Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

Kill Pandemonium

1 What? There was another surrender without any bloodshed? Honestly How can they be so disloyal? Well, the viceroys in remote regions were those who were demoted for opposing the capital in the first place.
It's no surprise they would betray us.
H-However, if this keeps up, the rebel army will reach the capital— Stop panicking.
C-Commander-in-Chief Budou They say the military should keep their mouth shut about politics.
I've abided by that maxim, but given the circumstances, I can't keep quiet, either, Minister.
My, that's harsh "Protect this kingdom.
" For a thousand years, this mission has been bestowed upon my family.
I shall sever whatever disturbs the nation's peace, with my own hands.
Regardless of who or what it may be.
Oh, how terrifying.
But you need not worry.
Even if the masses rebel, we have countermeasures in place.
Allow me to introduce you In order to maintain public order within the capital, a new elite unit has been established! Pardon the intrusion.
He's too incompetent to be a commander, but I've chosen my son, Shura, for the job.
Ah, so you're the infamous Commander-in-Chief.
I heard that only General Esdeath can match your strength.
There's no need for someone of your rank to step in, just because some have decided to rebel.
Simply leave it to me.
Oh? Where are you going? There are always a few rats that sniff around before the whole swarm arrives.
Jeez Doesn't he know he can sit back and relax? Now, Shura I'll be observing what you can do.
To determine whether you're worthy to be my successor.
Yeah, I'll be looking forward to it.
Hunting some rats, huh? It'll be the perfect warm-up.
Kill the Carnage Kill the Carnage This place got a whole lot emptier.
Kurome, is your body really okay? There are no issues.
Here you are.
I don't know if it's as good as what Bols used to make.
Have you heard, Wave? Supposedly, the minister has created an elite unit he directly supervises.
Seems that way.
Captain Esdeath is away on an expedition.
And the Jaegers are down to half of what we started with.
But isn't that exactly why we should be the ones on the front lines? Why would they put us on standby? This must mean the capital has more than one central figure.
What the hell are they thinking?! At times like these, we should unite to stop the rebel army in their tracks! Seconds.
So fast! Man, as always, you're a bottomless pit.
Here you are.
Kurome! Kurome? Kurome! Kurome? Kurome! Kurome? Hey, Kurome! Kurome The soldiers are being sent out again.
Yeah, the capital's gonna be a battle zone soon, too.
We'll take advantage of that commotion, sneak into the palace, and kill the minister.
You've steeled your resolve, right, Tatsumi? Of course I have.
But I want as few civilian casualties as possible.
So the sooner we defeat the minister, the better.
Well said.
Now, then It's almost time to meet the resistance.
Let's go.
I'm surprised they made such a complicated underground channel.
As the capital flourished, it probably became bigger and bigger.
And it was managed so poorly, there aren't any accurate maps.
But thanks to their carelessness, we can use it in our plans.
Hey, Mine What is it, all of a sudden? How's it going with Tatsumi lately? Huh?! Did you think your big sis Leone wouldn't notice? Since getting back from Kyoroch, you two are pretty cozy! D-Don't be stupid.
Nothing's changed! In fact, it isn't like that at all! What, you want to die? Stop getting so worked up.
But your face gives it away.
Idiot! That's impossible! If you keep saying stuff like that, I might snatch him for myself You can't do that! You're finally being honest.
Well, regardless, I'll be taking him.
Stop saying stupid things.
We're here to work.
Work! All right, all right.
I understand.
You may resume your duty.
Yes, ma'am.
Communication with the western tribes has been lost.
Eh? Then No, this was to be expected.
We'll carry out our mission as planned.
When we infiltrate the palace, you kill the guards.
I'm counting on you.
I'm also relying on you, Tatsumi and Lubbock.
Hey, Tatsumi? Hm? After this battle, what will you do? Uh, I've never really given it any thought What about you? I'm gonna continue running the bookstore.
I'll expand the store, and eventually, I'll turn it into a national franchise.
Then I'll wait for the right time to propose to Miss Najenda! Oh, yeah? That's great.
And how's it going with you? And Mine? Mine has nothing to do with me.
Don't play dumb.
Ever since we got back from Kyoroch, you two have been acting suspicious Well? How far have you two gotten? Have you at least kissed? I-Idiot.
U-Um You're members of Night Raid, right? Oh, do you belong to the resistance? Yes.
From here on, you'll have to be quiet.
But this is unexpected.
For someone like you to be part of the resistance My father used to be in charge of the emperor's education.
But the minister framed him for treason, and both my mother and he were incarcerated.
I see.
Then, does that mean other Revolutionary Army members are also within the palace? Yes.
The bureaucracy that opposes the minister has been in covert communications with the Revolutionary Army.
So our role is to work with these people and support the Revolutionary Army's break-in from within.
Oh, that's reassuring.
That's why you, who can turn invisible, and I, the espionage expert, were chosen for this mission.
We have to pull this off.
This is it.
What is it? Something's wrong.
Normally, someone knocks from the inside to confirm Get back.
Th-This is This is bad It means they found out about Everyone, run! Heh, you're late I got tired of waiting.
Too bad, but I've taken care of all of the resistance members.
I, the great Shura! You're Night Raid? You'll entertain me at least a little, right? Hmm? Oh? You're the one who was with Esdeath, when I transported her to the far island.
That means you were behind all those Danger Beasts.
What was the point? Isn't it obvious? Because it was fun! I despise boredom.
I had a lot of fun on their behalf.
How dare you?! Tatsumi! Wh-What is this? As I suspected, some rats snuck in.
Hey! You came at a good time, Old Man Lightning.
I'll leave them to you.
I don't need you to tell me.
My name is Budou.
I've been appointed Commander-in-Chief by our lord and master.
So this is the Commander-in-Chief.
With your treasonous acts, you've wronged the empire.
Your fate will be determined by my Imperial Arms, Thunder God's Rage: Adramelech.
Tatsumi! Crap I wasn't even hit.
What was that impact? Oh, so you dodged my attack.
You've got a good eye.
Incursio! Tatsumi! What the hell? When did you I'll be your opponent.
Make sure you guys don't interfere.
This one's my prey.
That was fun.
Clearly, I am better suited to a battlefield than to guard duty.
We're heading back to the capital.
You had best prepare yourselves, Night Raid.
What? Pay attention, Night Raid! Oh? An Imperial Arms made of string.
That's pretty interesting.
Don't look so surprised.
I'll reveal the trick to my Imperial Arms.
My toy, Shambhala, can teleport me or anyone else, so long as I've marked the location.
An Imperial Arms that controls time and space.
It's extremely tiring, so I wasn't able to constantly attack before.
But I got my hands on something great in the capital.
Now I can teleport as much as I want.
As you can see, I've marked a lot of places in the palace! What's wrong? You aren't gonna run? Hey, hey, are we done already? There's no point in trying to get away.
No matter where I go, he'll reach me immediately! But He won't be able to get to me in an area he hasn't marked.
Huh? That's too bad.
You can leave a mark in the air? Exactly.
From the start, there was nowhere for you to run.
He may be strong, but his moves leave openings.
I can do it.
Young man, what is your name? Huh? Your name Unless assassins don't have names.
It's Tatsumi.
Tatsumi? How earnest.
How honest.
There isn't a single tremor in his swordsmanship.
How much discipline does one need to become this skilled? However If you've wronged the empire or His Excellency, I must destroy you! Tatsumi! You I'm sorry.
What— If I don't do this, Let go.
my father and my mother won't Huh? I said not to interfere.
How dare you get in the way, when you're just a toy? A toy? That's right! This capital, everyone here They're all my toys! Eventually, I'll surpass my father, and the very throne will be mine.
Hey, don't tell me you're giving up.
We aren't done playing.
No, we're done.
You lose.
Huh? Commander Shura! Don't move.
Or I'll cut off more than just his arm next time.
You What's this? It's a barrier made of my thread.
I used almost all of it.
I just barely made it.
You did this while you were running around? Thanks to your showing off, I figured out where all the marks were.
You little bastard Now, everyone drop your weapons! Shura, there are many questions I want to ask.
Y-You M-Master Shura, please take this into account.
And free my father And my mother Too bad! Your parents were killed a long time ago! Thanks for showing me a good time, Night Raid.
However, it's about time to end this.
I'll let you have a taste of my hidden ability.
Disappear! Off the face of the world! No one's ever come back from this hidden ability.
Crumble into dust in the abyss, Night Raid! Huh? String? Don't tell me That son of a bitch! Regardless of who you who are, you can't sever this thread, even if you have an Imperial Arms that can manipulate time and space.
So we meet again.
You Like I'd let you escape! Don't give me that look Let's go together, Mister Shura.
You've gotta be joking I can't die here.
I need the throne, so I can change this boring world! It isn't like I don't understand what you want.
Crap, I can't In a place like this I was supposed to You want to change the world, huh? I understand.
Everyone feels that way But it doesn't give you the right to treat others' lives like toys.
You can't just destroy whatever you want! We've been through a lot, Cross Tail Miss Najenda, I'm sorry.
It seems like this is it for me I'll leave the rest to you, Tatsumi.
Lu Lubba Lubba! D-D-Died? No, Shura! To think you've left me! Oh, well.
Nothing to be done about his death.
At least he was able to finish off one of the Night Raid members.
The other one is confined in the dungeon.
Good work.
Now, then We need to make an example out of him.
So the Revolutionary Army knows to back down.
Now, I wonder what awful things we should do to him Boorish as always.
But it would be successful in discouraging traitors.
I heard what happened, Budou.
Give that role to me.
Oh? Tatsumi I won't let anyone else have you.
To be executed in public Tatsumi Kill the Despair