Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e23 Episode Script

Kill the Emperor

1 Kurome Unlike you, I joined the military because I admired them.
I owe my life to a naval officer.
I idolized him.
With weapon in hand, a soldier's duty is to protect the kingdom and its people.
I was able to become a soldier.
But what, exactly, am I protecting? Kurome's Snacks So only four of us are left Yeah.
This place has gotten a lot bigger.
You're right.
What do we do, Tatsumi? After this is over, we'll be on the streets.
You're the one who forced me here in the first place! And before I knew it, it'd become this huge ordeal.
Was that how it was? Then maybe I should take responsibility for it? G-Get off! And moreover, assassins being useless is a good thing! That's true How about we join a traveling circus together? Sounds good.
Never! Thank you all for your hard work.
Hey, don't say it like it's the last goodbye, boss.
Whether we reunite in the future is up to all of you.
Well said.
It'll take a whole lot to kill us.
Tatsumi, too.
Yeah, of course.
Very well.
This is Night Raid's final mission.
Destroy the root of the problem.
Take down Minister Onest.
You'd better survive.
It's a promise.
Kill the Emperor Kill the Emperor Tatsumi, the time you have depends on how long we can keep them occupied.
You have to kill the minister within that time.
Comrades! Today, we revolt and start a new kingdom.
We will overthrow the corrupt government with our own hands, and create a kingdom where citizens can live peacefully! Yeah! I'm counting on you.
Bingo! This area is poorly constructed, just like we thought.
It's exactly how Lubba mapped it.
Good work.
Night Raid! We don't wish to kill any more than necessary.
Those of you who aren't ready to die, leave.
That isn't an option! As expected, the guards protecting the interior are more determined.
We have no choice but to kill them.
You won't be able to handle this.
Please stand back.
Jaegers Run! It's been a while.
You remember me, Tatsumi? There's no way you'd let us through, right? No.
Finishing a job I've started is in my nature.
Even if it's wrong? Future historians will retrospectively determine what is right.
There's no need for you to lose your lives.
Please leave.
Eh? It's fine.
In fact, you'd be in the way.
He's coming! So that's his Imperial Arms.
What you say is true.
The capital is completely degenerate.
The current regime will surely collapse.
If you know that, why do you stand in our way? Your methods involve too much bloodshed.
What did you say, you stubborn bastard?! Well, I was formerly a teacher.
Huh? Why would someone like that join the Jaegers? Back in my hometown, bandits abducted my students, killing them.
However, the capital didn't deem it a crime.
After all, it was a very poor village.
They were abandoned by their capital.
I never knew you had such a past.
Yes, which is why I bear a grudge against the capital.
Then, you should be on our side! I wanted to do it my own way, to change the capital from within.
But you went and started a violent rebellion! How annoying.
I'll let my fists do the talking! Akame! Tatsumi! I'll take this guy! Sis! We can't all be held up here, right? It's okay, go! Sis, don't you dare die.
Hey, before you kill the minister, let me get a punch in, okay? That said, I'll finish you off now! It's nothing personal, but your fate was decided once you chose that side! Say your prayers, teacher! Are you serious? Trump card God's Wings.
It seems you grossly underestimated my close-quarters combat skill.
Crap Minister, how's the war progressing? It isn't favorable.
Against the pompous rebel army, our soldiers are withering.
A rebellion Have I governed them poorly? Not at all.
Even after your parents passed, you've upheld your position as emperor splendidly.
And I've been with you this whole time.
Assuredly, you've made no mistakes.
Th-That's true.
You've always been by my side.
Your Excellency, the citizens are being swayed by nonsense, a nonsense they call rebellion.
You must make an example of these traitors.
Blood will be spilled.
But as emperor, you must be fierce! This pointless rebellion will settle down once you demonstrate your authority.
Now, let's be on our way.
Somehow, I made it.
A rebel! Night Raid What were the palace guards doing? There don't seem to be any other bodyguards.
The target is Minister Onest.
Eliminate! The supreme Imperial Arms is already in motion! Take that— Uh, ahem.
What you've begun has thrown the kingdom into chaos! No, listen to us! For a long time, the capital has been under tyranny.
And this whole time, the weak have suffered.
No matter how much they hoped or prayed, no one ever came to help.
Even Sayo and Ieyasu They They all died! A kingdom like that needs to change, doesn't it? Your Excellency, you mustn't be deceived by these words.
Minister Onest, you're the one who's been manipulating him.
Oh? I don't appreciate these false accusations in front of the emperor.
I say this out of love Love.
Quit babbling.
Can't you hear what they're saying outside? This empire is finished! You brat, shut your mouth.
Now, Your Excellency Bring down the iron hammer on these foolish rebels! I am the emperor of this realm! Wh-What's going on? The empire's trump card, Shikoutazer.
Its strength is comparable to that of God.
No, it is God Those who've betrayed the empire will be judged by God! Whoa, what's that? What the hell is that? That is the legendary Imperial Arms— Shikoutazer? It truly exists? That minister So this is why he hasn't admitted defeat.
The empire that's persisted for generations is God's will.
To defy God is preposterous! Stop! My, Your Excellency You look absolutely heroic and elegant.
Your late parents who died in an unfortunate accident are certainly proud, as well.
Shikoutazer can only be used by those of the royal bloodline.
That said, you are, without doubt, the true emperor! That's right.
I am the true heir.
Now, Your Excellency Now, now, now! Then this is what Stylish meant.
The first and supreme Imperial Arms.
This This is the right thing to do.
How splendid! As long as we have this power, no one can disobey.
Everything will be ours.
We'll turn a blind eye toward the destruction about to occur.
It'll be all right.
We'll just have the ignorant citizens rebuild it again for the emperor and me! They're strong As expected of the emperor's guards.
Tatsumi! Stop! What are you doing to your own kingdom? Night Raid, this is retribution for what you've begun! You're dragging civilians into this.
How dare you call yourself an emperor? What the hell do you think you're protecting?! Shut up! The empire's lasted for a thousand years.
I can't let it end with me! Yes, yes! That's exactly right, Your Excellency! What does a thousand years have to do with anything? I was born into the empire and given this heavy responsibility.
How could you know how I feel?! I could never understand how you feel.
Because of you, many people are suffering! Look down and see what you're doing! Your Excellency! You cannot listen to him.
If you let him sway you now, all we've done will be for nothing! You must harden your heart! H-He must be right Don't look away from me, you fool! Your Excellency! If you can do all this, fight the real evil.
Shut up Are you okay with being a puppet?! Shut the hell up! Wave! I am the empire's soldier.
I fight to protect the people.
Yeah, exactly! A-And I owe you one.
Huh? When was that? Uh, never mind.
Emperor, please calm down! This is now a holy war.
There is no stopping this! We'll stop him, no matter what.
We're the only ones who can.
Yeah, you don't have to tell me twice.
You You dare disobey the empire and emperor? Don't misunderstand! I haven't joined the rebel army.
Protecting the powerless is simply a soldier's duty! What a troublesome guy.
However He is necessary.
Winged guy, we'll settle this later.
No, we won't.
It's too tough.
Even Grand Chariot can't break through.
We can still fight.
If we give up, it'll be over! Wh-What was that? Tatsumi! What was that just now? No matter how sturdy something appears, it should have some weakness.
If you can discover that in battle, it'll be very effective.
Su Wave! Create a gap! Okay! Your Excellency, kill the traitors! Th-Those who betray the empire receive the death penalty! This one area's worn out.
Controlling such a large thing is a burden.
There's bound to be some damage somewhere! Right, Su? How dare you?! Tatsumi— Give up.
Why are you going this far? I'm begging you Give up! Don't underestimate me.
Up till today, I've dealt with countless tragedies.
I carry them all with me, all my fallen comrades! I won't let them down! You'll have some painful, despair-ridden experiences.
In fact, most of them will be tragic.
But we chose to walk this path.
Bro We'll take on the dirty work.
And change the world.
After we finish, we can disappear.
Bro Shout it out, Tatsumi! With your raging spirit! Incursio! Made in ancient times, the evolving armor Don't come any closer Don't come any closer! Fall! Tatsumi, you'll die! Like hell I will! I made a promise.
I'm going to survive! Tatsumi! Tatsumi! I'm sorry.
Looks like I couldn't keep my promise.
You promised me! You said you'd survive! Tatsumi Is it over? Did we lose? Did the empire Did I lose? Tatsumi died.
Akame ga Kill!