? N-No, it's nothing Hey, are you okay? You're probably not fully recovered yet.
You should withdraw from the front lines.
I-I'm okay.
What are you talking about? I'm gonna talk to the captain, and have you taken off this mission— Kurome In this squad, if assassins are considered unable to fight, they're disposed of, to keep them quiet.
Huh? Disposed of? If I'm kicked off the Jaegers, I'm It'll be okay.
If we tell the captain, she'll protect you.
That's no good.
I have to fight.
I refuse to be disposed of I wasn't born into this world for that! If I'm going to die, I'll die fighting.
Just like our comrades.
Kurome I'm okay now, Wave.
I'm sorry for making you worry.
When my wounds heal, I'll be completely fine.
Kurome It seems there aren't any wanted posters this far from the capital.
The Jaegers may have distributed some recently, though.
Don't let your guard down.
Hey, just as I was saying What are you even doing? I understand what you mean, but Isn't being too paranoid dangerous? The enemy can sense that kind of tension.
Let's be more casual.
Even though he was so upset when Chelsea was killed, he's staying calm and focusing on the mission.
Heh, so he's matured.
Well, I guess you have a point.
What is this? It's delicious! Isn't it? You can't find this in the capital, right? Now that I think about it, people seem much livelier here.
It's probably thanks to underground resources and religion.
Religion? Apparently, it's very profitable.
Although most of the proceeds seem to go directly into Minister Onest's hands.
I see So they don't know they're being used.
Borick is oppressing everyone who knows the truth.
They can't do anything about it.
That's why we have to breach the system.
Well, for now, we have to survey the city a bit more.
Right, let's circle the outer perimeter this time.
Good idea.
Let's leave the dangerous area around the church to Lubba, who volunteered so enthusiastically.
These streets are like a maze But since there are lots of people, it's easy to slip into a crowd.
That's helpful.
Luckily neither my face nor my name is known.
So I'll gather as much information as possible, and score some points with Najenda.
Good job, Lubba.
Hey, Sten Doesn't he kinda seem like he's surveying the area? My instincts are screaming that he's an enemy.
The way he walks is what gives it away.
That's the movement of someone who's fought a few battles.
It seems that he's being careful, but I can tell.
That settles it, then.
Let's kill him.
Wrong, Mez.
Let's call it "freeing his soul.
" According to our research, there may be an underground passage beneath this graveyard, leading from the church to Borick's mansion.
If we can find the entrance, we could go straight to Borick's basement.
Finding it would be difficult.
After all, this area is pretty big.
There's also the possibility of a trap inside the underground passage.
Thanks for your help.
Did you think you could hide, sweet Akame? Ibara You're here, in Kyoroch? Then you remember me? That makes me happy.
When we were on the Assassination Squad, we couldn't talk to each other at all.
I expected my battle with the Four Rakshasa Demons to be the last fight during the minister's assassination.
A bad girl who's betrayed the empire deserves a spanking.
I'll bury you! Go ahead and try.
We, the Four Rakshasa Demons, have not only undergone intense training, but we also grew up consuming broth of the lake kraken that lives behind our temple, in the mountains.
So we can control every part of our bodies! Crap, they suddenly started attacking.
How did they see me? Are you just gonna keep running, little boy? What? You died already? I barely felt you get hit.
Come on, old man Hurry up and get out of here.
The thread armor I wrapped my body in absorbed his punch.
As for my pulse, I inserted Cross Tail into my body, and blocked the blood vessels.
So we didn't even need to worry about this small fry.
How boring.
Hurry up.
How long do I have to play dead? Here you go, Sten.
There's another one coming your way.
She's also a rebel spy.
Is that the girl I was supposed to meet? I'm sorry, but I can't save you As a spy, you should know to prepare for the worst.
You must be another lost child, wandering around in this world.
Huh? I shall free your soul for you.
You should be happy.
H-Help me So I couldn't do it I couldn't just sit back and watch an ally die.
Earlier, you didn't have a pulse.
What an idiot.
You should have just continued playing dead.
Given my circumstances, I was trying my best to avoid close combat.
However, when it comes down to it, I'll give it everything I've got.
Both of you, come at me! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! That's a pretty sinister blade.
Murasame It suits you perfectly.
There, there, there! How's that, sweet Akame? I told you, we underwent intense training.
Here we go.
Imperial Arms confiscated.
What's with this blade? Don't tell me this was the plan To let go of your Imperial Arms? You called Murasame "sinister.
" I figured you wouldn't get along.
How dare you How dare you?! The cursed blade didn't take a liking to you.
Perhaps you should be relieved, Ibara.
What a dangerous woman I might fall for you.
A surprise attack won't work, I see.
A member of the Jaegers? Yes.
Akame, of Night Raid, infiltration confirmed.
My role is reconnaissance.
I was able to get a good l ook at your Murasame.
The Four Rakshasa Demons and the Jaegers I hope everyone's all right.
Now, come at me! What do you mean by "come at me"? You're the one that's attacking with those strings.
I figured that would be too obvious.
Would you like me to free your soul for you? Koukenji Hundred Fists! I wasn't calling to you, old man.
Ah, you're rather skilled.
That thread is an Imperial Arms? Which means you belong to Night Raid.
Then, this time, I'll split your skull, and make sure to kill you.
Stop flirting with me like that, would you? Assemble, my thread.
And enhance Centrifugal Force! Doesn't that move have far too many gaps? Not really.
Take this.
Hidden ability Wire Impact! Feeble.
This is your hidden move? Don't make me laugh.
R-Really? But I've already accomplished my goal.
Look behind you.
The woman got away.
And I'm gone, too.
He was using flashy moves to draw our attention from the woman.
We have no choice.
Even if it's only you, I'll free your soul.
Are you sure it's okay to charge me like that? My thread is made from the fur of a mega-class Danger Beast, which lives in the eastern clouds.
The fur that protects its vitals is especially tough.
Thread from those areas is particularly sharp, sharp enough to earn the name "Realm-Cutting Thread.
" What? It's my best thread.
Even you won't be able to cut it.
Final blow.
F-Feeble This body's been through the toughest training.
This wound can't possibly It doesn't matter how tough your body is.
From the moment Cross Tail pierced your body, its thread headed straight for your heart.
There's no way to train your heart to be invulnerable.
Wow, not bad.
You actually defeated Sten.
The minister is gonna be mad about this.
Well, you don't have to worry about that.
Sorry, but now that you've seen my Imperial Arms, I can't let you live.
Don't be sorry.
After all, we're assassins, so it's to be expected.
What the hell is that liquid? This is bad.
That liquid is weighing down my thread, rendering it useless.
It isn't oil.
More like my sweat.
The Four Rakshasa Demons are experts in body-manipulation.
Now the thread used for your defensive barrier is useless.
S-So fast C-Can't get up If I take another attack, I'll die for sure.
Take this! Don't be so desperate.
It's embarrassing.
Damn, you're cute If we weren't enemies, I would've definitely tried to seduce you.
I don't dislike guys like you, so I probably would have let you.
However That'll have to wait for the next life.
I had some thread tied to those knives.
So when I reeled in my thread, the knives came back, too.
I have to hurry and get outta here Man, what a waste.
This always happens to me! Whew.
We've searched the area a few times, but there are still many escape routes and secret paths to investigate.
This area is way too big! That's exactly why we're surveying it.
If I could just go shopping, I would gladly survey the whole area.
Your shopping takes forever, so it's annoying to accompany you.
Huh? It's normal.
A man who can't excuse a woman's shopping? How shallow.
A woman who immediately labels a man's observations shallow? Now that's shallow.
I see how it is! Let's see whose rank is higher, here and now.
You're so arrogant! The fact that you think there should be a ranking system is messed-up! Please stop this unproductive fighting.
Huh? Who are you? My apologies for intruding on your conversation.
I couldn't help but speak up.
Are you perhaps the founder of the Path of Peace? Yes.
Sometimes, I go around the outskirts of town, to ensure everything is all right.
I can clearly see that you two are bound by the red thread of fate.
So instead of fighting, you should confess your love.
Huh? If you became a couple, an occasional squabble would be good for you.
Huh? Huh?! Why would I ever be with someone like him? What about me? I'd never be with someone like you! I believe you two are meant for one another.
You've been chosen as our lord's noble disciple.
I-Is that true? To be able to witness our lord's miracles It's a dream come true.
However, there still seems to be something wicked in your body, which makes you unfit for the role.
N-No Remove your clothes.
I'll cleanse you with a special ritual.
Yes, Lord Borick.
I implore you Full control of the religious organization will soon occur.
Till then, I'll make the most of it.
Lord Borick What is it? I'm in the middle of an important ritual.
The Four Rakshasa Demons In conclusion, three were taken out in one night.
We underestimated Night Raid.
In other words, we, the Jaegers, are the only ones that can bestow justice upon those heinous people.
Najenda You may have won a few battles along the way, but I'll trample every single one of your allies here.
Kill the Fate