Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e22 Episode Script

Kill the Little Sister

1 Why Just to save me? Don't be so self-absorbed.
We needed to stop the public execution to protect the Revolutionary Army's morale.
Everyone went in prepared for this.
Even if that's the case Also, we were able to eliminate Commander-in-Chief Budou, who's been a problem for years.
All things considered, a notable military gain.
How can you say that? Tatsumi, it isn't like the boss isn't in pain, too.
She lost Susanoo.
Don't worry about that.
As an Imperial Arms, he simply fulfilled his mission.
Su As the survivors, we carry the feelings of those who've passed away on our shoulders.
They're heavy They are.
However, we can't just surrender because we feel they're too much.
Akame If we throw in the towel, the dead won't be able to rest in peace! You're right.
This anguish We have to end it.
My life was required to activate Susanoo's trump card.
And yet, I'm still alive.
Susanoo, you took your own life to save mine.
You weren't a mere weapon.
You were my precious partner.
You told me that you wanted to stand on the winning side, and create a world without discrimination.
I'm going to fulfill that wish for you, Mine Kill the Little Sister Kill the Little Sister Let go If you keep resisting, I'll have you arrested! Don't make me laugh.
This kingdom's done for.
What did you say, you bastard? Stop! Damn it! How long are we supposed to keep this up? This kingdom will not last much longer.
Most of the civilians we're supposed to protect side with the rebel army.
Are we, the Jaegers, really okay with this?! Please calm down.
This chaos will, most likely, continue past the revolution.
We will be needed then.
You talk as though you knew all this would happen.
It occurred faster than I'd predicted, though.
Huh? I hoped for revolution, and joined the Jaegers in order to change this kingdom from the inside.
Change the kingdom? This kingdom is rotten.
However, rebelling like those out there would have been foolish.
That's why you joined Esdeath's special forces.
That's right.
She's quite the interesting specimen.
You're pretty odd.
I'm often told that.
Being here, I became so comfortable, I nearly forgot my true objective.
And as for you, what will you do? You don't have much time left.
Y-You knew about Kurome's condition? Don't be so surprised.
Your attitude and behavior gave it away.
If you leave now, you won't have to worry about capture or punishment.
You can be free.
Freedom That's right.
Freedom isn't what I desire.
There's only one thing I want This is, indeed, how a battle should be.
If you're discontent with your situation, show me how strong you are by defeating me.
Say your prayers, Esdeath.
If we defeat you, this will all end! An Imperial Arms user.
How interesting! Is there no one who can overcome death? Tatsumi survived.
He managed to escape death in that dire situation.
As I thought, we are destined for each other.
Wait for me.
After I take care of the grunts, I'll be coming for you.
Shisuikan and Bench Fortress have both fallen.
The capital's almost completely surrounded.
What is Esdeath doing? If she's attacked on all sides, even General Esdeath wouldn't be able to Your Excellency! Because of me, the kingdom is going to be destroyed Have I been wrong this whole time? You haven't been wrong, Your Excellency.
O-Onest Not a single person is reliable.
Everyone is far too flustered.
I am painfully aware of how you are feeling, Your Excellency.
The citizens are being foolish.
They don't understand what it's like to protect an entire kingdom.
I can't believe my people would rebel.
What am I supposed to do? Your Excellency, at times, an emperor must be cruel.
Now is the time to demonstrate your authority.
It's time to prepare! The emperor's true strength It's almost over for me.
So Let's settle this once and for all, Sis.
They say he was a Revolutionary Army spy.
Is this meant to be a warning? How cruel It's a code.
A code? It's for me.
What did you say? "I will be waiting for you near the Kadai Forest facility.
" Don't be stupid You know it's a trap! At this point in time, there'd be no reason to single me out.
This is personal.
Personal? Who? Kurome wants to settle things for good.
Is it important that you two see this through? Right now, many people are pinning their hopes on us.
Despite that, is this something you must do? It's especially because we're their last hope.
I have to respect Kurome's wishes.
Even if she's the enemy? She's my sister.
I'm the only one who can understand and accept her wishes.
I understand.
I'm coming with you.
No, you're not.
Your strength will be needed in the final battle.
You must fulfill your mission.
Then Promise that you'll come back alive.
Tatsumi You've always said those words to me.
Don't make me the only one to promise! Okay.
It's a promise.
I knew you'd come, Sis.
Kurome Do you want any? In the past, we were reunited in this place.
And this is also where you betrayed us.
I can't think of a place more fitting for me to kill you.
It's nostalgic You've always protected me.
As children who had no relatives, we didn't belong anywhere but here.
Raised as assassins for the empire, we were tasked with upholding public order by stopping any potential insurgency.
That's what we were told and how we were raised.
We obeyed our orders, killing those who'd wronged the empire.
Because we believed it was the right thing to do.
Sis! Kurome Sis We were finally reunited after being trained in separate divisions, simply because we needed to replace our fallen comrades.
After that, we were always together.
Almost as if we were reliving our childhood.
We were the best squad of assassins.
Some missions were painful.
But because we were together, we managed.
As long as I was with you, I was happy.
But you But you But you You betrayed the empire and joined Night Raid.
Why? I tried to stop you.
After you left me, I was miserable.
I thought about you every day.
About how I was going to kill you.
If you kill me, will you find peace? There is no peace.
I just want to be the one that does it, so you'll belong to me.
Using your Imperial Arms takes an enormous amount of energy.
It's agonizing, isn't it? I'll help you feel better.
Let's kill each other, Sis.
Kurome's Snacks Kurome She went out, didn't she? To sort everything out for herself.
Why would she do that without letting any of us know? Because if she'd told you, you'd have stopped her.
Do you have any idea what location she'd choose? A place that's special to them? Why did you betray our squad? We could've stayed together! I started to realize that what we were doing wasn't to keep the peace.
It was all a lie.
We were a special unit dedicated to executing any orders from the capital.
If the current empire continues to exist, the citizens are doomed to suffer.
That's why I tried to get you to escape with me.
There's no way I could simply escape.
I can't betray our comrades, who gave their lives for the mission! The people who run the empire are the source of everyone's misery.
If eliminating them will help the citizens, our comrades that passed would understand.
That's a convenient argument, Sis! A Danger Beast? The clash of our battle must've awakened him.
Kurome! Natala! How dare you do that to my friend?! Doya! Doya! Even Doya I'll never let you into my collection! Are you all right, Kurome? Sis Let's do it.
Eliminate! As expected of you and me.
We always made the best team.
Isn't that right, Sis? Come forth! Random puppets won't do This is the end! I won't let you hurt Kurome.
Wave? Night Raid, I am your opponent! Tatsumi? Get out of the way, Tatsumi! Don't interrupt us! Kurome, I can't just abandon my comrades.
This doesn't make me happy at all Kurome Tatsumi, why did you come? To make sure no one interferes with your duel.
Tatsumi, I don't have time to deal with— I want to stop them, too.
But then they'll never overcome their past! Is that the answer you've gotten from Night Raid? I can't allow this battle to occur! Everyone has their own reasons.
Sometimes, you must settle it without others' help or there's no way forward! Their own reasons I Wave Thank you for coming.
I wish we could've been closer in a different situation.
Kurome I need this to deal with my regret from back then.
So I can finally move on.
Let's do this, Sis.
Kurome My little sister That's right.
I love you, Sis.
It couldn't be any other way? I couldn't do anything for Kurome You came for her.
That's plenty.
Damn it.
Damn it Damn it! Night Raid What are we fighting for? If you can't answer that for yourself, you've no business with a weapon.
Only those who've committed themselves have the right to wield a sword.
Committed? Committed to keep carrying on.
Akame! I told you not to come.
Not to fight.
But I'm just here to pick up a wounded comrade.
I've lost a lot that's important to me.
But you You've borne more than I can imagine on your shoulders, this whole time.
Akame, we're done losing things that are precious to us.
What impressive determination.
Your wisdom is a testament to your greatness.
Now is the time to unleash the capital's supreme Imperial Arms.
You must show the foolish rebels and foolish citizens the emperor's true power.
I am the Emperor.
I must protect the kingdom with my power.
Kill the Emperor