Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e21 Episode Script

Kill Despair

1 Don't try and stop me.
I'm going.
This is a trap.
You don't have to tell me! But there's no way I can just leave Tatsumi like that.
You've changed quite a bit, Mine.
In the past, you'd have been the one stopping me.
You'd better not say something stupid like you're gonna go help, Akame.
To me, he's different now.
I'm going, too.
There's no point in endangering yourself, also! Are you dumb? You're the one being dumb.
If we work together, our chances of returning alive are greater.
You've gotten a lot mushier, as well, you know? I don't want to hear that from you.
Wha— Hmph! Fine! If you're going that far Then it's decided.
Leone? After all, I was the one who scouted and recruited him.
If I let him be executed, it'd cost me my reputation.
Huh? You wanna come, too? That said, boss Don't try to stop us.
Who said I was going to stop you? Boss? If this public execution is meant to lower the Revolutionary Army's morale, it's our duty to obstruct it.
And Tatsumi's Incursio will be critical to the final battle.
Jeez, boss, you're not being honest Heh, it's nothing.
This is an emergency Night Raid mission.
We're going to rescue Tatsumi! Tatsumi Kill the Despair It's been a while, Tatsumi.
Kill the Despair So you're with Night Raid.
There was a lot I wanted to say to you, but that all disappeared after seeing your face.
Aren't you miserable? Come and join me instead.
That way, I can absolve you of everything you've done.
I have no intention of joining you.
If you refuse, death is the only alternative.
I'm prepared to die! I'm not asking you to betray your allies.
Simply being close would be enough.
Why do you feel so strongly about me? Because you have stolen my heart.
Tatsumi, be with me.
No! I don't want to be with someone who spreads destruction! I see.
Then I suppose there's no choice.
I, myself, will perform the execution.
The rest will be wagered on your will to live.
Isn't the captain in love with Tatsumi? So why? Perhaps you could say that it's out of love.
We've been given our orders.
During tomorrow's public execution, the palace will be short-handed.
We're tasked with standing guard.
To kill the one you love What does that even mean? I just can't understand.
I do.
If someone else will do it anyway, I'd rather do it myself.
Just like how I want to be the one to kill my sister.
Because I love her.
But now I don't have enough time.
I don't have enough time We’ve received word that, along with Esdeath, Commander-in-Chief Budou will guard the public execution.
By "Budou," do you mean The Commander-in-Chief who holds sole leadership over the imperial guard.
A formidable enemy whose Imperial Arms is the Adramelech.
Susanoo, are you prepared with our trump card? Yes.
Whenever you give the order, I can invoke it.
For the sake of our fallen brethren, we must succeed.
Rest in peace, Lubbock.
Citizens of the empire As of late, there seem to be those who would instill fear into your hearts by spreading preposterous rumors about taking down the capital.
However, there is no need to lend your ears to such rabble-raising! Here, today, we will execute a member of an insurgency known as Night Raid, which have terrorized the public time and again! These conspirators are the rebel army's vanguard.
The rebel army that is responsible for our current state of chaos.
Deceiving innocent citizens for their own self-interest, they are villainous assassins.
No one has the right to infringe upon the peaceful lives of the empire's citizenry.
The empire This capital is indestructible! Was that all right, minister? You did wonderfully, Your Excellency.
General Esdeath, I will leave that one's head to you.
Minister, where are you going? Well, it's lunchtime.
Now, now, Your Excellency.
Hmm? Really? I'll leave the rest to you, Budou.
Yes, sir.
I'm hungry So the minister's running away.
Whether it be to kill or spare a person, I know exactly where to strike.
You said you were ready to die for your cause, Tatsumi.
If you are truly the man I thought, you'll show me your will to live.
Dumbass Tatsumi What are you doing getting captured? Mine, why did you come? After making me worry, how dare you say such a thing? Idiot, where are you aiming?! Najenda? So you finally show yourself.
The circumstances necessitated it.
Hmph The empire's traitor.
It's been a while, so why not chat a bit? In the torture chamber.
I don't have much to say to you.
So I'll pass.
Lubbock, these are the explosives you planted.
Even though it isn't as planned, I'll put them to good use.
I knew you wouldn't come without a plan How interesting.
So you've come to save your friends, Night Raid! Here we go! Right.
Then you're Commander-in-Chief Budou.
I'm not really interested in straight-laced guys.
People like you don't belong in a sacred place like this.
Fall before my Imperial Arms! If we must fight, I will eliminate you.
So this is your Imperial Arms.
Yeah, its name is Susanoo.
No need to tell me your name.
Before I can memorize it, I'll destroy you.
Take this! Not bad More! Jeez, you're so tiny, you're hard to catch.
Say anything else about my size, and I'll kill you.
Watch out.
Ouch So you're in charge of close-quarters combat, eh? Now! Shoot! Then you'll die, too.
I'm confident in my healing abilities.
I believe in you.
Damn it.
I'm paralyzed from the shock Not bad at all.
It's unfortunate that you all, including the boy being executed, have chosen the wrong path.
That's none of your concern.
Wrong or not, I'll follow my own path.
Mine What's wrong? Are you already done? You may not know this, but Pumpkin, my Imperial Arms, becomes stronger when I'm in a pinch.
That's why I deliberately put myself in danger.
That's my strength.
It wasn't enough.
We shall not let you pass.
There it is.
Tatsumi, I'm coming.
Susanoo! I respected you as a general, but is this all? With Esdeath as my opponent, there's no time to conserve energy.
Magatama Manifestation! What are you doing? We've survived this long because we're tenacious.
Even if you did have him stuck in ice, you shouldn't lower your guard.
Go, Susanoo.
Defeat Esdeath! Then this is your trump card.
How fun.
However, you still cannot defeat me.
I'll pulverize you to your core.
Mirror of Yata! As expected.
You old lightning man Mine, get some distance.
It's fine, Tatsumi.
I'll counter the biggest pinch yet, and come save you! I see You can control that Imperial Arms due to your personality.
And your Imperial Arms is living up to your expectations.
Take this! But you cannot win against me.
That's my line.
Mine! I'm all right, Tatsumi.
Did you forget? I told you I'd be standing on the winning side, no matter what.
My power Pumpkin's power is about to be unleashed.
I'll finish you.
Out of pity.
There's no need for pity.
We're all going to leave this place together, no matter what.
Feel the wrath of my Imperial Arms Adramelech's secret ability! Solid Shooter! This is bad.
Mine! Pumpkin, I'm begging you.
Respond to me.
This is the end.
Tatsumi Like hell I'll lose! What? I won Mine! Tatsumi! Mine! Mine Mine! Mine Mission accomplished.
Retreat now! Tatsumi I won't let you go.
Ameno Murakumo! I've got you! All will freeze before me.
This exhaustion.
Once a day is my limit, but Don't you think it's more than enough? Wh-What? What happened? I literally froze time and space.
I developed this, not only so Tatsumi would never again escape, but also to ensure my enemy's defeat.
This is my trump card.
Susanoo, escape! I'll commend you for making me play my trump.
Susanoo's core This is the end.
Let's escort you all to the torture chamber.
Wh-What's this? He's fully regenerating himself.
A third Magatama Manifestation.
Using it repetitively shouldn't be possible, but if I can supplement the power with my life Since Commander-in-Chief Budou's been defeated, more enemies will come.
My life force is depleted.
I'm leaving the rest to you, Susanoo.
Najenda! You Yasakani no Magatama.
His power has increased.
Su, I'll go, too.
Run away, Tatsumi.
But Su can probably This is the result of his passing the limit.
Susanoo's strength hasn't actually doubled.
In this state, he won't even come close to defeating Esdeath.
Su! It seems you've increased in strength, but you're still no match for me.
You cannot even scratch me.
Su! You must understand why we've come this far.
Go, Tatsumi.
Su A thousand years have passed since my creation.
And the joy I've experienced in the recent past has been unparalleled.
I have no regrets.
Susanoo This is goodbye.
I won't let you escape.
I won't let you interfere.
A reflective mirror.
I won't let you pursue them.
You're buying time by sacrificing yourself, to help them escape.
All of Najenda's subordinates are too compassionate.
I'm a human-based Imperial Arms.
I've already used my trump.
As a pawn, this is all I can do.
You You said your name was Susanoo.
Then you remembered.
I will remember your name.
Not as an Imperial Arms, but as a warrior.
Celebrate your last moment of life with this duel.
Show me what you've got! I'm taking you to the hideout right now.
Your wounds will heal quickly, okay? Put me down.
What are you saying? We have to hurry and treat your injuries.
Just put me down Tatsumi I'm right here.
You saved me in Kyoroch, so I was thinking I had to return the favor.
That's not We're even now, right? Yeah, so hold yourself together.
You're a fool.
I can't heal like Leone.
I wanted to fight together till the end, but What are you saying? We're still going to fight together You're a bad liar, Tatsumi.
You're as mushy as usual.
This can't You idiot.
Why did you have to come save me? Stop crying.
You're a man, aren't you? Hey I'm glad I fell in love with you.
Mine Don't die.
Don't you dare die.
You're gonna stand on the winning side, aren't you? What are you saying? I'm already on the winning side.
I love you.
Mine Mine Mine! Kill the Little Sister