Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

Kill Fate

1 Even after thorough searching, how are we still unable to find their hideout? Well, Kyoroch is a pretty big place.
And people here are religious and peaceful, so we can't easily force them out into the open.
They're so cute These children have yet to be tainted by evil! I see, so she has another side.
She's been tense for a while.
The captain told her to loosen up a bit.
Hold up, you're hanging out, like you're one of us But are you? Hmm, more like a helping hand? And it's a chance for me to be ordered around by General Esdeath.
What am I sensing? It's the same feeling I got from Stylish.
Everyone, play fair, be decent, and get along with one another.
Okay! The joy of a child choosing the path of justice! This morality, this justice I have to protect it.
And that's all the information from our spies.
Kill the Fate Kill the Fate We're executing our plans during the religious organization's anniversary festival.
Ah, how flashy.
We'll slip into the festival crowds, sneak into the palace, and take down Borick.
It's finally time.
This will signal the Revolutionary Army to rise up.
Failure is not an option! Everyone, it's time to eat.
Today, I gave it all I had.
I hope you're all prepared! Yeah! Salt ramen for Najenda.
With al dente noodles and umami from the chicken and salt, I'm confident.
Whoa Strawberry parfait for Mine.
I've even added some secret ingredients.
Oh, my.
The super fresh pandalid shrimp is for you, Lubbock.
Oden with chilled, high-end, local sake for Leone.
An assortment of all the meat I could get, for Akame.
It's marinated in my special sauce.
Tatsumi said he'd be fine with anything, so here's my ultra-special Susanoo lunch plate.
Huh? This is a kid's plate.
I had Susanoo make all your favorites.
Eat your fill, so you can maintain your energy.
And you're all already eating It's good that you're full of energy.
It's so sweet.
Tatsumi, wanna try some? Tatsumi, what do we do when my sake cup is empty? Okay, okay.
I'll pour some more.
Good, good That's a good boy, Tatsumi! Huh? Done already? The food was incredible, as always, Su.
Yeah We couldn't live without you anymore, Su.
That is nice to hear.
However, Tatsumi You left a grain of rice! It's distracting me.
If he weren't this anal retentive, he'd be perfect.
If Night Raid were to attack, it will be today.
That's obvious, right, Seryu? Miss Suzuka, please do not let any rebels enter.
Right, right.
Oh? That walk and that gleam in her eye Seems you couldn't conceal yourself completely.
Damn, they're already looking for us.
It doesn't seem like they'd follow us all the way here.
But now we're farther from the city.
I wonder if that served as a diversion.
Now we just have to believe all the other bosses will do their part.
I feel like my face is still a mess Did all that makeup come off? It's off Why are you all bashful? Don't tell me you took that whole "red string of fate" thing seriously.
No way The fact you'd bring that up means you're the one who took it seriously! Huh? That's not funny.
And if the red string of fate were to tie us, you should have helped when that frog swallowed me.
When you're needed most, you're useless! Shut up I was completely tied up, too! That woman She's from Night Raid.
And worse, the person next to her is Tatsumi.
He's been tainted by evil.
Coro, number nine! City Justice Detector.
There are no civilians in the area.
Finally We meet again, Night Raid.
Coro and I will annihilate evil, and bring down the hammer of justice! Coro! From the Judgement of the Ten Kings, I’ll combine two, seven, and eight and shoot them with this annihilation device.
Tatsumi has fallen to evil, even though he was adored by our great captain.
And the little villain who took both my arms that night Repent in the blazing fire! It smells like gunpowder.
Justice Simultaneous Fire! So, you're still alive.
What a stubborn evil! What's with this reckless attack? Hmm This must mean we were drawn out to the city's edge on purpose.
How audacious.
There are more, Tatsumi.
They stopped.
Are we out of range? I saw who it was.
It's Seryu Ubiquitous.
Seryu Ubiquitous Where did she shoot from? The last member of the Four Rakshasa Demons! I'm Suzuka.
But I guess there's no reason to introduce myself to those about to perish I'll deal with this one! Get out of here, Mine! Don't be stupid.
After being mocked like that, I can't run.
Ah, Tatsumi! I won't let you lay a finger on Mine.
I'm your opponent! How cool And that's fine.
I'll kill you first.
Tatsumi! Idiot I'll leave her to you.
I'll take on Seryu.
I'll finish her off, and make my way to you! Coro, number six! What is that? That's a weapon, too? How dare you rebels disrupt the system? One who doesn't fight for justice cannot possibly win! Heh, what a huge target! You took down the strongest weapon in one shot? Well, then Coro, number one! I've come to personally deliver judgment, Night Raid.
Seryu Ubiquitous I'll have you eaten, just like your friends.
"Friends"? That woman whose head was put on a stake in Romary was your friend, right? Coro ate the rest of her body.
Just like that woman in glasses.
They both ended up being snacks.
And you will, too.
You For someone who always talks about justice, you blindly trusted Ogre and Stylish.
You couldn't see that they were evil.
And that twisted laugh of yours It's no different from those evil men.
You're broken.
I can kill you without hesitation.
I'll shoot you down, no matter what! Feel better, now that you let all that nonsense out? Coro, number five.
And your arm! You just gave Coro time to recover.
Evil sure is stupid.
Let's go, Coro! What's with this power? I've been waiting for this For this battle to really become two-against-one.
The greater a pinch I'm in, the stronger my Pumpkin rifle is.
Coro, endure it.
There's no way she can keep up this attack for long.
That's true.
But since we fought before, I know where the weak spot is.
I won't need long.
Coro, hidden ability.
I was waiting for that.
I already know all the moves of your Imperial Arms! Enma's Spear of Justice! Her body is more troublesome than last time.
That artillery It's powerful, even though it isn't an Imperial Arms.
You bitch! As punishment, I'll beat you to death! Because of the damage to my body Damn it.
I couldn't finish her.
So this is the rumored shocking body, huh? Your strike was too close.
You I was surprised to hear someone defeated Ibara, let alone Mez.
But it seems that it wasn't you.
I can tell how inexperienced you are in actual combat.
Still too weak I've had so many regrets So many! Even if there is a strength differential, I have to overcome it! Are you done recovering, Coro? Good.
We'll attack from both sides simultaneously.
Natala Doya! Hey, Su.
How's it going? Smoothly.
We're taking care of the enemies here, as ordered.
I don't have time to play with you.
Where's my big sis? Before that, allow me to rip off your left arm, like you did mine.
I'm still wounded from when that woman tried to kill me.
Brace yourself! Your opponent is me.
Sorry for running late, Kurome.
Heh, you wanna get blown away by Su again? Come at me, lowly assassins.
I won't allow you to hurt any more of my friends.
Grand Chariot! G-General Esdeath What are the Jaegers doing? Shut your mouth.
This is happening because you underestimated Night Raid and let the Four Rakshasa Demons play around.
P-Protect me.
That's an order from the minister— Well, an order is an order.
I will protect you.
So don't step out of this room.
Y-Yes Hiding in the ruins won't do you any good.
Eventually, you'll run out of strength.
That's right, which is why I'm sorry, but I'll be taking you down with brute force! Rakshasa Demon Wait Th-This is too much.
I'll tear this place down before you can escape.
This reminds me of when, as a half foreigner, I was discriminated against.
I would just stare up into the sky.
No one would help me.
And that's when I understood That only I could help myself.
And that all my misfortunes were necessary.
Because I'm going to change this unfair world.
Which is why There's no way I can die here! Don't underestimate my Pumpkin! Coro! My Ten Kings are all out of ammo, but I still have this.
Justice is served! This is the moment.
Blow through! Sh-She sliced through me.
Pumpkin runs on my emotional energy.
The more intense my emotions, the stronger it makes me.
You made me snap.
So you lose.
Justice can't lose No matter what the circumstances, evil will perish.
Judgment of the Ten Kings: Final Move Chakravartin Furnace of Five Hells.
One minute left.
Don't tell me A suicide bomb? This is the ultimate evil-purging weapon I received from the doctor.
So long as I have this in my head, I can't lose.
You It's overheated It's no use.
With those injuries, running is futile.
It's already decided that this explosion will execute you.
Die in fear! I see You can't regenerate anymore.
But we haven't finished purging all of the evil.
I don't want to In a place like this Crap My leg You've got to be kidding.
I have to survive, no matter what, and stand on the winning side.
And I was finally able to avenge those two Why are you appearing in my head? You still need me to be reliable Damn it all! I wasn't strong enough for Bro And I couldn't make it in time for Chelsea.
But this time, I won't let anyone die.
Tatsumi Seems you're okay.
But I did it.
You told me earlier, remember? That when I'm needed most, I should help.
I did it.
How's that? I was thinking of you.
You're making it sound like I owe you.
Even if you helped, it was at the last second.
But You really saved me.
Thank you.
Borick Where did he go? Borick already ran away.
Najenda He ignored your warning.
He's probably being finished off by my subordinates.
Th-That was close.
Holimaca! It was just a scratch.
A sneaky strategy like that You haven't changed.
That's right.
I know your strength better than anyone.
Which is why I wouldn't dream of a frontal assault.
Looks like we're done for now.
Hey, Tatsumi? What? After this battle's over, I want to talk to you about something.
Can't you talk about it now? Nope.
Huh? I'm surprised at myself.
To think I'd become the type that wants to survive for someone else Promise me.
That you'll survive, no matter what.
Of course I will.
Moving forward, we'll face even harsher battles.
But as long as I have these feelings I'll be able to fight with even more than I have before.
Kill the Carnage